2021 list of all registered and authorized Insurance Companies

2021 list of all registered and authorized Insurance Companies


IN PURSUANCE of Section 184 of the Insurance Act, the Commissioner of Insurance gives notice that the following are authorized to transact insurance business as Insurance Agents for the year 2021.

This list was published on 15th February, 2021 to guide the public on authorized Insurance Companies.

The list is sorted based on the name of the Insurance Company and the date it was registered.
File Number Name Date Licenced
1 IRA/05/36231/2021 5th Avenue Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
2 IRA/05/25956/2021 A – Time Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
3 IRA/05/35482/2021 A Call Away Insurance Agency Limited 11-Nov-2020
4 IRA/05/24194/2021 A P Insurance Agencies Limited 7-Oct-2020
5 IRA/05/24540/2021 A Plus Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6 IRA/05/473/2021 A.H.Harkhani & Co. Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7 IRA/05/10918/2021 Aaron Insurance Agencies Ltd 15-Nov-2020
8 IRA/05/34232/2021 Aaron Mutavi John 2-Feb-2021

9 IRA/05/38352/2021 Aaron Muthiani Matheka 29-Sep-2020
10 IRA/05/37456/2021 Abanzuri Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
11 IRA/05/14935/2021 Abbyna Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
12 IRA/05/33944/2021 Abbytine Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
13 IRA/05/36165/2021 Abdhullaziz Omar Suya 13-Nov-2020
14 IRA/05/30770/2021 Abdi Taquyudin Haithar 6-Oct-2020
15 IRA/05/28538/2021 Abdul Aziz Alawi 26-Oct-2020
16 IRA/05/36057/2021 Abednego Obusubiri Egessa 2-Oct-2020
17 IRA/05/39415/2021 Abeko Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021

18 IRA/05/13404/2021 Abevah Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
19 IRA/05/5207/2021 Abgael Bwari Ondimu 2-Oct-2020
20 IRA/05/32071/2021 Abicom Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
21 IRA/05/9059/2021 Abiero Bima Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
22 IRA/05/33717/2021 Abigael Manoti Aranga 6-Oct-2020
23 IRA/05/37050/2021 Abigael Waeni Mutava 29-Jan-2021
24 IRA/05/28751/2021 Abigael Wanja Ngecha 30-Sep-2020
25 IRA/05/38314/2021 Abigail Ndanu Muendo. 12-Nov-2020
26 IRA/05/17509/2021 Abiria Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
27 IRA/05/35001/2021 Abraham Olukuru Oyondi 2-Oct-2020
28 IRA/05/25005/2021 Abrian Insurance Agencies 09-Oct-2020
29 IRA/05/32073/2021 Absolute Care Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
30 IRA/05/38813/2021 Absorisk Insurance Agencies 6-Jan-2021
31 IRA/05/24267/2021 Acacia Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
32 IRA/05/24175/2021 Acal Commercial And Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
33 IRA/05/24639/2021 Acams Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021

34 IRA/05/35953/2021 Acarde Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
35 IRA/05/37506/2021 Acceler Insurance Agents 21-Jan-2021
36 IRA/05/20030/2021 Accord Assurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
37 IRA/05/32060/2021 Ace Cover Insurance Agencies 13-Oct-2020
38 IRA/05/31927/2021 Ace-Care Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
39 IRA/05/38491/2021 Achim Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
40 IRA/05/31699/2021 Acholla Brenda Carolyne 19-Nov-2020
41 IRA/05/34286/2021 A-Code Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
42 IRA/05/26736/2021 Acos Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
43 IRA/05/31141/2021 Acre Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
44 IRA/05/15239/2021 Acro Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
45 IRA/05/12195/2021 Across Africa Insurance Agencies 11-Nov-2020
46 IRA/05/29047/2021 Across Kenya Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020

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47 IRA/05/38284/2021 Adah Jerotich 9-Feb-2021
48 IRA/05/9065/2021 Adam Kibui Murage 12-Oct-2020
49 IRA/05/31236/2021 Adam Muia Musyoki 16-Oct-2020
50 IRA/05/39709/2021 Adams Bosire 4-Dec-2020
51 IRA/05/36264/2021 Adams Hillary Oduor Kiriswa 28-Sep-2020
52 IRA/05/25857/2021 Adams Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
53 IRA/05/38879/2021 Adams Otunga 25-Jan-2021
54 IRA/05/29299/2021 Adela Wakesho 27-Sep-2020
55 IRA/05/39423/2021 Adeline Awuor Ojunga 12-Nov-2020
56 IRA/05/39706/2021 Adelyne Atieno Ogai 27-Nov-2020
57 IRA/05/34112/2021 Adequate Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
58 IRA/05/38822/2021 Adika Trisha Emily Khayanga 9-Oct-2020
59 IRA/05/3592/2021 Adjust Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020

60 IRA/05/38482/2021 Adler Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
61 IRA/05/14745/2021 Adock Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
62 IRA/05/30594/2021 Adonai Insurance Agencies Limited 1-Oct-2020
63 IRA/05/15916/2021 Adrian And Associates Ins Agency 6-Oct-2020
64 IRA/05/5446/2021 Adroit Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
65 IRA/05/37592/2021 Adt Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
66 IRA/05/37342/2021 Adva Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
67 IRA/05/25867/2021 Advanced Insurance Agency Ltd 6-Oct-2020
68 IRA/05/37539/2021 Advaniq Insurance Agency Limited 07-Oct-2020
69 IRA/05/20052/2021 Advantage Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
70 IRA/05/25940/2021 Advent Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
71 IRA/05/30666/2021 Advik Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
72 IRA/05/39375/2021 Ady Prince Agency 3-Dec-2020
73 IRA/05/33316/2021 Aecomark Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
74 IRA/05/34475/2021 Affiant Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020

75 IRA/05/16161/2021 Affinity Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
76 IRA/05/37454/2021 Affinto Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
77 IRA/05/39540/2021 Affirmative Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
78 IRA/05/35395/2021 Afins Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
79 IRA/05/38963/2021 Afline Auma Aber 22-Oct-2020
80 IRA/05/28391/2021 Africa Kings Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
81 IRA/05/34021/2021 Africus Risk & Insurance Consultancy Agency Ltd 27-Sep-2020
82 IRA/05/28093/2021 Afridah Nkatha Riungu 30-Sep-2020
83 IRA/05/25664/2021 Afrikay Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
84 IRA/05/26085/2021 Afrique Insurance Agencies Ltd 27-Sep-2020
85 IRA/05/34567/2021 Afrispan Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
86 IRA/05/31501/2021 Afriwonders Travel Ltd 8-Oct-2020
87 IRA/05/26713/2021 Afro Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
88 IRA/05/24428/2021 Afro-Mart Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
89 IRA/05/24647/2021 Agano Insurance Agencies 13-Oct-2020
90 IRA/05/31784/2021 Agaphio Mutuiri Njue 27-Sep-2020

91 IRA/05/15953/2021 Agatha Kimanani 27-Sep-2020
92 IRA/05/13031/2021 Agatha Maloi Legis 27-Sep-2020
93 IRA/05/35984/2021 Agatha Wanjiku Wainaina 16-Feb-2021
94 IRA/05/24124/2021 Agatha Wanjugu Mugo 6-Oct-2020
95 IRA/05/31814/2021 Agattah Wambui Nyawira 7-Oct-2020
96 IRA/05/6670/2021 Agencify Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
97 IRA/05/25314/2021 Agendio Mugendi Nyaga 5-Oct-2020
98 IRA/05/39430/2021 Agent For Inclusive Insurance Development(Aiid) Limited 9-Feb-2021
99 IRA/05/26425/2021 Agentsteve Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
100 IRA/05/32633/2021 Aggrey Akimanya Mukondo 7-Oct-2020
101 IRA/05/29626/2021 Agilent Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
102 IRA/05/12186/2021 Agillient Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Oct-2020
103 IRA/05/34390/2021 Aglum Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
104 IRA/05/35261/2021 Agmalink Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
105 IRA/05/38112/2021 Agnes Biyaki Matongo 12-Nov-2020

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106 IRA/05/30027/2021 Agnes Boke Rubi 6-Oct-2020
107 IRA/05/33002/2021 Agnes Kajuju Chokera 22-Dec-2020
108 IRA/05/36081/2021 Agnes Karia Kirimi 1-Oct-2020
109 IRA/05/32593/2021 Agnes Mbithe Kamende 21-Oct-2020
110 IRA/05/34005/2021 Agnes Mwende Muasa 12-Nov-2020
111 IRA/05/38876/2021 Agnes Mwikali Mbaa 12-Oct-2020
112 IRA/05/16186/2021 Agnes Mwongeli Muasya 5-Oct-2020
113 IRA/05/32545/2021 Agnes Njeri Njuguna 22-Oct-2020
114 IRA/05/37375/2021 Agnes Njoki Mukera 8-Oct-2020
115 IRA/05/29286/2021 Agnes Nthenya Kimulu 4-Nov-2020
116 IRA/05/26354/2021 Agnes Nyagithu Njeri 12-Jan-2021
117 IRA/05/25488/2021 Agnes Syombua Muthini 5-Oct-2020
118 IRA/05/16360/2021 Agnes Twili Muinde 27-Sep-2020
119 IRA/05/34486/2021 Agnes Wahu Gachau 15-Oct-2020

120 IRA/05/37693/2021 Agnes Wairimu Ndeithi 11-Jan-2021
121 IRA/05/24548/2021 Agnes Wambui Wachira 29-Sep-2020
122 IRA/05/1548/2021 Agnes Wangeci Mwangi 7-Jan-2021
123 IRA/05/39576/2021 Agnes Wangu Gichohi 6-Oct-2020
124 IRA/05/31776/2021 Agnes Wangui Mwangi 09-Oct-2020
125 IRA/05/34116/2021 Agnes Wanjiku Muthoni 9-Oct-2020
126 IRA/05/35857/2021 Agnes Wanjiku Ndegwa 6-Oct-2020
127 IRA/05/29224/2021 Agnes Wanjiru Kinuthia 5-Oct-2020
128 IRA/05/38192/2021 Agnes Wanjiru Njuguna 11-Nov-2020
129 IRA/05/32363/2021 Agnes Warigia Ndambiri 8-Oct-2020
130 IRA/05/33369/2021 Agnes Wayua Kivuti 11-Dec-2020
131 IRA/05/33260/2021 Agusteria Njoki Kariuki 6-Jan-2021
132 IRA/05/32650/2021 Aguyah Wilfred Isagide 6-Oct-2020

133 IRA/05/35806/2021 Ahmed Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
134 IRA/05/38119/2021 Aholi Ollinga John 7-Oct-2020
135 IRA/05/35976/2021 Aibles Consultancy And Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
136 IRA/05/36612/2021 Aileen Chepkoech 13-Oct-2020
137 IRA/05/19024/2021 Ainea Ulwenya Karanja 26-Oct-2020
138 IRA/05/38353/2021 Airene Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
139 IRA/05/36349/2021 Airmarine Insurance Agency Limited 14-Dec-2020
140 IRA/05/27257/2021 Airmark Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
141 IRA/05/38771/2021 Airmobi Limited 15-Nov-2020
142 IRA/05/38573/2021 Ajax Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
143 IRA/05/15728/2021 Akamas Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
144 IRA/05/36212/2021 Akinyi Brenda Opiyo 16-Feb-2021
145 IRA/05/35033/2021 Al – Rasul Insurance Agency 06-Jan-2021
146 IRA/05/28348/2021 Alabaster Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
147 IRA/05/37920/2021 Alan Kimutai Chirchir 5-Nov-2020

148 IRA/05/14907/2021 Albanus Mutisya Mwanzia 06-Oct-2020
149 IRA/05/14415/2021 Al-Bariq Insurance Agencies Limited 8-Oct-2020
150 IRA/05/6750/2021 Albert Abuga Ondieki 9-Oct-2020
151 IRA/05/20240/2021 Albert Chege Waweru 9-Oct-2020
152 IRA/05/16462/2021 Albert Oredo Liech 6-Nov-2020
153 IRA/05/37224/2021 Albunus Wambua Musembi 7-Oct-2020
154 IRA/05/35916/2021 Alchemy Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
155 IRA/05/39160/2021 Alcom Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
156 IRA/05/34017/2021 Aldas Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
157 IRA/05/35719/2021 Aldila Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
158 IRA/05/35455/2021 Aldrin Omondi Odhiambo 12-Oct-2020
159 IRA/05/24185/2021 Alen Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
160 IRA/05/32086/2021 Alex Aggrey Alela 6-Oct-2020
161 IRA/05/15625/2021 Alex Chebe Kibi 04-Nov-2020
162 IRA/05/32037/2021 Alex Kabiru Macharia 12-Nov-2020
163 IRA/05/26366/2021 Alex Kiringa Kimotho 19-Oct-2020
164 IRA/05/37831/2021 Alex Kungu Ngugi 29-Sep-2020

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165 IRA/05/35613/2021 Alex Maliti Malelu 6-Oct-2020
166 IRA/05/38623/2021 Alex Masinde Waswa 9-Oct-2020
167 IRA/05/35844/2021 Alex Mbuvi Katiwa 12-Nov-2020
168 IRA/05/30020/2021 Alex Munene Muriuki 28-Jan-2021
169 IRA/05/39503/2021 Alex Mutiso Ngala 28-Sep-2020
170 IRA/05/29193/2021 Alex Mzungu Bombo 6-Nov-2020
171 IRA/05/37699/2021 Alex Nahashon Marami 11-Jan-2021
172 IRA/05/37310/2021 Alex Paul Njeru Macharia 6-Oct-2020
173 IRA/05/12368/2021 Alexander Gitonga Barine 22-Oct-2020
174 IRA/05/24305/2021 Alexander Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
175 IRA/05/30210/2021 Alexander Kilonzo Munyoki 6-Oct-2020
176 IRA/05/31675/2021 Alexander Mbunza Ndemwa 27-Sep-2020
177 IRA/05/17504/2021 Alexander Njenga 7-Dec-2020

178 IRA/05/14764/2021 Alexander Saunya Sichenga 8-Oct-2020
179 IRA/05/30449/2021 Alexina Akinyi Ochieng 6-Oct-2020
180 IRA/05/39075/2021 Alexina Mwaniga Omido 15-Oct-2020
181 IRA/05/26266/2021 Alfa Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Dec-2020
182 IRA/05/19036/2021 Alfa Zenith Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
183 IRA/05/33609/2021 Alfalynyx Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
184 IRA/05/35328/2021 Alfange Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
185 IRA/05/14661/2021 Alfazeta Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
186 IRA/05/8305/2021 Alfonce Nzioki Kalani 22-Oct-2020
187 IRA/05/11928/2021 Alfred Gichuki Mathu 30-Sep-2020
188 IRA/05/29350/2021 Alfred Kimathi Kinuu 12-Nov-2020
189 IRA/05/29129/2021 Alfred Malach 12-Oct-2020
190 IRA/05/33766/2021 Alfred Michael Kirimih 17-Oct-2020
191 IRA/05/30755/2021 Alfred Mutinda Mbaa 1-Oct-2020
192 IRA/05/38165/2021 Alfred Mwakuni Kiti 20-Jan-2021

193 IRA/05/31375/2021 Alfred Onyango Owiti 11-Jan-2021
194 IRA/05/27533/2021 Alfred Samuel Ndegwa Kaniu 5-Nov-2020
195 IRA/05/35325/2021 Alfred Wambua Mutiso 14-Dec-2020
196 IRA/05/39635/2021 Ali Gayoye Hiribae 3-Nov-2020
197 IRA/05/38934/2021 Alice Achola Ouko 27-Sep-2020
198 IRA/05/31143/2021 Alice Akinyi Ogutu 6-Oct-2020
199 IRA/05/30426/2021 Alice Akoth Atogo 5-Oct-2020
200 IRA/05/26209/2021 Alice Ayieko 26-Sep-2020
201 IRA/05/38218/2021 Alice Chrpkoech Kilel 14-Oct-2020
202 IRA/05/11214/2021 Alice Mugure Gichohi 15-Oct-2020
203 IRA/05/34209/2021 Alice Muthoni Gacheche 4-Nov-2020
204 IRA/05/37594/2021 Alice Ndunge Mbithi 12-Oct-2020
205 IRA/05/16780/2021 Alice Njeri Wachaga 3-Feb-2021
206 IRA/05/26924/2021 Alice Njoki Ndirangu 13-Oct-2020
207 IRA/05/38636/2021 Alice Njuguini Mwangi 14-Jan-2021
208 IRA/05/12737/2021 Alice Wachuka Kamau 1-Oct-2020
209 IRA/05/34542/2021 Alice Wairimu Churu 5-Oct-2020

210 IRA/05/26331/2021 Alice Waitherero Muturi 15-Feb-2021
211 IRA/05/35642/2021 Alice Wambui Gichohi 15-Oct-2020
212 IRA/05/34056/2021 Alice Wambui Mugwe 8-Oct-2020
213 IRA/05/31657/2021 Alice Wambui Njeri 11-Feb-2021
214 IRA/05/29503/2021 Alice Wambui Waiganjo 27-Sep-2020
215 IRA/05/38199/2021 Alice Wangari Kamande 9-Oct-2020
216 IRA/05/24281/2021 Alice Wangui Mwangi 02-Oct-2020
217 IRA/05/26896/2021 Alice Wangui Wanyika 29-Sep-2020
218 IRA/05/36934/2021 Alice Wanja Karanja 22-Oct-2020
219 IRA/05/37204/2021 Alice Wanjiku Chomba 2-Oct-2020
220 IRA/05/31186/2021 Alice Wanjiku Kabata 28-Sep-2020
221 IRA/05/36087/2021 Alice Wanjiku Muritu 7-Oct-2020
222 IRA/05/25641/2021 Alice Wanjiku Mwangi 9-Oct-2020
223 IRA/05/31876/2021 Alice Wanjiru Njoki 22-Dec-2020

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224 IRA/05/38391/2021 Alice Wanjiru Nyaga 18-Jan-2021
225 IRA/05/27250/2021 Ali-Chris Insurance Agency 06-Jan-2021
226 IRA/05/26522/2021 Alimash Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
227 IRA/05/24090/2021 Alimone Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
228 IRA/05/39535/2021 Al-Imran Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
229 IRA/05/28197/2021 Alishia Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
230 IRA/05/15471/2021 Alisons Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
231 IRA/05/27410/2021 Aliza Wangeci Githambo 29-Sep-2020
232 IRA/05/28859/2021 Aljos Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
233 IRA/05/25234/2021 Alkheirat Insurance Agencies 11-Nov-2020
234 IRA/05/34015/2021 All Needs Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
235 IRA/05/35327/2021 All Round Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
236 IRA/05/28587/2021 All Scope Insurance Agencies 27-Jan-2021
237 IRA/05/34490/2021 All Stars Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
238 IRA/05/36706/2021 Alladin Universal Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
239 IRA/05/17901/2021 Allan & Jerry Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
240 IRA/05/26739/2021 Allan Gathuru Kinyanjui 22-Jan-2021
241 IRA/05/39192/2021 Allan Ingara Jumba 3-Nov-2020

242 IRA/05/28953/2021 Allan Kipkorir Biegon 27-Sep-2020
243 IRA/05/39203/2021 Allan Matiba Kizili 11-Nov-2020
244 IRA/05/37271/2021 Allan Nyanchoga Nyarimbasia 29-Sep-2020
245 IRA/05/30700/2021 Allcare Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
246 IRA/05/30967/2021 Allice Kathambi Francis 8-Feb-2021
247 IRA/05/24767/2021 Allied Kings East Africa Insurance Agency Ltd. 8-Oct-2020
248 IRA/05/29710/2021 Allied Trust Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
249 IRA/05/38305/2021 Allister Smith Insurance Agency Ltd 22-Dec-2020
250 IRA/05/33405/2021 Allspace Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
251 IRA/05/34481/2021 Allstate Direct Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
252 IRA/05/15856/2021 Allstate Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
253 IRA/05/17148/2021 Almacy Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
254 IRA/05/37383/2021 Almosa Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
255 IRA/05/31014/2021 Almug Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
256 IRA/05/15526/2021 Al-Noor Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
257 IRA/05/30718/2021 Aloha Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
258 IRA/05/26741/2021 Aloo Benjohn Agwanda 22-Dec-2020
259 IRA/05/29888/2021 Aloo Collins Juma 13-Oct-2020
260 IRA/05/33594/2021 Aloo Verol Onyango 12-Oct-2020
261 IRA/05/24489/2021 Aloys Gonzaga Bwire Ogiso 5-Oct-2020
262 IRA/05/39239/2021 Alpha Impact Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
263 IRA/05/39819/2021 Alphabiz Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
264 IRA/05/31835/2021 Alphal Sikoi 3-Nov-2020
265 IRA/05/30063/2021 Alphonce Misigo 11-Dec-2020

266 IRA/05/26322/2021 Al-Shamil Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
267 IRA/05/30400/2021 Altavista Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
268 IRA/05/31871/2021 Altegrity Insurance Agency Ltd 8-Sep-2020
269 IRA/05/29218/2021 Altimate Africa Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
270 IRA/05/35403/2021 Altoms Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
271 IRA/05/24121/2021 Alumni Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
272 IRA/05/36441/2021 Alux Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
273 IRA/05/39722/2021 Alva Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
274 IRA/05/38967/2021 Alvin Wafula Wakari 16-Oct-2020
275 IRA/05/17167/2021 Alvinas Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
276 IRA/05/24597/2021 Alvson Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
277 IRA/05/25739/2021 Al-Wataniya Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Nov-2020
278 IRA/05/28566/2021 Alycan Commercial And Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
279 IRA/05/24988/2021 Alyssterj Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
280 IRA/05/37336/2021 Am And Sons Agency Ltd 15-Feb-2021
281 IRA/05/39669/2021 Amal Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
282 IRA/05/34483/2021 Amana Coverage Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020

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283 IRA/05/13450/2021 Amar Vinodray Jankhariya 2-Oct-2020
284 IRA/05/27794/2021 Amara Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
285 IRA/05/34010/2021 Amasa Five Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
286 IRA/05/17887/2021 Amasai Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
287 IRA/05/16809/2021 Amastrong Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
288 IRA/05/36849/2021 Amateur Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
289 IRA/05/29313/2021 Amaton Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
290 IRA/05/29766/2021 Amay Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
291 IRA/05/35109/2021 Ambasa Helene M Indimuli 23-Oct-2020
292 IRA/05/11993/2021 Ambrose Wambugu Kamoni 11-Nov-2020
293 IRA/05/24514/2021 Ambrose Wesonga Odhiambo 11-Jan-2021
294 IRA/05/32319/2021 Ambuka Muyela Dickson 9-Oct-2020
295 IRA/05/826/2021 Amedian Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
296 IRA/05/19062/2021 Amedom Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020

297 IRA/05/13589/2021 Amethyst Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
298 IRA/05/26887/2021 Amidzi Insurance Agency 3-Dec-2020
299 IRA/05/13825/2021 Amiica Insurance Agency Ltd 12-Nov-2020
300 IRA/05/39092/2021 Amilas Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
301 IRA/05/29413/2021 Aminika Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
302 IRA/05/38953/2021 Amiri Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
303 IRA/05/39844/2021 Amit Jethwa 1-Feb-2021
304 IRA/05/39924/2021 Amit Kaur Panesar 8-Feb-2021
305 IRA/05/33195/2021 Amit Shah 2-Oct-2020
306 IRA/05/30589/2021 Amiva Kenya Insurance Agency Ltd 8-Oct-2020
307 IRA/05/1527/2021 Ammoku Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
308 IRA/05/39568/2021 Ammoxy Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
309 IRA/05/35589/2021 Amondi Viollah Nyanjong 5-Oct-2020
310 IRA/05/39811/2021 Amos Cantoh Were 22-Jan-2021
311 IRA/05/30820/2021 Amos Chege Karanja 26-Sep-2020

312 IRA/05/34816/2021 Amos Getongori Ondieki 16-Oct-2020
313 IRA/05/39412/2021 Amos Kipchirchir Korir 17-Oct-2020
314 IRA/05/37867/2021 Amos Kiprop Mibei 14-Dec-2020
315 IRA/05/28936/2021 Amos Kiprop Sirma 5-Oct-2020
316 IRA/05/39934/2021 Amos Komen 8-Feb-2021
317 IRA/05/25276/2021 Amos Macharia Maina 13-Oct-2020
318 IRA/05/37031/2021 Amos Macharia Manyeki 12-Nov-2020
319 IRA/05/26951/2021 Amos Moguche Nyanaro 28-Sep-2020
320 IRA/05/30308/2021 Amos Mukunzi Okanga 5-Oct-2020
321 IRA/05/35506/2021 Amos Mungai 6-Oct-2020
322 IRA/05/28078/2021 Amos Mungai Macharia 28-Sep-2020
323 IRA/05/37186/2021 Amos Muthiani Ngali 5-Nov-2020
324 IRA/05/27151/2021 Amos Mwangi Wamahia 26-Sep-2020
325 IRA/05/355672/2021 Amos Ntoitha 3-Feb-2021
326 IRA/05/25466/2021 Amos Ondu Ogutu 6-Jan-2021
327 IRA/05/37248/2021 Amos Otieno Onjala 15-Oct-2020
328 IRA/05/16437/2021 Amos Wachira Ngahu 14-Nov-2020
329 IRA/05/27190/2021 Amos Yatich Cheptumo 14-Oct-2020
330 IRA/05/29146/2021 Ample Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
331 IRA/05/27403/2021 Amply Supplied Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
332 IRA/05/37620/2021 Am-Ssurity Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
333 IRA/05/31109/2021 Amstead Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
334 IRA/05/15543/2021 Anakello Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
335 IRA/05/7058/2021 Anastasia M. Muroki 6-Oct-2020
336 IRA/05/29899/2021 Andeka Felix Anyembe 30-Sep-2020
337 IRA/05/25577/2021 Anderson Ambembo 26-Oct-2020
338 IRA/05/25222/2021 Anderson Chebon Cheptirim 12-Oct-2020
339 IRA/05/15541/2021 Anderson Kaburu Riungu 22-Oct-2020
340 IRA/05/16357/2021 Anderson Murithi Kiruja 14-Dec-2020
341 IRA/05/25912/2021 Anderson Njiruh 14-Oct-2020

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342 IRA/05/17994/2021 Andia Valary 28-Sep-2020
343 IRA/05/33949/2021 Andimu Douglas Masese 27-Sep-2020
344 IRA/05/15244/2021 Andmark Insurance Agency 15-Dec-2020
345 IRA/05/27339/2021 Andphil Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
346 IRA/05/27683/2021 Andrew K. Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
347 IRA/05/39845/2021 Andrew Kariuki Kimani 1-Feb-2021
348 IRA/05/39529/2021 Andrew Kezengwa Lidiolo 29-Sep-2020
349 IRA/05/30220/2021 Andrew Nyongesa 6-Oct-2020
350 IRA/05/38135/2021 Andrew Thiongo Tharao 28-Sep-2020
351 IRA/05/17282/2021 Andrew Utwoma Musuagilu 27-Sep-2020
352 IRA/05/36913/2021 Andrew Waititu Kiragu 7-Jan-2021
353 IRA/05/31231/2021 Andsons Insurance Agency 03-Nov-2020
354 IRA/05/12519/2021 Andwin Insurance Agency Ltd 28-Sep-2020
355 IRA/05/26042/2021 Andy Avwuki Ruvaga 5-Oct-2020
356 IRA/05/25784/2021 Andykay Agency 26-Sep-2020
357 IRA/05/17656/2021 Angela Kajuju Kaburu 6-Jan-2021
358 IRA/05/35294/2021 Angela Kinya Kibaara 6-Oct-2020
359 IRA/05/25501/2021 Angela Mwikali Elijah 26-Sep-2020
360 IRA/05/39858/2021 Angela Nthenya Muema 1-Feb-2021
361 IRA/05/33514/2021 Angela Nyawira Kagio 3-Nov-2020
362 IRA/05/36935/2021 Angela Owino Atieno 16-Oct-2020
363 IRA/05/26869/2021 Angela Wangui Gachigua 7-Oct-2020
364 IRA/05/24218/2021 Angelic Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
365 IRA/05/24244/2021 Angelicah Mumo Wambua 11-Nov-2020
366 IRA/05/26898/2021 Angeline Kalisa Musee 30-Sep-2020
367 IRA/05/39843/2021 Angeline Kwamboka Nyabuto 1-Feb-2021
368 IRA/05/35837/2021 Angeline Muindi Katumo 5-Oct-2020
369 IRA/05/30956/2021 Angeline Pamba 7-Oct-2020
370 IRA/05/26061/2021 Angelyne A. Ochieng 15-Feb-2021
371 IRA/05/14967/2021 Angira Collins Rushco 6-Oct-2020
372 IRA/05/16478/2021 Angleden Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
373 IRA/05/35990/2021 Anglo Insurance Agency Limited 19-Jan-2021
374 IRA/05/36468/2021 Angwenyi Daughty Nyaboke 9-Oct-2020
375 IRA/05/36242/2021 Aniceta Makena 26-Sep-2020
376 IRA/05/2886/2021 Anil Kumar Laxmichand Shah 17-Dec-2020
377 IRA/05/20392/2021 Anita Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
378 IRA/05/38131/2021 Anita Muthoki Musyawa 2-Oct-2020
379 IRA/05/30558/2021 Anita Nzilani Mutua 30-Sep-2020
380 IRA/05/38001/2021 Anjeline Akoth Ojwang 27-Sep-2020
381 IRA/05/35733/2021 Anjeline Kache Masha 6-Nov-2020
382 IRA/05/39798/2021 Ankaplace Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
383 IRA/05/39359/2021 Ankarage Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
384 IRA/05/38906/2021 Ann Adhiambo Ogutu 1-Oct-2020
385 IRA/05/30807/2021 Ann Gakii 5-Oct-2020
386 IRA/05/36889/2021 Ann Gladys Mumbi Wahinya 4-Nov-2020
387 IRA/05/33210/2021 Ann Kanyua Kirimi 5-Oct-2020
388 IRA/05/25103/2021 Ann Karimi Njoki 5-Nov-2020
389 IRA/05/38978/2021 Ann Marion Wanjira Muthoni 7-Jan-2021
390 IRA/05/27273/2021 Ann Nduta Wambiri 29-Sep-2020
391 IRA/05/26495/2021 Ann Njeri Metumi 5-Oct-2020
392 IRA/05/38926/2021 Ann Njeri Ndungu 12-Nov-2020
393 IRA/05/17029/2021 Ann Njoroge 6-Oct-2020
394 IRA/05/20275/2021 Ann Nyambura 26-Sep-2020
395 IRA/05/31900/2021 Ann Nyambura Kirigo 02-Oct-2020
396 IRA/05/33183/2021 Ann Nyambura Ndungu 6-Oct-2020
397 IRA/05/31938/2021 Ann Nyambura Waithaka 12-Oct-2020
398 IRA/05/31810/2021 Ann Nyawira Gatete 28-Sep-2020
399 IRA/05/25195/2021 Ann Wairimu Gachabu 7-Oct-2020
400 IRA/05/36707/2021 Ann Wairimu Kanini 31-Oct-2020

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401 IRA/05/28278/2021 Ann Wairimu Kimani 27-Sep-2020
402 IRA/05/28821/2021 Ann Wangai Kakula 12-Oct-2020
403 IRA/05/37484/2021 Ann Wanjiku Wabere 5-Oct-2020
404 IRA/05/37359/2021 Ann Wanjiru Kauthi 13-Oct-2020
405 IRA/05/38178/2021 Ann Wanjiru Mweru 9-Oct-2020
406 IRA/05/17882/2021 Ann Wanza Ngolo 28-Sep-2020
407 IRA/05/39120/2021 Ann Wirre Ajwang 13-Nov-2020
408 IRA/05/14214/2021 Anna Mkababu Mwanyambo 5-Oct-2020
409 IRA/05/24307/2021 Anna Muthoni Mwaniki 06-Oct-2020
410 IRA/05/26431/2021 Anna Ndule Kimengo 6-Oct-2020
411 IRA/05/26302/2021 Anna Sikhoya Situma 5-Oct-2020
412 IRA/05/34133/2021 Annabella Bisieri Omurwa 6-Oct-2020
413 IRA/05/30147/2021 Annah Atieno Onditi 26-Oct-2020
414 IRA/05/38941/2021 Annah Kasyoka Kula 12-Nov-2020
415 IRA/05/29974/2021 Annah Mangoli 28-Sep-2020
416 IRA/05/38208/2021 Annah Munee Munyao 26-Oct-2020
417 IRA/05/32895/2021 Annah Mwavaka Mukonyi 7-Oct-2020
418 IRA/05/36438/2021 Annah Wangui Mwangi 18-Jan-2021
419 IRA/05/17421/2021 Annasciata Nthenya Mutinda 6-Oct-2020
420 IRA/05/32231/2021 Annastacia Nduku Wambua 28-Sep-2020
421 IRA/05/35029/2021 Annastacia Wavinya Kisingu 8-Oct-2020
422 IRA/05/32675/2021 Annastasiah Nyambura Ndungu 15-Nov-2020
423 IRA/05/24005/2021 Anne Akoth Omondi 5-Dec-2020
424 IRA/05/15259/2021 Anne Atieno 12-Nov-2020
425 IRA/05/16386/2021 Anne Auma Ochieng 06-Oct-2020
426 IRA/05/27786/2021 Anne Charity Wamboi 28-Sep-2020
427 IRA/05/27232/2021 Anne Gatwiri Kiraithe 6-Oct-2020
428 IRA/05/17983/2021 Anne Kabui Ngendo 2-Oct-2020
429 IRA/05/36870/2021 Anne Kaindi 13-Oct-2020
430 IRA/05/17668/2021 Anne Karume Kirema 03-Nov-2020
431 IRA/05/35302/2021 Anne Kelly Wakarindi 30-Sep-2020
432 IRA/05/30141/2021 Anne Kinya Kiome 13-Nov-2020
433 IRA/05/16695/2021 Anne Kisalu Ndeto 6-Oct-2020
434 IRA/05/16359/2021 Anne M. Githendu 11-Jan-2021
435 IRA/05/37586/2021 Anne Moraa Kebaso 2-Oct-2020
436 IRA/05/36103/2021 Anne Mugure Mwangi 7-Oct-2020
437 IRA/05/30199/2021 Anne Mukami Ndwiga 11-Jan-2021
438 IRA/05/32026/2021 Anne Mukami Njoka 11-Nov-2020
439 IRA/05/36007/2021 Anne Mumbua Kithua 3-Feb-2021
440 IRA/05/27214/2021 Anne Munee Mbai 5-Oct-2020
441 IRA/05/26044/2021 Anne Muthoni Njeru 22-Jan-2021
442 IRA/05/25452/2021 Anne Nduta Njoroge 6-Oct-2020
443 IRA/05/38944/2021 Anne Njeri Macharia 28-Sep-2020
444 IRA/05/13138/2021 Anne Njeri Soyian Peter 26-Sep-2020
445 IRA/05/36873/2021 Anne Nyaikamba Kahuko 7-Oct-2020
446 IRA/05/34664/2021 Anne Nyambura Kagondu 30-Sep-2020
447 IRA/05/38540/2021 Anne Nyambura Thiongo 7-Oct-2020
448 IRA/05/26178/2021 Anne Nyambura Wambu 15-Oct-2020
449 IRA/05/26395/2021 Anne Nyokabi Chege 12-Oct-2020
450 IRA/05/31963/2021 Anne Nyokabi Njau 7-Oct-2020
451 IRA/05/37106/2021 Anne Sewe Onyango 12-Oct-2020
452 IRA/05/34155/2021 Anne Syombua Musembi 29-Sep-2020
453 IRA/05/35909/2021 Anne Wahigah Gathenya 5-Oct-2020
454 IRA/05/24893/2021 Anne Wairimu Kamau 8-Oct-2020
455 IRA/05/39829/2021 Anne Wairimu Miano 29-Jan-2021
456 IRA/05/28671/2021 Anne Wairimu Mwago 6-Oct-2020
457 IRA/05/35427/2021 Anne Wairimu Ndirangu 29-Sep-2020
458 IRA/05/35997/2021 Anne Wakonyo Kiumba 12-Oct-2020
459 IRA/05/16658/2021 Anne Wambui Wambugu 8-Oct-2020

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460 IRA/05/39004/2021 Anne Wamuyu Kamoto 15-Feb-2021
461 IRA/05/38371/2021 Anne Wamuyu Nyaguthii 2-Feb-2021
462 IRA/05/36359/2021 Anne Wangari Mburu 2-Oct-2020
463 IRA/05/37753/2021 Anne Wangui Kuria 3-Nov-2020
464 IRA/05/15211/2021 Anne Wangui Muhara 22-Oct-2020
465 IRA/05/25037/2021 Anne Wanja Mwangi 17-Oct-2020
466 IRA/05/25333/2021 Anne Wanjama 28-Sep-2020
467 IRA/05/16879/2021 Anne Wanjiku Rugiri 7-Oct-2020
468 IRA/05/30925/2021 Anne Wanjira Kariuki 12-Oct-2020
469 IRA/05/16064/2021 Anne Wanjiru Mwangi 14-Oct-2020
470 IRA/05/29084/2021 Anne Wanjiru Ngumo 2-Oct-2020
471 IRA/05/17439/2021 Annet Cherotich Ndiema 16-Oct-2020
472 IRA/05/38910/2021 Annet Kalekye Mukula 5-Oct-2020
473 IRA/05/36062/2021 Annet Nyagah 8-Oct-2020
474 IRA/05/38673/2021 Annete Wanjiku Wanjiru 26-Oct-2020
475 IRA/05/26535/2021 Annette Chepkemoi Tesot 5-Oct-2020
476 IRA/05/17496/2021 Annette Kinyunzu Mbuvi 12-Nov-2020
477 IRA/05/16236/2021 Annette Njeri Nyaga 28-Sep-2020
478 IRA/05/26092/2021 Annex Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
479 IRA/05/24728/2021 Annie Wanjiku Mwangi 30-Sep-2020
480 IRA/05/32903/2021 Annitah Mwendwa Josphat 9-Oct-2020
481 IRA/05/30225/2021 Anniter Mueni Musyimi 18-Jan-2021
482 IRA/05/39909/2021 Annrita Nkirote 3-Feb-2021
483 IRA/05/39077/2021 Annrose Wairimu Wanjiku 30-Sep-2020
484 IRA/05/15512/2021 Annsyl Insurance Agencies Ltd 8-Oct-2020
485 IRA/05/24662/2021 Annual Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
486 IRA/05/39951/2021 Annuity Insurance Agency 12-Feb-2021
487 IRA/05/38345/2021 Annwangarinderitu 14-Nov-2020
488 IRA/05/37416/2021 Anram Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
489 IRA/05/25148/2021 Antarc Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
490 IRA/05/24484/2021 Antec Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
491 IRA/05/35080/2021 Anthony George Insurance Agency Limited 12-Oct-2020
492 IRA/05/35379/2021 Anthony Gichigi Kibui 7-Oct-2020
493 IRA/05/29485/2021 Anthony Kamau 14-Oct-2020
494 IRA/05/16327/2021 Anthony Kioko Gideon 5-Oct-2020
495 IRA/05/27027/2021 Anthony Macharia Karume 19-Jan-2021
496 IRA/05/28950/2021 Anthony Macharia Nyaga 27-Sep-2020
497 IRA/05/36379/2021 Anthony Matano Mwakio 6-Oct-2020
498 IRA/05/38094/2021 Anthony Migwi Miano 22-Oct-2020
499 IRA/05/32578/2021 Anthony Mugalo Kwatemba 9-Oct-2020
500 IRA/05/4227/2021 Anthony Mutinda Munywoki 28-Sep-2020
501 IRA/05/35227/2021 Anthony Ndirangu Kanyugo 6-Oct-2020
502 IRA/05/28080/2021 Anthony Njeru Ndwiga 2-Oct-2020
503 IRA/05/11752/2021 Anthony Njoka Kamau 9-Oct-2020
504 IRA/05/34824/2021 Anthony Otieno Makokha 27-Sep-2020
505 IRA/05/38783/2021 Anthony Rukwaro Kariiri 22-Oct-2020
506 IRA/05/16417/2021 Antoinette Auma Owuor 5-Oct-2020
507 IRA/05/37520/2021 Antonic Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
508 IRA/05/39002/2021 Antony Mwangi Nganga 9-Oct-2020
509 IRA/05/4070/2021 Antony Idia Egunza 28-Sep-2020
510 IRA/05/39439/2021 Antony James Mutitu Thagichu 4-Jan-2021
511 IRA/05/29189/2021 Antony Kamuri Wangui 6-Oct-2020
512 IRA/05/28780/2021 Antony Kanyago Ndirangu 11-Jan-2021
513 IRA/05/36100/2021 Antony Kasaya Okang`A 7-Oct-2020
514 IRA/05/37552/2021 Antony Macharia Kimani 16-Oct-2020
515 IRA/05/30903/2021 Antony Muraguri 9-Oct-2020
516 IRA/05/33078/2021 Antony Mwai Kimotho 4-Nov-2020
517 IRA/05/30511/2021 Antony Nginyo Nganga 21-Jan-2021
518 IRA/05/38198/2021 Antony Ngugi Muturi 15-Oct-2020

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519 IRA/05/38786/2021 Antony Njeru Mwangi 22-Oct-2020
520 IRA/05/38169/2021 Antony Owino Oduor 9-Oct-2020
521 IRA/05/33265/2021 Antoreg Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
522 IRA/05/37590/2021 Anyango Bertha Melanie 5-Oct-2020
523 IRA/05/38087/2021 Anyura Okibori Robert 6-Oct-2020
524 IRA/05/15565/2021 Apache Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
525 IRA/05/16930/2021 Apan Africa Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
526 IRA/05/32647/2021 Apex Landmark Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
527 IRA/05/35634/2021 Apex Star Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
528 IRA/05/34049/2021 Apical Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
529 IRA/05/34413/2021 Apline Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Jan-2021
530 IRA/05/31486/2021 Aplite Insurance Agence 7-Jan-2021
531 IRA/05/27320/2021 Appointment Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
532 IRA/05/14115/2021 Apt And Sage Insurance Agencies 6-Jan-2021
533 IRA/05/15841/2021 Aptchoice Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
534 IRA/05/35960/2021 Aquila Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
535 IRA/05/39872/2021 Archer Tabuley Onyango 1-Feb-2021
536 IRA/05/11759/2021 Archers Legacy Insurance Agencies 24-Nov-2020
537 IRA/05/16275/2021 Archway Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
538 IRA/05/29538/2021 Arctic Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
539 IRA/05/38989/2021 Aredian Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
540 IRA/05/31258/2021 Arete Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
541 IRA/05/28260/2021 Arhem Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
542 IRA/05/30330/2021 Arich Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
543 IRA/05/31391/2021 Aricha Sheilla Kerubo 26-Sep-2020
544 IRA/05/35121/2021 Arihema Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
545 IRA/05/35483/2021 Arijnaw Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
546 IRA/05/33773/2021 Arimi Susan Karegi 05-Oct-2020
547 IRA/05/37034/2021 Arina Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
548 IRA/05/36009/2021 Arishi Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
549 IRA/05/35513/2021 Aristrocrat Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
550 IRA/05/37680/2021 Arjun Gandhi 11-Dec-2020
551 IRA/05/29938/2021 Arkael Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
552 IRA/05/8777/2021 Arksure Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
553 IRA/05/37376/2021 Armada Insurance Services Agency Ltd 16-Dec-2020
554 IRA/05/14183/2021 Armour Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
555 IRA/05/27974/2021 Arnold Ireri Njuguna 16-Oct-2020
556 IRA/05/33439/2021 Arnold Muindi Kingoo 5-Oct-2020
557 IRA/05/32921/2021 Arnold Ngala Tuva 21-Jan-2021
558 IRA/05/36199/2021 Arnold Nganga Kihumbu 26-Sep-2020
559 IRA/05/17452/2021 Arthur Hopkins Mudamba 7-Oct-2020
560 IRA/05/26392/2021 Arthur Ndarwa Karuga 2-Oct-2020
561 IRA/05/13676/2021 Arthur Otieno Owino Okal 6-Nov-2020
562 IRA/05/31203/2021 Arthurwang Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
563 IRA/05/32950/2021 Artister Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
564 IRA/05/30875/2021 Arvid Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
565 IRA/05/16306/2021 Arviss Africa Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
566 IRA/05/25473/2021 Asap Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
567 IRA/05/16872/2021 Ascom Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
568 IRA/05/38642/2021 Asha Mbulo Sulaiman 11-Nov-2020
569 IRA/05/32049/2021 Ashanti Wealth Management & Insurance Agency Limited 16-Oct-2020
570 IRA/05/20216/2021 Ashers Land Insurance Agencies Limited 26-Sep-2020
571 IRA/05/24557/2021 Ashfod Insurance Agencies 14-Dec-2020
572 IRA/05/39757/2021 Ashley Carley Stephen 18-Jan-2021
573 IRA/05/25174/2021 Ashley Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
574 IRA/05/38239/2021 Ashmar Two Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
575 IRA/05/35681/2021 Ashuad Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
576 IRA/05/130/2021 Ashwin Madhiwalla 6-Oct-2020
577 IRA/05/36807/2021 Aska Atieno Ooko 29-Sep-2020

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578 IRA/05/29285/2021 Asnas Omunyisia Khanyongo 9-Oct-2020
579 IRA/05/30431/2021 Aspida Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
580 IRA/05/17689/2021 Aspire Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
581 IRA/05/30728/2021 Asset Sure & Health Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
582 IRA/05/25171/2021 Assets Riskguard Insurance Agents 9-Oct-2020
583 IRA/05/39395/2021 Aswel Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
584 IRA/05/36679/2021 Asymptote Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
585 IRA/05/38035/2021 Atit Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
586 IRA/05/39030/2021 Atlaso Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
587 IRA/05/17783/2021 Atom Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
588 IRA/05/29242/2021 Attanasia Wambui Mugo 29-Sep-2020
589 IRA/05/9941/2021 Augustine Maina Gitahi 30-Sep-2020
590 IRA/05/36082/2021 Augustine Ndolo Wambua 5-Oct-2020
591 IRA/05/26755/2021 Augustino Metto Tapkey 12-Oct-2020
592 IRA/05/39906/2021 Aulil Company 3-Feb-2021
593 IRA/05/39485/2021 Aura Insurance Agency Limited 22-Sep-2020
594 IRA/05/29412/2021 Auric Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
595 IRA/05/24061/2021 Aurora Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
596 IRA/05/12964/2021 Austin Muthura Kabora Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
597 IRA/05/34278/2021 Auto Direct Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
598 IRA/05/14335/2021 Auto Rescue Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
599 IRA/05/33749/2021 Auto-Exclusive Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
600 IRA/05/35522/2021 Autoguard Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
601 IRA/05/24109/2021 Avail Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
602 IRA/05/35189/2021 Avenbrok Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
603 IRA/05/37373/2021 Avercode Business Consultants And Insurance Agency Limited 12-Oct-2020
604 IRA/05/39774/2021 Avex Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
605 IRA/05/29697/2021 Avid Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
606 IRA/05/35527/2021 Avidec Prime Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
607 IRA/05/37973/2021 Avikele Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
608 IRA/05/35204/2021 Aviva Insurance Solutions Agency 29-Dec-2020
609 IRA/05/36598/2021 Avon Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
610 IRA/05/33615/2021 Awesum Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
611 IRA/05/33453/2021 Awilly Were Donald 14-Oct-2020
612 IRA/05/32943/2021 Axa Insurance Agency Limited 1-Oct-2020
613 IRA/05/34146/2021 Axe Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
614 IRA/05/17652/2021 Axis Direct Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
615 IRA/05/25232/2021 Ayiro Dismas Esavwa 7-Oct-2020
616 IRA/05/14240/2021 Ays Insurance Agency 24-Sep-2020
617 IRA/05/34771/2021 Ayub Gichigi Mbiu 29-Sep-2020
618 IRA/05/14644/2021 Ayub Kariuki Kinyanjui 26-Sep-2020
619 IRA/05/34808/2021 Ayub Njeru Njiru 21-Jan-2021
620 IRA/05/38811/2021 Azadon Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
621 IRA/05/12487/2021 Azani Insurance Agencies 22-Oct-2020
622 IRA/05/35830/2021 Azreel Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
623 IRA/05/38805/2021 Azuri Technologies Insurance Agency Limited 16-Feb-2021
624 IRA/05/34176/2021 Azzai Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
625 IRA/05/38979/2021 B.C.I Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
626 IRA/05/14224/2021 B.J.Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
627 IRA/05/32965/2021 Baba Dogo Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
628 IRA/05/37369/2021 Babra Atsiambo Oduor 5-Oct-2020
629 IRA/05/33737/2021 Backhomeinsurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
630 IRA/05/15997/2021 Baiit Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
631 IRA/05/24907/2021 Bakari Ali Mwakambirwa 18-Jan-2021
632 IRA/05/39557/2021 Baliworth Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
633 IRA/05/27631/2021 Baltic Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
634 IRA/05/32899/2021 Bamboo Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
635 IRA/05/24219/2021 Bamco Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
636 IRA/05/24297/2021 Bancy C W Gakungu 6-Oct-2020

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637 IRA/05/29314/2021 Bandari Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
638 IRA/05/37257/2021 Banis Kainyu Muriithi 26-Oct-2020
639 IRA/05/25768/2021 Banningways Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
640 IRA/05/38424/2021 Bannix Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
641 IRA/05/37721/2021 Baobab Insurance Agency Limited 27-Jan-2021
642 IRA/05/9305/2021 Baptista Wachira Muchemi 13-Oct-2020
643 IRA/05/15636/2021 Barack Oloo 14-Oct-2020
644 IRA/05/37133/2021 Baraka Katana 6-Oct-2020
645 IRA/05/33889/2021 Barasa Antony Perez Mukonyole 06-Oct-2020
646 IRA/05/32898/2021 Barchok Korir Emmanuel 3-Nov-2020
647 IRA/05/12630/2021 Barine.E.Waithaka 5-Oct-2020
648 IRA/05/32185/2021 Barngetuny Felix 18-Jan-2021
649 IRA/05/1605/2021 Barngetuny Kiptoo Stephen 11-Nov-2020
650 IRA/05/31983/2021 Baroba Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
651 IRA/05/36332/2021 Barrack Auma 21-Oct-2020
652 IRA/05/27785/2021 Barrack Ochieng Nyaranga 13-Oct-2020
653 IRA/05/32389/2021 Barstoni Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
654 IRA/05/37109/2021 Barwaqo Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
655 IRA/05/37966/2021 Basanti Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
656 IRA/05/29014/2021 Base Solution Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
657 IRA/05/28910/2021 Bashy Insurance Agency Limited 10-Feb-2021
658 IRA/05/27278/2021 Basic Choice Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
659 IRA/05/39014/2021 Basil Otieno Ojenge 16-Oct-2020
660 IRA/05/28392/2021 Batian Insurance Agency 07-Oct-2020
661 IRA/05/20385/2021 Baton Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
662 IRA/05/25029/2021 Baxton Insurance Agencies 3-Nov-2020
663 IRA/05/14766/2021 Beacon Hill Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
664 IRA/05/17771/2021 Beaf Light Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
665 IRA/05/14894/2021 Beamlite Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
666 IRA/05/38309/2021 Beartide Consultancy Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
667 IRA/05/38765/2021 Beatrice Adhiambo 7-Oct-2020
668 IRA/05/37472/2021 Beatrice Adhiambo Abol 6-Oct-2020
669 IRA/05/37235/2021 Beatrice Adhiambo Orony 29-Jan-2021
670 IRA/05/30221/2021 Beatrice Akoth Pande 14-Oct-2020
671 IRA/05/36891/2021 Beatrice Atieno Ogot 27-Oct-2020
672 IRA/05/27090/2021 Beatrice Atieno Onyango 9-Oct-2020
673 IRA/05/36855/2021 Beatrice Auko Omwanda 5-Oct-2020
674 IRA/05/34564/2021 Beatrice Auma Adero 28-Sep-2020
675 IRA/05/16213/2021 Beatrice Auma Obure 5-Oct-2020
676 IRA/05/31139/2021 Beatrice Awuor Odoje 16-Oct-2020
677 IRA/05/38974/2021 Beatrice Bidii Ponda 3-Nov-2020
678 IRA/05/31982/2021 Beatrice Chebet Tuwot 12-Oct-2020
679 IRA/05/34329/2021 Beatrice Iruya Lorukia 11-Nov-2020
680 IRA/05/29269/2021 Beatrice Jepkosgei Kiptigin 15-Oct-2020
681 IRA/05/14780/2021 Beatrice M Wanjiru 7-Oct-2020
682 IRA/05/26598/2021 Beatrice Mbalukha 27-Sep-2020
683 IRA/05/32746/2021 Beatrice Mosompa 05-Oct-2020
684 IRA/05/31467/2021 Beatrice Mugechi Mwangi 18-Jan-2021
685 IRA/05/38008/2021 Beatrice Mumbi Wachira 7-Oct-2020
686 IRA/05/37372/2021 Beatrice Munzuu Ayub 26-Sep-2020
687 IRA/05/30276/2021 Beatrice Nasimiyu Wetaya 22-Oct-2020
688 IRA/05/33418/2021 Beatrice Natally Odhiambo 29-Sep-2020
689 IRA/05/33376/2021 Beatrice Ndieri 28-Sep-2020
690 IRA/05/35289/2021 Beatrice Njeri Maina 19-Oct-2020
691 IRA/05/30217/2021 Beatrice Njeri Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
692 IRA/05/37088/2021 Beatrice Nyambura Kingaru 6-Oct-2020
693 IRA/05/32427/2021 Beatrice Soko Juma 31-Dec-2020
694 IRA/05/34570/2021 Beatrice Waitherero Kimani 29-Sep-2020
695 IRA/05/26825/2021 Beatrice Wamaitha Maina 31-Oct-2020

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696 IRA/05/36322/2021 Beatrice Wambui Mbugua 27-Oct-2020
697 IRA/05/38123/2021 Beatrice Wambui Ndungu 27-Sep-2020
698 IRA/05/34586/2021 Beatrice Wamuyu 8-Oct-2020
699 IRA/05/38324/2021 Beatrice Wangari Mwaura 12-Oct-2020
700 IRA/05/32947/2021 Beatrice Wangari Ngunjiri 6-Oct-2020
701 IRA/05/14771/2021 Beatrice Wangeci Waithaka 6-Oct-2020
702 IRA/05/35866/2021 Beatrice Wangui Irungu 1-Oct-2020
703 IRA/05/32779/2021 Beatrice Wanja Magiri 7-Oct-2020
704 IRA/05/30442/2021 Beatrice Wanjiku 28-Sep-2020
705 IRA/05/34960/2021 Beatrice Wanjiku Kariuki 6-Oct-2020
706 IRA/05/30453/2021 Beatrice Wanjiru Irungu 28-Sep-2020
707 IRA/05/25038/2021 Beatrice Wanjiru Kamithi 7-Oct-2020
708 IRA/05/36830/2021 Beatrice Wanjiru Maina 21-Oct-2020
709 IRA/05/39827/2021 Beatrice Wanjiru Wanjama 29-Jan-2021
710 IRA/05/38854/2021 Beaufort Insurance Agency And Consultants Limited 5-Oct-2020
711 IRA/05/17036/2021 Beautifulgate Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
712 IRA/05/24520/2021 Beawise Agencies 3-Nov-2020
713 IRA/05/37773/2021 Bedan Njuguna 15-Feb-2021
714 IRA/05/12057/2021 Bedford Murithi Munyita 6-Nov-2020
715 IRA/05/15241/2021 Bedrock Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
716 IRA/05/28693/2021 Befaima Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
717 IRA/05/39453/2021 Befam Insurance Agency Limited 14-Dec-2020
718 IRA/05/15533/2021 Bein Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
719 IRA/05/34000/2021 Beinsured Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
720 IRA/05/28548/2021 Bejones Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
721 IRA/05/17789/2021 Belanco Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
722 IRA/05/26118/2021 Believers Choice Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
723 IRA/05/36937/2021 Belinda Awuor Mangam 3-Nov-2020
724 IRA/05/34954/2021 Belloc Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
725 IRA/05/31870/2021 Bellwort Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
726 IRA/05/32085/2021 Belmont East Africa Insurance Agencies Limited 12-Nov-2020
727 IRA/05/33150/2021 Belmy Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
728 IRA/05/31732/2021 Bema Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
729 IRA/05/29661/2021 Bemaheck Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
730 IRA/05/24990/2021 Bemca Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
731 IRA/05/37523/2021 Bemel Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
732 IRA/05/1234/2021 Bemico Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
733 IRA/05/15231/2021 Bemu Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
734 IRA/05/28652/2021 Ben Julius Musili Muthangya 16-Oct-2020
735 IRA/05/30362/2021 Ben Malick Opot 11-Dec-2020
736 IRA/05/27581/2021 Ben Nguthu Tabitha 28-Jan-2021
737 IRA/05/30138/2021 Ben O Aluoch 7-Oct-2020
738 IRA/05/25537/2021 Ben O. Omega 26-Sep-2020
739 IRA/05/24615/2021 Ben Onyach Kiaye 5-Oct-2020
740 IRA/05/37452/2021 Bena Insurance & Commercial Agents 27-Sep-2020
741 IRA/05/29652/2021 Benack Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
742 IRA/05/38070/2021 Benadett Wanjiku Ndegwa 11-Nov-2020
743 IRA/05/29364/2021 Benadettah Wangari Wachira 26-Oct-2020
744 IRA/05/26708/2021 Benaiah Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
745 IRA/05/35547/2021 Benamon Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
746 IRA/05/5581/2021 Benao Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
747 IRA/05/30096/2021 Benard Ashona Kiveu 5-Oct-2020
748 IRA/05/39861/2021 Benard Ekuom Egule 1-Feb-2021
749 IRA/05/37806/2021 Benard Fredrick Owuor 26-Sep-2020
750 IRA/05/13068/2021 Benard Kiplangat Bett 6-Oct-2020
751 IRA/05/39111/2021 Benard Nyangoro Kombo 28-Sep-2020
752 IRA/05/16504/2021 Benard Odhiambo Samson 28-Sep-2020
753 IRA/05/25670/2021 Benard Omondi Ojow 7-Oct-2020
754 IRA/05/25091/2021 Benard Onyango Omae 6-Oct-2020

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755 IRA/05/37071/2021 Benard Ouma Agutu 5-Oct-2020
756 IRA/05/30295/2021 Benard Sewe Otengo 6-Oct-2020
757 IRA/05/31256/2021 Benardine Vihenda Alumasa 13-Oct-2020
758 IRA/05/37445/2021 Benarline Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
759 IRA/05/35966/2021 Bencando Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
760 IRA/05/20230/2021 Bencarm Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
761 IRA/05/16694/2021 Bendetta Munyiva Keli 15-Oct-2020
762 IRA/05/39436/2021 Bendita Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
763 IRA/05/31162/2021 Benedict Kwali Joshua 6-Oct-2020
764 IRA/05/37218/2021 Benedict Matheka Mullei 22-Oct-2020
765 IRA/05/16867/2021 Benedict Mututu Musyoka 30-Sep-2020
766 IRA/05/28683/2021 Benedict Otieno Omolo 13-Oct-2020
767 IRA/05/25220/2021 Benedict Otongo Namwakira 19-Oct-2020
768 IRA/05/27772/2021 Benedict Simiyu Nabiswa 4-Nov-2020
769 IRA/05/37122/2021 Benedict Waiswa Okweta 5-Oct-2020
770 IRA/05/7342/2021 Benem Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
771 IRA/05/34482/2021 Benevolence Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
772 IRA/05/30947/2021 Benitto Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
773 IRA/05/29404/2021 Benjamin Bwocha Abima 5-Oct-2020
774 IRA/05/38773/2021 Benjamin Mukoma Kombo 7-Jan-2021
775 IRA/05/14918/2021 Benjamin Muli Nzuki 27-Sep-2020
776 IRA/05/13086/2021 Benjamin Murinda 28-Sep-2020
777 IRA/05/14678/2021 Benjamin Ngumba Mbatia 16-Oct-2020
778 IRA/05/29856/2021 Benjamin Ochieng Olonde 28-Jan-2021
779 IRA/05/10000/2021 Benjamin Ogechi Osoro 17-Oct-2020
780 IRA/05/31993/2021 Benjamin Onjiri Akech 5-Oct-2020
781 IRA/05/25010/2021 Benjamin P. H. Nyagah 28-Sep-2020
782 IRA/05/29513/2021 Benjamin Papa Ekeya 14-Dec-2020
783 IRA/05/14687/2021 Benjamin S. Ngaira 07-Oct-2020
784 IRA/05/29557/2021 Benjamin Wangombe Ndegwa 28-Sep-2020
785 IRA/05/2410/2021 Benjamin.M.Nganda 28-Sep-2020
786 IRA/05/16272/2021 Benjas Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
787 IRA/05/25238/2021 Benkways Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
788 IRA/05/31848/2021 Benma Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
789 IRA/05/17307/2021 Benrick Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
790 IRA/05/26636/2021 Benron Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
791 IRA/05/17308/2021 Benson Amedah Osino 12-Dec-2020
792 IRA/05/27473/2021 Benson Fairburn Nondizwa Maisha 6-Oct-2020
793 IRA/05/32912/2021 Benson Githua Maina 7-Oct-2020
794 IRA/05/26112/2021 Benson Ikua Chege 9-Oct-2020
795 IRA/05/24946/2021 Benson Juma Bwana 13-Jan-2021
796 IRA/05/27497/2021 Benson Kamau Nyutu 26-Oct-2020
797 IRA/05/24530/2021 Benson Kioko Kivenge 6-Oct-2020
798 IRA/05/1331/2021 Benson M. Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
799 IRA/05/35383/2021 Benson Maina Mathenge 7-Oct-2020
800 IRA/05/36625/2021 Benson Musiko Wanzala 02-Feb-2021
801 IRA/05/38759/2021 Benson Mwangi Karani 8-Oct-2020
802 IRA/05/5700/2021 Benson Mwangi Maina 14-Oct-2020
803 IRA/05/20138/2021 Benson Mwaura Mwangi 14-Oct-2020
804 IRA/05/10683/2021 Benson Ndegwa Kamau 28-Sep-2020
805 IRA/05/28801/2021 Benson Ndungu Macharia 6-Oct-2020
806 IRA/05/17987/2021 Benson Nduva Mwikya 6-Oct-2020
807 IRA/05/38763/2021 Benson Ochukah Juma 22-Oct-2020
808 IRA/05/33510/2021 Benson Omondi Owade 30-Sep-2020
809 IRA/05/34733/2021 Benson Otieno Ayago 9-Oct-2020
810 IRA/05/38163/2021 Benson Vulure Lugwire 6-Oct-2020
811 IRA/05/10776/2021 Benson Watitu Gitonga 7-Oct-2020
812 IRA/05/9562/2021 Benson.M.Kinyenze 27-Jan-2021
813 IRA/05/33905/2021 Benta Adhiambo Sumba 7-Oct-2020

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814 IRA/05/33865/2021 Benta Hellen Wesa 13-Oct-2020
815 IRA/05/35951/2021 Benta Wanjiku Maina 5-Oct-2020
816 IRA/05/35119/2021 Benter Adhiambo Olango 30-Sep-2020
817 IRA/05/25538/2021 Benter Akinyi Owuor – Otwal 2-Oct-2020
818 IRA/05/17874/2021 Benter Atieno Owili 13-Jan-2021
819 IRA/05/37792/2021 Benter Wereh Olewe 28-Jan-2021
820 IRA/05/14332/2021 Beric Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
821 IRA/05/25581/2021 Berita Akatsa Indosio 27-Sep-2020
822 IRA/05/36693/2021 Berith Insurance Agency Limited 11-Jan-2021
823 IRA/05/36578/2021 Bernadette Mbulwa Mua 7-Oct-2020
824 IRA/05/37368/2021 Bernard Oigara Kinaro 26-Sep-2020
825 IRA/05/27507/2021 Bernard Aderi 21-Jan-2021
826 IRA/05/2260/2021 Bernard Makau Mwanzia 6-Nov-2020
827 IRA/05/24969/2021 Bernard Manyora Ambai 7-Oct-2020
828 IRA/05/39763/2021 Bernard Maundu Katiwa 7-Jan-2021
829 IRA/05/34674/2021 Bernard Mugo Wanjau 5-Oct-2020
830 IRA/05/32560/2021 Bernard Muiruri Njoroge 11-Nov-2020
831 IRA/05/37170/2021 Bernard Muito Gitahi 21-Jan-2021
832 IRA/05/30583/2021 Bernard Mukuha Gichia 3-Nov-2020
833 IRA/05/20252/2021 Bernard Mungai Igecha 21-Jan-2021
834 IRA/05/15797/2021 Bernard Muriithi Wambugu 7-Oct-2020
835 IRA/05/33016/2021 Bernard Musyoki Maluki 8-Oct-2020
836 IRA/05/24108/2021 Bernard Namutu Obonyo 05-Oct-2020
837 IRA/05/34441/2021 Bernard Ndegwa Gatheru 14-Oct-2020
838 IRA/05/20182/2021 Bernard Nyagaka Orora 14-Oct-2020
839 IRA/05/37378/2021 Bernard Osir Oliech 16-Oct-2020
840 IRA/05/10092/2021 Bernard Otieno Ogolla 27-Sep-2020
841 IRA/05/8169/2021 Bernard Wekesa Wanyonyi 12-Oct-2020
842 IRA/05/12665/2021 Bernardette Kemunto Abuya 28-Sep-2020
843 IRA/05/17501/2021 Bernice Cheptoo Chesire 5-Oct-2020
844 IRA/05/32320/2021 Bernice Wanjiku Gatu 30-Sep-2020
845 IRA/05/34920/2021 Bertha Wambui Mutugi 6-Oct-2020
846 IRA/05/34862/2021 Beryl Achieng Osore 30-Sep-2020
847 IRA/05/39890/2021 Beryll Anyango Okeyo 2-Feb-2021
848 IRA/05/1478/2021 Besmu Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
849 IRA/05/29846/2021 Bespoke Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
850 IRA/05/12771/2021 Best Choice Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
851 IRA/05/16686/2021 Best Options Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
852 IRA/05/30837/2021 Best Plus Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
853 IRA/05/32019/2021 Bestar Link Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
854 IRA/05/26761/2021 Bestlife Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
855 IRA/05/31662/2021 Bestline Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
856 IRA/05/17732/2021 Best-Line Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
857 IRA/05/29027/2021 Bestman Insurance Agencies 3-Nov-2020
858 IRA/05/33992/2021 Bestop Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
859 IRA/05/33420/2021 Besty Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
860 IRA/05/35823/2021 Besure Advisory & Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
861 IRA/05/37290/2021 Besure Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
862 IRA/05/38019/2021 Beta Guard Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
863 IRA/05/16680/2021 Betaline Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
864 IRA/05/34943/2021 Beth Kathambi Guantai 15-Oct-2020
865 IRA/05/37549/2021 Beth Muthoni Kamatu 6-Nov-2020
866 IRA/05/32520/2021 Beth Njeri Njihia 5-Oct-2020
867 IRA/05/35232/2021 Beth Nyambura Kamendi 6-Nov-2020
868 IRA/05/31271/2021 Beth Nyambura Nduta 11-Nov-2020
869 IRA/05/24544/2021 Beth Nyathioma Kiarie 6-Oct-2020
870 IRA/05/28151/2021 Beth Nyawira Njiru 22-Dec-2020
871 IRA/05/32713/2021 Beth Wairimu Wangechi 2-Oct-2020
872 IRA/05/38572/2021 Beth Wambui Nganga 9-Oct-2020

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873 IRA/05/34336/2021 Beth Wangui Mwangi 12-Jan-2021
874 IRA/05/14301/2021 Bethany Consultancy Insurance Agency 10-Feb-2021
875 IRA/05/16151/2021 Bethel Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
876 IRA/05/29595/2021 Bethuel Kaniaru Kiboi 7-Oct-2020
877 IRA/05/37208/2021 Bethwell Miller Otinya 14-Nov-2020
878 IRA/05/31285/2021 Betlink Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
879 IRA/05/37998/2021 Betmarc Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
880 IRA/05/28877/2021 Better Cover Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
881 IRA/05/17788/2021 Better Choice Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
882 IRA/05/36198/2021 Better Option Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
883 IRA/05/24768/2021 Betterline Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
884 IRA/05/19046/2021 Betty Cherono Turgut 29-Sep-2020
885 IRA/05/16915/2021 Betty Eunice N. Githui 28-Sep-2020
886 IRA/05/34612/2021 Betty Mutai Cherotich 5-Oct-2020
887 IRA/05/37544/2021 Betty Odande 6-Oct-2020
888 IRA/05/39244/2021 Betty Wachuka Chomba 6-Oct-2020
889 IRA/05/39642/2021 Betwixt Commercial And Insurance Agents 17-Nov-2020
890 IRA/05/27882/2021 Betyle Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
891 IRA/05/29629/2021 Beurity Kemunto Nyaneti 6-Oct-2020
892 IRA/05/36216/2021 Beverley Malemba Mwawasi 13-Nov-2020
893 IRA/05/29459/2021 Beverline Aketch Ouma 27-Sep-2020
894 IRA/05/28256/2021 Beverly Insurance Agents 22-Oct-2020
895 IRA/05/36139/2021 Beyond Cover Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Sep-2020
896 IRA/05/7034/2021 Beyond Horizon Insurance Agency Limited 27-Jan-2021
897 IRA/05/8436/2021 Beyond The Barriers Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
898 IRA/05/25061/2021 Bhatson Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
899 IRA/05/25000/2021 Biasco Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
900 IRA/05/35424/2021 Bibiana Mathei Mutua 6-Oct-2020
901 IRA/05/33296/2021 Bichuri Otungu Denis 27-Oct-2020
902 IRA/05/17781/2021 Bid Insurance Agencies Limited 26-Sep-2020
903 IRA/05/32358/2021 Big And Better Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
904 IRA/05/24572/2021 Big Dream Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
905 IRA/05/15420/2021 Big Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
906 IRA/05/34889/2021 Bigly Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
907 IRA/05/15926/2021 Bigprint Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
908 IRA/05/17564/2021 Biju Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
909 IRA/05/17491/2021 Bil Becar Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
910 IRA/05/14841/2021 Bilal Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
911 IRA/05/35363/2021 Bilhah Njeri Maina 27-Sep-2020
912 IRA/05/33417/2021 Billy Benson Gakahu Kagu 27-Jan-2021
913 IRA/05/387855/2021 Billy Ouma Oginga 6-Oct-2020
914 IRA/05/16119/2021 Bilnet Commercial & Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
915 IRA/05/39681/2021 Bilreb Insurance Agency Limited 12-Nov-2020
916 IRA/05/38749/2021 Bilreb Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
917 IRA/05/13196/2021 Bima Biz Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
918 IRA/05/37949/2021 Bima Connect Risk Consultants Agency 4-Nov-2020
919 IRA/05/39452/2021 Bima Hakika Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
920 IRA/05/34125/2021 Bima Kenya Agency Limited 29-Jan-2021
921 IRA/05/39721/2021 Bima Kenya Risk & Insurance Agency Limited 10-Dec-2020
922 IRA/05/27323/2021 Bima Link Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
923 IRA/05/36522/2021 Bima Plan Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
924 IRA/05/34906/2021 Bima Sahihi Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
925 IRA/05/39770/2021 Bimaflex Insurance Agency Limited 8-Jan-2021
926 IRA/05/25562/2021 Bimafriend Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
927 IRA/05/35757/2021 Bimaguy Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Jan-2021
928 IRA/05/24834/2021 Bimakk Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
929 IRA/05/39759/2021 Bimaleo Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
930 IRA/05/26073/2021 Bimaline Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
931 IRA/05/33426/2021 Bimamax Insurance And General Agency 26-Sep-2020

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932 IRA/05/38357/2021 Bimanasi Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Jan-2021
933 IRA/05/38476/2021 Bimaopt Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
934 IRA/05/32036/2021 Bimas Kenya Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
935 IRA/05/13599/2021 Bimascan Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
936 IRA/05/35762/2021 Bimashop Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
937 IRA/05/37525/2021 Bimashua Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
938 IRA/05/17548/2021 Bimasure Insurance Agencies Ltd. 8-Jan-2021
939 IRA/05/26944/2021 Bimaswitch Insurance Agency Ltd 22-Oct-2020
940 IRA/05/31878/2021 Bimateq Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
941 IRA/05/36884/2021 Bimawazi Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
942 IRA/05/27287/2021 Bimazone Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
943 IRA/05/35798/2021 Bingwa Prestige Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
944 IRA/05/39815/2021 Binto Insurance Agency 25-Jan-2021
945 IRA/05/27223/2021 Bintou Aoko Okoth 8-Oct-2020
946 IRA/05/24931/2021 Bismart Insurance Agency Limited 22-Dec-2020
947 IRA/05/39150/2021 Bivin Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
948 IRA/05/28485/2021 Bizcom Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
949 IRA/05/34522/2021 Bizsure Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
950 IRA/05/24765/2021 Bky Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
951 IRA/05/26109/2021 Blantine Nakhabi Machio 3-Dec-2020
952 IRA/05/26582/2021 Blessed Immana Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
953 IRA/05/37677/2021 Blessed Link Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
954 IRA/05/30672/2021 Blessings Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
955 IRA/05/17290/2021 Blessy Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
956 IRA/05/33181/2021 Blisman Insurance Agent 27-Nov-2020
957 IRA/05/24853/2021 Bliss Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
958 IRA/05/33435/2021 Blithe Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
959 IRA/05/36493/2021 Blitzscot Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
960 IRA/05/35400/2021 Blosom Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
961 IRA/05/37942/2021 Blue Berry Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
962 IRA/05/34324/2021 Blue Dart Global Insurance Agencies 14-Nov-2020
963 IRA/05/34280/2021 Blue Herrings Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
964 IRA/05/31046/2021 Blue Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
965 IRA/05/31170/2021 Blue Ping Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
966 IRA/05/37777/2021 Blue Sure Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020
967 IRA/05/38302/2021 Bluecom Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
968 IRA/05/28132/2021 Bluehut Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
969 IRA/05/28082/2021 Bluelead Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
970 IRA/05/28537/2021 Bluenet Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
971 IRA/05/11534/2021 Blueshod Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
972 IRA/05/31307/2021 Bluewave Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
973 IRA/05/17529/2021 B-Max Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
974 IRA/05/26310/2021 Boaz Khaemba Mangoli 5-Oct-2020
975 IRA/05/35694/2021 Bob Akumu Opiyo 6-Nov-2020
976 IRA/05/27573/2021 Bob Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
977 IRA/05/17718/2021 Bob Orina Osano 6-Oct-2020
978 IRA/05/25604/2021 Bob Troy Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
979 IRA/05/37042/2021 Bobby Muthembwa Mutua 2-Feb-2021
980 IRA/05/17383/2021 Bobs Consult Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
981 IRA/05/16209/2021 Bogonko Chalinze Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
982 IRA/05/37853/2021 Bolja Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
983 IRA/05/31981/2021 Bome Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
984 IRA/05/26732/2021 Bomela Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
985 IRA/05/26030/2021 Bonface Damien Oduor 21-Dec-2020
986 IRA/05/38964/2021 Bonface Kadando Oola 13-Oct-2020
987 IRA/05/38472/2021 Bonface Mulwa Wambua 12-Oct-2020
988 IRA/05/28423/2021 Bonface Sila Munyao 19-Oct-2020
989 IRA/05/26292/2021 Bonfri Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
990 IRA/05/31970/2021 Boniface Apopo Ngira 29-Sep-2020

