TSC teachers have till 30/4/2020 to create New TPAD account or face unknown

TSC teachers have till 30/4/2020 to create New TPAD account or face unknown

Teachers have less than four days to create the online new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development tool (TPAD) account. The new tool was launched last year after TSC made changes in the old TPAD to address some critical missing links, The new tool is tailored to meet the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) and the yet to be launched Teacher Performance Development (TPD) as madalities are not yet concluded.

“You are expected to create an online account for the new online TPAD, todate this has not been done. Deadline was yesterday for term one 2020, it has been extended with ten days. The commission expects full compliance within the set timelines. Principals and headteachers will be held responsible for non compliance of their institutions.” reads a message sent to principals, head teachers and teachers by county directors of education.

Its still not yet clear what will happen to TSC teachers who fail to create the new TPAD account after the deadline. The new Tpad tool is not applicable to intern teachers.

The old TPAD which was introduced in 2016 and it came to a stop on October last year which was the deadline for filling term two appraisals. It required teachers to upload learners subjects and mean scores contrary to Competency Based Curriculum requirements especially for lower grades. This posed a headache for most teachers in lower classes.

The New TPAD include several sections that teachers will have to update on termly basis, among this is the number of TPD Modules a teacher has undertaken, lesson attendance, subjects performance and more.


Step 1 We have provided a link that will take to the TPAD so you can start by creating an account. Click here to start

Step 2 When you visit the TPAD for the first time click place written First time login? Create account then you will be required to provide these details; TSC numberID numberPhone number in the format 07********, Email address and Password which you will have to enter twice for confirmation. When you get a message Account configured successfully proceed to login then the TPAD account has been created successfully and you can now login.


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