Knut opposed to the formation of women outfit KEWOTA as showdown looms

Knut opposed to the formation of women outfit KEWOTA as showdown looms

Sharp divisions have emerged in the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) after the formation of a women’s outfit.

It emerged today that Knut’s top organs have rejected the splinter Kenya Women Teachers Association (Kewota), which is threatening to tear the giant teachers’ union down the middle.

National Executive Council (NEC) and National Advisory Council (NAC) resolved that members of Kewota must not have affiliation to Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet), sparking a major row.

Kewota Chairperson Dorothy Muthoni said the association targets nearly 130,000 female teachers.

This is nearly half the membership of Knut.“No one can stop women from forming an association. And this is not just about Knut, it is about all teachers even those who are non-members,” said Muthoni.

She cautioned Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion against interfering with the association.

“He must stop interfering with women’s affairs forthwith,” said Muthoni.

Kewota has been fronted by top female Knut officials who seek to champion women’s rights.

Women representative

The leadership includes Jacinta Ndegwa, Knut’s second national women representative and Benta Opande who has since resigned from Knut.

Sossion said the union would kick out all the members of Kewota.

“We have a constitution and it’s very clear on the associations we have. Any illegal outfit is not part of Knut,’ said Sossion.

Resolutions of NEC and NAC said the national executive would not entertain members who collaborate with rival unions.

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