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991 IRA/05/37273/2021 Boniface Kagai 9-Oct-2020
992 IRA/05/14329/2021 Boniface Kariuki Mutembei 7-Oct-2020
993 IRA/05/35004/2021 Boniface Maina Kigo 14-Oct-2020
994 IRA/05/35259/2021 Boniface Ndigwa Matoke 6-Oct-2020
995 IRA/05/35131/2021 Boniface Ndungu Mathu 22-Oct-2020
996 IRA/05/35748/2021 Boniface Njaramba Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
997 IRA/05/16713/2021 Boniface Ogada Onyinge 9-Oct-2020
998 IRA/05/24415/2021 Boniface Wambua Siolo 7-Oct-2020
999 IRA/05/27044/2021 Bonifide Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1000 IRA/05/15599/2021 Bonimex Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1001 IRA/05/35250/2021 Bonita Wakesho Clarisa 18-Jan-2021
1002 IRA/05/15050/2021 Bonnking Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
1003 IRA/05/20305/2021 Bonphas Joel Oduor Odiero 28-Sep-2020
1004 IRA/05/34153/2021 Bonventure Muteshi 18-Jan-2021
1005 IRA/05/31791/2021 Boollen Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1006 IRA/05/14561/2021 Boon Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
1007 IRA/05/24468/2021 Booster Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
1008 IRA/05/26654/2021 Borderless Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1009 IRA/05/28097/2021 Born Again Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
1010 IRA/05/35946/2021 Born Smart Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
1011 IRA/05/28731/2021 Boruma Kemunto 6-Oct-2020
1012 IRA/05/39954/2021 Bosco Munyao 12-Feb-2021
1013 IRA/05/35217/2021 Boscoh Mutunga 1-Oct-2020
1014 IRA/05/37572/2021 Botambe Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
1015 IRA/05/36662/2021 Botrams Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1016 IRA/05/24722/2021 Boundless Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1017 IRA/05/17505/2021 Bounty Link Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1018 IRA/05/27458/2021 Bowman Consultancy Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1019 IRA/05/33261/2021 B-Plan Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
1020 IRA/05/39598/2021 Bracha Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
1021 IRA/05/39055/2021 Brado Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
1022 IRA/05/39335/2021 Brafford Commercial And Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1023 IRA/05/39802/2021 Brakam Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
1024 IRA/05/39373/2021 Bramunki Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1025 IRA/05/28982/2021 Bramwel Kundu Wamasebu 11-Dec-2020
1026 IRA/05/25043/2021 Brands Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
1027 IRA/05/29696/2021 Branhill Insurance Agency Limited 21-Dec-2020
1028 IRA/05/26455/2021 Brantina Maloba Otengo 27-Sep-2020
1029 IRA/05/32067/2021 Brassmann Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
1030 IRA/05/28259/2021 Braveson Insurance Agencies 28-Jan-2021
1031 IRA/05/39803/2021 Bredan Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
1032 IRA/05/29698/2021 Bredrick Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1033 IRA/05/39480/2021 Brela Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
1034 IRA/05/30526/2021 Brenda Akinyi 5-Oct-2020
1035 IRA/05/39695/2021 Brenda Langat Agency 6-Jan-2021
1036 IRA/05/278904/2021 Brenda Muthoni Munge 30-Sep-2020
1037 IRA/05/35240/2021 Brenda Obonyo Mose 27-Sep-2020
1038 IRA/05/30073/2021 Brenda Sharon Akoth 11-Nov-2020
1039 IRA/05/34235/2021 Brenda Waweru 17-Oct-2020
1040 IRA/05/30065/2021 Bretan Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
1041 IRA/05/28183/2021 Breter Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
1042 IRA/05/28653/2021 Brian Andrew Mugoya 5-Oct-2020
1043 IRA/05/37900/2021 Brian Irungu Kimondo 19-Oct-2020
1044 IRA/05/37994/2021 Brian Kariuki Kanyora 7-Jan-2021
1045 IRA/05/36630/2021 Brian Luyali 17-Oct-2020
1046 IRA/05/29352/2021 Brian Mmbege 31-Oct-2020
1047 IRA/05/30537/2021 Brian Mwendwa Muendo 15-Jan-2021
1048 IRA/05/36388/2021 Brian Ochieng Oginga 6-Oct-2020
1049 IRA/05/38274/2021 Brian Omondi Orimbo 5-Oct-2020

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1050 IRA/05/34454/2021 Brian Onyango Ochieng 12-Oct-2020
1051 IRA/05/32695/2021 Brian Otachi Nyakundi 27-Oct-2020
1052 IRA/05/29000/2021 Brian Wabuti Osanya 2-Oct-2020
1053 IRA/05/28631/2021 Bricks Insurance Agency Ltd 28-Sep-2020
1054 IRA/05/6570/2021 Bridge Diamstone Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
1055 IRA/05/33158/2021 Bridge Link Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
1056 IRA/05/34190/2021 Bridgecap Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
1057 IRA/05/25342/2021 Bridges Insurance Agency Ltd. 27-Sep-2020
1058 IRA/05/36024/2021 Bridget Wanjiku Kinuthia 11-Nov-2020
1059 IRA/05/27538/2021 Bright Choice Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1060 IRA/05/26621/2021 Bright Consult Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1061 IRA/05/25789/2021 Bright Ideas Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1062 IRA/05/26512/2021 Brightom Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1063 IRA/05/16436/2021 Brigid Lusike Kimunguyi 18-Jan-2021
1064 IRA/05/30087/2021 Brilex Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1065 IRA/05/36985/2021 Brillar Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1066 IRA/05/29311/2021 Brilliance Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1067 IRA/05/14563/2021 Brimar Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1068 IRA/05/28510/2021 Brinic Insurance Agency Ltd 29-Sep-2020
1069 IRA/05/34506/2021 Briony Insurance Agencies Limited 2-Oct-2020
1070 IRA/05/35255/2021 Bristal Corporation Insurance Agencies 11-Jan-2021
1071 IRA/05/17728/2021 Briston Risk Mgt Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1072 IRA/05/39053/2021 Bristone Isinga Muhavi 12-Nov-2020
1073 IRA/05/16726/2021 Britt Atundo Kabeyi 11-Nov-2020
1074 IRA/05/33973/2021 Britt Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1075 IRA/05/31193/2021 Broad Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
1076 IRA/05/24600/2021 Broadbase Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1077 IRA/05/14698/2021 Broadedge Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
1078 IRA/05/16392/2021 Broadrange Insurance Services Ltd. 27-Sep-2020
1079 IRA/05/37249/2021 Broadreach Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
1080 IRA/05/3285/2021 Broadways Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
1081 IRA/05/31295/2021 Brolly Insurance Agency Limited 8-Oct-2020
1082 IRA/05/24170/2021 Bromedy Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1083 IRA/05/34174/2021 Brompton Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
1084 IRA/05/34880/2021 Brookrisk Insurance Agency Limited 25-Jan-2021
1085 IRA/05/36688/2021 Brooks And Associates Global Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
1086 IRA/05/34119/2021 Brooks Insurance Agencies Limited 7-Oct-2020
1087 IRA/05/24073/2021 Brotherhood Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1088 IRA/05/35169/2021 Bryan Mutuku Kalovwe 8-Feb-2021
1089 IRA/05/31121/2021 Bryan Nyokae Morema 12-Nov-2020
1090 IRA/05/26467/2021 Bryimer Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
1091 IRA/05/28146/2021 Bubble Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
1092 IRA/05/30313/2021 Buhlimus Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1093 IRA/05/18025/2021 Bullsons Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1094 IRA/05/7753/2021 Bunji Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1095 IRA/05/14458/2021 Bunker Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1096 IRA/05/39891/2021 Burgeon Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
1097 IRA/05/16411/2021 Burusure Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
1098 IRA/05/26871/2021 Bushnel Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
1099 IRA/05/31232/2021 Bustami Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1100 IRA/05/39671/2021 Butami Agency Ltd 12-Nov-2020
1101 IRA/05/29972/2021 Butunzi Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
1102 IRA/05/4876/2021 Buyers Guide Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
1103 IRA/05/34686/2021 Buysmart Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
1104 IRA/05/17837/2021 Buzeki Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
1105 IRA/05/33659/2021 Byrone Ochieng 30-Sep-2020
1106 IRA/05/17295/2021 Cactus Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1107 IRA/05/20312/2021 Caesar Mugo Gachuhi 5-Oct-2020
1108 IRA/05/14586/2021 Caesareo Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020

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1109 IRA/05/6843/2021 Cafaco Insurance Agencies Limited 5-Oct-2020
1110 IRA/05/39447/2021 Cagency Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
1111 IRA/05/39548/2021 Calad Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
1112 IRA/05/24509/2021 Caleb Hamisi Maino 29-Sep-2020
1113 IRA/05/26375/2021 Caleb Kipkoech Tum 05-Oct-2020
1114 IRA/05/12346/2021 Caleb Mukabwa Khayumbi 22-Oct-2020
1115 IRA/05/26740/2021 Caleb Mukangula Manoa 14-Oct-2020
1116 IRA/05/38277/2021 Caleb Okoth Ogola 5-Oct-2020
1117 IRA/05/35755/2021 Calvin Indimuli Omungu 31-Oct-2020
1118 IRA/05/32562/2021 Calvince Odiwuor Oketch 6-Oct-2020
1119 IRA/05/35007/2021 Calvince Onyango Swa 6-Nov-2020
1120 IRA/05/17960/2021 Calvince Otieno Odongo 6-Oct-2020
1121 IRA/05/37827/2021 Calvince Otieno Omollo 22-Oct-2020
1122 IRA/05/16865/2021 Calvine Ochieng Owidi 30-Nov-2020
1123 IRA/05/33233/2021 Cam Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
1124 IRA/05/14905/2021 Can Insurance Agency 20-Nov-2020
1125 IRA/05/16293/2021 Candid Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1126 IRA/05/34695/2021 Candy Jessicah Bomba 13-Oct-2020
1127 IRA/05/30004/2021 Candy Nashipae Wairimu 28-Sep-2020
1128 IRA/05/30783/2021 Canei Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Jan-2021
1129 IRA/05/30480/2021 Capacity Insurance Agencies 12-Nov-2020
1130 IRA/05/26648/2021 Capital Alliance Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1131 IRA/05/39966/2021 Capital Scale Insurance Agency 12-Feb-2021
1132 IRA/05/35291/2021 Capital West Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1133 IRA/05/28265/2021 Capitol Mark Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
1134 IRA/05/16509/2021 Caprilcom Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1135 IRA/05/25846/2021 Capstone Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1136 IRA/05/17968/2021 Captain Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
1137 IRA/05/26609/2021 Carayka Insurance Agency 8-Jan-2021
1138 IRA/05/1475/2021 Cardinal Insurance Agency 16-Nov-2020
1139 IRA/05/37924/2021 Care Ginre Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
1140 IRA/05/11591/2021 Care Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
1141 IRA/05/12581/2021 Carecover Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1142 IRA/05/28490/2021 Carelink Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
1143 IRA/05/35078/2021 Caremark Insurance Agency Limited 12-Nov-2020
1144 IRA/05/34878/2021 Caren Jepchirchir Kemei 14-Dec-2020
1145 IRA/05/17602/2021 Careway Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1146 IRA/05/25507/2021 Carilus Victor Okoth 6-Oct-2020
1147 IRA/05/34945/2021 Carinet Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
1148 IRA/05/15503/2021 Carjoh Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1149 IRA/05/34855/2021 Carjos Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
1150 IRA/05/27776/2021 Carlmain Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1151 IRA/05/12717/2021 Carmed Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
1152 IRA/05/37037/2021 Carmel Baraka Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
1153 IRA/05/24754/2021 Caroaudi Agencies 27-Nov-2020
1154 IRA/05/39530/2021 Carol Akinyi Odhiambo 12-Dec-2020
1155 IRA/05/38817/2021 Carol M Murega 13-Oct-2020
1156 IRA/05/38793/2021 Caroline Adah Chesa 7-Oct-2020
1157 IRA/05/38598/2021 Caroline Adema Manoa 6-Oct-2020
1158 IRA/05/25645/2021 Caroline Adhiambo Owuor 1-Oct-2020
1159 IRA/05/29131/2021 Caroline Akinyi Onyango 6-Oct-2020
1160 IRA/05/37010/2021 Caroline Atieno Onyango 9-Oct-2020
1161 IRA/05/38404/2021 Caroline Awuor Onyango 8-Feb-2021
1162 IRA/05/27877/2021 Caroline Cheledi 29-Sep-2020
1163 IRA/05/32158/2021 Caroline Chemutai 7-Oct-2020
1164 IRA/05/36835/2021 Caroline Chepngetich Chumba 5-Oct-2020
1165 IRA/05/35385/2021 Caroline Cherotich Kondiwa 3-Nov-2020
1166 IRA/05/36370/2021 Caroline Chirchir 28-Jan-2021
1167 IRA/05/24592/2021 Caroline Eunice Awuor 5-Oct-2020

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1168 IRA/05/30388/2021 Caroline Kalamba Rafiki 27-Sep-2020
1169 IRA/05/39520/2021 Caroline Kalekye Mbulla 29-Jan-2021
1170 IRA/05/29491/2021 Caroline Kangai Kathiri 6-Oct-2020
1171 IRA/05/35630/2021 Caroline Kavata Kimatu 22-Oct-2020
1172 IRA/05/28996/2021 Caroline Kavinya Soi 9-Oct-2020
1173 IRA/05/30824/2021 Caroline Kawira Kaburu 5-Oct-2020
1174 IRA/05/35861/2021 Caroline Kerubo Oguye 26-Oct-2020
1175 IRA/05/36018/2021 Caroline Kizito 4-Jan-2021
1176 IRA/05/26519/2021 Caroline Martha Kiniu 27-Jan-2021
1177 IRA/05/35923/2021 Caroline Mugo 13-Oct-2020
1178 IRA/05/34420/2021 Caroline Muriithi Murugi 14-Dec-2020
1179 IRA/05/17125/2021 Caroline Muthio Mwaliki 26-Sep-2020
1180 IRA/05/35472/2021 Caroline Muthoni 28-Sep-2020
1181 IRA/05/35609/2021 Caroline Mutinda David 6-Oct-2020
1182 IRA/05/33745/2021 Caroline Mwende Maina 5-Oct-2020
1183 IRA/05/36382/2021 Caroline Mwende Mutua 9-Oct-2020
1184 IRA/05/37532/2021 Caroline Mwendwa Ntwomo 7-Oct-2020
1185 IRA/05/31428/2021 Caroline Naneu Loonkushu 14-Dec-2020
1186 IRA/05/38337/2021 Caroline Nduku Mwanzia 26-Oct-2020
1187 IRA/05/38385/2021 Caroline Nduta Muchene 9-Oct-2020
1188 IRA/05/32544/2021 Caroline Ngendo Kiai 16-Oct-2020
1189 IRA/05/27798/2021 Caroline Ngina Kinyua 27-Sep-2020
1190 IRA/05/37837/2021 Caroline Njambi Munyiri 4-Nov-2020
1191 IRA/05/37405/2021 Caroline Njango Njau 5-Nov-2020
1192 IRA/05/29093/2021 Caroline Njeri Karanja 12-Nov-2020
1193 IRA/05/20373/2021 Caroline Njeri Kimani 22-Oct-2020
1194 IRA/05/14776/2021 Caroline Njeri Muchemi 2-Oct-2020
1195 IRA/05/28742/2021 Caroline Njeri Munge 20-Jan-2021
1196 IRA/05/29810/2021 Caroline Njoki Wathuta 13-Nov-2020
1197 IRA/05/16727/2021 Caroline Nyambura Mwaura 6-Oct-2020
1198 IRA/05/30172/2021 Caroline Nyambura Njeri 30-Sep-2020
1199 IRA/05/27949/2021 Caroline Nyawira Mwaniki 26-Oct-2020
1200 IRA/05/34240/2021 Caroline Nyokabi Chege 8-Oct-2020
1201 IRA/05/39444/2021 Caroline Nyokabi Mwaniki 15-Feb-2021
1202 IRA/05/30445/2021 Caroline Odhiambo 6-Oct-2020
1203 IRA/05/388872/2021 Caroline Tunu Juma 15-Feb-2021
1204 IRA/05/38523/2021 Caroline Wacheke Mungai 12-Nov-2020
1205 IRA/05/39818/2021 Caroline Wairimu Irungu 29-Jan-2021
1206 IRA/05/17211/2021 Caroline Wairimu Ndungu 6-Nov-2020
1207 IRA/05/35166/2021 Caroline Waithira Kariuki 14-Nov-2020
1208 IRA/05/27414/2021 Caroline Wambui Gichangi 6-Oct-2020
1209 IRA/05/30247/2021 Caroline Wambui Kamau 28-Sep-2020
1210 IRA/05/30465/2021 Caroline Wambui Muriithi 11-Nov-2020
1211 IRA/05/25958/2021 Caroline Wandia Murithi 5-Oct-2020
1212 IRA/05/32271/2021 Caroline Wangeci Kabuti 11-Dec-2020
1213 IRA/05/16612/2021 Caroline Wangu Karanja 13-Oct-2020
1214 IRA/05/35650/2021 Caroline Wangui Gathogo 26-Sep-2020
1215 IRA/05/38516/2021 Caroline Wangui Munyua 2-Oct-2020
1216 IRA/05/30336/2021 Caroline Wangui Nderitu 6-Oct-2020
1217 IRA/05/31756/2021 Caroline Wanja Muraguri 5-Oct-2020
1218 IRA/05/25988/2021 Caroline Wanjiku 14-Oct-2020
1219 IRA/05/34109/2021 Caroline Wanjiku Gichuru 16-Oct-2020
1220 IRA/05/25113/2021 Caroline Wanjiru Kanyi 7-Jan-2021
1221 IRA/05/38581/2021 Caroline Wanjiru Maina 6-Oct-2020
1222 IRA/05/16801/2021 Caroline Wanjiru Mbugua 9-Oct-2020
1223 IRA/05/37660/2021 Caroline Wanjiru Ndungi 30-Sep-2020
1224 IRA/05/36190/2021 Caroline Wanjiru Wambui 5-Oct-2020
1225 IRA/05/16766/2021 Caroline Wanzuu Nzioki 19-Nov-2020
1226 IRA/05/37380/2021 Carolyn Kerubo Oyaro 11-Nov-2020

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1227 IRA/05/36134/2021 Carolyn Mumbua Ngei 9-Feb-2021
1228 IRA/05/15364/2021 Carolyne Anyango Ogolla 6-Oct-2020
1229 IRA/05/34398/2021 Carolyne Atamba Afwayi 21-Dec-2020
1230 IRA/05/27475/2021 Carolyne Chelangat Chirchir 6-Oct-2020
1231 IRA/05/39264/2021 Carolyne Cheptoo Salamba 11-Nov-2020
1232 IRA/05/30145/2021 Carolyne Jepsergon Cherono 6-Oct-2020
1233 IRA/05/35107/2021 Carolyne Kerstin Kuri 13-Jan-2021
1234 IRA/05/17914/2021 Carolyne Mwende Philip 16-Oct-2020
1235 IRA/05/28981/2021 Carolyne Ndunge Joshua 16-Oct-2020
1236 IRA/05/36310/2021 Carolyne Njeri Wanjiru 16-Oct-2020
1237 IRA/05/37770/2021 Carolyne Njoki Muthama 27-Sep-2020
1238 IRA/05/320446/2021 Carolyne Roselyne Makungu 12-Oct-2020
1239 IRA/05/38216/2021 Carolyne Vereso Chegero 6-Nov-2020
1240 IRA/05/30786/2021 Carolyne Wanjiku Gathua 26-Sep-2020
1241 IRA/05/39895/2021 Carolyne Wanza Masaku 2-Feb-2021
1242 IRA/05/27211/2021 Carolyne Wausi Mbindo 5-Oct-2020
1243 IRA/05/34163/2021 Caronica Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1244 IRA/05/17869/2021 Carrington Agwimanya Mwendwa 4-Nov-2020
1245 IRA/05/24085/2021 Carsure Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
1246 IRA/05/26950/2021 Cartman Springfield Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
1247 IRA/05/37276/2021 Casandra Chepkorir 13-Oct-2020
1248 IRA/05/26886/2021 Cash Back Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
1249 IRA/05/17456/2021 Casimo Windsor Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
1250 IRA/05/28833/2021 Caspian Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
1251 IRA/05/33406/2021 Cassuarina Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1252 IRA/05/39805/2021 Castro Kipruto Kiprop 21-Jan-2021
1253 IRA/05/38709/2021 Castro Odhiambo Oloo 5-Oct-2020
1254 IRA/05/34411/2021 Catalyst Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1255 IRA/05/31684/2021 Catheline Jerotich Sumbai 6-Nov-2020
1256 IRA/05/39381/2021 Catherine Achieng Asoyo 15-Feb-2021
1257 IRA/05/35185/2021 Catherine Awuor Okumu 28-Sep-2020
1258 IRA/05/26415/2021 Catherine Bochere Mogire 11-Nov-2020
1259 IRA/05/36964/2021 Catherine E. Khasitsa 5-Oct-2020
1260 IRA/05/37185/2021 Catherine Gakii Riungu 15-Nov-2020
1261 IRA/05/37056/2021 Catherine Gatheri Burugu 6-Oct-2020
1262 IRA/05/29914/2021 Catherine Gathoni Muhinja 7-Oct-2020
1263 IRA/05/35084/2021 Catherine Julie Waero Okeyo 14-Oct-2020
1264 IRA/05/36219/2021 Catherine Juliet Alele 14-Oct-2020
1265 IRA/05/32542/2021 Catherine Kamanthe Mwavu 6-Oct-2020
1266 IRA/05/30173/2021 Catherine Kamau 6-Oct-2020
1267 IRA/05/27926/2021 Catherine Kathina Syonguvi 2-Oct-2020
1268 IRA/05/29353/2021 Catherine Koli Mutua 26-Sep-2020
1269 IRA/05/37971/2021 Catherine Lucy Wamuyu Muhami 22-Oct-2020
1270 IRA/05/26212/2021 Catherine Maweu 5-Oct-2020
1271 IRA/05/36853/2021 Catherine Mbindo Kanzi 1-Oct-2020
1272 IRA/05/32555/2021 Catherine Mbithe Munyalo 5-Oct-2020
1273 IRA/05/25178/2021 Catherine Muendi Mwau 5-Oct-2020
1274 IRA/05/24684/2021 Catherine Mugatha Karungaru 2-Oct-2020
1275 IRA/05/39492/2021 Catherine Muthoni Kanyari 22-Sep-2020
1276 IRA/05/16415/2021 Catherine Muthoni Kiara 28-Sep-2020
1277 IRA/05/33424/2021 Catherine Muthoni Kirichu 31-Dec-2020
1278 IRA/05/38685/2021 Catherine Mwikali Mutisya 13-Oct-2020
1279 IRA/05/14642/2021 Catherine N. Kinyuru 16-Oct-2020
1280 IRA/05/33951/2021 Catherine Namunyak Kantai 26-Sep-2020
1281 IRA/05/20288/2021 Catherine Njeri Irungu 5-Oct-2020
1282 IRA/05/28625/2021 Catherine Njeri Matere 8-Feb-2021
1283 IRA/05/35242/2021 Catherine Njeri Mirungu 7-Oct-2020
1284 IRA/05/29543/2021 Catherine Nkatha Mbaya 05-Oct-2020
1285 IRA/05/39902/2021 Catherine Nyawira Munene 3-Feb-2021

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1286 IRA/05/9706/2021 Catherine Omusula 1-Oct-2020
1287 IRA/05/38589/2021 Catherine Stella Wangui Muthumbi 6-Oct-2020
1288 IRA/05/7288/2021 Catherine Syombua Munguti 22-Oct-2020
1289 IRA/05/34638/2021 Catherine Wagaki Ndirangu 29-Sep-2020
1290 IRA/05/24925/2021 Catherine Wairimu Juma 7-Oct-2020
1291 IRA/05/31634/2021 Catherine Wairimu Munene 5-Oct-2020
1292 IRA/05/33073/2021 Catherine Wambere Gituku 13-Oct-2020
1293 IRA/05/29053/2021 Catherine Wambui Mwangi 29-Sep-2020
1294 IRA/05/33746/2021 Catherine Wangare Ndegwa 29-Sep-2020
1295 IRA/05/16723/2021 Catherine Wangechi Kimemia 12-Oct-2020
1296 IRA/05/36256/2021 Catherine Wangui Kabaria 28-Sep-2020
1297 IRA/05/38060/2021 Catherine Wangui Wachira 1-Feb-2021
1298 IRA/05/36158/2021 Catherine Wanjiku Mathenge 11-Nov-2020
1299 IRA/05/34551/2021 Catherine Wanjiku Rimbere 14-Dec-2020
1300 IRA/05/35878/2021 Catherine Wanjiru Kariuki 28-Sep-2020
1301 IRA/05/30861/2021 Catherine Wanjiru Wanjohi 21-Jan-2021
1302 IRA/05/36041/2021 Catherine Waruguru Jamio 14-Oct-2020
1303 IRA/05/29209/2021 Catherine Wawira Nyagah 27-Sep-2020
1304 IRA/05/17402/2021 Catheva Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020
1305 IRA/05/37073/2021 Cathrine Waithira Ngethe 5-Oct-2020
1306 IRA/05/37605/2021 Cathy Breter Gakii Ikiara 5-Oct-2020
1307 IRA/05/24738/2021 Cathyesther Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
1308 IRA/05/35398/2021 Catmags Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
1309 IRA/05/34460/2021 Cavan Insurance Agency Limited 28-Jan-2021
1310 IRA/05/31945/2021 Cawak Insurance Agency. 12-Nov-2020
1311 IRA/05/16822/2021 Caxton Gitari Gachoki 7-Oct-2020
1312 IRA/05/31495/2021 Cbl Insurance Agency Limited 13-Oct-2020
1313 IRA/05/31482/2021 Ceasar Murangiri Muriuki 14-Oct-2020
1314 IRA/05/34277/2021 Cecil Miller Obala 19-Oct-2020
1315 IRA/05/34766/2021 Cecilia Amina 5-Oct-2020
1316 IRA/05/32374/2021 Cecilia Kamwende Kiruku 2-Oct-2020
1317 IRA/05/25159/2021 Cecilia Ngina Mwangi 11-Nov-2020
1318 IRA/05/30383/2021 Cecilia Njoki Gikera 5-Oct-2020
1319 IRA/05/37578/2021 Cecilia Waithira Muthoni 12-Nov-2020
1320 IRA/05/34569/2021 Cecilia Wambui Kiarie 5-Oct-2020
1321 IRA/05/34621/2021 Cecilia Wangui Gatungo 11-Nov-2020
1322 IRA/05/27492/2021 Cecilia Wanjiku Mwaisaka 26-Sep-2020
1323 IRA/05/28016/2021 Cecilia Wanjiru Njachi 12-Nov-2020
1324 IRA/05/36123/2021 Ceciliah Wambui Wanjiru 7-Oct-2020
1325 IRA/05/14677/2021 Cecrops Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1326 IRA/05/17513/2021 Cedar Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
1327 IRA/05/36030/2021 Cedric Shiboka 22-Oct-2020
1328 IRA/05/37688/2021 Celba Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1329 IRA/05/29630/2021 Celelife Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1330 IRA/05/37423/2021 Celestine Jemnjo Kilimo 11-Nov-2020
1331 IRA/05/30862/2021 Celestine Katulu Muthini 5-Oct-2020
1332 IRA/05/17424/2021 Celine Akinyi Ombok 28-Sep-2020
1333 IRA/05/36341/2021 Cemes Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
1334 IRA/05/39238/2021 Centaurus Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
1335 IRA/05/36925/2021 Centiven Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
1336 IRA/05/39896/2021 Central Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
1337 IRA/05/14576/2021 Centre Point Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
1338 IRA/05/17549/2021 Centric Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1339 IRA/05/39634/2021 Centriccare Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
1340 IRA/05/17334/2021 Centrifuge Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
1341 IRA/05/35349/2021 Certainty & Integrity Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1342 IRA/05/32960/2021 Certitude Ventures Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
1343 IRA/05/34143/2021 Ceshane Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1344 IRA/05/35702/2021 Cessna Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020

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1345 IRA/05/27304/2021 Cezah Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1346 IRA/05/28252/2021 Chaben Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1347 IRA/05/27035/2021 Chachris Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1348 IRA/05/36911/2021 Chadin Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
1349 IRA/05/16858/2021 Chakua Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1350 IRA/05/2160/2021 Chaliza Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1351 IRA/05/16148/2021 Chalmark Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1352 IRA/05/29986/2021 Chama Insurance Agency Limited 21-Jan-2021
1353 IRA/05/29177/2021 Channel Link Insurance Agency Limited 29-Sep-2020
1354 IRA/05/16651/2021 Channel Point Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
1355 IRA/05/14346/2021 Chantrav Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
1356 IRA/05/35603/2021 Chapatoy Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1357 IRA/05/24694/2021 Chapters Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
1358 IRA/05/29226/2021 Charana Flora Teresa 29-Sep-2020
1359 IRA/05/17856/2021 Chariot Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1360 IRA/05/28526/2021 Charis Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1361 IRA/05/32992/2021 Charito Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
1362 IRA/05/39015/2021 Charity Khamala Wanjala 22-Oct-2020
1363 IRA/05/28427/2021 Charity Mbore 12-Nov-2020
1364 IRA/05/34643/2021 Charity Mwendwa Munyua 27-Sep-2020
1365 IRA/05/37891/2021 Charity Njeri Njuguna 6-Oct-2020
1366 IRA/05/31400/2021 Charity Nyawira Wanjohi 30-Sep-2020
1367 IRA/05/26539/2021 Charity Tatu Dzoga 11-Nov-2020
1368 IRA/05/37148/2021 Charity Waithira Ironjo 5-Oct-2020
1369 IRA/05/39835/2021 Charity Wambui Mwangi 13-Jan-2021
1370 IRA/05/8179/2021 Charity Wanjiku 6-Oct-2020
1371 IRA/05/8604/2021 Charles Akuno 27-Sep-2020
1372 IRA/05/38058/2021 Charles Ochieng Ochieng 5-Oct-2020
1373 IRA/05/32155/2021 Charles Adem Tumbo 26-Sep-2020
1374 IRA/05/1259/2021 Charles Arumba Nyaberi 6-Oct-2020
1375 IRA/05/15720/2021 Charles Chiriba Chai 16-Nov-2020
1376 IRA/05/14473/2021 Charles Eliud Mwangi Murithi 22-Oct-2020
1377 IRA/05/1032/2021 Charles Gakuo Ndegwa 7-Oct-2020
1378 IRA/05/11478/2021 Charles Gatama Muiruri 29-Sep-2020
1379 IRA/05/37855/2021 Charles Githaiga Muraguri 5-Oct-2020
1380 IRA/05/15614/2021 Charles Kariuki Ndiritu 12-Jan-2021
1381 IRA/05/16257/2021 Charles Kathingi Nguu 9-Oct-2020
1382 IRA/05/34562/2021 Charles Kipkirui Kemboi 5-Oct-2020
1383 IRA/05/39571/2021 Charles Koome Mburunga 6-Oct-2020
1384 IRA/05/38769/2021 Charles Maina Matimu 15-Oct-2020
1385 IRA/05/17451/2021 Charles Moranga Torori 11-Jan-2021
1386 IRA/05/34635/2021 Charles Mram Orgeness 5-Oct-2020
1387 IRA/05/6397/2021 Charles Mucheru Muya 5-Oct-2020
1388 IRA/05/30911/2021 Charles Muchogu Githegi 3-Feb-2021
1389 IRA/05/8281/2021 Charles Muhavi Isinga 21-Oct-2020
1390 IRA/05/26537/2021 Charles Muoki Kavita 28-Dec-2020
1391 IRA/05/349921/2021 Charles Muriithi Arnold 2-Oct-2020
1392 IRA/05/12112/2021 Charles Mutinda Kikumu 27-Sep-2020
1393 IRA/05/35811/2021 Charles Mutua Ngonzo 14-Oct-2020
1394 IRA/05/32027/2021 Charles Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
1395 IRA/05/12124/2021 Charles Ndiga Ngari 13-Nov-2020
1396 IRA/05/27215/2021 Charles Nganga Gicho 1-Oct-2020
1397 IRA/05/34244/2021 Charles Njema Maina 3-Nov-2020
1398 IRA/05/16700/2021 Charles Njogu Mwangi 9-Feb-2021
1399 IRA/05/35696/2021 Charles Njuguna Gaki 2-Oct-2020
1400 IRA/05/35584/2021 Charles Ochieng Ochieng 6-Oct-2020
1401 IRA/05/39047/2021 Charles Odemo Mikala 6-Nov-2020
1402 IRA/05/15696/2021 Charles Ogendi Omari 5-Oct-2020
1403 IRA/05/39735/2021 Charles Okhubedoh Wasike Eugene 12-Dec-2020

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1404 IRA/05/5252/2021 Charles Ontiri Manyange 14-Dec-2020
1405 IRA/05/37608/2021 Charles Otondi Mauti 28-Sep-2020
1406 IRA/05/26190/2021 Charles Owino Okwako 21-Jan-2021
1407 IRA/05/10493/2021 Charles Tado Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1408 IRA/05/17604/2021 Charles Waihiga Gikungu 26-Jan-2021
1409 IRA/05/36819/2021 Charles Wainaina 7-Oct-2020
1410 IRA/05/36210/2021 Charles Waithaka Kingori 6-Oct-2020
1411 IRA/05/38862/2021 Charlotte Atieno Oromo 2-Oct-2020
1412 IRA/05/38600/2021 Charming Bima Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
1413 IRA/05/33456/2021 Charter Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1414 IRA/05/27308/2021 Chase Farm Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1415 IRA/05/26148/2021 Chaslavy Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
1416 IRA/05/16202/2021 Chatine Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
1417 IRA/05/26949/2021 Checkered Shield Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
1418 IRA/05/28133/2021 Cheje Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1419 IRA/05/37674/2021 Chelimo Norah 9-Oct-2020
1420 IRA/05/24576/2021 Cheltenham Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
1421 IRA/05/36314/2021 Chepkemoi Caroline Ronoh 02-Nov-2020
1422 IRA/05/30622/2021 Chepkoech Pacifica 5-Oct-2020
1423 IRA/05/37809/2021 Chepngeno Stella 27-Oct-2020
1424 IRA/05/36998/2021 Cheptoek Jackson Ndiwa 28-Sep-2020
1425 IRA/05/34082/2021 Cherono Everylne Koech 14-Nov-2020
1426 IRA/05/39628/2021 Cherson Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1427 IRA/05/37500/2021 Chex Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1428 IRA/05/29827/2021 Chillax Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
1429 IRA/05/37262/2021 Chirchir Haron Kiprob 11-Dec-2020
1430 IRA/05/39772/2021 Chloster Insurance Agency 8-Jan-2021
1431 IRA/05/30517/2021 Choice Progressive Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
1432 IRA/05/16896/2021 Chomba Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
1433 IRA/05/28387/2021 Choosen Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
1434 IRA/05/30913/2021 Chrigofes International Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
1435 IRA/05/34751/2021 Chrisantus Oduor Makokha 12-Oct-2020
1436 IRA/05/27413/2021 Chrismerk Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1437 IRA/05/36687/2021 Chrisphine Misati Ogega 13-Oct-2020
1438 IRA/05/1139/2021 Chrispin Hamisi Katera 28-Sep-2020
1439 IRA/05/26754/2021 Chrispin Lemaiyan Sankale 19-Jan-2021
1440 IRA/05/38833/2021 Chrispine Onyango Oduma 14-Oct-2020
1441 IRA/05/16450/2021 Chrispine Owino Otieno 5-Oct-2020
1442 IRA/05/37712/2021 Chrispinus Akwera Amkambwa 11-Jan-2021
1443 IRA/05/36818/2021 Christa Jerono Komen 13-Oct-2020
1444 IRA/05/36344/2021 Christabell Atieno Majanga 16-Dec-2020
1445 IRA/05/34424/2021 Christine Bwoya Mayamba 27-Oct-2020
1446 IRA/05/38526/2021 Christine Wanjiru Macharia 14-Oct-2020
1447 IRA/05/35011/2021 Christine Achieng Odungo 11-Nov-2020
1448 IRA/05/34623/2021 Christine Agelloh Atieno 7-Oct-2020
1449 IRA/05/30776/2021 Christine Akelo 26-Sep-2020
1450 IRA/05/30171/2021 Christine Akinyi Meso 5-Oct-2020
1451 IRA/05/27434/2021 Christine Alice Njeri Maina 29-Sep-2020
1452 IRA/05/15063/2021 Christine Aroka 9-Oct-2020
1453 IRA/05/38952/2021 Christine Atieno Atego 4-Nov-2020
1454 IRA/05/38396/2021 Christine Atieno Nyandat 8-Oct-2020
1455 IRA/05/14208/2021 Christine Atieno Obonyo 30-Sep-2020
1456 IRA/05/39256/2021 Christine Atieno Rading 3-Nov-2020
1457 IRA/05/36227/2021 Christine Chemsto Muhindi 6-Oct-2020
1458 IRA/05/14955/2021 Christine Katumbi Muia 6-Oct-2020
1459 IRA/05/34665/2021 Christine Kemunto Omambia 5-Oct-2020
1460 IRA/05/29873/2021 Christine Khatali Ndanyi 23-Oct-2020
1461 IRA/05/28124/2021 Christine Kilika 28-Sep-2020
1462 IRA/05/39969/2021 Christine Leah Abuyeka 12-Feb-2021

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1463 IRA/05/35954/2021 Christine Mugure Maina 26-Oct-2020
1464 IRA/05/34827/2021 Christine Mukuba Mutembei 08-Feb-2021
1465 IRA/05/17755/2021 Christine Mutindi Kiilu 11-Nov-2020
1466 IRA/05/34769/2021 Christine Mwende Kiilu 06-Oct-2020
1467 IRA/05/38194/2021 Christine Ndanu Kingola 6-Oct-2020
1468 IRA/05/35877/2021 Christine Ndunge Paul 26-Oct-2020
1469 IRA/05/17846/2021 Christine Njeri Ndwiga 27-Sep-2020
1470 IRA/05/30253/2021 Christine Nkuene 6-Nov-2020
1471 IRA/05/33464/2021 Christine Nthenya Kimilu 5-Oct-2020
1472 IRA/05/36260/2021 Christine Nthenya Mutua 6-Oct-2020
1473 IRA/05/32098/2021 Christine Oyiela Afuya 1-Oct-2020
1474 IRA/05/38746/2021 Christine Oyoo Nyangaga 7-Jan-2021
1475 IRA/05/17443/2021 Christine Pendo Jefwa 6-Oct-2020
1476 IRA/05/34563/2021 Christine Syokau Ngao 27-Nov-2020
1477 IRA/05/27682/2021 Christine Wairimu Gathumbi 28-Sep-2020
1478 IRA/05/17110/2021 Christine Wangithi Kamotho 27-Sep-2020
1479 IRA/05/35836/2021 Christine Wangu Mwai 13-Oct-2020
1480 IRA/05/36689/2021 Christine Wanjiku Githinji 7-Oct-2020
1481 IRA/05/24054/2021 Christine Wanjiku Maina 6-Oct-2020
1482 IRA/05/29406/2021 Christine Wanjiku Ngaru 13-Nov-2020
1483 IRA/05/28585/2021 Christopher .Gohole 7-Oct-2020
1484 IRA/05/30646/2021 Christopher Gakuru Ngige 2-Oct-2020
1485 IRA/05/4453/2021 Christopher Gichuhi 28-Sep-2020
1486 IRA/05/25052/2021 Christopher Karithi Kirimi 5-Oct-2020
1487 IRA/05/25557/2021 Christopher Kyalo Kivai 14-Nov-2020
1488 IRA/05/1000/2021 Christopher Mabwa 21-Oct-2020
1489 IRA/05/29431/2021 Christopher Musyoki Ngie 11-Nov-2020
1490 IRA/05/28079/2021 Christopher Mwai Ngobia 27-Sep-2020
1491 IRA/05/7318/2021 Christopher Nyaga Kageri 9-Feb-2021
1492 IRA/05/36079/2021 Christopher Omondi Nyagiro 28-Jan-2021
1493 IRA/05/29747/2021 Christopher W Ndirangu 3-Nov-2020
1494 IRA/05/17001/2021 Christopher Wangombe Mwanzia 5-Oct-2020
1495 IRA/05/33303/2021 Chritine Barasa 6-Jan-2021
1496 IRA/05/32347/2021 Cicilia Muthoni Mburu 28-Sep-2020
1497 IRA/05/30704/2021 Cicilia Muthoni Mwirigi 28-Sep-2020
1498 IRA/05/38653/2021 Cicilia Wairimu Gatero 1-Oct-2020
1499 IRA/05/29642/2021 Cicilia Wangari Gacheche 28-Sep-2020
1500 IRA/05/38634/2021 Cicily Wawira Njoka 8-Oct-2020
1501 IRA/05/25799/2021 Cida Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
1502 IRA/05/32055/2021 Cinch Options Limited 3-Nov-2020
1503 IRA/05/39732/2021 Cindrella Nekesa 12-Dec-2020
1504 IRA/05/18015/2021 Circular Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1505 IRA/05/36613/2021 City Dwellers Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1506 IRA/05/20396/2021 City Mark Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1507 IRA/05/37518/2021 Citynet Insurance Agency 3-Dec-2020
1508 IRA/05/36145/2021 Ckei Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
1509 IRA/05/34552/2021 Claire Wanjiku Muhoro 29-Sep-2020
1510 IRA/05/38809/2021 Clara Chepngeno 9-Oct-2020
1511 IRA/05/36880/2021 Clara Elizabeth Githaiga 6-Oct-2020
1512 IRA/05/39550/2021 Clara Wanjiru Mbari 31-Oct-2020
1513 IRA/05/38207/2021 Clarah Wanjala Isabu 9-Feb-2021
1514 IRA/05/30468/2021 Clare Wandia Mathenge 11-Nov-2020
1515 IRA/05/14445/2021 Clareh Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1516 IRA/05/32199/2021 Clarence Otini Okello 26-Sep-2020
1517 IRA/05/6951/2021 Clarice Akinyi Okeno 22-Oct-2020
1518 IRA/05/36568/2021 Clarice Jepchumba Kibor 22-Oct-2020
1519 IRA/05/34976/2021 Clarisure Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
1520 IRA/05/25998/2021 Clary Jay Insurance Agency Ltd 9-Oct-2020
1521 IRA/05/38257/2021 Clason Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020

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1522 IRA/05/30606/2021 Claudia Awuor Owino 12-Nov-2020
1523 IRA/05/35161/2021 Claudiah Njambi Mugo 29-Sep-2020
1524 IRA/05/37936/2021 Clavia Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
1525 IRA/05/24078/2021 Clearways Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
1526 IRA/05/31362/2021 Cleawa Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1527 IRA/05/37963/2021 Cleeja Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
1528 IRA/05/35372/2021 Clement Malik Kirruti 1-Oct-2020
1529 IRA/05/39475/2021 Clement Ochieng Okwany 26-Sep-2020
1530 IRA/05/4163/2021 Clement Ooko Odhiambo 14-Nov-2020
1531 IRA/05/37991/2021 Clementia Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
1532 IRA/05/17091/2021 Cleobase Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1533 IRA/05/30785/2021 Cleophas Kipkirui Tanui 26-Sep-2020
1534 IRA/05/17972/2021 Cleophas Otieno Nyangoda 15-Feb-2021
1535 IRA/05/31326/2021 Clergon Insurance Agency 06-Oct-2020
1536 IRA/05/36864/2021 Clesenciah Nyanchama Moranga 6-Oct-2020
1537 IRA/05/17731/2021 Client Care Insurance Agencies 15-Oct-2020
1538 IRA/05/39221/2021 Clientsure Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
1539 IRA/05/15498/2021 Cliff Nzilu Kitheka 7-Oct-2020
1540 IRA/05/38225/2021 Clifford Omondi Malowa 15-Oct-2020
1541 IRA/05/24603/2021 Clifford Omondi Ochieng 12-Oct-2020
1542 IRA/05/29171/2021 Climax Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1543 IRA/05/39940/2021 Clinton Muiruri Mbugua 8-Feb-2021
1544 IRA/05/38109/2021 Clinton Ochieng Randah 2-Oct-2020
1545 IRA/05/34605/2021 Clique & Stick Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
1546 IRA/05/35553/2021 Clivia Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
1547 IRA/05/15053/2021 Clockwise Insurance Agency Limited 14-Oct-2020
1548 IRA/05/39427/2021 Clydan Insurance Agency Services 4-Jan-2021
1549 IRA/05/28316/2021 Coherence Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
1550 IRA/05/30484/2021 Coin Capital Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1551 IRA/05/39901/2021 Coleta Kasiva Smith 3-Feb-2021
1552 IRA/05/25583/2021 Colines Owino Otieno 5-Oct-2020
1553 IRA/05/29446/2021 Collan Mulunda Kulecho 28-Jan-2021
1554 IRA/05/38322/2021 Collen Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
1555 IRA/05/20217/2021 Collins Isaac Agalo Onyango 5-Oct-2020
1556 IRA/05/34845/2021 Collins Kabiaru Olukusi 14-Dec-2020
1557 IRA/05/29138/2021 Collins Kisenge Mapesa 5-Oct-2020
1558 IRA/05/28871/2021 Collins Muli William 3-Nov-2020
1559 IRA/05/33248/2021 Collins Nyandusi Omurwa 5-Oct-2020
1560 IRA/05/15496/2021 Collins Ochieng Anyona 12-Oct-2020
1561 IRA/05/39107/2021 Collins Ochieng Oyoo 15-Oct-2020
1562 IRA/05/34765/2021 Collins Okoth Odembo 6-Oct-2020
1563 IRA/05/36604/2021 Collins Otieno 14-Oct-2020
1564 IRA/05/35442/2021 Collins Otieno Odhiambo 15-Oct-2020
1565 IRA/05/29837/2021 Collins Ronny Rua 6-Oct-2020
1566 IRA/05/30387/2021 Collins Victor Mkoba 13-Nov-2020
1567 IRA/05/24618/2021 Collins Wanyonyi Mocho 5-Dec-2020
1568 IRA/05/24482/2021 Collopho Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
1569 IRA/05/30838/2021 Colonade Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
1570 IRA/05/29694/2021 Colossus Insurance Agency Limited 14-Oct-2020
1571 IRA/05/32282/2021 Comfort Muyoti Muyekho 6-Oct-2020
1572 IRA/05/31858/2021 Comity Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Nov-2020
1573 IRA/05/26507/2021 Commercial Afrique Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
1574 IRA/05/28897/2021 Compliance Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
1575 IRA/05/17508/2021 Compliant Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
1576 IRA/05/4783/2021 Compliments Insurance Agencies 21-Oct-2020
1577 IRA/05/37737/2021 Compline Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
1578 IRA/05/17704/2021 Composite Insurance Agency Limited 30-Sep-2020
1579 IRA/05/29729/2021 Conard Nyakundi Ogero 27-Sep-2020
1580 IRA/05/25050/2021 Concept Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020

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1581 IRA/05/34975/2021 Concepta Omondi 7-Oct-2020
1582 IRA/05/26765/2021 Confiar Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
1583 IRA/05/29502/2021 Conforto Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
1584 IRA/05/36008/2021 Congress Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1585 IRA/05/39123/2021 Coniad Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1586 IRA/05/38915/2021 Connect Plus Africa Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1587 IRA/05/15735/2021 Connectcut Cabs Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
1588 IRA/05/36431/2021 Conscient Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
1589 IRA/05/17862/2021 Consent Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Dec-2020
1590 IRA/05/30827/2021 Conserve Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
1591 IRA/05/34807/2021 Conslate Adoyo Onyango 15-Oct-2020
1592 IRA/05/29929/2021 Consolata Achieng Matibe 28-Sep-2020
1593 IRA/05/20105/2021 Consolata Kanini 5-Oct-2020
1594 IRA/05/39398/2021 Consolata Koki Ndunda 14-Dec-2020
1595 IRA/05/39506/2021 Consolata Maina 29-Sep-2020
1596 IRA/05/24629/2021 Constance Katumbi Matheka 2-Oct-2020
1597 IRA/05/26768/2021 Constance Maghua Mwasi 2-Nov-2020
1598 IRA/05/16281/2021 Convenor Insurance Agency Limited 29-Sep-2020
1599 IRA/05/17096/2021 Conzalis Mueni Michael 7-Oct-2020
1600 IRA/05/31641/2021 Cool Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
1601 IRA/05/34987/2021 Cool Twenty Nine Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1602 IRA/05/17515/2021 Copland Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1603 IRA/05/24651/2021 Coptel Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
1604 IRA/05/28424/2021 Core-Mob Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1605 IRA/05/38084/2021 Corgi Ride Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
1606 IRA/05/30003/2021 Cornelius Mutiso Kyule 28-Sep-2020
1607 IRA/05/25871/2021 Cornell Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
1608 IRA/05/9320/2021 Correct Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1609 IRA/05/24584/2021 Corrine M.W.Nyamai 28-Sep-2020
1610 IRA/05/27733/2021 Cosley Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1611 IRA/05/16577/2021 Cosmas Muthiani Kithana 27-Sep-2020
1612 IRA/05/29903/2021 Cosmopolitan Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1613 IRA/05/25968/2021 Cosmus Orangi Akira 6-Nov-2020
1614 IRA/05/37761/2021 Cossum Mumbo Raymond Deri 6-Jan-2021
1615 IRA/05/13246/2021 Cosy Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
1616 IRA/05/34869/2021 Cotrust Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
1617 IRA/05/38984/2021 Countach Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1618 IRA/05/25548/2021 Covenant Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1619 IRA/05/18050/2021 Cover Desk Insurance Agency 17-Nov-2020
1620 IRA/05/16301/2021 Cover Guard Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1621 IRA/05/24246/2021 Cover Liaisons Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
1622 IRA/05/26604/2021 Cover Milele Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1623 IRA/05/20047/2021 Cover Options Insurance Agency 06-Nov-2020
1624 IRA/05/721/2021 Cover Trust Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
1625 IRA/05/16609/2021 Coverark Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
1626 IRA/05/16147/2021 Covercrown Insurance Agency 07-Jan-2021
1627 IRA/05/39837/2021 Coverforce Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
1628 IRA/05/39885/2021 Coverhunt Insurance Agency Limited 13-Jan-2021
1629 IRA/05/15121/2021 Coverlink Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
1630 IRA/05/3668/2021 Covernet Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1631 IRA/05/29021/2021 Cox Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1632 IRA/05/28952/2021 Craing Kariuki Gakuo 7-Oct-2020
1633 IRA/05/38922/2021 Cranbrook Insurance Agency Limited 3-Feb-2021
1634 IRA/05/37220/2021 Crelity Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
1635 IRA/05/35929/2021 Creme Lelite Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
1636 IRA/05/34052/2021 Crescent Line Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1637 IRA/05/39842/2021 Crisis Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
1638 IRA/05/38937/2021 Crispal Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1639 IRA/05/39305/2021 Crisphine Mumbura Kimani 22-Dec-2020

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1640 IRA/05/39314/2021 Crosswise Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1641 IRA/05/27518/2021 Cruise Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1642 IRA/05/24243/2021 Crystal Seven Insurance Agency Ltd 8-Oct-2020
1643 IRA/05/24623/2021 Cumbi David Kimani 8-Oct-2020
1644 IRA/05/16511/2021 Current Risks Insurance Agency Ltd 17-Oct-2020
1645 IRA/05/35193/2021 Cursor Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
1646 IRA/05/30821/2021 Curtis Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1647 IRA/05/15301/2021 Cushion Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
1648 IRA/05/35942/2021 Cushy Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1649 IRA/05/17708/2021 Customer Bound Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
1650 IRA/05/29936/2021 Customer Care Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1651 IRA/05/24203/2021 Customer Corporate Insurance Agencies Limited 1-Oct-2020
1652 IRA/05/10251/2021 Customer Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1653 IRA/05/26006/2021 Customized Solutions Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
1654 IRA/05/39388/2021 Cyan Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
1655 IRA/05/36956/2021 Cynthia Jematia Cheboi 6-Oct-2020
1656 IRA/05/38772/2021 Cynthia Nyambura Wacuka 19-Oct-2020
1657 IRA/05/36569/2021 Cynthia Tabitha Musyoki 16-Oct-2020
1658 IRA/05/37882/2021 Cynthia Wanjiru Wagereka 6-Oct-2020
1659 IRA/05/35845/2021 Cynthia Wuganga Chao 22-Oct-2020
1660 IRA/05/37803/2021 Cynthiah Zainah Muutu 21-Jan-2021
1661 IRA/05/16861/2021 Cyprian Otieno Ogamboh 16-Oct-2020
1662 IRA/05/11793/2021 Cyprian Owawa Ogola 2-Oct-2020
1663 IRA/05/31929/2021 Cyprine Boyani Mose 12-Oct-2020
1664 IRA/05/39010/2021 Cyprus Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1665 IRA/05/15382/2021 Cyril Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1666 IRA/05/292228/2021 Cyrus Kivuti Njagih 6-Oct-2020
1667 IRA/05/17051/2021 Cyrus Mbogo Kiura 11-Nov-2020
1668 IRA/05/16174/2021 Cyrus Muiruri Mburu 7-Oct-2020
1669 IRA/05/34574/2021 Cyrus Mwaura Njoroge 7-Dec-2020
1670 IRA/05/26689/2021 Cyters Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1671 IRA/05/39822/2021 Cytonn Insurance Agency Limited 29-Jan-2021
1672 IRA/05/16446/2021 Dafam Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
1673 IRA/05/14667/2021 Dafren Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1674 IRA/05/29656/2021 Dahama Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
1675 IRA/05/14649/2021 Dahill Insurance Agencies 4-Nov-2020
1676 IRA/05/31831/2021 Dahlia Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
1677 IRA/05/17861/2021 Daiga Insurance Agencies Ltd 8-Oct-2020
1678 IRA/05/17333/2021 Dailect Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
1679 IRA/05/39416/2021 Daimler Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
1680 IRA/05/8184/2021 Dais Insurance Agency 23-Nov-2020
1681 IRA/05/35481/2021 Daisy Akinyi Opondo 18-Jan-2021
1682 IRA/05/31101/2021 Daisy Maiyh Nyangweso 7-Oct-2020
1683 IRA/05/34078/2021 Daisy Muthoni Nganga 13-Jan-2021
1684 IRA/05/34688/2021 Daisy Nekesa Nyongesa 28-Sep-2020
1685 IRA/05/38571/2021 Daizy Awuor Andere 5-Oct-2020
1686 IRA/05/37118/2021 Dajemoge Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1687 IRA/05/15542/2021 Dalasha Insurance Agencies Limited 14-Oct-2020
1688 IRA/05/31668/2021 Dale Insurance Agency Limited 29-Sep-2020
1689 IRA/05/30647/2021 Dalmas Mghanga Kilei 15-Oct-2020
1690 IRA/05/11750/2021 Dalumos Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1691 IRA/05/35401/2021 Damaris Akoth Otieno 13-Oct-2020
1692 IRA/05/37312/2021 Damaris Auma Wasonga 12-Oct-2020
1693 IRA/05/38916/2021 Damaris Muthingu Mutuku 26-Sep-2020
1694 IRA/05/43050/2021 Damaris Nduku Munguti 8-Oct-2020
1695 IRA/05/17316/2021 Damaris Ndunge Mutie 6-Oct-2020
1696 IRA/05/8788/2021 Damaris Njambi Nganga 27-Sep-2020
1697 IRA/05/33383/2021 Damaris Njamiu Mwaniki 11-Nov-2020
1698 IRA/05/30310/2021 Damaris Nyakoboke Choka 5-Nov-2020

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1699 IRA/05/35287/2021 Damaris Wachatha Wachira 8-Oct-2020
1700 IRA/05/35127/2021 Damaris Wachu Macharia 27-Sep-2020
1701 IRA/05/32980/2021 Damaris Wangari Waweru 1-Oct-2020
1702 IRA/05/387013/2021 Damaris Wanjugu Ngetha 30-Sep-2020
1703 IRA/05/16473/2021 Damaris Wavinya Mutua 3-Nov-2020
1704 IRA/05/20128/2021 Damiano Mugambi Chabari 5-Oct-2020
1705 IRA/05/37555/2021 Damsar Agency 08-Feb-2021
1706 IRA/05/12300/2021 Dan Longonot Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Nov-2020
1707 IRA/05/11976/2021 Dancan Ndwiga Nthuri 12-Oct-2020
1708 IRA/05/28443/2021 Dancan Ontita Mokora 27-Jan-2021
1709 IRA/05/35264/2021 Dancane Okoth Yongo 22-Oct-2020
1710 IRA/05/14733/2021 Danco Insurance Agency 19-Nov-2020
1711 IRA/05/15243/2021 Danet Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1712 IRA/05/24897/2021 Danfield Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
1713 IRA/05/29340/2021 Daniel Agatha Otieno 5-Oct-2020
1714 IRA/05/37895/2021 Daniel Agenga 6-Oct-2020
1715 IRA/05/26328/2021 Daniel Atema Masinga 5-Oct-2020
1716 IRA/05/31283/2021 Daniel Baru Kinyua 16-Oct-2020
1717 IRA/05/11931/2021 Daniel Chuma Mwangi 29-Sep-2020
1718 IRA/05/33907/2021 Daniel Clement Omondi Odero 15-Feb-2021
1719 IRA/05/32572/2021 Daniel Gatobu Nkonge 21-Jan-2021
1720 IRA/05/34422/2021 Daniel Gicheru 7-Oct-2020
1721 IRA/05/8612/2021 Daniel Gichuki Muchiri 30-Sep-2020
1722 IRA/05/35124/2021 Daniel Gitei Gitonga 3-Dec-2020
1723 IRA/05/30084/2021 Daniel Hosea Otieno 11-Jan-2021
1724 IRA/05/28219/2021 Daniel Jow Ogutu 29-Sep-2020
1725 IRA/05/26480/2021 Daniel Karanja Ngoima 16-Oct-2020
1726 IRA/05/12996/2021 Daniel Karuru Kimondo 29-Sep-2020
1727 IRA/05/32550/2021 Daniel Kimani Njoroge 20-Jan-2021
1728 IRA/05/25328/2021 Daniel Kimari Mbuthia 12-Oct-2020
1729 IRA/05/35582/2021 Daniel Kimeu Ndambuki 5-Oct-2020
1730 IRA/05/34821/2021 Daniel Kinuthia Mwihia 31-Oct-2020
1731 IRA/05/38120/2021 Daniel Kipchumba Moiben 6-Nov-2020
1732 IRA/05/32454/2021 Daniel Kiragu Kimani 18-Jan-2021
1733 IRA/05/11023/2021 Daniel Komu Miringa 6-Jan-2021
1734 IRA/05/30726/2021 Daniel Kungu Maina 6-Oct-2020
1735 IRA/05/33081/2021 Daniel Mativo Nzuki 6-Nov-2020
1736 IRA/05/14730/2021 Daniel Mburugu Mbogori 8-Oct-2020
1737 IRA/05/38580/2021 Daniel Muimi Mwinzi 29-Sep-2020
1738 IRA/05/39084/2021 Daniel Mukosia Omusikoyo 26-Oct-2020
1739 IRA/05/25607/2021 Daniel Mulinge Kimwele 9-Oct-2020
1740 IRA/05/33334/2021 Daniel Mumo Musomba 30-Dec-2020
1741 IRA/05/17449/2021 Daniel Muriithi Kangangi 5-Oct-2020
1742 IRA/05/29605/2021 Daniel Musyoka Mwanthi 18-Jan-2021
1743 IRA/05/37018/2021 Daniel Mutinda Paul 6-Oct-2020
1744 IRA/05/34832/2021 Daniel Mwangi Maina 14-Jan-2021
1745 IRA/05/38552/2021 Daniel Mwanza Kioko 19-Oct-2020
1746 IRA/05/32584/2021 Daniel Nderitu Njau 5-Nov-2020
1747 IRA/05/8574/2021 Daniel Ndirangu Wauthi 5-Oct-2020
1748 IRA/05/34662/2021 Daniel Ndoroge Paulo 16-Oct-2020
1749 IRA/05/25272/2021 Daniel Ndungu Mwangi 12-Nov-2020
1750 IRA/05/39764/2021 Daniel Nelson Ochieng Ochomo 7-Jan-2021
1751 IRA/05/31797/2021 Daniel Njuguna Murigi 9-Oct-2020
1752 IRA/05/24621/2021 Daniel Nyaga Koori 5-Oct-2020
1753 IRA/05/25449/2021 Daniel O Ochieng 6-Oct-2020
1754 IRA/05/24517/2021 Daniel Obaro Shiundu 16-Oct-2020
1755 IRA/05/30771/2021 Daniel Odhiambo Amoke 28-Sep-2020
1756 IRA/05/26499/2021 Daniel Omondi Juma 28-Sep-2020
1757 IRA/05/38563/2021 Daniel Onyango Okweso 27-Sep-2020

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1758 IRA/05/37283/2021 Daniel Orimba Andeko 14-Oct-2020
1759 IRA/05/38741/2021 Daniel Otieno Akokoh 7-Jan-2021
1760 IRA/05/38487/2021 Daniel Wandiri Gichuru 21-Oct-2020
1761 IRA/05/24583/2021 Danmark Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
1762 IRA/05/3671/2021 Dannington Simon Ombonya 28-Sep-2020
1763 IRA/05/37297/2021 Danson Maina Njeri 14-Dec-2020
1764 IRA/05/36599/2021 Daphine Gesare Obuba 12-Oct-2020
1765 IRA/05/26076/2021 Dario Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
1766 IRA/05/38286/2021 Daris Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1767 IRA/05/17792/2021 Darma Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1768 IRA/05/14856/2021 Darmah Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
1769 IRA/05/17205/2021 Daro Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
1770 IRA/05/33849/2021 Darrell Darwin Olunga 22-Oct-2020
1771 IRA/05/28188/2021 Daryl Insurance Agency Ltd 18-Jan-2021
1772 IRA/05/6640/2021 Dash Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1773 IRA/05/33416/2021 Dasheal Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
1774 IRA/05/25068/2021 Data Designs Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
1775 IRA/05/34919/2021 Datani Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1776 IRA/05/30300/2021 Daudi Mohamed Omar 6-Nov-2020
1777 IRA/05/33718/2021 Dauglas Riendo Okari 14-Jan-2021
1778 IRA/05/15531/2021 Davemark Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
1779 IRA/05/27649/2021 David Acham 11-Nov-2020
1780 IRA/05/36885/2021 David Adungu 13-Jan-2021
1781 IRA/05/26492/2021 David Amos Otieno Owiyo 15-Oct-2020
1782 IRA/05/17969/2021 David Chege Njuguna Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1783 IRA/05/25541/2021 David Chepkiyeny 6-Nov-2020
1784 IRA/05/38869/2021 David Cheseny Ngachi 6-Nov-2020
1785 IRA/05/8107/2021 David Chome Mwairo 31-Dec-2020
1786 IRA/05/3450/2021 David Gatheru Muriuki 26-Sep-2020
1787 IRA/05/38766/2021 David Gitonga Njiru 22-Oct-2020
1788 IRA/05/16730/2021 David Kamau Njeri 13-Jan-2021
1789 IRA/05/40012/2021 David Karaingu Njoroge 11-Feb-2021
1790 IRA/05/34875/2021 David Katendwa 29-Sep-2020
1791 IRA/05/33825/2021 David Kemboi Biwott 5-Oct-2020
1792 IRA/05/34659/2021 David Kimani Bor 12-Nov-2020
1793 IRA/05/15066/2021 David Kipkoech Kilel 6-Oct-2020
1794 IRA/05/20287/2021 David Kiruri Gitonga 18-Jan-2021
1795 IRA/05/13018/2021 David M. Nyaga 5-Oct-2020
1796 IRA/05/30833/2021 David Macharia Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
1797 IRA/05/16715/2021 David Makau Mutuku 7-Oct-2020
1798 IRA/05/35730/2021 David Mbinga 6-Oct-2020
1799 IRA/05/24383/2021 David Mboya Olonde 25-Sep-2020
1800 IRA/05/27360/2021 David Muasya Keli 27-Sep-2020
1801 IRA/05/29354/2021 David Mulwa Ndimuli 16-Dec-2020
1802 IRA/05/13214/2021 David Munga 17-Dec-2020
1803 IRA/05/33671/2021 David Munyiri Mwangi 6-Jan-2021
1804 IRA/05/36249/2021 David Muraya Nyoike 3-Nov-2020
1805 IRA/05/26771/2021 David Muriithi Gitonga 31-Oct-2020
1806 IRA/05/27967/2021 David Muthee Njeru 14-Dec-2020
1807 IRA/05/37984/2021 David Muyelele Wekesa 14-Nov-2020
1808 IRA/05/39442/2021 David Mwangi Maina 7-Jan-2021
1809 IRA/05/24524/2021 David Mwilaria Imunya 7-Oct-2020
1810 IRA/05/39578/2021 David Mwiti Murungi 19-Jan-2021
1811 IRA/05/39680/2021 David Ndungu Gitau 12-Nov-2020
1812 IRA/05/29309/2021 David Ndungu Wanjohi 5-Oct-2020
1813 IRA/05/13648/2021 David Ndzai Kombe 11-Nov-2020
1814 IRA/05/32928/2021 David Ngugi Mbugua 1-Oct-2020
1815 IRA/05/33148/2021 David Njoroge Wanyoike 15-Nov-2020
1816 IRA/05/38996/2021 David Odhiambo Oiro 21-Jan-2021

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1817 IRA/05/16531/2021 David Onsare Metobo 31-Oct-2020
1818 IRA/05/28662/2021 David Onyango Ofula 27-Sep-2020
1819 IRA/05/26743/2021 David Soi Masai 11-Jan-2021
1820 IRA/05/35094/2021 David Wachira Kinyua 13-Oct-2020
1821 IRA/05/19047/2021 David Wachira Ngichiri 1-Oct-2020
1822 IRA/05/14990/2021 David Wainaina Mwaura 29-Sep-2020
1823 IRA/05/1013/2021 David Wambugu Kiboi 6-Oct-2020
1824 IRA/05/15448/2021 David Wanjohi Gitonga 16-Oct-2020
1825 IRA/05/38253/2021 David Wekesa Khaemba 1-Feb-2021
1826 IRA/05/15998/2021 Davida Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
1827 IRA/05/28762/2021 Davies Omwoyo Omare 11-Nov-2020
1828 IRA/05/146/2021 Davinder Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1829 IRA/05/12264/2021 Davsam Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1830 IRA/05/35498/2021 Dawama Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1831 IRA/05/16166/2021 Dawit Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Sep-2020
1832 IRA/05/9407/2021 Dawood Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
1833 IRA/05/24088/2021 Daybreak Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
1834 IRA/05/20012/2021 Daystar Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1835 IRA/05/15978/2021 Daytop Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
1836 IRA/05/35827/2021 Ddaline2018 Agency 5-Oct-2020
1837 IRA/05/11018/2021 Deborah Abungu Kidero 24-Sep-2020
1838 IRA/05/20133/2021 Deborah Atieno Opondo 5-Oct-2020
1839 IRA/05/37593/2021 Deborah Chapia 15-Nov-2020
1840 IRA/05/36277/2021 Deborah Jepkemboi 27-Oct-2020
1841 IRA/05/24113/2021 Deborah Wambui Nzellah 26-Oct-2020
1842 IRA/05/38907/2021 Deckila Moraa Omwenga 1-Oct-2020
1843 IRA/05/30334/2021 Dedan Kimathi Ishumael 6-Oct-2020
1844 IRA/05/32493/2021 Dedan Munge Wanjiru 5-Oct-2020
1845 IRA/05/28327/2021 Dee Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
1846 IRA/05/29905/2021 Deecons Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1847 IRA/05/35493/2021 Deepcover Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
1848 IRA/05/28077/2021 Dehaso Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1849 IRA/05/17953/2021 Delface Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1850 IRA/05/25632/2021 Delfin Mwaura Kamau 6-Oct-2020
1851 IRA/05/38492/2021 Delicover Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1852 IRA/05/13062/2021 Delight Care Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
1853 IRA/05/31241/2021 Delnette Insurance Agency 24-Sep-2020
1854 IRA/05/15928/2021 Delta Springs Insurance Agency 07-Oct-2020
1855 IRA/05/13965/2021 Deltalink Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1856 IRA/05/34126/2021 Demistify Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
1857 IRA/05/25175/2021 Denah Pascal Vuvu 6-Oct-2020
1858 IRA/05/33282/2021 Denice Otieno Ogoma 7-Jan-2021
1859 IRA/05/38130/2021 Denile Cherono Bunei 13-Oct-2020
1860 IRA/05/36529/2021 Denis Ojengo Ondieki 6-Nov-2020
1861 IRA/05/35157/2021 Denis Kamau Maina 28-Sep-2020
1862 IRA/05/24844/2021 Denis Kanyi Wangombe 18-Jan-2021
1863 IRA/05/34784/2021 Denis Mbatha Kyui 12-Jan-2021
1864 IRA/05/34599/2021 Denis Mudavadi Mutange 2-Oct-2020
1865 IRA/05/31492/2021 Denis Nyangau Areri 18-Jan-2021
1866 IRA/05/30243/2021 Denis Omondi Juma 22-Oct-2020
1867 IRA/05/14267/2021 Denis Omondi Owino 13-Jan-2021
1868 IRA/05/39879/2021 Denjay Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
1869 IRA/05/19071/2021 Denken Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1870 IRA/05/27309/2021 Denkim Insurance Agencies 11-Jan-2021
1871 IRA/05/35596/2021 Denmak Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
1872 IRA/05/30680/2021 Dennis Juma Onyango 5-Oct-2020
1873 IRA/05/37562/2021 Dennis Kamau Mwangi 21-Jan-2021
1874 IRA/05/13417/2021 Dennis Kariuki Nyaga 5-Nov-2020
1875 IRA/05/29864/2021 Dennis Keya Onditi 11-Nov-2020

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1876 IRA/05/35967/2021 Dennis Kimanzi Mwasya 13-Oct-2020
1877 IRA/05/39179/2021 Dennis Mbithi Mwathi 13-Oct-2020
1878 IRA/05/16178/2021 Dennis Miranga Nyachani 9-Oct-2020
1879 IRA/05/32993/2021 Dennis Morara Ayub 25-Sep-2020
1880 IRA/05/39773/2021 Dennis Murimi Wangu 8-Jan-2021
1881 IRA/05/26548/2021 Dennis Mutuku Muia 5-Oct-2020
1882 IRA/05/29183/2021 Dennis Muyonga Singoro 5-Oct-2020
1883 IRA/05/34201/2021 Dennis Nicholas Awuori 1-Feb-2021
1884 IRA/05/38111/2021 Dennis Ochieng Ohuru 02-Oct-2020
1885 IRA/05/37052/2021 Dennis Odhiambo Mafimbo 8-Oct-2020
1886 IRA/05/34693/2021 Dennis Oduory Barasa 12-Oct-2020
1887 IRA/05/39673/2021 Denrob Households Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
1888 IRA/05/33722/2021 Denver Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1889 IRA/05/14610/2021 Deogratias Cornyx Ojenge 14-Oct-2020
1890 IRA/05/17270/2021 Deregs Commercial & Insurance Agencies 19-Nov-2020
1891 IRA/05/15855/2021 Derex Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1892 IRA/05/6316/2021 Deric Hinga 16-Oct-2020
1893 IRA/05/32314/2021 Derick Mwasaru Maghanga 2-Oct-2020
1894 IRA/05/29558/2021 Deriki Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
1895 IRA/05/25844/2021 Derivative Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
1896 IRA/05/29939/2021 Derrick Ouma Omondi 3-Nov-2020
1897 IRA/05/33713/2021 Derrick Wachai Wangari 7-Oct-2020
1898 IRA/05/15223/2021 Desderio Kiogora Kathia 30-Sep-2020
1899 IRA/05/12878/2021 Designer Insurance Agencies Ltd 13-Nov-2020
1900 IRA/05/29145/2021 Deslinnk Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1901 IRA/05/37836/2021 Desmond Kithuka 27-Jan-2021
1902 IRA/05/39941/2021 Desmond Nyandega 8-Feb-2021
1903 IRA/05/25361/2021 Desta Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1904 IRA/05/25783/2021 Destined Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1905 IRA/05/24286/2021 Destiny Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
1906 IRA/05/37641/2021 Devans Kiprotich Kosgei 29-Sep-2020
1907 IRA/05/28905/2021 Devine Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1908 IRA/05/36940/2021 Dewa Anointed Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
1909 IRA/05/37947/2021 Dhima Consultancy & Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1910 IRA/05/39971/2021 Diacust Insurance Agency Limited 15-Feb-2021
1911 IRA/05/30822/2021 Dial Up Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1912 IRA/05/28507/2021 Diamond Bridge Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1913 IRA/05/32784/2021 Diamond Plus Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
1914 IRA/05/1039/2021 Diamondmark Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
1915 IRA/05/26344/2021 Diana Mbula Mwololo 6-Oct-2020
1916 IRA/05/37931/2021 Diana Cheptoo Ruto 21-Jan-2021
1917 IRA/05/25110/2021 Diana Imbala Kondo 12-Nov-2020
1918 IRA/05/32175/2021 Diana Jebet 5-Oct-2020
1919 IRA/05/30123/2021 Diana Katungwa Saidi 28-Sep-2020
1920 IRA/05/36188/2021 Diana Kerubo 27-Sep-2020
1921 IRA/05/38957/2021 Diana Kerubo Ogero 14-Oct-2020
1922 IRA/05/26587/2021 Diana Mbula Musembi 29-Sep-2020
1923 IRA/05/27256/2021 Diana Mwendwa Murungi 28-Sep-2020
1924 IRA/05/37459/2021 Diana Nanjala Munialo 6-Oct-2020
1925 IRA/05/31639/2021 Diana Nyawira Mwangi 27-Sep-2020
1926 IRA/05/33239/2021 Diana Opiyo Apiyo 6-Nov-2020
1927 IRA/05/30069/2021 Diana Rose Anyango Okech 8-Oct-2020
1928 IRA/05/11935/2021 Diana Wakesho Mlegwa 30-Dec-2020
1929 IRA/05/39788/2021 Diana Wambui Karuiki 19-Jan-2021
1930 IRA/05/29379/2021 Dianah Akinyi Juma Tinga 6-Nov-2020
1931 IRA/05/29777/2021 Dianah Anyango Ogutu 9-Oct-2020
1932 IRA/05/34959/2021 Diaspora Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
1933 IRA/05/13055/2021 Dickson Ndwiga Ireri 30-Sep-2020
1934 IRA/05/28854/2021 Dickson Wachira Nyamu 26-Sep-2020

