Murang’a: More than 20 girls below eighteen years reported pregnant

Murang'a: More than 20 girls below eighteen years reported pregnant

Over twenty teenage girls who are below eighteen years of age have been reported pregnant and some have given birth.

The data by Ahadi Kenya Foundation which was taken in Kagundu-ini in Murang’a county also reveals that most of the girls have been chased from there homes by there parents due to the pregnancies while some have been forced to do abortion.

“Within a very few hours we have been able to meet over twenty teenage girls who are pregnant. Its very sad because some of these girls are still in primary school and others have joined secondary schools and I think as a country we need to take this issue of early pregnancies very very serious. It does not matter the number of children who are affected”. Said Stanley Kamau the CEO Ahadi Kenya Foundation.

Broken homes and irresponsible parents have been cited as some of the major reasons fueling early pregnancies in the area.

“My mother died and we were left with the father. The father goes to drink alcohol when he comes home he chases us from the house me and my younger brother. When we ask for money from him he will not provide and this is what made me get a young man who was able to provide for my needs and thats how I ended up pregnant”. Said Sarah (Name withheld) a teenager affected.

Two weeks ago Machakos county was on the spot after a report that showed over four thousand teenage girls were pregnant.

“We have launched a campaign with a Ahadi Kenya volunteers all over the country to make sure that no child is chased away from there home because of being pregnant. We have also launched a campaign to see to it that no child aborts”. added Stanly.

Parents were urged to monitor there children during this period to help to curb early pregnancies.

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