Knec clears air on examiners pay after summon in parliament

Knec clears air on examiners pay after summon in parliament

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has finally responded on fate of teachers who marked last years Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE) in Nairobi.

Knec officials had been summoned to appear in parliament for questioning after numerous complaints by teachers who said they have not been paid months after the exams were marked and released.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bomet Central constituency Mr. Ronald Tonui posed a question on why the examiners have not been paid after marking the 2020 KCSE exams.

“Explain why the Kenya National Examinations Council has not paid teachers who marked KCSE 2020 examinations and when they will be paid,” asked Tonui.

This is what Knec said in response.

“Hon. Chair, KNEC engages teachers and other contracted professionals in the administration and marking of national examinations and pays them a token for the services rendered.

The reconciliation of the 2020 KCSE examiners script fees has been completed and the total amount payable is Kes.1,025,235,307 out of which Kes.251,251,200 was paid at the conclusion of the marking   period between 4th and 7th May 2021.   

Thus, the amount outstanding is Kes.773,984, 107.00.

For the FY 2020/2021, KNEC was allocated KCPE/KCSE grants of Kes.4,023,868, 712 instead of the required  Kes.4,588,244,200 at Kes.800  per  candidate for KCPE and Kes.5,400 per candidate for KCSE.  

Consequently, KNEC was not unable to pay the teachers who were engaged during the marking of the 2020 KCSE examinations on time.

The Ministry has however engaged the National Treasury for the  release of the outstanding funds to ensure that the outstanding arrears are paid as soon as possible to the markers.

To forestall a recurrence of such unpaid arrears  in time for the next national examinations, KNEC has been directed to ascertain the number of candidates as soon as the registration process is concluded, in order for the Ministry to ensure that any shortfall is covered in the Supplementary budget tabled and considered by Parliament before the examinations begin in March 2022,”

Below are other questions which were asked and their response given.

What are the Criteria used in determining rates for paying invigilators, supervisors, examiners and centre managers, the current rates and when KNEC intends to revise the said rates.

Hon. Chair,  supervisors and Invigilators are paid to facilitate their travel and meals at a fixed rate  per day. The amount paid to supervisors depends on the number of days worked.

Examiners are paid travel return fare based on the distance of their  duty stations from the marking centres.

The script fees rate is based on the length and marking demands of the paper.

The review of paper rates was carried out in 2019. The next review will be in 2022 subject to the availability of funds.

Explain why the deputy centre managers and teachers handling practicals during examinations are not considered for payment and could the Ministry consider paying them.

Hon. Chair, The Deputy Centre Managers and Teachers handling practicals are not directly involved in the administration of examinations in their respective schools and therefore  not entitled to any form of payment.

The Deputy Centre Managers are there to assist in enforcing discipline of the candidates during the examinations while Science Teachers prepare the laboratories for the practical tests which is part of their routine duties and responsibilities.


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