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1935 IRA/05/18003/2021 Dickways Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
1936 IRA/05/26243/2021 Digital Care Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
1937 IRA/05/12905/2021 Digital Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
1938 IRA/05/39333/2021 Digital Online Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1939 IRA/05/39500/2021 Digivault Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1940 IRA/05/14146/2021 Dignity Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
1941 IRA/05/15940/2021 Dimacan Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
1942 IRA/05/34194/2021 Dinah Annet Igoki Kaburu 8-Oct-2020
1943 IRA/05/17352/2021 Dinah Martha Kinanu 27-Sep-2020
1944 IRA/05/29597/2021 Dinah Nkatha Mbae 6-Oct-2020
1945 IRA/05/39828/2021 Dinah Wangari Gichohu 29-Jan-2021
1946 IRA/05/38460/2021 Direca Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1947 IRA/05/14536/2021 Direct And Affordable Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
1948 IRA/05/29709/2021 Direct Flight Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
1949 IRA/05/36515/2021 Direct Way Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
1950 IRA/05/33776/2021 Disma Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
1951 IRA/05/9356/2021 Dismas Owuor Oliech 7-Oct-2020
1952 IRA/05/37436/2021 Dismeck Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
1953 IRA/05/38457/2021 Distin Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
1954 IRA/05/25077/2021 Divaville Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1955 IRA/05/38962/2021 Divinah Nyamisa Omwando 11-Nov-2020
1956 IRA/05/39820/2021 Divine Link Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
1957 IRA/05/27485/2021 Dizza Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
1958 IRA/05/38278/2021 Dobister Akoth Ochieng 26-Sep-2020
1959 IRA/05/37324/2021 Doche Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
1960 IRA/05/32954/2021 Dolexo Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
1961 IRA/05/36285/2021 Dolphin Kerubo Ondieki 7-Oct-2020
1962 IRA/05/38730/2021 Dominic Gicheru Mugoh 2-Oct-2020
1963 IRA/05/36372/2021 Dominic Kabugi Kiritu 22-Jan-2021
1964 IRA/05/36933/2021 Dominic Kimathi Mberia 21-Jan-2021
1965 IRA/05/15610/2021 Dominic Matoke Koroso 7-Oct-2020
1966 IRA/05/29033/2021 Dominic Mbinda Mbuvi 1-Oct-2020
1967 IRA/05/4962/2021 Dominic Mbusu 27-Sep-2020
1968 IRA/05/38093/2021 Dominic Muia Kimeu 8-Oct-2020
1969 IRA/05/6909/2021 Dominic Mwanza Kyavi 30-Dec-2020
1970 IRA/05/29254/2021 Dominic Ondonga Mokua 6-Oct-2020
1971 IRA/05/33191/2021 Dominic Saboke Ochwando 28-Sep-2020
1972 IRA/05/25104/2021 Dominica Njeri Munyua 12-Nov-2020
1973 IRA/05/11216/2021 Dominion Doo Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
1974 IRA/05/30539/2021 Domitilah Mueni Kitunguu 5-Oct-2020
1975 IRA/05/35058/2021 Domminetar Kambua Ngau 30-Sep-2020
1976 IRA/05/17259/2021 Donald Kala Wambua 7-Oct-2020
1977 IRA/05/24309/2021 Donald Manthu Akhayi 28-Sep-2020
1978 IRA/05/19018/2021 Donald Mwakisima 26-Oct-2020
1979 IRA/05/37717/2021 Donald Mwashighadi Mwasangu 15-Oct-2020
1980 IRA/05/17000/2021 Donald Mwendwa Kivindu 8-Oct-2020
1981 IRA/05/39862/2021 Donde Atico Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
1982 IRA/05/25203/2021 Donrene Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
1983 IRA/05/24097/2021 Dontima Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
1984 IRA/05/16648/2021 Doorstep Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
1985 IRA/05/39327/2021 Dorcas Akhashindu Ominde 14-Jan-2021
1986 IRA/05/26803/2021 Dorcas Awino Aduma 12-Oct-2020
1987 IRA/05/28288/2021 Dorcas Awuor Dede 6-Jan-2021
1988 IRA/05/37028/2021 Dorcas J Kisang 6-Oct-2020
1989 IRA/05/30133/2021 Dorcas Kagendo Muroki 6-Oct-2020
1990 IRA/05/39031/2021 Dorcas Muriuki Mutitu 14-Oct-2020
1991 IRA/05/39502/2021 Dorcas Mutave Sila 28-Sep-2020
1992 IRA/05/32946/2021 Dorcas Mutethya Kyatha 30-Sep-2020
1993 IRA/05/16439/2021 Dorcas Mwelu Mutua 26-Sep-2020

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1994 IRA/05/36647/2021 Dorcas Mwikali Misoa 7-Oct-2020
1995 IRA/05/26532/2021 Dorcas Naliaka Simiyu 2-Feb-2021
1996 IRA/05/33149/2021 Dorcas Nyaleso Oriedo 29-Sep-2020
1997 IRA/05/31405/2021 Dorcas Saiyanet Keteko 27-Nov-2020
1998 IRA/05/32140/2021 Dorcas Shisia Mukolwe 12-Jan-2021
1999 IRA/05/29606/2021 Dorcas Wanjiku Kuria 28-Sep-2020
2000 IRA/05/37201/2021 Dorcus Mwikali Mutavi 2-Oct-2020
2001 IRA/05/28455/2021 Doreen Akinyi Ohotto 22-Jan-2021
2002 IRA/05/39076/2021 Doreen Anyango 22-Oct-2020
2003 IRA/05/34703/2021 Doreen Gaicugi Kimathi 6-Oct-2020
2004 IRA/05/33971/2021 Doreen Kathure Kithinji 4-Nov-2020
2005 IRA/05/27143/2021 Doreen Kemunto Omote 11-Nov-2020
2006 IRA/05/38587/2021 Doreen Kinga Nganga 8-Oct-2020
2007 IRA/05/38672/2021 Doreen Mukami 12-Nov-2020
2008 IRA/05/28111/2021 Doreen Mukiri Magiri 12-Nov-2020
2009 IRA/05/26914/2021 Doreen Murugi Mati 7-Oct-2020
2010 IRA/05/36287/2021 Dorety Esmily Mwabili 28-Sep-2020
2011 IRA/05/29560/2021 Dories Mwikali Nzuve 27-Sep-2020
2012 IRA/05/15556/2021 Dorinet Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
2013 IRA/05/24463/2021 Doris Kerubo Nyaribo 27-Sep-2020
2014 IRA/05/12557/2021 Doris Mutindi Kioko 27-Sep-2020
2015 IRA/05/37102/2021 Doris Wangari Gichuki 26-Sep-2020
2016 IRA/05/38102/2021 Doris Wanjiku Ndungu 9-Oct-2020
2017 IRA/05/32187/2021 Dority Gakenia 6-Oct-2020
2018 IRA/05/28684/2021 Dorlan Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
2019 IRA/05/31376/2021 Dorothy Gakii Gitonga 6-Oct-2020
2020 IRA/05/38785/2021 Dorothy Achieng Rangila 12-Oct-2020
2021 IRA/05/35487/2021 Dorothy Adhiambo Onunga 6-Oct-2020
2022 IRA/05/36056/2021 Dorothy Akinyi Ojiambo 6-Oct-2020
2023 IRA/05/20264/2021 Dorothy Akinyi Otieno 12-Oct-2020
2024 IRA/05/39938/2021 Dorothy Ambogo Bwosi 8-Feb-2021
2025 IRA/05/27037/2021 Dorothy Anyango Ojijo 28-Sep-2020
2026 IRA/05/31146/2021 Dorothy Eunice Owi 6-Nov-2020
2027 IRA/05/38237/2021 Dorothy Kagwiria Kinoti 12-Nov-2020
2028 IRA/05/16936/2021 Dorothy Mwende Syula 11-Nov-2020
2029 IRA/05/15747/2021 Dorothy Nditiva Malelu 14-Dec-2020
2030 IRA/05/16976/2021 Dorothy Nkirote Ringera 1-Oct-2020
2031 IRA/05/36898/2021 Dorothy Osango 13-Oct-2020
2032 IRA/05/37299/2021 Dorothy Ouma 2-Feb-2021
2033 IRA/05/37838/2021 Dorothy Wambui Munyi 5-Oct-2020
2034 IRA/05/16316/2021 Dortmund Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
2035 IRA/05/14117/2021 Dorvia Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
2036 IRA/05/25860/2021 Dothan Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2037 IRA/05/17130/2021 Double Tree Agency 12-Oct-2020
2038 IRA/05/33320/2021 Double Ways Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
2039 IRA/05/30641/2021 Doublecare Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
2040 IRA/05/38455/2021 Douglas Barongo Mokaya 9-Oct-2020
2041 IRA/05/37243/2021 Douglas Gitau Ireri 29-Sep-2020
2042 IRA/05/30252/2021 Douglas Mbuto Murigi 11-Feb-2021
2043 IRA/05/37563/2021 Douglas Mshamba Mwakio 26-Sep-2020
2044 IRA/05/36832/2021 Douglas Mwangi Ndungu 16-Oct-2020
2045 IRA/05/33166/2021 Douglas Nyambariga Omariba 28-Sep-2020
2046 IRA/05/25371/2021 Douglas Olang 3-Nov-2020
2047 IRA/05/28829/2021 Douglas Tom Ndege 13-Jan-2021
2048 IRA/05/36355/2021 Douglas Wanga Mungoni 6-Nov-2020
2049 IRA/05/34292/2021 Douryn Bochere Ongwae 13-Nov-2020
2050 IRA/05/3525/2021 Doveline Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2051 IRA/05/7186/2021 Dover Insurance Agency Limited 02-Oct-2020
2052 IRA/05/12924/2021 Down-Rates Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020

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2053 IRA/05/12197/2021 Downright Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
2054 IRA/05/39204/2021 Dranoel Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
2055 IRA/05/35496/2021 Drecon Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
2056 IRA/05/39508/2021 Dredah Talu 29-Sep-2020
2057 IRA/05/37637/2021 D-Risk Insurance Agency Limited 28-Dec-2020
2058 IRA/05/40006/2021 Druwheelz Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
2059 IRA/05/31667/2021 Duke Mayaka Onsongo 28-Sep-2020
2060 IRA/05/30285/2021 Duke Momanyi Onsongo 9-Oct-2020
2061 IRA/05/31420/2021 Duke Mosoti Omwoyo 11-Nov-2020
2062 IRA/05/38258/2021 Duke Nyanganyi Ogega 1-Feb-2021
2063 IRA/05/39693/2021 Duke Omara Nyakundi 24-Nov-2020
2064 IRA/05/34315/2021 Dumexis Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
2065 IRA/05/26707/2021 Dumu Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
2066 IRA/05/17141/2021 Dunamis Insurance Agencies 15-Nov-2020
2067 IRA/05/32345/2021 Duncan Ndoria Wambui 12-Nov-2020
2068 IRA/05/25370/2021 Duncan Nzomo Kilunda 5-Oct-2020
2069 IRA/05/29003/2021 Duncan Onyango Oketch 12-Oct-2020
2070 IRA/05/35024/2021 Dunik Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
2071 IRA/05/30185/2021 Dusree Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
2072 IRA/05/39365/2021 Dyfed Insurance Agency Limited 3-Nov-2020
2073 IRA/05/31984/2021 Dyllis Bosibori Ontumbi 11-Nov-2020
2074 IRA/05/24093/2021 Dynamic Partners Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
2075 IRA/05/26312/2021 Dynamics Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
2076 IRA/05/30120/2021 Dynamics Marketing $ Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
2077 IRA/05/14803/2021 Dynamite Insurance Agencies Limited 14-Nov-2020
2078 IRA/05/38901/2021 Dynapax Insurance Agency Limited 12-Nov-2020
2079 IRA/05/35769/2021 Eagane Insurance Agencies 11-Jan-2021
2080 IRA/05/39737/2021 Eagle View Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
2081 IRA/05/31017/2021 Eagle Vision Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2082 IRA/05/28262/2021 Eagleline Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
2083 IRA/05/28243/2021 Earnest Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
2084 IRA/05/24187/2021 Earthwise Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2085 IRA/05/38831/2021 Easbis Insurance Agency Limited 15-Oct-2020
2086 IRA/05/38151/2021 Ease Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2087 IRA/05/27406/2021 Eastern Springs Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
2088 IRA/05/26956/2021 Eastgate Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
2089 IRA/05/24968/2021 Easy Max Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
2090 IRA/05/37209/2021 Eawestern Investments Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
2091 IRA/05/38433/2021 Eb Insurance Agencies 7-Jan-2021
2092 IRA/05/39661/2021 EBC INSURANCE AGENCY Limited 11-Feb-2021
2093 IRA/05/27597/2021 Ebex Marketing & Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2094 IRA/05/14008/2021 Ebo Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2095 IRA/05/24977/2021 Ebra Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
2096 IRA/05/39946/2021 Echelon Insurance Agency And Consultants Limited 8-Feb-2021
2097 IRA/05/29824/2021 Eclat Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
2098 IRA/05/13766/2021 E-Com Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
2099 IRA/05/27550/2021 Economic Insurance Agencies Limited 26-Sep-2020
2100 IRA/05/39799/2021 Edamchi Insurance Agency Limited 21-Jan-2021
2101 IRA/05/13850/2021 Edanty Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
2102 IRA/05/16884/2021 Eddah Wanjiku Wamuya 6-Nov-2020
2103 IRA/05/25374/2021 Eddie Okelo Stephens 29-Sep-2020
2104 IRA/05/38329/2021 Eddie Wahome Wangombe 7-Oct-2020
2105 IRA/05/34168/2021 Eddy Com Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
2106 IRA/05/26967/2021 Eddy Mukhwana Rombosia 26-Sep-2020
2107 IRA/05/27457/2021 Eddy Otieno Omuko 12-Nov-2020
2108 IRA/05/28531/2021 Edfact Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2109 IRA/05/35092/2021 Edgar Opakasi Makeni 12-Nov-2020
2110 IRA/05/31904/2021 Edge Wealth Management & Insurance Agency Ltd 2-Oct-2020
2111 IRA/05/9669/2021 Edgeware Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020

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2112 IRA/05/34477/2021 Edibra Insurance Agencies 21-Jan-2021
2113 IRA/05/35620/2021 Edina Dali Ndeleko 6-Jan-2021
2114 IRA/05/37983/2021 Edinah Kemunto Mesa 6-Oct-2020
2115 IRA/05/37100/2021 Edisam Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2116 IRA/05/34640/2021 Edith Achieng Odoyo 26-Sep-2020
2117 IRA/05/27465/2021 Edith Ademba Wafula 6-Oct-2020
2118 IRA/05/38615/2021 Edith Atieno Okello 6-Jan-2021
2119 IRA/05/38241/2021 Edith Atieno Omolo 26-Sep-2020
2120 IRA/05/34747/2021 Edith Kariko Waweru 14-Oct-2020
2121 IRA/05/34006/2021 Edith Musenya Mwinzi 6-Oct-2020
2122 IRA/05/39372/2021 Edith Njambi Kabaki 11-Nov-2020
2123 IRA/05/17873/2021 Edith Njeri Gema 11-Nov-2020
2124 IRA/05/32726/2021 Edith Wachira 6-Jan-2021
2125 IRA/05/27402/2021 Edith Wanjiku Muiru 3-Nov-2020
2126 IRA/05/39751/2021 Edli Insurance Agency Limited 8-Feb-2021
2127 IRA/05/16774/2021 Edma Commercial And Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2128 IRA/05/39252/2021 Edmug Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2129 IRA/05/35876/2021 Edna Chepkorir Lagat 8-Oct-2020
2130 IRA/05/25300/2021 Edna Chepkurui Mulinda 29-Sep-2020
2131 IRA/05/33403/2021 Edna Kyana 6-Oct-2020
2132 IRA/05/38884/2021 Edna Mukiri Mworia 1-Oct-2020
2133 IRA/05/39103/2021 Edna Wanjiru Muruiki 25-Sep-2020
2134 IRA/05/36105/2021 Ednah Lindah Aliviza Onimu 11-Feb-2021
2135 IRA/05/36894/2021 Edolim Insurance Agency Limited 5-Nov-2020
2136 IRA/05/38250/2021 Edson Ondieki Gwako 12-Oct-2020
2137 IRA/05/30599/2021 Edward Wainaina Mwangi. 8-Oct-2020
2138 IRA/05/33105/2021 Edward Adongo Ombok 6-Nov-2020
2139 IRA/05/14710/2021 Edward Atsibilwa 7-Oct-2020
2140 IRA/05/8571/2021 Edward Chamwada Nambita 14-Oct-2020
2141 IRA/05/8160/2021 Edward K. Mureithi 29-Sep-2020
2142 IRA/05/39451/2021 Edward Kaminja Njoroge 8-Oct-2020
2143 IRA/05/32254/2021 Edward Kibuika Nganga 26-Sep-2020
2144 IRA/05/37788/2021 Edward Kiondo Kubo 31-Dec-2020
2145 IRA/05/5133/2021 Edward Mbindyo Mbuva 30-Sep-2020
2146 IRA/05/27958/2021 Edward Nangane Aluda 14-Oct-2020
2147 IRA/05/31868/2021 Edward Ndiga Gichuki 11-Feb-2021
2148 IRA/05/30347/2021 Edward Ngari Mrimi 30-Sep-2020
2149 IRA/05/38570/2021 Edward Nguku Manguru Kiruku 2-Feb-2021
2150 IRA/05/20183/2021 Edward Nyamu Mukuha 14-Oct-2020
2151 IRA/05/24528/2021 Edward Okoth Achola 6-Nov-2020
2152 IRA/05/15208/2021 Edward Okoth Jawuo 30-Sep-2020
2153 IRA/05/30001/2021 Edward Okwaro Obwokor 8-Dec-2020
2154 IRA/05/7894/2021 Edward Onyango Odero 26-Oct-2020
2155 IRA/05/28312/2021 Edward Tei Opuk 27-Sep-2020
2156 IRA/05/25582/2021 Edward Wachira Maina 30-Sep-2020
2157 IRA/05/29949/2021 Edward Wairagu Waithaka 14-Dec-2020
2158 IRA/05/34008/2021 Edwin Aluse Oniango 1-Oct-2020
2159 IRA/05/34378/2021 Edwin Gulivitswa Lugaliki 5-Oct-2020
2160 IRA/05/17233/2021 Edwin Kamau Mbugua 27-Sep-2020
2161 IRA/05/31081/2021 Edwin Kanjah 6-Oct-2020
2162 IRA/05/39036/2021 Edwin Kibet 16-Oct-2020
2163 IRA/05/30844/2021 Edwin Maina Wambui 28-Sep-2020
2164 IRA/05/36570/2021 Edwin Mathu Thuo 30-Sep-2020
2165 IRA/05/36015/2021 Edwin Muatha Katali 16-Oct-2020
2166 IRA/05/32574/2021 Edwin Mucheru Karuga 27-Sep-2020
2167 IRA/05/36824/2021 Edwin Mugo Njuguna 6-Nov-2020
2168 IRA/05/39504/2021 Edwin Muteti Muthoni 31-Oct-2020
2169 IRA/05/28355/2021 Edwin Mwenda Murungi 12-Nov-2020
2170 IRA/05/25325/2021 Edwin Ndungu Chege 29-Sep-2020

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2171 IRA/05/29510/2021 Edwin Omondi Ochieng 14-Dec-2020
2172 IRA/05/38562/2021 Edwin Omondi Ondiek 19-Jan-2021
2173 IRA/05/29789/2021 Edwin Ontita Lumumba 08-Oct-2020
2174 IRA/05/30720/2021 Edwin Otieno Owidi 26-Sep-2020
2175 IRA/05/9381/2021 Edwin Ouma Oyucho 29-Sep-2020
2176 IRA/05/26276/2021 Edwin Shirumba Osale 06-Nov-2020
2177 IRA/05/38270/2021 Edwine Okoth Kanam 2-Oct-2020
2178 IRA/05/13690/2021 Eglet Solution Insurance Agencies 28-Jan-2021
2179 IRA/05/2986/2021 Ego Insurance Agents 14-Nov-2020
2180 IRA/05/38483/2021 Ekambi Andebe Simeon 28-Sep-2020
2181 IRA/05/29909/2021 Ekobeth Insurance Agency 1-Dec-2020
2182 IRA/05/36919/2021 Elaborate Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2183 IRA/05/34991/2021 Elavate Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
2184 IRA/05/38728/2021 Elavra Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2185 IRA/05/25707/2021 Elbima Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2186 IRA/05/37339/2021 Eleprint Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
2187 IRA/05/39766/2021 Elevate Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
2188 IRA/05/12920/2021 Elians Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
2189 IRA/05/37901/2021 Elias Mbui Gitobu 7-Oct-2020
2190 IRA/05/26560/2021 Elias Mwangi Nganga 27-Sep-2020
2191 IRA/05/32731/2021 Elias Njoroge Njuguna 15-Feb-2021
2192 IRA/05/15711/2021 Elias Sang Kipruto 9-Oct-2020
2193 IRA/05/27676/2021 Elias Wamae Marui 5-Oct-2020
2194 IRA/05/38814/2021 Elijah Bosire Ondieki 3-Feb-2021
2195 IRA/05/11413/2021 Elijah Gakuha Waihenya 6-Oct-2020
2196 IRA/05/38226/2021 Elijah Kalii Matiti 18-Jan-2021
2197 IRA/05/15201/2021 Elijah Kariuki Wahome 26-Sep-2020
2198 IRA/05/10247/2021 Elijah Lihanda Kamadi 6-Oct-2020
2199 IRA/05/39912/2021 Elijah Mureithi Mwai 3-Feb-2021
2200 IRA/05/20039/2021 Elijah Muthembwa Mulinge 13-Oct-2020
2201 IRA/05/8610/2021 Elijah O. Gekara 26-Sep-2020
2202 IRA/05/17015/2021 Elijah Orina 28-Sep-2020
2203 IRA/05/38388/2021 Elikanah Wambua Maithya 4-Nov-2020
2204 IRA/05/30935/2021 Elim Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2205 IRA/05/34962/2021 Elinah Khaukani Shivachi 27-Sep-2020
2206 IRA/05/27105/2021 Elior Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
2207 IRA/05/34993/2021 Elisco Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2208 IRA/05/37689/2021 Elisha Odhiambo Oyando 12-Nov-2020
2209 IRA/05/28529/2021 Elisha Reru Limumba 28-Sep-2020
2210 IRA/05/28215/2021 Elisheba Achieng Otieno 5-Oct-2020
2211 IRA/05/37515/2021 Elissons Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
2212 IRA/05/926/2021 Elite Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
2213 IRA/05/16390/2021 Eliton Cosmas Otera 6-Oct-2020
2214 IRA/05/36574/2021 Eliud Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
2215 IRA/05/15206/2021 Eliud Kangara John 2-Oct-2020
2216 IRA/05/34186/2021 Eliud Kavogi Lwangu 5-Oct-2020
2217 IRA/05/1368/2021 Eliud Kiplimo Kemei 5-Oct-2020
2218 IRA/05/26334/2021 Eliud Kipruto Too 5-Oct-2020
2219 IRA/05/17153/2021 Eliud Mliwa Njumwa 13-Nov-2020
2220 IRA/05/35903/2021 Eliud Ndiro Wahome 28-Sep-2020
2221 IRA/05/11184/2021 Elizabel Nduku Musau 5-Oct-2020
2222 IRA/05/34705/2021 Elizabeth K Kioko 15-Oct-2020
2223 IRA/05/30143/2021 Elizabeth Achieng Mumbo 27-Sep-2020
2224 IRA/05/39672/2021 Elizabeth Ajwang Otaye 12-Nov-2020
2225 IRA/05/16454/2021 Elizabeth Akinyi Lutta 23-Oct-2020
2226 IRA/05/30578/2021 Elizabeth Atieno Ayucha 6-Oct-2020
2227 IRA/05/37279/2021 Elizabeth Chelangat Ngeno 8-Oct-2020
2228 IRA/05/37698/2021 Elizabeth Gatuma 9-Oct-2020
2229 IRA/05/38034/2021 Elizabeth Gatumi Mpara 28-Sep-2020

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2230 IRA/05/32302/2021 Elizabeth Jelimo Cherutich 28-Sep-2020
2231 IRA/05/30597/2021 Elizabeth Kaari Munyua 26-Sep-2020
2232 IRA/05/27239/2021 Elizabeth Kabuti 11-Dec-2020
2233 IRA/05/27575/2021 Elizabeth Kalulu Mutie 30-Sep-2020
2234 IRA/05/36267/2021 Elizabeth Kungu 6-Oct-2020
2235 IRA/05/25340/2021 Elizabeth M Wathuta 6-Oct-2020
2236 IRA/05/13489/2021 Elizabeth M. Mwangeti 16-Dec-2020
2237 IRA/05/17277/2021 Elizabeth M. Nzioka 2-Oct-2020
2238 IRA/05/34042/2021 Elizabeth Mbula Annah 6-Oct-2020
2239 IRA/05/39347/2021 Elizabeth Mercy Wangu Nduta 5-Oct-2020
2240 IRA/05/36179/2021 Elizabeth Mueni Muthini 14-Oct-2020
2241 IRA/05/32301/2021 Elizabeth Mukami Mbogo 6-Oct-2020
2242 IRA/05/27783/2021 Elizabeth Mumbua Matheka 28-Sep-2020
2243 IRA/05/34866/2021 Elizabeth Murugi Wanganga 3-Nov-2020
2244 IRA/05/25902/2021 Elizabeth Muthoni Kamau 07-Oct-2020
2245 IRA/05/39161/2021 Elizabeth Muthoni Nduni 17-Oct-2020
2246 IRA/05/39275/2021 Elizabeth Mutile Munyao 28-Sep-2020
2247 IRA/05/39087/2021 Elizabeth Mutindi Lucy 8-Oct-2020
2248 IRA/05/27056/2021 Elizabeth Mwaura 28-Jan-2021
2249 IRA/05/30972/2021 Elizabeth Mwende Muema 3-Nov-2020
2250 IRA/05/34737/2021 Elizabeth Mwende Mwanzia 16-Oct-2020
2251 IRA/05/29925/2021 Elizabeth Mwihaki Kinyanjui 11-Jan-2021
2252 IRA/05/25605/2021 Elizabeth N. Kasyoka 29-Sep-2020
2253 IRA/05/313433/2021 Elizabeth Nadupoi Teeka 6-Oct-2020
2254 IRA/05/13192/2021 Elizabeth Nakhumicha Namawanga 29-Sep-2020
2255 IRA/05/38088/2021 Elizabeth Nakhungu Murunga 5-Oct-2020
2256 IRA/05/38633/2021 Elizabeth Ndulu Mukola 29-Sep-2020
2257 IRA/05/38077/2021 Elizabeth Ndunda Kalaghe 6-Oct-2020
2258 IRA/05/38478/2021 Elizabeth Ndunge Wambua 14-Dec-2020
2259 IRA/05/27853/2021 Elizabeth Nekesa Okwara 22-Oct-2020
2260 IRA/05/25373/2021 Elizabeth Ngami Wambua 28-Sep-2020
2261 IRA/05/37057/2021 Elizabeth Ngii Wambua 05-Oct-2020
2262 IRA/05/28528/2021 Elizabeth Njeri Manu 8-Oct-2020
2263 IRA/05/38777/2021 Elizabeth Njeri Mugo 16-Oct-2020
2264 IRA/05/35043/2021 Elizabeth Njeri Mukui 9-Oct-2020
2265 IRA/05/20241/2021 Elizabeth Njoki Kangethe 6-Oct-2020
2266 IRA/05/30447/2021 Elizabeth Njoki Wanyoike 15-Oct-2020
2267 IRA/05/32147/2021 Elizabeth Nthenya Mutyotwii 30-Sep-2020
2268 IRA/05/29035/2021 Elizabeth Nyambura Kahara 28-Sep-2020
2269 IRA/05/36336/2021 Elizabeth Nyamiru Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
2270 IRA/05/39207/2021 Elizabeth Nyawira Nderitu 17-Oct-2020
2271 IRA/05/29862/2021 Elizabeth Nyokabi Njogu 11-Nov-2020
2272 IRA/05/28092/2021 Elizabeth Nzula Kilonzi 13-Oct-2020
2273 IRA/05/29153/2021 Elizabeth Syombua Nzomo 5-Oct-2020
2274 IRA/05/36841/2021 Elizabeth Wachira 1-Feb-2021
2275 IRA/05/32815/2021 Elizabeth Wairimu Ireri 9-Oct-2020
2276 IRA/05/24026/2021 Elizabeth Wairimu Kinyua 2-Oct-2020
2277 IRA/05/16455/2021 Elizabeth Wairimu Mugwe 26-Sep-2020
2278 IRA/05/35583/2021 Elizabeth Wairimu Wagacha 6-Nov-2020
2279 IRA/05/35656/2021 Elizabeth Waithira Maguta 8-Oct-2020
2280 IRA/05/15819/2021 Elizabeth Wambui Ngethe 5-Oct-2020
2281 IRA/05/30852/2021 Elizabeth Wambui Waweru 15-Nov-2020
2282 IRA/05/37547/2021 Elizabeth Wamira Mbugua 5-Oct-2020
2283 IRA/05/33474/2021 Elizabeth Wangari Njoroge 6-Oct-2020
2284 IRA/05/31642/2021 Elizabeth Wangechi Kaniaru 28-Sep-2020
2285 IRA/05/29547/2021 Elizabeth Wangechi Mbaya 13-Oct-2020
2286 IRA/05/26704/2021 Elizabeth Wangui Wambugu 29-Sep-2020
2287 IRA/05/30137/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiku Gitau 9-Oct-2020
2288 IRA/05/14314/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiku Mwangi 5-Oct-2020

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2289 IRA/05/16857/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiku Wakah 5-Nov-2020
2290 IRA/05/35828/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiru Gichuhi 6-Oct-2020
2291 IRA/05/31029/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiru Kibui 16-Oct-2020
2292 IRA/05/28868/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiru Nganga 27-Sep-2020
2293 IRA/05/39090/2021 Elizabeth Wanjiru Njoroge 12-Dec-2020
2294 IRA/05/32178/2021 Elizah Jebichii Kiplagat 28-Sep-2020
2295 IRA/05/25568/2021 Elkam Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2296 IRA/05/33413/2021 Elkana Onyango Okwiri 29-Sep-2020
2297 IRA/05/8137/2021 Ella Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
2298 IRA/05/36879/2021 Ellard Insurance Agency Ltd. 6-Oct-2020
2299 IRA/05/30010/2021 Ellen Wanjiru Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
2300 IRA/05/38692/2021 Ellis Nzioki 6-Oct-2020
2301 IRA/05/24134/2021 Ellmana Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
2302 IRA/05/34734/2021 Elly Odhiambo Onyango 16-Oct-2020
2303 IRA/05/28268/2021 Elly Hestings Ochieng 3-Nov-2020
2304 IRA/05/37295/2021 Elmaky Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
2305 IRA/05/25957/2021 Elnora Mshai Maghanga 18-Dec-2020
2306 IRA/05/26393/2021 Elosy Kaloki Kanampiu 2-Oct-2020
2307 IRA/05/17754/2021 Elphas Owiti Ominde 6-Oct-2020
2308 IRA/05/30464/2021 Elpinah Wanyika Mbole 12-Oct-2020
2309 IRA/05/16617/2021 Elrob Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
2310 IRA/05/28615/2021 Elsali Insurance Agency Ltd. 12-Nov-2020
2311 IRA/05/35019/2021 Elstable Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
2312 IRA/05/16721/2021 El-Suro Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
2313 IRA/05/36971/2021 Elvin Anyango Oluoch 5-Oct-2020
2314 IRA/05/36957/2021 Elvin Moraa Nyabuti 14-Oct-2020
2315 IRA/05/33057/2021 Elvine Wanyaga Iguna 9-Oct-2020
2316 IRA/05/36353/2021 Elvis Ambani 9-Oct-2020
2317 IRA/05/29321/2021 Elvis Barasa Malloh 7-Oct-2020
2318 IRA/05/37968/2021 Elvis Camlus Okoth 15-Oct-2020
2319 IRA/05/26337/2021 Elvis Chepkwony Nyangoi 3-Nov-2020
2320 IRA/05/38616/2021 Elvis Machani Aminga 19-Jan-2021
2321 IRA/05/37899/2021 Elvis Mugambi Njagi 27-Oct-2020
2322 IRA/05/33462/2021 Elvis Odhiambo Oduor 26-Sep-2020
2323 IRA/05/33266/2021 Ely Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
2324 IRA/05/33996/2021 Elyane Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2325 IRA/05/30727/2021 Elyod Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
2326 IRA/05/32372/2021 Elyphina Shighadi Mwambanga 6-Oct-2020
2327 IRA/05/34805/2021 Emarl Insurance & Commercial Agency 7-Jan-2021
2328 IRA/05/34950/2021 Emasaki Insurance Agency 10-Feb-2021
2329 IRA/05/35892/2021 Emaus Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
2330 IRA/05/17092/2021 Embassavanah Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
2331 IRA/05/32804/2021 Embrace Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
2332 IRA/05/30565/2021 Emco Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2333 IRA/05/37326/2021 Emely Akila Aloyo 5-Oct-2020
2334 IRA/05/32539/2021 Emeralds Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
2335 IRA/05/31991/2021 Emerg Insurance Agency Limited 1-Oct-2020
2336 IRA/05/35374/2021 Emesccos Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
2337 IRA/05/37709/2021 Emilly Atieno Opondo 8-Dec-2020
2338 IRA/05/37094/2021 Emilly Zighe Mbwana 12-Oct-2020
2339 IRA/05/39050/2021 Emily Achieng Nyadundo 21-Jan-2021
2340 IRA/05/32485/2021 Emily Akinyi Nyanjong 13-Oct-2020
2341 IRA/05/39630/2021 Emily Apondi Murende 7-Jan-2021
2342 IRA/05/39560/2021 Emily Chemutai Birech 2-Oct-2020
2343 IRA/05/30722/2021 Emily Cherotich Koskei 7-Oct-2020
2344 IRA/05/39260/2021 Emily Gatwiri Muriungi 23-Oct-2020
2345 IRA/05/12521/2021 Emily Jepchoge Too 7-Oct-2020
2346 IRA/05/36180/2021 Emily Karambu Kimathi 7-Jan-2021
2347 IRA/05/37019/2021 Emily Kemunto Makworo 12-Nov-2020

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2348 IRA/05/25959/2021 Emily Lore 6-Oct-2020
2349 IRA/05/37922/2021 Emily Mbesa Kioko 10-Feb-2021
2350 IRA/05/27515/2021 Emily Murugi Muiruri 22-Oct-2020
2351 IRA/05/39022/2021 Emily Ndunge Kimondiu 15-Oct-2020
2352 IRA/05/32767/2021 Emily Nkatha Murithi 6-Nov-2020
2353 IRA/05/36074/2021 Emily Nungari Kahuria Koigi 13-Oct-2020
2354 IRA/05/17890/2021 Emily Wambui Kimotho 7-Oct-2020
2355 IRA/05/34170/2021 Emily Wangari Ireri 27-Sep-2020
2356 IRA/05/32436/2021 Emily Wanjiru Kamau 8-Oct-2020
2357 IRA/05/32791/2021 Emirick Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2358 IRA/05/33256/2021 Emkay Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2359 IRA/05/28589/2021 Emkays Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2360 IRA/05/34185/2021 Emma Akinyi Ananga 11-Nov-2020
2361 IRA/05/31964/2021 Emma Emily Bosibori Mayaka 6-Oct-2020
2362 IRA/05/16336/2021 Emma Jacqueline Wambui Thiongo 30-Sep-2020
2363 IRA/05/26361/2021 Emma Wanjiku Ngugi 7-Oct-2020
2364 IRA/05/16739/2021 Emma Wekesa 6-Oct-2020
2365 IRA/05/39512/2021 Emmaculate Adhiambo Oguya 29-Sep-2020
2366 IRA/05/35735/2021 Emmaculate Adhiambo Winda 1-Oct-2020
2367 IRA/05/35737/2021 Emmaculate Mwende Mulelo 26-Oct-2020
2368 IRA/05/34362/2021 Emmaculate Mwende Ndonye 30-Sep-2020
2369 IRA/05/33297/2021 Emmah Atieno Otieno 28-Sep-2020
2370 IRA/05/25523/2021 Emmah Njeri Mwangi 02-Oct-2020
2371 IRA/05/34977/2021 Emmah Wangui Mbugua 21-Oct-2020
2372 IRA/05/34450/2021 Emmah Wanjiru Gaturo 12-Nov-2020
2373 IRA/05/16244/2021 Emmanet Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
2374 IRA/05/26050/2021 Emmanuel Alai 12-Jan-2021
2375 IRA/05/28376/2021 Emmanuel Gatinu Wairimu 5-Oct-2020
2376 IRA/05/32507/2021 Emmanuel Lonkisa Ikayo 29-Sep-2020
2377 IRA/05/33901/2021 Emmanuel Machuki Mogeke 16-Oct-2020
2378 IRA/05/26919/2021 Emmanuel Mugala 20-Jan-2021
2379 IRA/05/29315/2021 Emmanuel Ojuma Juma 5-Oct-2020
2380 IRA/05/25166/2021 Emmanuel Ouma Oduor 11-Nov-2020
2381 IRA/05/4604/2021 Emmanuel Soita Wekesa 22-Dec-2020
2382 IRA/05/39095/2021 Emmanuel Voremi 13-Jan-2021
2383 IRA/05/37158/2021 Emmanuel W . M Mukhongo 7-Dec-2020
2384 IRA/05/34660/2021 Emmanuel Wanjala Wafula 28-Sep-2020
2385 IRA/05/33930/2021 Emmanuel Wanzala 7-Oct-2020
2386 IRA/05/29154/2021 Emmanuelson Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2387 IRA/05/28536/2021 Emmatan Insurance Agencies 23-Oct-2020
2388 IRA/05/38625/2021 Emms Insurance Agencies 8-Oct-2020
2389 IRA/05/34639/2021 Emongole Bima Insurance Agency 19-Nov-2020
2390 IRA/05/36104/2021 Empral Insurance Agencies Limited 6-Oct-2020
2391 IRA/05/26699/2021 Emtien Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
2392 IRA/05/35046/2021 Emunity Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
2393 IRA/05/29165/2021 Enarux Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
2394 IRA/05/28121/2021 Enchipai Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2395 IRA/05/32462/2021 End To End Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
2396 IRA/05/33607/2021 Endeavors Insurance Agency Ltd 2-Oct-2020
2397 IRA/05/16862/2021 Endless Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2398 IRA/05/31865/2021 Enea Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
2399 IRA/05/39869/2021 Engageus Agency 1-Feb-2021
2400 IRA/05/36936/2021 Enid Murugi John 12-Nov-2020
2401 IRA/05/27142/2021 Enid Nduku Reuben 22-Oct-2020
2402 IRA/05/26449/2021 Enireb Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
2403 IRA/05/8044/2021 Enjoy Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2404 IRA/05/31568/2021 Enka Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
2405 IRA/05/33433/2021 Enkishui Insurance Agencies Limited 19-Jan-2021
2406 IRA/05/30877/2021 Enlite Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020

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2407 IRA/05/33184/2021 Enoch Munyao Wambua 9-Oct-2020
2408 IRA/05/26633/2021 Enoch Anthony Kibet 8-Dec-2020
2409 IRA/05/33539/2021 Enock Agusa Mocheche 29-Sep-2020
2410 IRA/05/19023/2021 Enock Dombimandila 7-Oct-2020
2411 IRA/05/28915/2021 Enock Kipyegon Smith 29-Sep-2020
2412 IRA/05/25749/2021 Enock Nyambane Okari 28-Sep-2020
2413 IRA/05/36133/2021 Enock Oyando Apwoka 2-Oct-2020
2414 IRA/05/37079/2021 Enolix Insurance Agency Limited 11-Jan-2021
2415 IRA/05/35378/2021 Enonstar Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2416 IRA/05/35184/2021 Enos Koko 12-Oct-2020
2417 IRA/05/25792/2021 Entices Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
2418 IRA/05/35975/2021 Entreco Insurance Agency And Consultants Ltd 15-Nov-2020
2419 IRA/05/15332/2021 Ephanton Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2420 IRA/05/16087/2021 Ephantus Kimari Kimani 30-Sep-2020
2421 IRA/05/8363/2021 Ephantus Muriithi Kathara 26-Sep-2020
2422 IRA/05/30715/2021 Ephantus Njagi Munyi 26-Oct-2020
2423 IRA/05/35664/2021 Ephantus Njoroge Gatune 28-Sep-2020
2424 IRA/05/36251/2021 Ephantus Thiongo Kimani 16-Oct-2020
2425 IRA/05/15224/2021 Ephraim Githinji Kagure 6-Oct-2020
2426 IRA/05/24148/2021 Ephraim Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2427 IRA/05/25877/2021 Epitome Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2428 IRA/05/28381/2021 Equal Care Insurance Agent 2-Oct-2020
2429 IRA/05/31656/2021 Equilink Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
2430 IRA/05/35111/2021 Equisure Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2431 IRA/05/17753/2021 Equitable Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2432 IRA/05/37054/2021 Erallian Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
2433 IRA/05/37391/2021 Erdem Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2434 IRA/05/30658/2021 Erdna Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
2435 IRA/05/38155/2021 Eric Nyamu Munene 7-Oct-2020
2436 IRA/05/37723/2021 Eric Anyona Nyambati 27-Sep-2020
2437 IRA/05/25273/2021 Eric Bundi 7-Oct-2020
2438 IRA/05/26490/2021 Eric Evanson Njuguna 28-Sep-2020
2439 IRA/05/25495/2021 Eric Kavivya Mutungi 5-Oct-2020
2440 IRA/05/35445/2021 Eric Kinuthia Karuma 17-Oct-2020
2441 IRA/05/36289/2021 Eric Muli Muatha 09-Oct-2020
2442 IRA/05/37084/2021 Eric Muthaura Murithi 11-Jan-2021
2443 IRA/05/35793/2021 Eric Muthomi Barimbui 28-Sep-2020
2444 IRA/05/28138/2021 Eric Mwai 13-Oct-2020
2445 IRA/05/24951/2021 Eric Njeru Mwara 5-Oct-2020
2446 IRA/05/37384/2021 Eric Wacira Mundia 21-Jan-2021
2447 IRA/05/15750/2021 Eric Willie Bosire 6-Oct-2020
2448 IRA/05/33476/2021 Erick Akama Oguya 2-Nov-2020
2449 IRA/05/36421/2021 Erick Kipkosgei Cheruiyot 08-Feb-2021
2450 IRA/05/28512/2021 Erick Kyalo 29-Sep-2020
2451 IRA/05/30168/2021 Erick Mageka Mokaya 5-Oct-2020
2452 IRA/05/29425/2021 Erick Mbuya Ondiek 6-Jan-2021
2453 IRA/05/15648/2021 Erick Mokandu Mogire 21-Jan-2021
2454 IRA/05/34614/2021 Erick Mwangemi Mungola 14-Nov-2020
2455 IRA/05/27861/2021 Erick Nyaundi Anchinga 28-Jan-2021
2456 IRA/05/39694/2021 Erick Ochieng Odira 24-Nov-2020
2457 IRA/05/32415/2021 Erick Odhiambo Okumu 5-Oct-2020
2458 IRA/05/14743/2021 Erick Okello Shangiro 2-Oct-2020
2459 IRA/05/36981/2021 Erick Okoth Ngong 31-Oct-2020
2460 IRA/05/30795/2021 Erick Omondi Mudaho 7-Oct-2020
2461 IRA/05/36459/2021 Erick Omondi Ochieng 19-Jan-2021
2462 IRA/05/15630/2021 Erick Omondi Odera 13-Jan-2021
2463 IRA/05/31406/2021 Erick Opiyo Otieno 26-Oct-2020
2464 IRA/05/37063/2021 Erick Otieno Oseso 10-Feb-2021
2465 IRA/05/33509/2021 Erick Otieno Wawasonga 2-Feb-2021

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2466 IRA/05/34160/2021 Erick Wakoli Kisembe 8-Feb-2021
2467 IRA/05/24606/2021 Erickson Onyancha Mose 21-Jan-2021
2468 IRA/05/38840/2021 Ericson Muthama Kioko 11-Nov-2020
2469 IRA/05/15568/2021 Erina Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
2470 IRA/05/37348/2021 Eritims Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
2471 IRA/05/31842/2021 Erlix Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
2472 IRA/05/28227/2021 Erluc Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2473 IRA/05/14890/2021 Ernest Alela Asikoye 27-Sep-2020
2474 IRA/05/28750/2021 Ernest Muriuki Ndegwa 26-Sep-2020
2475 IRA/05/25672/2021 Ernest Ochieng Ndonje 7-Oct-2020
2476 IRA/05/25045/2021 Erustus Abok Ondiek 6-Oct-2020
2477 IRA/05/25716/2021 Esam Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
2478 IRA/05/32909/2021 Esbon Wachira Gachoki 12-Nov-2020
2479 IRA/05/32951/2021 Esham Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2480 IRA/05/39860/2021 Eshionjera Lilian Osanya 1-Feb-2021
2481 IRA/05/34872/2021 Eshton Albans Asudi Misigo 26-Sep-2020
2482 IRA/05/27650/2021 Esibi Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
2483 IRA/05/33653/2021 Esipa Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2484 IRA/05/24776/2021 Esmag Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2485 IRA/05/39913/2021 Esmord Muriithi Njagi 3-Feb-2021
2486 IRA/05/39793/2021 Eson Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
2487 IRA/05/33707/2021 Essence Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2488 IRA/05/36624/2021 Established Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
2489 IRA/05/29166/2021 Esther Kaale Njue 27-Sep-2020
2490 IRA/05/26414/2021 Esther Achieng Omutho 7-Oct-2020
2491 IRA/05/27957/2021 Esther Akinyi Oyeng 5-Oct-2020
2492 IRA/05/26742/2021 Esther Atieno Odhiambo 26-Sep-2020
2493 IRA/05/25963/2021 Esther Atieno Odoro 12-Oct-2020
2494 IRA/05/36626/2021 Esther Caren Muyobo 7-Oct-2020
2495 IRA/05/36703/2021 Esther Gathoni Kihara 6-Nov-2020
2496 IRA/05/38725/2021 Esther Gathoni Mburu 1-Oct-2020
2497 IRA/05/16133/2021 Esther Indzah Emmanuel 25-Sep-2020
2498 IRA/05/30649/2021 Esther Kamande 28-Sep-2020
2499 IRA/05/25629/2021 Esther Kanini Muthama 28-Sep-2020
2500 IRA/05/38064/2021 Esther Kariuki 26-Nov-2020
2501 IRA/05/36654/2021 Esther Karwirwa Severino 7-Oct-2020
2502 IRA/05/38905/2021 Esther Kawira Njeru 16-Oct-2020
2503 IRA/05/35186/2021 Esther Kiringa Waweru 5-Oct-2020
2504 IRA/05/20186/2021 Esther Mahoo Pisii 5-Nov-2020
2505 IRA/05/32261/2021 Esther Mbane 2-Nov-2020
2506 IRA/05/35551/2021 Esther Mbithe Ngila 9-Oct-2020
2507 IRA/05/312228/2021 Esther Mugeci Kanyi 9-Oct-2020
2508 IRA/05/29076/2021 Esther Mugure Kimani 28-Dec-2020
2509 IRA/05/31202/2021 Esther Mukeli Ouna 7-Oct-2020
2510 IRA/05/39618/2021 Esther Munyiva Mwengi 15-Nov-2020
2511 IRA/05/33771/2021 Esther Muringi Muriithi 19-Oct-2020
2512 IRA/05/37863/2021 Esther Murugi 5-Oct-2020
2513 IRA/05/17766/2021 Esther Musengya Muendo 12-Oct-2020
2514 IRA/05/37138/2021 Esther Muthoni Kamore 27-Jan-2021
2515 IRA/05/31247/2021 Esther Mwende Nyamai 6-Oct-2020
2516 IRA/05/25122/2021 Esther Mwethia Musau 15-Nov-2020
2517 IRA/05/27884/2021 Esther Ndunge Kaula 26-Sep-2020
2518 IRA/05/38373/2021 Esther Nelima Nambwaya 14-Oct-2020
2519 IRA/05/38073/2021 Esther Ngina Mungai 6-Nov-2020
2520 IRA/05/38107/2021 Esther Njeri Maina 22-Dec-2020
2521 IRA/05/33218/2021 Esther Njeri Moilo 12-Jan-2021
2522 IRA/05/28603/2021 Esther Njeri Mugane 19-Oct-2020
2523 IRA/05/32703/2021 Esther Njoki Ndirangu 7-Oct-2020
2524 IRA/05/30899/2021 Esther Njoki Njagi 2-Feb-2021

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2525 IRA/05/36243/2021 Esther Njoki Njunge 14-Oct-2020
2526 IRA/05/27759/2021 Esther Njoki Wamuyu 24-Nov-2020
2527 IRA/05/24669/2021 Esther Nyambura Kimani 14-Nov-2020
2528 IRA/05/30920/2021 Esther Nyambura Mugami 28-Sep-2020
2529 IRA/05/26410/2021 Esther Nyambura Muhoya 28-Sep-2020
2530 IRA/05/37294/2021 Esther Nyamoita Wanyama 26-Sep-2020
2531 IRA/05/25830/2021 Esther Nyawira Maina 29-Sep-2020
2532 IRA/05/29500/2021 Esther Syokau Muli 29-Sep-2020
2533 IRA/05/28855/2021 Esther Wairimu Wainaina 16-Oct-2020
2534 IRA/05/26021/2021 Esther Waitherero Muguimi 21-Oct-2020
2535 IRA/05/30053/2021 Esther Wambui Gateru 30-Sep-2020
2536 IRA/05/27977/2021 Esther Wambui Wahome 28-Jan-2021
2537 IRA/05/32378/2021 Esther Wamuyu Wanganga 14-Dec-2020
2538 IRA/05/38834/2021 Esther Wangari 27-Nov-2020
2539 IRA/05/14941/2021 Esther Wangechi Njine 26-Sep-2020
2540 IRA/05/17742/2021 Esther Wangui Karanja 15-Oct-2020
2541 IRA/05/16611/2021 Esther Wangui Ndegwa 16-Oct-2020
2542 IRA/05/36445/2021 Esther Wanja Mwangi 8-Oct-2020
2543 IRA/05/35105/2021 Esther Wanjiku Kamau 28-Sep-2020
2544 IRA/05/33468/2021 Esther Wanjiku Kimani 9-Oct-2020
2545 IRA/05/39937/2021 Esther Wanjiku Wachira 8-Feb-2021
2546 IRA/05/30325/2021 Esther Wanjira Wanyeki 13-Oct-2020
2547 IRA/05/30612/2021 Esther Wanjiru Kariuki 11-Jan-2021
2548 IRA/05/32581/2021 Esther Wanjiru Kimori 9-Oct-2020
2549 IRA/05/32599/2021 Esther Wanjiru Macharia 28-Sep-2020
2550 IRA/05/32058/2021 Esther Wanjiru Makori 9-Oct-2020
2551 IRA/05/39581/2021 Esther Wanjiru Mbuthi 6-Oct-2020
2552 IRA/05/25532/2021 Esther Wanjiru Murage 12-Nov-2020
2553 IRA/05/33962/2021 Esther Wanjiru Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
2554 IRA/05/30179/2021 Esther Wanjiru Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
2555 IRA/05/26438/2021 Esther Wanjiru Waithaka 11-Jan-2021
2556 IRA/05/30529/2021 Esther Wanjiru Wangari 28-Sep-2020
2557 IRA/05/35361/2021 Esther Warigia Waweru 29-Sep-2020
2558 IRA/05/30573/2021 Esuna Ongero Patrick 28-Sep-2020
2559 IRA/05/15454/2021 Eswam Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
2560 IRA/05/33898/2021 Ethel Nakhumicha Githirwa 28-Sep-2020
2561 IRA/05/36191/2021 Ethel Samba Wandela 11-Dec-2020
2562 IRA/05/11005/2021 Eucabeth Nyamagera Onwonga 13-Oct-2020
2563 IRA/05/14401/2021 Eudah Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2564 IRA/05/25387/2021 Eudiah Wanjiru Githenya 15-Nov-2020
2565 IRA/05/28917/2021 Eugene John Gitau 5-Oct-2020
2566 IRA/05/20250/2021 Eugene.A.O.Mugenda 15-Nov-2020
2567 IRA/05/14701/2021 Eugenia Jane Njanja Muriu 15-Nov-2020
2568 IRA/05/38440/2021 Eunice Adhiambo Ouma 9-Oct-2020
2569 IRA/05/37434/2021 Eunice Adhiambo Ogaye 9-Oct-2020
2570 IRA/05/32692/2021 Eunice Asagi Azinga 2-Oct-2020
2571 IRA/05/34537/2021 Eunice Atieno Oluoch 29-Sep-2020
2572 IRA/05/28110/2021 Eunice Atieno Owino 6-Oct-2020
2573 IRA/05/39028/2021 Eunice Auma Ojaro 27-Oct-2020
2574 IRA/05/38182/2021 Eunice Bonareri Ongaga 14-Nov-2020
2575 IRA/05/31466/2021 Eunice Caroline Achieng Nyalando 26-Oct-2020
2576 IRA/05/17962/2021 Eunice Gathoni Migwi 28-Sep-2020
2577 IRA/05/38244/2021 Eunice Ingumba 16-Dec-2020
2578 IRA/05/38368/2021 Eunice Jepkorir Tanui 6-Oct-2020
2579 IRA/05/30389/2021 Eunice Kasiti 28-Sep-2020
2580 IRA/05/29433/2021 Eunice Kemunto Zephaniah 5-Nov-2020
2581 IRA/05/37408/2021 Eunice Khayanga 6-Oct-2020
2582 IRA/05/17437/2021 Eunice Mbele Mutili 28-Sep-2020
2583 IRA/05/38645/2021 Eunice Mukoya Ondeche 9-Oct-2020

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2584 IRA/05/39899/2021 Eunice Mumbua Mbui 3-Feb-2021
2585 IRA/05/30058/2021 Eunice Muthoni Mwangi 22-Oct-2020
2586 IRA/05/28746/2021 Eunice Muthoni Njoroge 28-Sep-2020
2587 IRA/05/38859/2021 Eunice Muthoni Thumbi 26-Oct-2020
2588 IRA/05/36908/2021 Eunice Mutindi Mwanzia 27-Sep-2020
2589 IRA/05/34335/2021 Eunice Ndanu Muema 28-Jan-2021
2590 IRA/05/27878/2021 Eunice Ngina Kiveva 30-Sep-2020
2591 IRA/05/33620/2021 Eunice Njeri Kinuthia 22-Oct-2020
2592 IRA/05/35597/2021 Eunice Njeri Marubu 29-Sep-2020
2593 IRA/05/37145/2021 Eunice Njeri Njuguna 9-Oct-2020
2594 IRA/05/28948/2021 Eunice Nthenya Geoffrey 21-Oct-2020
2595 IRA/05/24541/2021 Eunice Nyawira Gichuki 28-Sep-2020
2596 IRA/05/32000/2021 Eunice Wairimu Kimani 26-Sep-2020
2597 IRA/05/39151/2021 Eunice Wakini 6-Oct-2020
2598 IRA/05/35783/2021 Eunice Wakini Muiruri 22-Oct-2020
2599 IRA/05/36119/2021 Eunice Wambui Irungu 12-Nov-2020
2600 IRA/05/33438/2021 Eunice Wambui Maina 21-Jan-2021
2601 IRA/05/35918/2021 Eunice Wambui Munyinyi 7-Oct-2020
2602 IRA/05/37797/2021 Eunice Wambui Wanyeki 7-Oct-2020
2603 IRA/05/32088/2021 Eunice Wangechi Macharia 28-Sep-2020
2604 IRA/05/29562/2021 Eunice Wangui Kiarie 27-Sep-2020
2605 IRA/05/16398/2021 Eunice Wangui Kihumba 27-Sep-2020
2606 IRA/05/27128/2021 Eunice Wanjiku Kiarie 6-Oct-2020
2607 IRA/05/38149/2021 Eunice Wanjiru Kiarie 21-Jan-2021
2608 IRA/05/36909/2021 Eunice Wanjiru Ndungu 7-Jan-2021
2609 IRA/05/31881/2021 Eunice Warindi Makumi 5-Oct-2020
2610 IRA/05/26281/2021 Euraycim Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
2611 IRA/05/30297/2021 Euro Flex Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
2612 IRA/05/16155/2021 Euroba Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
2613 IRA/05/24911/2021 Eustace Mwangi Warutumo 5-Oct-2020
2614 IRA/05/30931/2021 Euster Oresia Onzere 22-Oct-2020
2615 IRA/05/29611/2021 Euticus Mwangi Ngoru 22-Oct-2020
2616 IRA/05/38299/2021 Euxton Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
2617 IRA/05/33029/2021 Eva Achieng Otieno 30-Sep-2020
2618 IRA/05/31201/2021 Eva Waitherero Ngotho 27-Jan-2021
2619 IRA/05/37114/2021 Evaline Achieng Odindo 13-Oct-2020
2620 IRA/05/27539/2021 Evaline Akinyi Otieno 28-Sep-2020
2621 IRA/05/30438/2021 Evaline Awuor Osumba 25-Sep-2020
2622 IRA/05/33235/2021 Evaline Nyambura Waigi 6-Oct-2020
2623 IRA/05/26460/2021 Evalinks Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
2624 IRA/05/20306/2021 Evalyn Molly Atieno Omollo 31-Oct-2020
2625 IRA/05/17931/2021 Evalyne Jebet Tanui 28-Sep-2020
2626 IRA/05/33397/2021 Evalyne Mukami Nzamalu 7-Jan-2021
2627 IRA/05/25040/2021 Evalyne Wanjiku Njoroge 12-Oct-2020
2628 IRA/05/32829/2021 Evance Okoth Mitoko 4-Nov-2020
2629 IRA/05/35254/2021 Evance Otieno Osaso 14-Oct-2020
2630 IRA/05/33090/2021 Evans Amenya Kerindo 26-Sep-2020
2631 IRA/05/32401/2021 Evans Aminga Nyangau 12-Nov-2020
2632 IRA/05/34814/2021 Evans Fadhili Guyumba 6-Nov-2020
2633 IRA/05/26411/2021 Evans Galo Enzori 5-Oct-2020
2634 IRA/05/5415/2021 Evans Insurance Agency Ltd. 22-Dec-2020
2635 IRA/05/17012/2021 Evans Kirera 3-Nov-2020
2636 IRA/05/38574/2021 Evans Momanyi Nyamweya 6-Jan-2021
2637 IRA/05/15228/2021 Evans Muchangi Njagi 26-Oct-2020
2638 IRA/05/14882/2021 Evans Musya Musunzar 16-Dec-2020
2639 IRA/05/37705/2021 Evans Mwalati Mukonyi 13-Jan-2021
2640 IRA/05/36897/2021 Evans Nyamesa Mutai 7-Oct-2020
2641 IRA/05/2745/2021 Evans O. Morike 5-Oct-2020
2642 IRA/05/15276/2021 Evans Omondi Owino 1-Feb-2021

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2643 IRA/05/34157/2021 Evans Omwega Misuko 6-Nov-2020
2644 IRA/05/8799/2021 Evans Ondieki 27-Sep-2020
2645 IRA/05/31444/2021 Evans Otieno Owino 7-Oct-2020
2646 IRA/05/39146/2021 Evans Sammy Kusindi 1-Oct-2020
2647 IRA/05/26020/2021 Evans Wambulwa Wekesa 1-Oct-2020
2648 IRA/05/32397/2021 Evanson Mugunyi Njoroge 8-Feb-2021
2649 IRA/05/25504/2021 Evanson Mwendia Gathu 11-Nov-2020
2650 IRA/05/27299/2021 Evareb Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2651 IRA/05/36579/2021 Evelyn Kendi Kimathi 5-Oct-2020
2652 IRA/05/38740/2021 Evelyn Khakasa Wekesa 7-Jan-2021
2653 IRA/05/34309/2021 Evelyn Linda Kambura Gitonga 8-Oct-2020
2654 IRA/05/29055/2021 Evelyn Mbithe Kivuva 5-Oct-2020
2655 IRA/05/39093/2021 Evelyn Mukui Kimeu 15-Oct-2020
2656 IRA/05/27240/2021 Evelyn Mumbi Ngunyi 12-Oct-2020
2657 IRA/05/27830/2021 Evelyne Akinyi Odhiambo 2-Oct-2020
2658 IRA/05/30759/2021 Evelyne Mwangovya 29-Sep-2020
2659 IRA/05/16804/2021 Evelyne Shitawa Munyasa 5-Oct-2020
2660 IRA/05/0101/2021 Ever Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
2661 IRA/05/16817/2021 Evercore Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2662 IRA/05/13733/2021 Everett Munyasya Kyongo 6-Oct-2020
2663 IRA/05/29222/2021 Evergrande Harris Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
2664 IRA/05/29807/2021 Everlyn Kavere 2-Oct-2020
2665 IRA/05/38114/2021 Everlyn Njuhi Wahinya 2-Oct-2020
2666 IRA/05/39125/2021 Everlyne Achieng Juma 19-Jan-2021
2667 IRA/05/36131/2021 Everlyne Akinyi Omondi 28-Sep-2020
2668 IRA/05/30367/2021 Everlyne Jerosia Ongori 6-Oct-2020
2669 IRA/05/26022/2021 Everlyne Kadivi Masinde 7-Oct-2020
2670 IRA/05/27657/2021 Everlyne Mulinge 11-Nov-2020
2671 IRA/05/38212/2021 Everlyne Mutile Nyamai 28-Sep-2020
2672 IRA/05/24938/2021 Everlyne Mutonyi 12-Nov-2020
2673 IRA/05/25901/2021 Everlyne Wanjiku Musyoka 2-Oct-2020
2674 IRA/05/31663/2021 Evero Insurance Agencies 16-Dec-2020
2675 IRA/05/35079/2021 Everthere Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2676 IRA/05/37546/2021 Evolve Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2677 IRA/05/11003/2021 Evoni Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2678 IRA/05/9005/2021 Evra Insurance Agencies 28-Jan-2021
2679 IRA/05/35872/2021 Ewangane Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
2680 IRA/05/25524/2021 Exact Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
2681 IRA/05/36001/2021 Exaeler Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2682 IRA/05/16154/2021 Excel Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
2683 IRA/05/30104/2021 Excella Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2684 IRA/05/33432/2021 Exelient Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
2685 IRA/05/27170/2021 Exotix Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
2686 IRA/05/28181/2021 Expat Insurance Agencies Ltd 5-Oct-2020
2687 IRA/05/32986/2021 Expat Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
2688 IRA/05/29162/2021 Express Digital Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
2689 IRA/05/0430/2021 Express General Insurance Agencies 11-Jan-2021
2690 IRA/05/15985/2021 Express Indemnity Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
2691 IRA/05/29944/2021 Expressways Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
2692 IRA/05/29908/2021 Extra Miles Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
2693 IRA/05/10414/2021 Eye Witness Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
2694 IRA/05/27640/2021 Eyecon Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
2695 IRA/05/17542/2021 Ezechiel Musili Bonzo 18-Jan-2021
2696 IRA/05/28308/2021 Ezekiel Mungai Kinyua 8-Oct-2020
2697 IRA/05/27411/2021 Ezekiel Musungu Tsuma 6-Oct-2020
2698 IRA/05/37241/2021 Ezekiel Roger Nyingi Maina 28-Sep-2020
2699 IRA/05/10189/2021 Ezekiel Wafula Sila 8-Oct-2020
2700 IRA/05/39626/2021 Ezer Insurance Agency 4-Jan-2021
2701 IRA/05/30605/2021 Ezicon Insurance Agency Limited 19-Jan-2021

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2702 IRA/05/18060/2021 Fabic Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
2703 IRA/05/27592/2021 Faby Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2704 IRA/05/16502/2021 Face To Face Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2705 IRA/05/14899/2021 Factel Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
2706 IRA/05/29267/2021 Faha Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2707 IRA/05/39922/2021 Fahari Bima 8-Feb-2021
2708 IRA/05/26616/2021 Fahrenheit Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2709 IRA/05/27084/2021 Fainas Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
2710 IRA/05/17341/2021 Fair Deal Networks Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
2711 IRA/05/37719/2021 Fair Ways Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
2712 IRA/05/27294/2021 Fairdeal Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2713 IRA/05/30685/2021 Fairever Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2714 IRA/05/13411/2021 Fairfields Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2715 IRA/05/3621/2021 Fairmark Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
2716 IRA/05/29332/2021 Faith Aoko Ouma 5-Oct-2020
2717 IRA/05/36092/2021 Faith Atieno Opondo 8-Oct-2020
2718 IRA/05/34370/2021 Faith Brenda Gacheri 5-Oct-2020
2719 IRA/05/32177/2021 Faith Chebet 27-Oct-2020
2720 IRA/05/39513/2021 Faith Chebukwa Murumba 29-Sep-2020
2721 IRA/05/35789/2021 Faith Cherop 8-Feb-2021
2722 IRA/05/20140/2021 Faith Christine Wanjiru Mbogo 13-Oct-2020
2723 IRA/05/39009/2021 Faith Gakii 26-Jan-2021
2724 IRA/05/17551/2021 Faith Gatobu Karwitha 26-Sep-2020
2725 IRA/05/34535/2021 Faith Gatwiri Kiugu 12-Oct-2020
2726 IRA/05/34252/2021 Faith Kagendo Ndwiga 7-Oct-2020
2727 IRA/05/17230/2021 Faith Kamene 7-Oct-2020
2728 IRA/05/34556/2021 Faith Kanana Kimathi 15-Oct-2020
2729 IRA/05/16807/2021 Faith Kawira Mungania 29-Sep-2020
2730 IRA/05/38122/2021 Faith Kwamboka Ondari 12-Oct-2020
2731 IRA/05/38595/2021 Faith Luseno 13-Oct-2020
2732 IRA/05/36813/2021 Faith Malit Adhiambo 14-Oct-2020
2733 IRA/05/38444/2021 Faith Mkakodi Mwalasha 31-Oct-2020
2734 IRA/05/38775/2021 Faith Moraa Angwenyi 17-Oct-2020
2735 IRA/05/32393/2021 Faith Mukavale 09-Oct-2020
2736 IRA/05/37446/2021 Faith Mukulu Nthuli 5-Oct-2020
2737 IRA/05/20129/2021 Faith Mumbua Mutunga 5-Oct-2020
2738 IRA/05/39099/2021 Faith Munini Kimeu 15-Oct-2020
2739 IRA/05/16393/2021 Faith Muthoni Makumi 6-Oct-2020
2740 IRA/05/33686/2021 Faith Mwikali Mbalu 4-Nov-2020
2741 IRA/05/39219/2021 Faith Mwikali Muli 14-Nov-2020
2742 IRA/05/31380/2021 Faith Ndila Mutinda 27-Sep-2020
2743 IRA/05/29932/2021 Faith Njeri Gitonga 30-Sep-2020
2744 IRA/05/29435/2021 Faith Njeri Kamunyu 28-Sep-2020
2745 IRA/05/31383/2021 Faith Njoki Wamichwe 14-Dec-2020
2746 IRA/05/38009/2021 Faith Nyaboke Mogeni 23-Oct-2020
2747 IRA/05/38612/2021 Faith Nyakio Gakuyia 11-Nov-2020
2748 IRA/05/36896/2021 Faith Nyambura Maina 29-Sep-2020
2749 IRA/05/31654/2021 Faith Rael Rwamba Muthanje 28-Sep-2020
2750 IRA/05/39495/2021 Faith Rallyne Undisa 23-Sep-2020
2751 IRA/05/26218/2021 Faith Shitunduhu Indeche 27-Nov-2020
2752 IRA/05/37394/2021 Faith Waiku Kyuma 10-Feb-2021
2753 IRA/05/37163/2021 Faith Wairimu Gitau 2-Oct-2020
2754 IRA/05/34256/2021 Faith Wambui Mwangi 12-Nov-2020
2755 IRA/05/25618/2021 Faith Wamucii Githaiga 3-Nov-2020
2756 IRA/05/36545/2021 Faith Wangari Kimani 28-Sep-2020
2757 IRA/05/17607/2021 Faith Wangari Wamathai 28-Sep-2020
2758 IRA/05/36141/2021 Faith Wangui Kamanga 1-Oct-2020
2759 IRA/05/36320/2021 Faith Wangui Mwangi 26-Sep-2020
2760 IRA/05/24521/2021 Faith Wangui Njoroge 9-Oct-2020

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2761 IRA/05/29821/2021 Faith Wanjiku Maina 30-Sep-2020
2762 IRA/05/32859/2021 Faith Wanjiru Njagi 14-Dec-2020
2763 IRA/05/16495/2021 Faith Wawira Mugo 7-Oct-2020
2764 IRA/05/33390/2021 Faithcaster Munanie Musyoka 9-Oct-2020
2765 IRA/05/30339/2021 Faiz Kazungu Ngala 30-Sep-2020
2766 IRA/05/34158/2021 Fallschirm Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
2767 IRA/05/17844/2021 Famei Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2768 IRA/05/36449/2021 Fancy Mwikali Mutava 11-Jan-2021
2769 IRA/05/2537/2021 Fanikiwa Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
2770 IRA/05/36491/2021 Fanuel Kiganane Machayo 9-Oct-2020
2771 IRA/05/31884/2021 Faraja Insurance Agency Limited 24-Sep-2020
2772 IRA/05/17128/2021 Faraji Anduku Yatundu 26-Sep-2020
2773 IRA/05/29566/2021 Farheens Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2774 IRA/05/30868/2021 Farida Laiti 14-Oct-2020
2775 IRA/05/32536/2021 Faridah Charity Cheruto 26-Sep-2020
2776 IRA/05/16372/2021 Fariji Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
2777 IRA/05/28270/2021 Farine Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2778 IRA/05/29935/2021 Farm Venture Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
2779 IRA/05/29152/2021 Farmlandafrica Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2780 IRA/05/13609/2021 Farscope Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2781 IRA/05/25042/2021 Farsight Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
2782 IRA/05/24270/2021 Farways Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
2783 IRA/05/27219/2021 Fasina Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2784 IRA/05/31976/2021 Fast And Fit Insurance Agency Company Limited 6-Jan-2021
2785 IRA/05/38903/2021 Fast Global Insurance Agency Limited 4-Feb-2021
2786 IRA/05/20354/2021 Fast Indemnity Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
2787 IRA/05/14584/2021 Fast Lane Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
2788 IRA/05/16895/2021 Fast Target Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
2789 IRA/05/29569/2021 Fastguide Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
2790 IRA/05/24453/2021 Fastsure Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2791 IRA/05/35813/2021 Fasttsort Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
2792 IRA/05/32413/2021 Fatuma Kwekwe Ndaikwa 26-Sep-2020
2793 IRA/05/17627/2021 Fatuma Mohamed Ali 27-Sep-2020
2794 IRA/05/26445/2021 Fatuma Palu Kakunzo 24-Sep-2020
2795 IRA/05/34937/2021 Fatuma Suleiman Ndawa 15-Oct-2020
2796 IRA/05/4305/2021 Faulu Mfb Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
2797 IRA/05/28450/2021 Faustine Musyoka Musau 27-Jan-2021
2798 IRA/05/24780/2021 Fauzia Mwikali Ali 13-Oct-2020
2799 IRA/05/31911/2021 Favorite Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
2800 IRA/05/37708/2021 Fawila Insurance Aency 15-Nov-2020
2801 IRA/05/24705/2021 Fede Insurance Agency 08-Dec-2020
2802 IRA/05/28264/2021 Federal Insurance Agencies 3-Nov-2020
2803 IRA/05/33276/2021 Feisure Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
2804 IRA/05/16412/2021 Felicity Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
2805 IRA/05/14798/2021 Felimbo Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2806 IRA/05/27451/2021 Felista Kanini Maingi 28-Sep-2020
2807 IRA/05/38498/2021 Felista Kanini Njeri 5-Oct-2020
2808 IRA/05/37919/2021 Felistas Gachiku Chege 30-Sep-2020
2809 IRA/05/38547/2021 Felistas Musyoki 27-Nov-2020
2810 IRA/05/38041/2021 Felister Chelangat Sulunye 5-Oct-2020
2811 IRA/05/35103/2021 Felister Njeri Ribiro 28-Sep-2020
2812 IRA/05/38961/2021 Felisters Jepkemboi Kulei 13-Oct-2020
2813 IRA/05/32588/2021 Felistus Kavuli Muoki 6-Oct-2020
2814 IRA/05/24602/2021 Felix Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
2815 IRA/05/28420/2021 Felix Kilonzi Muthui 6-Oct-2020
2816 IRA/05/35356/2021 Felix Lividstone Ouru 21-Jan-2021
2817 IRA/05/39903/2021 Felix Mbatha Muoki 3-Feb-2021
2818 IRA/05/9003/2021 Felix Mugambi Mati 28-Sep-2020
2819 IRA/05/37707/2021 Felix Mutembei Regera 3-Nov-2020

