Taskforce: Open schools earliest in September, push exams to 2021

Taskforce: Open schools earliest in September, push exams to 2021

The recommendations by the Magoha appointed team has dashed the hopes for reopening schools anytime soon. This is after tough layouts for reopening schools were presented. The ten member team advised on tough conditions if schools were to be reopened for learning.

The committee recommends that the 1.8 million Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates be given priority to report to schools in September this year. The rest will report at least two weeks after learning institutions make adjustments to meet social distancing requirement and other admission logistics.

By the end of August, about 24 weeks will have been lost since President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered schools shut on March 13 to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

It emerged that the proposal to have national examinations done in February next year would allow candidates to recover lost learning time. With schools set to open in September, about 20 weeks will be available to students before the February examinations.

“This will be adequate time for teachers to cover the syllabus and help candidates revise for exams,” said a member of the team.

These are recommendations by the taskforce charged to advise on school reopening
•15 learners per class
•1.5 metre apart sitting arrangement
•More classes, chairs and desks
•Constant supply of running water.
•provision of soap/sanitizer
•fumigation chemicals and equipment to be availed
•protective gear and masks for teachers and learners
•sanitizing booths
•teachers to teach in their locality
•re-admit learners in the nearest local schools
•drop all co-curricula activities
•stimulus package for the education sector
•revive digital learning programme
reopen schools earliest September
push national exams to 1st Quarter of 2021
revise school calendar after the pandemic is contained


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