Villagers in shock over 17 year old boy who impregnated his teacher

Villagers in shock over 17 year old boy who impregnated his teacher

A case of a teacher impregnated by his pupil is something nobody would imagine, sadly it happened in Murang’a county where a 17-year old student impregnated his 40-year old high school Biology teacher.

The biology teacher who happens to be a neighbour at their rural home used to give him financial help due to the boys’ poor family background.

Due to COVID-19, the student became an errand boy for her businesses. She supported him with learning materials, little pay, and parents’ support.

The Biology teacher is said to have been sending the boy on his daily business errands with pay until she gave him a room at her house to facilitate smooth business operations.

However, the boy is said to fall in love with the biology teacher and they advanced their relationship.

The teacher has been giving him support including buying him personal staff without hustle as the teacher is still receiving her full salaries.

During weekends, the neighbours could spot them at her home tree shade with books.

The villagers were shocked after finding out the boy made his biology teacher pregnant.

She is single with no child. The teacher is not married. At 40, she was dating one of the Murang’a tycoons however, their relations did not last.

However, no action so far has been taken. The local administration declined to comment on the matter.


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