Shujaa: Story of a retired teacher who donated KSh 6M mansion for the elderly

Shujaa: Story of a retired teacher who donated KSh 6M mansion for the elderly

A generous 94-year-old retired teacher has donated his KSh 6 million mansion which sits on six acres to be used as a home for the elderly people in Nyeri county.

The nonagenarian named Nduhiu Njama decided to convert his beautiful residence located in Tetu constituency which he built in 1992 after realising most aged people were not being well taken of.

According to the Daily Nation, Njama revealed he and his late wife who died in 2003 always had a mission to give back to the society and it was time to fulfill the wish.

“Before my wife died in 2003, we always wanted to do something to give back to the society but we had not decided on what to do. But since she is now gone, I have no one to share the property at my retirement home with,” he said.

Cognizant of the fact most young people were migrating to urban areas in search of job opportunities, the retired tutor argued the elderly could suffer at home as a result and this motivated him towards his open-handed gesture.

Njama’s granddaughter Joyce Wanjiku said they obliged to the old man’s wish given he had also set up a charity organisation known as Gladys and Njama Foundation which serves as a rescue centre for bright girls who are unable to pay for their secondary school education.

“We did not object to his wish that part of our inheritance be used for construction of a home for the aged,” she said.

Wanjiku who works at the Purity Elderly Care Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) taking care of the elderly mostly in Nyeri county, said many old people were living from hand to mouth.

“The foundation receives phone calls from people asking if we have a home for the elderly, which is very sad, but there is a need to have one,” she said.

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