Knec quietly extends deadline for uploading Grade 4, Class 8 scores

Knec quietly extends deadline for uploading Grade 4, Class 8 scores

The Examiner has been blamed for failing to respond to the crisis in their online portal.

Teachers who have been experiencing hiccups in uploading the assessment scores expressed their frustrations with the portal.

Knec has provided two ways for uploading the scores. The offline method where teachers would fill the scores in an excel sheet before uploading to the system and an online method where they would key in the scores directly into the online portal.

However Knec through an internal memo to head of institutions has assured that the system will not be locked despite the deadline lapse.

The deadline which was on Friday 6th 2020 has now been extended indefinitely Knec said through an internal memo to headteachers.

Knec said no school will be locked out in uploading of results as it works to ensure its systems are responsive and effective.

Knec also said the enrolment portal will remain open for schools to upload or amend their learners’ biodata throughout the assessment period for each level except for Standard 8.

The assessment is expected to start in January 2021 for other classes when schools fully reopen.

For now only Grade 4 and Class 8 assessment materials have been provided in the portal.

The Examiner said all the assessment tools have been developed based on the topics/strands of the syllabus/curriculum designs which should have been covered by March  2020. 

The content/skills covered in previous classes/grades will also be assessed.

The assessments will therefore serve as end-of-term or formative assessments and shall be conducted under similar conditions.

It said that headteachers of schools facing challenges with uploading scores should liaise with their respective SCDEs for assistance.

For schools without ICT facilities,  the SCDE shall ensure that downloading and uploading of assessment tools and data is undertaken  in a learning institution (such as nearby primary/secondary schools, TTCs,  TTIs and universities)

Knec said after uploading the learners’ details and scores, the teacher responsible shall hand over the scoresheets to the headteacher.

“The scoring and uploading process should be completed not later than ten (10) days after completion of the assessment,” Knec had instructed.


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