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2820 IRA/05/12589/2021 Felix Ndisio Ogola 7-Oct-2020
2821 IRA/05/38778/2021 Felix Omondi Odhiambo 16-Oct-2020
2822 IRA/05/34526/2021 Felix Otieno Opiyo 2-Oct-2020
2823 IRA/05/11480/2021 Felixis Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
2824 IRA/05/37123/2021 Fennela Njambi Kariuki 7-Oct-2020
2825 IRA/05/35626/2021 Fenty Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
2826 IRA/05/17560/2021 Fep Insurance Agency Limited 11-Jan-2021
2827 IRA/05/36951/2021 Ferdinand Wairagu 12-Dec-2020
2828 IRA/05/39882/2021 Ferichina Gathoni Waweru 2-Feb-2021
2829 IRA/05/15412/2021 Ferre Wealth Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2830 IRA/05/34273/2021 Ferrum Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
2831 IRA/05/16967/2021 Fesi Commercial & Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
2832 IRA/05/12299/2021 Festus Mwakio Lombo 6-Oct-2020
2833 IRA/05/36952/2021 Festus Kithure Mburugu 6-Oct-2020
2834 IRA/05/27504/2021 Festus Mutuku Mulatya 27-Jan-2021
2835 IRA/05/38985/2021 Festus Unda David 11-Nov-2020
2836 IRA/05/28430/2021 Festus Yavunge Manyara 29-Sep-2020
2837 IRA/05/24427/2021 Fetekam Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
2838 IRA/05/15392/2021 Fibrenet Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
2839 IRA/05/38790/2021 Fidelis Wairimu Munandu 16-Oct-2020
2840 IRA/05/30954/2021 Fidelity – Cover Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2841 IRA/05/35560/2021 Fidelma Mumbua Kiio 26-Oct-2020
2842 IRA/05/14312/2021 Fidentia Nsurance Agency Limited 7-Jan-2021
2843 IRA/05/24103/2021 Fidential Commercial & Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
2844 IRA/05/25076/2021 Fidus Insurance Agencies 11-Dec-2020
2845 IRA/05/35543/2021 Filade Insurance Agency Limited 7-Jan-2021
2846 IRA/05/17315/2021 Filex Chege Maina 29-Sep-2020
2847 IRA/05/6666/2021 Finad Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
2848 IRA/05/25818/2021 Final Touch Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2849 IRA/05/29780/2021 Finasol Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
2850 IRA/05/39472/2021 Fincorp Insurance Agency Limited 7-Jan-2021
2851 IRA/05/36833/2021 Fincredit Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
2852 IRA/05/29599/2021 Fine Things Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
2853 IRA/05/24320/2021 Fine Touch Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2854 IRA/05/33923/2021 Finebrook Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2855 IRA/05/31181/2021 Fineland Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2856 IRA/05/33217/2021 Finest Shield Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
2857 IRA/05/28511/2021 Finix Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
2858 IRA/05/24135/2021 Finlan Line Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2859 IRA/05/37298/2021 Finnlemm Development Company Limited 12-Dec-2020
2860 IRA/05/17019/2021 Finsco Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2861 IRA/05/36469/2021 Finsmiths Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
2862 IRA/05/38010/2021 Finsterns Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2863 IRA/05/27543/2021 Finsure Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
2864 IRA/05/39762/2021 Fintech Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Jan-2021
2865 IRA/05/35262/2021 Fiona Mbinya Mbithuka 6-Nov-2020
2866 IRA/05/12797/2021 Firm Grip Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2867 IRA/05/17877/2021 Firmlink Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
2868 IRA/05/25063/2021 First Advantage Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
2869 IRA/05/25922/2021 First African Insurance Agency Limited 7-Dec-2020
2870 IRA/05/29518/2021 First Avenue Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
2871 IRA/05/16380/2021 First Choice Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
2872 IRA/05/14201/2021 First Class Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2873 IRA/05/20341/2021 First Liberty Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
2874 IRA/05/28886/2021 First Mediserve Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
2875 IRA/05/29979/2021 First People Insurance Agency 23-Dec-2020
2876 IRA/05/16356/2021 First Precious Planners Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
2877 IRA/05/34425/2021 First Risk Solution Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
2878 IRA/05/29443/2021 First Track Agencies 9-Feb-2021

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2879 IRA/05/26072/2021 Firstcover Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
2880 IRA/05/39408/2021 Firsthope Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
2881 IRA/05/26081/2021 Firstline Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
2882 IRA/05/27041/2021 Firstserve Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2883 IRA/05/25680/2021 Firststep Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
2884 IRA/05/31941/2021 Firstsure Insurance Agency Limited 8-Dec-2020
2885 IRA/05/27781/2021 Fiveems Insuarance Agencies 12-Jan-2021
2886 IRA/05/14164/2021 Fivestar Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
2887 IRA/05/36040/2021 Fix It Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2888 IRA/05/38556/2021 Fizera Group Limited 7-Oct-2020
2889 IRA/05/17772/2021 Flex Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
2890 IRA/05/20101/2021 Flexi Solutions Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
2891 IRA/05/37406/2021 Flexico Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
2892 IRA/05/16522/2021 Flexin Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
2893 IRA/05/33900/2021 Flexisure Limited 9-Oct-2020
2894 IRA/05/20130/2021 Flomac Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
2895 IRA/05/35541/2021 Flomena Cherotich Kuto 28-Sep-2020
2896 IRA/05/38197/2021 Flora Adhiambo Mbok 12-Oct-2020
2897 IRA/05/31789/2021 Flora Kaigemia Giti 12-Oct-2020
2898 IRA/05/27587/2021 Flora Mwonjaru Ibaya 16-Oct-2020
2899 IRA/05/26553/2021 Florence Wamaitha Kimando 27-Jan-2021
2900 IRA/05/25193/2021 Florence A. Opany 28-Sep-2020
2901 IRA/05/36590/2021 Florence Ada Awiti 5-Oct-2020
2902 IRA/05/39956/2021 Florence Adhiambo Ogwasa 12-Feb-2021
2903 IRA/05/4673/2021 Florence Akoth Odondi 05-Oct-2020
2904 IRA/05/30671/2021 Florence Anyango Ondijo 14-Oct-2020
2905 IRA/05/13674/2021 Florence Atieno Abongo 27-Sep-2020
2906 IRA/05/28203/2021 Florence Auma Oluoch 27-Sep-2020
2907 IRA/05/38753/2021 Florence Clare Achieng Agunda 1-Oct-2020
2908 IRA/05/29474/2021 Florence Kanja Kinyuuru 29-Sep-2020
2909 IRA/05/38263/2021 Florence Lilian Onyango 13-Jan-2021
2910 IRA/05/32759/2021 Florence Minoo Mbuvi 5-Nov-2020
2911 IRA/05/15450/2021 Florence Muringi Kabugu 8-Oct-2020
2912 IRA/05/31024/2021 Florence Muthoni Njenga 27-Sep-2020
2913 IRA/05/36135/2021 Florence Muthoni Wachira 7-Oct-2020
2914 IRA/05/15029/2021 Florence Nasambu Wairagu 8-Oct-2020
2915 IRA/05/33245/2021 Florence Ngendo Ngugi 28-Sep-2020
2916 IRA/05/35163/2021 Florence Njoki Waithira 22-Oct-2020
2917 IRA/05/33817/2021 Florence Nyambeki Nyabuya 15-Oct-2020
2918 IRA/05/17739/2021 Florence W. Muchina 14-Nov-2020
2919 IRA/05/27263/2021 Florence Wamaitha Muriithi 07-Oct-2020
2920 IRA/05/28700/2021 Florence Wamaitha Mwaura 2-Oct-2020
2921 IRA/05/29635/2021 Florence Wangari Muiru 8-Oct-2020
2922 IRA/05/28433/2021 Florence Wangari Nganga 8-Oct-2020
2923 IRA/05/26551/2021 Florence Wanjiru Kanjiru 13-Jan-2021
2924 IRA/05/28291/2021 Florence Wanjogo Maina 06-Oct-2020
2925 IRA/05/24950/2021 Florence Wayua Katoto 5-Oct-2020
2926 IRA/05/39019/2021 Floria Muhonja 15-Oct-2020
2927 IRA/05/36367/2021 Florian Micah Wanjala 9-Oct-2020
2928 IRA/05/16875/2021 Flosure Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
2929 IRA/05/27353/2021 Flyhi Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
2930 IRA/05/24125/2021 Focus E.A Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
2931 IRA/05/16643/2021 Focus Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
2932 IRA/05/29622/2021 Fonce Ochuka Odoyo 04-Jan-2021
2933 IRA/05/33799/2021 For All Solutions Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
2934 IRA/05/24588/2021 Fordes Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
2935 IRA/05/26872/2021 Foresight Insurance Agency Limited 11-Feb-2021
2936 IRA/05/39780/2021 Formula Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
2937 IRA/05/33727/2021 Foro Insurance Agency Limited 16-Dec-2020

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2938 IRA/05/15746/2021 Forsure Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
2939 IRA/05/26311/2021 Fort Insurance Agency Ltd. 5-Oct-2020
2940 IRA/05/24719/2021 Fortune Five Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
2941 IRA/05/39128/2021 Fortworth Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
2942 IRA/05/31169/2021 Forward Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
2943 IRA/05/29536/2021 Fountain Link Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
2944 IRA/05/38585/2021 Four Elms Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
2945 IRA/05/33816/2021 Four Miles Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
2946 IRA/05/39158/2021 Four Seasons Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
2947 IRA/05/28299/2021 Fourways Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
2948 IRA/05/31721/2021 Fourways Travel Services (A) Ltd 8-Oct-2020
2949 IRA/05/20369/2021 Fox Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
2950 IRA/05/26473/2021 Foxpro Insurance Agency 17-Nov-2020
2951 IRA/05/27962/2021 Fralin Agencies 27-Sep-2020
2952 IRA/05/14351/2021 Framo Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
2953 IRA/05/36683/2021 Framuki Agencies 5-Oct-2020
2954 IRA/05/32392/2021 Francis Akhaya 5-Oct-2020
2955 IRA/05/39518/2021 Francis Alvins Mwai Ologi 29-Sep-2020
2956 IRA/05/39839/2021 Francis Amayia Mondoh 1-Feb-2021
2957 IRA/05/17806/2021 Francis Ambede Mukilima 6-Oct-2020
2958 IRA/05/25597/2021 Francis Anjia Achuala 14-Oct-2020
2959 IRA/05/34231/2021 Francis Atuti Migika 5-Oct-2020
2960 IRA/05/26528/2021 Francis Colins Odhiambo 8-Oct-2020
2961 IRA/05/28853/2021 Francis Gichohi Ndiritu 29-Sep-2020
2962 IRA/05/25677/2021 Francis K. Ngethe 7-Oct-2020
2963 IRA/05/39867/2021 Francis Kahanya Kaguru 1-Feb-2021
2964 IRA/05/3666/2021 Francis Kaleli Mutuku 6-Jan-2021
2965 IRA/05/28934/2021 Francis Kariuki 29-Sep-2020
2966 IRA/05/13053/2021 Francis Katumo Muli 5-Oct-2020
2967 IRA/05/25910/2021 Francis Kinyua Miano 26-Sep-2020
2968 IRA/05/32410/2021 Francis Maina Mwangi 30-Sep-2020
2969 IRA/05/35536/2021 Francis Malonza Mukali 2-Feb-2021
2970 IRA/05/19073/2021 Francis Matete Mukhebi 11-Nov-2020
2971 IRA/05/38567/2021 Francis Mbugua Githombe 19-Jan-2021
2972 IRA/05/28546/2021 Francis Mburu Ndegwa 5-Oct-2020
2973 IRA/05/25560/2021 Francis Miringu Mbugua 6-Oct-2020
2974 IRA/05/14528/2021 Francis Muasya Ngemu 12-Nov-2020
2975 IRA/05/28959/2021 Francis Muoka Nzambia 13-Oct-2020
2976 IRA/05/14723/2021 Francis Musiya Musamali 5-Dec-2020
2977 IRA/05/37029/2021 Francis Musyoki Muoki 12-Nov-2020
2978 IRA/05/12061/2021 Francis Mutembei Kinyua 6-Nov-2020
2979 IRA/05/25928/2021 Francis Mutonyi Mwangi 11-Jan-2021
2980 IRA/05/39507/2021 Francis Mwangi Njoroge 29-Sep-2020
2981 IRA/05/31233/2021 Francis Ndinika Gitau 7-Jan-2021
2982 IRA/05/36663/2021 Francis Ngwiri Margaret 5-Oct-2020
2983 IRA/05/26033/2021 Francis Njenga Njeri 25-Sep-2020
2984 IRA/05/12990/2021 Francis Ogutu Obura 12-Nov-2020
2985 IRA/05/30723/2021 Francis Oluoch Odero 12-Oct-2020
2986 IRA/05/26601/2021 Francis Omondi 30-Sep-2020
2987 IRA/05/30512/2021 Francis Otieno Okiro 30-Sep-2020
2988 IRA/05/39552/2021 Francis Ouma Wayodi 30-Sep-2020
2989 IRA/05/6382/2021 Francis Wambua Kyungu 5-Oct-2020
2990 IRA/05/35155/2021 Francisca Aluka Kundukuvi 28-Sep-2020
2991 IRA/05/29565/2021 Francisca K Kitese 14-Oct-2020
2992 IRA/05/38939/2021 Francisca Mbugua 9-Oct-2020
2993 IRA/05/26807/2021 Francisca Mugoye Okello 29-Sep-2020
2994 IRA/05/25390/2021 Francisca Mukei Munyasia 30-Sep-2020
2995 IRA/05/14286/2021 Francom Commercial & Insurance Agencies 21-Jan-2021
2996 IRA/05/17159/2021 Fra-Nduh Commercial & Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020

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2997 IRA/05/14911/2021 Franjis Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
2998 IRA/05/27505/2021 Frank Maina Gatheru 29-Sep-2020
2999 IRA/05/9/2021 Frank Midland Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
3000 IRA/05/28345/2021 Frank Nzioka Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3001 IRA/05/29347/2021 Frank Quality Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
3002 IRA/05/36368/2021 Frank Risk Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
3003 IRA/05/39554/2021 Frank Solution Outsourcing Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3004 IRA/05/25570/2021 Franka Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
3005 IRA/05/38432/2021 Frankiln Ngondi Maina 11-Jan-2021
3006 IRA/05/11422/2021 Frankline Mutuma 7-Oct-2020
3007 IRA/05/33902/2021 Fransina Akinyi Osika 6-Oct-2020
3008 IRA/05/32061/2021 Franzel Insurance Agency 29-Dec-2020
3009 IRA/05/39964/2021 Frashiah Warira Kamau 12-Feb-2021
3010 IRA/05/26080/2021 Frawah Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3011 IRA/05/15782/2021 Fred Obunga Malaki 5-Oct-2020
3012 IRA/05/37240/2021 Fred Oduor Adhiambo 12-Oct-2020
3013 IRA/05/29064/2021 Fred Wanyonyi Wafula 6-Nov-2020
3014 IRA/05/37643/2021 Fredah Aluoch Owino 6-Oct-2020
3015 IRA/05/24300/2021 Fredah Njoki Magarah 28-Sep-2020
3016 IRA/05/39573/2021 Frederick Ngugi Mwaura 6-Oct-2020
3017 IRA/05/10664/2021 Frederick Obura Oluoch 3-Nov-2020
3018 IRA/05/1765/2021 Fredo Insurance Agency Ltd 28-Sep-2020
3019 IRA/05/34579/2021 Fredrick Litu Mayodi 06-Oct-2020
3020 IRA/05/31457/2021 Fredrick Yogo Omondi 5-Oct-2020
3021 IRA/05/39679/2021 Fredrick Akoko Ochieng 12-Nov-2020
3022 IRA/05/17616/2021 Fredrick Amboso 9-Oct-2020
3023 IRA/05/37784/2021 Fredrick Athur Odhiambo 13-Oct-2020
3024 IRA/05/30105/2021 Fredrick Endondo Inyange 5-Oct-2020
3025 IRA/05/37670/2021 Fredrick Kacheso 3-Nov-2020
3026 IRA/05/14601/2021 Fredrick Karani Kirera 14-Nov-2020
3027 IRA/05/29122/2021 Fredrick Kariuki Makumi 9-Oct-2020
3028 IRA/05/39562/2021 Fredrick Kipronoh Yegon 6-Oct-2020
3029 IRA/05/34272/2021 Fredrick Kiseli Mulatya 6-Jan-2021
3030 IRA/05/7105/2021 Fredrick Maina Maingi 2-Oct-2020
3031 IRA/05/38026/2021 Fredrick Musau Kitua 26-Oct-2020
3032 IRA/05/30895/2021 Fredrick Muturi Wanjie 9-Oct-2020
3033 IRA/05/36171/2021 Fredrick Ochieng Opondo 27-Sep-2020
3034 IRA/05/36961/2021 Fredrick Odhiambo Abour 3-Nov-2020
3035 IRA/05/31589/2021 Fredrick Okoth Okumu 30-Sep-2020
3036 IRA/05/32529/2021 Fredrick Omondi Aloo 16-Oct-2020
3037 IRA/05/26623/2021 Fredrick Omondi Makosallah 22-Oct-2020
3038 IRA/05/14625/2021 Fredrick Ongonga Oloo 12-Oct-2020
3039 IRA/05/29121/2021 Fredrick Onyango Odhiambo 9-Oct-2020
3040 IRA/05/17622/2021 Fredrick Opondo Otieno 5-Oct-2020
3041 IRA/05/37329/2021 Fredrick Orina Otina 22-Oct-2020
3042 IRA/05/33896/2021 Fredrick Oscar Shitakha 27-Sep-2020
3043 IRA/05/36418/2021 Fredrick Otieno Ogolla 6-Nov-2020
3044 IRA/05/14876/2021 Fredrick Otieno Okello 2-Oct-2020
3045 IRA/05/37095/2021 Fredrick Otieno Omollo 7-Oct-2020
3046 IRA/05/34018/2021 Fredrick Otieno Oneya 29-Sep-2020
3047 IRA/05/34598/2021 Fredrick Ouma 19-Oct-2020
3048 IRA/05/25675/2021 Fredrick Ouma Ochieng 12-Oct-2020
3049 IRA/05/37219/2021 Fredrick Wainaina Mbita 30-Sep-2020
3050 IRA/05/14339/2021 Fredrick Waita Wambua 6-Oct-2020
3051 IRA/05/9919/2021 Fredrick.M.Ndei 8-Oct-2020
3052 IRA/05/9473/2021 Freedom Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
3053 IRA/05/20327/2021 Freflex Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3054 IRA/05/14134/2021 Frejo Insurance Agencies 5-Feb-2021
3055 IRA/05/39900/2021 Frekam Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020

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3056 IRA/05/16067/2021 Fremo Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3057 IRA/05/28669/2021 Frenkel & Co Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Jan-2021
3058 IRA/05/29625/2021 Frensy Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
3059 IRA/05/33988/2021 Fresh Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
3060 IRA/05/39510/2021 Freshbooks Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3061 IRA/05/38419/2021 Freshope Tower Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
3062 IRA/05/15959/2021 Frestam Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3063 IRA/05/26196/2021 Frewam Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
3064 IRA/05/33646/2021 Frewin Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
3065 IRA/05/40013/2021 Frida Kagwiria 11-Feb-2021
3066 IRA/05/29381/2021 Frida Malia Nzuna 6-Oct-2020
3067 IRA/05/38515/2021 Frida Nduku Salim 8-Oct-2020
3068 IRA/05/33961/2021 Frida Neema Kahindi 6-Oct-2020
3069 IRA/05/31828/2021 Fridah Kathambi 27-Sep-2020
3070 IRA/05/24928/2021 Fridah Achieng 9-Oct-2020
3071 IRA/05/33669/2021 Fridah Gaciuki 22-Jan-2021
3072 IRA/05/33063/2021 Fridah Karambu Mutegi 3-Nov-2020
3073 IRA/05/35220/2021 Fridah Kendi Murugu 30-Sep-2020
3074 IRA/05/27985/2021 Fridah Kinya Rukwaro 12-Oct-2020
3075 IRA/05/24695/2021 Fridah Lagat 27-Sep-2020
3076 IRA/05/17842/2021 Fridah M. Ngari 6-Nov-2020
3077 IRA/05/26457/2021 Fridah Makena Thirari 26-Sep-2020
3078 IRA/05/29744/2021 Fridah Mcharo 16-Dec-2020
3079 IRA/05/26946/2021 Fridah Muthoni Njuguna 28-Sep-2020
3080 IRA/05/38990/2021 Fridah Mwende Sila 12-Oct-2020
3081 IRA/05/29486/2021 Fridah Nakhumicha 12-Oct-2020
3082 IRA/05/39405/2021 Fridah Nyaboke Mitunda 13-Oct-2020
3083 IRA/05/24924/2021 Fridal Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3084 IRA/05/25681/2021 Fringe Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3085 IRA/05/27547/2021 Front-View Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3086 IRA/05/25841/2021 Fruitfields Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3087 IRA/05/39877/2021 Fulgence Mbelenga 1-Feb-2021
3088 IRA/05/13492/2021 Fullbloom Ins Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
3089 IRA/05/28595/2021 Fullmoon Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3090 IRA/05/20165/2021 Fundamental Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
3091 IRA/05/36573/2021 Funlife Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
3092 IRA/05/39477/2021 Fusec Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3093 IRA/05/20008/2021 Fusions Hub Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3094 IRA/05/30429/2021 Future Bright Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
3095 IRA/05/32809/2021 Futureline Insurance Agency Limited 8-Feb-2021
3096 IRA/05/30564/2021 Futurisk Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
3097 IRA/05/37232/2021 Fuwaki Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3098 IRA/05/880/2021 Gabe Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
3099 IRA/05/27898/2021 Gabest Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3100 IRA/05/38710/2021 Gabiny Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3101 IRA/05/35014/2021 Gabrialla Kalunde Musyimi 5-Oct-2020
3102 IRA/05/24445/2021 Gabriel Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
3103 IRA/05/27275/2021 Gabriel Meshack Otieno 15-Nov-2020
3104 IRA/05/15834/2021 Gabriel Mutiiria Kanake 16-Oct-2020
3105 IRA/05/38099/2021 Gabriel Ndirangu Muturi 6-Oct-2020
3106 IRA/05/25948/2021 Gabriel Oduor Fredrick 13-Oct-2020
3107 IRA/05/33263/2021 Gabriel Omondi Makokha 27-Oct-2020
3108 IRA/05/37728/2021 Gabriella Ferro 12-Oct-2020
3109 IRA/05/29270/2021 Gachau Wangari Salome 14-Dec-2020
3110 IRA/05/34051/2021 Gada Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
3111 IRA/05/32891/2021 Gadison Kipkorir Bett 11-Dec-2020
3112 IRA/05/32615/2021 Gadson Njoroge Kagiri 6-Oct-2020
3113 IRA/05/30091/2021 Gainford Insurance E.A Agency 5-Oct-2020
3114 IRA/05/16542/2021 Gainsure Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021

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3115 IRA/05/17512/2021 Gaisy Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
3116 IRA/05/34604/2021 Gakenye Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3117 IRA/05/36115/2021 Gakii Jane Mwithirwa 12-Nov-2020
3118 IRA/05/24029/2021 Gama Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
3119 IRA/05/26906/2021 Gamaliel Riungu Mwitia 9-Oct-2020
3120 IRA/05/24182/2021 Gaman Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
3121 IRA/05/30514/2021 Gapet Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3122 IRA/05/28591/2021 Garany Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
3123 IRA/05/32495/2021 Gardens Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3124 IRA/05/28024/2021 Garland Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
3125 IRA/05/32190/2021 Garn Five Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3126 IRA/05/26090/2021 Garrison Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3127 IRA/05/14189/2021 Gasons Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3128 IRA/05/28904/2021 Gatepost Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
3129 IRA/05/30207/2021 Gathigia Priscilla Wacera 12-Nov-2020
3130 IRA/05/37177/2021 Gathimba Esther Njeri 7-Oct-2020
3131 IRA/05/38261/2021 Gati Tabitha Chacha 9-Oct-2020
3132 IRA/05/27001/2021 Gatra Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3133 IRA/05/39483/2021 Gatwe Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
3134 IRA/05/34072/2021 Gdc Insurance Agency Limited 22-Dec-2020
3135 IRA/05/28938/2021 Gedion Kyalo Philip 14-Oct-2020
3136 IRA/05/31040/2021 Gef Insurance Services 11-Jan-2021
3137 IRA/05/24718/2021 Gejan Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3138 IRA/05/30825/2021 Gekawa Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020
3139 IRA/05/11182/2021 Gemba Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3140 IRA/05/33635/2021 Gemed Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
3141 IRA/05/27427/2021 Gemeela Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3142 IRA/05/37738/2021 Gen’ Elite Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
3143 IRA/05/13421/2021 Genemed Insurance Agencies Limited 2-Oct-2020
3144 IRA/05/25087/2021 General And Health Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
3145 IRA/05/25587/2021 Genesis Muchiri 09-Oct-2020
3146 IRA/05/29993/2021 Genex Solutions Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3147 IRA/05/29828/2021 Genheal Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3148 IRA/05/12480/2021 Genicome Insurance Agencies 23-Oct-2020
3149 IRA/05/16116/2021 Geobridge Insurance Agencies 1-Oct-2020
3150 IRA/05/36678/2021 Geoffrey Emisiko Njeka 6-Nov-2020
3151 IRA/05/10542/2021 Geoffrey Gatobu Kinoti 28-Sep-2020
3152 IRA/05/30263/2021 Geoffrey Githinji Wachira 4-Nov-2020
3153 IRA/05/38238/2021 Geoffrey Kenedy Owino Oyugi 26-Oct-2020
3154 IRA/05/12051/2021 Geoffrey Muchiri Muriuki 2-Oct-2020
3155 IRA/05/29922/2021 Geoffrey Muga Wainaina 21-Dec-2020
3156 IRA/05/32717/2021 Geoffrey Mwangi Macharia 5-Oct-2020
3157 IRA/05/36156/2021 Geoffrey Njagi Maina 19-Oct-2020
3158 IRA/05/32041/2021 Geoffrey Otieno Kasuku 28-Sep-2020
3159 IRA/05/39109/2021 Geoffrey Wainaina 11-Feb-2021
3160 IRA/05/38181/2021 Geofrey Kipngetich Tirop 6-Oct-2020
3161 IRA/05/19007/2021 Geofrey Mwangi Githinji 6-Oct-2020
3162 IRA/05/31974/2021 Geofrey Nyamongo Inyega 28-Sep-2020
3163 IRA/05/36500/2021 Geofrey Omanga 14-Nov-2020
3164 IRA/05/25647/2021 Geofrey Omondi 7-Oct-2020
3165 IRA/05/17193/2021 Geofrey Ratanya Birithia 27-Sep-2020
3166 IRA/05/26865/2021 Geokim Insurance Agencies 15-Feb-2021
3167 IRA/05/20210/2021 Geonelius Muasya Maingi 26-Oct-2020
3168 IRA/05/29184/2021 George Ndemo Mochungo 28-Sep-2020
3169 IRA/05/32678/2021 George Bundi Magubo 6-Oct-2020
3170 IRA/05/39916/2021 George Bush Lubutse 3-Feb-2021
3171 IRA/05/25392/2021 George Denis Keru Ndungu 3-Nov-2020
3172 IRA/05/37937/2021 George Gachomo Mwaniki 3-Nov-2020
3173 IRA/05/19045/2021 George Gatiki Gitonga 6-Oct-2020

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3174 IRA/05/32742/2021 George Gicimu Kamau 15-Nov-2020
3175 IRA/05/34600/2021 George Githaiga Mwangi 16-Oct-2020
3176 IRA/05/25648/2021 George Githanga Kamau 11-Dec-2020
3177 IRA/05/16322/2021 George Githinji Njiraini 14-Nov-2020
3178 IRA/05/26840/2021 George Githuto Muriithi 6-Nov-2020
3179 IRA/05/37958/2021 George Hiram Ndirangu 8-Feb-2021
3180 IRA/05/37414/2021 George Kamau Karuri 28-Sep-2020
3181 IRA/05/19029/2021 George Karanja 28-Sep-2020
3182 IRA/05/35135/2021 George Keith Gunputrav 12-Dec-2020
3183 IRA/05/29091/2021 George Kombo Kulumba 18-Jan-2021
3184 IRA/05/29366/2021 George Maguke 26-Sep-2020
3185 IRA/05/33922/2021 George Maina Home 29-Dec-2020
3186 IRA/05/31793/2021 George Maina Kariuki 03-Nov-2020
3187 IRA/05/8174/2021 George Maina Kimondo 28-Sep-2020
3188 IRA/05/28752/2021 George Mbuthi Kangu 28-Sep-2020
3189 IRA/05/17220/2021 George Momanyi 13-Oct-2020
3190 IRA/05/38764/2021 George Munga Ngwaruza 30-Sep-2020
3191 IRA/05/38076/2021 George Mungai Gicheru 28-Sep-2020
3192 IRA/05/39889/2021 George Muthoka Mutiso 2-Feb-2021
3193 IRA/05/27228/2021 George Muthui Mathenge 2-Oct-2020
3194 IRA/05/33736/2021 George Mwajumwa Mmbololo 26-Oct-2020
3195 IRA/05/14215/2021 George Mwakavi 28-Sep-2020
3196 IRA/05/24487/2021 George Mwanzia Wambua 21-Oct-2020
3197 IRA/05/37036/2021 George Njoroge Kinyanjui 28-Sep-2020
3198 IRA/05/38504/2021 George Nthome Peter 9-Oct-2020
3199 IRA/05/26045/2021 George O. Kiche 7-Oct-2020
3200 IRA/05/38713/2021 George Ochieng Ojuok 6-Oct-2020
3201 IRA/05/37681/2021 George Odhiambo Onyango 6-Nov-2020
3202 IRA/05/31199/2021 George Odhiambo Ouma 12-Oct-2020
3203 IRA/05/39537/2021 George Ojiambo Ooko 29-Sep-2020
3204 IRA/05/28954/2021 George Okumu Omolo 7-Jan-2021
3205 IRA/05/15520/2021 George Omondi Ogallo 5-Oct-2020
3206 IRA/05/33247/2021 George Onyango Ragwel 9-Oct-2020
3207 IRA/05/37856/2021 George Otieno Ojwang 7-Dec-2020
3208 IRA/05/28134/2021 George Otieno Ouma 11-Nov-2020
3209 IRA/05/32057/2021 George Otieno Ouma 13-Oct-2020
3210 IRA/05/35367/2021 George Ouma Omari 26-Oct-2020
3211 IRA/05/10104/2021 George Owino Abuto 7-Oct-2020
3212 IRA/05/387921/2021 George Wafula Kundu 19-Oct-2020
3213 IRA/05/39678/2021 George Wairagu Njoroge 12-Nov-2020
3214 IRA/05/25177/2021 George Wanjau Kareko 2-Oct-2020
3215 IRA/05/34451/2021 George William Kinyanjui 11-Nov-2020
3216 IRA/05/20309/2021 George Williams Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3217 IRA/05/37835/2021 Georgeous Muthami Joel 14-Oct-2020
3218 IRA/05/38106/2021 Georgette Hellen Mghoi Mungah 9-Oct-2020
3219 IRA/05/12746/2021 Georgina Mbula Maingi 4-Nov-2020
3220 IRA/05/38282/2021 Georgina Munyiva Matheka 17-Oct-2020
3221 IRA/05/36673/2021 Georgina Seria 5-Oct-2020
3222 IRA/05/34114/2021 Georgious Joseph Paul Mwinzila 26-Oct-2020
3223 IRA/05/17286/2021 Georisk Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3224 IRA/05/36489/2021 Geotrac Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3225 IRA/05/11374/2021 Geovic Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
3226 IRA/05/17977/2021 Gephida Insurance Agency 8-Jan-2021
3227 IRA/05/35640/2021 GERALD MWAMBALA Maghenda 13-Nov-2020
3228 IRA/05/27966/2021 Gerald Kamau Mwangi 24-Sep-2020
3229 IRA/05/14783/2021 Gerald Mokua Omwange 28-Sep-2020
3230 IRA/05/20332/2021 Gerald Muriithi Mwangi 2-Oct-2020
3231 IRA/05/26812/2021 Gerald Mutuku Kasomo 6-Oct-2020
3232 IRA/05/20154/2021 Gerald Njeru Josphat 5-Oct-2020

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3233 IRA/05/17255/2021 Gerald Oluoch Ooko 18-Jan-2021
3234 IRA/05/14720/2021 Gerald Waithaka Gaturi 6-Oct-2020
3235 IRA/05/17208/2021 Geraldine C M Kioko 29-Sep-2020
3236 IRA/05/34139/2021 Gerar Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3237 IRA/05/35065/2021 Germana Khatioli Mulindi 7-Oct-2020
3238 IRA/05/17221/2021 Gersam Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3239 IRA/05/24537/2021 Gervase Maina Ndonga 5-Oct-2020
3240 IRA/05/36538/2021 Gerwia Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
3241 IRA/05/37132/2021 Get Real Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3242 IRA/05/36506/2021 Get To Basics Consultant 7-Oct-2020
3243 IRA/05/25936/2021 Getine Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3244 IRA/05/39564/2021 Getrude Jeptoo 6-Oct-2020
3245 IRA/05/37874/2021 Getrude Jerono 3-Nov-2020
3246 IRA/05/36602/2021 Getrude Kathambi Baiburi 9-Oct-2020
3247 IRA/05/35728/2021 Getty Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
3248 IRA/05/37903/2021 Gewaco Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3249 IRA/05/24815/2021 Gichangiru Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3250 IRA/05/24729/2021 Gichanine Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
3251 IRA/05/24791/2021 Gichawa Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3252 IRA/05/14630/2021 Gicheha David 7-Oct-2020
3253 IRA/05/26063/2021 Gichuru Grace Wambui 9-Oct-2020
3254 IRA/05/8323/2021 Gichuru Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
3255 IRA/05/27663/2021 Gida Insurance Agency 2-Dec-2020
3256 IRA/05/33599/2021 Gidak Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
3257 IRA/05/33257/2021 Gideon Ashuma Omusula 28-Jan-2021
3258 IRA/05/15245/2021 Gideon James Mauta 28-Sep-2020
3259 IRA/05/16539/2021 Gideon Liboyio Onzere 26-Sep-2020
3260 IRA/05/26583/2021 Gideon M Muiva 27-Oct-2020
3261 IRA/05/34204/2021 Gideon Musyoka 3-Nov-2020
3262 IRA/05/36965/2021 Gideon Mwangi Macharia 19-Oct-2020
3263 IRA/05/12093/2021 Gideon Onyango Okome 6-Oct-2020
3264 IRA/05/3690/2021 Gideon.M.Thuranira 28-Sep-2020
3265 IRA/05/34557/2021 Gidion Maingi Kimuyu 5-Oct-2020
3266 IRA/05/30853/2021 Giebell Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
3267 IRA/05/27376/2021 Gift & Sons Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
3268 IRA/05/34275/2021 Gig Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3269 IRA/05/31753/2021 Gigisky Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
3270 IRA/05/35608/2021 Giibl Insurance Agency Limited 9-Oct-2020
3271 IRA/05/37250/2021 Gilbert Ateka Otochi 6-Nov-2020
3272 IRA/05/37072/2021 Gilbert Machio Wagabi 5-Oct-2020
3273 IRA/05/24299/2021 Gilead Sisters Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3274 IRA/05/15860/2021 Gilgal Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3275 IRA/05/20204/2021 Gilt-Edged Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
3276 IRA/05/26763/2021 Gimp Enterprises & Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
3277 IRA/05/27072/2021 Ginellis Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
3278 IRA/05/5357/2021 Gipson Nyabuti Orare 5-Oct-2020
3279 IRA/05/37017/2021 Girona Insurance Agency And Risk Consultant Ltd 8-Oct-2020
3280 IRA/05/38317/2021 Gisent Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
3281 IRA/05/36831/2021 Githinji Dans Mwangi 12-Oct-2020
3282 IRA/05/38529/2021 Githinji Job Gacheru 11-Nov-2020
3283 IRA/05/32478/2021 Gitonga Dennis Kiogora 13-Jan-2021
3284 IRA/05/26782/2021 Glacyma Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
3285 IRA/05/28770/2021 Gladiators International Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3286 IRA/05/14794/2021 Gladsam Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
3287 IRA/05/38551/2021 Gladys Achieng Omina 16-Oct-2020
3288 IRA/05/38550/2021 Gladys Chelangat Koskey 11-Nov-2020
3289 IRA/05/38689/2021 Gladys Gatwiri 14-Nov-2020
3290 IRA/05/35926/2021 Gladys Indekhwa Amani 29-Sep-2020
3291 IRA/05/35373/2021 Gladys Jebet 6-Oct-2020

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3292 IRA/05/17320/2021 Gladys Kambua Nthei 28-Sep-2020
3293 IRA/05/33487/2021 Gladys Kerubo Angima 28-Sep-2020
3294 IRA/05/37662/2021 Gladys Mawia Kimanthi 24-Sep-2020
3295 IRA/05/24898/2021 Gladys Mbura Mwathi 12-Oct-2020
3296 IRA/05/28294/2021 Gladys Mugisha Rwabiti 1-Oct-2020
3297 IRA/05/37045/2021 Gladys Munanie 12-Nov-2020
3298 IRA/05/34792/2021 Gladys Munyiva Muloki 5-Oct-2020
3299 IRA/05/38674/2021 Gladys Muthoni Mburu 7-Oct-2020
3300 IRA/05/37491/2021 Gladys Muthoni Wambugu 6-Oct-2020
3301 IRA/05/29150/2021 Gladys Mutuli Muthoka 12-Oct-2020
3302 IRA/05/39610/2021 Gladys Ndinda Mwanza 19-Jan-2021
3303 IRA/05/38377/2021 Gladys Ndungwa Ndambuki 13-Nov-2020
3304 IRA/05/37635/2021 Gladys Ngina Masyula 5-Oct-2020
3305 IRA/05/33765/2021 Gladys Njambi Kihanya 9-Oct-2020
3306 IRA/05/38273/2021 Gladys Njeri Gathumbi 29-Sep-2020
3307 IRA/05/38530/2021 Gladys Njeri Njoroge 11-Nov-2020
3308 IRA/05/37353/2021 Gladys Nyabate Kimori 6-Jan-2021
3309 IRA/05/33770/2021 Gladys Nyokabi Kanyoi 12-Oct-2020
3310 IRA/05/32193/2021 Gladys Toroitich 6-Jan-2021
3311 IRA/05/38767/2021 Gladys Waithera Mwangi 11-Jan-2021
3312 IRA/05/38686/2021 Gladys Wanjiru Mwangi 3-Feb-2021
3313 IRA/05/32062/2021 Gladys Wanjugu Kaiga 28-Sep-2020
3314 IRA/05/37291/2021 Gladys Wayua Maweu 15-Oct-2020
3315 IRA/05/24837/2021 Glamazonah Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
3316 IRA/05/34626/2021 Glaviksky Insurance Agency 10-Feb-2021
3317 IRA/05/25509/2021 Glemarks Agencies Limited 26-Sep-2020
3318 IRA/05/27021/2021 Glemco Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3319 IRA/05/37140/2021 Glerin Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3320 IRA/05/34890/2021 Glisten Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
3321 IRA/05/16302/2021 Glitter Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3322 IRA/05/35764/2021 Global Fortify Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3323 IRA/05/32707/2021 Global Forttress Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3324 IRA/05/33292/2021 Global Kenya Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
3325 IRA/05/27409/2021 Global Touch Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
3326 IRA/05/25491/2021 Global Zone Ventures Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3327 IRA/05/30474/2021 Globalprotect Consultants & Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Oct-2020
3328 IRA/05/16750/2021 Globalscore Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
3329 IRA/05/7082/2021 Glolyn Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3330 IRA/05/39563/2021 Gloria Kalunda Musyoka 6-Oct-2020
3331 IRA/05/36628/2021 Gloria Nanjala Wanyonyi 6-Nov-2020
3332 IRA/05/30390/2021 Glorious Star Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3333 IRA/05/34532/2021 Glory Flames Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3334 IRA/05/34045/2021 Glory Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3335 IRA/05/35652/2021 Glory Kiara 22-Oct-2020
3336 IRA/05/34034/2021 Gmal Insurance Agency Co Limited 18-Jan-2021
3337 IRA/05/16058/2021 Godffrey Mahinda Gathara 5-Oct-2020
3338 IRA/05/37987/2021 Godffrey Warui Irungu 6-Oct-2020
3339 IRA/05/15675/2021 Godfrey Arthur O.Oloo 7-Oct-2020
3340 IRA/05/36410/2021 Godfrey Bongomin 27-Sep-2020
3341 IRA/05/34573/2021 Godfrey Githui Wangu 12-Dec-2020
3342 IRA/05/39326/2021 Godfrey Kimathi Mbwiria 31-Dec-2020
3343 IRA/05/14954/2021 Godfrey Mutegi Miriti 11-Jan-2021
3344 IRA/05/14546/2021 Godfrey Muturi Mbogo 6-Nov-2020
3345 IRA/05/37595/2021 Godfrey Mwiti Misheck 12-Dec-2020
3346 IRA/05/32428/2021 Godrick Mwale Lumasia 3-Nov-2020
3347 IRA/05/37817/2021 Godwin Edwin Okumu Matswa 07-Oct-2020
3348 IRA/05/37330/2021 Godwin Nick Wafula 6-Oct-2020
3349 IRA/05/8965/2021 Goerge M. Ouko 6-Oct-2020
3350 IRA/05/31609/2021 Gofroc Risk Link Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021

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3351 IRA/05/26852/2021 Gold Coast Insurance Agency Limited 3-Feb-2021
3352 IRA/05/39700/2021 Gold Oak Insurance Agency Limited 3-Feb-2021
3353 IRA/05/15163/2021 Gold Serve Investsure Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
3354 IRA/05/17265/2021 Golden Apples Insurance Agencies 04-Nov-2020
3355 IRA/05/14328/2021 Golden Cover Insurance Agencies 3-Feb-2021
3356 IRA/05/11611/2021 Golden Eagle Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3357 IRA/05/28914/2021 Golden Globe Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3358 IRA/05/17790/2021 Golden Services Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
3359 IRA/05/16226/2021 Golden Treasure Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
3360 IRA/05/31533/2021 Golden Weaver Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
3361 IRA/05/17232/2021 Goldenhope Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3362 IRA/05/3924/2021 Goldenspot Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
3363 IRA/05/29304/2021 Goldfinch Agency 09-Oct-2020
3364 IRA/05/7055/2021 Goldlinks Insurance Agencies 6-Nov-2020
3365 IRA/05/35545/2021 Goldmark Insurance Agency Limited 25-Sep-2020
3366 IRA/05/31015/2021 Goldmast Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
3367 IRA/05/15655/2021 Goldplan Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
3368 IRA/05/29915/2021 Good Time Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3369 IRA/05/15992/2021 Goodhealth Link Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
3370 IRA/05/35602/2021 Goodhope Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3371 IRA/05/37103/2021 Goodquest Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
3372 IRA/05/27917/2021 Gorreti Nabwire Bubolu 1-Feb-2021
3373 IRA/05/17177/2021 Goshen Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3374 IRA/05/37598/2021 Go-To Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
3375 IRA/05/25206/2021 Grace Adhiambo Agolla 7-Oct-2020
3376 IRA/05/29507/2021 Grace Akinyi Ambok 27-Jan-2021
3377 IRA/05/29575/2021 Grace Akinyi Oduor 10-Dec-2020
3378 IRA/05/37799/2021 Grace Akinyi Olack 8-Oct-2020
3379 IRA/05/28977/2021 Grace Amunga Onono 31-Oct-2020
3380 IRA/05/38968/2021 Grace Chebet Amattah 11-Nov-2020
3381 IRA/05/38770/2021 Grace Gatwiri Manyara 9-Oct-2020
3382 IRA/05/36391/2021 Grace Jendeka Alenga 14-Oct-2020
3383 IRA/05/37479/2021 Grace Jepkoech Korir 29-Jan-2021
3384 IRA/05/32382/2021 Grace Kageha 28-Sep-2020
3385 IRA/05/28055/2021 Grace Kananu 22-Oct-2020
3386 IRA/05/34092/2021 Grace Kananu Kalawa 22-Dec-2020
3387 IRA/05/395340/2021 Grace Kinya Nturibi 12-Nov-2020
3388 IRA/05/26374/2021 Grace Mayieka 1-Oct-2020
3389 IRA/05/36895/2021 Grace Mongina Philip 5-Oct-2020
3390 IRA/05/35533/2021 Grace Moraa Omambia 17-Oct-2020
3391 IRA/05/36245/2021 Grace Mugure Kamau 16-Oct-2020
3392 IRA/05/36255/2021 Grace Murugi Muchiri 1-Oct-2020
3393 IRA/05/27262/2021 Grace Muthoni Gichuki 30-Sep-2020
3394 IRA/05/30237/2021 Grace Naelaen Kitaika 9-Oct-2020
3395 IRA/05/35281/2021 Grace Ndulu Mualuko 29-Sep-2020
3396 IRA/05/38798/2021 Grace Neema Mlewa 26-Oct-2020
3397 IRA/05/17400/2021 Grace Ngonyo Wahome 26-Sep-2020
3398 IRA/05/39953/2021 Grace Njeri Mwaura 12-Feb-2021
3399 IRA/05/30544/2021 Grace Noel Emitekwa Ambuchi 6-Oct-2020
3400 IRA/05/38188/2021 Grace Nyambura Kiragu 7-Oct-2020
3401 IRA/05/29746/2021 Grace Nyokabi Gathua 26-Sep-2020
3402 IRA/05/31965/2021 Grace Nyokabi Nyutu 2-Feb-2021
3403 IRA/05/36549/2021 Grace Simon Mnjama 12-Oct-2020
3404 IRA/05/30767/2021 Grace Vugutsa Mudukiza 27-Sep-2020
3405 IRA/05/20322/2021 Grace W.Kagwaini 9-Oct-2020
3406 IRA/05/37390/2021 Grace Wairimu Mwaniki 14-Nov-2020
3407 IRA/05/33667/2021 Grace Wairimu Thumbi 5-Oct-2020
3408 IRA/05/25579/2021 Grace Wamboi Gitau 5-Dec-2020
3409 IRA/05/39975/2021 Grace Wambui Njigua 15-Feb-2021

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3410 IRA/05/38752/2021 Grace Wangari Chumbi 19-Oct-2020
3411 IRA/05/17657/2021 Grace Wangari Guthera 6-Oct-2020
3412 IRA/05/29800/2021 Grace Wanja Muriuki 08-Oct-2020
3413 IRA/05/26010/2021 Grace Wanja Njara 12-Oct-2020
3414 IRA/05/36182/2021 Grace Wanjeri Muithya 28-Sep-2020
3415 IRA/05/38015/2021 Grace Wanjiku Gichira 26-Sep-2020
3416 IRA/05/25480/2021 Grace Wanjiku Nduuru 26-Sep-2020
3417 IRA/05/30352/2021 Grace Wanjiku Ngugi 14-Dec-2020
3418 IRA/05/34885/2021 Grace Wanjiru Karanja 26-Sep-2020
3419 IRA/05/39949/2021 Grace Wanjiru Wambugu 12-Feb-2021
3420 IRA/05/29072/2021 Grace Wawuda Mghanga 8-Oct-2020
3421 IRA/05/20342/2021 Gracelane Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3422 IRA/05/35306/2021 Graceline Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
3423 IRA/05/17536/2021 Gracious Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3424 IRA/05/25545/2021 Graco Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3425 IRA/05/38490/2021 Gradem Insurance And General Agents 7-Oct-2020
3426 IRA/05/29950/2021 Gramak Insurance Agency 3-Dec-2020
3427 IRA/05/310203/2021 Gramt Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3428 IRA/05/33750/2021 Granary Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
3429 IRA/05/33289/2021 Granate Reality Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3430 IRA/05/28912/2021 Grand Supreme Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3431 IRA/05/39697/2021 Grand Weaver Insurance Agency 4-Feb-2021
3432 IRA/05/28518/2021 Granto Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3433 IRA/05/39810/2021 Gratini Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3434 IRA/05/35717/2021 Gratitude Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3435 IRA/05/39212/2021 Gravid Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3436 IRA/05/807/2021 Gravity Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
3437 IRA/05/34115/2021 Gravour Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
3438 IRA/05/39230/2021 Gray Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
3439 IRA/05/25297/2021 Great Care Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3440 IRA/05/38056/2021 Great Link Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3441 IRA/05/26517/2021 Great Shamah Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3442 IRA/05/12579/2021 Great Vision Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
3443 IRA/05/10155/2021 Green Clover Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3444 IRA/05/33939/2021 Green Hills Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3445 IRA/05/26503/2021 Green Leaf Insurance Agency Ltd 13-Oct-2020
3446 IRA/05/39841/2021 Green Village East Africa 1-Feb-2021
3447 IRA/05/8625/2021 Greengate Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
3448 IRA/05/16399/2021 Greenlight Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3449 IRA/05/14003/2021 Greenwich Risk Management And Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Jan-2021
3450 IRA/05/35132/2021 Greenwise Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3451 IRA/05/37589/2021 Gregory Mutungi Ngemu 11-Nov-2020
3452 IRA/05/36051/2021 Gregory Mwaura Ngugi 7-Oct-2020
3453 IRA/05/14717/2021 Greiss Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
3454 IRA/05/14151/2021 Gremwa Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
3455 IRA/05/20086/2021 Greta Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
3456 IRA/05/37739/2021 Gretar Kerubo Arisi 15-Oct-2020
3457 IRA/05/13431/2021 Greton Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
3458 IRA/05/15108/2021 Greyhound Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
3459 IRA/05/39910/2021 Greyleaf Insurance Agency Limited 3-Feb-2021
3460 IRA/05/34583/2021 Greyson Mlaghe Msirimi 6-Oct-2020
3461 IRA/05/24335/2021 Grolas Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
3462 IRA/05/17744/2021 Groveton Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
3463 IRA/05/15300/2021 Growel Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
3464 IRA/05/35164/2021 Growth Capital Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3465 IRA/05/39229/2021 Gti Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3466 IRA/05/3123/2021 Guan Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3467 IRA/05/28237/2021 Guardian Angel Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
3468 IRA/05/17716/2021 Guardian Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020

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3469 IRA/05/16599/2021 Guardlink Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
3470 IRA/05/20314/2021 Guardon Insuranc E Agencies 22-Jan-2021
3471 IRA/05/16658/2021 Guided Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3472 IRA/05/14684/2021 Guinnesse Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3473 IRA/05/36451/2021 Guizhou Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
3474 IRA/05/11949/2021 Gutesh Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3475 IRA/05/38272/2021 Guylord Atsango Siko 27-Sep-2020
3476 IRA/05/31182/2021 Guyyos Insurance Agency 5-Feb-2021
3477 IRA/05/30569/2021 Gwada Ouma Collins 7-Oct-2020
3478 IRA/05/39765/2021 G-Well Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
3479 IRA/05/14287/2021 Gwoka Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3480 IRA/05/39696/2021 Gyro Space Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
3481 IRA/05/24972/2021 Gysam Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
3482 IRA/05/37875/2021 H & M Insurance Agency Limited 4-Nov-2020
3483 IRA/05/27054/2021 Habel Geofrey Mudaida 7-Oct-2020
3484 IRA/05/14913/2021 Habel L. Mbendo 5-Oct-2020
3485 IRA/05/29529/2021 Hadasa Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3486 IRA/05/37242/2021 Hadasa Wanjiru Waichahi 30-Sep-2020
3487 IRA/05/33794/2021 Hadassahi Insurance Agencies Limited 26-Oct-2020
3488 IRA/05/36153/2021 Hafia Salim Omar 13-Nov-2020
3489 IRA/05/34646/2021 Haile Insurance Agency 24-Sep-2020
3490 IRA/05/16248/2021 Haivan Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3491 IRA/05/26628/2021 Haja Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3492 IRA/05/9352/2021 Hajes Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3493 IRA/05/592/2021 Haji Ali Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
3494 IRA/05/29628/2021 Haky Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3495 IRA/05/24980/2021 Halifax Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
3496 IRA/05/35346/2021 Halima Akwona 27-Oct-2020
3497 IRA/05/27749/2021 Hallmark Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
3498 IRA/05/36466/2021 Hamarkoh Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
3499 IRA/05/17105/2021 Hamlyn Munene Mbaka 8-Oct-2020
3500 IRA/05/28471/2021 Hamson Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3501 IRA/05/35896/2021 Hannah Maria Lalimbo Malla 16-Oct-2020
3502 IRA/05/28025/2021 Hannah Mbugua 14-Nov-2020
3503 IRA/05/16308/2021 Hannah Muringi Gachuhi 2-Oct-2020
3504 IRA/05/35796/2021 Hannah Mwihaki Njeri 12-Nov-2020
3505 IRA/05/33022/2021 Hannah Nduta 13-Oct-2020
3506 IRA/05/8357/2021 Hannah Njeri Mbachia 5-Oct-2020
3507 IRA/05/38057/2021 Hannah Njeri Mwangi 14-Oct-2020
3508 IRA/05/8366/2021 Hannah Njoki Mwaura 6-Oct-2020
3509 IRA/05/17746/2021 Hannah Nyambura Waweru 7-Jan-2021
3510 IRA/05/36886/2021 Hannah Waithira Mwangi 11-Nov-2020
3511 IRA/05/38597/2021 Hannah Wangui Kibuchi 13-Nov-2020
3512 IRA/05/35034/2021 Hannah Wangui Machira 5-Oct-2020
3513 IRA/05/31506/2021 Hannah Wangui Mundati 11-Feb-2021
3514 IRA/05/35480/2021 Hannah Wangui Muthoni 30-Sep-2020
3515 IRA/05/37412/2021 Hannah Wanjiku Chege 6-Oct-2020
3516 IRA/05/36463/2021 Hannah Wanjiku Nganga 29-Sep-2020
3517 IRA/05/37183/2021 Hannah Wanjiru Njoroge 2-Oct-2020
3518 IRA/05/39685/2021 Hannington Ommala Etamuku 28-Jan-2021
3519 IRA/05/29887/2021 Hansard Dykes Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3520 IRA/05/27399/2021 Hansons Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
3521 IRA/05/26083/2021 Happy Nation Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3522 IRA/05/45000/2021 Harambee Sacco Insurance Agency Limited 21-Jan-2021
3523 IRA/05/27702/2021 Hardley Kayange Machayo 9-Oct-2020
3524 IRA/05/36820/2021 Hareept Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3525 IRA/05/33652/2021 Hargens Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3526 IRA/05/8649/2021 Harken Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
3527 IRA/05/34217/2021 Harluke Agencies 28-Jan-2021

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3528 IRA/05/16938/2021 Haron K. Cheboi 16-Feb-2021
3529 IRA/05/0997/2021 Haron Koome Kanyamu 11-Jan-2021
3530 IRA/05/26091/2021 Harrier Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
3531 IRA/05/36627/2021 Harriet Kwamboka Mogaka 12-Nov-2020
3532 IRA/05/34582/2021 Harriet Nabachenja Situma 14-Oct-2020
3533 IRA/05/37823/2021 Harriet Nguta Malo 26-Sep-2020
3534 IRA/05/34777/2021 Harriet Nyambura Weru 3-Nov-2020
3535 IRA/05/34316/2021 Harrimakesh Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
3536 IRA/05/30754/2021 Harrison Atuti Ogweche 28-Sep-2020
3537 IRA/05/38200/2021 Harrison Kasaya Kalamu 29-Sep-2020
3538 IRA/05/15608/2021 Harrison Mganga Kitawi 5-Oct-2020
3539 IRA/05/29005/2021 Harrison Mundia Maina 2-Oct-2020
3540 IRA/05/17016/2021 Harrison Ndungu 9-Oct-2020
3541 IRA/05/27466/2021 Harrison Wandera Seffu 5-Oct-2020
3542 IRA/05/35780/2021 Harrykava Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
3543 IRA/05/30867/2021 Harun Ndumia Rindaya 12-Nov-2020
3544 IRA/05/28760/2021 Harun Gichuki Muriithi 5-Oct-2020
3545 IRA/05/1662/2021 Harunani Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
3546 IRA/05/26088/2021 Harvest Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3547 IRA/05/39455/2021 Haryette Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
3548 IRA/05/32565/2021 Hass Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3549 IRA/05/29718/2021 Hastings Obachkanjoga 7-Dec-2020
3550 IRA/05/35742/2021 Hastings Mboya Mutua 28-Jan-2021
3551 IRA/05/38542/2021 Hawkland Pritt Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
3552 IRA/05/39796/2021 Hawland Insuarance Agency 19-Jan-2021
3553 IRA/05/37166/2021 Haytham Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
3554 IRA/05/30005/2021 Headway Insurance Agency 02-Oct-2020
3555 IRA/05/29223/2021 Healage Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
3556 IRA/05/24810/2021 Health Ensure Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3557 IRA/05/39740/2021 Health Learn Media Insurance Agency 15-Dec-2020
3558 IRA/05/26795/2021 Health Nest Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3559 IRA/05/20096/2021 Health Pool Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
3560 IRA/05/12917/2021 Healthwatch Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3561 IRA/05/37080/2021 Hebron Fountain Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
3562 IRA/05/25971/2021 Heckanusur Bernard Masake 5-Oct-2020
3563 IRA/05/35902/2021 Hecy Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
3564 IRA/05/25809/2021 Hedwick Muddy Shikutwa 26-Sep-2020
3565 IRA/05/39907/2021 Hedwig Khasoa Sifuna 3-Feb-2021
3566 IRA/05/39545/2021 Hedwiq Onchonga Ongera Kibagendi 30-Sep-2020
3567 IRA/05/31661/2021 Heki Ventures And Agencies 12-Oct-2020
3568 IRA/05/17629/2021 Helen Wangechi Kihara 5-Oct-2020
3569 IRA/05/32012/2021 Heliapo Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
3570 IRA/05/30245/2021 Helidah Muthoni Maringa 9-Oct-2020
3571 IRA/05/26220/2021 Hellen Achieng 27-Sep-2020
3572 IRA/05/37030/2021 Hellen Adhiambo Swango 5-Oct-2020
3573 IRA/05/33867/2021 Hellen Anabaka Kadima 7-Oct-2020
3574 IRA/05/24403/2021 Hellen Awino Okite 13-Oct-2020
3575 IRA/05/35074/2021 Hellen Kahuya Lijodi 27-Sep-2020
3576 IRA/05/36862/2021 Hellen Kerubo Mmasi 17-Oct-2020
3577 IRA/05/34007/2021 Hellen Kingori 13-Jan-2021
3578 IRA/05/36109/2021 Hellen Maloba 2-Oct-2020
3579 IRA/05/29585/2021 Hellen Manyonge Wesutsa 14-Oct-2020
3580 IRA/05/16078/2021 Hellen Muthoni Gacheru 5-Oct-2020
3581 IRA/05/27919/2021 Hellen Muthoni Wachira 9-Oct-2020
3582 IRA/05/35873/2021 Hellen Mwelu Ngumbi 7-Oct-2020
3583 IRA/05/30490/2021 Hellen Namwenya Wafula 5-Oct-2020
3584 IRA/05/27871/2021 Hellen Nduku Masila 28-Sep-2020
3585 IRA/05/36486/2021 Hellen Ngina Kiio 14-Oct-2020
3586 IRA/05/32434/2021 Hellen Njeri Hunja 12-Oct-2020

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3587 IRA/05/16642/2021 Hellen Njoki Njoroge 8-Oct-2020
3588 IRA/05/35860/2021 Hellen Njoki Wangari 3-Nov-2020
3589 IRA/05/35646/2021 Hellen Nyambura Mbogo 12-Jan-2021
3590 IRA/05/35850/2021 Hellen Ongare Odipo 14-Jan-2021
3591 IRA/05/14462/2021 Hellen Too 9-Oct-2020
3592 IRA/05/27801/2021 Hellen Wairimu Wanjiku 28-Sep-2020
3593 IRA/05/39292/2021 Hellen Wambui Mburu 6-Oct-2020
3594 IRA/05/36910/2021 Hellen Wambui Ngari 11-Feb-2021
3595 IRA/05/38787/2021 Hellen Wangari Karungu 31-Dec-2020
3596 IRA/05/29493/2021 Hellen Wangari Macharia 8-Oct-2020
3597 IRA/05/37184/2021 Helma Amondi Sande 15-Nov-2020
3598 IRA/05/24285/2021 Helsam Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
3599 IRA/05/31645/2021 Hema Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
3600 IRA/05/10974/2021 Hemcre Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3601 IRA/05/17729/2021 Hemsworth Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
3602 IRA/05/14282/2021 Henakhama Enterprises Insurance Agencies 19-Oct-2020
3603 IRA/05/31659/2021 Henhar Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3604 IRA/05/20131/2021 Henrima Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
3605 IRA/05/29066/2021 Henry Bonventure Asiba 19-Oct-2020
3606 IRA/05/39149/2021 Henry Kipchirchir Melly 21-Jan-2021
3607 IRA/05/35853/2021 Henry Mutie Maingi 28-Sep-2020
3608 IRA/05/10733/2021 Henry Mutuma Itamunya 5-Oct-2020
3609 IRA/05/24712/2021 Henry Mwithaga Wanjira 13-Oct-2020
3610 IRA/05/35569/2021 Henry Njoroge Mwangi 8-Oct-2020
3611 IRA/05/5799/2021 Henry Nyabuto Nyakweba 28-Sep-2020
3612 IRA/05/17526/2021 Henry Nyoro Mwangi 22-Oct-2020
3613 IRA/05/8185/2021 Henry Simiyu Khaemba 6-Oct-2020
3614 IRA/05/16833/2021 Henry.N.Ndungu 28-Sep-2020
3615 IRA/05/10732/2021 Henry.W.Magethe 30-Sep-2020
3616 IRA/05/18005/2021 Hep Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
3617 IRA/05/20357/2021 Hephzibah Insurance Agency K 04-Nov-2020
3618 IRA/05/29752/2021 Herimax Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3619 IRA/05/25563/2021 Herman Kiiru Kihiko 14-Dec-2020
3620 IRA/05/14940/2021 Herman Maina Karori 18-Jan-2021
3621 IRA/05/26423/2021 Hermliz Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3622 IRA/05/37542/2021 Hesbon Onyango Okoyo 14-Dec-2020
3623 IRA/05/0034/2021 Heshima Insurance Agencies Ltd. 18-Jan-2021
3624 IRA/05/36326/2021 Hestone Nyakaru Nyarieko 5-Oct-2020
3625 IRA/05/16066/2021 Hewin Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3626 IRA/05/39481/2021 Hezron Bourice Osano 8-Dec-2020
3627 IRA/05/36335/2021 Hezron Kabui Wachira 7-Oct-2020
3628 IRA/05/17596/2021 Hezron Manyara Maina 26-Oct-2020
3629 IRA/05/39586/2021 Hezron Mariita Mbebi 6-Oct-2020
3630 IRA/05/35168/2021 Hezron Opiyo Achilla 17-Oct-2020
3631 IRA/05/39034/2021 Hezron Timothy Mwango 31-Oct-2020
3632 IRA/05/37155/2021 Hezron Wafula Wakhungu 9-Oct-2020
3633 IRA/05/31672/2021 Hi View Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3634 IRA/05/33784/2021 Hifadhi Africa Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
3635 IRA/05/10299/2021 High Vision Business Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3636 IRA/05/17183/2021 Highbreed Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3637 IRA/05/35979/2021 Highfort Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
3638 IRA/05/790/2021 Highland Garage Insurance Angency 8-Oct-2020
3639 IRA/05/33748/2021 Highleap Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3640 IRA/05/26123/2021 Highlink Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3641 IRA/05/24146/2021 Highmark Insurance Agencies 7-Jan-2021
3642 IRA/05/31155/2021 Highstreet Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
3643 IRA/05/35257/2021 Highway Marshalls Insurance Agencies 13-Nov-2020
3644 IRA/05/34973/2021 Hilary Muriuki Mwai 8-Oct-2020
3645 IRA/05/34117/2021 Hilary Mutua Mbuta 16-Oct-2020

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3646 IRA/05/34680/2021 Hilda Lilian Atieno 6-Oct-2020
3647 IRA/05/37367/2021 Hildah Maraka Levis 27-Sep-2020
3648 IRA/05/39277/2021 Hildah Wambui Kamande 19-Oct-2020
3649 IRA/05/35475/2021 Hillary Kiprotich Koech 14-Jan-2021
3650 IRA/05/39849/2021 Hillary Oduor Odhiambo 1-Feb-2021
3651 IRA/05/25967/2021 Hillary Oduor Ogolla 27-Sep-2020
3652 IRA/05/36261/2021 Hillary Owino Adongo 2-Oct-2020
3653 IRA/05/10585/2021 Hilltop Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
3654 IRA/05/36901/2021 Hinga-Consult Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
3655 IRA/05/38921/2021 Hirbo Huka Cheto 26-Sep-2020
3656 IRA/05/24128/2021 Hisa Africa Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
3657 IRA/05/39189/2021 Hisbah Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
3658 IRA/05/24891/2021 Hive Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
3659 IRA/05/28383/2021 Holiday Bazaar Limited 13-Nov-2020
3660 IRA/05/15502/2021 Holiday Insurance Agents 7-Jan-2021
3661 IRA/05/15598/2021 Holy Nation Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
3662 IRA/05/11045/2021 Hook Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
3663 IRA/05/36918/2021 Hope Mandi Mwazighe 5-Oct-2020
3664 IRA/05/39457/2021 Hope Solace Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
3665 IRA/05/35959/2021 Hope Wachia Mwazagho 12-Oct-2020
3666 IRA/05/16121/2021 Hope-Link Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
3667 IRA/05/17833/2021 Hopkin Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3668 IRA/05/37915/2021 Horace Musya Willy 15-Oct-2020
3669 IRA/05/39237/2021 Horace Owiti Adoh 2-Oct-2020
3670 IRA/05/24761/2021 Horeb Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3671 IRA/05/14108/2021 Horizonview Insurance Agencies 6-Jan-2021
3672 IRA/05/39243/2021 Horus Insurance Agency Ltd 13-Oct-2020
3673 IRA/05/35774/2021 Hosborn Okongo Omondi 14-Dec-2020
3674 IRA/05/35245/2021 Hummingbird Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3675 IRA/05/9054/2021 Humphrey Mwangala Kitti 8-Oct-2020
3676 IRA/05/29429/2021 Humphrey David Oyatsi 23-Oct-2020
3677 IRA/05/16550/2021 Humphrey Maleya Igunza 8-Oct-2020
3678 IRA/05/20020/2021 Humrose Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
3679 IRA/05/27395/2021 Hura Julius Mwita 5-Oct-2020
3680 IRA/05/3900/2021 Huron Kiprotich Kurgat 6-Jan-2021
3681 IRA/05/35726/2021 Hussein Ibrahim Hassan 18-Jan-2021
3682 IRA/05/34625/2021 Hussein Said 6-Oct-2020
3683 IRA/05/16913/2021 Hyperclassic Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
3684 IRA/05/20311/2021 Hyphen Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3685 IRA/05/32398/2021 Ian Odinga Odero 2-Oct-2020
3686 IRA/05/39281/2021 Ibrahim Giuthua Mutugi 13-Jan-2021
3687 IRA/05/27604/2021 Ibrahim Kimani Ndungu 3-Nov-2020
3688 IRA/05/28828/2021 Ibrahim Nyagaka Mwanzi 26-Sep-2020
3689 IRA/05/3494/2021 Ibrahim Onyango Ondu 2-Oct-2020
3690 IRA/05/28123/2021 Ibukar Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3691 IRA/05/34865/2021 I-Care Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3692 IRA/05/34089/2021 Icompare Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
3693 IRA/05/29638/2021 Icon Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
3694 IRA/05/24198/2021 Icon Kenya Insurance Agencies Ltd 21-Jan-2021
3695 IRA/05/34023/2021 Idah Caroline Nyambura 2-Oct-2020
3696 IRA/05/26584/2021 Idah Karuthu Ncema 19-Oct-2020
3697 IRA/05/29133/2021 Idah Mukami Mugambi 2-Oct-2020
3698 IRA/05/24743/2021 Identity Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3699 IRA/05/24875/2021 Iflex Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
3700 IRA/05/36457/2021 Igenga Francis Magaiwa 11-Jan-2021
3701 IRA/05/26947/2021 Ignatius Ashiono Muhalya 6-Oct-2020
3702 IRA/05/24665/2021 Igyline Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3703 IRA/05/27500/2021 Ikhavi Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
3704 IRA/05/9196/2021 Ikumbo Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020

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3705 IRA/05/31769/2021 Ilanogwa Linda Musati 28-Sep-2020
3706 IRA/05/13811/2021 Ima Insurance Agengy 26-Sep-2020
3707 IRA/05/35729/2021 Iman Sanaa Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
3708 IRA/05/27231/2021 Imelda Nduku Maundu 3-Nov-2020
3709 IRA/05/14740/2021 Immac Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3710 IRA/05/35558/2021 Immaculate Nekesa Mukambi 09-Oct-2020
3711 IRA/05/34980/2021 Immaculate Wakio Njue 5-Oct-2020
3712 IRA/05/38382/2021 Immaculate Wanjiku Kibe 9-Oct-2020
3713 IRA/05/28810/2021 Immaculate Wanjiku Wangari 1-Oct-2020
3714 IRA/05/31031/2021 Imoth Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
3715 IRA/05/39728/2021 Impact Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
3716 IRA/05/78/2021 Impala Insurance Agencies 28-Sep-2020
3717 IRA/05/28839/2021 Indasi Susan Kavare 13-Oct-2020
3718 IRA/05/0167/2021 Indemnity Insurance Agents Limited 22-Oct-2020
3719 IRA/05/32972/2021 Indepth Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
3720 IRA/05/36920/2021 Indimuli Elvis Phelix 1-Feb-2021
3721 IRA/05/29568/2021 Ineos Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3722 IRA/05/12765/2021 Infama Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
3723 IRA/05/35519/2021 Infinitum Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3724 IRA/05/25861/2021 Ingenuity International Insurance Agencies Ltd 13-Oct-2020
3725 IRA/05/38203/2021 Ingete Anne Nancy 8-Oct-2020
3726 IRA/05/24668/2021 Inhouse Insurance Agency 24-Dec-2020
3727 IRA/05/35322/2021 Inmerp Insurance Agency Limited 22-Dec-2020
3728 IRA/05/39306/2021 Innocent Ingosi Anyonyi 6-Nov-2020
3729 IRA/05/38703/2021 Innocent Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
3730 IRA/05/35303/2021 Innocent Masase Mochabo 6-Jan-2021
3731 IRA/05/27347/2021 Innogwen Insurance Agency 06-Nov-2020
3732 IRA/05/36646/2021 Innov Agro Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
3733 IRA/05/34497/2021 Innovex Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3734 IRA/05/34038/2021 Innovobima Agency 14-Oct-2020
3735 IRA/05/38748/2021 Inow Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Jan-2021
3736 IRA/05/29707/2021 Inserve Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
3737 IRA/05/39683/2021 Inserve Insurance Agency Limited 12-Nov-2020
3738 IRA/05/28192/2021 Inspia Insurance Agency Ltd 5-Oct-2020
3739 IRA/05/37092/2021 Inspired Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3740 IRA/05/27276/2021 Inspired Kezy Enterprises 12-Nov-2020
3741 IRA/05/3115/2021 Insta Africa Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
3742 IRA/05/30574/2021 Instacover Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
3743 IRA/05/33985/2021 Instasure Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3744 IRA/05/32143/2021 Insulink Kenya Ltd 11-Jan-2021
3745 IRA/05/14171/2021 Insuplan Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
3746 IRA/05/28598/2021 Insurance For All (Ifa) Insurance Agency Ltd. 5-Oct-2020
3747 IRA/05/37510/2021 Insuredeck Agency 18-Jan-2021
3748 IRA/05/25305/2021 Insurelink Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
3749 IRA/05/39334/2021 Insurely Agency 3-Feb-2021
3750 IRA/05/39339/2021 Insureme Insurance Agency Limited 6-Nov-2020
3751 IRA/05/31670/2021 Insurenow Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3752 IRA/05/35618/2021 Insurisafe Insurance Services 28-Sep-2020
3753 IRA/05/39534/2021 Insuritas Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Nov-2020
3754 IRA/05/12127/2021 Insyc Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3755 IRA/05/36323/2021 Intaru Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
3756 IRA/05/15545/2021 Integrity Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
3757 IRA/05/34844/2021 Intel Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
3758 IRA/05/30159/2021 Intelismart Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3759 IRA/05/32968/2021 Intell Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
3760 IRA/05/297/2021 Inter Oceans Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3761 IRA/05/35616/2021 Interbridge Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3762 IRA/05/28399/2021 Intercity Insurances Agency 28-Sep-2020
3763 IRA/05/25236/2021 Intercover Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020

