Famous KCPE girl Goldalyn Kakuya graduates Form 6 at Brookhouse

Famous KCPE girl Goldalyn Kakuya graduates Form 6 at Brookhouse

Goldalyn Kakuya graduated yesteday from Form Six at Brookhouse Karen after five years of study.

Joining her for her graduation was nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura who noted that she now looks forward to doing medicine at an international university.

“Goldalyn Kakuya has finally graduated from Form Six at Brook-house Karen after 5 good years. She intends to study medicine at an International University. Today I joined her family and friends in celebrating this victory. Congratulations to her!” Mwaura wrote on Facebook.

This comes five years after she made national headlines after scoring 455 marks to emerge top in 2017’s KCPE exams.

This made her the first person and girl with albinism in the country to top a national exam.

At the time, the 14-year-old told the media that she dreamt of becoming a psychotherapist and advocated for people living with albinism.

“I’m really thankful to all those who supported me through this journey but don’t just celebrate me, let’s celebrate albinism and embrace people with disabilities to help them achieve their dreams,” she was quoted stating in November 2017.

The bright girl later joined Kenya High School before joining Brookhouse School in 2019 as a beneficiary of the Margaret Kenyatta Scholarship.

Still, in Brookhouse, she continued to record great performance with straight As until she finally graduated.

The First Lady officially opened a library and commissioned a scholarship programme at Brookhouse School, Runda Campus.

Top candidates in 2017 and 2018 KCPE Goldalyn Tanga and Olive Wachira were awarded the Margaret Kenyatta Scholarship for their secondary education in the school

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