AON: Teachers can now change AON dependants starting Tuesday

AON: Teachers can now change AON dependants starting Tuesday

AON Minet will open its doors starting Tuesday next week for teachers who wish to change the dependants in the AON medical cover register. Teachers will have to fill a form with details of new dependant and submit it to TSC offices in their sub county or AON Minet offices.

This comes at a time when the teacher medical service provider have its contract coming to an end this September. TSC has already advertised for a new medical insurance provider for teachers.

Answering a teacher in Kirinyaga county who asked about the state and future of AON medical cover TSC said.

”A good number of teachers and their dependants have expressed satisfaction with the cover. However, we noted a few teething problems which have been addressed progressively. The commission has advertised a new service provider. Teachers concerns were incorporated in developing the terms of reference for the new cover.”

Teachers are eagerly waiting to know their new medical service provider and compare its services with the current one.

AON only allows teachers to remove and add a new dependant once per year during the month of October.


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