Schools report new challenge in selection of schools for KCPE candidates

Schools report new challenge in selection of schools for KCPE candidates

Schools across the country have reported of challenges in the ongoing exercise for selecting schools for 2022 KCPE candidates.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) had paused the school selection exercise after its systems experienced downtime that made registration of candidates for the national exams impossible.

Knec had set 27th April as the start date for registration of candidates for KCPE, KCSE and KPSEA exams.

The registration was scheduled to end on 14th May. However following problems with its servers the examiner split the registration exercise into two.

In the first phase schools were only asked to enter the candidates bio data by 14th May. In the second phase schools are required, from 16th May, to make selection of schools for their candidates.

Many schools say this selection exercise is smooth however they say the school choices made do not reflect on the final nominal roll generated.

Knec is yet to respond to this new challenge on whether its a server error or whether the selection is not necessary to reflect on the nominal roll.

However schools submitted the initial nominal roll which captured details as required by the Council.

For KCPE and KCSE registration schools were required to key in the following details.

1 Correct order of candidate’s names as they appear in the Birth Certificate;

2 Gender;

3 Year of birth;

4 Citizenship;

5 Subjects registered for, including the optional ones where applicable;

6 Information on different categories of candidates with special needs (i.e., Blind, Low vision, Deaf and Physically challenged).

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