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3764 IRA/05/38887/2021 Interglobal Insurance Agency Kenya 28-Dec-2020
3765 IRA/05/13660/2021 Interland Insurance Agents 18-Jan-2021
3766 IRA/05/14280/2021 Interlink Beta Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
3767 IRA/05/19053/2021 Internet Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3768 IRA/05/38030/2021 Interstate Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3769 IRA/05/24224/2021 Interstate Insurance Agency Limited 11-Nov-2020
3770 IRA/05/10660/2021 Intimate Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3771 IRA/05/29711/2021 Intra Kenya Insurance Agency 4-Feb-2021
3772 IRA/05/13437/2021 Intra Nucleur Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
3773 IRA/05/26202/2021 Intraserve Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
3774 IRA/05/2185/2021 Intrig And Sureway Insurance Agency Limited 11-Feb-2021
3775 IRA/05/32995/2021 Intrique Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3776 IRA/05/35015/2021 Intune Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
3777 IRA/05/36962/2021 Invelea Insurance Agencies 26-Oct-2020
3778 IRA/05/29624/2021 Inverno Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3779 IRA/05/39266/2021 Investic Global Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
3780 IRA/05/38788/2021 Inviolata Mutole Shitiabayi 3-Nov-2020
3781 IRA/05/31212/2021 Iplus Insurance Agency Limited 11-Nov-2020
3782 IRA/05/31189/2021 Irene Akongo Odhiambo 29-Sep-2020
3783 IRA/05/28783/2021 Irene Anyango Ochieng 6-Nov-2020
3784 IRA/05/37703/2021 Irene Atieno Oloo 4-Nov-2020
3785 IRA/05/25898/2021 Irene Awino Odhiambo 2-Oct-2020
3786 IRA/05/26661/2021 Irene Bochere Oira 6-Oct-2020
3787 IRA/05/30248/2021 Irene Chebet Kiptalam 29-Sep-2020
3788 IRA/05/34263/2021 Irene Chepngeno 28-Sep-2020
3789 IRA/05/38136/2021 Irene Christine Ogutu 12-Oct-2020
3790 IRA/05/38412/2021 Irene Elizabeth Otieno 6-Oct-2020
3791 IRA/05/35207/2021 Irene Jeruto Kiptoo 21-Dec-2020
3792 IRA/05/36676/2021 Irene Josephine Omolo Osewe 19-Oct-2020
3793 IRA/05/31796/2021 Irene Kanyiri Muriithi 29-Jan-2021
3794 IRA/05/34618/2021 Irene Kawira Kithinji 1-Oct-2020
3795 IRA/05/39859/2021 Irene Mbithe Munguti 1-Feb-2021
3796 IRA/05/36436/2021 Irene Mokamba Mokeira 11-Nov-2020
3797 IRA/05/38539/2021 Irene Mukiri Kabiro 2-Oct-2020
3798 IRA/05/27695/2021 Irene Mumbi Sammy 8-Oct-2020
3799 IRA/05/30698/2021 Irene Muthoni Muriithi 28-Sep-2020
3800 IRA/05/38219/2021 Irene Mutinda Makau 9-Feb-2021
3801 IRA/05/33441/2021 Irene Mutio Ngei 17-Oct-2020
3802 IRA/05/38260/2021 Irene Mwende Gitari 7-Oct-2020
3803 IRA/05/25335/2021 Irene N Gichuri 12-Oct-2020
3804 IRA/05/32519/2021 Irene Nandai Muhanda 2-Oct-2020
3805 IRA/05/389033/2021 Irene Nduta Waweru 6-Oct-2020
3806 IRA/05/38405/2021 Irene Nduta Wanyoike 16-Oct-2020
3807 IRA/05/37424/2021 Irene Njeri Njoroge 13-Jan-2021
3808 IRA/05/35815/2021 Irene Nthenya Maithya 6-Oct-2020
3809 IRA/05/39211/2021 Irene Nyawira Gathuki 15-Oct-2020
3810 IRA/05/35139/2021 Irene Resiato Kipiko 28-Sep-2020
3811 IRA/05/17989/2021 Irene W. Njunge 12-Oct-2020
3812 IRA/05/37228/2021 Irene Waithira Gichobi 3-Nov-2020
3813 IRA/05/28738/2021 Irene Wambui Kamutu 6-Oct-2020
3814 IRA/05/25735/2021 Irene Wangari Wainaina 6-Oct-2020
3815 IRA/05/26674/2021 Irene Wangui Macharia 11-Nov-2020
3816 IRA/05/27673/2021 Irene Wanjiku Gitangu 8-Oct-2020
3817 IRA/05/32582/2021 Irene Wanjira Maina 5-Oct-2020
3818 IRA/05/35734/2021 Irene Wanjiru Kariuki 12-Nov-2020
3819 IRA/05/12968/2021 Irene Wanjiru Njoroge 6-Oct-2020
3820 IRA/05/37035/2021 Irene Wanjiru Wandurua 18-Jan-2021
3821 IRA/05/35805/2021 Irene Wanza Musyoka 12-Oct-2020
3822 IRA/05/32611/2021 Irene Winfred Mutindi Mwololo 6-Nov-2020

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3823 IRA/05/16240/2021 Irene.W.Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
3824 IRA/05/25745/2021 Irumwa Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
3825 IRA/05/29355/2021 Isaac Gatimu Nduati 22-Dec-2020
3826 IRA/05/38215/2021 Isaac Indatula Chahilu 15-Nov-2020
3827 IRA/05/20316/2021 Isaac Isoka Kakai 7-Oct-2020
3828 IRA/05/30174/2021 Isaac Kimani Ndungu 13-Nov-2020
3829 IRA/05/38755/2021 Isaac Kinyungu Nthuku 6-Jan-2021
3830 IRA/05/36567/2021 Isaac Kiptoo Chirchir 15-Jan-2021
3831 IRA/05/29528/2021 Isaac Kiragu Thuo 22-Oct-2020
3832 IRA/05/38342/2021 Isaac Kuloba Juma 11-Dec-2020
3833 IRA/05/39589/2021 Isaac Macharia Kionjore 15-Oct-2020
3834 IRA/05/36682/2021 Isaac Maina Wangechi 11-Jan-2021
3835 IRA/05/31705/2021 Isaac Makambi Osiagi 6-Oct-2020
3836 IRA/05/30563/2021 Isaac Muriuki Mugo 12-Nov-2020
3837 IRA/05/5965/2021 Isaac Mwangasu Mwawaka 14-Nov-2020
3838 IRA/05/25630/2021 Isaac Mwangi Waweru 8-Oct-2020
3839 IRA/05/30097/2021 Isaac Ngugi Ngigi 27-Sep-2020
3840 IRA/05/29159/2021 Isaac Wathome Kinyua 7-Oct-2020
3841 IRA/05/32312/2021 Isabel Kirigo Karuri 6-Oct-2020
3842 IRA/05/29992/2021 Isabel Njeri Gitu 27-Sep-2020
3843 IRA/05/14963/2021 Isabel Rwamba Kamau 5-Oct-2020
3844 IRA/05/28866/2021 Isabel Wambui Kiama 9-Oct-2020
3845 IRA/05/33277/2021 Isabel Wanjiru Njoroge 11-Nov-2020
3846 IRA/05/38871/2021 Isabell Ngendo Muhoya 28-Sep-2020
3847 IRA/05/25266/2021 Isabella Waithera Njenga 5-Oct-2020
3848 IRA/05/39584/2021 Isabella Wanjiru Muchemi 6-Oct-2020
3849 IRA/05/15260/2021 Isadia Taywa Wenslaus 21-Dec-2020
3850 IRA/05/16500/2021 Isaiah Migwi Mwai 28-Sep-2020
3851 IRA/05/34974/2021 Isaiah Njeru Waweru 11-Feb-2021
3852 IRA/05/10653/2021 Isaiah Oloo Adongo 28-Sep-2020
3853 IRA/05/20173/2021 Isaiah Otieno Nyarumba 1-Oct-2020
3854 IRA/05/16547/2021 Isaya Omondi Wayiro 5-Oct-2020
3855 IRA/05/29598/2021 Ishaaq Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
3856 IRA/05/37888/2021 Isibania Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3857 IRA/05/30205/2021 Islamic Insurance Agency Africa Ltd 14-Jan-2021
3858 IRA/05/15772/2021 Ismael Nyumu Njenga 29-Sep-2020
3859 IRA/05/16908/2021 Ismail Dadacha Kotote 2-Oct-2020
3860 IRA/05/35272/2021 Ismania Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
3861 IRA/05/6857/2021 Isonya Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
3862 IRA/05/34559/2021 Issa Omondi Oganyo 6-Oct-2020
3863 IRA/05/37631/2021 Issias Mukhwana Simiyu Chemayi 12-Dec-2020
3864 IRA/05/34299/2021 Ivari Africa Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Nov-2020
3865 IRA/05/31856/2021 Ivonnad Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3866 IRA/05/32379/2021 Ivy Kavithe Muthami 27-Sep-2020
3867 IRA/05/37771/2021 Ivyn Atieno Asango 7-Oct-2020
3868 IRA/05/26152/2021 Iway Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
3869 IRA/05/28371/2021 Izotrex Insurance Agencies 8-Oct-2020
3870 IRA/05/30756/2021 Ja – Rawila Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
3871 IRA/05/14699/2021 Jaaron Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
3872 IRA/05/27101/2021 Jabez Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
3873 IRA/05/37558/2021 Jacinta Anyango Opondo 15-Dec-2020
3874 IRA/05/29616/2021 Jacinta Gakii Manyara 28-Sep-2020
3875 IRA/05/33935/2021 Jacinta Mutave Kimani 1-Oct-2020
3876 IRA/05/35927/2021 Jacinta Ndinda John 7-Oct-2020
3877 IRA/05/39965/2021 Jacinta Njeri Gakari 12-Feb-2021
3878 IRA/05/34815/2021 Jacinta Nyaboke Mitaki 2-Oct-2020
3879 IRA/05/37492/2021 Jacinta Nyambura Gaitho 22-Sep-2020
3880 IRA/05/36995/2021 Jacinta Nzembi Mbithi 7-Oct-2020
3881 IRA/05/26895/2021 Jacinta Wachuka Gitahi 9-Oct-2020

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3882 IRA/05/30901/2021 Jacinta Wambui Mwaura 6-Oct-2020
3883 IRA/05/28874/2021 Jacinta Wambui Phoro 2-Oct-2020
3884 IRA/05/30494/2021 Jacinta Wangu Junge 2-Oct-2020
3885 IRA/05/39952/2021 Jacinta Wanjiku Mwangi 12-Feb-2021
3886 IRA/05/29910/2021 Jacinta Wariara Muchiri 22-Dec-2020
3887 IRA/05/37718/2021 Jacintah Nyaguthii Mathenge 3-Feb-2021
3888 IRA/05/17711/2021 Jack Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3889 IRA/05/31476/2021 Jack Martin Wachira 12-Oct-2020
3890 IRA/05/31438/2021 Jack Omala 28-Sep-2020
3891 IRA/05/28164/2021 Jackie Mason Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
3892 IRA/05/38185/2021 Jackline Kanini Kavisi 6-Nov-2020
3893 IRA/05/35060/2021 Jackline Matulu Mwanzi 11-Nov-2020
3894 IRA/05/28293/2021 Jackline A. Atoli 16-Oct-2020
3895 IRA/05/38086/2021 Jackline Achieng Otieno 29-Sep-2020
3896 IRA/05/16546/2021 Jackline Awuor Obiero 25-Sep-2020
3897 IRA/05/29252/2021 Jackline Chepkoech 5-Oct-2020
3898 IRA/05/36695/2021 Jackline Chepkosgei Chelulei 11-Nov-2020
3899 IRA/05/30351/2021 Jackline Cherotich 5-Oct-2020
3900 IRA/05/36130/2021 Jackline Dorine Akinyi Omollo 8-Oct-2020
3901 IRA/05/25357/2021 Jackline Jeniffer Kyalo 5-Oct-2020
3902 IRA/05/36058/2021 Jackline Jepchumba Kiplagat 14-Oct-2020
3903 IRA/05/36439/2021 Jackline Jepkoech Kiyeng 27-Sep-2020
3904 IRA/05/30487/2021 Jackline Kanjiru Kithinji 5-Oct-2020
3905 IRA/05/29732/2021 Jackline Kathambi Murithi 27-Sep-2020
3906 IRA/05/34245/2021 Jackline Katungwa Mbithi 3-Nov-2020
3907 IRA/05/30197/2021 Jackline Kemunto Onguso 16-Oct-2020
3908 IRA/05/36637/2021 Jackline Kombo Anyanga 11-Jan-2021
3909 IRA/05/31342/2021 Jackline Kunderey Kisaka 1-Feb-2021
3910 IRA/05/27374/2021 Jackline Mary Wambui Muthoni 8-Oct-2020
3911 IRA/05/29691/2021 Jackline Mbithe Nzioki 22-Oct-2020
3912 IRA/05/36189/2021 Jackline Mwende Kioko 26-Sep-2020
3913 IRA/05/27264/2021 Jackline Njeri Wambui 28-Sep-2020
3914 IRA/05/38133/2021 Jackline Wambui Waithera 14-Oct-2020
3915 IRA/05/15519/2021 Jackline Wanjiku Githombe 18-Jan-2021
3916 IRA/05/37653/2021 Jackline Wanjiku Mburu 16-Oct-2020
3917 IRA/05/34741/2021 Jackline Wanjiku Munyi 28-Sep-2020
3918 IRA/05/15407/2021 Jackline Waturi Muiga 25-Sep-2020
3919 IRA/05/19017/2021 Jackline.W.N.Njeru 13-Oct-2020
3920 IRA/05/37845/2021 Jacknorine Buleemi 30-Sep-2020
3921 IRA/05/35572/2021 Jacksiron Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
3922 IRA/05/36609/2021 Jackson Inyangala Silvano 2-Oct-2020
3923 IRA/05/33649/2021 Jackson Kariuki 29-Sep-2020
3924 IRA/05/32936/2021 Jackson Kihumbu Nungari 2-Oct-2020
3925 IRA/05/6914/2021 Jackson Kyalo Mutie 29-Sep-2020
3926 IRA/05/26367/2021 Jackson Mbuthia Maigua 13-Oct-2020
3927 IRA/05/34464/2021 Jackson Mutahi Ndiritu 7-Oct-2020
3928 IRA/05/14159/2021 Jackson Mutuku Munyao 5-Oct-2020
3929 IRA/05/34433/2021 Jackson Mwangi Muriuki 28-Sep-2020
3930 IRA/05/37962/2021 Jackson Ngigi Mburu 12-Oct-2020
3931 IRA/05/32579/2021 Jackson Njoroge Gathithiri 1-Feb-2021
3932 IRA/05/12323/2021 Jackson Nzesya Musyoki 28-Sep-2020
3933 IRA/05/16798/2021 Jackson Wahome Gathage 11-Nov-2020
3934 IRA/05/25493/2021 Jacktone Auna Amulioto 6-Oct-2020
3935 IRA/05/8750/2021 Jacktone Onywero Achieng 12-Nov-2020
3936 IRA/05/36875/2021 Jacmac Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
3937 IRA/05/9136/2021 Jacob Acheha Amokola 26-Oct-2020
3938 IRA/05/25144/2021 Jacob E. M. Wekesa 8-Oct-2020
3939 IRA/05/34140/2021 Jacob Gitimu Mwangi 21-Jan-2021
3940 IRA/05/38059/2021 Jacob Maundu Kavivya 14-Oct-2020

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3941 IRA/05/15537/2021 Jacob Ndirangu Muturi 07-Oct-2020
3942 IRA/05/34615/2021 Jacob Oloo Ogutu 26-Sep-2020
3943 IRA/05/33915/2021 Jacob Omondi Oduor 7-Dec-2020
3944 IRA/05/14036/2021 Jacob Wekesa Makhanu 30-Sep-2020
3945 IRA/05/38267/2021 Jacqueline Mutio Nzioka 9-Oct-2020
3946 IRA/05/33824/2021 Jacqueline Achieng Ofwenje 3-Nov-2020
3947 IRA/05/26923/2021 Jacqueline Adhiambo Urudi 12-Dec-2020
3948 IRA/05/30789/2021 Jacqueline Anyango Ogutu 26-Sep-2020
3949 IRA/05/17397/2021 Jacqueline G. Mugambi 13-Nov-2020
3950 IRA/05/35390/2021 Jacqueline Irimu 7-Oct-2020
3951 IRA/05/36386/2021 Jacqueline Kiruhiri Amugongo 17-Oct-2020
3952 IRA/05/14210/2021 Jacquelyne Kitinga 28-Sep-2020
3953 IRA/05/30932/2021 Jade Insurance Agency Limited 13-Oct-2020
3954 IRA/05/33987/2021 Jade Sea Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
3955 IRA/05/30884/2021 Jael Oloo Ogonda 5-Oct-2020
3956 IRA/05/36325/2021 Jagraciah Insurance & Commercial Agency 5-Oct-2020
3957 IRA/05/25775/2021 Jahazi Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
3958 IRA/05/14795/2021 Jahope Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
3959 IRA/05/369/2021 Jaidip Insurance Agencies 25-Sep-2020
3960 IRA/05/35270/2021 Jaifa Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
3961 IRA/05/10040/2021 Jairus Khamisi Nahashon 6-Oct-2020
3962 IRA/05/33633/2021 Jakestar Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
3963 IRA/05/28985/2021 Jalendo Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
3964 IRA/05/35056/2021 Jalice Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
3965 IRA/05/35921/2021 Jamaish Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
3966 IRA/05/33186/2021 Jamalex Insurance Agency Limited 27-Oct-2020
3967 IRA/05/31198/2021 Jamam Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
3968 IRA/05/18085/2021 James Benson Kinyua 8-Oct-2020
3969 IRA/05/38549/2021 James Chris Zekkey 14-Oct-2020
3970 IRA/05/32334/2021 James Faith Kambua 2-Oct-2020
3971 IRA/05/8700/2021 James Fredrick Onyango Malo 27-Oct-2020
3972 IRA/05/34226/2021 James Gitau Chege 26-Jan-2021
3973 IRA/05/8987/2021 James Githaiga Mwai 30-Sep-2020
3974 IRA/05/17005/2021 James Harrison Masinde 5-Oct-2020
3975 IRA/05/34645/2021 James Juma Kiminy 14-Oct-2020
3976 IRA/05/14702/2021 James Kabuu Njuguna 8-Oct-2020
3977 IRA/05/35142/2021 James Kakimi Musyimi 12-Nov-2020
3978 IRA/05/25613/2021 James Kamau Kariuki 28-Sep-2020
3979 IRA/05/39808/2021 James Kamau Kimani 21-Jan-2021
3980 IRA/05/25979/2021 James Kamore Kangethe 22-Oct-2020
3981 IRA/05/35144/2021 James Kangethe Ndungu 28-Sep-2020
3982 IRA/05/29973/2021 James Karubiu Kibui 7-Oct-2020
3983 IRA/05/35228/2021 James Kimathi Muthuri 2-Nov-2020
3984 IRA/05/14521/2021 James Kimeu Muvila 6-Oct-2020
3985 IRA/05/30083/2021 James Kioko Matheka 5-Oct-2020
3986 IRA/05/27796/2021 James Kogi Mwaura 1-Feb-2021
3987 IRA/05/36054/2021 James Maina Mogaka 13-Nov-2020
3988 IRA/05/24889/2021 James Maina Ruga 12-Oct-2020
3989 IRA/05/36631/2021 James Mauga Nyamoko 7-Oct-2020
3990 IRA/05/37386/2021 James Mbugua Macharia 22-Oct-2020
3991 IRA/05/15459/2021 James Mburu Kariuki 28-Sep-2020
3992 IRA/05/34611/2021 James Mirie Njogu 14-Oct-2020
3993 IRA/05/32452/2021 James Moraa Naomi 14-Oct-2020
3994 IRA/05/19020/2021 James Mosigisi Nyarieko 5-Oct-2020
3995 IRA/05/16806/2021 James Muema Mutangili 06-Oct-2020
3996 IRA/05/39547/2021 James Muendo Musembi 30-Sep-2020
3997 IRA/05/31116/2021 James Muga Odhiambo 9-Oct-2020
3998 IRA/05/27709/2021 James Mugambi Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
3999 IRA/05/36480/2021 James Munene Kirema 6-Oct-2020

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4000 IRA/05/26802/2021 James Murage Koinange 12-Nov-2020
4001 IRA/05/24828/2021 James Muriuki Nduni 26-Sep-2020
4002 IRA/05/34633/2021 James Mutuku Mutisya 26-Sep-2020
4003 IRA/05/33832/2021 James Mwakio Machunji 10-Feb-2021
4004 IRA/05/25396/2021 James Mwangi Gateri 3-Feb-2021
4005 IRA/05/34948/2021 James Mwangi Muiruri 12-Nov-2020
4006 IRA/05/13763/2021 James Mwangi Wanyoike 14-Oct-2020
4007 IRA/05/32839/2021 James Mwaura 3-Nov-2020
4008 IRA/05/30923/2021 James Ndegwah Ndunguh 29-Sep-2020
4009 IRA/05/16001/2021 James Ndiga Stephen 2-Oct-2020
4010 IRA/05/39760/2021 James Ndungu Ndegwa 6-Jan-2021
4011 IRA/05/37648/2021 James Ngamau Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
4012 IRA/05/33700/2021 James Nganga Kariuki 12-Dec-2020
4013 IRA/05/39410/2021 James Ngararu Kihara 22-Oct-2020
4014 IRA/05/15282/2021 James Ngaruiya Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
4015 IRA/05/28159/2021 James Ngene Ndiwa 9-Oct-2020
4016 IRA/05/32075/2021 James Njai Macharia 27-Sep-2020
4017 IRA/05/35928/2021 James Njiru Njagi 8-Oct-2020
4018 IRA/05/33021/2021 James Nyakora Omosa 21-Oct-2020
4019 IRA/05/34877/2021 James Obaga Kenyatta 5-Oct-2020
4020 IRA/05/28513/2021 James Omolo Odando 14-Oct-2020
4021 IRA/05/29643/2021 James Omondi Abonyo 5-Oct-2020
4022 IRA/05/29582/2021 James Otieno Ombima 28-Sep-2020
4023 IRA/05/38867/2021 James Ratula Oduor 12-Nov-2020
4024 IRA/05/6481/2021 James Sakali Irungu 5-Oct-2020
4025 IRA/05/39733/2021 James Thuku Kimani 12-Dec-2020
4026 IRA/05/32380/2021 James Unuga Aliyo 4-Nov-2020
4027 IRA/05/27229/2021 James Wagathi Maina 31-Dec-2020
4028 IRA/05/25516/2021 James Waithaka 8-Oct-2020
4029 IRA/05/24674/2021 James Waithaka Wairagu 1-Oct-2020
4030 IRA/05/24591/2021 James Wanyonyi Wachiye 16-Oct-2020
4031 IRA/05/35448/2021 James Waweru Mburu 6-Oct-2020
4032 IRA/05/25226/2021 Jamin Kipkemboi Kemei 28-Sep-2020
4033 IRA/05/32736/2021 Jamina Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
4034 IRA/05/15844/2021 Jamko Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
4035 IRA/05/1262/2021 Jamleck K. Kabungo 28-Sep-2020
4036 IRA/05/33716/2021 Jamlick Njagi Ngotho 6-Oct-2020
4037 IRA/05/25574/2021 Jammar Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
4038 IRA/05/26142/2021 Jamre Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
4039 IRA/05/29902/2021 Jamwaka Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4040 IRA/05/31191/2021 Jamyo Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
4041 IRA/05/37851/2021 Jandju Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
4042 IRA/05/31958/2021 Jane Njoki Thungu 08-Oct-2020
4043 IRA/05/34534/2021 Jane Alice Atieno Nyunja 13-Oct-2020
4044 IRA/05/39963/2021 Jane Auma Ongong 12-Feb-2021
4045 IRA/05/27720/2021 Jane Etere 2-Oct-2020
4046 IRA/05/31956/2021 Jane Gachambi Didacus 6-Oct-2020
4047 IRA/05/39585/2021 Jane Itumbi Mulwa 6-Oct-2020
4048 IRA/05/25897/2021 Jane Kajuju Murugu 30-Sep-2020
4049 IRA/05/27311/2021 Jane Katunge Makove 5-Oct-2020
4050 IRA/05/30477/2021 Jane Kinyanjui 12-Nov-2020
4051 IRA/05/37293/2021 Jane Kiprop Jepkorir 9-Oct-2020
4052 IRA/05/36160/2021 Jane Kirigo Wachira 9-Oct-2020
4053 IRA/05/34403/2021 Jane Kwamboka Mabeya 28-Sep-2020
4054 IRA/05/31284/2021 Jane Mbithe Muvu 5-Oct-2020
4055 IRA/05/28869/2021 Jane Mugure Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
4056 IRA/05/29185/2021 Jane Mutheu Kamau 19-Oct-2020
4057 IRA/05/29045/2021 Jane Mutheu Mutua 12-Dec-2020
4058 IRA/05/39734/2021 Jane Muthio Mutisya 12-Dec-2020

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4059 IRA/05/24685/2021 Jane Muthoni Karihe 27-Sep-2020
4060 IRA/05/29817/2021 Jane Muthoni Nyaga 16-Feb-2021
4061 IRA/05/28244/2021 Jane Mwaka Mwamose 14-Oct-2020
4062 IRA/05/29735/2021 Jane Mwikali Katumo 15-Feb-2021
4063 IRA/05/33236/2021 Jane Mwikali Makau 2-Oct-2020
4064 IRA/05/39942/2021 Jane Nahunja Akinyi 8-Feb-2021
4065 IRA/05/36665/2021 Jane Ndunge Kianga 13-Oct-2020
4066 IRA/05/14859/2021 Jane Njeri Gachoki 8-Oct-2020
4067 IRA/05/36282/2021 Jane Njeri Muigai 5-Oct-2020
4068 IRA/05/38658/2021 Jane Njoki Kamau 26-Sep-2020
4069 IRA/05/24449/2021 Jane Njoki Kariuki 7-Oct-2020
4070 IRA/05/36006/2021 Jane Njoki Muturi 16-Oct-2020
4071 IRA/05/16445/2021 Jane Nyambura Kuria 12-Oct-2020
4072 IRA/05/8670/2021 Jane Nyiva Musyoka 6-Oct-2020
4073 IRA/05/36893/2021 Jane Nyokabi Mwaura 01-Oct-2020
4074 IRA/05/24580/2021 Jane Nzisa Mulevu 7-Jan-2021
4075 IRA/05/25094/2021 Jane Okutoi Onyango 13-Oct-2020
4076 IRA/05/24908/2021 Jane Ruguru Gachanja 27-Jan-2021
4077 IRA/05/33414/2021 Jane Ruguru Ngugi 8-Oct-2020
4078 IRA/05/28990/2021 Jane Syokau Munyao 2-Oct-2020
4079 IRA/05/38089/2021 Jane Teresa Wanjiru Maina 18-Jan-2021
4080 IRA/05/34520/2021 Jane Twili. Mwambu 2-Oct-2020
4081 IRA/05/27618/2021 Jane Wacera Maina 5-Oct-2020
4082 IRA/05/39190/2021 Jane Wachera Mwangi 9-Feb-2021
4083 IRA/05/28027/2021 Jane Wairimu Kagunya 2-Oct-2020
4084 IRA/05/11039/2021 Jane Wairimu Maina 2-Oct-2020
4085 IRA/05/30831/2021 Jane Waithira Juma 5-Oct-2020
4086 IRA/05/34447/2021 Jane Wambui Gitiche 28-Sep-2020
4087 IRA/05/26680/2021 Jane Wambui Kagiri 27-Sep-2020
4088 IRA/05/36926/2021 Jane Wambui Karanja 9-Oct-2020
4089 IRA/05/28798/2021 Jane Wambui Mboche 5-Oct-2020
4090 IRA/05/16722/2021 Jane Wambui Mureu 6-Oct-2020
4091 IRA/05/29654/2021 Jane Wambui Mwirigi 29-Sep-2020
4092 IRA/05/28522/2021 Jane Wambui Runo 11-Nov-2020
4093 IRA/05/16996/2021 Jane Wamuyu Kinuthia 6-Oct-2020
4094 IRA/05/37457/2021 Jane Wamuyu Manjane 6-Nov-2020
4095 IRA/05/12511/2021 Jane Wandiema 6-Oct-2020
4096 IRA/05/28703/2021 Jane Wangechi Ndumia 3-Nov-2020
4097 IRA/05/30233/2021 Jane Wangui Francis 6-Oct-2020
4098 IRA/05/36296/2021 Jane Wangui Gatambuki 9-Oct-2020
4099 IRA/05/27242/2021 Jane Wangui Kariuki 5-Oct-2020
4100 IRA/05/29060/2021 Jane Wangui Karuri 5-Oct-2020
4101 IRA/05/34386/2021 Jane Wangui Kiama 28-Sep-2020
4102 IRA/05/36338/2021 Jane Wangui Wanjiru 6-Oct-2020
4103 IRA/05/24325/2021 Jane Wanja Njau 12-Oct-2020
4104 IRA/05/15677/2021 Jane Wanjiku Maimba 22-Oct-2020
4105 IRA/05/35944/2021 Jane Wanjiku Mwathi 07-Oct-2020
4106 IRA/05/38637/2021 Jane Wanjiku Ndichu 2-Oct-2020
4107 IRA/05/26470/2021 Jane Wanjiku Njuguna 1-Dec-2020
4108 IRA/05/29465/2021 Jane Wanjiku Wambugu 28-Sep-2020
4109 IRA/05/30683/2021 Jane Wanjiru Churu 12-Oct-2020
4110 IRA/05/25476/2021 Jane Wanjiru Mubari 25-Sep-2020
4111 IRA/05/33436/2021 Jane Wanjiru Mumbi 8-Oct-2020
4112 IRA/05/17396/2021 Jane Wanjiru Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
4113 IRA/05/26450/2021 Jane Wanjiru Wachira 9-Oct-2020
4114 IRA/05/24096/2021 Janek Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
4115 IRA/05/33385/2021 Janerose Karimi Nyaga 6-Oct-2020
4116 IRA/05/15779/2021 Janerose Shisia Ekisa 5-Oct-2020
4117 IRA/05/29823/2021 Janet Chepkoech Maiyo 27-Sep-2020

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4118 IRA/05/31099/2021 Janet Achieng Odingo 05-Oct-2020
4119 IRA/05/34137/2021 Janet Achieng Owiti 11-Nov-2020
4120 IRA/05/31485/2021 Janet Akango 12-Oct-2020
4121 IRA/05/33892/2021 Janet Akisa 14-Nov-2020
4122 IRA/05/26974/2021 Janet Ambiyo Oriedo 30-Sep-2020
4123 IRA/05/17249/2021 Janet Atieno Ayieko 11-Nov-2020
4124 IRA/05/30423/2021 Janet Awuor Odhiambo 30-Sep-2020
4125 IRA/05/37101/2021 Janet Bett 3-Feb-2021
4126 IRA/05/35389/2021 Janet Jael Wanjiru Mwangi 16-Oct-2020
4127 IRA/05/29294/2021 Janet Mueni Joseph 6-Oct-2020
4128 IRA/05/37531/2021 Janet Ndiema 2-Oct-2020
4129 IRA/05/37225/2021 Janet Ndunge Kivuva 12-Nov-2020
4130 IRA/05/33795/2021 Janet Nekesa Wekesa 9-Oct-2020
4131 IRA/05/32997/2021 Janet Ngina Masila 05-Oct-2020
4132 IRA/05/39855/2021 Janet Njeri Kuria 1-Feb-2021
4133 IRA/05/39553/2021 Janet Nthenya Peter 1-Oct-2020
4134 IRA/05/24955/2021 Janet Nyabiage Mogire 28-Sep-2020
4135 IRA/05/28970/2021 Janet Nyiva Kilika 30-Sep-2020
4136 IRA/05/35051/2021 Janet Wambani Njalaleh 28-Sep-2020
4137 IRA/05/39936/2021 Janet Wambui Kabuu 8-Feb-2021
4138 IRA/05/29322/2021 Janet Wambui Muturi 11-Nov-2020
4139 IRA/05/25763/2021 Janet Wangari Kirathe 6-Oct-2020
4140 IRA/05/37909/2021 Janet Wanjiku Wainanina 6-Oct-2020
4141 IRA/05/3661/2021 Jango Insurance Agencies 20-Nov-2020
4142 IRA/05/14980/2021 Japheth Magoi Omariba 12-Oct-2020
4143 IRA/05/33295/2021 Japheth Maitha 31-Oct-2020
4144 IRA/05/14839/2021 Japheth Muinde Kivoa 6-Jan-2021
4145 IRA/05/35241/2021 Japheth Mwangangi Muthengi 14-Oct-2020
4146 IRA/05/8854/2021 Japheth Nyagarama Siro 26-Oct-2020
4147 IRA/05/38453/2021 Japheth Ochieng Kenyagha 14-Oct-2020
4148 IRA/05/25213/2021 Japheth Ochieng Lumwaji 29-Sep-2020
4149 IRA/05/14198/2021 Japheth Oduor Oliech 3-Nov-2020
4150 IRA/05/39967/2021 Japheth Omukhango Isaya 12-Feb-2021
4151 IRA/05/34011/2021 Japheth Waititu Maina 28-Sep-2020
4152 IRA/05/28628/2021 Japhlo Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4153 IRA/05/24833/2021 Jared Arogo Ongayo 19-Jan-2021
4154 IRA/05/28758/2021 Jared Duncan Obuya 13-Oct-2020
4155 IRA/05/24091/2021 Jared Makori Abuga 6-Nov-2020
4156 IRA/05/39351/2021 Jared Odhambo Okomo 7-Jan-2021
4157 IRA/05/39309/2021 Jared Odhiambo Oginga 30-Sep-2020
4158 IRA/05/8539/2021 Jared Odhianbo Aol 7-Oct-2020
4159 IRA/05/28974/2021 Jared Odongo Okech 26-Sep-2020
4160 IRA/05/32270/2021 Jared Omondi Owiti 13-Oct-2020
4161 IRA/05/29290/2021 Jared Onwonga Marube 9-Oct-2020
4162 IRA/05/14438/2021 Jarpris Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
4163 IRA/05/17621/2021 Jaru Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
4164 IRA/05/30000/2021 Jasan Nderu Karemeri 5-Oct-2020
4165 IRA/05/2023/2021 Jasho Insurance Agencies 7-Jan-2021
4166 IRA/05/31851/2021 Jasmur Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
4167 IRA/05/27868/2021 Jason Kanja Kibue 11-Nov-2020
4168 IRA/05/38065/2021 Jason Lubwayo Anemba 14-Oct-2020
4169 IRA/05/29323/2021 Jason Warui Kimani 6-Nov-2020
4170 IRA/05/30503/2021 Jatnelinda Mogaka 28-Sep-2020
4171 IRA/05/27422/2021 Javan Owori Wanyama 14-Nov-2020
4172 IRA/05/34969/2021 Javille Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4173 IRA/05/9926/2021 Jawama Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4174 IRA/05/15319/2021 Jawany Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
4175 IRA/05/17997/2021 Jawl Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
4176 IRA/05/34540/2021 Jawwab Insurance Agencies 11-Nov-2020

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4177 IRA/05/24989/2021 Jaybee Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4178 IRA/05/25984/2021 Jaybi Commercial And Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
4179 IRA/05/37989/2021 Jaydave Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
4180 IRA/05/39531/2021 Jaykin Insurance Agency Kenya 12-Jan-2021
4181 IRA/05/37700/2021 Jayllein Insurance Agents 29-Jan-2021
4182 IRA/05/17623/2021 Jaymak Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
4183 IRA/05/39210/2021 Jaymat Insurance Agency 1-Dec-2020
4184 IRA/05/24481/2021 Jayshree Mansukh Haria 26-Sep-2020
4185 IRA/05/33333/2021 Jay-Tech Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
4186 IRA/05/27762/2021 Jaywin Insurance Agency 07-Oct-2020
4187 IRA/05/37967/2021 Jazapay Insurance Agency Ltd 2-Oct-2020
4188 IRA/05/16229/2021 Jealic Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
4189 IRA/05/16524/2021 Jeben Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
4190 IRA/05/38221/2021 Jebet Kipyegon 28-Sep-2020
4191 IRA/05/30322/2021 Jechemma Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
4192 IRA/05/37508/2021 Jecinta Njeri Githinji 18-Jan-2021
4193 IRA/05/28318/2021 Jecinter Auma Okumu 26-Sep-2020
4194 IRA/05/14851/2021 Jeclen Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4195 IRA/05/26023/2021 Jedidah Wanjiku Thairu 2-Oct-2020
4196 IRA/05/32549/2021 Jedidiah Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
4197 IRA/05/39947/2021 Jeff Ongola Owour 9-Feb-2021
4198 IRA/05/37754/2021 Jeff Loidy Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
4199 IRA/05/30904/2021 Jeff Mathew Muthengi 7-Oct-2020
4200 IRA/05/38897/2021 Jefferson Gachoki Kariuki 22-Oct-2020
4201 IRA/05/39115/2021 Jefferson Mwande 11-Nov-2020
4202 IRA/05/37839/2021 Jefferson Oluoch Ngeta 5-Oct-2020
4203 IRA/05/36556/2021 Jehamo Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
4204 IRA/05/34423/2021 Jeinah Kanini Kikuvi 11-Nov-2020
4205 IRA/05/37932/2021 Jeissam Insurance Agency Limited 22-Oct-2020
4206 IRA/05/31906/2021 Jekulink Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4207 IRA/05/27712/2021 Jelani Africa Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
4208 IRA/05/34237/2021 Jeliah Moraa Nyaigoti 7-Jan-2021
4209 IRA/05/33404/2021 Jemic Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
4210 IRA/05/38125/2021 Jemima Kemunto Ondara 13-Jan-2021
4211 IRA/05/37004/2021 Jemima Mukhabali Kenge 6-Nov-2020
4212 IRA/05/36132/2021 Jemimah Kalee Ndolo 27-Sep-2020
4213 IRA/05/36409/2021 Jemimah Mwikali Kitili 19-Oct-2020
4214 IRA/05/33241/2021 Jemimah Nkirote Muthee 6-Oct-2020
4215 IRA/05/26043/2021 Jemimah Nyawira Ndichu 2-Oct-2020
4216 IRA/05/31919/2021 Jemuse Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
4217 IRA/05/25082/2021 Jenapal Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
4218 IRA/05/25634/2021 Jence Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
4219 IRA/05/39935/2021 Jenga Jamii Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
4220 IRA/05/29852/2021 Jeniffer Akongo Anganyo 29-Sep-2020
4221 IRA/05/34700/2021 Jeniffer Muendi Kithusi 7-Oct-2020
4222 IRA/05/28809/2021 Jeniffer Wanjiru Karori 8-Oct-2020
4223 IRA/05/30346/2021 Jenipher Awino Okello 28-Sep-2020
4224 IRA/05/32546/2021 Jenipher Odero Oloo 6-Oct-2020
4225 IRA/05/16337/2021 Jenipher Omwaka Oluteyo 5-Oct-2020
4226 IRA/05/35115/2021 Jennifer Mumbua Telela 7-Oct-2020
4227 IRA/05/30246/2021 Jennifer Karimi Kariuki 7-Dec-2020
4228 IRA/05/32475/2021 Jennifer Mumbua Mutune 14-Oct-2020
4229 IRA/05/26346/2021 Jennifer Munyiva Mumanthi 2-Oct-2020
4230 IRA/05/26418/2021 Jennifer Ndunge Peter 5-Oct-2020
4231 IRA/05/29450/2021 Jennifer Nyaguthii Kiragu 17-Oct-2020
4232 IRA/05/37026/2021 Jennifer Wairimu Mathenge 12-Oct-2020
4233 IRA/05/17964/2021 Jennifer Wambui Kemoli 12-Dec-2020
4234 IRA/05/33710/2021 Jennifer Wambui Wanyoike 18-Jan-2021
4235 IRA/05/37871/2021 Jennifer Wanjiku Gichuru 21-Jan-2021

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4236 IRA/05/39119/2021 Jennipher Kisurkat 16-Oct-2020
4237 IRA/05/37883/2021 Jentar Wawuda Mnjala 5-Oct-2020
4238 IRA/05/3934/2021 Jeodok Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
4239 IRA/05/34997/2021 Jeona Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
4240 IRA/05/33860/2021 Jephris Nadiponya Juma 3-Nov-2020
4241 IRA/05/30934/2021 Jeremia Muema Musyoka 7-Dec-2020
4242 IRA/05/27656/2021 Jeremiah Irungu Kamitha 3-Feb-2021
4243 IRA/05/34394/2021 Jeremiah Kimani Njoroge 12-Oct-2020
4244 IRA/05/25176/2021 Jeremiah Kingori Njanjo 5-Oct-2020
4245 IRA/05/12395/2021 Jeremiah Mwanza Nzioka 28-Sep-2020
4246 IRA/05/26382/2021 Jeremiah Otieno Deya 6-Nov-2020
4247 IRA/05/38909/2021 Jeremiah Samuel Wanyahora 26-Sep-2020
4248 IRA/05/15317/2021 Jeremy Insurance Agencies 25-Sep-2020
4249 IRA/05/32031/2021 Jergan Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
4250 IRA/05/39741/2021 Jerida Maloba Akhule 16-Dec-2020
4251 IRA/05/34233/2021 Jerop Tallam 21-Oct-2020
4252 IRA/05/38355/2021 Jerotich Esther 19-Oct-2020
4253 IRA/05/2749/2021 Jerry Atuya Onchwari 18-Jan-2021
4254 IRA/05/38599/2021 Jerry Omondi Owich 1-Dec-2020
4255 IRA/05/29325/2021 Jerusha Wanjiku Njoroge 11-Nov-2020
4256 IRA/05/38568/2021 Jesca Moraa Kalulu 29-Sep-2020
4257 IRA/05/25737/2021 Jesmax Insurance Agency 02-Oct-2020
4258 IRA/05/37872/2021 Jesse Kabuire Githenya 13-Nov-2020
4259 IRA/05/32425/2021 Jessica Ngami Muyanga 2-Oct-2020
4260 IRA/05/31637/2021 Jessicah Mueni Kithuku 16-Dec-2020
4261 IRA/05/12616/2021 Jesskam Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
4262 IRA/05/20003/2021 Jeswin Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
4263 IRA/05/30421/2021 Jethro Opiyo Nyabera 16-Oct-2020
4264 IRA/05/35397/2021 Jetin Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
4265 IRA/05/17175/2021 Jetta Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
4266 IRA/05/29946/2021 Jetvic Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
4267 IRA/05/26982/2021 Jevida Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4268 IRA/05/37913/2021 Jim Brian Kaunya Masaai 14-Nov-2020
4269 IRA/05/25437/2021 Jim Mwanzia Maweu 11-Jan-2021
4270 IRA/05/9369/2021 Jimbi Insurance Agents Limited 7-Oct-2020
4271 IRA/05/33273/2021 Jimko Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
4272 IRA/05/26629/2021 Jimmy Munene Walter 7-Oct-2020
4273 IRA/05/25682/2021 Jimmy Mwaita Ginton 29-Sep-2020
4274 IRA/05/39960/2021 Jimmys Insurance Agency Ltd 20-Nov-2020
4275 IRA/05/28972/2021 Jirani Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
4276 IRA/05/37736/2021 Jirani Mwema Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4277 IRA/05/27523/2021 Jirem Global Insurance Agencies 17-Oct-2020
4278 IRA/05/24396/2021 Jisort Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4279 IRA/05/35570/2021 Jisot Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
4280 IRA/05/11430/2021 Jitendrabhai.M.Patel 6-Nov-2020
4281 IRA/05/16221/2021 Jkeen Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
4282 IRA/05/38660/2021 Jkl Insurance Agency Limited 3-Feb-2021
4283 IRA/05/38832/2021 Joab Onyango Komuga 30-Sep-2020
4284 IRA/05/27446/2021 Joab Ambassadeur Muyale 11-Nov-2020
4285 IRA/05/32460/2021 Joab Dawkins Ndaloh 22-Oct-2020
4286 IRA/05/24012/2021 Joan Achieng Oluoch 26-Oct-2020
4287 IRA/05/29126/2021 Joan Akinyi Adhiambo 1-Oct-2020
4288 IRA/05/33463/2021 Joan Gacheri Kinyua 11-Nov-2020
4289 IRA/05/38389/2021 Joan Jebet Kimaiyo 4-Nov-2020
4290 IRA/05/39448/2021 Joan Jemeli Kipchumba 8-Oct-2020
4291 IRA/05/35605/2021 Joan Kalya 6-Nov-2020
4292 IRA/05/33909/2021 Joan Khagai Muhembele 7-Oct-2020
4293 IRA/05/24495/2021 Joan Mumboyi Wata 27-Sep-2020
4294 IRA/05/39515/2021 Joan Njeri Munga 29-Sep-2020

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4295 IRA/05/36452/2021 Joan Okango 12-Oct-2020
4296 IRA/05/35199/2021 Joan Peres Achieng Were 13-Jan-2021
4297 IRA/05/37654/2021 Joan Wanjiru Kathuku 5-Oct-2020
4298 IRA/05/28535/2021 Joanel Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
4299 IRA/05/30436/2021 Joanne Cherop 28-Sep-2020
4300 IRA/05/30437/2021 Joash Abongo Ochiel 2-Oct-2020
4301 IRA/05/39593/2021 Joash Mugambi Murithi 14-Jan-2021
4302 IRA/05/32838/2021 Job Gitonga Waigwa 07-Oct-2020
4303 IRA/05/27392/2021 Job Nyakundi 2-Oct-2020
4304 IRA/05/33791/2021 Job Wanjohi Minai 27-Sep-2020
4305 IRA/05/27126/2021 Jocare Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
4306 IRA/05/16211/2021 Jocktan Mwamburi Msagha 6-Oct-2020
4307 IRA/05/20169/2021 Jodam Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4308 IRA/05/27270/2021 Joel Ooko Ochieng 7-Oct-2020
4309 IRA/05/29739/2021 Joel Maina Chege 26-Jan-2021
4310 IRA/05/27534/2021 Joel Mungah Mutunga 8-Oct-2020
4311 IRA/05/26067/2021 Joel Musoga Makachia 16-Oct-2020
4312 IRA/05/39800/2021 Joel Ndirangu Kagema 1-Dec-2020
4313 IRA/05/34745/2021 Joel Ndirangu Mundia 29-Sep-2020
4314 IRA/05/12861/2021 Joel Ngugi Mwangi 29-Sep-2020
4315 IRA/05/16551/2021 Joel Obare Oissameri 9-Oct-2020
4316 IRA/05/15597/2021 Joel Wamukoya Juma 6-Oct-2020
4317 IRA/05/24599/2021 Jofam Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
4318 IRA/05/16980/2021 Jofran Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
4319 IRA/05/1451/2021 Joga Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
4320 IRA/05/1268/2021 Johana Waigwa Ndere 26-Sep-2020
4321 IRA/05/39304/2021 Johesheba Insurance Agency 26-Nov-2020
4322 IRA/05/37956/2021 Johm-Ways Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
4323 IRA/05/338661/2021 John Munywoki Mutheu 09-Oct-2020
4324 IRA/05/24454/2021 John Amolloh 11-Nov-2020
4325 IRA/05/6406/2021 John Chamwada Mudanya 8-Oct-2020
4326 IRA/05/28689/2021 John Gachuhi Mwangi 21-Oct-2020
4327 IRA/05/36215/2021 John Getanda Momanyi 2-Oct-2020
4328 IRA/05/17395/2021 John Gicheru Kamau 28-Sep-2020
4329 IRA/05/38576/2021 John Gicheru Kariuki 22-Oct-2020
4330 IRA/05/15824/2021 John Gicheru Kiiru 6-Oct-2020
4331 IRA/05/16481/2021 John Githinji Muturi 19-Oct-2020
4332 IRA/05/5523/2021 John Igunza Karanja 7-Oct-2020
4333 IRA/05/16704/2021 John Irungu Gitau 7-Oct-2020
4334 IRA/05/34746/2021 John Kahiga Gakure 28-Sep-2020
4335 IRA/05/9000/2021 John Kahuho Muthee 9-Oct-2020
4336 IRA/05/17207/2021 John Karori Ngugi 26-Sep-2020
4337 IRA/05/38344/2021 John Kasyoka Maluku 6-Nov-2020
4338 IRA/05/9846/2021 John Kibor 05-Oct-2020
4339 IRA/05/38579/2021 John Kimani Gitau 18-Jan-2021
4340 IRA/05/24376/2021 John Kingoo Mutunga 6-Oct-2020
4341 IRA/05/37160/2021 John Kiplangat Tonui 22-Dec-2020
4342 IRA/05/26593/2021 John Kirimi Ndeke 30-Nov-2020
4343 IRA/05/15572/2021 John Lorot Egule 28-Sep-2020
4344 IRA/05/29836/2021 John Macharia Mwangi 2-Feb-2021
4345 IRA/05/16252/2021 John Macharia Nyinge 27-Sep-2020
4346 IRA/05/28979/2021 John Maina Menju 3-Nov-2020
4347 IRA/05/17632/2021 John Maina Mwangi 27-Nov-2020
4348 IRA/05/13042/2021 John Maina Mwangi 30-Sep-2020
4349 IRA/05/28007/2021 John Mallowah Matoka 7-Oct-2020
4350 IRA/05/26902/2021 John Marangu Mmukiri 28-Sep-2020
4351 IRA/05/20088/2021 John Mark Okello Obare 27-Sep-2020
4352 IRA/05/17013/2021 John Mburu Muchoki 7-Oct-2020
4353 IRA/05/31338/2021 John Mick Leteipa 6-Oct-2020

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4354 IRA/05/37507/2021 John Modoko Longoji 12-Nov-2020
4355 IRA/05/16778/2021 John Muchangi Rutere 6-Oct-2020
4356 IRA/05/25440/2021 John Muema Kamukwa 27-Sep-2020
4357 IRA/05/16699/2021 John Mugo Maingi 6-Oct-2020
4358 IRA/05/16059/2021 John Mulefu Ojwolo 2-Feb-2021
4359 IRA/05/37226/2021 John Mulinge Kimongo 11-Nov-2020
4360 IRA/05/31529/2021 John Munase Juma 9-Oct-2020
4361 IRA/05/30711/2021 John Munga Njogu 27-Sep-2020
4362 IRA/05/31686/2021 John Musau Mutisya 6-Oct-2020
4363 IRA/05/13063/2021 John Mutahi Mwai 27-Sep-2020
4364 IRA/05/30433/2021 John Mutisya Makau 11-Nov-2020
4365 IRA/05/35288/2021 John Mutisya Muli 7-Jan-2021
4366 IRA/05/14161/2021 John Mutungi Mutua 7-Oct-2020
4367 IRA/05/38947/2021 John Mwangi Gachie 8-Oct-2020
4368 IRA/05/20299/2021 John Mwashumbe Mwakamu 6-Nov-2020
4369 IRA/05/30790/2021 John Nderitu Gachanja 28-Sep-2020
4370 IRA/05/29686/2021 John Ndunda Kimani 2-Oct-2020
4371 IRA/05/24366/2021 John Njunge Njoroge 14-Nov-2020
4372 IRA/05/15263/2021 John O. Ogutu 6-Nov-2020
4373 IRA/05/29803/2021 John Odada Awiti 6-Oct-2020
4374 IRA/05/34429/2021 John Odhiambo Amayo 5-Nov-2020
4375 IRA/05/34923/2021 John Ololdapash 6-Jan-2021
4376 IRA/05/33116/2021 John Oloo Nyaula 29-Sep-2020
4377 IRA/05/30585/2021 John Ombwayo Owino 6-Oct-2020
4378 IRA/05/28685/2021 John Orubai Bichage 7-Oct-2020
4379 IRA/05/38138/2021 John Otieno Ongere 5-Oct-2020
4380 IRA/05/3530/2021 John Owino Imbira 6-Oct-2020
4381 IRA/05/34368/2021 John Paddy International Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
4382 IRA/05/34127/2021 John Paul Asava Vigedi 5-Oct-2020
4383 IRA/05/25332/2021 John Paul Chege Thiongo 8-Oct-2020
4384 IRA/05/9172/2021 John W. Otieno Ooko 6-Oct-2020
4385 IRA/05/14213/2021 John Wachira Githinji 6-Oct-2020
4386 IRA/05/32288/2021 John Wambua Kimeu 9-Oct-2020
4387 IRA/05/30491/2021 John Wanderi Njambi 3-Dec-2020
4388 IRA/05/25120/2021 John Waweru Munene 5-Oct-2020
4389 IRA/05/26222/2021 Johnmarcks Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
4390 IRA/05/29438/2021 Johnnsil Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4391 IRA/05/37576/2021 Johnson Kabiru Kanene 11-Jan-2021
4392 IRA/05/39465/2021 Johnson Kioko David 16-Feb-2021
4393 IRA/05/36490/2021 Johnson Kituku Munyao 5-Nov-2020
4394 IRA/05/27895/2021 Johnstone Allan Shiundu Tsikhungu 5-Oct-2020
4395 IRA/05/34670/2021 Johnstone Kipyegon Mitei 26-Sep-2020
4396 IRA/05/32506/2021 Johnstone Munyoki Mutangili 12-Oct-2020
4397 IRA/05/38159/2021 Johnstone Nyauma 30-Dec-2020
4398 IRA/05/6646/2021 Johter Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
4399 IRA/05/17571/2021 Joiken Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
4400 IRA/05/16627/2021 Jokehaki Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
4401 IRA/05/25896/2021 Jokims Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4402 IRA/05/37579/2021 Jolight Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
4403 IRA/05/37715/2021 Jomabaj Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4404 IRA/05/17841/2021 Jomac Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4405 IRA/05/24317/2021 Jomari Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
4406 IRA/05/30645/2021 Jomisi Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4407 IRA/05/16760/2021 Jomoki Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
4408 IRA/05/311901/2021 Jomuya Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
4409 IRA/05/38134/2021 Jonah Mogoi Moindi 05-Oct-2020
4410 IRA/05/29180/2021 Jonah Ogoro Bosire 27-Sep-2020
4411 IRA/05/34048/2021 Jonakcare Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
4412 IRA/05/16159/2021 Jonan Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020

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4413 IRA/05/38624/2021 Jonatha Kipkoech Kosgei 26-Oct-2020
4414 IRA/05/25800/2021 Jonathan Mutiso Mbithi 27-Sep-2020
4415 IRA/05/39313/2021 Jonathan Nzioka Kioko 2-Nov-2020
4416 IRA/05/35619/2021 Jonathan Odongo 12-Oct-2020
4417 IRA/05/38066/2021 Jonathan Oduor Owuor 12-Oct-2020
4418 IRA/05/20295/2021 Jonathan Ogaso Oduk 30-Sep-2020
4419 IRA/05/31373/2021 Jonathan Ole Lesaloi 30-Nov-2020
4420 IRA/05/30411/2021 Jonathan Sawati Musembi 13-Nov-2020
4421 IRA/05/38451/2021 Jonaz Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
4422 IRA/05/25240/2021 Jones Kiplingi Chanua 22-Oct-2020
4423 IRA/05/39539/2021 Jonhson Osewe Obonyo 29-Sep-2020
4424 IRA/05/10234/2021 Jonki Insurance Agents 11-Dec-2020
4425 IRA/05/32142/2021 Jonsu Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4426 IRA/05/27291/2021 Joparan Insurance Agency 26-Nov-2020
4427 IRA/05/17687/2021 Jopeda Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
4428 IRA/05/15292/2021 Jopen Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4429 IRA/05/26897/2021 Joram Kioko Mutisya 26-Sep-2020
4430 IRA/05/31208/2021 Joram Muhoro Karanja 29-Sep-2020
4431 IRA/05/34592/2021 Joram Murage Kabuchu 27-Sep-2020
4432 IRA/05/33919/2021 Joram Murega Wanjala 2-Feb-2021
4433 IRA/05/20190/2021 Joram Odongo Akongo 23-Oct-2020
4434 IRA/05/25231/2021 Joram Osango Imende 7-Oct-2020
4435 IRA/05/16622/2021 Jorua Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4436 IRA/05/29847/2021 Josabu Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
4437 IRA/05/12908/2021 Josam Prime Time Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
4438 IRA/05/16690/2021 Josar Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4439 IRA/05/38304/2021 Josbett Insurance Agency 09-Oct-2020
4440 IRA/05/14196/2021 Joscho Insurance And General Agency 23-Nov-2020
4441 IRA/05/17923/2021 Joscom Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
4442 IRA/05/24515/2021 Joseah Kipngeno Korir 28-Sep-2020
4443 IRA/05/30674/2021 Josech Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
4444 IRA/05/37191/2021 Joseck Simekha Namungu 12-Oct-2020
4445 IRA/05/27236/2021 Joseline Mwarinda 13-Nov-2020
4446 IRA/05/39228/2021 Joselyn Kaari Ntonja 9-Oct-2020
4447 IRA/05/3269/2021 Joseph A.O Aketch 6-Oct-2020
4448 IRA/05/17593/2021 Joseph Anthony Karoki 26-Sep-2020
4449 IRA/05/1533/2021 Joseph Binfield Miyogo 27-Sep-2020
4450 IRA/05/37884/2021 Joseph Bunge Menza 9-Oct-2020
4451 IRA/05/32652/2021 Joseph Chege Maina 28-Sep-2020
4452 IRA/05/35594/2021 Joseph Gitau Kinyua 6-Oct-2020
4453 IRA/05/37442/2021 Joseph Itundu Maina Kamau 12-Oct-2020
4454 IRA/05/27449/2021 Joseph Kagimbi Mbuto 6-Oct-2020
4455 IRA/05/24737/2021 Joseph Kahuta Njeri 2-Oct-2020
4456 IRA/05/32352/2021 Joseph Kamata Githiri 28-Jan-2021
4457 IRA/05/38621/2021 Joseph Kamau Waweru 12-Nov-2020
4458 IRA/05/28462/2021 Joseph Kanyotu Karigitho 15-Nov-2020
4459 IRA/05/37468/2021 Joseph Kiarie Mukundi 15-Oct-2020
4460 IRA/05/39783/2021 Joseph Kibet Koech 12-Jan-2021
4461 IRA/05/18016/2021 Joseph Kiiru Francis 17-Oct-2020
4462 IRA/05/36362/2021 Joseph Kiiti Philip 31-Oct-2020
4463 IRA/05/30761/2021 Joseph Kililo Mwaghazi 26-Sep-2020
4464 IRA/05/24367/2021 Joseph Kimani Njuguna 27-Sep-2020
4465 IRA/05/39399/2021 Joseph Kimani Waweru 11-Nov-2020
4466 IRA/05/39065/2021 Joseph Kinyua Maina 6-Nov-2020
4467 IRA/05/36110/2021 Joseph Kiprotich Kibusia 7-Oct-2020
4468 IRA/05/36195/2021 Joseph Kiprotich Koech 29-Sep-2020
4469 IRA/05/7092/2021 Joseph Kisomo Ngovi 12-Oct-2020
4470 IRA/05/27624/2021 Joseph Kuria Njoroge 27-Sep-2020
4471 IRA/05/39104/2021 Joseph Macharia 21-Oct-2020

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4472 IRA/05/39317/2021 Joseph Macharia Karimi 16-Oct-2020
4473 IRA/05/16561/2021 Joseph Macharia Mwangi 27-Sep-2020
4474 IRA/05/33995/2021 Joseph Maina Wanjiku 5-Oct-2020
4475 IRA/05/30876/2021 Joseph Mairura Mongoni 21-Jan-2021
4476 IRA/05/26929/2021 Joseph Marathi Wahome 30-Sep-2020
4477 IRA/05/33350/2021 Joseph Martin Mutuku 27-Nov-2020
4478 IRA/05/5433/2021 Joseph Mathita Ikirima 25-Sep-2020
4479 IRA/05/39702/2021 Joseph Mollo Nudi 25-Nov-2020
4480 IRA/05/26223/2021 Joseph Muchiri Kariuki 7-Oct-2020
4481 IRA/05/33916/2021 Joseph Mukhambi Makhanu 6-Oct-2020
4482 IRA/05/29326/2021 Joseph Mulwale Muyale 9-Oct-2020
4483 IRA/05/37961/2021 Joseph Mungai Karanja 2-Oct-2020
4484 IRA/05/35450/2021 Joseph Mungathia 11-Dec-2020
4485 IRA/05/24351/2021 Joseph Muniu Gitau 28-Sep-2020
4486 IRA/05/17394/2021 Joseph Munyao Manyala 26-Sep-2020
4487 IRA/05/16793/2021 Joseph Mureithi Mwari 5-Oct-2020
4488 IRA/05/32612/2021 Joseph Murimi Maina 21-Oct-2020
4489 IRA/05/17138/2021 Joseph Musungule Nyarotso 2-Oct-2020
4490 IRA/05/14998/2021 Joseph Mutharimi Gabriel 19-Jan-2021
4491 IRA/05/15281/2021 Joseph Muthui Kavevi 6-Oct-2020
4492 IRA/05/38231/2021 Joseph Mutie Kavoo 26-Oct-2020
4493 IRA/05/290012/2021 Joseph Mutinda Kimeu 1-Oct-2020
4494 IRA/05/24680/2021 Joseph Mwai Muriuki 14-Dec-2020
4495 IRA/05/9519/2021 Joseph Mwangi Karuru 6-Oct-2020
4496 IRA/05/27723/2021 Joseph Mwangi Thuku 15-Oct-2020
4497 IRA/05/30190/2021 Joseph Mwangi Wachira 27-Sep-2020
4498 IRA/05/16893/2021 Joseph Mwangi Wanjiku 21-Dec-2020
4499 IRA/05/13298/2021 Joseph Mwaniki Bonzo 06-Oct-2020
4500 IRA/05/37584/2021 Joseph Mwaniki Gitahi 9-Oct-2020
4501 IRA/05/39745/2021 Joseph Mwawasi Chola 22-Dec-2020
4502 IRA/05/17457/2021 Joseph Mwirikia Mucheru 5-Nov-2020
4503 IRA/05/39847/2021 Joseph Ndoo Kimundi 1-Feb-2021
4504 IRA/05/33994/2021 Joseph Ndungu Warutumo 11-Dec-2020
4505 IRA/05/24384/2021 Joseph Ndwiga 29-Dec-2020
4506 IRA/05/36537/2021 Joseph Nganga Gakinya 8-Oct-2020
4507 IRA/05/18063/2021 Joseph Nganga Kimani 29-Sep-2020
4508 IRA/05/24935/2021 Joseph Ngugi Gathemia 6-Oct-2020
4509 IRA/05/39945/2021 Joseph Ngugi Muiruri 8-Feb-2021
4510 IRA/05/37058/2021 Joseph Njenga Kinyanjui 29-Sep-2020
4511 IRA/05/26536/2021 Joseph Njiriri Gathungu 14-Oct-2020
4512 IRA/05/33959/2021 Joseph Njuguna Chege 06-Oct-2020
4513 IRA/05/28145/2021 Joseph Njuguna Karuma 7-Oct-2020
4514 IRA/05/36036/2021 Joseph Njuguna Kinyanjui 12-Oct-2020
4515 IRA/05/16255/2021 Joseph Nyaguoka Agunya 26-Sep-2020
4516 IRA/05/18019/2021 Joseph Nyamolo Obunga 28-Sep-2020
4517 IRA/05/14875/2021 Joseph Nyamongo Oenga 2-Feb-2021
4518 IRA/05/31944/2021 Joseph Nzyima Wambua 7-Oct-2020
4519 IRA/05/28715/2021 Joseph Ochieng Agweny 7-Oct-2020
4520 IRA/05/12445/2021 Joseph Ochunga 28-Sep-2020
4521 IRA/05/14608/2021 Joseph Odembi 14-Oct-2020
4522 IRA/05/16527/2021 Joseph Odhiambo Oriedi 22-Oct-2020
4523 IRA/05/25438/2021 Joseph Of Egypt Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
4524 IRA/05/18098/2021 Joseph Ojow Mugoma 22-Oct-2020
4525 IRA/05/38449/2021 Joseph Okoth Amolo 31-Oct-2020
4526 IRA/05/27902/2021 Joseph Okumu Ongunya 7-Oct-2020
4527 IRA/05/31187/2021 Joseph Omondi Amolo 28-Sep-2020
4528 IRA/05/28955/2021 Joseph Onchuru Maina 8-Feb-2021
4529 IRA/05/29632/2021 Joseph Onyango Owuor 26-Sep-2020
4530 IRA/05/38397/2021 Joseph Orembo Okumu 27-Sep-2020

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4531 IRA/05/27030/2021 Joseph Otieno Minya 6-Oct-2020
4532 IRA/05/37524/2021 Joseph Simiyu Mwando 5-Oct-2020
4533 IRA/05/8609/2021 Joseph Vuhasho Obiero 6-Nov-2020
4534 IRA/05/39863/2021 Joseph Wacira Kariuki 1-Feb-2021
4535 IRA/05/6755/2021 Joseph Wahome Chege 30-Sep-2020
4536 IRA/05/3625/2021 Joseph Wangai Gichuki 29-Sep-2020
4537 IRA/05/18090/2021 Joseph Wasike Amutalla 29-Dec-2020
4538 IRA/05/15919/2021 Joseph Wesley Gatimu 11-Jan-2021
4539 IRA/05/39782/2021 Josephat Kiptanui Meli 12-Jan-2021
4540 IRA/05/36037/2021 Josephat Munywoki Musyoka 28-Sep-2020
4541 IRA/05/16434/2021 Josephat Muthuri Thiaine 12-Oct-2020
4542 IRA/05/16703/2021 Josephat Ndundi Kodi 3-Nov-2020
4543 IRA/05/34528/2021 Josephat Onguso Matoke 28-Sep-2020
4544 IRA/05/38695/2021 Josephine Mwikali Sammy 9-Oct-2020
4545 IRA/05/36168/2021 Josephine Adhiambo Ojwang 30-Sep-2020
4546 IRA/05/26718/2021 Josephine Adoyo Omondi 29-Sep-2020
4547 IRA/05/39840/2021 Josephine Bonareri Abuga 1-Feb-2021
4548 IRA/05/36892/2021 Josephine Gacheru Ngeeru 1-Oct-2020
4549 IRA/05/36226/2021 Josephine Igandu Nyaga 12-Oct-2020
4550 IRA/05/27889/2021 Josephine Joy Njeri Isaiah 2-Oct-2020
4551 IRA/05/15162/2021 Josephine K. Nthuka 19-Jan-2021
4552 IRA/05/25588/2021 Josephine Kailu Musya 06-Oct-2020
4553 IRA/05/30019/2021 Josephine Kamene Muthama 23-Oct-2020
4554 IRA/05/24579/2021 Josephine Mkandoe Kiringo 30-Sep-2020
4555 IRA/05/38336/2021 Josephine Muthoni Kimani 15-Oct-2020
4556 IRA/05/30709/2021 Josephine Mwikali Kilei 28-Sep-2020
4557 IRA/05/24496/2021 Josephine Naserian 26-Sep-2020
4558 IRA/05/33056/2021 Josephine Ndinda Maswii 14-Oct-2020
4559 IRA/05/30809/2021 Josephine Nduku Mutunga 6-Oct-2020
4560 IRA/05/33440/2021 Josephine Ngina Ngulu 5-Oct-2020
4561 IRA/05/27016/2021 Josephine Njeri Wainaina 27-Sep-2020
4562 IRA/05/36561/2021 Josephine Njuni Hiuhu 29-Sep-2020
4563 IRA/05/39086/2021 Josephine Norah Nabuyumbu 11-Nov-2020
4564 IRA/05/36248/2021 Josephine Nyambura Wanjiru 17-Oct-2020
4565 IRA/05/39736/2021 Josephine Nyawira Mutonga 12-Dec-2020
4566 IRA/05/33691/2021 Josephine Wairimu Wanjiku 22-Oct-2020
4567 IRA/05/37173/2021 Josephine Wambui Kamau 8-Oct-2020
4568 IRA/05/29426/2021 Josephine Wangari Njenga 5-Oct-2020
4569 IRA/05/31700/2021 Josephine Wanjiru Mburu 22-Oct-2020
4570 IRA/05/17278/2021 Josh Insuarance Agency 16-Oct-2020
4571 IRA/05/27715/2021 Joshmart Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4572 IRA/05/29646/2021 Joshua Kithome Muinde 6-Nov-2020
4573 IRA/05/25769/2021 Joshua & Sons Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4574 IRA/05/37171/2021 Joshua Brown M 15-Oct-2020
4575 IRA/05/37629/2021 Joshua Katua King`Ola 12-Oct-2020
4576 IRA/05/30513/2021 Joshua Kiendi Mutua 26-Sep-2020
4577 IRA/05/35682/2021 Joshua Kipchumba Songok 12-Oct-2020
4578 IRA/05/38427/2021 Joshua Mjomba Mwasi 5-Oct-2020
4579 IRA/05/38346/2021 Joshua Muendo Nthenge 12-Oct-2020
4580 IRA/05/20025/2021 Joshua Mugoma Mutibo 13-Nov-2020
4581 IRA/05/38973/2021 Joshua Muoki Mutinda 7-Oct-2020
4582 IRA/05/37020/2021 Joshua Mutinda Vita 27-Sep-2020
4583 IRA/05/39580/2021 Joshua Njeru Kithuure 6-Oct-2020
4584 IRA/05/32753/2021 Joshua Nyavando Bosire 5-Oct-2020
4585 IRA/05/32447/2021 Joshua Omondi Ochieng 6-Oct-2020
4586 IRA/05/33696/2021 Joshua Osoro Makori 12-Nov-2020
4587 IRA/05/38640/2021 Joshua Rono Soy 2-Oct-2020
4588 IRA/05/35628/2021 Joshua Steven Ogolo 2-Oct-2020
4589 IRA/05/39322/2021 Josiah Bwana 29-Sep-2020

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4590 IRA/05/35565/2021 Josiah Fondo Alfred 15-Oct-2020
4591 IRA/05/32298/2021 Josiah Gitau Kamiti 28-Sep-2020
4592 IRA/05/16241/2021 Josiah Mutua Mwanzia 29-Sep-2020
4593 IRA/05/39027/2021 Josiah Ogilo Odhiambo 3-Nov-2020
4594 IRA/05/36620/2021 Josinter Achieng Ochilloh 3-Dec-2020
4595 IRA/05/25403/2021 Josipeterx Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
4596 IRA/05/3021/2021 Joskand Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4597 IRA/05/16541/2021 Joslek Insurance Agents 29-Dec-2020
4598 IRA/05/17875/2021 Josline Wanja Anne 8-Oct-2020
4599 IRA/05/34288/2021 Joslyne Atemba Omumia 28-Sep-2020
4600 IRA/05/12756/2021 Josma Insurance Agencies 15-Nov-2020
4601 IRA/05/17745/2021 Josmarg Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
4602 IRA/05/3044/2021 Josmo Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
4603 IRA/05/24138/2021 Jospham Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
4604 IRA/05/39633/2021 Josphat Cheruiyot 15-Nov-2020
4605 IRA/05/35137/2021 Josphat Goko Wanjiku 12-Nov-2020
4606 IRA/05/30236/2021 Josphat Kaithya Kingata 27-Oct-2020
4607 IRA/05/36401/2021 Josphat Kibet 6-Jan-2021
4608 IRA/05/10948/2021 Josphat M. Ngonzi 13-Oct-2020
4609 IRA/05/25281/2021 Josphat Musembi Matei 11-Dec-2020
4610 IRA/05/35037/2021 Josphat Musyoka Mutuku 14-Nov-2020
4611 IRA/05/11804/2021 Josphat Mwakondo 27-Sep-2020
4612 IRA/05/20254/2021 Josphat Njue Mutua 21-Jan-2021
4613 IRA/05/0889/2021 Josphat Ouda Onyango 7-Oct-2020
4614 IRA/05/34027/2021 Josphat Waiguru Mwangi 8-Oct-2020
4615 IRA/05/37214/2021 Josphat Wainaina Gatinu 2-Oct-2020
4616 IRA/05/39182/2021 Josphine Atieno 26-Jan-2021
4617 IRA/05/33415/2021 Josphine Awuor Akuku 15-Oct-2020
4618 IRA/05/37499/2021 Josphine Njoki Muriithi 30-Sep-2020
4619 IRA/05/38340/2021 Josphine Wangeci Wambui 13-Jan-2021
4620 IRA/05/15680/2021 Josphine Wanjohi Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
4621 IRA/05/31695/2021 Joss Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
4622 IRA/05/14648/2021 Jotan Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
4623 IRA/05/30682/2021 Jotema Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
4624 IRA/05/32459/2021 Jovil Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4625 IRA/05/16530/2021 Jowam Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4626 IRA/05/24818/2021 Jowamu Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
4627 IRA/05/14482/2021 Jowat Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
4628 IRA/05/34470/2021 Jowell Consulting Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4629 IRA/05/38614/2021 Joy Gaceri Muthaka 1-Oct-2020
4630 IRA/05/37816/2021 Joy Malemba Gilbert 7-Oct-2020
4631 IRA/05/35983/2021 Joy Metrine Mulievi 29-Sep-2020
4632 IRA/05/38051/2021 Joy Mkakesi Moshe 26-Oct-2020
4633 IRA/05/35013/2021 Joy Nyokabi Mwai 5-Oct-2020
4634 IRA/05/39476/2021 Joyce Nyambura Waguchu 26-Oct-2020
4635 IRA/05/39110/2021 Joyce Auma Odero 27-Sep-2020
4636 IRA/05/39851/2021 Joyce Binsari Nyabando 27-Jan-2021
4637 IRA/05/28620/2021 Joyce Chemtai Towett 12-Oct-2020
4638 IRA/05/38609/2021 Joyce Kabura Gitonga 15-Oct-2020
4639 IRA/05/24822/2021 Joyce Kabura Kinyua 6-Oct-2020
4640 IRA/05/29896/2021 Joyce Kanyiri Mwiti 14-Dec-2020
4641 IRA/05/31353/2021 Joyce Kemei 5-Oct-2020
4642 IRA/05/30192/2021 Joyce Linet Nyangasi Imboko 5-Oct-2020
4643 IRA/05/16493/2021 Joyce Macharia 27-Sep-2020
4644 IRA/05/36232/2021 Joyce Makena Waithaka 5-Oct-2020
4645 IRA/05/17409/2021 Joyce Mary Nduta Njenga 7-Oct-2020
4646 IRA/05/16167/2021 Joyce Muthoni Maina 6-Oct-2020
4647 IRA/05/25535/2021 Joyce Mutile Mutungi 26-Sep-2020
4648 IRA/05/37292/2021 Joyce Ndanu Katiwa 13-Nov-2020

