Private school teacher locked and house doors welded over unpaid rent

Private school teacher locked and house doors welded over unpaid rent

There was drama in Kisauni – Mombasa when a rental house agent came with three guys locked and started welding doors for a house belonging to a private school teacher over two months unpaid rent.

“They came and locked my house yesterday, they grilled using a welding machine. They grilled both front and back door. I was inside my house sleeping when I was awaken by noisy crowd” narrated the teacher living in Mkwajuni in Bakarani in Kisauni Mombasa.

The teacher admitted that he has two and a half month unpaid rent amounting to kshs 19,000 which he says he is unable to raise because he is no longer earning since schools were closed and he hasn’t succeeded in finding an alternative source of income.

“Iam a teacher working in a private school but since the corona pandemic that led to closure of schools we have been rendered jobless and so have not been paid. This has made our survival very difficult and is the reason I have delayed paying my rent. I haven’t found an alternative source of income. Monthly rent is kshs 8,000 I owe them two and a half month rent totaling kshs 19,000” said the teacher.

The teacher reported the matter to police through a phone call who came to his rescue. The police asked the agents to open the door who agreed to open only the rear door until the teacher clears the rent arrears.

“Private school teachers have become vulnerable and therefore we ask for them to be assisted with food to be assisted even with money so that they can afford basic needs like other teachers from public schools. We thank the government through the county commissioner cause they have employed some of our teachers in the Kazi kwa vijana project” said Omar Mbuli the head of KPSA Mombasa.

The teacher begged for the house owners to give him time to pay the required rent amount and not to lock him in the house.

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