Why judges upheld TSC decision to permanently deregister Sossion

Why judges upheld TSC decision to permanently deregister Sossion

Early last year Teachers Service Commission (TSC) removed Mr Wilson Sossion from the register of teachers. This move was not received well by Mr Sossion who went to court to contest this decision by his employer. However on July last year the Labour court gave TSC a green light to struck off Sossion’s name from the register of teachers. But the Sossion did not end it yet rather he took the battle to the court of appeal. Three weeks ago Mr Wilson Sossion lost again after the Court of appeal upheld the earlier decision by the Labour court. This means the decision by the teacher employer is final.

This comes at a time when Knut is in limbo and facing a litmus test amid mass withdrawal of membership by teachers who fear missing in the coming CBA and other benefits from the employer.

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Whats interesting is the appeal court judges who seemed to agree with most TSC submissions that led it to declare its final verdict. TSC lawyers led by Mr Oyucho urgued that it reserves the right to discipline its teachers as spelled out in the TSC act and that Sossion is no exclusion.

TSC also urgued that Sossion went against the code of regulations for teachers when he became a nominated Member of parliament for Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) when he was still a full time employee as a teacher. According to TSC Mr Wilson Sossion was still a teacher and only on unpaid leave which could be revoked when deemed so.

But Sossion lawyers opposed the move to deregister him citing personal vendetta. Led by his key lawyers Mr Paul Muite, Mrs Judith Guserwa and Mr John Mbaluto they asked why it took TSC more than a year to realize that Sossion is an MP and deserved to be deregistered.

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They said TSC is on a personal war with Mr Sossion and his becoming a MP had nothing to do with it. However the appeal court juries after listening to both parties unanimously rejected upheld the previous decision to struck off Sossion’s name from the register of teachers. However Mr Wilson Sossion is still the Knut boss. Mr Sossion also doubles up as a nominated Member of Parliament for the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

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