Official: Primary school teachers kicked out of KCSE invigilation

Official: Primary school teachers kicked out of KCSE invigilation

Primary school teachers will no longer take part in invigilation of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

Already Curriculum Support Officers (CSOS) removed from the list primary school teachers who had been drafted to invigilate KCSE exams.

Primary school teachers will now stick to manning Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) exams while KCSE will be left for secondary school teachers.

However junior secondary school (JSS) teachers will not take in any national exam invigilation this year.

Knec says all teachers deployed to administer KCSE exams should take their new role, visit the CP2 portal submit their details and print their deployment letters.

The deployment portal has also been designed to bar primary school teachers from been deployed to administer KCSE exams.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) said 223,223 teacher have been vetted to serve as supervisors and invigilators in the 2023 national exams.

The Commission also said 37,731 teachers have been vetted to serve as examiners this year.

Knec will administer national examinations to 2.3 million learners who will sit this year’s KCPE and KCSE examinations.

Around 1,415,315 candidates will sit for KCPE exam, while another 903,260 will take the KCSE test.

Kenya National Examination Council Chief Executive David Njengere said preparations have been made for the candidates including 1,282,574 Grade Six learners who will sit for KPSEA.

1,143 containers will be used for 2023 KCSE, KCPE, KPSEA exams.

Njengere said the 576 distribution centres or containers will be used for storage of KPSEA and KCPE examinations.

He added that 567 containers will be used for the distribution of KCSE papers.

“The council has acquired an additional 82 containers to make sure we facilitate this process especially because we have 13 newly created sub-counties which did not have containers,” Njengere said.

Machogu urged all personnel taking part in the national examinations, to dispense their duties with utmost professionalism in line with the set guidelines.

He said the Ministry will not spare anyone who will be involved in malpractices


Contracted ProfessionalExamRegionPay Per DayTotal Days engagedTotal Pay
Centre ManagerKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh5004Sh2,000
Centre ManagerKCSEAll RegionsSh50018Sh9,000
InvigilatorsKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh5383Sh1,615
InvigilatorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh58017Sh9,860
InvigilatorsKCSEOther RegionsSh46017Sh7,820
SupervisorsKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh6214Sh2,485
SupervisorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh69518Sh12,510
SupervisorsKCSEOther RegionsSh63018Sh11,340
Security OfficersKCSEAll RegionsSh42016Sh6,720
DriversKCSEAll RegionsSh40516Sh6,480


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