Delocalized teachers start to get transfer letters as TSC get warned

Delocalized teachers start to get transfer letters as TSC get warned

Both Local and Delocalized teachers have started to receive their transfer letters from their employer Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

In some Counties like Nairobi, Kisii, Narok and Kwale the delocalized teachers have been asked to pick their transfer letters from the TSC County Directors office.

Some Counties are however yet to receive the transfer letters but this should happen by Friday this week.

Details show many delocalized teachers missed on transfer after TSC clinged on its policy in approving the transfer requests.

TSC policy says a teacher in North Eastern must have served for at least 3 years to be considered while those in other regions must have served for at least five years.

It further says for one to be considered he or she must have a suitable replacement before being considered.

One Member of Parliament (MP) has warned the Commission that it has till 31st January to transfer all delocalized teachers home as directed by Parliament.

“I want to tell TSC CEO Nancy Macharia that Parliament passed a resolution that all teachers should be sent back to their home counties. This should be fully implemented before the transition of junior secondary and form one,” said Kirinyaga Central MP, Mr Joseph Gitari yesterday.

Last month while appearing before MPs, TSC board chair Jamleck Muturi and head of legal Calvin Anyuor, were ordered to ensure the lawmakers decision on delocalization of teachers is implemented.

The Education Committee chaired by Tinderet MP Julius Melly gave the commission up to January 31st to ensure all teachers who had been delocalised have been transferred to their areas.

Melly told the commission not to belabour the matter but to ensure it tables a report on how it plans to implement the said move after the National Assembly made a decision on the said policy.

“We do not want stories, just tell us when you are going to do this, please table a report here for us to see. This policy was abolished and we cannot go back to it because we know that some of you use it to punish teachers,” said Melly.

So far only 14,613 teachers have been moved and are expected to report to their new stations in mass transfer plan, ahead of the reopening of schools.

TSC in a circular dated January 9, to Regional Directors, said the transfers were based on request by the teachers.

TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia said the transfers have been aligned to address understaffing and also correct staffing imbalance across various counties.

Delocalized teachers start to get transfer letters as TSC get warned
Teacher transfers in numbers

In the transfer list released, some 10,934 will be primary school teachers, 1,948 primary head teachers and 1,316 secondary school teachers. Also affected are 226 secondary school principals and 189 deputy head teachers.

Dr Macharia said all affected principals must report to their new stations by Monday next week, January 16, 2023.

“The Commission approved a number of teacher transfer requests across counties to be effected in January, 2023. You are required to transfer all head teachers and principals with immediate effect to report to schools on Monday, January 16, 2023,” Macharia said.

The rest of the teachers will report on January 23, 2023 when schools open for the first term in the new academic calendar. Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Collins Oyuu welcomed the move saying the process was long overdue with.

Dr Macharia said 120 teachers who had made transfer requests were not placed and will be managed provided they address teacher shortage and plug staff imbalance in the requested schools.

“The board approved the transfer of 14,613 out of the 14,733 total applications received as at November 30, 2022. The remaining 120 teachers could not get possible matches to replace them in their current stations,” Macharia added.

Dr Macharia observed that 12,019 applications are to be effected by Regional Directors while inter-regional transfers consist of 2,594 teachers. Broken down Rift Valley has the highest number of teachers who will be transferred with 3,962 already approved.

Of these 3,006 will be primary teachers, 580 head teachers, 260 secondary teachers, 48 deputy head teachers and 68 secondary school principals. Eastern region is second with some 3, 578 to be moved.

Of these are 2,740 primary teachers, 434 head teachers, 314 secondary school teachers, 39 deputy head teachers and 51 secondary school principals.

In Western, some 1,618 primary teachers, 196 head teachers, 154 secondary school teachers, 30 deputy head teachers and 5 secondary school principals will go to new stations.

In Nyanza, some 1,084 primary teachers, 220 head teachers, 64 secondary teachers, 20 deputy head teachers and 68 secondary school principals have been transferred.

And in Coast region, some 444 primary teachers, 98 head teachers, 10 secondary teachers, 6 deputy head teachers and 2 secondary school principals have been approved for transfer

In Central some 296 primary teachers, 59 head teachers, 118 secondary teachers, seven deputy head teachers and 11 secondary school principals will move.

Dr Macharia however said that some inter county transfers will be done directly from the TSC Headquarters .

She said this will effect 1,746 primary school teachers, 361 head teachers, 396 secondary school teachers, 39 deputy head teachers and 52 secondary school principals.

Macharia urged the Regional Directors to ensure the teacher shortage in most understaffed schools and counties and gender balance are considered in addressing the teacher imbalance during the exercise.

“Ensure that teachers are posted to schools they have requested and where applicable gender parity needs to be taken into consideration to foster gender inclusivity,” she said.

“Post heads and deputy heads of institutions to schools corresponding with their current school category, size of the schools and level of enrolment and school performance.”

Macharia also directed that in future, all newly recruited teachers and any posting after leave be done to in relation to the demand and shortage.


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