I was expelled from school for imitating the principal

I was expelled from school for imitating the principal

Popular Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau Karanja alias Kate Actress was expelled from high school for imitating her school principal.

Mrs Karanja, who was speaking with MC Jessy on his YouTube channel Jessy Junction, said she was expelled while in Form three at Chogoria Girls High School in Tharaka Nithi.

“I started to imitate the teacher, it was 4 am. I was bored in class. Normally our headmistress would cover herself in a blanket and walk around the school to check in on us during the morning preps. So, one day I also decided to take the blanket and move around the school pretending to be her. Unfortunately, she found me,” Kate told Jessy.

She would later join Loreto Convent Msongari in Nairobi. School life in the city was a culture shock for her.

While studying in Tharaka Nithi, she picked up the Meru accent that would prove to be a problem while at Msongari.

 “I read a line from the book Encounters from Africa and the class busted out into laughter because of my accent,” she said while laughing.

After high school, she said she joined KCA University for an accounting course which failed in terribly.

“Mum insisted I apply for accounting at KCA University, and I did. Wacha nikwambie nilianguka nilikuwa nimesimama na kichwa. I have never balanced any account. I had no balance in life, how do you expect me to balance account,” she posed.

Later her mother took a loan of Sh400,000 and took her to study at Kampala International University in Uganda and three months later, at the age of 19, Kate was pregnant.

She came back home and broke the news of her pregnancy to her mother through a letter. She left home and went to stay at a friend’s place.

“That was her greatest fear and I walked into it, pap! Kids can kill you, I disappointed her. I think I have spent the rest of my life trying to make it up to her and I think so far so good. I thank her so much. She never gave up on me,” an emotional Kate said.

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