Form 3 girl who beat two police officers released

A 19-year-old, form three girl, whose arrest on charges of beating up two male police officers went viral has been freed from police custody after the victims in her alleged assault case failed to produce the standard P3 form. 

The two complainants, her police-officer boyfriend and his colleague both attached to Unguja police station have failed to write a police statement or produce a P3 form. 

Ugunja police boss Lazarus Tarus confirming the incident said, “We released the girl yesterday on free bond. We could no longer hold her as the victim is yet to give a police statement and fill a P3 form.”

Sheril Awino who is a student at Rambula Secondary school allegedly roughed up the duo at Kipchumba’s house and was the only one arrested for the incident. 

In the Police report, Tarus said that the student used a broken piece of glass to attack Mugo cutting him on his upper arm and head. 

Screaming in agony, his comrade Kipchumba rushed to the station to report the matter with Mugo being sent to Ugunja for treatment from where he was referred to Gem for further treatment. 

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