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4649 IRA/05/32388/2021 Joyce Ngema Gichangi 2-Oct-2020
4650 IRA/05/27373/2021 Joyce Njeri Muiruri 16-Feb-2021
4651 IRA/05/17838/2021 Joyce Njeri Mwaniki 27-Sep-2020
4652 IRA/05/39191/2021 Joyce Njoki Kariuki 2-Oct-2020
4653 IRA/05/37790/2021 Joyce Nyamokami Birai 2-Oct-2020
4654 IRA/05/37566/2021 Joyce Ongombe 17-Oct-2020
4655 IRA/05/38522/2021 Joyce Sidi Kombo 2-Feb-2021
4656 IRA/05/38829/2021 Joyce Wairimu Gichuhi 3-Nov-2020
4657 IRA/05/26893/2021 Joyce Wairimu Muriithi 30-Sep-2020
4658 IRA/05/15550/2021 Joyce Wairimu Murugi 2-Oct-2020
4659 IRA/05/39846/2021 Joyce Waitherero Njiiri 1-Feb-2021
4660 IRA/05/29296/2021 Joyce Waithira Wambui 5-Oct-2020
4661 IRA/05/34725/2021 Joyce Wambui Kamau 2-Oct-2020
4662 IRA/05/27900/2021 Joyce Wambui Kariuki 26-Jan-2021
4663 IRA/05/34004/2021 Joyce Wamuyu Mwangi 05-Oct-2020
4664 IRA/05/35017/2021 Joyce Wangari Mbugua 4-Jan-2021
4665 IRA/05/34367/2021 Joyce Wangari Ndungu 14-Jan-2021
4666 IRA/05/33396/2021 Joyce Wangeci Wachira 5-Oct-2020
4667 IRA/05/31885/2021 Joyce Wangu Mungai 6-Nov-2020
4668 IRA/05/38727/2021 Joyce Wangui Nderitu 2-Oct-2020
4669 IRA/05/35839/2021 Joyce Wangui Ndungu 28-Sep-2020
4670 IRA/05/38333/2021 Joyce Wanjiku Kahuha 3-Nov-2020
4671 IRA/05/27956/2021 Joyce Wanjiku Kamau 28-Jan-2021
4672 IRA/05/27711/2021 Joyce Wanjiku Maina 7-Oct-2020
4673 IRA/05/37747/2021 Joyce Wanjiku Nderi 13-Oct-2020
4674 IRA/05/25599/2021 Joyce Wanjiru Chumbi 30-Sep-2020
4675 IRA/05/18070/2021 Joyce Wanjiru Mburu 26-Sep-2020
4676 IRA/05/35118/2021 Joyce Wanjiru Njoroge 11-Dec-2020
4677 IRA/05/31267/2021 Joyce Wanjiru Wanjohi 29-Sep-2020
4678 IRA/05/35759/2021 Joyinc Insurance Agency Limited 20-Jan-2021
4679 IRA/05/26016/2021 Joykam Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
4680 IRA/05/31038/2021 Joylam Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
4681 IRA/05/27632/2021 Joymak Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
4682 IRA/05/26163/2021 Joymark Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
4683 IRA/05/20319/2021 Joymass Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
4684 IRA/05/24755/2021 Joysame Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
4685 IRA/05/25921/2021 Joyventure Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
4686 IRA/05/31917/2021 Jozak Agencies 6-Nov-2020
4687 IRA/05/36021/2021 Jt Insurance Agency Ltd 22-Oct-2020
4688 IRA/05/34216/2021 Jubeda Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4689 IRA/05/34453/2021 Judith Adhiambo Atito 14-Jan-2021
4690 IRA/05/31194/2021 Judith Adhiambo Nyadiero 5-Oct-2020
4691 IRA/05/37702/2021 Judith Akumu Juma 16-Oct-2020
4692 IRA/05/26770/2021 Judith Atieno Asembo 13-Nov-2020
4693 IRA/05/29674/2021 Judith Atieno Odhengo 16-Oct-2020
4694 IRA/05/20023/2021 Judith Damaris Ngui 29-Sep-2020
4695 IRA/05/35417/2021 Judith Dzame Nyae 29-Sep-2020
4696 IRA/05/38348/2021 Judith Kamene Kiamba 26-Oct-2020
4697 IRA/05/17127/2021 Judith Kemunto Ratemo 28-Sep-2020
4698 IRA/05/34282/2021 Judith Kwamboka Mokaya 5-Oct-2020
4699 IRA/05/8255/2021 Judith Lumuli 27-Sep-2020
4700 IRA/05/35229/2021 Judith Moraa M Nyambaka 7-Oct-2020
4701 IRA/05/27390/2021 Judith Munyasa Ambayi 5-Oct-2020
4702 IRA/05/18041/2021 Judith Ndila Wambua 7-Oct-2020
4703 IRA/05/27490/2021 Judith Nyakio Mugo 14-Dec-2020
4704 IRA/05/33735/2021 Judith Nyansarora Ounde 5-Oct-2020
4705 IRA/05/26433/2021 Judith Nyasiri Muyale 6-Oct-2020
4706 IRA/05/38205/2021 Judith Syomiti Mutune 12-Oct-2020
4707 IRA/05/38365/2021 Judith Wanyama 6-Oct-2020

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4708 IRA/05/34543/2021 Judy Auma Kona 14-Oct-2020
4709 IRA/05/36229/2021 Judy Jebet Kimoriot 30-Sep-2020
4710 IRA/05/32419/2021 Judy Kabura Mutunga 6-Oct-2020
4711 IRA/05/34580/2021 Judy Kagwiria Nkinga 07-Jan-2021
4712 IRA/05/39026/2021 Judy Mbithe Rael 09-Oct-2020
4713 IRA/05/35339/2021 Judy Muthoni Kariuki 27-Sep-2020
4714 IRA/05/30244/2021 Judy Muthoni Muriuki 28-Sep-2020
4715 IRA/05/35668/2021 Judy Mwakisha 5-Oct-2020
4716 IRA/05/37722/2021 Judy Njahira Jones 3-Nov-2020
4717 IRA/05/29125/2021 Judy Njoki Githegi 11-Jan-2021
4718 IRA/05/38534/2021 Judy Njoki Mutagia 6-Oct-2020
4719 IRA/05/26538/2021 Judy Nkatha Muraura 26-Oct-2020
4720 IRA/05/35198/2021 Judy Nthenya Mutua 12-Nov-2020
4721 IRA/05/29545/2021 Judy Tsindoli Gunyali 29-Sep-2020
4722 IRA/05/33171/2021 Judy Wambui Wangui 28-Sep-2020
4723 IRA/05/32512/2021 Judy Wandahi Kimuhu 2-Oct-2020
4724 IRA/05/30953/2021 Judy Wanjira Ndungu 8-Oct-2020
4725 IRA/05/38622/2021 Judy Wanjiru Njoroge 2-Oct-2020
4726 IRA/05/34637/2021 Juergens Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
4727 IRA/05/39688/2021 Jukwamo Insurance Agency 18-Nov-2020
4728 IRA/05/29666/2021 Julia Anyango 12-Oct-2020
4729 IRA/05/30037/2021 Julia Karimi Kabubu 30-Sep-2020
4730 IRA/05/26351/2021 Julia Lilian Awino Mbok 12-Oct-2020
4731 IRA/05/15398/2021 Julia Nduta Kamau 26-Sep-2020
4732 IRA/05/37724/2021 Julia Waithera Gichuhi 27-Sep-2020
4733 IRA/05/19013/2021 Julia Wambui Githinji 17-Oct-2020
4734 IRA/05/36291/2021 Julia Wangari Karanja 6-Oct-2020
4735 IRA/05/35518/2021 Julia Wanja Kairu 5-Oct-2020
4736 IRA/05/39574/2021 Julia Wanjiku Nyakweya 6-Oct-2020
4737 IRA/05/39955/2021 Julia Wanjiru Kamande 12-Feb-2021
4738 IRA/05/35906/2021 Juliah Muthoni Njogu 6-Oct-2020
4739 IRA/05/16520/2021 Juliah Mwebia Kanana 5-Oct-2020
4740 IRA/05/33442/2021 Juliah Nyambura Ndehu 6-Oct-2020
4741 IRA/05/25620/2021 Julian Wanjiru Mwaniki 9-Oct-2020
4742 IRA/05/35952/2021 Juliana Mavengi Mwangangi 7-Oct-2020
4743 IRA/05/35779/2021 Juliana Mwende Muthoka 28-Sep-2020
4744 IRA/05/38803/2021 Juliana Nzilani Joseph 7-Oct-2020
4745 IRA/05/34063/2021 Julianah Wayua Mbaluka 6-Oct-2020
4746 IRA/05/38103/2021 Julie Blessings Hajiga 12-Oct-2020
4747 IRA/05/5212/2021 Julie Wangui Ndirangu 27-Sep-2020
4748 IRA/05/15524/2021 Juliet Apiyo Gibolu 7-Oct-2020
4749 IRA/05/38602/2021 Juliet Imbuhila Khamasi 5-Oct-2020
4750 IRA/05/37687/2021 Juliet Kache Charo 28-Sep-2020
4751 IRA/05/29773/2021 Juliet Kagwiria Riungu 29-Sep-2020
4752 IRA/05/36186/2021 Juliet Njeri Nyawira 5-Oct-2020
4753 IRA/05/14313/2021 Juliet Nyawira Kyeba 27-Sep-2020
4754 IRA/05/38925/2021 Juliet Wairimu Wanjiru 15-Oct-2020
4755 IRA/05/36899/2021 Julius Abaga Ombasa 6-Oct-2020
4756 IRA/05/28127/2021 Julius Chege Kibugi 30-Sep-2020
4757 IRA/05/32705/2021 Julius Chege Macharia 3-Nov-2020
4758 IRA/05/36484/2021 Julius Kaberia Linguya 13-Oct-2020
4759 IRA/05/17030/2021 Julius Kaminju Gachui 5-Oct-2020
4760 IRA/05/14130/2021 Julius Kimaiga Ogeto 3-Feb-2021
4761 IRA/05/26541/2021 Julius Kitungu Sani 11-Jan-2021
4762 IRA/05/16992/2021 Julius Manyara Mwereria 5-Oct-2020
4763 IRA/05/29673/2021 Julius Mbogo Kithinji 5-Oct-2020
4764 IRA/05/38223/2021 Julius Muema Kimanthi 5-Dec-2020
4765 IRA/05/36860/2021 Julius Mutua Ngaruthi 8-Feb-2021
4766 IRA/05/9154/2021 Julius Mwanyumba Mwakio 27-Sep-2020

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4767 IRA/05/28530/2021 Julius Mwaura Mburu 22-Oct-2020
4768 IRA/05/14686/2021 Julius Ngowa Nyondo 5-Oct-2020
4769 IRA/05/24139/2021 Julius Nyawacha Origa 26-Oct-2020
4770 IRA/05/27133/2021 Julius Waweru Wairimu 26-Oct-2020
4771 IRA/05/38655/2021 Juma Patrick Onyango 13-Oct-2020
4772 IRA/05/17411/2021 Jumbo Plus Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4773 IRA/05/34348/2021 Jumiro Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
4774 IRA/05/38168/2021 Junior Mwadime Muema 30-Sep-2020
4775 IRA/05/31197/2021 Juprest Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4776 IRA/05/27670/2021 Juray Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
4777 IRA/05/16114/2021 Justified And Trustworthy Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4778 IRA/05/36187/2021 Justin Omondi Nyolo 6-Oct-2020
4779 IRA/05/28012/2021 Justina Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
4780 IRA/05/17274/2021 Justina Mbona Malusha 26-Oct-2020
4781 IRA/05/33976/2021 Justine Kanja Nabea 3-Nov-2020
4782 IRA/05/39040/2021 Justine Kimonge Nyaingiri 11-Nov-2020
4783 IRA/05/39761/2021 Justine Mutono Nthiwa 6-Jan-2021
4784 IRA/05/28306/2021 Justine Nyabuto Nyaringo 12-Nov-2020
4785 IRA/05/18014/2021 Justus Anyonje Omukuba 12-Oct-2020
4786 IRA/05/29685/2021 Justus Kilonzo Matanga 7-Oct-2020
4787 IRA/05/16424/2021 Justus Macharia Kamindo 30-Nov-2020
4788 IRA/05/33970/2021 Justus Mutisya Kimotho 8-Oct-2020
4789 IRA/05/11128/2021 Justus Mutisya Munywoki 7-Oct-2020
4790 IRA/05/31439/2021 Justus Mutua Kilonzo 27-Jan-2021
4791 IRA/05/17985/2021 Justus Mwanzia Muvila 5-Oct-2020
4792 IRA/05/38127/2021 Justus Njoroge Gicheha 28-Sep-2020
4793 IRA/05/4652/2021 Justus Okinyo Aoko 5-Oct-2020
4794 IRA/05/30314/2021 Justus Omollo Nunda 05-Oct-2020
4795 IRA/05/39522/2021 Justus Onyenya Ogumbo 6-Jan-2021
4796 IRA/05/32466/2021 Justus Wamalwa Kunani Sabuni 3-Feb-2021
4797 IRA/05/14725/2021 Justus Wanyama Wekesa 5-Oct-2020
4798 IRA/05/14818/2021 Justway Insurance Agencies 8-Feb-2021
4799 IRA/05/35712/2021 Juweel Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
4800 IRA/05/37669/2021 Juweriya Najim 9-Oct-2020
4801 IRA/05/29692/2021 Kabbs Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
4802 IRA/05/15590/2021 Kabirer Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
4803 IRA/05/7798/2021 Kabiser Kenya Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4804 IRA/05/34517/2021 Kachiengeo Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
4805 IRA/05/28496/2021 Kadhu-Wa Developers Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
4806 IRA/05/36025/2021 Kafi Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
4807 IRA/05/37159/2021 Kagendo Grace 15-Oct-2020
4808 IRA/05/34342/2021 Kaggwa Anthony Mukasa Kavuma 27-Sep-2020
4809 IRA/05/34694/2021 Kagiri Millicent Wanjiru 16-Oct-2020
4810 IRA/05/34104/2021 Kagwiria Martha Julius 11-Nov-2020
4811 IRA/05/30364/2021 Kahindi Elizabeth Shida 5-Oct-2020
4812 IRA/05/34469/2021 Kahutu Grace Wangari 30-Sep-2020
4813 IRA/05/28202/2021 Kai Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4814 IRA/05/31715/2021 Kaina Concepts Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
4815 IRA/05/12571/2021 Kaireka Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
4816 IRA/05/30604/2021 Kairithia Kenneth 11-Jan-2021
4817 IRA/05/17879/2021 Kairu Edward Kamau 5-Oct-2020
4818 IRA/05/33788/2021 Kaiyongi Paul Kirori 02-Oct-2020
4819 IRA/05/17151/2021 Kaizen Insurance Agency 24-Sep-2020
4820 IRA/05/33978/2021 Kaizuri Associates Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
4821 IRA/05/30725/2021 Kajode Juma Jacob 5-Oct-2020
4822 IRA/05/10694/2021 Kaki Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
4823 IRA/05/7786/2021 Kakman Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
4824 IRA/05/39496/2021 Kalee Muthini 23-Sep-2020
4825 IRA/05/33752/2021 Kalexus Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020

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4826 IRA/05/36482/2021 Kaliapapo Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
4827 IRA/05/16292/2021 Kalizz Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4828 IRA/05/17441/2021 Kamanda Insurance Agency 05-Oct-2020
4829 IRA/05/33943/2021 Kambo & Sons Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
4830 IRA/05/24751/2021 Kamfort Insurance Agency 05-Feb-2021
4831 IRA/05/372/2021 Kamlesh Jayantilal Makwana 16-Feb-2021
4832 IRA/05/24193/2021 Kamp Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
4833 IRA/05/33675/2021 Kan Well Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
4834 IRA/05/29604/2021 Kancy Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
4835 IRA/05/24609/2021 Kandirets Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
4836 IRA/05/31311/2021 Kaneldiam Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
4837 IRA/05/14487/2021 Kangason Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4838 IRA/05/28411/2021 Kangwae Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4839 IRA/05/14363/2021 Kanjogu Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
4840 IRA/05/11605/2021 Kankawa Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
4841 IRA/05/34320/2021 Kantech Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
4842 IRA/05/6543/2021 Kanya Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
4843 IRA/05/36365/2021 Kanyiau Douglas Mutie 12-Nov-2020
4844 IRA/05/30394/2021 Kanyikita Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
4845 IRA/05/35430/2021 Kaplikon Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
4846 IRA/05/14179/2021 Kapmil Insurance Agencies 24-Sep-2020
4847 IRA/05/24801/2021 Kapri Insurance Agency Limited 3-Nov-2020
4848 IRA/05/27802/2021 Kar Cornerstone Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
4849 IRA/05/37098/2021 Karani P Thuranira 7-Dec-2020
4850 IRA/05/38096/2021 Karanja Elizabeth Syombua 6-Oct-2020
4851 IRA/05/37993/2021 Karen Nabwire Opiyo 15-Nov-2020
4852 IRA/05/30103/2021 Karen Njoki Mwangi 26-Sep-2020
4853 IRA/05/29319/2021 Karen Nthenya Ndolo 6-Oct-2020
4854 IRA/05/35714/2021 Karibu Travel & Tours Ltd 9-Oct-2020
4855 IRA/05/29194/2021 Karithi Charles Ntongai 21-Jan-2021
4856 IRA/05/319752/2021 Karopay Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
4857 IRA/05/16259/2021 Karopoly Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
4858 IRA/05/32487/2021 Karpet Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4859 IRA/05/34679/2021 Karuga Mary Wanjiru 29-Sep-2020
4860 IRA/05/33012/2021 Kassim Osodo Kobe 6-Oct-2020
4861 IRA/05/19037/2021 Kasyoka Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4862 IRA/05/27241/2021 Kata Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
4863 IRA/05/33185/2021 Katherine Kagehi 6-Oct-2020
4864 IRA/05/36448/2021 Kathleen Karimi Mutua 30-Sep-2020
4865 IRA/05/34379/2021 Kathure Emily Kendi 7-Oct-2020
4866 IRA/05/34437/2021 Kathy Akumu Aulo 6-Nov-2020
4867 IRA/05/36668/2021 Kato Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
4868 IRA/05/30475/2021 Katue Paul Mwania 6-Oct-2020
4869 IRA/05/1664/2021 Kay Insurance Agency Ltd 13-Oct-2020
4870 IRA/05/34756/2021 Kayla Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
4871 IRA/05/14085/2021 Keda Insurance Agencies 12-Dec-2020
4872 IRA/05/26864/2021 Keemish Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
4873 IRA/05/25931/2021 Keensell Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
4874 IRA/05/26058/2021 Kefa Muchiri 25-Sep-2020
4875 IRA/05/14593/2021 Kefa Onchoke Omayo 26-Sep-2020
4876 IRA/05/38882/2021 Kefah Nyakoria Morebu 7-Jan-2021
4877 IRA/05/6476/2021 Kegiwa Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
4878 IRA/05/31596/2021 Keiman Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4879 IRA/05/15660/2021 Kein Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
4880 IRA/05/20220/2021 Keipher Isaboke Omariba 16-Oct-2020
4881 IRA/05/32653/2021 Keisa Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4882 IRA/05/26878/2021 Keith Wafula Ochwaya 2-Oct-2020
4883 IRA/05/37323/2021 Kelest Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
4884 IRA/05/35276/2021 Keljin Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020

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4885 IRA/05/33708/2021 Kellen Kananu Kithinji 22-Oct-2020
4886 IRA/05/14769/2021 Kellen Kariuki 08-Oct-2020
4887 IRA/05/37622/2021 Kellen Karwitha Mwirigi 18-Jan-2021
4888 IRA/05/38069/2021 Kellen Kawira Rutere 11-Jan-2021
4889 IRA/05/39755/2021 Kelves Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
4890 IRA/05/38718/2021 Kelvin Fadhili 21-Jan-2021
4891 IRA/05/25105/2021 Kelvin Gitonga Muriuki 27-Oct-2020
4892 IRA/05/38630/2021 Kelvin Imbwaga 16-Oct-2020
4893 IRA/05/35910/2021 Kelvin Irungu 29-Sep-2020
4894 IRA/05/34067/2021 Kelvin Kanyari Gichuki 6-Nov-2020
4895 IRA/05/32684/2021 Kelvin Kiama Wanyiri 15-Oct-2020
4896 IRA/05/39043/2021 Kelvin Kivata Kioko 14-Oct-2020
4897 IRA/05/38467/2021 Kelvin Maina Mugo 6-Oct-2020
4898 IRA/05/34634/2021 Kelvin Mghendi Mafusa 26-Sep-2020
4899 IRA/05/34843/2021 Kelvin Songwa Agani 6-Oct-2020
4900 IRA/05/25987/2021 Kelvin Thuo Njeri 6-Oct-2020
4901 IRA/05/25721/2021 Kemcho Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
4902 IRA/05/37011/2021 Kemei Robert 21-Oct-2020
4903 IRA/05/38844/2021 Kemka Insurancce Agency 7-Jan-2021
4904 IRA/05/20180/2021 Kemsib Insurance Agencies 14-Dec-2020
4905 IRA/05/38191/2021 Ken Mutethia 3-Feb-2021
4906 IRA/05/38958/2021 Ken Wanzaila Egadize 19-Oct-2020
4907 IRA/05/37678/2021 Kenage Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
4908 IRA/05/28275/2021 Kenbell Merchants Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4909 IRA/05/10325/2021 Kenbrit Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4910 IRA/05/39012/2021 Kencyndy Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
4911 IRA/05/10852/2021 Kenfirm Insurance Agency Ltd. 6-Oct-2020
4912 IRA/05/31437/2021 Kenlink Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
4913 IRA/05/24127/2021 Ken-Mart Insurance Agents Ltd 13-Nov-2020
4914 IRA/05/30630/2021 Kenna Insurance Agency 2-Nov-2020
4915 IRA/05/36157/2021 Kennedy Abukusi 7-Oct-2020
4916 IRA/05/25742/2021 Kennedy Alivista Jamwaka 6-Oct-2020
4917 IRA/05/25410/2021 Kennedy Echessa Nabule 3-Nov-2020
4918 IRA/05/35437/2021 Kennedy Mbugua Njoroge 21-Jan-2021
4919 IRA/05/37577/2021 Kennedy Ngetwa Kalele 26-Oct-2020
4920 IRA/05/34381/2021 Kennedy Ochieng Apamo 30-Sep-2020
4921 IRA/05/33228/2021 Kennedy Ochieng Ooko 6-Oct-2020
4922 IRA/05/38578/2021 Kennedy Odhiambo Mmboyi 3-Feb-2021
4923 IRA/05/36086/2021 Kennedy Odhiambo Okoth 7-Oct-2020
4924 IRA/05/16463/2021 Kennedy Okoth Dianga 26-Jan-2021
4925 IRA/05/15089/2021 Kennedy Oloo Nyambare 14-Oct-2020
4926 IRA/05/35699/2021 Kennedy Omondi Odera 17-Oct-2020
4927 IRA/05/35803/2021 Kennedy Omondi Oloo 19-Jan-2021
4928 IRA/05/27892/2021 Kennedy Omondi Orero 11-Nov-2020
4929 IRA/05/36977/2021 Kennedy Ongaga Chando 23-Nov-2020
4930 IRA/05/15210/2021 Kennedy Onyango Oguro 7-Oct-2020
4931 IRA/05/37946/2021 Kennedy Oyaya 26-Sep-2020
4932 IRA/05/27886/2021 Kennedyongete Otieno 5-Oct-2020
4933 IRA/05/16851/2021 Kenneth Lesame Kipteng 1-Oct-2020
4934 IRA/05/38150/2021 Kenneth Mureithi Wangai 11-Jan-2021
4935 IRA/05/33258/2021 Kenneth Mutuma Stephen 6-Nov-2020
4936 IRA/05/31261/2021 Kenneth Mworia Munene 08-Oct-2020
4937 IRA/05/35252/2021 Kenneth Njoroge Njogu 5-Oct-2020
4938 IRA/05/29512/2021 Kenneth Nyambere Otieno 18-Nov-2020
4939 IRA/05/33650/2021 Kenneth Ogora Bogonko 7-Jan-2021
4940 IRA/05/30731/2021 Kenneth Okeyo Nyakone 2-Feb-2021
4941 IRA/05/34354/2021 Kenneth Rubiro Muriithi 19-Oct-2020
4942 IRA/05/25943/2021 Kensky Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
4943 IRA/05/28907/2021 Kensville Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020

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4944 IRA/05/17490/2021 Kentab Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
4945 IRA/05/39824/2021 Kentol Insuarance Agency 29-Jan-2021
4946 IRA/05/29520/2021 Kenton Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
4947 IRA/05/30919/2021 Kentuck Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4948 IRA/05/28489/2021 Kenwell Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
4949 IRA/05/39220/2021 Kenya Private Schools Insurance Agency 31-Dec-2020
4950 IRA/05/16696/2021 Kenyariny Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
4951 IRA/05/2612/2021 Kenyas Choice Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
4952 IRA/05/25914/2021 Kepha Kiarie Weru 12-Oct-2020
4953 IRA/05/36847/2021 Kepha Omambia 2-Nov-2020
4954 IRA/05/37964/2021 Kepha Wachira Kagarii 7-Oct-2020
4955 IRA/05/14681/2021 Kerin Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
4956 IRA/05/30089/2021 Kesslink Agencies 26-Sep-2020
4957 IRA/05/17123/2021 Kestar Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
4958 IRA/05/24840/2021 Ketray Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4959 IRA/05/29221/2021 Kevin H Akech 14-Nov-2020
4960 IRA/05/34907/2021 Kevin Ian Muriithi 29-Sep-2020
4961 IRA/05/29470/2021 Kevin Kamau Kombo 28-Jan-2021
4962 IRA/05/38443/2021 Kevin Keegan 23-Oct-2020
4963 IRA/05/34426/2021 Kevin Lugada 11-Nov-2020
4964 IRA/05/31880/2021 Kevin Lyddiah Imbayi 28-Sep-2020
4965 IRA/05/36193/2021 Kevin Mabiria Getogoro 7-Oct-2020
4966 IRA/05/29920/2021 Kevin Ndungu Kangethe 28-Sep-2020
4967 IRA/05/38691/2021 Kevin Ochieng Odhialo 6-Oct-2020
4968 IRA/05/38982/2021 Kevin Oduor 12-Nov-2020
4969 IRA/05/24417/2021 Kevin Onyango 7-Oct-2020
4970 IRA/05/36950/2021 Kevin Otieno Ochieng 31-Oct-2020
4971 IRA/05/33704/2021 Kevin Otieno Omollo 11-Dec-2020
4972 IRA/05/29215/2021 Kevin Ouma Were 5-Oct-2020
4973 IRA/05/36510/2021 Kevin Owino Odhiambo 12-Nov-2020
4974 IRA/05/39232/2021 Kevin Rimba Kai 12-Oct-2020
4975 IRA/05/36185/2021 Kevin Ruhiu Mungai 27-Sep-2020
4976 IRA/05/25684/2021 Kevin Sunday Ruah Mwatela 6-Oct-2020
4977 IRA/05/24486/2021 Kevins Onyango Omiya 5-Oct-2020
4978 IRA/05/16623/2021 Kevstar Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
4979 IRA/05/144/2021 Key Insurance & General Agencies Limited 15-Nov-2020
4980 IRA/05/9303/2021 Keycent Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
4981 IRA/05/28467/2021 Keygo Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
4982 IRA/05/20147/2021 Key-Link Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
4983 IRA/05/7876/2021 Keyshop Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
4984 IRA/05/12904/2021 Keysons Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
4985 IRA/05/14904/2021 Kezia Cayherine Mwamuri 12-Nov-2020
4986 IRA/05/38206/2021 Kezia Koki Ikonze 1-Oct-2020
4987 IRA/05/28737/2021 Kezia Waithera Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
4988 IRA/05/29553/2021 Keziah Njeri Kamau 27-Sep-2020
4989 IRA/05/30532/2021 Keziah Wanjiru Magu 23-Oct-2020
4990 IRA/05/38259/2021 Khakasa Francisca Namalwa 9-Oct-2020
4991 IRA/05/39933/2021 Khamati Priscillah 8-Feb-2021
4992 IRA/05/690/2021 Khanna Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
4993 IRA/05/39308/2021 Khendrax Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
4994 IRA/05/32772/2021 Kiama Harriet Loise Nyambura 4-Nov-2020
4995 IRA/05/39214/2021 Kiango Insurance Solutions 5-Oct-2020
4996 IRA/05/37025/2021 Kiania Jennifer Virginia Mugure 14-Oct-2020
4997 IRA/05/39011/2021 Kibet Felix 30-Sep-2020
4998 IRA/05/12702/2021 Kiboko Insurance Agencies 13-Oct-2020
4999 IRA/05/17326/2021 Kibston Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5000 IRA/05/14726/2021 Kiburi Charles Mwirabua 05-Nov-2020
5001 IRA/05/35439/2021 Kiendi Victoria Ngina 31-Oct-2020
5002 IRA/05/37529/2021 Kiether Insurance Agency 01-Feb-2021

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5003 IRA/05/27237/2021 Kifedha Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5004 IRA/05/16391/2021 Kigen Susan Jelagat 15-Oct-2020
5005 IRA/05/37341/2021 Kigzville Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
5006 IRA/05/13496/2021 Kiinco Insurance Agency 06-Oct-2020
5007 IRA/05/16532/2021 Kiirub Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
5008 IRA/05/35840/2021 Kikono Elizabeth Nthenya 8-Oct-2020
5009 IRA/05/35965/2021 Kilachi Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
5010 IRA/05/39705/2021 Kilicelmo Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
5011 IRA/05/28774/2021 Kililo Fortunata Betty 22-Jan-2021
5012 IRA/05/38005/2021 Kilimo Elias Kimutai 21-Jan-2021
5013 IRA/05/38276/2021 Kilonzo Charity Koki 27-Sep-2020
5014 IRA/05/37537/2021 Kimani Ayafor Aziseh Ngwingmba 8-Oct-2020
5015 IRA/05/28393/2021 Kimongo Muinde Steve 6-Nov-2020
5016 IRA/05/17118/2021 Kimrex Insurance Ageny 15-Nov-2020
5017 IRA/05/16232/2021 Kimsa Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5018 IRA/05/12188/2021 Kimsure Insurance Agents 5-Oct-2020
5019 IRA/05/4501/2021 Kimwan Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5020 IRA/05/36932/2021 Kind Capital Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
5021 IRA/05/15335/2021 Kinetic Insurance Agency Limited 22-Jan-2021
5022 IRA/05/33631/2021 Kinga Bora Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
5023 IRA/05/5155/2021 Kinga Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
5024 IRA/05/28986/2021 Kingly Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5025 IRA/05/33638/2021 Kingpin Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5026 IRA/05/13320/2021 Kingrams Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5027 IRA/05/33030/2021 Kingsman Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5028 IRA/05/28906/2021 Kingstrad Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
5029 IRA/05/14232/2021 Kingvale Insurance Agency Ltd 29-Sep-2020
5030 IRA/05/33945/2021 Kinship Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5031 IRA/05/11009/2021 Kinsman Ins. Agencies 16-Oct-2020
5032 IRA/05/12185/2021 Kinta Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
5033 IRA/05/37090/2021 Kinyua Mugambi John 12-Nov-2020
5034 IRA/05/29762/2021 Kioko Musau Mwania 16-Oct-2020
5035 IRA/05/36055/2021 Kiota Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
5036 IRA/05/38255/2021 Kipchirchir Kiptalam Kipsuge 14-Nov-2020
5037 IRA/05/38201/2021 Kipkoech Tony Kiprono 6-Nov-2020
5038 IRA/05/36815/2021 Kipkorir Koech Kennedy 22-Oct-2020
5039 IRA/05/28682/2021 Kiplangat Bett 22-Oct-2020
5040 IRA/05/33443/2021 Kipngeno Robert Sigey 12-Jan-2021
5041 IRA/05/32132/2021 Kiprop Wycliffe Limo 16-Oct-2020
5042 IRA/05/37398/2021 Kiptembur Insurance Agency Ltd 23-Oct-2020
5043 IRA/05/37187/2021 Kiptoo Allan Kipkorir 7-Oct-2020
5044 IRA/05/36617/2021 Kiptoo Sang 5-Oct-2020
5045 IRA/05/32373/2021 Kipyegon Mitei Vincent 8-Feb-2021
5046 IRA/05/34837/2021 Kirembu Cathrine Mukami 26-Oct-2020
5047 IRA/05/11347/2021 Kiricop Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
5048 IRA/05/14289/2021 Kirifa Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5049 IRA/05/35428/2021 Kirk Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
5050 IRA/05/39524/2021 Kisabuli Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
5051 IRA/05/34797/2021 Kisebu Fredrick Makori 17-Oct-2020
5052 IRA/05/17236/2021 Kisima Medical & General Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Nov-2020
5053 IRA/05/31698/2021 Kisire Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
5054 IRA/05/25060/2021 Kisiwani Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
5055 IRA/05/37494/2021 Kissinger Atetwe Chalingo 11-Nov-2020
5056 IRA/05/7901/2021 Kitale Two Thousand Insurance Agency Ltd. 7-Oct-2020
5057 IRA/05/25571/2021 Kito Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
5058 IRA/05/38101/2021 Kitur Kirwa Samuel Mugun 19-Jan-2021
5059 IRA/05/28362/2021 Kiviu Eileen Mbinya 6-Oct-2020
5060 IRA/05/34809/2021 Kivoya Christine Laeli 30-Sep-2020
5061 IRA/05/17458/2021 Kiyondi Richard Nyasoko 29-Jan-2021

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5062 IRA/05/30873/2021 Kkk-3 Insurance Agency Limited 28-Jan-2021
5063 IRA/05/26440/2021 Klarksons Coo Insurance & Investment Agencies 14-Jan-2021
5064 IRA/05/27467/2021 Klein Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5065 IRA/05/36275/2021 Kline Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5066 IRA/05/28527/2021 Knightsbridge Insurance Agencies Limited 6-Jan-2021
5067 IRA/05/27718/2021 Knightville Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5068 IRA/05/11213/2021 Kobole Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5069 IRA/05/39006/2021 Komeko Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
5070 IRA/05/29831/2021 Komrades Insurance Agency Ltd 6-Oct-2020
5071 IRA/05/30485/2021 Konark Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5072 IRA/05/34059/2021 Konastones Ventures Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5073 IRA/05/35129/2021 Konstanz Manyara Nyakeya 26-Oct-2020
5074 IRA/05/17770/2021 Korp Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5075 IRA/05/13193/2021 Koyi Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5076 IRA/05/38489/2021 Koyo Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5077 IRA/05/26650/2021 Kriyash Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5078 IRA/05/18057/2021 Kroner Insurance Agencies Ltd 18-Jan-2021
5079 IRA/05/35689/2021 Krsmwa Agency 24-Sep-2020
5080 IRA/05/28787/2021 Krunali Kalpesh Gosrani 19-Oct-2020
5081 IRA/05/31860/2021 Kualitykit Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
5082 IRA/05/35674/2021 Kugitiruoma Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5083 IRA/05/25112/2021 Kunumu Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5084 IRA/05/37701/2021 Kuri Charity Furaha 14-Nov-2020
5085 IRA/05/27364/2021 Kuria Joseph 9-Oct-2020
5086 IRA/05/27741/2021 Kuria Lydia Wanjiku 8-Oct-2020
5087 IRA/05/37066/2021 Kuthii Winnie Sylvia 12-Nov-2020
5088 IRA/05/33167/2021 Kutte Onyango Emmanuel 6-Jan-2021
5089 IRA/05/31773/2021 Kuwane Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5090 IRA/05/25835/2021 Kwanza Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
5091 IRA/05/37233/2021 Kwellies Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5092 IRA/05/28089/2021 Kwft Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
5093 IRA/05/17374/2021 Kyle&Cotts Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5094 IRA/05/31503/2021 Kylne Insuarance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5095 IRA/05/29499/2021 Kyondo Elizabeth Louise Nzilili 7-Oct-2020
5096 IRA/05/14142/2021 Kyuso Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
5097 IRA/05/35331/2021 La Vida Insurance Agency 30-Nov-2020
5098 IRA/05/9643/2021 Label Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5099 IRA/05/34239/2021 Lacourone Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
5100 IRA/05/34509/2021 Lada Africa Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
5101 IRA/05/16323/2021 Ladybird Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5102 IRA/05/39948/2021 Laeteon Insurance Agency 12-Feb-2021
5103 IRA/05/7815/2021 Lago Insurance Agencies Limited 7-Oct-2020
5104 IRA/05/10088/2021 Lai Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5105 IRA/05/14245/2021 Lajacom Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
5106 IRA/05/35213/2021 Lake Merit Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5107 IRA/05/25036/2021 Lakeside Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
5108 IRA/05/39360/2021 Lalagin And Siele Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
5109 IRA/05/36121/2021 Lalelen Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
5110 IRA/05/38466/2021 Lamardo Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5111 IRA/05/32590/2021 Lame Line Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5112 IRA/05/37978/2021 Lami Insurance Agency 4-Jan-2021
5113 IRA/05/15171/2021 Lamonya Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
5114 IRA/05/31070/2021 Lamosure Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5115 IRA/05/30287/2021 Lance Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5116 IRA/05/25919/2021 Langat Kiprono Jacob 6-Nov-2020
5117 IRA/05/37051/2021 Langford Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5118 IRA/05/17756/2021 Lapis Lazuli Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5119 IRA/05/33267/2021 Lapiz Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5120 IRA/05/38536/2021 Laram Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020

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5121 IRA/05/29571/2021 Larex Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
5122 IRA/05/35868/2021 Larkspur Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
5123 IRA/05/15842/2021 Lasina Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5124 IRA/05/38029/2021 Lastkings Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
5125 IRA/05/25346/2021 Lathu Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5126 IRA/05/16131/2021 Latika Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5127 IRA/05/30146/2021 Laudrick Musyoki Nyalita 7-Oct-2020
5128 IRA/05/32614/2021 Laura Khatushi Ligami 6-Nov-2020
5129 IRA/05/39785/2021 Lavi Tripple Insurance Consultants Limited 18-Jan-2021
5130 IRA/05/13436/2021 Lavington Insurance Agency Ltd 28-Sep-2020
5131 IRA/05/11450/2021 Lawan Health Insurance Agencies 13-Oct-2020
5132 IRA/05/1499/2021 Lawi Okemba Odiembo 6-Nov-2020
5133 IRA/05/20292/2021 Lawrence Bundi Muchiri 5-Oct-2020
5134 IRA/05/29609/2021 Lawrence Gikunda Muriungi 6-Oct-2020
5135 IRA/05/31986/2021 Lawrence Gitonga Gakungi 7-Oct-2020
5136 IRA/05/26040/2021 Lawrence Kimani Njogu 6-Oct-2020
5137 IRA/05/25170/2021 Lawrence Macharia 12-Oct-2020
5138 IRA/05/11631/2021 Lawrence Muthama Mulei 11-Nov-2020
5139 IRA/05/25619/2021 Lawrence Mwangi Maina 26-Sep-2020
5140 IRA/05/2444/2021 Lawrence Ndaisi Kimando 5-Oct-2020
5141 IRA/05/29357/2021 Lawrence Nderitu Manini 27-Jan-2021
5142 IRA/05/28872/2021 Lawrence Odhiambo Ochieng 9-Oct-2020
5143 IRA/05/16460/2021 Lawrence Ojango Manoah 26-Sep-2020
5144 IRA/05/34546/2021 Lawrence Onyango Odembo 28-Sep-2020
5145 IRA/05/17423/2021 Lawrence Otieno 11-Nov-2020
5146 IRA/05/38175/2021 Lawrence Otieno Okoth 5-Oct-2020
5147 IRA/05/34698/2021 Laxcom Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
5148 IRA/05/26277/2021 Laysan Finch Insurance Agency 23-Dec-2020
5149 IRA/05/37551/2021 Lazaro Adienge Jacob 30-Sep-2020
5150 IRA/05/14916/2021 Lazarus Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5151 IRA/05/37948/2021 Lead Africa Insurance Agency Ltd 15-Jan-2021
5152 IRA/05/35821/2021 Lead Experts Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5153 IRA/05/2984/2021 Lead Insurance Agency Ltd 6-Oct-2020
5154 IRA/05/14104/2021 Leading Edge Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
5155 IRA/05/39074/2021 Leah Achar Owiro 31-Oct-2020
5156 IRA/05/30463/2021 Leah Jepchumba Lebo 26-Sep-2020
5157 IRA/05/16262/2021 Leah Mokuhe Mbogwa 26-Sep-2020
5158 IRA/05/38126/2021 Leah Muthoni Gachau 7-Oct-2020
5159 IRA/05/28997/2021 Leah Njeri Kamande 6-Oct-2020
5160 IRA/05/24289/2021 Leah Nyambura Mburu 27-Sep-2020
5161 IRA/05/36279/2021 Leah Wakarima Kabuthu 15-Oct-2020
5162 IRA/05/17361/2021 Leah Wangechi Muchemi 27-Sep-2020
5163 IRA/05/37914/2021 Leah Wanjiku Njamunggeh 28-Sep-2020
5164 IRA/05/11192/2021 Leakey Maina Kariuki 11-Jan-2021
5165 IRA/05/24782/2021 Lean Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5166 IRA/05/32406/2021 Leantec Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5167 IRA/05/39792/2021 Leapfully Insurance Link Agency 19-Jan-2021
5168 IRA/05/27553/2021 Lebron Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
5169 IRA/05/24295/2021 Lee Pages Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
5170 IRA/05/37462/2021 Leeds Vonne Insurance Agencies 9-Feb-2021
5171 IRA/05/37752/2021 Leekay Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5172 IRA/05/38604/2021 Leelev Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
5173 IRA/05/39193/2021 Leeroy Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5174 IRA/05/25180/2021 Leez Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5175 IRA/05/24278/2021 Legacy E. A. Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
5176 IRA/05/31032/2021 Legacy Link Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5177 IRA/05/34523/2021 Legas Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5178 IRA/05/26931/2021 Leila Said Omar 7-Oct-2020
5179 IRA/05/38310/2021 Lembret Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020

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5180 IRA/05/16533/2021 Lemco Insurance Agency Limited 27-Oct-2020
5181 IRA/05/10581/2021 Lemi Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5182 IRA/05/16591/2021 Lemss Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
5183 IRA/05/29588/2021 Lenah Kemunto Mocheche 28-Sep-2020
5184 IRA/05/33230/2021 Lenah Nyangarisa Nyamweya 11-Dec-2020
5185 IRA/05/35740/2021 Lencer Aloo Kongele 29-Sep-2020
5186 IRA/05/27549/2021 Lengai Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
5187 IRA/05/37672/2021 Lenin Ngondi Manga 8-Oct-2020
5188 IRA/05/17362/2021 Lenity Honesty Nkanata 9-Oct-2020
5189 IRA/05/37554/2021 Lennah Wahu Mwangi 15-Dec-2020
5190 IRA/05/26759/2021 Lenper Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
5191 IRA/05/26175/2021 Leo Simba Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5192 IRA/05/25821/2021 Leocardia Awino Ndiga 16-Oct-2020
5193 IRA/05/17256/2021 Leon Musoi Muteti 17-Oct-2020
5194 IRA/05/36690/2021 Leonard Adaji Chazima 6-Oct-2020
5195 IRA/05/39434/2021 Leonard Chonge 11-Nov-2020
5196 IRA/05/29143/2021 Leonard Kepher Ojiambo 30-Sep-2020
5197 IRA/05/28230/2021 Leonard Kibera Njenga 11-Feb-2021
5198 IRA/05/32962/2021 Leonard Levi Odwory 17-Oct-2020
5199 IRA/05/26900/2021 Leonard Mwasi Mangeli 06-Nov-2020
5200 IRA/05/26684/2021 Leonard Nyaga Thumbi 8-Oct-2020
5201 IRA/05/6913/2021 Leonard.M.Ndivo 2-Oct-2020
5202 IRA/05/33958/2021 Leone Elegwa Lubanga 7-Oct-2020
5203 IRA/05/32890/2021 Leonidah Mwelu Musyoka 14-Dec-2020
5204 IRA/05/36939/2021 Leonidah Ndege 6-Oct-2020
5205 IRA/05/36586/2021 Leonix Masheti Witaba 27-Oct-2020
5206 IRA/05/28794/2021 Leop Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5207 IRA/05/38470/2021 Leries Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
5208 IRA/05/37750/2021 Lerisque Africa Agency Limited 19-Jan-2021
5209 IRA/05/12294/2021 Lesan Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5210 IRA/05/15833/2021 Lesan-Ree Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5211 IRA/05/27254/2021 Leserian Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5212 IRA/05/36967/2021 Leslie Adhiambo Adala 19-Oct-2020
5213 IRA/05/34891/2021 Leslly Libasia Mulokoto 28-Jan-2021
5214 IRA/05/39366/2021 Levan Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
5215 IRA/05/20329/2021 Level One Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
5216 IRA/05/11504/2021 Levi Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
5217 IRA/05/38701/2021 Levi Munyite Barasa 11-Nov-2020
5218 IRA/05/25084/2021 Levice Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
5219 IRA/05/36371/2021 Levin Wanja Kang’ethe 6-Oct-2020
5220 IRA/05/34478/2021 Levinah Omuse Obose 15-Jan-2021
5221 IRA/05/20117/2021 Levis Ambani Kihima 28-Sep-2020
5222 IRA/05/31765/2021 Levis Odhiambo Odoyo 6-Oct-2020
5223 IRA/05/32926/2021 Levrage Agencies 18-Jan-2021
5224 IRA/05/38885/2021 Levsam Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
5225 IRA/05/38452/2021 Lewan Commercial Agency 28-Jan-2021
5226 IRA/05/17134/2021 Lewis Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
5227 IRA/05/35314/2021 Lewtine Anne Adega Omollo 27-Jan-2021
5228 IRA/05/39779/2021 Leyna Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
5229 IRA/05/26032/2021 Liable Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
5230 IRA/05/36262/2021 Liamark Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5231 IRA/05/34192/2021 Liben Agencies 8-Oct-2020
5232 IRA/05/24970/2021 Liberty Global Insurance Agencies 30-Sep-2020
5233 IRA/05/26647/2021 Liberty Legacy Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5234 IRA/05/39812/2021 Licheba Insurance And Comercial Agencies 22-Jan-2021
5235 IRA/05/26341/2021 Lida Wanjiru Kariuki 6-Oct-2020
5236 IRA/05/16725/2021 Life Shades Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
5237 IRA/05/37463/2021 Life Way Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
5238 IRA/05/39392/2021 Lifechange Insurance Agency Ltd 16-Oct-2020

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5239 IRA/05/15837/2021 Lifegen Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5240 IRA/05/37053/2021 Lifeline Limits Agency 9-Oct-2020
5241 IRA/05/28875/2021 Life-Pro Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
5242 IRA/05/13497/2021 Liferidge Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
5243 IRA/05/26883/2021 Light Consultants & Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5244 IRA/05/36562/2021 Light The World Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5245 IRA/05/20243/2021 Lightways Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5246 IRA/05/35731/2021 Ligono Brian Khamadi 6-Nov-2020
5247 IRA/05/20136/2021 Likeminds Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
5248 IRA/05/37178/2021 Likewise Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
5249 IRA/05/37305/2021 Likifi Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5250 IRA/05/39957/2021 Lilian Neteipan Leleshipan 12-Feb-2021
5251 IRA/05/25100/2021 Lilian A. Opiyo 09-Oct-2020
5252 IRA/05/17986/2021 Lilian Achieng Atwenga 6-Oct-2020
5253 IRA/05/29516/2021 Lilian Akinyi Odenya 6-Oct-2020
5254 IRA/05/27554/2021 Lilian Akinyi Ogada 13-Jan-2021
5255 IRA/05/25263/2021 Lilian Apiyo Esuha 28-Sep-2020
5256 IRA/05/33179/2021 Lilian Aseka Indiatsy 6-Oct-2020
5257 IRA/05/36840/2021 Lilian Bochere Nyangiri 28-Sep-2020
5258 IRA/05/29358/2021 Lilian Chepngetich Kebenei 16-Oct-2020
5259 IRA/05/29886/2021 Lilian Chimoso Wangusi 19-Oct-2020
5260 IRA/05/32369/2021 Lilian Gechemba Nyachwaya 11-Nov-2020
5261 IRA/05/30130/2021 Lilian Iminza 29-Sep-2020
5262 IRA/05/25892/2021 Lilian Karimi Njeru 6-Oct-2020
5263 IRA/05/37022/2021 Lilian Kawira Mithika 5-Oct-2020
5264 IRA/05/28426/2021 Lilian Kemunto Mwasi Mokua 2-Oct-2020
5265 IRA/05/33862/2021 Lilian Khalituma Muchuma 9-Oct-2020
5266 IRA/05/37573/2021 Lilian Kibera Anyango 26-Oct-2020
5267 IRA/05/39291/2021 Lilian Kinanga Nyarangi 11-Nov-2020
5268 IRA/05/35123/2021 Lilian Moraa Nyakundi 9-Oct-2020
5269 IRA/05/34724/2021 Lilian Mumbua Mutua 3-Feb-2021
5270 IRA/05/30417/2021 Lilian Muringi Muchina 5-Nov-2020
5271 IRA/05/39926/2021 Lilian Mutheu Mutua 8-Feb-2021
5272 IRA/05/25217/2021 Lilian Namuki Musamali 15-Dec-2020
5273 IRA/05/38195/2021 Lilian Ngina Musango 6-Oct-2020
5274 IRA/05/32586/2021 Lilian Njeri Gichuru 6-Oct-2020
5275 IRA/05/31386/2021 Lilian Nkirote 5-Oct-2020
5276 IRA/05/16348/2021 Lilian Nyagichuhi Muthiga 7-Dec-2020
5277 IRA/05/36299/2021 Lilian Nyambura Irungu 16-Oct-2020
5278 IRA/05/36129/2021 Lilian Peter Njenga 13-Nov-2020
5279 IRA/05/39832/2021 Lilian Sarah Aginga 1-Feb-2021
5280 IRA/05/38115/2021 Lilian Shisiali Awori 30-Sep-2020
5281 IRA/05/33484/2021 Lilian Waithera Kubutha 28-Sep-2020
5282 IRA/05/37854/2021 Lilian Waithira Mwangi 29-Sep-2020
5283 IRA/05/37252/2021 Lilian Wambui Karigi 7-Oct-2020
5284 IRA/05/35451/2021 Lilian Wambui Kosgey 29-Jan-2021
5285 IRA/05/32087/2021 Lilian Wangeci Kiriungi 2-Oct-2020
5286 IRA/05/38249/2021 Lilian Wanjiru Njogu 22-Oct-2020
5287 IRA/05/38384/2021 Lilian Were 13-Oct-2020
5288 IRA/05/36364/2021 Lilian Were Amukowa 9-Oct-2020
5289 IRA/05/28960/2021 Liliysure Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
5290 IRA/05/39928/2021 Lillian Afandi Mudoga 8-Feb-2021
5291 IRA/05/38049/2021 Lillian Jamhuri Miguda 12-Oct-2020
5292 IRA/05/28786/2021 LILLIAN Nduku Kilonzo 27-Oct-2020
5293 IRA/05/30286/2021 Lillian Ombega Mwango 5-Oct-2020
5294 IRA/05/32411/2021 Lily Abgael Sheri 1-Oct-2020
5295 IRA/05/27753/2021 Lily Kagio Mwangi 7-Oct-2020
5296 IRA/05/24992/2021 Limestone Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5297 IRA/05/29784/2021 Limlak Insurance Agency Limited 15-Nov-2020

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5298 IRA/05/26144/2021 Limline Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
5299 IRA/05/38110/2021 Limo Kipyego Elvis 8-Oct-2020
5300 IRA/05/38475/2021 Limoins Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
5301 IRA/05/26854/2021 Limu Insurance Agency Ltd 9-Oct-2020
5302 IRA/05/37618/2021 Linah Mugoya 29-Sep-2020
5303 IRA/05/31644/2021 Linah Mwaka Mwalukombe 29-Sep-2020
5304 IRA/05/32093/2021 Linah Njeri Njoroge 6-Oct-2020
5305 IRA/05/16850/2021 Lincoln Otieno Olare 24-Sep-2020
5306 IRA/05/34122/2021 Lincoms Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5307 IRA/05/31389/2021 Linda Akoth Owuor 12-Oct-2020
5308 IRA/05/38402/2021 Linda Anyango Ouma 7-Oct-2020
5309 IRA/05/37410/2021 Linda Njeri Gichanga 11-Nov-2020
5310 IRA/05/35149/2021 Linda Sitawa Taracha 5-Oct-2020
5311 IRA/05/28588/2021 Lindar Achieng Odindi 7-Oct-2020
5312 IRA/05/31180/2021 Linet Seruya Akinyi 7-Oct-2020
5313 IRA/05/28360/2021 Linet Atieno Odote 14-Oct-2020
5314 IRA/05/37661/2021 Linet Awuor Owino 30-Sep-2020
5315 IRA/05/29769/2021 Linet Mkandoo Chenjema 5-Oct-2020
5316 IRA/05/32537/2021 Linet Mongare Nyamari 16-Oct-2020
5317 IRA/05/37192/2021 Linet Musimbi Kafuna 6-Nov-2020
5318 IRA/05/15592/2021 Linet Washera Okwach 5-Oct-2020
5319 IRA/05/33610/2021 Lineup Insurance Agency Limited 11-Dec-2020
5320 IRA/05/28486/2021 Linkar Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
5321 IRA/05/12360/2021 Linkstar Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5322 IRA/05/34588/2021 Linksys Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5323 IRA/05/26921/2021 Linkwest Insurance Agency Limited 14-Oct-2020
5324 IRA/05/16299/2021 Linkwise Insurance Agencies 16-Oct-2020
5325 IRA/05/33011/2021 Linnet Beatrice Ongale 6-Oct-2020
5326 IRA/05/27782/2021 Linnet Stawa Wanganya 6-Oct-2020
5327 IRA/05/29024/2021 Linnet Wanjiku Wamwea 3-Nov-2020
5328 IRA/05/24586/2021 Linsure Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5329 IRA/05/37894/2021 Lintom Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5330 IRA/05/11606/2021 Linus N. Njue 14-Oct-2020
5331 IRA/05/17142/2021 Linwah Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5332 IRA/05/32665/2021 Lionel Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
5333 IRA/05/16274/2021 Lismar Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5334 IRA/05/39171/2021 Lisper Wanja Nyaga 15-Jan-2021
5335 IRA/05/17418/2021 Listus Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
5336 IRA/05/35387/2021 Litmus Insurance Agency 30-Nov-2020
5337 IRA/05/37485/2021 Litunene Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
5338 IRA/05/24393/2021 Livingstone Adema 27-Oct-2020
5339 IRA/05/25445/2021 Lizer Muthoni Muriuki 28-Sep-2020
5340 IRA/05/26848/2021 Lizlyn Insurance Agency 10-Feb-2021
5341 IRA/05/26588/2021 Lizros Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
5342 IRA/05/26240/2021 Lizways Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5343 IRA/05/39357/2021 Lizz Naserian Njuguna 26-Sep-2020
5344 IRA/05/28180/2021 Llards Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
5345 IRA/05/31185/2021 Llyaisha Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
5346 IRA/05/34764/2021 Lock It Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
5347 IRA/05/34198/2021 Lockerbie Insurance Agencies 16-Feb-2021
5348 IRA/05/28908/2021 Lodena Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5349 IRA/05/37397/2021 Logfair Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5350 IRA/05/35216/2021 Loice Anyanga 8-Oct-2020
5351 IRA/05/35968/2021 Loise Gachunku Kithetu 12-Dec-2020
5352 IRA/05/33812/2021 Loise Manyange Ondari 6-Oct-2020
5353 IRA/05/37465/2021 Loise Muthoni Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
5354 IRA/05/30543/2021 Loise Njoki Kagwanja 5-Oct-2020
5355 IRA/05/30955/2021 Loise Nyaguthii Chege 29-Sep-2020
5356 IRA/05/37559/2021 Loise Wandahi Njoroge 13-Jan-2021

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5357 IRA/05/28421/2021 Loise Wanderwa Kimani 5-Oct-2020
5358 IRA/05/37873/2021 Loise Wanjiru Mwangi 31-Oct-2020
5359 IRA/05/28790/2021 Loiza Wonge Mdamu 29-Sep-2020
5360 IRA/05/27704/2021 Loki General Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5361 IRA/05/38850/2021 Lolkirr Insurance Agency Ltd 5-Oct-2020
5362 IRA/05/188/2021 Lolwe Insurance Agencies Ltd 13-Oct-2020
5363 IRA/05/35758/2021 London Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
5364 IRA/05/29808/2021 Longitude Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
5365 IRA/05/28861/2021 Lopa Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5366 IRA/05/32917/2021 Lorbenz Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5367 IRA/05/16191/2021 Lords Insurance Agencies Limited 5-Oct-2020
5368 IRA/05/24735/2021 Loreign Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
5369 IRA/05/17116/2021 Lorian Juma Maondo 12-Nov-2020
5370 IRA/05/33311/2021 Lorica Insurance Agency Ltd 19-Jan-2021
5371 IRA/05/30707/2021 Lorine Megan Olero 26-Oct-2020
5372 IRA/05/28992/2021 Lorna Adhiambo Odongo 13-Oct-2020
5373 IRA/05/24690/2021 Lorna Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
5374 IRA/05/37429/2021 Lorna Musanga Nabwera 5-Oct-2020
5375 IRA/05/38431/2021 Lornah Jeruto Kiptum 1-Feb-2021
5376 IRA/05/34293/2021 Lornah Masieka 13-Oct-2020
5377 IRA/05/7302/2021 Loss-Guard Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5378 IRA/05/39789/2021 Loureen Wanjiru Mwangi 19-Jan-2021
5379 IRA/05/17263/2021 Lowaka Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5380 IRA/05/27073/2021 Lowaroy Insurance Agency 05-Nov-2020
5381 IRA/05/35023/2021 Loyal Friend Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5382 IRA/05/17253/2021 Loyce Manyange Ongaga 1-Oct-2020
5383 IRA/05/35459/2021 Loyce Matendechere Otieno 12-Oct-2020
5384 IRA/05/38956/2021 Loyce Obiero 26-Oct-2020
5385 IRA/05/33423/2021 Loyce Wanjiru Ngarari 7-Oct-2020
5386 IRA/05/10124/2021 Loyds International Insurance Agency Limited 24-Nov-2020
5387 IRA/05/26662/2021 Lozaph Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
5388 IRA/05/10142/2021 Lubago Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5389 IRA/05/36974/2021 Lucara Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
5390 IRA/05/17669/2021 Lucas Kandima Wainaina 8-Oct-2020
5391 IRA/05/31140/2021 Lucia Wanjiku Masege 5-Oct-2020
5392 IRA/05/37172/2021 Luciana Inziani Astiba 2-Oct-2020
5393 IRA/05/14291/2021 Lucknow Insurance Agency Ltd 30-Sep-2020
5394 IRA/05/37930/2021 Lucky Baba Dogo Travellers Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
5395 IRA/05/35985/2021 Lucky Mugambi Kigwulu 7-Oct-2020
5396 IRA/05/20302/2021 Lucrum Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
5397 IRA/05/28692/2021 Lucy Awuor Aloo 28-Sep-2020
5398 IRA/05/28365/2021 Lucy Ayuma Madanji 30-Sep-2020
5399 IRA/05/38870/2021 Lucy Chepkemoi Tanui 5-Oct-2020
5400 IRA/05/38196/2021 Lucy Chepkurui Chuma 3-Nov-2020
5401 IRA/05/32065/2021 Lucy Gathiru Kibe 30-Sep-2020
5402 IRA/05/30651/2021 Lucy Gathoni Kimani 5-Oct-2020
5403 IRA/05/39730/2021 Lucy Gathoni Njogo 12-Dec-2020
5404 IRA/05/24922/2021 Lucy Kabeti Iburi 16-Oct-2020
5405 IRA/05/37581/2021 Lucy Kabura Nduati 5-Oct-2020
5406 IRA/05/37287/2021 Lucy Kadogo Egesa 07-Oct-2020
5407 IRA/05/28896/2021 Lucy Kagendo Jacob 12-Oct-2020
5408 IRA/05/30648/2021 Lucy Kagure Wambugu 8-Oct-2020
5409 IRA/05/38818/2021 Lucy Kajuju Maitai 16-Oct-2020
5410 IRA/05/15430/2021 Lucy Karuana Muchira 14-Dec-2020
5411 IRA/05/26333/2021 Lucy Kurgat 6-Oct-2020
5412 IRA/05/27734/2021 Lucy Mumbi Ngugi 2-Oct-2020
5413 IRA/05/27510/2021 Lucy Munanie Kavili 14-Oct-2020
5414 IRA/05/26428/2021 Lucy Muthama 8-Oct-2020
5415 IRA/05/39897/2021 Lucy Muthoni Thuku 3-Feb-2021

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5416 IRA/05/27070/2021 Lucy Mwaha 18-Jan-2021
5417 IRA/05/29058/2021 Lucy Mwari Michael 28-Sep-2020
5418 IRA/05/39525/2021 Lucy Naikuni 13-Jan-2021
5419 IRA/05/28819/2021 Lucy Ndundu Mwaura 28-Sep-2020
5420 IRA/05/29767/2021 Lucy Nelima Watitwa 7-Oct-2020
5421 IRA/05/33999/2021 Lucy Nerima Marabi 30-Sep-2020
5422 IRA/05/33657/2021 Lucy Ngigi 12-Jan-2021
5423 IRA/05/32481/2021 Lucy Njeri Karingah 8-Oct-2020
5424 IRA/05/32438/2021 Lucy Njeri Kibe 30-Sep-2020
5425 IRA/05/38386/2021 Lucy Njeri Mugo 6-Nov-2020
5426 IRA/05/38043/2021 Lucy Njoki Kuria 22-Oct-2020
5427 IRA/05/35030/2021 Lucy Nkatha Kageni 15-Oct-2020
5428 IRA/05/39062/2021 Lucy Nzilani Mutisya 17-Oct-2020
5429 IRA/05/15062/2021 Lucy Waithira Kamau Kariuki 8-Oct-2020
5430 IRA/05/34984/2021 Lucy Wakanyi Njoroge 5-Oct-2020
5431 IRA/05/24549/2021 Lucy Wambui Mundia 1-Oct-2020
5432 IRA/05/29758/2021 Lucy Wambui Mwaura 11-Nov-2020
5433 IRA/05/34655/2021 Lucy Wambui Ngotho 16-Oct-2020
5434 IRA/05/36330/2021 Lucy Wambui Njihia 8-Oct-2020
5435 IRA/05/29759/2021 Lucy Wamuyu Njeri 27-Nov-2020
5436 IRA/05/38242/2021 Lucy Wangari Fredrick 11-Nov-2020
5437 IRA/05/28753/2021 Lucy Wangari Kariuki 1-Oct-2020
5438 IRA/05/29876/2021 Lucy Wangui Gacheru 7-Oct-2020
5439 IRA/05/38761/2021 Lucy Wangui Rukungu 3-Feb-2021
5440 IRA/05/34276/2021 Lucy Wanja Mugo 27-Nov-2020
5441 IRA/05/33238/2021 Lucy Wanjiku Kinyanjui 1-Oct-2020
5442 IRA/05/25678/2021 Lucy Wanjiku Mwangi 12-Oct-2020
5443 IRA/05/30186/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Gichuki 30-Sep-2020
5444 IRA/05/29809/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Gitau 12-Jan-2021
5445 IRA/05/27401/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Kamau 21-Jan-2021
5446 IRA/05/35514/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Kanyi 29-Sep-2020
5447 IRA/05/35996/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Mutahi 28-Sep-2020
5448 IRA/05/38213/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Mwangi 3-Nov-2020
5449 IRA/05/39666/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Nyokabi 12-Jan-2021
5450 IRA/05/36102/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Wagura 5-Oct-2020
5451 IRA/05/31235/2021 Lucy Wanjiru Wanjohi 15-Oct-2020
5452 IRA/05/34894/2021 Lucy Wanjuki Njeru 22-Oct-2020
5453 IRA/05/37473/2021 Lucy Wayua Kyalo 14-Oct-2020
5454 IRA/05/33402/2021 Lucyline Gatakaa 27-Sep-2020
5455 IRA/05/15360/2021 Ludacris Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5456 IRA/05/17666/2021 Luke Mulwa Kasangi 27-Sep-2020
5457 IRA/05/14598/2021 Luke Oluoch Onyango 9-Oct-2020
5458 IRA/05/33774/2021 Luks Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5459 IRA/05/28900/2021 Lulema Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5460 IRA/05/5130/2021 Lumen Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
5461 IRA/05/37014/2021 Lunani Shaun Modi 9-Oct-2020
5462 IRA/05/32104/2021 Lusaca Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
5463 IRA/05/20152/2021 Luteya Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
5464 IRA/05/33839/2021 Lutta Joyce Atsiende 26-Oct-2020
5465 IRA/05/31442/2021 Luwali Mwangirani 18-Jan-2021
5466 IRA/05/27548/2021 Luwamu Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
5467 IRA/05/29763/2021 Luxe Insurance Agencies Limited 12-Jan-2021
5468 IRA/05/37497/2021 Lwaa Insurance Agencies 2-Feb-2021
5469 IRA/05/34473/2021 Lybax Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5470 IRA/05/17568/2021 Lybrad Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
5471 IRA/05/39868/2021 Lydia Akinyi Aruwa 1-Feb-2021
5472 IRA/05/36017/2021 Lydia Atieno Aloyce 16-Oct-2020
5473 IRA/05/36253/2021 Lydia Awuor Ochieng 7-Oct-2020
5474 IRA/05/16570/2021 Lydia Catherine Wanja 7-Oct-2020

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5475 IRA/05/37583/2021 Lydia Cherotich Makiche 14-Dec-2020
5476 IRA/05/17438/2021 Lydia Katunge 17-Dec-2020
5477 IRA/05/33305/2021 Lydia Khevali Shimaka 29-Sep-2020
5478 IRA/05/26303/2021 Lydia Kwamboka Nyaega 5-Oct-2020
5479 IRA/05/34380/2021 Lydia Maghuwa Mchana 19-Oct-2020
5480 IRA/05/36986/2021 Lydia Mbeke Mwaniki 30-Sep-2020
5481 IRA/05/30264/2021 Lydia Mukubu Kirigia 28-Sep-2020
5482 IRA/05/32552/2021 Lydia Muthoni Chege 28-Sep-2020
5483 IRA/05/28189/2021 Lydia Mutuli Kisuve 15-Dec-2020
5484 IRA/05/32730/2021 Lydia Mutune Munyoki 4-Nov-2020
5485 IRA/05/37332/2021 Lydia Navenjenjah Wafula 27-Sep-2020
5486 IRA/05/38326/2021 Lydia Nawana Osolika 27-Sep-2020
5487 IRA/05/29243/2021 Lydia Njeri Geteiyu 11-Jan-2021
5488 IRA/05/25890/2021 Lydia Nyambura Kamau 2-Oct-2020
5489 IRA/05/37304/2021 Lydia Nyambura Komu 1-Oct-2020
5490 IRA/05/38083/2021 Lydia Nyambura Njeri 6-Oct-2020
5491 IRA/05/38137/2021 Lydia Oside 30-Sep-2020
5492 IRA/05/35802/2021 Lydia Wairimu Githinji 7-Oct-2020
5493 IRA/05/38395/2021 Lydia Wambui Njue 6-Oct-2020
5494 IRA/05/32536/2021 Lydia Wangui Warorua 9-Oct-2020
5495 IRA/05/33918/2021 Lydiah Bosibori Onchari 28-Sep-2020
5496 IRA/05/31104/2021 Lydiah Gathoni Kuria 29-Sep-2020
5497 IRA/05/28128/2021 Lydiah Kambura 9-Oct-2020
5498 IRA/05/25294/2021 Lydiah Karambu Kiburi 5-Oct-2020
5499 IRA/05/28030/2021 Lydiah Moraa John 30-Sep-2020
5500 IRA/05/35607/2021 Lydiah Njeri Wachira 5-Oct-2020
5501 IRA/05/38543/2021 Lydiah Nyambura Gikonyo 9-Feb-2021
5502 IRA/05/31431/2021 Lydiah Resiato Tarakwai 4-Nov-2020
5503 IRA/05/17751/2021 Lydiah Wambui Mwangi 25-Sep-2020
5504 IRA/05/35145/2021 Lydiah Wangui Theuri 28-Sep-2020
5505 IRA/05/30094/2021 Lydiah Wanjiku Githinji 8-Oct-2020
5506 IRA/05/15567/2021 Lyeon Commercial Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
5507 IRA/05/24462/2021 Lyliane Cherubet Bitok 28-Sep-2020
5508 IRA/05/29092/2021 Lymark Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5509 IRA/05/15787/2021 Lyn Insurance And Commercial Agencies 6-Nov-2020
5510 IRA/05/33689/2021 Lynet Adhiambo Nyagilo 14-Oct-2020
5511 IRA/05/32424/2021 Lynet Machocho Maighacho 5-Nov-2020
5512 IRA/05/24624/2021 Lynnette Akinyi 29-Sep-2020
5513 IRA/05/35751/2021 Lynnlloyds Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
5514 IRA/05/17483/2021 Lynton Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5515 IRA/05/33025/2021 Lyson Insurance Limited 18-Jan-2021
5516 IRA/05/33460/2021 Lyungi Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
5517 IRA/05/17170/2021 M .D. Kampf Insurance Agencies Limited 7-Oct-2020
5518 IRA/05/14412/2021 M.S. Garwan Insurance Agencies 13-Oct-2020
5519 IRA/05/35456/2021 Maara Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5520 IRA/05/16103/2021 Mabele Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
5521 IRA/05/35732/2021 Mabialo Ronald Muhangani 6-Oct-2020
5522 IRA/05/18084/2021 Mace Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5523 IRA/05/20278/2021 Macharia Antony Muiru 29-Sep-2020
5524 IRA/05/11728/2021 Machona Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5525 IRA/05/34714/2021 Machuki Phyllis Bitengo 13-Oct-2020
5526 IRA/05/34399/2021 Macinta Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5527 IRA/05/26816/2021 Maday Marketing Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
5528 IRA/05/34728/2021 Madge Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
5529 IRA/05/29633/2021 Madicone Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5530 IRA/05/26422/2021 Madona Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
5531 IRA/05/28429/2021 Madri Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
5532 IRA/05/36240/2021 Mafalda Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
5533 IRA/05/27063/2021 Mafreki Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020

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5534 IRA/05/11900/2021 Magambo Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5535 IRA/05/38080/2021 Magati Insurance Agency Ltd 16-Oct-2020
5536 IRA/05/38349/2021 Magdalene Katunge Donald 27-Oct-2020
5537 IRA/05/14057/2021 Magdalene Kyumbe David 5-Oct-2020
5538 IRA/05/26383/2021 Magdalene Mumbua Mutili 6-Oct-2020
5539 IRA/05/16785/2021 Magdalene Nduku Musila 3-Feb-2021
5540 IRA/05/31630/2021 Magdalene Nyawira Kanyi 28-Sep-2020
5541 IRA/05/37938/2021 Magdalene Syokau Ngunzi 1-Oct-2020
5542 IRA/05/31279/2021 Magdalene. N. Mbelle 28-Sep-2020
5543 IRA/05/38279/2021 Magdaline Wanjiku Nderitu 28-Sep-2020
5544 IRA/05/28754/2021 Magdaline Wanjiru Macharia 27-Sep-2020
5545 IRA/05/30849/2021 Magharibi Insurance Agency. 28-Sep-2020
5546 IRA/05/33558/2021 Magic Commercial & Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
5547 IRA/05/38211/2021 Magnifique Insurance Agency Limited 14-Dec-2020
5548 IRA/05/29505/2021 Magnolia Insurance Agencies Limited 1-Dec-2020
5549 IRA/05/31490/2021 Magrose Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
5550 IRA/05/0486/2021 Mags Insurance Agencies Limited 30-Sep-2020
5551 IRA/05/25845/2021 Magune Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5552 IRA/05/39215/2021 Mah Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5553 IRA/05/25561/2021 Mahadahani Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5554 IRA/05/34512/2021 Mahar Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5555 IRA/05/4512/2021 Mahesh Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
5556 IRA/05/13877/2021 Mai Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5557 IRA/05/15701/2021 Maiko Matagaro 14-Nov-2020
5558 IRA/05/30963/2021 Maina Gadson Irungu 30-Sep-2020
5559 IRA/05/36201/2021 Maina Kiritu 23-Oct-2020
5560 IRA/05/33419/2021 Maina Lucy Wangari 3-Nov-2020
5561 IRA/05/14056/2021 Mainga Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5562 IRA/05/7199/2021 Mainlet Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5563 IRA/05/38020/2021 Mainshield Apple Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
5564 IRA/05/37282/2021 Maiyopex Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
5565 IRA/05/26150/2021 Majestic Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
5566 IRA/05/27737/2021 Majoda Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5567 IRA/05/2425/2021 Majority Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
5568 IRA/05/16470/2021 Makavin Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5569 IRA/05/31896/2021 Makers Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5570 IRA/05/17112/2021 Makini Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5571 IRA/05/31161/2021 Makita Insuarance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5572 IRA/05/27418/2021 Makobi Clifford Khayumbi 6-Oct-2020
5573 IRA/05/25924/2021 Maks Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Oct-2020
5574 IRA/05/31301/2021 Malai Insurance Agency Limited 6-Nov-2020
5575 IRA/05/28520/2021 Malesh Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5576 IRA/05/30908/2021 Malisure Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
5577 IRA/05/26036/2021 Mallen Keller Nyaranga 26-Oct-2020
5578 IRA/05/38696/2021 Mallip Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
5579 IRA/05/1140/2021 Malsat Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
5580 IRA/05/13261/2021 Malsons Insurance Agencies 16-Oct-2020
5581 IRA/05/28500/2021 Malta Insurance Agency Limited 14-Nov-2020
5582 IRA/05/16098/2021 Maltons Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5583 IRA/05/34819/2021 Mambo-Shwari Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5584 IRA/05/11209/2021 Mambro Insurance Agency 15-Dec-2020
5585 IRA/05/25062/2021 Mamcom Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5586 IRA/05/37399/2021 Mamola Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5587 IRA/05/8091/2021 Management House Insurance Agency Ltd 21-Jan-2021
5588 IRA/05/38847/2021 Manasiti Omar 14-Oct-2020
5589 IRA/05/26257/2021 Mandisa Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
5590 IRA/05/11141/2021 Mangat Enterprises Insurance Agencies 8-Oct-2020
5591 IRA/05/5927/2021 Manifold Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5592 IRA/05/11837/2021 Maningi Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020

