Opinion: New curriculum not a solution to Kenya’s education problems

Opinion: New curriculum not a solution to Kenya's education problems

Prof. Magoha, you are unarguably one of the world’s wisest.

Hence, I believe that your golden hands will handle the issues being raised about the CBC curriculum with the same wisdom that you have demonstrated on similar or even more complex matters.

I believe that you will not crush those who attempt to criticise the CBC system of education. I trust that as a wise man, you will change your position and tact, and listen more carefully to your stakeholders.

The goals of the new CBC curriculum are without doubt well intended and should not be the subject of debate.

However, the subject of debate for me is and should be whether the CBC system is an economically optimal solution to the perceived gaps in the 8.4.4 system and to the problems facing our education sector. To which my immediate answer is a big NO.

Prof, we cannot be too focused on the merits of CBC without asking ourselves the following questions: What were the goals of 8.4.4. system?

To what extent were those goals achieved or not achieved? Why? And what is the optimal solution to fixing the gaps in 8.4.4. system?

Are the gaps in 8.4.4. system a problem of curriculum design or of poor and inadequate implementation of what the curriculum was ideally meant to be?

Is it necessary and wise to overhaul the system or to address specific gaps in the 8.4.4.system? How come, Canada, the country from which the 8.4.4 system was borrowed, is one the world’s most advanced, and technologically sophisticated world economies and continues to thrive on an 8.4.4 system of education?

How is it that Kenyan graduates, who are graduates of a purportedly failed 8.4.4 system, are arguably some of the most versatile, inventive and innovative people in the world?

They thrive and adapt in nearly any circumstance, and nearly most fields of work. While, this may not be wholly attributable to the 8.4.4 system, it is not disputable that the system contributes to the preparation of such versatile and innovative people.


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