Outstanding teacher Peter Tabichi bags another international award

Outstanding teacher Peter Tabichi bags another international award

Peter Tabichi has won an outstanding teacher or school leader among the Commonwealth countries.

Tabichi, who is a science teacher in Keriko secondary school was recognized during the Commonwealth Education Awards.

Tabichi introduced a program that ensured students were learning despite the Covid-19 break.

“Since majority of our students come from underprivileged backgrounds I donate 80 percent of my income to education projects,” Tabichi said.

The second time teacher of the year said the award will give him a platform to teach and give opportunities to the underprivileged students.

The six nominees awarded during the conference were champions of innovative, and transformative ideas.

The nominees were selected on the basis of creating effective solutions for education challenges, and created space for discovery.

The awards had six categories.

The first category was education as pathways to peace and the finalist was Positive Youth Africa Afrogiveness project.

The second category- rethinking education for work, finalist is Educate! Uganda.

The third category- youth awards finalist Maria Kramvi beat more than 1000 applicants in her category.

The fourth category- rethinking education for innovation, Peepul CM Rise.

The fifth category- contribution to Education for inclusion, girl child network project No one out in Kenya led by Dennis Mutiso.

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