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5593 IRA/05/29811/2021 Man-Kakulia Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
5594 IRA/05/36524/2021 Manovic Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
5595 IRA/05/35707/2021 Manuvelle Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5596 IRA/05/11361/2021 Maono Comm & Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
5597 IRA/05/11140/2021 Mapa Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
5598 IRA/05/19032/2021 Mapato Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5599 IRA/05/27864/2021 Maqo Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
5600 IRA/05/27055/2021 Maradi Insurance Agencies 6-Jan-2021
5601 IRA/05/35470/2021 Marchan Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
5602 IRA/05/38425/2021 Marcus Reed Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
5603 IRA/05/15547/2021 Margaret A Juma 29-Sep-2020
5604 IRA/05/15426/2021 Margaret Akelo Oduor 26-Sep-2020
5605 IRA/05/9282/2021 Margaret Akoth Oluoch 7-Oct-2020
5606 IRA/05/27713/2021 Margaret Chepchirchir Sambu 6-Oct-2020
5607 IRA/05/39925/2021 Margaret Kavenge Kioko 8-Feb-2021
5608 IRA/05/29039/2021 Margaret M. Mugwe 8-Oct-2020
5609 IRA/05/36178/2021 Margaret Muthoni Muchori 2-Oct-2020
5610 IRA/05/33680/2021 Margaret Muthoni Mwaura 7-Oct-2020
5611 IRA/05/33694/2021 Margaret Muthoni Njue 03-Nov-2020
5612 IRA/05/26386/2021 Margaret Muthoni Shikuku 30-Sep-2020
5613 IRA/05/29284/2021 Margaret Muthoni Wachira 06-Oct-2020
5614 IRA/05/27899/2021 Margaret Muthoni Wanyoike 2-Oct-2020
5615 IRA/05/33388/2021 Margaret Muviti Kinguu 3-Nov-2020
5616 IRA/05/29043/2021 Margaret Ndobola Odunga 5-Oct-2020
5617 IRA/05/37881/2021 Margaret Nduta Macharia 14-Jan-2021
5618 IRA/05/32643/2021 Margaret Njeri Kamau 19-Oct-2020
5619 IRA/05/28289/2021 Margaret Njeri Mugo Wachira 13-Nov-2020
5620 IRA/05/29727/2021 Margaret Njeri Mwangi 12-Nov-2020
5621 IRA/05/17921/2021 Margaret Nyaguthii Kinyua 30-Sep-2020
5622 IRA/05/35113/2021 Margaret Nyambura Githiga 14-Nov-2020
5623 IRA/05/33163/2021 Margaret Nyambura Karanja 28-Sep-2020
5624 IRA/05/38702/2021 Margaret Nyambura Ngotho 2-Oct-2020
5625 IRA/05/37557/2021 Margaret Otundo Mutwasi 5-Oct-2020
5626 IRA/05/16791/2021 Margaret W. Wanjohi 30-Sep-2020
5627 IRA/05/39833/2021 Margaret Wakonyo 1-Feb-2021
5628 IRA/05/36976/2021 Margaret Wambeti Njeru 13-Oct-2020
5629 IRA/05/20284/2021 Margaret Wambui Kagimbi 9-Oct-2020
5630 IRA/05/24474/2021 Margaret Wambui Kingangai 25-Sep-2020
5631 IRA/05/34484/2021 Margaret Wambui Maina 27-Sep-2020
5632 IRA/05/35090/2021 Margaret Wambui Ngugi 27-Sep-2020
5633 IRA/05/17027/2021 Margaret Wangari Mbugua 27-Sep-2020
5634 IRA/05/17363/2021 Margaret Wangechi Gitahi 6-Oct-2020
5635 IRA/05/35279/2021 Margaret Wangechi Nyamu 26-Oct-2020
5636 IRA/05/33781/2021 Margaret Wangui Gathenya 14-Dec-2020
5637 IRA/05/15064/2021 Margaret Wangui Njuguna 6-Oct-2020
5638 IRA/05/34732/2021 Margaret Wanjeri Kabitu 9-Oct-2020
5639 IRA/05/36194/2021 Margaret Wanjiku Kimani 11-Nov-2020
5640 IRA/05/38707/2021 Margaret Wanjiku Ngata 2-Oct-2020
5641 IRA/05/15778/2021 Margaret Warukira Kiragu 11-Nov-2020
5642 IRA/05/38810/2021 Margaret Waturi Mukuna 11-Feb-2021
5643 IRA/05/30301/2021 Margret Auma Opondo 28-Sep-2020
5644 IRA/05/33608/2021 Margret Njeri Kirungo 8-Oct-2020
5645 IRA/05/30764/2021 Margret Nyokabi Kiburi 27-Sep-2020
5646 IRA/05/36638/2021 Margtildah Sharon Khahoya 15-Oct-2020
5647 IRA/05/30134/2021 Maria Feliciana Mascarenhas 30-Sep-2020
5648 IRA/05/26746/2021 Mariah Wambui Karanja 27-Jan-2021
5649 IRA/05/26901/2021 Mariam Ali 29-Sep-2020
5650 IRA/05/26381/2021 Mariam Auma Okuku 12-Oct-2020
5651 IRA/05/35292/2021 Mariam Were 16-Oct-2020

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5652 IRA/05/35752/2021 Mariana Mwachanya 5-Oct-2020
5653 IRA/05/36106/2021 Marice Wavua Mwaizinga 06-Nov-2020
5654 IRA/05/14554/2021 Marich Insurance Agent 5-Oct-2020
5655 IRA/05/37656/2021 Marie Adhiambo Odero 16-Oct-2020
5656 IRA/05/26373/2021 Marielouis N. Shikuku 1-Oct-2020
5657 IRA/05/40010/2021 Mariepetts Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
5658 IRA/05/39781/2021 Mariga Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
5659 IRA/05/33685/2021 Marilyn Mwikali 28-Jan-2021
5660 IRA/05/24316/2021 Marina Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5661 IRA/05/36960/2021 Marion Akinyi Awanda 6-Jan-2021
5662 IRA/05/33627/2021 Marion Floice Maloba 27-Sep-2020
5663 IRA/05/30311/2021 Marion Waithera Wanjiku 15-Oct-2020
5664 IRA/05/36060/2021 Marisia Kongo Francis 5-Oct-2020
5665 IRA/05/32606/2021 Marisiano Amuke 6-Oct-2020
5666 IRA/05/38422/2021 Marisk Agency 26-Oct-2020
5667 IRA/05/14845/2021 Marjoh Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
5668 IRA/05/33740/2021 Mark Onsongo Mayaka 21-Jan-2021
5669 IRA/05/32426/2021 Mark Guantai Mbae 8-Oct-2020
5670 IRA/05/24477/2021 Mark Kithi George 21-Dec-2020
5671 IRA/05/39478/2021 Mark Koome Ndegwa 7-Jan-2021
5672 IRA/05/37810/2021 Mark Murithi Kimathi 29-Sep-2020
5673 IRA/05/39098/2021 Mark Taylor Olonde 7-Oct-2020
5674 IRA/05/32107/2021 Mark Wanjala Pepela 27-Sep-2020
5675 IRA/05/32935/2021 Mark Yasindi Wafula 28-Sep-2020
5676 IRA/05/16289/2021 Marker Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5677 IRA/05/20225/2021 Market Place Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
5678 IRA/05/32360/2021 Marki Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
5679 IRA/05/29094/2021 Marlite Insurance Agency Limited 12-Oct-2020
5680 IRA/05/24089/2021 Marosa Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
5681 IRA/05/34302/2021 Marshlink Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
5682 IRA/05/38683/2021 Martha Atieno Otweyo 13-Oct-2020
5683 IRA/05/40016/2021 Martha Njoki Ndegwa 15-Feb-2021
5684 IRA/05/32528/2021 Martha Wacheke Nyokabi 16-Oct-2020
5685 IRA/05/39489/2021 Martha Wambui Kamuthu 3-Feb-2021
5686 IRA/05/35150/2021 Martha Wangari Mwaniki 2-Nov-2020
5687 IRA/05/36268/2021 Martha Wanja Njoroge 7-Oct-2020
5688 IRA/05/29776/2021 Martha Wanjeri Njuguna 15-Nov-2020
5689 IRA/05/27831/2021 Martha Wanjiku Ndungu 27-Jan-2021
5690 IRA/05/38464/2021 Martha Wanjiku Njorge 27-Jan-2021
5691 IRA/05/36127/2021 Martha Wanjiru Kiguta 6-Oct-2020
5692 IRA/05/38626/2021 Martin Bwuonya Mahighi 8-Oct-2020
5693 IRA/05/30752/2021 Martin Evance Ooko 27-Sep-2020
5694 IRA/05/39777/2021 Martin Gachugu Mwangi 12-Jan-2021
5695 IRA/05/34840/2021 Martin Ireri Njue 10-Dec-2020
5696 IRA/05/33660/2021 Martin Irungu Maina 12-Nov-2020
5697 IRA/05/20245/2021 Martin Kutai Okusi 7-Oct-2020
5698 IRA/05/39356/2021 Martin M. Irungu 12-Nov-2020
5699 IRA/05/16408/2021 Martin Maina Githinji 6-Oct-2020
5700 IRA/05/3966/2021 Martin Matunda Nyanumba 30-Nov-2020
5701 IRA/05/37180/2021 Martin Muli Musau 5-Oct-2020
5702 IRA/05/26069/2021 Martin Munyasya Nzomo 12-Nov-2020
5703 IRA/05/39037/2021 Martin Muriira 18-Jan-2021
5704 IRA/05/38481/2021 Martin Murimi Ndwiga 6-Oct-2020
5705 IRA/05/25283/2021 Martin Muthee Gatimu 12-Oct-2020
5706 IRA/05/25688/2021 Martin Muya Gacheru 29-Sep-2020
5707 IRA/05/37916/2021 Martin Mwihoti Matiru 5-Dec-2020
5708 IRA/05/39100/2021 Martin Nakiboli Lulaba 28-Sep-2020
5709 IRA/05/317010/2021 Martin Njau Gachie 27-Sep-2020
5710 IRA/05/15827/2021 Martin Njoroge Njuguna 7-Oct-2020

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5711 IRA/05/9032/2021 Martin Njuguna Kamande 26-Sep-2020
5712 IRA/05/36283/2021 Martin Wagema Kimani 5-Oct-2020
5713 IRA/05/11708/2021 Martin Wainaina 26-Sep-2020
5714 IRA/05/37064/2021 Martin Wamalwa Okusi 15-Oct-2020
5715 IRA/05/38351/2021 Martin Wanga Juma 28-Sep-2020
5716 IRA/05/38590/2021 Martin Waweru Maina 1-Oct-2020
5717 IRA/05/16074/2021 Martin Wekesa Simiyu 31-Oct-2020
5718 IRA/05/15232/2021 Martina Nzisa Matheka 28-Sep-2020
5719 IRA/05/39958/2021 Mary Nyambura Lundi 12-Feb-2021
5720 IRA/05/28434/2021 Mary Wangeci Githinji 19-Oct-2020
5721 IRA/05/27745/2021 Mary Abisaki Namalele 5-Oct-2020
5722 IRA/05/30119/2021 Mary Agatha Otieno 18-Jan-2021
5723 IRA/05/33890/2021 Mary Agutu Odoyo 21-Jan-2021
5724 IRA/05/26068/2021 Mary Akinyi 27-Jan-2021
5725 IRA/05/17066/2021 Mary Akinyi Koraro 6-Oct-2020
5726 IRA/05/38784/2021 Mary Atieno Otieno 9-Feb-2021
5727 IRA/05/39330/2021 Mary Chepchirchir Lagat 22-Jan-2021
5728 IRA/05/32735/2021 Mary Chepkurui Soi 9-Oct-2020
5729 IRA/05/37638/2021 Mary Cherogony 14-Oct-2020
5730 IRA/05/28242/2021 Mary Gakii 28-Sep-2020
5731 IRA/05/37676/2021 Mary Gathoni Mwangi 1-Oct-2020
5732 IRA/05/11890/2021 Mary Gatwiri Felix 9-Oct-2020
5733 IRA/05/38611/2021 Mary Gesare Gwaro 11-Nov-2020
5734 IRA/05/16583/2021 Mary Hilda Shikutwa 28-Sep-2020
5735 IRA/05/27732/2021 Mary Imelda Wiyema 26-Sep-2020
5736 IRA/05/26599/2021 Mary Jepchumba 7-Jan-2021
5737 IRA/05/28250/2021 Mary Kasoi Musyoka 13-Oct-2020
5738 IRA/05/36053/2021 Mary Kendy 8-Oct-2020
5739 IRA/05/37355/2021 Mary Koki Maingi 3-Feb-2021
5740 IRA/05/37757/2021 Mary Magdaline Murugi Ndwiga 26-Oct-2020
5741 IRA/05/26653/2021 Mary Mary Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
5742 IRA/05/31520/2021 Mary Maua Waga 26-Sep-2020
5743 IRA/05/39054/2021 Mary Mbulwa Mutua 12-Nov-2020
5744 IRA/05/37441/2021 Mary Mukami Muli 1-Oct-2020
5745 IRA/05/38264/2021 Mary Mukuhi Njoroge 5-Oct-2020
5746 IRA/05/34510/2021 Mary Muremba Ngige 6-Oct-2020
5747 IRA/05/38780/2021 Mary Muthoni Muiga 29-Sep-2020
5748 IRA/05/35576/2021 Mary Muthoni Wahinya 30-Sep-2020
5749 IRA/05/15979/2021 Mary Muyoka Masinde 6-Oct-2020
5750 IRA/05/24836/2021 Mary Mwikali Ibrahim 9-Oct-2020
5751 IRA/05/27748/2021 Mary Mwikali Kingoo 6-Oct-2020
5752 IRA/05/14522/2021 Mary Mwikali Richard 30-Sep-2020
5753 IRA/05/24948/2021 Mary Nduku Muli 21-Jan-2021
5754 IRA/05/26717/2021 Mary Nduta Maina 6-Oct-2020
5755 IRA/05/35532/2021 Mary Nduta Njau 5-Oct-2020
5756 IRA/05/17818/2021 Mary Ngendo Njuguna 8-Oct-2020
5757 IRA/05/27675/2021 Mary Njeri Mbugua 5-Oct-2020
5758 IRA/05/38662/2021 Mary Njeri Mungai 2-Oct-2020
5759 IRA/05/29933/2021 Mary Nkatha Mutegi 6-Oct-2020
5760 IRA/05/36209/2021 Mary Nyachomba Githui 2-Oct-2020
5761 IRA/05/34687/2021 Mary Nyambura Kamau 27-Sep-2020
5762 IRA/05/26441/2021 Mary Nyambura Maina 26-Sep-2020
5763 IRA/05/27641/2021 Mary Osiany 6-Oct-2020
5764 IRA/05/36113/2021 Mary Roseline Otieno 7-Dec-2020
5765 IRA/05/24622/2021 Mary Sarah Owano 4-Nov-2020
5766 IRA/05/36246/2021 Mary Simiyu Kisilili 5-Oct-2020
5767 IRA/05/3426/2021 Mary W. Chege 8-Oct-2020
5768 IRA/05/38680/2021 Mary W. Karanja 6-Oct-2020
5769 IRA/05/11132/2021 Mary Wachia Maganga 3-Nov-2020

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5770 IRA/05/39756/2021 Mary Wagaki Kiragu 27-Jan-2021
5771 IRA/05/17631/2021 Mary Waigumo Marugu 5-Oct-2020
5772 IRA/05/35273/2021 Mary Wairimu Hinga 13-Jan-2021
5773 IRA/05/29210/2021 Mary Wairimu Roberts 11-Jan-2021
5774 IRA/05/20238/2021 Mary Waithera Kimani 6-Oct-2020
5775 IRA/05/39904/2021 Mary Waitherero Kamau 3-Feb-2021
5776 IRA/05/31088/2021 Mary Waithira Ndirangu 5-Oct-2020
5777 IRA/05/36148/2021 Mary Wambia Njenga 8-Oct-2020
5778 IRA/05/28773/2021 Mary Wambui Kuria 16-Oct-2020
5779 IRA/05/34525/2021 Mary Wambui Muregi 27-Sep-2020
5780 IRA/05/34264/2021 Mary Wambui Muya 2-Oct-2020
5781 IRA/05/32681/2021 Mary Wambui Mwaniki 12-Oct-2020
5782 IRA/05/26226/2021 Mary Wambui Wambugu 2-Feb-2021
5783 IRA/05/38971/2021 Mary Wamucii Njeri 6-Oct-2020
5784 IRA/05/39950/2021 Mary Wamuhu Kago 5-Feb-2021
5785 IRA/05/30693/2021 Mary Wangari Maina 30-Sep-2020
5786 IRA/05/33787/2021 Mary Wangari Mwangi 6-Jan-2021
5787 IRA/05/37802/2021 Mary Wangari Ndiritu 3-Nov-2020
5788 IRA/05/29877/2021 Mary Wangechi Mathenge 7-Oct-2020
5789 IRA/05/37335/2021 Mary Wangui Kaboi 6-Oct-2020
5790 IRA/05/24963/2021 Mary Wangui Kimari 28-Sep-2020
5791 IRA/05/33663/2021 Mary Wangui Njau 8-Oct-2020
5792 IRA/05/33982/2021 Mary Wangui Wahome 6-Nov-2020
5793 IRA/05/32456/2021 Mary Wangui Wambui 2-Oct-2020
5794 IRA/05/28779/2021 Mary Wanja Kamonjo 6-Oct-2020
5795 IRA/05/35598/2021 Mary Wanjiku Gachanja 2-Oct-2020
5796 IRA/05/27464/2021 Mary Wanjiku Karanja 7-Oct-2020
5797 IRA/05/26523/2021 Mary Wanjiru Kabaki 9-Oct-2020
5798 IRA/05/25132/2021 Mary Wanjiru Karanja 7-Oct-2020
5799 IRA/05/31102/2021 Mary Wanjiru Kimunu 12-Oct-2020
5800 IRA/05/38176/2021 Mary Wanjiru Maina 4-Nov-2020
5801 IRA/05/36295/2021 Mary Wanjiru Munge 22-Oct-2020
5802 IRA/05/30303/2021 Mary Wanjiru Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
5803 IRA/05/34757/2021 Mary Wanjiru Wanderi 6-Oct-2020
5804 IRA/05/28619/2021 Mary Warenga Gichia 27-Sep-2020
5805 IRA/05/29155/2021 Mary Wawira Mvungu 2-Oct-2020
5806 IRA/05/27979/2021 Mary Wegesa 28-Jan-2021
5807 IRA/05/24436/2021 Maryann Mukami Gatimu 28-Sep-2020
5808 IRA/05/35110/2021 Maryann Waithera Thiongo 6-Nov-2020
5809 IRA/05/33294/2021 Maryann Wanja Mariga 15-Oct-2020
5810 IRA/05/17676/2021 Maryanne Muthoni Macharia 27-Sep-2020
5811 IRA/05/16849/2021 Maryanne Njeri Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
5812 IRA/05/34290/2021 Maryanne Nyambura Kamau 27-Sep-2020
5813 IRA/05/17199/2021 Maryanne Wairimu Wahome 27-Sep-2020
5814 IRA/05/15221/2021 Maryanne Wanja Mugo 5-Oct-2020
5815 IRA/05/38359/2021 Maryanne Wanjiru Mwangi 8-Oct-2020
5816 IRA/05/4245/2021 Maryrose Kataki Mbindyo 4-Nov-2020
5817 IRA/05/36618/2021 Maryrose Theru Gichuru 16-Dec-2020
5818 IRA/05/32983/2021 Marytime Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5819 IRA/05/11532/2021 Masaku Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
5820 IRA/05/27011/2021 Mascom Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
5821 IRA/05/14712/2021 Mascot Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
5822 IRA/05/29096/2021 Masera Insurance Agency Limited 15-Oct-2020
5823 IRA/05/34966/2021 Masete Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
5824 IRA/05/35914/2021 Mashariki Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Jan-2021
5825 IRA/05/39999/2021 Masisafe Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5826 IRA/05/15606/2021 Masters Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5827 IRA/05/34326/2021 Masterways Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
5828 IRA/05/39396/2021 Masum Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021

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5829 IRA/05/14809/2021 Masumbi Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
5830 IRA/05/37121/2021 Matawi Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
5831 IRA/05/17345/2021 Matcar Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
5832 IRA/05/39514/2021 Matee Antony Musee 29-Sep-2020
5833 IRA/05/33387/2021 Matheka Gaye Kanukwa 27-Sep-2020
5834 IRA/05/20260/2021 Mathew Kipelian Nairi 9-Oct-2020
5835 IRA/05/14788/2021 Mathew Kipruto Menjo 7-Oct-2020
5836 IRA/05/4577/2021 Mathew Omolo Ndege 6-Oct-2020
5837 IRA/05/7059/2021 Mathews Ochieng 9-Oct-2020
5838 IRA/05/36872/2021 Matilda Apondi Adika 14-Nov-2020
5839 IRA/05/26217/2021 Matilda Susan Alachu 7-Oct-2020
5840 IRA/05/16751/2021 Matime Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
5841 IRA/05/25828/2021 Matriarch Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
5842 IRA/05/14116/2021 Maureen A. Abok 6-Oct-2020
5843 IRA/05/38269/2021 Maureen Adhiambo Otieno 26-Sep-2020
5844 IRA/05/35295/2021 Maureen Akinyi 30-Sep-2020
5845 IRA/05/24937/2021 Maureen Akinyi Oduor 5-Oct-2020
5846 IRA/05/36167/2021 Maureen Anyango Lala 3-Nov-2020
5847 IRA/05/37464/2021 Maureen Atieno Mwai 3-Nov-2020
5848 IRA/05/26456/2021 Maureen Atieno Oduor 15-Feb-2021
5849 IRA/05/39143/2021 Maureen Atieno Ondondo 5-Oct-2020
5850 IRA/05/35511/2021 Maureen Awuor Dawo 26-Sep-2020
5851 IRA/05/33023/2021 Maureen Chemtai Ndiwa 27-Sep-2020
5852 IRA/05/36505/2021 Maureen Chumba Mukabwa 6-Nov-2020
5853 IRA/05/38193/2021 Maureen Jalega 9-Oct-2020
5854 IRA/05/29130/2021 Maureen Kanyua Kimathi 8-Oct-2020
5855 IRA/05/39767/2021 Maureen Kathomi Njeru 8-Jan-2021
5856 IRA/05/30912/2021 Maureen Khabetsa Muhati 29-Sep-2020
5857 IRA/05/36166/2021 Maureen Musibeka Atsiaya 01-Oct-2020
5858 IRA/05/37614/2021 Maureen Mutheu Makokha 6-Nov-2020
5859 IRA/05/28989/2021 Maureen Muthoni Kinoti 5-Oct-2020
5860 IRA/05/32758/2021 Maureen Namalwa Saenyi 28-Sep-2020
5861 IRA/05/26643/2021 Maureen Ngendo Kibathi 30-Sep-2020
5862 IRA/05/39081/2021 Maureen Nkirote Mwangi 30-Sep-2020
5863 IRA/05/24329/2021 Maurene Anyango Oduor 7-Jan-2021
5864 IRA/05/32102/2021 Maurice Harbert Asiala 26-Sep-2020
5865 IRA/05/24132/2021 Maurice Machinji 6-Nov-2020
5866 IRA/05/24650/2021 Maurice Odhiambo Oluoch 5-Oct-2020
5867 IRA/05/39057/2021 Maurice Oduor Juma 6-Nov-2020
5868 IRA/05/14273/2021 Maurice Okeyo Masiaga 3-Nov-2020
5869 IRA/05/37425/2021 Maurifixten Kamau Njuru 12-Nov-2020
5870 IRA/05/25230/2021 Maurine Adhiambo Omondi 5-Oct-2020
5871 IRA/05/38245/2021 Maurine Aluoch 26-Sep-2020
5872 IRA/05/37582/2021 Maurine Atieno Onyango 26-Sep-2020
5873 IRA/05/36035/2021 Maurine Mutheu Mumo 12-Oct-2020
5874 IRA/05/34879/2021 Mautech Insurance Agency Ltd. 12-Oct-2020
5875 IRA/05/29678/2021 Mauzo Bora Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5876 IRA/05/36050/2021 Mavalo Insurance Agency Ltd 6-Oct-2020
5877 IRA/05/38434/2021 Maventribe Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
5878 IRA/05/24004/2021 Mavetir Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5879 IRA/05/13191/2021 Mavic Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
5880 IRA/05/15969/2021 Max & Sirch Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
5881 IRA/05/2466/2021 Maxal Insurance Agency 06-Oct-2020
5882 IRA/05/16876/2021 Maxcover Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5883 IRA/05/15546/2021 Maxicare Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
5884 IRA/05/25381/2021 Maximum Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
5885 IRA/05/24339/2021 Maxines Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
5886 IRA/05/28971/2021 Maxpa Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
5887 IRA/05/33264/2021 Maxsafe Agency 2-Oct-2020

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5888 IRA/05/39758/2021 Maxshield Insurance Agencies 12-Jan-2021
5889 IRA/05/31869/2021 Maxsis Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
5890 IRA/05/26259/2021 Maxspin Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
5891 IRA/05/39731/2021 Maxwell Maloba Embeywa 12-Dec-2020
5892 IRA/05/29034/2021 Mayalls Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
5893 IRA/05/37314/2021 Mayfield Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
5894 IRA/05/27601/2021 Maysure Insurance Agency 07-Oct-2020
5895 IRA/05/31384/2021 Mazuri Renee Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
5896 IRA/05/24813/2021 Mbagichu Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
5897 IRA/05/36348/2021 Mbai Kamuya 6-Nov-2020
5898 IRA/05/34697/2021 Mbaluka John Kilonzo 7-Oct-2020
5899 IRA/05/15323/2021 Mbati Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
5900 IRA/05/36170/2021 Mbeta Dominic Ochieng 9-Oct-2020
5901 IRA/05/11930/2021 Mbirithi Rewel Kinoti 29-Sep-2020
5902 IRA/05/33957/2021 Mbithi Faith Mumbua 6-Nov-2020
5903 IRA/05/33008/2021 Mbufa Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
5904 IRA/05/20239/2021 Mburu Ezekiel Njuguna 28-Sep-2020
5905 IRA/05/39752/2021 Mbuthia Mwangi Fredrick 28-Dec-2020
5906 IRA/05/36116/2021 Mccarthy Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
5907 IRA/05/34547/2021 Mcdaniels Insurance Agency Limited 8-Feb-2021
5908 IRA/05/35026/2021 Mebon Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
5909 IRA/05/28721/2021 Medah Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
5910 IRA/05/31677/2021 Med-Gen Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
5911 IRA/05/10328/2021 Median Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
5912 IRA/05/19014/2021 Medigen Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
5913 IRA/05/25536/2021 Medpel Insurance Agency Limited 29-Sep-2020
5914 IRA/05/27017/2021 Meet – Fair Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
5915 IRA/05/20102/2021 Mega Health Insurance Agencies 8-Dec-2020
5916 IRA/05/28606/2021 Mejafa Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
5917 IRA/05/39784/2021 Mekov Insurance Agency. 12-Jan-2021
5918 IRA/05/26860/2021 MEKRON INSURANCE AGENCY Ltd. 29-Sep-2020
5919 IRA/05/29590/2021 Melda Akinyi Awuor 11-Nov-2020
5920 IRA/05/31847/2021 Mel-I Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5921 IRA/05/24494/2021 Melissa Kasandi Zwere 31-Dec-2020
5922 IRA/05/28940/2021 Mellow Ventures Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
5923 IRA/05/13602/2021 Mellpark Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
5924 IRA/05/11785/2021 Melody Hill Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
5925 IRA/05/27043/2021 Melon Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
5926 IRA/05/39624/2021 Meltrimax Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
5927 IRA/05/28397/2021 Memo Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
5928 IRA/05/26698/2021 Memorable Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
5929 IRA/05/34994/2021 Memwasi Agency 17-Dec-2020
5930 IRA/05/24429/2021 Menencia Nyakara Kinara 8-Oct-2020
5931 IRA/05/39180/2021 Mentone Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
5932 IRA/05/35414/2021 Mentor Sacco Assurance Limited 16-Dec-2020
5933 IRA/05/7739/2021 Mentors Insurance Agencies Limited 23-Oct-2020
5934 IRA/05/17910/2021 Mepsure Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
5935 IRA/05/39017/2021 Mepukori Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
5936 IRA/05/34287/2021 Merab Achieng Soty 28-Sep-2020
5937 IRA/05/39414/2021 Meraki Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
5938 IRA/05/33893/2021 Merceline Khabwagala Muhembele 17-Oct-2020
5939 IRA/05/36555/2021 Mercelline Nzisa Munyao 12-Oct-2020
5940 IRA/05/29755/2021 Merchant Taylors Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
5941 IRA/05/38139/2021 Mercy Adwet Achieng 6-Jan-2021
5942 IRA/05/34561/2021 Mercy Akatwijuka 6-Oct-2020
5943 IRA/05/36958/2021 Mercy Akinyi Ochanda 19-Oct-2020
5944 IRA/05/36274/2021 Mercy Akinyi Otieno 8-Oct-2020
5945 IRA/05/31229/2021 Mercy Atieno Nyonje 8-Oct-2020
5946 IRA/05/37319/2021 Mercy Awuor Ongoma 3-Nov-2020

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5947 IRA/05/38566/2021 Mercy Chao Mwamlamba 16-Oct-2020
5948 IRA/05/29930/2021 Mercy Chepkemoi Masas 1-Oct-2020
5949 IRA/05/37221/2021 Mercy Chepkorir 7-Oct-2020
5950 IRA/05/35559/2021 Mercy Gathoni Munene 5-Oct-2020
5951 IRA/05/29370/2021 Mercy Hawi Ochola 26-Sep-2020
5952 IRA/05/30492/2021 Mercy Imali Asena 5-Oct-2020
5953 IRA/05/38147/2021 Mercy Jerop Biwott 27-Oct-2020
5954 IRA/05/32443/2021 Mercy Juma Achieng 5-Oct-2020
5955 IRA/05/31825/2021 Mercy Kaari Kariuki 7-Oct-2020
5956 IRA/05/30021/2021 Mercy Kalwilo 7-Oct-2020
5957 IRA/05/28126/2021 Mercy Kanyua Mutegi 27-Sep-2020
5958 IRA/05/29522/2021 Mercy Karimi Francisco 5-Oct-2020
5959 IRA/05/30151/2021 Mercy Katheu Muyu 6-Nov-2020
5960 IRA/05/35067/2021 Mercy Kwamboka Moranga 28-Sep-2020
5961 IRA/05/34601/2021 Mercy Makena Mutegi 5-Oct-2020
5962 IRA/05/28439/2021 Mercy Matei Richard 28-Sep-2020
5963 IRA/05/34210/2021 Mercy Mbatha Muindi 28-Sep-2020
5964 IRA/05/39595/2021 Mercy Mueni Wanjala 15-Oct-2020
5965 IRA/05/29556/2021 Mercy Muthoni Gichuki 7-Oct-2020
5966 IRA/05/29455/2021 Mercy Muthoni Kibege 12-Oct-2020
5967 IRA/05/34671/2021 Mercy Muthoni Muriu 14-Oct-2020
5968 IRA/05/26363/2021 Mercy Mwari Mwiti 7-Oct-2020
5969 IRA/05/26756/2021 Mercy Mwelu Musyoka 12-Oct-2020
5970 IRA/05/36077/2021 Mercy Mwende Ngaine 19-Jan-2021
5971 IRA/05/39870/2021 Mercy Mwongeli Misoa 01-Feb-2021
5972 IRA/05/26968/2021 Mercy Nafula Ngunyi 13-Oct-2020
5973 IRA/05/38013/2021 Mercy Ndua 06-Nov-2020
5974 IRA/05/16926/2021 Mercy Nduku Gitari 13-Jan-2021
5975 IRA/05/14884/2021 Mercy Njeri Kamau 7-Oct-2020
5976 IRA/05/31440/2021 Mercy Nyaguthii Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
5977 IRA/05/36313/2021 Mercy Nyawira Kagiri 05-Dec-2020
5978 IRA/05/26525/2021 Mercy Nyawira Murage 28-Sep-2020
5979 IRA/05/34544/2021 Mercy Priscah Ayilo 2-Oct-2020
5980 IRA/05/24739/2021 Mercy Runji Wambugu 30-Dec-2020
5981 IRA/05/25759/2021 Mercy Wairimu Macharia 30-Sep-2020
5982 IRA/05/31318/2021 Mercy Waithira Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
5983 IRA/05/37289/2021 Mercy Wangari Kiriti 3-Nov-2020
5984 IRA/05/16826/2021 Mercy Wangari Mwangi 11-Jan-2021
5985 IRA/05/29855/2021 Mercy Wangoi Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
5986 IRA/05/30379/2021 Mercy Wangui Ritho 13-Jan-2021
5987 IRA/05/35156/2021 Mercy Wanja Kiura 15-Oct-2020
5988 IRA/05/30184/2021 Mercy Wanjiku Gathii 29-Sep-2020
5989 IRA/05/20037/2021 Mercy Wanjiku Kamande 8-Oct-2020
5990 IRA/05/40015/2021 Mercy Wanjiku Karim 15-Feb-2021
5991 IRA/05/34642/2021 Mercy Wanjiku Nderitu 8-Oct-2020
5992 IRA/05/36088/2021 Mercy Wanjiru Muhia 7-Oct-2020
5993 IRA/05/38690/2021 Mercy Wanjiru Ndungu 29-Jan-2021
5994 IRA/05/35865/2021 Mercy Wavinya Kitwiki 26-Oct-2020
5995 IRA/05/31757/2021 Mercyannah Nzisa Kilungya 27-Sep-2020
5996 IRA/05/28281/2021 Merfran Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
5997 IRA/05/18065/2021 Merglow Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
5998 IRA/05/16629/2021 Merica Insurance Agencies Ltd 14-Jan-2021
5999 IRA/05/25585/2021 Merina Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
6000 IRA/05/27447/2021 Merine Okeyo 14-Oct-2020
6001 IRA/05/26267/2021 Merisa Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
6002 IRA/05/4689/2021 Merit Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
6003 IRA/05/7372/2021 Merve Commercial & Insurance Agencies 6-Nov-2020
6004 IRA/05/24753/2021 Merwin Commercial & Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6005 IRA/05/37154/2021 Meshack Araptemoi Shabaya Mangetiony 09-Oct-2020

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6006 IRA/05/11922/2021 Meshack G. O. Orono 5-Oct-2020
6007 IRA/05/38842/2021 Meshack Kanene 29-Sep-2020
6008 IRA/05/32480/2021 Meshack Kimutai Tum 28-Sep-2020
6009 IRA/05/30560/2021 Meshack Mariaria Tongi 5-Oct-2020
6010 IRA/05/37859/2021 Meshack Mutua 7-Oct-2020
6011 IRA/05/30108/2021 Meshack Ochieng Otieno 6-Oct-2020
6012 IRA/05/36221/2021 Meshack Odhiambo Amisi 16-Oct-2020
6013 IRA/05/36302/2021 Meshi Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
6014 IRA/05/37046/2021 Messo Insurance Agencies 1-Oct-2020
6015 IRA/05/28346/2021 Meswan Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
6016 IRA/05/32971/2021 Metaz Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6017 IRA/05/34416/2021 Metric Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
6018 IRA/05/27765/2021 Metright Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6019 IRA/05/38995/2021 Metrine Nakobelo Masombo 16-Oct-2020
6020 IRA/05/24799/2021 Metriplan Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6021 IRA/05/34607/2021 Metrovest Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6022 IRA/05/38808/2021 Mevan Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
6023 IRA/05/29907/2021 Mexcimol Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
6024 IRA/05/17462/2021 Mfalme Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
6025 IRA/05/12868/2021 Mfarusi Insurance Agency Limited 13-Oct-2020
6026 IRA/05/25216/2021 Mghanga Wilson Mwadime 13-Oct-2020
6027 IRA/05/35326/2021 Mghoi Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6028 IRA/05/17973/2021 M-Gsaidie Insurance Agency Limited 8-Oct-2020
6029 IRA/05/15371/2021 Miag Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
6030 IRA/05/25710/2021 Miale Insurance Agencies 7-Jan-2021
6031 IRA/05/17697/2021 Miami Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6032 IRA/05/37147/2021 Micah Wekesa Wanjala 2-Oct-2020
6033 IRA/05/33254/2021 Michael Budinda Amugune 6-Oct-2020
6034 IRA/05/26228/2021 Michael D. Muriuki 06-Nov-2020
6035 IRA/05/14979/2021 Michael Gichohi Warui 7-Oct-2020
6036 IRA/05/14945/2021 Michael Iriungu Maina 30-Sep-2020
6037 IRA/05/28282/2021 Michael John Egessa 14-Oct-2020
6038 IRA/05/24353/2021 Michael Kakunga Katumo 6-Oct-2020
6039 IRA/05/34610/2021 Michael Karanja Kahara 5-Oct-2020
6040 IRA/05/33950/2021 Michael Kimani Manje 2-Feb-2021
6041 IRA/05/29472/2021 Michael Kimeu Kaleli 11-Nov-2020
6042 IRA/05/30489/2021 Michael Kipruto Korir 7-Oct-2020
6043 IRA/05/26157/2021 Michael Kosgei Bartilol 6-Oct-2020
6044 IRA/05/26985/2021 Michael M. Waigiri 28-Jan-2021
6045 IRA/05/35974/2021 Michael Magada Kegode 6-Oct-2020
6046 IRA/05/17999/2021 Michael Masaku Ndambuki 21-Jan-2021
6047 IRA/05/39668/2021 Michael Mugo Njoroge 15-Jan-2021
6048 IRA/05/29268/2021 Michael Muraya Kibui 16-Oct-2020
6049 IRA/05/32492/2021 Michael Musyoka Masila 3-Feb-2021
6050 IRA/05/33300/2021 Michael Mutunga Kilei 12-Jan-2021
6051 IRA/05/17022/2021 Michael Muturi Ngugi 12-Nov-2020
6052 IRA/05/17682/2021 Michael Mutwiri Muroria 6-Oct-2020
6053 IRA/05/34652/2021 Michael Mwai Mundi 7-Jan-2021
6054 IRA/05/39177/2021 Michael Mwangi Waweru 7-Jan-2021
6055 IRA/05/24890/2021 Michael Mwanzia Maundu 5-Oct-2020
6056 IRA/05/17938/2021 Michael Ngatia Maina 16-Oct-2020
6057 IRA/05/13023/2021 Michael Njagi Ivarah 1-Feb-2021
6058 IRA/05/16438/2021 Michael Njagi Ramadhani 14-Dec-2020
6059 IRA/05/26506/2021 Michael Njoga Ondiek 6-Oct-2020
6060 IRA/05/35534/2021 Michael Njore Mdamu 17-Oct-2020
6061 IRA/05/37266/2021 Michael Njoroge Gatune 30-Sep-2020
6062 IRA/05/3646/2021 Michael O. Oloo 6-Oct-2020
6063 IRA/05/27714/2021 Michael Oduor Wuaw 18-Jan-2021
6064 IRA/05/30057/2021 Michael Olwangu 5-Oct-2020

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6065 IRA/05/26515/2021 Michael Ouma Mukalama 9-Oct-2020
6066 IRA/05/35415/2021 Michael Roy Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6067 IRA/05/34002/2021 Michael Wathome Mwenzwa 11-Nov-2020
6068 IRA/05/39546/2021 Michael Wayabila 30-Sep-2020
6069 IRA/05/17028/2021 Micham Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
6070 IRA/05/20093/2021 Mi-Chicas Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6071 IRA/05/35841/2021 Micken Agency 6-Oct-2020
6072 IRA/05/17859/2021 Micro Solutions Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
6073 IRA/05/14508/2021 Midamosko Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6074 IRA/05/24997/2021 Midi Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
6075 IRA/05/30763/2021 Midvalley Insurence Agency 16-Nov-2020
6076 IRA/05/27052/2021 Mijer Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6077 IRA/05/32706/2021 Mike Kirwa Rop 14-Dec-2020
6078 IRA/05/39817/2021 Mike Mwangi 25-Jan-2021
6079 IRA/05/36615/2021 Mike Okoth Ombija 22-Dec-2020
6080 IRA/05/28707/2021 Mike Otieno Anene 30-Sep-2020
6081 IRA/05/20099/2021 Mikepreneur Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
6082 IRA/05/14696/2021 Mildred Adhiambo Ochieng 6-Oct-2020
6083 IRA/05/29798/2021 Mildred Aori Mumbia 14-Dec-2020
6084 IRA/05/25864/2021 Mildred Atieno Omodhi 15-Nov-2020
6085 IRA/05/39962/2021 Mildred Atieno Owuor 12-Feb-2021
6086 IRA/05/36987/2021 Mildred Atieno Warambo 15-Nov-2020
6087 IRA/05/38606/2021 Mildred Chepngeno 25-Jan-2021
6088 IRA/05/34796/2021 Mildred Obare Eyiind 17-Oct-2020
6089 IRA/05/28403/2021 Mildred Shimuli Butoyi 14-Jan-2021
6090 IRA/05/35969/2021 Mildred Vusha Olindo 26-Sep-2020
6091 IRA/05/29911/2021 Mildred Waihuini Wahome 14-Nov-2020
6092 IRA/05/27293/2021 Mile Cove Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6093 IRA/05/28951/2021 Miles Archer Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6094 IRA/05/27185/2021 Milestone Insurance Agencies Limited 14-Nov-2020
6095 IRA/05/20307/2021 Milgo & Kirui Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
6096 IRA/05/34285/2021 Milhan Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6097 IRA/05/24059/2021 Milija Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6098 IRA/05/35913/2021 Milka Atieno Ongor 27-Oct-2020
6099 IRA/05/26164/2021 Milka Kemunto Kerosi 27-Sep-2020
6100 IRA/05/39114/2021 Milka Nyambura Macharia 3-Nov-2020
6101 IRA/05/32803/2021 Milka Wanjiku Wangui 14-Nov-2020
6102 IRA/05/26727/2021 Milkah Gathoni Kimani 27-Sep-2020
6103 IRA/05/27412/2021 Millan Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
6104 IRA/05/39588/2021 Millicent Adhiambo Akayi 12-Oct-2020
6105 IRA/05/37206/2021 Millicent Akongo Odiango 6-Oct-2020
6106 IRA/05/34668/2021 Millicent Aluoch Ochieng 16-Oct-2020
6107 IRA/05/35009/2021 Millicent Atieno Ouma 6-Oct-2020
6108 IRA/05/25528/2021 Millicent Awour Owino 06-Oct-2020
6109 IRA/05/14226/2021 Millicent Billah 7-Oct-2020
6110 IRA/05/17685/2021 Millicent Jepchirchir Cheptim 9-Oct-2020
6111 IRA/05/37941/2021 Millicent Lilian Akoth Onyango 27-Sep-2020
6112 IRA/05/16375/2021 Millicent Wairimu Mburu 26-Sep-2020
6113 IRA/05/20213/2021 Millicent Wamuyu Kiguta 11-Nov-2020
6114 IRA/05/31060/2021 Millicent Wanjugu Gitonga 13-Oct-2020
6115 IRA/05/34128/2021 Milly Alvitsa Lanogwa 13-Oct-2020
6116 IRA/05/1091/2021 Milly Mberesia Asige 6-Oct-2020
6117 IRA/05/7045/2021 Millytec Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6118 IRA/05/27706/2021 Milmo Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
6119 IRA/05/11528/2021 Milrich Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
6120 IRA/05/24011/2021 Milton Achieng Okoth 14-Nov-2020
6121 IRA/05/35945/2021 Milton Otieno Obote 28-Sep-2020
6122 IRA/05/17011/2021 Milton Wanjaria Wambugu 28-Sep-2020
6123 IRA/05/34833/2021 Milton Wetaba Bwakali 9-Oct-2020

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6124 IRA/05/16200/2021 Mimato Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
6125 IRA/05/24703/2021 Min Max Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
6126 IRA/05/10480/2021 Minal Raithatha 14-Dec-2020
6127 IRA/05/17472/2021 Mindset Insurance Agency 22-Sep-2020
6128 IRA/05/32005/2021 Minsure Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
6129 IRA/05/15822/2021 Mirage Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6130 IRA/05/35087/2021 Miriam Bwamula Lijodi 2-Oct-2020
6131 IRA/05/14936/2021 Miriam Cianthiiri Thuranira 25-Sep-2020
6132 IRA/05/32940/2021 Miriam Limera Osiomi 30-Sep-2020
6133 IRA/05/38378/2021 Miriam Minayo Kisia 5-Oct-2020
6134 IRA/05/36511/2021 Miriam Muange 7-Oct-2020
6135 IRA/05/17626/2021 Miriam Muthoni Muthui 18-Jan-2021
6136 IRA/05/39376/2021 Miriam Wambui Gathu 9-Oct-2020
6137 IRA/05/36126/2021 Miriam Wanjugu Wambugu 2-Oct-2020
6138 IRA/05/38307/2021 Mirriam Kioko 25-Jan-2021
6139 IRA/05/27993/2021 Mirriam Mukii Kimuyu 30-Sep-2020
6140 IRA/05/38050/2021 Mirriam Mutheu Kithusi 12-Oct-2020
6141 IRA/05/34388/2021 Mirriam Mutheu Mutua 23-Oct-2020
6142 IRA/05/37222/2021 Mirriam Mwongeli Nzungu 5-Oct-2020
6143 IRA/05/32047/2021 Mirriam Waithera Mugweru 28-Sep-2020
6144 IRA/05/27719/2021 Misen Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
6145 IRA/05/25961/2021 Misiko Burudi Rollson 27-Sep-2020
6146 IRA/05/36345/2021 Misiko Lukorito Daniel 5-Nov-2020
6147 IRA/05/14756/2021 Misoka Bob Osano 30-Sep-2020
6148 IRA/05/37247/2021 Mist Health Care Insurance 3-Nov-2020
6149 IRA/05/39703/2021 Mister Insurance Agency 25-Nov-2020
6150 IRA/05/31483/2021 Mital Rajesh Shah 14-Nov-2020
6151 IRA/05/30857/2021 Mitigators Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
6152 IRA/05/35890/2021 Miwamu Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6153 IRA/05/31033/2021 Miyoma Agencies 19-Oct-2020
6154 IRA/05/14418/2021 Mizpah Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6155 IRA/05/35883/2021 Mkh Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
6156 IRA/05/38091/2021 Mlg Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Sep-2020
6157 IRA/05/37832/2021 Mmh Sacco Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6158 IRA/05/35795/2021 Mobility Concepts Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6159 IRA/05/35846/2021 Modacc Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
6160 IRA/05/31036/2021 Modular Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
6161 IRA/05/30011/2021 Moet Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6162 IRA/05/35066/2021 Mogaka Crispus Abuga 28-Sep-2020
6163 IRA/05/13507/2021 Mogen Insurance Agents 14-Nov-2020
6164 IRA/05/33229/2021 Mohamed Ebrahim Insurance Agencies 12-Nov-2020
6165 IRA/05/39852/2021 Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan 27-Jan-2021
6166 IRA/05/37437/2021 Mohammed Macbull Muya 13-Oct-2020
6167 IRA/05/10143/2021 Mohanlal D.Khetia Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6168 IRA/05/39720/2021 Mokede Insurance Agency 2-Dec-2020
6169 IRA/05/37545/2021 Molly Achieng Odera 12-Dec-2020
6170 IRA/05/39403/2021 Molly Adhiambo Nyakiti 6-Oct-2020
6171 IRA/05/32473/2021 Molly K Kiio 9-Oct-2020
6172 IRA/05/35587/2021 Molly Ondisa 8-Oct-2020
6173 IRA/05/17369/2021 Mollyson Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
6174 IRA/05/32051/2021 Mololine Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6175 IRA/05/11252/2021 Momaci Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
6176 IRA/05/14812/2021 Momanyi Jared Ogaro 30-Sep-2020
6177 IRA/05/31608/2021 Momentous Services Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6178 IRA/05/28831/2021 Monah Mwende Matenge 8-Oct-2020
6179 IRA/05/36483/2021 Monak Providence Insurance Agency Ltd 22-Oct-2020
6180 IRA/05/37886/2021 Mondford Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
6181 IRA/05/28071/2021 Moneva Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
6182 IRA/05/30614/2021 Monica Gathigia Nginya 11-Nov-2020

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6183 IRA/05/33738/2021 Monica Jeruto Mitei 27-Oct-2020
6184 IRA/05/36181/2021 Monica Muthoni Njuguna 5-Oct-2020
6185 IRA/05/36308/2021 Monica Nyokabi Mwangi 14-Oct-2020
6186 IRA/05/35318/2021 Monica Wambui Kinyanjui 6-Oct-2020
6187 IRA/05/38319/2021 Monica Wanja Njiru 19-Jan-2021
6188 IRA/05/37939/2021 Monica Wanjiku Kibui 13-Oct-2020
6189 IRA/05/24064/2021 Monicah K Kamundi 2-Oct-2020
6190 IRA/05/39163/2021 Monicah Kwamboka Karori 16-Oct-2020
6191 IRA/05/29509/2021 Monicah Naisiae Ntikoisa 12-Oct-2020
6192 IRA/05/32150/2021 Monicah Nthenya Muite 14-Nov-2020
6193 IRA/05/34992/2021 Monicah Senyenje Maina 11-Dec-2020
6194 IRA/05/37301/2021 Monicah Wambui Githinji 12-Oct-2020
6195 IRA/05/25514/2021 Monicah Wambui Muhia 14-Oct-2020
6196 IRA/05/28366/2021 Monicah Wangui Nyika 27-Jan-2021
6197 IRA/05/25655/2021 Monicah Wanjiku Gichuhi 6-Oct-2020
6198 IRA/05/16219/2021 Monicah Wanjiru Njuguna 18-Jan-2021
6199 IRA/05/35838/2021 Monique Auma Oraro 2-Oct-2020
6200 IRA/05/20383/2021 Monphil Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6201 IRA/05/26197/2021 Monvest Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
6202 IRA/05/28944/2021 Monvid Insurance Agency Limited 27-Oct-2020
6203 IRA/05/20386/2021 Moonlight Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
6204 IRA/05/38935/2021 Mophat Mwangi Njoroge 5-Oct-2020
6205 IRA/05/34164/2021 Mophen Insurance Agencies. 3-Feb-2021
6206 IRA/05/27008/2021 Moran Capital Management Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
6207 IRA/05/34854/2021 Morgan Mwangi Mureithi 27-Sep-2020
6208 IRA/05/30713/2021 Morgen Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
6209 IRA/05/38548/2021 Morning Bird Insurance Services 17-Oct-2020
6210 IRA/05/20006/2021 Moro Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
6211 IRA/05/38863/2021 Morris Kiambuthi Gitau 12-Oct-2020
6212 IRA/05/32683/2021 Morris Kithi Yaa 29-Sep-2020
6213 IRA/05/35925/2021 Morris Mugambi Kaimenyi 29-Sep-2020
6214 IRA/05/3931/2021 Morris Muvengei Musya 28-Jan-2021
6215 IRA/05/36930/2021 Morryaxis Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6216 IRA/05/17312/2021 Mosales Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6217 IRA/05/29202/2021 Moses Daniel Olaka 15-Oct-2020
6218 IRA/05/38619/2021 Moses Agai Koyo 8-Dec-2020
6219 IRA/05/35396/2021 Moses Chris Ouma Okoth 2-Oct-2020
6220 IRA/05/2880/2021 Moses Gathumbi Maina 7-Jan-2021
6221 IRA/05/36197/2021 Moses Gicheru Njenga 13-Oct-2020
6222 IRA/05/11790/2021 Moses Gitau Kiruthi 5-Oct-2020
6223 IRA/05/34365/2021 Moses Githinji Njoroge 23-Oct-2020
6224 IRA/05/32867/2021 Moses Kibaki Wamwati 6-Oct-2020
6225 IRA/05/38180/2021 Moses Kiogora Mmutiga 6-Oct-2020
6226 IRA/05/27566/2021 Moses Kipkoech Maiyo 28-Sep-2020
6227 IRA/05/25600/2021 Moses M Mwadzuya 7-Oct-2020
6228 IRA/05/13078/2021 Moses M. Wainaina 28-Sep-2020
6229 IRA/05/20242/2021 Moses Mahugu Muraya 3-Nov-2020
6230 IRA/05/28075/2021 Moses Maina Ndungu 28-Sep-2020
6231 IRA/05/35516/2021 Moses Mbuthia Irungu 21-Dec-2020
6232 IRA/05/36416/2021 Moses Miricho Mwaniki 6-Oct-2020
6233 IRA/05/38085/2021 Moses Mugala Chamwada 5-Oct-2020
6234 IRA/05/32547/2021 Moses Mutethia Njeru 5-Oct-2020
6235 IRA/05/38911/2021 Moses Mwadime Msyoki 27-Sep-2020
6236 IRA/05/10431/2021 Moses Mwenda Muthinja 27-Nov-2020
6237 IRA/05/31019/2021 Moses Nganga Njoroge 15-Oct-2020
6238 IRA/05/10762/2021 Moses Nyongesa Nabibia 27-Sep-2020
6239 IRA/05/34536/2021 Moses Ojuma Osore 11-Nov-2020
6240 IRA/05/37302/2021 Moses Okumbe Winda 11-Feb-2021
6241 IRA/05/34136/2021 Moses Onuko Okeyo 29-Jan-2021

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6242 IRA/05/16440/2021 Moses Otieno Odembo 28-Sep-2020
6243 IRA/05/32564/2021 Moses Ouma Nyambere 15-Oct-2020
6244 IRA/05/28942/2021 Moses Wangila Mabonga 31-Oct-2020
6245 IRA/05/27756/2021 Mosfin Capital Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6246 IRA/05/26120/2021 Mosop Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
6247 IRA/05/2039/2021 Mossey Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
6248 IRA/05/39094/2021 Motorsure Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6249 IRA/05/33391/2021 Moureen Munyiva Mukiti 9-Oct-2020
6250 IRA/05/25685/2021 Moureen Wanjiku Ngonyo 30-Dec-2020
6251 IRA/05/37358/2021 Mourine Achieng Apoko 11-Dec-2020
6252 IRA/05/25140/2021 Mourine Imalu Papa 6-Oct-2020
6253 IRA/05/36175/2021 Mourine Khalai Achesa 2-Oct-2020
6254 IRA/05/16841/2021 Movers Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6255 IRA/05/16517/2021 Mowin Insurance Agency 15-Jan-2021
6256 IRA/05/8322/2021 Moyez S. Bhanji Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
6257 IRA/05/29981/2021 Moyo Insurance Agency & Marketing 27-Oct-2020
6258 IRA/05/37489/2021 Mpawa Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
6259 IRA/05/16185/2021 Mpeketoni Five Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
6260 IRA/05/15370/2021 Mpoo Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6261 IRA/05/34742/2021 Msufini Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
6262 IRA/05/30847/2021 Msurance Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6263 IRA/05/35785/2021 Mteja Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
6264 IRA/05/14550/2021 Mtn Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6265 IRA/05/14353/2021 Muca Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
6266 IRA/05/29471/2021 Muendo Kingoo 13-Nov-2020
6267 IRA/05/24568/2021 Mufami Insurance Agencies 3-Feb-2021
6268 IRA/05/38667/2021 Mufti Insurance Agency Limited 14-Oct-2020
6269 IRA/05/34696/2021 Muganda Derrick Garani 5-Oct-2020
6270 IRA/05/32700/2021 Muganda O.K Daniel 6-Nov-2020
6271 IRA/05/29011/2021 Mugo Dominic Njau 7-Oct-2020
6272 IRA/05/35657/2021 Mugo Nyoike-Mugo 3-Nov-2020
6273 IRA/05/34054/2021 Mugogo Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6274 IRA/05/36380/2021 Muindi Mbingu 06-Oct-2020
6275 IRA/05/34692/2021 Muiruri Beatrice Njoki 4-Nov-2020
6276 IRA/05/26899/2021 Muithya Kitindio Musyoka 9-Oct-2020
6277 IRA/05/15470/2021 Mukami Pamellah Purity 8-Oct-2020
6278 IRA/05/30878/2021 Mukasa Ngunia Ngungu 21-Jan-2021
6279 IRA/05/11739/2021 Muko Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
6280 IRA/05/33744/2021 Muli Mwangangi 27-Sep-2020
6281 IRA/05/28539/2021 Muliro And Associate Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6282 IRA/05/29237/2021 Mulogosi Benard Manoah 26-Oct-2020
6283 IRA/05/6854/2021 Multi Bonus Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6284 IRA/05/34963/2021 Multifix Insurance Agency Limited 13-Oct-2020
6285 IRA/05/32603/2021 Mulwale Rodah Indimuli 7-Oct-2020
6286 IRA/05/24180/2021 Mumbu Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6287 IRA/05/31727/2021 Munawar Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
6288 IRA/05/25950/2021 Munene David Mwangi 30-Sep-2020
6289 IRA/05/39707/2021 Mungai Muiruri 27-Nov-2020
6290 IRA/05/28873/2021 Muntahin Insurance Agencty 6-Nov-2020
6291 IRA/05/35359/2021 Munyi Brenda Njeri 4-Nov-2020
6292 IRA/05/38617/2021 Munyi Maureen Muthoni 6-Oct-2020
6293 IRA/05/7526/2021 Munyoki Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
6294 IRA/05/31994/2021 Mupa Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
6295 IRA/05/14815/2021 Murithi Charles Gitonga 12-Dec-2020
6296 IRA/05/29020/2021 Murithi Sandra Kawira 02-Oct-2020
6297 IRA/05/17876/2021 Muriuki Daniel Bundi 8-Oct-2020
6298 IRA/05/13612/2021 Murphil Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6299 IRA/05/6356/2021 Murreyz Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6300 IRA/05/29251/2021 Murugo Mary Muthoni 27-Sep-2020

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6301 IRA/05/35531/2021 Musau Januaris Muia 7-Jan-2021
6302 IRA/05/15115/2021 Mustafa Omondi Oloo 5-Dec-2020
6303 IRA/05/16180/2021 Mustard Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6304 IRA/05/25542/2021 Musungu Charles 12-Nov-2020
6305 IRA/05/27359/2021 Musyoki Fredrick Muinde 13-Oct-2020
6306 IRA/05/31936/2021 Mutabari James 22-Oct-2020
6307 IRA/05/27083/2021 Mutabari Julius 6-Oct-2020
6308 IRA/05/27524/2021 Mutahi Evelyne Muthoni 6-Jan-2021
6309 IRA/05/37768/2021 Muteti Shadrack Mutiku 16-Oct-2020
6310 IRA/05/37766/2021 Muthama Geoffrey Muli 13-Nov-2020
6311 IRA/05/25885/2021 Muthomi Mbui 11-Nov-2020
6312 IRA/05/37876/2021 Muthoni Wanyeki Jennifer 5-Oct-2020
6313 IRA/05/35106/2021 Muthuri Mary Kirumba 15-Nov-2020
6314 IRA/05/34466/2021 Mutia Peter Muthui 5-Oct-2020
6315 IRA/05/31978/2021 Mutinda Winfred Mumbua 6-Nov-2020
6316 IRA/05/13611/2021 Mutonguni Insurance Agents 28-Jan-2021
6317 IRA/05/35021/2021 Mutsotsoh Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6318 IRA/05/38383/2021 Mutsumi Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
6319 IRA/05/37742/2021 Mutua Onesmus Musyoki 6-Oct-2020
6320 IRA/05/27109/2021 Mutugi Insurance Agencies 12-Nov-2020
6321 IRA/05/36426/2021 Mutuku Florence Ndanu 21-Oct-2020
6322 IRA/05/34339/2021 Mutuku Jacinta Mwongeli 26-Oct-2020
6323 IRA/05/38316/2021 Mutuku Samuel Mutinda 27-Nov-2020
6324 IRA/05/31133/2021 Mutunga Mary Nthenya 28-Sep-2020
6325 IRA/05/39816/2021 Muzak Insurance Agencies Limited 25-Jan-2021
6326 IRA/05/8694/2021 Mvono Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6327 IRA/05/28472/2021 Mvuli Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6328 IRA/05/14848/2021 Mwahenzi Mwakuphunza Makungu 5-Oct-2020
6329 IRA/05/38014/2021 Mwakio Durrant Kilelu 9-Oct-2020
6330 IRA/05/25035/2021 Mwamba Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
6331 IRA/05/16954/2021 Mwambao Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6332 IRA/05/39677/2021 Mwanamisi Bakari Kassim 12-Nov-2020
6333 IRA/05/8952/2021 Mwanga Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6334 IRA/05/34456/2021 Mwangaza Roshanee Agencies 7-Oct-2020
6335 IRA/05/27574/2021 Mwangi Daniel Kariuki 13-Jan-2021
6336 IRA/05/36992/2021 Mwangi Esther Wambui 11-Dec-2020
6337 IRA/05/17664/2021 Mwangi Evans Muriu 7-Oct-2020
6338 IRA/05/35440/2021 Mwaniki Anne Wanjiru 28-Sep-2020
6339 IRA/05/31612/2021 Mwanthi Jeremiah Wathome 12-Nov-2020
6340 IRA/05/30502/2021 Mwashimba Marion Mboza 6-Oct-2020
6341 IRA/05/37110/2021 Mwavuly Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6342 IRA/05/36692/2021 Mwawuda Fiona Zighe 6-Oct-2020
6343 IRA/05/34904/2021 Mweje Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
6344 IRA/05/37877/2021 Mwenzalink Insurance Agencies 11-Jan-2021
6345 IRA/05/14929/2021 Mweta Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6346 IRA/05/30126/2021 Mwinyi Adam Suya 13-Nov-2020
6347 IRA/05/4142/2021 Mwinzi Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
6348 IRA/05/34300/2021 Mycredit Assurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
6349 IRA/05/29917/2021 Myers Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
6350 IRA/05/32482/2021 Myinsure Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
6351 IRA/05/29849/2021 Myles Insurance Agencies 16-Oct-2020
6352 IRA/05/20351/2021 Mynah Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6353 IRA/05/35426/2021 Mzingi Insurance Agency Ltd 29-Sep-2020
6354 IRA/05/28323/2021 Naam Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
6355 IRA/05/7/2021 Nacom Insurance Agencies Ltd 3-Feb-2021
6356 IRA/05/28564/2021 Nadia Nduta Gatibaru 30-Sep-2020
6357 IRA/05/36047/2021 Nadima Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6358 IRA/05/31297/2021 Nadya Insurance Agency Limited 7-Dec-2020
6359 IRA/05/12455/2021 Naftali Makomere Ingutia 14-Dec-2020

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6360 IRA/05/29583/2021 Naftali Omolo Ogola 30-Nov-2020
6361 IRA/05/39424/2021 Nahum Nditi Muthama 13-Oct-2020
6362 IRA/05/38499/2021 Naiberi Associates And Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6363 IRA/05/26013/2021 Nairobird Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
6364 IRA/05/34124/2021 Naisenya Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
6365 IRA/05/16975/2021 Nakuken Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
6366 IRA/05/17769/2021 Nakuru Seas Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
6367 IRA/05/37284/2021 Naliaka Dorcas Wafula 26-Oct-2020
6368 IRA/05/30553/2021 Namad Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
6369 IRA/05/36412/2021 Naman Ayieyo Ndede 28-Sep-2020
6370 IRA/05/32524/2021 Namarks Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
6371 IRA/05/4116/2021 Nambale Complex Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6372 IRA/05/26325/2021 Namelok Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6373 IRA/05/16770/2021 Namoline Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
6374 IRA/05/28993/2021 Nanap Ventures And Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6375 IRA/05/38762/2021 Nancy Wanjala Mwazighe 5-Oct-2020
6376 IRA/05/25464/2021 Nancy A Oruoch 29-Sep-2020
6377 IRA/05/39240/2021 Nancy Achieng Adongo 16-Oct-2020
6378 IRA/05/34538/2021 Nancy Achieng Owino 18-Jan-2021
6379 IRA/05/25250/2021 Nancy Afandi Mungula 26-Sep-2020
6380 IRA/05/30116/2021 Nancy Atieno Ochieng 28-Sep-2020
6381 IRA/05/32439/2021 Nancy Chemngeno 7-Oct-2020
6382 IRA/05/38170/2021 Nancy Chepkemei Maiyo 22-Oct-2020
6383 IRA/05/32474/2021 Nancy Cherop Barnoh 5-Oct-2020
6384 IRA/05/32621/2021 Nancy Christine Achieng Otieno 7-Oct-2020
6385 IRA/05/33921/2021 Nancy Engefu 5-Oct-2020
6386 IRA/05/20019/2021 Nancy Gakii Kinyua 24-Nov-2020
6387 IRA/05/35317/2021 Nancy Gathoni Mbithi 12-Oct-2020
6388 IRA/05/31157/2021 Nancy Ingaidza 26-Sep-2020
6389 IRA/05/38046/2021 Nancy Kananu Naman 12-Nov-2020
6390 IRA/05/29456/2021 Nancy Kanini 12-Oct-2020
6391 IRA/05/17201/2021 Nancy Kathini Musyoka 26-Sep-2020
6392 IRA/05/32513/2021 Nancy Kemunto Onchaga 5-Oct-2020
6393 IRA/05/35360/2021 Nancy Kinya 22-Oct-2020
6394 IRA/05/37444/2021 Nancy Kivisi Kageha 12-Jan-2021
6395 IRA/05/25993/2021 Nancy Kwamboka Moranga 8-Oct-2020
6396 IRA/05/38503/2021 Nancy Logose 30-Sep-2020
6397 IRA/05/24434/2021 Nancy M. Kaburu 6-Oct-2020
6398 IRA/05/39892/2021 Nancy Masungwa Mailu 2-Feb-2021
6399 IRA/05/24733/2021 Nancy Muthoni Kinyua 11-Dec-2020
6400 IRA/05/34581/2021 Nancy Muthoni Ruoya 15-Feb-2021
6401 IRA/05/25490/2021 Nancy Muthoni Wachira 30-Sep-2020
6402 IRA/05/30498/2021 Nancy Ngendo Kangethe 12-Oct-2020
6403 IRA/05/31647/2021 Nancy Njeri Mbuthia 7-Jan-2021
6404 IRA/05/33984/2021 Nancy Njeri Mugwe 21-Dec-2020
6405 IRA/05/34830/2021 Nancy Njoki Macharia 14-Oct-2020
6406 IRA/05/31055/2021 Nancy Talam 15-Oct-2020
6407 IRA/05/35101/2021 Nancy Vodembeke Tsigadi 7-Oct-2020
6408 IRA/05/34735/2021 Nancy Vutagwa 16-Oct-2020
6409 IRA/05/31105/2021 Nancy Waceke Gatimu 11-Jan-2021
6410 IRA/05/36653/2021 Nancy Wairimu Gichui 23-Dec-2020
6411 IRA/05/24789/2021 Nancy Wairimu Gitau 26-Sep-2020
6412 IRA/05/31889/2021 Nancy Wairimu Muhoro 27-Sep-2020
6413 IRA/05/15829/2021 Nancy Waithira Kamau 30-Sep-2020
6414 IRA/05/38177/2021 Nancy Wambui Gitau 6-Oct-2020
6415 IRA/05/35554/2021 Nancy Wambui Kariuki 06-Jan-2021
6416 IRA/05/26639/2021 Nancy Wambui Mbiyu 6-Oct-2020
6417 IRA/05/29603/2021 Nancy Wangui Muriithi 12-Jan-2021
6418 IRA/05/39089/2021 Nancy Wanja Kariuki 8-Oct-2020

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6419 IRA/05/32264/2021 Nancy Wanjiku Kinyua 2-Oct-2020
6420 IRA/05/10688/2021 Nancy.N.Gichinga 27-Sep-2020
6421 IRA/05/19060/2021 Nancy.W.Gachanja 9-Oct-2020
6422 IRA/05/15504/2021 Nanle & Heart Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6423 IRA/05/25591/2021 Nannis Kinanu Muga 7-Oct-2020
6424 IRA/05/38100/2021 Nansia Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
6425 IRA/05/32915/2021 Naom Kerubo Gisemba 30-Sep-2020
6426 IRA/05/34393/2021 Naom Kwamboka Amenya 28-Sep-2020
6427 IRA/05/27288/2021 Naom Wambuku Kabucho 27-Sep-2020
6428 IRA/05/32090/2021 Naom Wangui Mwangi 22-Jan-2021
6429 IRA/05/30482/2021 Naomi Akoth Owira 09-Oct-2020
6430 IRA/05/25365/2021 Naomi Gakii Kithinji 2-Oct-2020
6431 IRA/05/37602/2021 Naomi Jelimo Chemjor 15-Oct-2020
6432 IRA/05/26296/2021 Naomi Muthoni Githinji 28-Jan-2021
6433 IRA/05/38032/2021 Naomi Mwikali Mutunga 7-Oct-2020
6434 IRA/05/28464/2021 Naomi Njeri Njuguna 11-Jan-2021
6435 IRA/05/35182/2021 Naomi Nyaboke Bosire 14-Oct-2020
6436 IRA/05/26927/2021 Naomi Nyaguthi Gitonga 6-Oct-2020
6437 IRA/05/28236/2021 Naomi Nyambura Wanjiku 9-Oct-2020
6438 IRA/05/30902/2021 Naomi Nyanchoka Mecha 6-Oct-2020
6439 IRA/05/31638/2021 Naomi Olivia Anyango 30-Sep-2020
6440 IRA/05/27312/2021 Naomi Wahito Wangari 1-Oct-2020
6441 IRA/05/28857/2021 Naomi Wambui Kirangi 27-Sep-2020
6442 IRA/05/26962/2021 Naomi Wamucii Wahome 27-Sep-2020
6443 IRA/05/38164/2021 Naomi Wanjiku Njogu 11-Nov-2020
6444 IRA/05/32602/2021 Naomi Wanjiru Kangethe 6-Oct-2020
6445 IRA/05/17988/2021 Naomi Wanjiru Mwangi 9-Oct-2020
6446 IRA/05/31227/2021 Naomi Wanjiru Njoroge 5-Oct-2020
6447 IRA/05/37150/2021 Naomi Wariara 5-Oct-2020
6448 IRA/05/38488/2021 Naomy Jepesa Silita 30-Sep-2020
6449 IRA/05/25008/2021 Napakesi Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
6450 IRA/05/35431/2021 Narang Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
6451 IRA/05/37111/2021 Narete West Pathways Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
6452 IRA/05/39223/2021 Narthex Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6453 IRA/05/16247/2021 Nasaru Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6454 IRA/05/36516/2021 Naseeh Insurance Agency 06-Oct-2020
6455 IRA/05/28502/2021 Nashbom Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
6456 IRA/05/26505/2021 Nashworld Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6457 IRA/05/15947/2021 Nasia Comm And Insurance Agencies 6-Jan-2021
6458 IRA/05/31158/2021 Nasimiyu Mourine Nyongesa 9-Oct-2020
6459 IRA/05/37844/2021 Nasirumbi Irene Masakhwe 15-Oct-2020
6460 IRA/05/27378/2021 Nasola Insurance Agency 4-Jan-2021
6461 IRA/05/37652/2021 Nassefu Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
6462 IRA/05/10690/2021 Nasson Mwangangi 16-Dec-2020
6463 IRA/05/38969/2021 Natagu Agency 06-Jan-2021
6464 IRA/05/39494/2021 Nataus Sterling Insurance Agency 23-Sep-2020
6465 IRA/05/35355/2021 Natbah Insurance Agency 16-Nov-2020
6466 IRA/05/38986/2021 Nathan M Wafula 5-Oct-2020
6467 IRA/05/33966/2021 Nathan Wambua Kitila 8-Oct-2020
6468 IRA/05/32359/2021 Nathan Wanyama Wanyele 13-Oct-2020
6469 IRA/05/16779/2021 Nathaniel Kahihu Gaitho 16-Dec-2020
6470 IRA/05/17900/2021 Nathaniel Macharia 6-Oct-2020
6471 IRA/05/17527/2021 Native Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6472 IRA/05/26976/2021 Nator Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6473 IRA/05/33172/2021 Natron Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6474 IRA/05/24276/2021 Natures Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
6475 IRA/05/35211/2021 Naveah Capital Insurance Agency Ltd 5-Oct-2020
6476 IRA/05/38951/2021 Navit Insurance Agency Limited 26-Jan-2021
6477 IRA/05/25741/2021 Nawiri Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020

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6478 IRA/05/35477/2021 Nawisco Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
6479 IRA/05/36566/2021 Nayla Nanji 7-Oct-2020
6480 IRA/05/24233/2021 Nbk Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6481 IRA/05/4308/2021 Ndahi Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
6482 IRA/05/13201/2021 Ndanyi & Associates Ins Agencies 6-Oct-2020
6483 IRA/05/17701/2021 Ndareini Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6484 IRA/05/17190/2021 Ndege Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
6485 IRA/05/14492/2021 Ndemi Insurance Agencies Limited 19-Jan-2021
6486 IRA/05/33067/2021 Nderitu Loise Mumbi 19-Oct-2020
6487 IRA/05/33813/2021 Ndeta Beverlyne 6-Oct-2020
6488 IRA/05/25136/2021 Ndetrop Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6489 IRA/05/31351/2021 Ndiku Stephen Mutua 28-Sep-2020
6490 IRA/05/28232/2021 Ndimes Insurance Angency 30-Sep-2020
6491 IRA/05/27361/2021 Nduati Masaren Kipkosgei Julius 7-Oct-2020
6492 IRA/05/1015/2021 Ndume Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6493 IRA/05/30418/2021 Ndunge Mulwa 7-Oct-2020
6494 IRA/05/29374/2021 Ndunge Muruatetu 22-Jan-2021
6495 IRA/05/33965/2021 Ndururi Grace Wanjiku 2-Oct-2020
6496 IRA/05/27217/2021 Neal Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6497 IRA/05/1164/2021 Necada Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
6498 IRA/05/17234/2021 Nef Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6499 IRA/05/36427/2021 Negja Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6500 IRA/05/16795/2021 Nekipers Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
6501 IRA/05/34838/2021 Nelada Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6502 IRA/05/29402/2021 Nelia Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6503 IRA/05/39353/2021 Nelius Eva Goiri Thiongo 30-Sep-2020
6504 IRA/05/35995/2021 Nelius Mutanu Mbole 28-Sep-2020
6505 IRA/05/26726/2021 Nelius Waithira Muiruri 27-Sep-2020
6506 IRA/05/35219/2021 Nelius Wangari 28-Sep-2020
6507 IRA/05/35143/2021 Nelius Wanjeri Kihara 28-Sep-2020
6508 IRA/05/3935/2021 Nellie Staycie Isavwa 7-Oct-2020
6509 IRA/05/29600/2021 Nellious Mbithe Muiva 5-Oct-2020
6510 IRA/05/35298/2021 Nelly Atieno Amolo 13-Oct-2020
6511 IRA/05/25808/2021 Nelly Atieno Oduor 27-Sep-2020
6512 IRA/05/39753/2021 Nelly Chepngeno 28-Dec-2020
6513 IRA/05/38124/2021 Nelly Cherono Lelei 13-Oct-2020
6514 IRA/05/32022/2021 Nelly Cherotich Malosoi 26-Oct-2020
6515 IRA/05/37756/2021 Nelly Gathoni Nyaguthii 5-Oct-2020
6516 IRA/05/26866/2021 Nelly Hannah Malemba Mwazumbo 18-Jan-2021
6517 IRA/05/31478/2021 Nelly Jepkonga Mosong 8-Dec-2020
6518 IRA/05/38681/2021 Nelly Kathure Karani 1-Oct-2020
6519 IRA/05/36859/2021 Nelly Ochumba Adeya 5-Oct-2020
6520 IRA/05/36002/2021 Nelly Waithera Kimani 8-Oct-2020
6521 IRA/05/14880/2021 Nelly Wanjiku Karuitha 8-Oct-2020
6522 IRA/05/26280/2021 Nelson Fadhili Majalah 2-Oct-2020
6523 IRA/05/36671/2021 Nelson Mandela Lukas 2-Oct-2020
6524 IRA/05/8362/2021 Nelson Mwangi Ndegwa 6-Oct-2020
6525 IRA/05/14957/2021 Nelson Nyokwoyo Moiki 5-Oct-2020
6526 IRA/05/39795/2021 Nelson Shitawa Makokha 19-Jan-2021
6527 IRA/05/31178/2021 Nelstar Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6528 IRA/05/38994/2021 Nelton Mogaka Kondo 5-Nov-2020
6529 IRA/05/16132/2021 Neo Plan Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
6530 IRA/05/36069/2021 Neo-Reylands Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
6531 IRA/05/39873/2021 Nepham Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
6532 IRA/05/35500/2021 Nephyll Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
6533 IRA/05/16641/2021 Nepstar Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
6534 IRA/05/34242/2021 Neric Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
6535 IRA/05/17273/2021 Nesabo James Swaka 13-Oct-2020
6536 IRA/05/31693/2021 Nes-Iconic Insurance Agencies 1-Oct-2020

