Knec devises simpler method for getting Grade 4, Class 8 scores

Knec devises simpler method for getting Grade 4, Class 8 scores

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has devised a new method of getting the Grade 4 and Class 8 assessment scores ahead of 20th November deadline.

The assessments which are aimed to establish learning gaps that may have been occasioned by the long  period of closure due to the COVID-19  Pandemic, with a view to inform  on  interventions to be put in place towards addressing the gaps came to an end some weeks ago.

However teachers have been experiencing hitches in uploading the scores online as instructed by the examiner.

Knec acknowledged the frustrations teachers were going through.

“It has come to the attention of KNEC that the uploading exercise has been faced with challenges, which have slowed the process of uploading,” Knec CEO Mercy Karogo had said through a circular.

Knec had provided two methods of capturing the scores but both met at online uploading which has caused frustrations and despair among the tutors.

One method was to capture the scores offline through an excel sheet provided by the examiner online.

The excel sheet after filling the scores was supposed to be uploaded to the online portal provided by the examiner.

The other method was the online method where learners scores would be keyed in directly to the portal and which seemed to be simpler for most ICT gurus.

But Knec has devised another method to ensure the scores reach them unaltered and on time.

It said schools shall upload the dully filled excel file, that was downloaded from the KNEC  system,  without  real-time  processing of  scores.  

And that upon successful uploading, an auto-message will be sent to the schools informing them that “processing shall  be done within two (2) weeks

To make things simple for schools Knec said schools which may have challenges in uploading the dully filled excel file, will attach the dully filled excel file downloaded from the KNEC system, and send to the following  KNEC e-mail address

It said file shall be processed within two (2) weeks and feedback shall be given.

However schools  which still face challenges while uploading the  scores  were told to contact their Sub county Directors of Education (as guided in the Guidelines of Administration of Assessments uploaded on the KNEC  portal), or contact KNEC directly  on these following numbers :

a)  0715477646

b)  0772069891

By sending the dully filled excel file through the provided email teachers and ICT gurus will bypass the many challenges they faced with direct uploading of scores to the online portal.

The examiner said the deadline for uploading  the scores has been  extended to 20th November, 2020.


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