CEMASTEA partners with CASIO to train mathematics, science teachers on technology

CEMASTEA partners with CASIO to train mathematics, science teachers on technology

The Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) has partnered with CASIO Middle East FZE to train Mathematics and Science Trainers across Kenya using the newly modernized and effective scientific calculators. “This partnership with CASIO Middle East FZE will enable us to train teachers on the best ways to use modern teaching equipment to help improve students’ performance in Mathematics and Science subjects across the country. Ministry of Education has mandated us to improve science and mathematics teaching in secondary schools,” says Mr Stephen Njoroge, Director and Secretary of Board of Management, CEMASTEA.

CEMASTEA has been training over 400 Mathematics Trainers from across the country for the last two years.
Mr Njoroge added that they have been running a number program that targets both secondary and primary school teachers who are trained on the two subjects.  At the moment they have 1200 trainers spread across the country. Each county has between 12-24 trainers who are mandated to train both Mathematics and Science   teachers in every primary and secondary schools. The training focuses on usage of technonlogy and ICT to improve learners’ ability to solve problems using technology.

“The training has also enabled teachers gain additional support ranging from in-depth calculator guides, software tools, classroom-ready materials as well as video guidance materials. Today the theory-based classes cannot solve the 21st century problem and that’s why we must as a country embrace and adapt technology within our classes,” states Njoroge.   He says that CEMASTEA has been supplying robotic kits to students in secondary schools which they use during the Mathematics and Science lessons. This he says has greatly impacted on their ability to solve problems within these subjects. Students are taught on coding, robotic skills and technology.

CEMASTEA has introduced new teaching materials to support teachers which has impacted the performance of students using high tech teaching equipment, such as scientific calculators. Thus, it has actively improved Mathematics and Science curriculum of secondary classes in Kenya.   Recently CASIO Middle East FZE launched a special Teacher Relationship Management Program (TRM) as a beneficial system to Trainers. This came along with training for teachers to access the platform and make use of all the educational and training materials available.

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