TSC proposes sh 3B more for teachers medical scheme which expires in September

TSC proposes sh 3B more for teachers medical scheme which expires in September

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is proposing Sh3 billion additional medical benefits for 318,000 tutors under a new scheme to be rolled out from October 1.

An inpatient cover increment ranging from Sh250,000 to Sh1 million, a hike of Sh25,000 to Sh125,000 for maternity; Sh45,000 for optical and dental for Sh25,000, are among additional benefits according to bid documents seen by The Standard.

But teachers and their dependents will have to give up a limitless outpatient cover for one pegged at between Sh100,000 and Sh375,000.Under the proposed scheme, inpatient cover will now range from Sh750,000 for teachers under the lowest job group G (or B5) to a maximum of Sh2.5 million for the highest paid staff under job group R (or D4).

The current inpatient rates under the existing scheme range between Sh500, 000 to Sh1.5 million across the various job groups.Teachers under job group G (or B5) to M (or C5) will be entitled to standard ward bed on admission. Those under Job Group N (or D1) to R (or D4) will be entitled to standard private rooms on admission.

Existing one

Details of the scheme reveal that the new adjustments are likely to expand the cover to up to Sh9 billion to better the existing one.Finer details of the new medical scheme reveal that optical and dental covers have also been increased to a flat rate of Sh45, 000 and Sh35, 000.

Teachers currently enjoy optical and dental covers of between Sh10, 000 and Sh25, 000. The optical cover will include cost of lenses and frames, prescription for ophthalmic treatment and eye lenses and ophthalmic ultrasound.

Dental benefits will include consultation and anesthetists fees, dental X-rays and root canal treatment, tooth extraction, scaling, dentures necessitated by an accident/ injury and deformation surgery.

Mothers will also register major medical boost under the new scheme as the TSC proposes to increase maternity cover to between Sh100, 000 and Sh200, 000. Currently, maternity cover is pegged at a flat rate of 75,000.This benefit will cover routine antenatal check-up, delivery/ doctor’s fees, postnatal care up to six weeks post-delivery, routine immunisations and baby-friendly vaccines.

It will also cover first emergency cesarean section (CS), subsequent elective CS and normal delivery, pre-maturity/pre-term and congenital conditions.

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