Ministry order to primary school heads on party elections (Circular)

Ministry order to primary school heads on party elections (Circular)

The Ministry of Education has issued a directive to primary school headteachers in the upcoming party primaries.

In a circular dated 18th March 2022, the Basic Education Principal secretary Julius Jwan lists guidelines for party primaries in some IEBC gazetted polling stations in primary schools.

Jwan says the party primaries will be carried out countrywide between 21st March and 22nd April 2022.

In the circular Jwan has granted permission for ODM party to conduct the exercise in selected primary schools.

In the document the PS has ordered school heads to ensure safety and security of the school property during the exercise.

However tough requirements imposed by the recently enacted political parties law have forced ODM to postpone its primaries that were planned for this week.

It has emerged that the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) is yet to submit a certified list of registered ODM party members.

The new law requires that only registered members are allowed to participate in party nominations. The register has to be certified by ORPP.

The Raila Odinga-led outfit had planned to start the make-or-break exercise yesterday through to April 21 but cannot proceed in the absence of the list.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has set April 22 as the deadline for party primaries.

ODM National Elections Board Chairperson Catherine Mumma said that the party had written to the Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu on March 3, requesting for the list.

By yesterday, the certified list was not ready, implying that the outfit will have to wait before announcing new dates for its staggered primaries.

“We will be doing the primaries using the register of party members certified by ORPP. We applied for that register on March 3, the register should have been given to us, but they have not yet given it to us,” said Ms Mumma.

“Until we get it we cannot proceed. Our time has slid a little bit; we will review that timetable,” she added.

Ms Nderitu yesterday said they were in the process of cleaning ODM membership list before they can submit the document for nominations.

Ms Nderitu explained that the office has to run the data against the Integrated Population Registration Database System to confirm if the listed members are Kenyans.

Further, the office has to certify that the listed members do not belong to another political party.

She disclosed that at least five other parties have made a similar request.

Ms Nderitu assured parties that they have the necessary systems to provide certified membership lists within the shortest time.

Below is the circular by PS Julius Juan.


Reference is made to your letter dated 15th March 2022 requesting for permission to conduct party primaries in some IEBC Gazetted polling stations in public primary schools country wide between 21st March and 22nd April 2022.

Ministry order to primary school heads on party elections (Circular)
Ministry circular on party primaries

The purpose of the communication is to inform you that permission is hereby granted to the ODM Party to conduct the exercise in public primary schools.

You are required to liase with the headteachers of the schools to ensure the safety and security of the schools property during the exercise.


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