Microsoft new Teams features will help make virtual learning better

Microsoft new Teams features will help make virtual learning better

Microsoft Corporation has added new features to Teams, designed to make virtual learning better.

This aims to support educators and students in creating a holistic learning environment.

Development happened even as Covid-19 pandemic continues to accelerate pace at which technology has driven innovation in teaching and learning.

Among others, the new features will provide personalised learning for each and every student, organise online classroom experience and make assignments more engaging, organised and fun.

They also allow teachers to better understand student engagement and emotional well being while also encouraging class participation during synchronous learning for better hybrid and remote classes.

According to Barbara Holzapfel, Microsoft’s Vice-President for Education the new tools and updates are designed to support the five key areas that help teachers create a holistic learning environment and move education forward, among them being student centricity, skills focus, social learning, safety and security, and scalability.

“For the past year, teachers have leveraged technology in innovative ways to keep students engaged.
Technology went from being a temporary lifeline to facilitate connection in remote and hybrid learning, to a fully integrated part of many virtual and in-person classrooms,” said Holzapfel.

A recent survey commissioned by Microsoft reveals that since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have innovated by integrating technology and learning to engage students.

The new features include reading progress, a new free tool that gives students a less stressful way to improve their reading skills.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is currently using Microsoft Teams feature to train its staff.

In a circular to Regional Directors, TSC said it will use Teams for training of Curriculum Support Officers (CSO’s) and CBC Champions virtually.

However training of teachers will be done Face-to-Face beginning 31st May to 4th May 2021.

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