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6537 IRA/05/32637/2021 Neska Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
6538 IRA/05/37760/2021 Nesra Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
6539 IRA/05/39048/2021 Nessy Kuthii Justus 21-Oct-2020
6540 IRA/05/36039/2021 Nestshield Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
6541 IRA/05/20308/2021 Network Insurance Agencies 4-Nov-2020
6542 IRA/05/17187/2021 Nevas Africa Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6543 IRA/05/684/2021 New Corona Commercial & Insurance Agencies Ltd. 14-Jan-2021
6544 IRA/05/33934/2021 New Frontiers Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6545 IRA/05/46/2021 New Meadows Insurance Agents Limited 26-Oct-2020
6546 IRA/05/141/2021 New Nyanza Insurance Agencies Limited 6-Oct-2020
6547 IRA/05/20036/2021 New Twoken Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6548 IRA/05/37904/2021 Newage Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6549 IRA/05/17017/2021 Newave Insurance Agencies Limited 27-Sep-2020
6550 IRA/05/16960/2021 Newman Continental Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6551 IRA/05/28888/2021 Newpack Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
6552 IRA/05/33304/2021 Newrise Insurance Agencies. 7-Oct-2020
6553 IRA/05/27145/2021 Newton Fundi Njue 22-Oct-2020
6554 IRA/05/29658/2021 Newton Julius Akenga 14-Oct-2020
6555 IRA/05/34498/2021 Nexcan Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
6556 IRA/05/29248/2021 Next Generation Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
6557 IRA/05/29695/2021 Nfd Insurance Agencies Limited 11-Jan-2021
6558 IRA/05/37449/2021 Ngahu Dorcas Waceke 26-Oct-2020
6559 IRA/05/10817/2021 Ngala Jared Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6560 IRA/05/35635/2021 Ngandu Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
6561 IRA/05/24272/2021 Ngango Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6562 IRA/05/35754/2021 Ngao Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6563 IRA/05/37210/2021 Ngao Maluti 13-Nov-2020
6564 IRA/05/3088/2021 Ngao Sure Insurance Agency Ltd 15-Feb-2021
6565 IRA/05/39929/2021 Ngasike Ekatorot Caiphas 8-Feb-2021
6566 IRA/05/28504/2021 Ngendo T. Muiru 13-Jan-2021
6567 IRA/05/39299/2021 Ngetich Chepkemoi Jacqueline 13-Oct-2020
6568 IRA/05/28493/2021 Ngever Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
6569 IRA/05/17084/2021 Ngoha Patrick Odhiambo 26-Sep-2020
6570 IRA/05/32666/2021 Ngotho Rufas Mugo 11-Dec-2020
6571 IRA/05/11664/2021 Ngului Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
6572 IRA/05/278/2021 Ngunjiri & Company Insurance Agents 7-Oct-2020
6573 IRA/05/32255/2021 Ngwasi Musyoka 5-Oct-2020
6574 IRA/05/29389/2021 Nicholas Jefwa Kalama 26-Jan-2021
6575 IRA/05/35353/2021 Nicholas Mbithi Mulwa 30-Sep-2020
6576 IRA/05/38202/2021 Nicholas Ambembe Nangabo 6-Oct-2020
6577 IRA/05/27792/2021 Nicholas Kiragu Wangari 13-Nov-2020
6578 IRA/05/34020/2021 Nicholas Kuria Kimani 6-Oct-2020
6579 IRA/05/8616/2021 Nicholas Muchaho Wachira 11-Jan-2021
6580 IRA/05/17886/2021 Nicholas Opiyo 13-Nov-2020
6581 IRA/05/34565/2021 Nicholas Otieno Abilla 30-Sep-2020
6582 IRA/05/36196/2021 Nicholas Otinyu Muruka 8-Oct-2020
6583 IRA/05/26261/2021 Nichonja Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
6584 IRA/05/30064/2021 Nick Okanga Ondigo 15-Oct-2020
6585 IRA/05/30086/2021 Nickanah Glory Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6586 IRA/05/36065/2021 Nickllivers Kariuki Muchangi 1-Oct-2020
6587 IRA/05/17863/2021 Nickrose Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6588 IRA/05/38919/2021 Nickson Musyoki Musyoka 6-Oct-2020
6589 IRA/05/33838/2021 Nicodemus Barongo Asiago 08-Oct-2020
6590 IRA/05/33519/2021 Nicodemus Kenyanya 23-Oct-2020
6591 IRA/05/37940/2021 Nicojin Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
6592 IRA/05/32328/2021 Nicson Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
6593 IRA/05/39370/2021 Nid Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
6594 IRA/05/14247/2021 Niflonda Commercial & Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6595 IRA/05/20124/2021 Nihar Insurance Agencies Ltd 16-Oct-2020

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6596 IRA/05/37189/2021 Nik Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
6597 IRA/05/39101/2021 Nimana Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6598 IRA/05/27198/2021 Nimar Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
6599 IRA/05/32002/2021 Nimble Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
6600 IRA/05/26511/2021 Nimrod Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6601 IRA/05/34632/2021 Ninah Akinyi Opiyo 30-Sep-2020
6602 IRA/05/34314/2021 Nine Star Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
6603 IRA/05/40100/2021 Ninety Nine Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
6604 IRA/05/29971/2021 Nisima Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
6605 IRA/05/36868/2021 Nisjirmwangaza Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6606 IRA/05/30734/2021 Nitamor Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
6607 IRA/05/32101/2021 Nivarna Consultancy And Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
6608 IRA/05/35992/2021 Nivlico Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
6609 IRA/05/26307/2021 Nixon M. Kangara 6-Oct-2020
6610 IRA/05/32632/2021 Njagi Mary Immaculate Mwihaki 2-Oct-2020
6611 IRA/05/20344/2021 Njama Insurance Agencies Limited 6-Oct-2020
6612 IRA/05/24269/2021 Njeki Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
6613 IRA/05/27821/2021 Njenga Ambrose 5-Oct-2020
6614 IRA/05/36319/2021 Njerawa Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6615 IRA/05/38929/2021 Njeva Insurance Agencies 12-Jan-2021
6616 IRA/05/26694/2021 Njewa Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
6617 IRA/05/32063/2021 Njiru Evalyn Kageni 6-Oct-2020
6618 IRA/05/11499/2021 Njoeva Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6619 IRA/05/37443/2021 Njoki Betty Favour 5-Nov-2020
6620 IRA/05/37068/2021 Njoki Njeru 13-Oct-2020
6621 IRA/05/28947/2021 Njomer Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6622 IRA/05/37318/2021 Njoroge Christistopher Kiarie 26-Oct-2020
6623 IRA/05/34356/2021 Njoroge Jane Wanjiru 27-Sep-2020
6624 IRA/05/16515/2021 Njowan Plus Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6625 IRA/05/36560/2021 Njuguna Dorris Nyaguthii 27-Oct-2020
6626 IRA/05/26117/2021 Njuguna Rosemary Wanjiru 28-Jan-2021
6627 IRA/05/10485/2021 Njumuka Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
6628 IRA/05/28398/2021 Njure Evans Edgar Njagi 28-Sep-2020
6629 IRA/05/31298/2021 Nkoroi Tabitha Peter 11-Jan-2021
6630 IRA/05/17852/2021 Noah.K.Koskei 7-Oct-2020
6631 IRA/05/36200/2021 Nobai Mwikamba Mlati 13-Nov-2020
6632 IRA/05/33301/2021 Nobert Wamuti Wambui 3-Nov-2020
6633 IRA/05/19034/2021 Noble Strides Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
6634 IRA/05/29782/2021 Nobol Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
6635 IRA/05/30611/2021 Nocilis Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
6636 IRA/05/32605/2021 Noel Agworil Olukere 5-Oct-2020
6637 IRA/05/39517/2021 Nolari Damaris Basi 29-Sep-2020
6638 IRA/05/29706/2021 Nolex Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6639 IRA/05/36564/2021 NOMAC Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6640 IRA/05/30018/2021 Norah Kavagi 16-Dec-2020
6641 IRA/05/31027/2021 Norah Nafula Nyongesah 5-Oct-2020
6642 IRA/05/27937/2021 Norah Nyambeki Ombuki 5-Oct-2020
6643 IRA/05/31050/2021 Norah Tendoh 1-Oct-2020
6644 IRA/05/25550/2021 Norbert Ochieng Odhiambo 1-Oct-2020
6645 IRA/05/25249/2021 Norbert Ojiambo Abwoga 27-Sep-2020
6646 IRA/05/38184/2021 Noreen Chebet Shongoi 9-Oct-2020
6647 IRA/05/32483/2021 Norine Khamusali 22-Jan-2021
6648 IRA/05/36844/2021 Norinse Wanjiku Kamau 15-Nov-2020
6649 IRA/05/35512/2021 North Ostrich Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
6650 IRA/05/39033/2021 Northern Family Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6651 IRA/05/1289/2021 Northernview Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6652 IRA/05/25145/2021 Nostarick Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
6653 IRA/05/38055/2021 Nouvelle Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
6654 IRA/05/30113/2021 Nova Insurance Agency Ltd 29-Sep-2020

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6655 IRA/05/8554/2021 Novelty Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6656 IRA/05/31950/2021 Ntheu Kamami 13-Oct-2020
6657 IRA/05/33072/2021 Ntumoh Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
6658 IRA/05/30249/2021 Nula Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
6659 IRA/05/28407/2021 Nuru Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
6660 IRA/05/38987/2021 Nyabando Edna Bosibori 27-Oct-2020
6661 IRA/05/40011/2021 Nyabate Kenyanya Mochama 10-Feb-2021
6662 IRA/05/38078/2021 Nyaceri Agency 12-Nov-2020
6663 IRA/05/28515/2021 Nyagero Rudiah Bonareri 7-Jan-2021
6664 IRA/05/34669/2021 Nyakundi Matingae 30-Sep-2020
6665 IRA/05/34200/2021 Nyala Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6666 IRA/05/26097/2021 Nyali Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
6667 IRA/05/36492/2021 Nyamayanga Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
6668 IRA/05/35971/2021 Nyamongo Irene Kwamboka 12-Nov-2020
6669 IRA/05/31946/2021 Nyamweya Abel Michira 28-Sep-2020
6670 IRA/05/38899/2021 Nyandele Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
6671 IRA/05/35362/2021 Nyangaresi Basweti Erick 12-Oct-2020
6672 IRA/05/28361/2021 Nyangor Frankline Omboyo 12-Oct-2020
6673 IRA/05/39776/2021 Nyanjora Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
6674 IRA/05/4297/2021 Nyariti Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
6675 IRA/05/7047/2021 Nyawa Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
6676 IRA/05/4793/2021 Nyephila Insurance Agencies 09-Oct-2020
6677 IRA/05/17343/2021 Nygel Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6678 IRA/05/28422/2021 Nyoikewa Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
6679 IRA/05/28019/2021 Nyois Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
6680 IRA/05/37258/2021 Nysis Insurance Agency Limited 21-Oct-2020
6681 IRA/05/38716/2021 Nzai Margaret Pendo 29-Jan-2021
6682 IRA/05/24177/2021 Nzambani Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6683 IRA/05/32556/2021 Nzomo Purity Daizy 8-Feb-2021
6684 IRA/05/11457/2021 Oakbrook Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
6685 IRA/05/33169/2021 Oakentrust Insurance Agencies Ltd 11-Nov-2020
6686 IRA/05/37346/2021 Oakfield Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
6687 IRA/05/17487/2021 Oakland Insurance Agents 15-Oct-2020
6688 IRA/05/34468/2021 Oakmont Insurance Services 12-Oct-2020
6689 IRA/05/40101/2021 Oaktree Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
6690 IRA/05/17076/2021 Obadiah Kimathi Miriti 4-Nov-2020
6691 IRA/05/30187/2021 Obed Mmbohe Amel 6-Oct-2020
6692 IRA/05/38252/2021 Obed Nyanyuki Bosire 22-Oct-2020
6693 IRA/05/38232/2021 Obiero Joseph Oduor 14-Oct-2020
6694 IRA/05/26262/2021 Obura Joseph Ouma 11-Dec-2020
6695 IRA/05/37389/2021 Obute George Kennedy 5-Oct-2020
6696 IRA/05/35749/2021 Obuya Amayo Austine 3-Nov-2020
6697 IRA/05/32739/2021 Obwolo George Omondi 6-Oct-2020
6698 IRA/05/24939/2021 Ocean Breeze Insurance Agency 06-Nov-2020
6699 IRA/05/17122/2021 Ocezz Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6700 IRA/05/31348/2021 Ochanda Ogongo Boaz 13-Oct-2020
6701 IRA/05/30501/2021 Ocharo Peterson Mogusu 5-Oct-2020
6702 IRA/05/37730/2021 Ochieng Duncan Omondi 15-Oct-2020
6703 IRA/05/38940/2021 Ochieng Fredrick Odhiambo 8-Oct-2020
6704 IRA/05/26720/2021 Ochram Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
6705 IRA/05/14321/2021 Octagen Insurance Agencies Ltd. 30-Sep-2020
6706 IRA/05/16747/2021 Ocula Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6707 IRA/05/28995/2021 Odaba Duncan Douglas 6-Oct-2020
6708 IRA/05/38830/2021 Odhiambo Silas Odhiambo 27-Jan-2021
6709 IRA/05/32048/2021 Odhiambo Vincent Odiwuor 2-Oct-2020
6710 IRA/05/35633/2021 Odin Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6711 IRA/05/12502/2021 Odindo Owen Okumu 27-Sep-2020
6712 IRA/05/36546/2021 Odira Revaline 5-Oct-2020
6713 IRA/05/38564/2021 Odiwuor Kennedy Otieno 14-Dec-2020

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6714 IRA/05/37083/2021 Odoyo Elizabeth Awuor 14-Dec-2020
6715 IRA/05/38569/2021 Oduk Beryl Atieno 5-Oct-2020
6716 IRA/05/29181/2021 Oduor Caroline Margaret Akinyi 6-Oct-2020
6717 IRA/05/38975/2021 Oduor Isaiah Rachuonyo 12-Oct-2020
6718 IRA/05/35870/2021 Oduor Mariagoret Achieng 28-Sep-2020
6719 IRA/05/32444/2021 Oduor Peter Obare 5-Nov-2020
6720 IRA/05/33505/2021 Ogembo Achieng Hellen 14-Nov-2020
6721 IRA/05/37808/2021 Ogiro Kennedy Odhiambo 12-Oct-2020
6722 IRA/05/39742/2021 Oitum Insurance Agency Limited 16-Dec-2020
6723 IRA/05/15480/2021 Ojt Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6724 IRA/05/33681/2021 Ojwang Calvince Otieno 12-Oct-2020
6725 IRA/05/38992/2021 Okatch Tom Owino 9-Oct-2020
6726 IRA/05/37565/2021 Okengo Silvester Ochieng 28-Sep-2020
6727 IRA/05/25744/2021 Okoa Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6728 IRA/05/38228/2021 Okombo Evans Mbada 6-Oct-2020
6729 IRA/05/17608/2021 Okwanya Dennis Onyango 28-Sep-2020
6730 IRA/05/29208/2021 Olak Robinson 8-Oct-2020
6731 IRA/05/35666/2021 Olala Silas Ochieng 7-Dec-2020
6732 IRA/05/7934/2021 Ole Kinyash Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
6733 IRA/05/29620/2021 Olga Achieng Okello 28-Sep-2020
6734 IRA/05/31210/2021 Oligarch Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
6735 IRA/05/30051/2021 Olive Joycare Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6736 IRA/05/38647/2021 Olive Muthoni Nyoike 12-Oct-2020
6737 IRA/05/37439/2021 Olive Njoki Maina 5-Oct-2020
6738 IRA/05/39025/2021 Olive Nyawira Gitari 16-Oct-2020
6739 IRA/05/40005/2021 Olive Wangeci Wambugu 27-Jan-2021
6740 IRA/05/38366/2021 Olive Wanjira Muigua 5-Oct-2020
6741 IRA/05/26618/2021 Oliver Annita Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6742 IRA/05/37032/2021 Oliver Kiprop Murrey 7-Jan-2021
6743 IRA/05/31600/2021 Oliver Tamba Ozumba 26-Sep-2020
6744 IRA/05/24165/2021 Oliver Teresia Kainika 19-Jan-2021
6745 IRA/05/37821/2021 Olivia Chebet Kipruto 18-Jan-2021
6746 IRA/05/30193/2021 Olivia Wanjiku 6-Oct-2020
6747 IRA/05/33932/2021 Olivy Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
6748 IRA/05/29693/2021 Olpha Kwamboka Magara 3-Nov-2020
6749 IRA/05/7332/2021 Omaiko Kennedy Omwenga 28-Sep-2020
6750 IRA/05/37621/2021 Ombasa Daniel Moseti 12-Nov-2020
6751 IRA/05/29234/2021 Ombasa Kerubo Faith 28-Sep-2020
6752 IRA/05/31106/2021 Ombewa Ochieng Kevin 28-Jan-2021
6753 IRA/05/37303/2021 Omburo Mourice Ouma 07-Jan-2021
6754 IRA/05/32523/2021 Omin Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
6755 IRA/05/38545/2021 Omingo Billyson 7-Oct-2020
6756 IRA/05/27064/2021 Omnia Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
6757 IRA/05/37748/2021 Omnichannel Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
6758 IRA/05/37352/2021 Omnisure Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
6759 IRA/05/28706/2021 Omollo Joseph Mwakughu Okoth 14-Oct-2020
6760 IRA/05/37527/2021 Omwangale Grace Velma Awinja 31-Oct-2020
6761 IRA/05/30189/2021 Omwenga Brian Machuki 3-Nov-2020
6762 IRA/05/27443/2021 On Point Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6763 IRA/05/37657/2021 Onchoke Nyagechanga Winny 3-Nov-2020
6764 IRA/05/34657/2021 Ondevarn Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
6765 IRA/05/31179/2021 One Dial Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6766 IRA/05/33157/2021 One On One Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6767 IRA/05/32009/2021 One Pay Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
6768 IRA/05/39875/2021 One Way Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
6769 IRA/05/33176/2021 Onerity Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
6770 IRA/05/26046/2021 Oneshop Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
6771 IRA/05/33214/2021 Onesmus Kioko Nzeki 11-Nov-2020
6772 IRA/05/30616/2021 Onesmus Muiruri Muriithi 29-Sep-2020

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6773 IRA/05/39738/2021 Onesmus Odhiambo Onyango 12-Dec-2020
6774 IRA/05/30540/2021 Online Advisors Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
6775 IRA/05/1551/2021 Onq Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6776 IRA/05/33632/2021 Onsongo Clarence Osebe 6-Oct-2020
6777 IRA/05/38514/2021 Ontrack Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6778 IRA/05/36337/2021 Onyain Anne Judith 5-Oct-2020
6779 IRA/05/35399/2021 Onyambu Walter Mabiria 6-Oct-2020
6780 IRA/05/33714/2021 Onyango Enosh Otieno 7-Oct-2020
6781 IRA/05/35593/2021 Onyango Erickson Omeno 5-Oct-2020
6782 IRA/05/12098/2021 Onyango Francis Aloo 29-Sep-2020
6783 IRA/05/32445/2021 Onyango George Ojwang 27-Nov-2020
6784 IRA/05/25526/2021 Onyango K. Okoth 29-Sep-2020
6785 IRA/05/38700/2021 Onyango Millicent Atieno 11-Nov-2020
6786 IRA/05/37616/2021 Onyango Paul Omolo 6-Oct-2020
6787 IRA/05/29421/2021 Onyimbo Becky Kwamboka 28-Sep-2020
6788 IRA/05/38546/2021 Onyoni Olpher Kwamboka 29-Sep-2020
6789 IRA/05/30864/2021 Oonga Awuor Vivian 5-Oct-2020
6790 IRA/05/38301/2021 Opalescent Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6791 IRA/05/27366/2021 Opential Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6792 IRA/05/39692/2021 Oplendid Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
6793 IRA/05/27164/2021 Opondo Anna Owuor 26-Sep-2020
6794 IRA/05/25706/2021 Opt Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
6795 IRA/05/27377/2021 Opt Sure Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
6796 IRA/05/28410/2021 Optfo Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
6797 IRA/05/30277/2021 Optimus Africa Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6798 IRA/05/27014/2021 Optimus Insurance Agency Limited 25-Sep-2020
6799 IRA/05/29158/2021 Optiven Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
6800 IRA/05/39437/2021 Orchid Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6801 IRA/05/17916/2021 Ordiofam Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
6802 IRA/05/30607/2021 Oregon Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6803 IRA/05/16423/2021 Oreste Gitonga Muhuriri Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6804 IRA/05/2370/2021 Orient Insurance Agencies Limited 14-Nov-2020
6805 IRA/05/17354/2021 Orion Insurance Agencies Ltd 5-Oct-2020
6806 IRA/05/7886/2021 Oroko.N.Evans 11-Jan-2021
6807 IRA/05/29765/2021 Oryx Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
6808 IRA/05/37840/2021 Osborn Mashet Atianyi 7-Dec-2020
6809 IRA/05/34785/2021 Oscar Malenya Ingutia 21-Jan-2021
6810 IRA/05/36871/2021 Oscar Mazinza Imbayi 6-Nov-2020
6811 IRA/05/31973/2021 Oscar Nduiga Ndemi 28-Sep-2020
6812 IRA/05/38977/2021 Osman Thomas Onchoka 4-Nov-2020
6813 IRA/05/35082/2021 Ostelim Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
6814 IRA/05/25083/2021 Ostep Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6815 IRA/05/14275/2021 Otakwa Andibah Sila 28-Sep-2020
6816 IRA/05/39704/2021 Otieno Atieno Mary 25-Nov-2020
6817 IRA/05/13203/2021 Otieno George Dede 27-Oct-2020
6818 IRA/05/29621/2021 Otieno Mathew Arito 2-Feb-2021
6819 IRA/05/36949/2021 Otieno Okumbe Brian 26-Oct-2020
6820 IRA/05/36366/2021 Otieno Omondi Tobias 15-Nov-2020
6821 IRA/05/13989/2021 Otieno Peters Awuondo 30-Sep-2020
6822 IRA/05/39856/2021 Otieno Seth Isaac Achanjo 1-Feb-2021
6823 IRA/05/31127/2021 Otieno Vera Elizabeth 14-Oct-2020
6824 IRA/05/35465/2021 Otifne Insurance Ageny Limited 27-Nov-2020
6825 IRA/05/39097/2021 Otindo Kevin Ouma Auma 13-Jan-2021
6826 IRA/05/34909/2021 Otsieno Benard Owade 12-Nov-2020
6827 IRA/05/39058/2021 OUMA Michael Oduor 27-Sep-2020
6828 IRA/05/27836/2021 Ouma Peter Ochieng 6-Oct-2020
6829 IRA/05/36032/2021 Our Lady Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
6830 IRA/05/24254/2021 Outreach Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
6831 IRA/05/33743/2021 Outright Insurance Agencies 11-Nov-2020

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6832 IRA/05/33587/2021 Outsurance Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6833 IRA/05/26606/2021 Overland Insurance Agencies 3-Nov-2020
6834 IRA/05/39402/2021 Overleap Insurance Agency 07-Jan-2021
6835 IRA/05/14988/2021 Owano Nicodemus Hezekiah 5-Oct-2020
6836 IRA/05/25894/2021 Owens Amos Kabole 7-Oct-2020
6837 IRA/05/36821/2021 Owili Chrispine Owili 9-Oct-2020
6838 IRA/05/35152/2021 Owiti Joshua Owiti 8-Oct-2020
6839 IRA/05/25840/2021 Ownit Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6840 IRA/05/30957/2021 Oxford Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
6841 IRA/05/29148/2021 Oyielaaj Insurance Agency 9 October 2020
6842 IRA/05/29089/2021 Oyioma Linet 7-Oct-2020
6843 IRA/05/27890/2021 Oyuolo Titus Okwero 5-Dec-2020
6844 IRA/05/38418/2021 P&L Insurance Co Ltd 8-Feb-2021
6845 IRA/05/33733/2021 P&P Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
6846 IRA/05/10501/2021 P. M. Ikiara Commercial & Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
6847 IRA/05/25301/2021 Pacifica Gechemba Onsongo 2-Nov-2020
6848 IRA/05/33673/2021 Paddylink Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6849 IRA/05/24905/2021 Paelina Medical & Insurance Agents 26-Sep-2020
6850 IRA/05/35284/2021 Pajen Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
6851 IRA/05/36472/2021 Pala Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6852 IRA/05/25530/2021 Palisade Insurance Agencies 16-Dec-2020
6853 IRA/05/16567/2021 Palma Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
6854 IRA/05/35767/2021 Palnom Starsure Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
6855 IRA/05/24057/2021 Pamba Premier Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6856 IRA/05/10292/2021 Pamco Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
6857 IRA/05/14136/2021 Pamela Amuleny Obonyo 27-Sep-2020
6858 IRA/05/35064/2021 Pamela Anyango Oray 2-Oct-2020
6859 IRA/05/24105/2021 Pamela Auma Juma 7-Oct-2020
6860 IRA/05/38699/2021 Pamela Auma Warinda 3-Nov-2020
6861 IRA/05/24533/2021 Pamela Chemtai 1-Oct-2020
6862 IRA/05/13008/2021 Pamela Eshimuli Matini 29-Sep-2020
6863 IRA/05/38328/2021 Pamela Gesora 1-Oct-2020
6864 IRA/05/16693/2021 Pamela Owade 14-Oct-2020
6865 IRA/05/29829/2021 Pamela Owino 6-Oct-2020
6866 IRA/05/39927/2021 Pamela Thogori Chira 8-Feb-2021
6867 IRA/05/36929/2021 Pamela Winfrida Ikonga 5-Nov-2020
6868 IRA/05/39000/2021 Pamella Mungoni Khanda 12-Nov-2020
6869 IRA/05/25692/2021 Pamellah Mutambi Maviala 7-Oct-2020
6870 IRA/05/12339/2021 Pamgid Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
6871 IRA/05/38462/2021 Pamino Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
6872 IRA/05/30950/2021 Pamla Machasio 2-Feb-2021
6873 IRA/05/27773/2021 Pamrock Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
6874 IRA/05/39871/2021 Pamsheilla Nyakio 1-Feb-2021
6875 IRA/05/27425/2021 Pamsway Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
6876 IRA/05/16565/2021 Pamwa Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6877 IRA/05/29239/2021 Pan Willis Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
6878 IRA/05/31914/2021 Panacare Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
6879 IRA/05/31054/2021 Panache Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
6880 IRA/05/38892/2021 Panda Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
6881 IRA/05/27093/2021 Panjax Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6882 IRA/05/10571/2021 Pankims Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6883 IRA/05/39961/2021 Panoramic Insurance Agency 23-Nov-2020
6884 IRA/05/15340/2021 Panson Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
6885 IRA/05/29941/2021 Panther Insurance Agencies 1-Dec-2020
6886 IRA/05/33123/2021 Panuel Insurance Agency 04-Jan-2021
6887 IRA/05/27629/2021 Papemus Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
6888 IRA/05/7240/2021 Parakit Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
6889 IRA/05/39441/2021 Parcae Insurance Consultants Limited 26-Sep-2020
6890 IRA/05/2896/2021 Parent Insurance Agencies 16-Dec-2020

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6891 IRA/05/33026/2021 Paris Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
6892 IRA/05/24536/2021 Parity Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
6893 IRA/05/33034/2021 Pasan Insurance Agencies 14-Nov-2020
6894 IRA/05/14932/2021 Pasawi Insurance Agencies 27-Jan-2021
6895 IRA/05/33644/2021 Pascal Santa Kumbe 11-Feb-2021
6896 IRA/05/29142/2021 Pascalia Wanza Kakula 6-Oct-2020
6897 IRA/05/16582/2021 Pasep Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6898 IRA/05/32952/2021 Password Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
6899 IRA/05/39420/2021 Pata Bima Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
6900 IRA/05/35743/2021 Patch Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
6901 IRA/05/39555/2021 Patex Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
6902 IRA/05/8353/2021 Patience Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
6903 IRA/05/39482/2021 Patience Joanne Omina 3-Dec-2020
6904 IRA/05/31861/2021 Patiencecare Insurance Agencies 13-Oct-2020
6905 IRA/05/24350/2021 Patka Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
6906 IRA/05/15483/2021 Patkaka Insurance Agencies 26-Sep-2020
6907 IRA/05/35832/2021 Patlex Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
6908 IRA/05/36575/2021 Patnic Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
6909 IRA/05/1131/2021 Patrice Mganga Teka 29-Sep-2020
6910 IRA/05/25815/2021 Patricia Ann Sherwin 12-Oct-2020
6911 IRA/05/25883/2021 Patricia Joan Muthoni Kanguru 16-Oct-2020
6912 IRA/05/37569/2021 Patricia Mongina Manyinsa 14-Oct-2020
6913 IRA/05/9730/2021 Patricia Mukuvu Kitonyi 12-Jan-2021
6914 IRA/05/29748/2021 Patricia Muthoni Githui 30-Sep-2020
6915 IRA/05/35266/2021 Patricia Muthoni Wachira 12-Nov-2020
6916 IRA/05/2660/2021 Patricia Wanjiru Ndungu 28-Jan-2021
6917 IRA/05/35669/2021 Patriciah Gakii Ithalii 09-Oct-2020
6918 IRA/05/9428/2021 Patriciah Ngonyo Mwangi 21-Jan-2021
6919 IRA/05/28149/2021 Patrick Amukoa Makanga 5-Oct-2020
6920 IRA/05/11828/2021 Patrick Barasa Kituyi 5-Oct-2020
6921 IRA/05/34930/2021 Patrick Juma Oduori 25-Sep-2020
6922 IRA/05/25200/2021 Patrick Kamau Mwaura 5-Oct-2020
6923 IRA/05/17990/2021 Patrick Karanja Mwangi 13-Oct-2020
6924 IRA/05/28457/2021 Patrick Kieme Mwangi 7-Oct-2020
6925 IRA/05/38687/2021 Patrick Kihara Macharia 18-Jan-2021
6926 IRA/05/31837/2021 Patrick Kimathi Mikwa 8-Oct-2020
6927 IRA/05/16304/2021 Patrick Kimunga Kabora 28-Sep-2020
6928 IRA/05/29751/2021 Patrick Kuria Njoroge 28-Sep-2020
6929 IRA/05/29790/2021 Patrick Langat 26-Nov-2020
6930 IRA/05/14322/2021 Patrick Laurence Githinji 12-Oct-2020
6931 IRA/05/10502/2021 Patrick M. Solomon 26-Oct-2020
6932 IRA/05/38320/2021 Patrick Maina Kimani 7-Oct-2020
6933 IRA/05/32874/2021 Patrick Maina Muchiri 21-Jan-2021
6934 IRA/05/34641/2021 Patrick Muchiri Muchunu 31-Oct-2020
6935 IRA/05/13056/2021 Patrick Muriithi Ireri 5-Oct-2020
6936 IRA/05/388826/2021 Patrick Muriuki Mwariri 5-Nov-2020
6937 IRA/05/31910/2021 Patrick Muriuki Thuku 29-Sep-2020
6938 IRA/05/17434/2021 Patrick Musyoki Musyoka 8-Oct-2020
6939 IRA/05/34401/2021 Patrick Mwendwa Mulundwa 11-Jan-2021
6940 IRA/05/16928/2021 Patrick Ndegwa Kamau 5-Oct-2020
6941 IRA/05/20087/2021 Patrick Ngamau 5-Oct-2020
6942 IRA/05/38271/2021 Patrick Ngethe 30-Sep-2020
6943 IRA/05/10612/2021 Patrick Njeru Muriuki 27-Sep-2020
6944 IRA/05/30419/2021 Patrick Njuguna Gichungo 5-Oct-2020
6945 IRA/05/38679/2021 Patrick Nzioka 06-Oct-2020
6946 IRA/05/17280/2021 Patrick Ochieng Omiti 26-Oct-2020
6947 IRA/05/8419/2021 Patrick Odhiambo Obwaka 26-Oct-2020
6948 IRA/05/12895/2021 Patrick Okech Owuor 8-Oct-2020
6949 IRA/05/28687/2021 Patrick Omondi Okech 30-Sep-2020

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6950 IRA/05/39052/2021 Patrick Otieno Angote 9-Oct-2020
6951 IRA/05/39542/2021 Patrick Otieno Ndengu 29-Sep-2020
6952 IRA/05/14914/2021 Patrick Owilli Ondigo 18-Jan-2021
6953 IRA/05/34417/2021 Patrick Wachira Gitura 26-Sep-2020
6954 IRA/05/16775/2021 Patrick Wachiye Matere 5-Oct-2020
6955 IRA/05/5993/2021 Patrick Wanjohi Wahome 7-Oct-2020
6956 IRA/05/30059/2021 Patrick Wanjohi Wairimu 15-Nov-2020
6957 IRA/05/17638/2021 Patrick Waweru Karuku 6-Nov-2020
6958 IRA/05/30044/2021 Patrick Weru Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
6959 IRA/05/15731/2021 Patroba Manyuru 28-Jan-2021
6960 IRA/05/10609/2021 Patspace Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
6961 IRA/05/15836/2021 Patterns Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
6962 IRA/05/27595/2021 Paul Kemboi Ayabei 27-Sep-2020
6963 IRA/05/3232/2021 Paul A. J. Odhiambo 27-Nov-2020
6964 IRA/05/25382/2021 Paul Gachuhi Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
6965 IRA/05/25287/2021 Paul Gichuki Rukwaro 5-Oct-2020
6966 IRA/05/14833/2021 Paul Irungu Wanjiku 5-Oct-2020
6967 IRA/05/36356/2021 Paul Kiarii Gaitho 9-Oct-2020
6968 IRA/05/17611/2021 Paul Kiberenge Wandaka 07-Jan-2021
6969 IRA/05/38025/2021 Paul Kipkorir Sigei Sisei 5-Oct-2020
6970 IRA/05/18072/2021 Paul M. Kamunya 30-Sep-2020
6971 IRA/05/16256/2021 Paul Magunga Otieno 5-Oct-2020
6972 IRA/05/11146/2021 Paul Malai Michael 5-Oct-2020
6973 IRA/05/25529/2021 Paul Martin Onundo 26-Sep-2020
6974 IRA/05/37571/2021 Paul Mbatia Kaburi 15-Feb-2021
6975 IRA/05/27268/2021 Paul Miiri Kimani 5-Oct-2020
6976 IRA/05/28862/2021 Paul Muchiri Mathenge 07-Oct-2020
6977 IRA/05/31771/2021 Paul Mukuha 28-Sep-2020
6978 IRA/05/27540/2021 Paul Mundati Wango 14-Oct-2020
6979 IRA/05/11933/2021 Paul Mungathia Makwalu 14-Oct-2020
6980 IRA/05/38031/2021 Paul Muriuki Gitau 28-Jan-2021
6981 IRA/05/16712/2021 Paul Muthama Kavita 21-Jan-2021
6982 IRA/05/11582/2021 Paul Mwai Maina 6-Oct-2020
6983 IRA/05/25124/2021 Paul Mwangi Kibicho 28-Sep-2020
6984 IRA/05/37048/2021 Paul Mwendwa Mutusya 14-Nov-2020
6985 IRA/05/39364/2021 Paul Ngaruiya Nganga 12-Jan-2021
6986 IRA/05/18089/2021 Paul Ngove Kanuvi 15-Oct-2020
6987 IRA/05/17868/2021 Paul Ngugi Ndungu 5-Oct-2020
6988 IRA/05/29009/2021 Paul Njeru Ruibi 7-Oct-2020
6989 IRA/05/28743/2021 Paul Njoroge Mwago 6-Oct-2020
6990 IRA/05/10498/2021 Paul Njuguna Mburu 28-Sep-2020
6991 IRA/05/31108/2021 Paul Ochieng Olel 11-Nov-2020
6992 IRA/05/27007/2021 Paul Odaba Wabwire 8-Oct-2020
6993 IRA/05/16222/2021 Paul Oluoch Onyango 28-Sep-2020
6994 IRA/05/32934/2021 Paul Omollo Obwanda 28-Sep-2020
6995 IRA/05/16618/2021 Paul Pala Mzungu 27-Sep-2020
6996 IRA/05/37082/2021 Paul Simiyu Elijah 1-Feb-2021
6997 IRA/05/30601/2021 Paul Ungadi Jumba 12-Nov-2020
6998 IRA/05/13049/2021 Paul Wachira Wanyiri 27-Sep-2020
6999 IRA/05/26113/2021 Paul Waithaka Karanja 27-Sep-2020
7000 IRA/05/14908/2021 Paul Waweru Kamau 26-Sep-2020
7001 IRA/05/30846/2021 Pauline Adema Injaga 6-Oct-2020
7002 IRA/05/36016/2021 Pauline Anyango Ndula 6-Nov-2020
7003 IRA/05/36881/2021 Pauline Kavindu Maingi 13-Oct-2020
7004 IRA/05/36814/2021 Pauline Mbithe Mwangangi 6-Oct-2020
7005 IRA/05/39511/2021 Pauline Mbula Makau 29-Sep-2020
7006 IRA/05/24290/2021 Pauline Mugure Njehia 30-Sep-2020
7007 IRA/05/39565/2021 Pauline Muthoni Watene 6-Oct-2020
7008 IRA/05/31696/2021 Pauline Mwende Peter 7-Oct-2020

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7009 IRA/05/36536/2021 Pauline Ngendo Wanyoike 29-Sep-2020
7010 IRA/05/35891/2021 Pauline Njeri 27-Sep-2020
7011 IRA/05/40004/2021 Pauline Njeri Mwangi 27-Jan-2021
7012 IRA/05/33677/2021 Pauline Ntoiso Kombe 30-Sep-2020
7013 IRA/05/27976/2021 Pauline Nyaguthii Wachira 16-Oct-2020
7014 IRA/05/38262/2021 Pauline Nyambura Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
7015 IRA/05/36501/2021 Pauline Nyawira Mwangi 12-Oct-2020
7016 IRA/05/30706/2021 Pauline Nzisa 6-Oct-2020
7017 IRA/05/28408/2021 Pauline Silako Mwasame 12-Nov-2020
7018 IRA/05/35125/2021 Pauline Wairimu Kinyua 14-Dec-2020
7019 IRA/05/30924/2021 Pauline Wambui Mwangi 7-Oct-2020
7020 IRA/05/35313/2021 Pauline Wangari Mathenge 19-Oct-2020
7021 IRA/05/38669/2021 Pauline Wangechi Kihara 28-Sep-2020
7022 IRA/05/25552/2021 Pauline Wanja Mungai 6-Oct-2020
7023 IRA/05/37075/2021 Pauline Wanjiku Kanyi 8-Oct-2020
7024 IRA/05/32540/2021 Pauline Wanjiku Njue 21-Oct-2020
7025 IRA/05/29519/2021 Paulino Kibindu Gituto 9-Oct-2020
7026 IRA/05/12149/2021 Pave Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
7027 IRA/05/36375/2021 Pawan Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7028 IRA/05/27305/2021 Pay Cycle Insurance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
7029 IRA/05/39413/2021 Payout Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
7030 IRA/05/29924/2021 Pazuri Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7031 IRA/05/27208/2021 Peak Access Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7032 IRA/05/31260/2021 Peak Link Insurance Agencies 13-Jan-2021
7033 IRA/05/14663/2021 Peak Point Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7034 IRA/05/34629/2021 Peak View Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7035 IRA/05/17562/2021 Pearlbrand Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7036 IRA/05/30041/2021 Pearson Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7037 IRA/05/28274/2021 Pebbles Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7038 IRA/05/12772/2021 Peddy Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
7039 IRA/05/14578/2021 Pedom Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
7040 IRA/05/16845/2021 Pedrocks Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
7041 IRA/05/13509/2021 Pe-Emu Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7042 IRA/05/27468/2021 Peeswaka Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7043 IRA/05/27769/2021 Pegasus Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
7044 IRA/05/34338/2021 Pejam Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
7045 IRA/05/722/2021 Peki Insurance Agencies Ltd 30-Sep-2020
7046 IRA/05/31628/2021 Pela Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7047 IRA/05/25917/2021 Pelica Karea Kinyamu 12-Oct-2020
7048 IRA/05/17227/2021 Peligen Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
7049 IRA/05/8849/2021 Pema Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
7050 IRA/05/38341/2021 Pemire Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
7051 IRA/05/38517/2021 Pemsure Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7052 IRA/05/24587/2021 Pen Brick Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7053 IRA/05/31086/2021 Pena Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
7054 IRA/05/24892/2021 Pendeza Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7055 IRA/05/10601/2021 Penguin-Callesons Insurance Agency 02-Oct-2020
7056 IRA/05/34035/2021 Penina Cheruto 9-Oct-2020
7057 IRA/05/37251/2021 Penina Kanini Nzyuko 16-Oct-2020
7058 IRA/05/35188/2021 Peninah Chelimo Seurey 15-Oct-2020
7059 IRA/05/32349/2021 Peninah Wanjiku Kinyahwe 30-Sep-2020
7060 IRA/05/28586/2021 Peninah Wanjiru Muthua 08-Oct-2020
7061 IRA/05/38577/2021 Peninah Waringa 15-Oct-2020
7062 IRA/05/24571/2021 Peninah Wetheo Mutemi 8-Oct-2020
7063 IRA/05/30178/2021 Penninah Nduku Mulu 9-Oct-2020
7064 IRA/05/38955/2021 Penninah Wanjiru Macharia 16-Oct-2020
7065 IRA/05/14358/2021 Pennywise Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7066 IRA/05/17285/2021 Penpact Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7067 IRA/05/28998/2021 Pentaberg Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020

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7068 IRA/05/29151/2021 Pentagol Steps Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
7069 IRA/05/26509/2021 Pentagon Insurance Agency Ltd. 5-Oct-2020
7070 IRA/05/31988/2021 Penton Insurance Agencies 6-Jan-2021
7071 IRA/05/24447/2021 Penuel Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7072 IRA/05/37490/2021 Perennials Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
7073 IRA/05/39794/2021 Peril Shield Insurance Solution Ltd 19-Jan-2021
7074 IRA/05/26094/2021 Perim Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
7075 IRA/05/32760/2021 Peris Gathoni Kamau 6-Nov-2020
7076 IRA/05/38698/2021 Peris Jepchirchir 31-Oct-2020
7077 IRA/05/30944/2021 Peris Mbithe Makau 15-Nov-2020
7078 IRA/05/16890/2021 Peris Mirigo Gateri 7-Oct-2020
7079 IRA/05/38554/2021 Peris Nduku Mutie 27-Oct-2020
7080 IRA/05/25802/2021 Peris Nyambura Mureithi 6-Oct-2020
7081 IRA/05/36808/2021 Peris Nyambura Njunge 14-Oct-2020
7082 IRA/05/35085/2021 Peris Wahura Gakuru 30-Sep-2020
7083 IRA/05/36479/2021 Peris Waithera Gikuru 6-Oct-2020
7084 IRA/05/36099/2021 Peris Wambaire Kimenju 12-Nov-2020
7085 IRA/05/34446/2021 Peris Wambui Gituro 13-Oct-2020
7086 IRA/05/37628/2021 Peris Wanjiku Muthari 29-Sep-2020
7087 IRA/05/17635/2021 Peris Wanjiku Nyambura 5-Oct-2020
7088 IRA/05/37001/2021 Peris Wanjiru Mwaniki 15-Dec-2020
7089 IRA/05/26913/2021 Perklight Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
7090 IRA/05/38474/2021 Perminus Wanjohi Mwangi 13-Jan-2021
7091 IRA/05/35381/2021 Pero Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7092 IRA/05/35687/2021 Perpetua Mwende Mukasa 9-Oct-2020
7093 IRA/05/39874/2021 Persis Mutindi Mutungi 1-Feb-2021
7094 IRA/05/30376/2021 Persley Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7095 IRA/05/20202/2021 Persona Advisory Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
7096 IRA/05/27018/2021 Perspective Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7097 IRA/05/25435/2021 Perth Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
7098 IRA/05/25727/2021 Peruce Indusa Ombima 28-Sep-2020
7099 IRA/05/30639/2021 Pesabazaar Insurance Agency Limited 28-Jan-2021
7100 IRA/05/30639/2021-De- Pesabazaar Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
7101 IRA/05/27013/2021 Peshsonie Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7102 IRA/05/29216/2021 Peter Otieno Omondi 28-Sep-2020
7103 IRA/05/17447/2021 Peter Andiwo Ogollah 28-Sep-2020
7104 IRA/05/17432/2021 Peter Barack Okumu 27-Sep-2020
7105 IRA/05/27345/2021 Peter Derek Muendo 6-Oct-2020
7106 IRA/05/39271/2021 Peter Donald Omuse 9-Oct-2020
7107 IRA/05/34711/2021 Peter Gakuyia Mbogo 12-Nov-2020
7108 IRA/05/26246/2021 Peter Gathigira Munuhe 29-Jan-2021
7109 IRA/05/29282/2021 Peter Gitonga Mwangi 27-Sep-2020
7110 IRA/05/36519/2021 Peter Harrison Kariuki Njuguna 8-Oct-2020
7111 IRA/05/28317/2021 Peter Irungu 6-Nov-2020
7112 IRA/05/33490/2021 Peter Isaboke Nyangau 14-Jan-2021
7113 IRA/05/29048/2021 Peter Isagi Mudanya 6-Nov-2020
7114 IRA/05/14361/2021 Peter Kaluai Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7115 IRA/05/38837/2021 Peter Kamau Wanyoike 6-Oct-2020
7116 IRA/05/1040/2021 Peter Kangara Macharia 28-Sep-2020
7117 IRA/05/37196/2021 Peter Karanja Chege 16-Oct-2020
7118 IRA/05/27050/2021 Peter Karanja Kironyo 8-Oct-2020
7119 IRA/05/29672/2021 Peter Karanja Wabai 30-Sep-2020
7120 IRA/05/26485/2021 Peter Kazungu Mburu 27-Sep-2020
7121 IRA/05/35505/2021 Peter Kiama Kamau Wango 7-Jan-2021
7122 IRA/05/25813/2021 Peter Kiambati Wachira 21-Oct-2020
7123 IRA/05/35800/2021 Peter Kibuku Ndungu 6-Oct-2020
7124 IRA/05/36610/2021 Peter Kichikiro Chikira 15-Oct-2020
7125 IRA/05/39970/2021 Peter Kiiru 12-Feb-2021
7126 IRA/05/37438/2021 Peter Kimani Kinuthia 15-Oct-2020

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7127 IRA/05/20095/2021 Peter Kitogho 11-Dec-2020
7128 IRA/05/37117/2021 Peter Kivuva Musui 30-Sep-2020
7129 IRA/05/26475/2021 Peter Loki Nzioki 22-Oct-2020
7130 IRA/05/3602/2021 Peter Masiga Oduori 2-Oct-2020
7131 IRA/05/37427/2021 Peter Mbithi Katula 3-Nov-2020
7132 IRA/05/38291/2021 Peter Mbugua Njathi 20-Jan-2021
7133 IRA/05/16589/2021 Peter Mbugua Njogu 21-Oct-2020
7134 IRA/05/32740/2021 Peter Mbugua Waronja 9-Oct-2020
7135 IRA/05/25329/2021 Peter Mbui Gitau 28-Sep-2020
7136 IRA/05/39931/2021 Peter Mbuthia Njambi 8-Feb-2021
7137 IRA/05/35256/2021 Peter Mucheru Wangari 29-Sep-2020
7138 IRA/05/32180/2021 Peter Mugo Gachina 5-Oct-2020
7139 IRA/05/10827/2021 Peter Mugosero Mackenzie 27-Nov-2020
7140 IRA/05/25320/2021 Peter Muiruri Mwaniki 28-Sep-2020
7141 IRA/05/37039/2021 Peter Mulei Kyele 1-Oct-2020
7142 IRA/05/15596/2021 Peter Munene Kariuki 8-Dec-2020
7143 IRA/05/25252/2021 Peter Mungai Ndungu 28-Sep-2020
7144 IRA/05/24926/2021 Peter Munyi Kavavei 26-Oct-2020
7145 IRA/05/38665/2021 Peter Murage Njine 6-Oct-2020
7146 IRA/05/27743/2021 Peter Muriithi Macharia 14-Nov-2020
7147 IRA/05/32819/2021 Peter Murithi Mbijiwe 19-Oct-2020
7148 IRA/05/39911/2021 Peter Mutema Kamau 3-Feb-2021
7149 IRA/05/28193/2021 Peter Muthui Nzethe 11-Nov-2020
7150 IRA/05/37333/2021 Peter Mutua Kaswii 27-Sep-2020
7151 IRA/05/27408/2021 Peter Mwangi Ndichu 6-Nov-2020
7152 IRA/05/29976/2021 Peter Mwanza Mutua 27-Sep-2020
7153 IRA/05/19081/2021 Peter Mwaura Muchiru 29-Jan-2021
7154 IRA/05/16238/2021 Peter Mwita Chacha 28-Sep-2020
7155 IRA/05/9479/2021 Peter N. Sifuma 23-Dec-2020
7156 IRA/05/38747/2021 Peter Ndegwa Ndungu 8-Feb-2021
7157 IRA/05/38641/2021 Peter Nderi Karanja 4-Nov-2020
7158 IRA/05/31378/2021 Peter Ndeto Wambua 22-Oct-2020
7159 IRA/05/16480/2021 Peter Ndirangu Kihungi 29-Sep-2020
7160 IRA/05/1189/2021 Peter Nduati Mbugua 5-Oct-2020
7161 IRA/05/36150/2021 Peter Ndungu 2-Oct-2020
7162 IRA/05/39878/2021 Peter Ndungu Muturi 1-Feb-2021
7163 IRA/05/37697/2021 Peter Ndungu Njuguna 22-Oct-2020
7164 IRA/05/16528/2021 Peter Nganga 6-Oct-2020
7165 IRA/05/7452/2021 Peter Nganga Muturi 6-Oct-2020
7166 IRA/05/37403/2021 Peter Ngari Ireri 1-Oct-2020
7167 IRA/05/10054/2021 Peter Njoroge Mbuguah 30-Sep-2020
7168 IRA/05/14605/2021 Peter Njuguna Wanderi 5-Oct-2020
7169 IRA/05/37077/2021 Peter Njuki Maina 27-Sep-2020
7170 IRA/05/6441/2021 Peter Nyaga Ngari 7-Oct-2020
7171 IRA/05/28726/2021 Peter Nyamu Wachira 2-Oct-2020
7172 IRA/05/39831/2021 Peter Ochieng Otieno 1-Feb-2021
7173 IRA/05/38705/2021 Peter Ogallo Akombo 5-Oct-2020
7174 IRA/05/1909/2021 Peter Omwenga Momanyi 8-Oct-2020
7175 IRA/05/14629/2021 Peter Ongadi Ragulla 30-Sep-2020
7176 IRA/05/35249/2021 Peter Ongere Nutt 22-Oct-2020
7177 IRA/05/30882/2021 Peter Otieno Odhiambo 14-Dec-2020
7178 IRA/05/16729/2021 Peter Otieno Ogallo 14-Nov-2020
7179 IRA/05/28768/2021 Peter Otieno Osewe 11-Feb-2021
7180 IRA/05/17289/2021 Peter Otongo Getugi 13-Oct-2020
7181 IRA/05/24797/2021 Peter Ouma Anyona 6-Oct-2020
7182 IRA/05/30196/2021 Peter Oyaya Ongao 27-Sep-2020
7183 IRA/05/14219/2021 Peter Ribui Wangondu 28-Sep-2020
7184 IRA/05/39932/2021 Peter Savali Joshua 8-Feb-2021
7185 IRA/05/35638/2021 Peter Waichungo Ngunjiri 17-Oct-2020

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7186 IRA/05/20256/2021 Peter Wainaina Kairu 21-Oct-2020
7187 IRA/05/37591/2021 Peter Wanabaka Oduori 9-Oct-2020
7188 IRA/05/39865/2021 Peter Wanjala Wanyama 1-Feb-2021
7189 IRA/05/38852/2021 Peter Were Ojore 6-Oct-2020
7190 IRA/05/4133/2021 Peterson Baru Kinuthia 2-Oct-2020
7191 IRA/05/31238/2021 Peterson Kariuki Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
7192 IRA/05/36593/2021 Peterson Munene Mugo 26-Sep-2020
7193 IRA/05/14799/2021 Peterson Munuhe Gathigira 14-Oct-2020
7194 IRA/05/38812/2021 Peterson Nyambane Nyambeche 3-Nov-2020
7195 IRA/05/30717/2021 Petronilla Mwikali Kalamu 3-Feb-2021
7196 IRA/05/25881/2021 Petroniller Wayua Makau 7-Oct-2020
7197 IRA/05/26978/2021 Pevan Insurance Agencies 6-Nov-2020
7198 IRA/05/27331/2021 Phanice Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7199 IRA/05/24745/2021 Phase Two Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7200 IRA/05/14599/2021 Phelix Omondi Abwao 5-Oct-2020
7201 IRA/05/27375/2021 Phency Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7202 IRA/05/12912/2021 Phenic Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
7203 IRA/05/38972/2021 Pheny Atieno Onditi 28-Sep-2020
7204 IRA/05/28154/2021 Pheny Plus Insurance Agencies 27-Oct-2020
7205 IRA/05/37879/2021 Phiben Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7206 IRA/05/26576/2021 Phibian Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7207 IRA/05/31218/2021 Phicol Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7208 IRA/05/34913/2021 Phidelis Jendeka Akimanya 26-Sep-2020
7209 IRA/05/39801/2021 Phides Wawuda Chome 31-Dec-2020
7210 IRA/05/24131/2021 Philemon K Kibor 2-Nov-2020
7211 IRA/05/16106/2021 Philifiine Mochama Kerina 30-Sep-2020
7212 IRA/05/36664/2021 Philigonah. K. Mwachofi 27-Jan-2021
7213 IRA/05/32020/2021 Philip Emurudu Barasa 30-Sep-2020
7214 IRA/05/29753/2021 Philip Gitau Kinuthia 5-Oct-2020
7215 IRA/05/15753/2021 Philip Gitonga Gitahi 5-Oct-2020
7216 IRA/05/35329/2021 Philip Kimatu Mutua 6-Oct-2020
7217 IRA/05/16521/2021 Philip Maina Kigotho 28-Sep-2020
7218 IRA/05/26232/2021 Philip Makhatsa 14-Oct-2020
7219 IRA/05/35999/2021 Philip Miruka 12-Nov-2020
7220 IRA/05/35601/2021 Philip Muchiri 6-Oct-2020
7221 IRA/05/38857/2021 Philip Ndede Odiwuor 2-Nov-2020
7222 IRA/05/25416/2021 Philip Nickson Makanga 28-Sep-2020
7223 IRA/05/27216/2021 Philip Ochieng Abongo 2-Oct-2020
7224 IRA/05/30856/2021 Philip Ochieng Otieno 29-Sep-2020
7225 IRA/05/9048/2021 Philip Ogaro Mochache 26-Sep-2020
7226 IRA/05/29019/2021 Philip Onano Asande 27-Sep-2020
7227 IRA/05/14541/2021 Philip Wachira Ndungu 28-Sep-2020
7228 IRA/05/20303/2021 Philis Wachuka Thuita 1-Oct-2020
7229 IRA/05/40007/2021 Philis Wambui Njoroge 28-Jan-2021
7230 IRA/05/30872/2021 Phillip Awiti Nyateng 7-Oct-2020
7231 IRA/05/5216/2021 Phillip Wachira Githaiga 14-Oct-2020
7232 IRA/05/38902/2021 Phillis Comfort Ngoseywe 5-Oct-2020
7233 IRA/05/24595/2021 Philomena Gertrude Bandari 28-Sep-2020
7234 IRA/05/25510/2021 Philomena M. Mutinda 2-Oct-2020
7235 IRA/05/18077/2021 Philomena Wambui Ngigi 12-Nov-2020
7236 IRA/05/36128/2021 Philomena Wanjiru Kiharo 26-Sep-2020
7237 IRA/05/36443/2021 Phinarch Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
7238 IRA/05/29613/2021 Phineas Murerwa Mmutungi 12-Oct-2020
7239 IRA/05/15653/2021 Phineas Njue Barine 12-Oct-2020
7240 IRA/05/17603/2021 Phoebe Asingwa Masai 5-Oct-2020
7241 IRA/05/14749/2021 Phoebe Awuor Amolo 16-Oct-2020
7242 IRA/05/32712/2021 Phoebe Chebet Kisiero 28-Sep-2020
7243 IRA/05/17661/2021 Phoebe Mutinda Kitili 27-Sep-2020
7244 IRA/05/39259/2021 Phoebe Nabifwo Mukami 6-Oct-2020

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7245 IRA/05/28984/2021 Phoebe Wangeci Wahome 1-Oct-2020
7246 IRA/05/35623/2021 Phoebe Wanjiku 13-Oct-2020
7247 IRA/05/30584/2021 Phylis Indiviza Mido 7-Oct-2020
7248 IRA/05/34820/2021 Phylis Nanjala Nangaka 28-Sep-2020
7249 IRA/05/31278/2021 Phylis Shigami 6-Nov-2020
7250 IRA/05/34372/2021 Phyllice Micere Gitumbi 14-Dec-2020
7251 IRA/05/34366/2021 Phyllis Wambui Mwangi 4-Nov-2020
7252 IRA/05/37021/2021 Phyllis Wangui Karanja 5-Oct-2020
7253 IRA/05/15427/2021 Phyllis Wanjiru Maina 27-Sep-2020
7254 IRA/05/29050/2021 Phyllys Mugure Kimwaki 27-Sep-2020
7255 IRA/05/26168/2021 Phyris Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7256 IRA/05/38417/2021 Pilier Limited 14-Dec-2020
7257 IRA/05/37992/2021 Pims Insurance Agency Limited 19-Jan-2021
7258 IRA/05/8628/2021 Pina Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7259 IRA/05/39316/2021 Pink Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
7260 IRA/05/35416/2021 Pinnacle Allegiance Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7261 IRA/05/17448/2021 Pins To Planes Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7262 IRA/05/31646/2021 Pishon Havilah Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7263 IRA/05/24098/2021 Pishon River Insurance Agencies 26-Oct-2020
7264 IRA/05/32325/2021 Pistella Management And Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7265 IRA/05/40009/2021 Pitta Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
7266 IRA/05/31687/2021 Pitts Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7267 IRA/05/17111/2021 Pitty Nyokabi Maina 28-Sep-2020
7268 IRA/05/39032/2021 Pius Barasa Munika 19-Oct-2020
7269 IRA/05/24499/2021 Pius Kyalo Muthama 26-Sep-2020
7270 IRA/05/14759/2021 Pius Mulinge Nguluma 5-Oct-2020
7271 IRA/05/20044/2021 Pius Musyoki Mutua 27-Sep-2020
7272 IRA/05/12963/2021 Pius Nzioka Maingi 26-Sep-2020
7273 IRA/05/37796/2021 Pius Ritho Kariuki 16-Oct-2020
7274 IRA/05/36342/2021 Pkb Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
7275 IRA/05/13249/2021 Placid Insurance Agencies Ltd 27-Sep-2020
7276 IRA/05/5375/2021 Plainsure Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
7277 IRA/05/26744/2021 Plan B Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7278 IRA/05/28284/2021 Planet Link Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7279 IRA/05/36680/2021 Planway Insurance Services 30-Nov-2020
7280 IRA/05/19068/2021 Plateau Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7281 IRA/05/38156/2021 Platz Insurance Agency (K) Limited 13-Jan-2021
7282 IRA/05/39227/2021 Pledge Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7283 IRA/05/31173/2021 Plessis Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7284 IRA/05/31080/2021 Pointsix Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
7285 IRA/05/20387/2021 Polano Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
7286 IRA/05/29681/2021 Polbra Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
7287 IRA/05/39939/2021 Poline Muthoni Wachira 8-Feb-2021
7288 IRA/05/25730/2021 Politan Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7289 IRA/05/18024/2021 Polnel Insurance Agency 10-Dec-2020
7290 IRA/05/37607/2021 Polyan Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7291 IRA/05/35307/2021 Polycarp Fletcher 5-Nov-2020
7292 IRA/05/37345/2021 Polymath Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
7293 IRA/05/34568/2021 Polyne Vihenda Musidikho 5-Oct-2020
7294 IRA/05/27233/2021 Polysure Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7295 IRA/05/35147/2021 Pop In Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7296 IRA/05/25798/2021 Popular Peak Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7297 IRA/05/37153/2021 Porama Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
7298 IRA/05/15431/2021 Portfolio Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7299 IRA/05/39343/2021 Powell Kiplagat Cheruiyot 6-Oct-2020
7300 IRA/05/20033/2021 Powerhouse Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
7301 IRA/05/39544/2021 Powermaxx Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
7302 IRA/05/28540/2021 Powermount Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
7303 IRA/05/38376/2021 Powertek Systems 6-Jan-2021

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7304 IRA/05/14107/2021 Powys Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7305 IRA/05/28162/2021 Praans Insuance Agency 27-Nov-2020
7306 IRA/05/34079/2021 Praxideis Cheruto 13-Oct-2020
7307 IRA/05/32446/2021 Praxides Nafula Wanyama 6-Oct-2020
7308 IRA/05/16716/2021 Precise Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7309 IRA/05/25836/2021 Precision Insurance Agency Limited 14-Oct-2020
7310 IRA/05/27727/2021 Preem Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7311 IRA/05/39566/2021 Prefecture Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7312 IRA/05/27703/2021 Preferred Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7313 IRA/05/38411/2021 Preinsol Agency 12-Dec-2020
7314 IRA/05/24747/2021 Premax Insurance Agencies 12-Jan-2021
7315 IRA/05/18037/2021 Premier Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
7316 IRA/05/17222/2021 Premier Sapphire Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Sep-2020
7317 IRA/05/13065/2021 Premiercover Insurance Agency Ltd 6-Nov-2020
7318 IRA/05/15738/2021 Premiersure Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
7319 IRA/05/37161/2021 Prepa Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
7320 IRA/05/28269/2021 Prerible Best Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7321 IRA/05/30568/2021 Pressone Commercial And Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7322 IRA/05/14465/2021 Prestige Associates Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
7323 IRA/05/15893/2021 Prestige Insurance Agency Limited 1-Oct-2020
7324 IRA/05/16579/2021 Pretty Atieno Kirewe 6-Oct-2020
7325 IRA/05/36669/2021 Priana Chebet Langat 02-Oct-2020
7326 IRA/05/27435/2021 Pridemark Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7327 IRA/05/28602/2021 Prima Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
7328 IRA/05/37343/2021 Primacy Insurance Agency Ltd 12-Nov-2020
7329 IRA/05/17446/2021 Primark Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7330 IRA/05/29913/2021 Prime Access Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
7331 IRA/05/27302/2021 Prime Afrik Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
7332 IRA/05/34550/2021 Prime Cover Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7333 IRA/05/28572/2021 Prime Merchant Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
7334 IRA/05/29278/2021 Prime Rate Insurance Agency 3-Dec-2020
7335 IRA/05/35848/2021 Primegates Consultants 6-Jan-2021
7336 IRA/05/25137/2021 Primehut Insurance Agents 28-Sep-2020
7337 IRA/05/17096/2021 Primelink Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7338 IRA/05/10421/2021 Primerock Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7339 IRA/05/12670/2021 Prince Duke Insurancy Agency 07-Dec-2020
7340 IRA/05/11763/2021 Princebright Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7341 IRA/05/28778/2021 Princess Insurance Agency Ltd 8-Oct-2020
7342 IRA/05/35366/2021 Prinserve Insurance Agencies Limited 30-Nov-2020
7343 IRA/05/298001/2021 Priority Plan Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7344 IRA/05/20317/2021 Prisca Akinyi Akelo 21-Oct-2020
7345 IRA/05/37541/2021 Prisca Sylvia Namuki Wasswa 6-Jan-2021
7346 IRA/05/34760/2021 Priscah Jebet Siele 6-Oct-2020
7347 IRA/05/34225/2021 Priscah Kawuki Wakio 16-Feb-2021
7348 IRA/05/37361/2021 Priscah Wanjiku Chege 8-Feb-2021
7349 IRA/05/37685/2021 Priscilla Gathigia Kariuki 5-Oct-2020
7350 IRA/05/29023/2021 Priscilla Kananu 28-Sep-2020
7351 IRA/05/25580/2021 Priscilla Waithera Wangare 25-Sep-2020
7352 IRA/05/39748/2021 Priscillah Elizabeth Apiyo 22-Dec-2020
7353 IRA/05/24626/2021 Priscillah Kinuthia Njambi 3-Nov-2020
7354 IRA/05/31649/2021 Priscillah Ruguru Wanjohi 11-Jan-2021
7355 IRA/05/31222/2021 Priscillah Wambui Muruthi 14-Dec-2020
7356 IRA/05/26412/2021 Priska Achieng Otieno 16-Oct-2020
7357 IRA/05/29943/2021 Prisla Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7358 IRA/05/15961/2021 Prism Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
7359 IRA/05/29671/2021 Pristine Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7360 IRA/05/20384/2021 Privileged Insurance Agencies Ltd 5-Oct-2020
7361 IRA/05/33503/2021 Prixen Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7362 IRA/05/30031/2021 Pro Care Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020

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7363 IRA/05/35020/2021 Pro-Certified Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7364 IRA/05/15929/2021 Process Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7365 IRA/05/19092/2021 Proffer Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7366 IRA/05/32693/2021 Profin Insurance Agencies (K) Limited 29-Sep-2020
7367 IRA/05/28516/2021 Prokava Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7368 IRA/05/37759/2021 Prolife Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
7369 IRA/05/29192/2021 Prompt Solution Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7370 IRA/05/36455/2021 Prompton Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
7371 IRA/05/31176/2021 Prosper Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
7372 IRA/05/17802/2021 Prosperite Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7373 IRA/05/25997/2021 Prosperity Care Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7374 IRA/05/36097/2021 Prospus Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7375 IRA/05/12172/2021 Protecksure Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
7376 IRA/05/39797/2021 Protecthem Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
7377 IRA/05/17721/2021 Providence Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7378 IRA/05/28930/2021 Prowealth Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
7379 IRA/05/25834/2021 Prowess Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
7380 IRA/05/26783/2021 Proxima Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7381 IRA/05/28031/2021 Prudence Insurance Agencies 22-Dec-2020
7382 IRA/05/31500/2021 Pshat Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7383 IRA/05/30886/2021 Pudeciana Atieno 16-Dec-2020
7384 IRA/05/32385/2021 Puffin Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7385 IRA/05/36661/2021 Pula Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
7386 IRA/05/28223/2021 Pure Agencies 27-Sep-2020
7387 IRA/05/27654/2021 Pure Marsha Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
7388 IRA/05/30817/2021 Purity Wanjiru Muriithi 6-Oct-2020
7389 IRA/05/39729/2021 Purity Atieno Juma 12-Dec-2020
7390 IRA/05/16366/2021 Purity Chepwogen Langat 7-Oct-2020
7391 IRA/05/20368/2021 Purity Gaceri Gitonga 7-Oct-2020
7392 IRA/05/35503/2021 Purity Jepchirchir 5-Oct-2020
7393 IRA/05/29179/2021 Purity Jepchumba Kemboi 12-Oct-2020
7394 IRA/05/32805/2021 Purity Karimi Njagi 13-Jan-2021
7395 IRA/05/29134/2021 Purity Karwirwa Marete 29-Jan-2021
7396 IRA/05/36705/2021 Purity Kathure 9-Oct-2020
7397 IRA/05/38592/2021 Purity Kivisi Minyoso 7-Oct-2020
7398 IRA/05/35695/2021 Purity Makena Gitonga 13-Oct-2020
7399 IRA/05/26925/2021 Purity Mumbi Wangara 3-Nov-2020
7400 IRA/05/33107/2021 Purity Muteyian Mayon 5-Oct-2020
7401 IRA/05/33428/2021 Purity Muthoni Muchiri 30-Sep-2020
7402 IRA/05/33734/2021 Purity Mwende Thomas 28-Sep-2020
7403 IRA/05/24778/2021 Purity Mwongeli Mutinda 30-Sep-2020
7404 IRA/05/30241/2021 Purity Nanjala Wasike Musima 8-Oct-2020
7405 IRA/05/34206/2021 Purity Ngina Kariuki 13-Jan-2021
7406 IRA/05/38682/2021 Purity Nyambura Kariuki 30-Sep-2020
7407 IRA/05/34291/2021 Purity Susan Mogunde 28-Sep-2020
7408 IRA/05/28277/2021 Purity Wangu Kiguta 5-Oct-2020
7409 IRA/05/16172/2021 Purity Wangui Ndegwa 5-Oct-2020
7410 IRA/05/30542/2021 Purity Wanjiku Mbungu 5-Oct-2020
7411 IRA/05/39175/2021 Purity Wanjiru Wanja 3-Feb-2021
7412 IRA/05/17639/2021 Purple Platinum Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
7413 IRA/05/29738/2021 Purple Rock Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7414 IRA/05/29539/2021 Purple Royale Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
7415 IRA/05/9475/2021 Purplespot Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7416 IRA/05/37202/2021 Purpletie Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7417 IRA/05/19077/2021 Purpose Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
7418 IRA/05/20029/2021 Pursue Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
7419 IRA/05/17662/2021 Pursuit Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7420 IRA/05/38132/2021 Pushpay Insurance Consultants Limited 22-Jan-2021
7421 IRA/05/30175/2021 Puzzlefree Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021

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7422 IRA/05/31497/2021 Pyrock Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7423 IRA/05/14676/2021 Qing Harris Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7424 IRA/05/30316/2021 Qlozet Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7425 IRA/05/31164/2021 Qoolpoint Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7426 IRA/05/37772/2021 Qova Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7427 IRA/05/32077/2021 Qsure Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7428 IRA/05/35476/2021 Qualicare Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7429 IRA/05/34167/2021 Qualins Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7430 IRA/05/7356/2021 Qualisure Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7431 IRA/05/40000/2021 Quantainsure Insurance Agency Limited 8-Jan-2021
7432 IRA/05/35495/2021 Quantum And Legal Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
7433 IRA/05/27707/2021 Quaybank Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
7434 IRA/05/34397/2021 Qubic Agency 2-Oct-2020
7435 IRA/05/0048/2021 Quebec Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7436 IRA/05/31496/2021 Queber Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7437 IRA/05/12811/2021 Quebex Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7438 IRA/05/33412/2021 Queens Ark Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7439 IRA/05/35765/2021 Queenshield Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
7440 IRA/05/27283/2021 Queensland Commercial & Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7441 IRA/05/26719/2021 Queensway Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
7442 IRA/05/39440/2021 Queenter Akoth Agunda 6-Oct-2020
7443 IRA/05/28680/2021 Quest Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7444 IRA/05/30093/2021 Quick Auto Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7445 IRA/05/24856/2021 Quickserve Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7446 IRA/05/26631/2021 Quidlink Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
7447 IRA/05/15214/2021 Quietlife Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
7448 IRA/05/14009/2021 Quin Link Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7449 IRA/05/36878/2021 Quinlan Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
7450 IRA/05/24538/2021 Quinray Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
7451 IRA/05/34955/2021 Quinter Ann Ocholla 15-Oct-2020
7452 IRA/05/37928/2021 Quinter Auma Omondi 06-Oct-2020
7453 IRA/05/39791/2021 Quistie Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
7454 IRA/05/24987/2021 Quivers Insurance Agencies 2-Feb-2021
7455 IRA/05/28483/2021 RAA Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7456 IRA/05/35915/2021 Rabboni Executive Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7457 IRA/05/36944/2021 Rabeca Mapenzi Patrick 9-Oct-2020
7458 IRA/05/27633/2021 Race Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
7459 IRA/05/14296/2021 Raceway Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7460 IRA/05/32872/2021 Rachael Jebungei Kipyegon 9-Oct-2020
7461 IRA/05/13005/2021 Rachael Mshingo 27-Sep-2020
7462 IRA/05/30328/2021 Rachael Munyiva Muasa 14-Oct-2020
7463 IRA/05/33427/2021 Rachael Ongwae 26-Oct-2020
7464 IRA/05/35574/2021 Rachael Syombua Nthenge 2-Oct-2020
7465 IRA/05/14970/2021 Rachael Wanja Mwangi 18-Jan-2021
7466 IRA/05/36192/2021 Racheal Mendi Gathecha 6-Nov-2020
7467 IRA/05/30356/2021 Racheal Nyambura Karuthu 7-Oct-2020
7468 IRA/05/35246/2021 Racheal Wairimu Thuo 5-Oct-2020
7469 IRA/05/30255/2021 Racheal Wambui Mwangi 10-Feb-2021
7470 IRA/05/34077/2021 Racheal Wanjiru Mbutu 12-Jan-2021
7471 IRA/05/32318/2021 Rachel Asiko Angatia 29-Sep-2020
7472 IRA/05/35377/2021 Rachel Njango Wawira 22-Oct-2020
7473 IRA/05/29497/2021 Rachel Wambui Ndegwa 5-Oct-2020
7474 IRA/05/37561/2021 Rachel Wangui Ngei 6-Oct-2020
7475 IRA/05/36460/2021 Rachel Wanjiku Gitonga 16-Oct-2020
7476 IRA/05/27319/2021 Rachel Wanjiru Mburu 8-Oct-2020
7477 IRA/05/30522/2021 Racquel Nyaboke Nyabando 9-Oct-2020
7478 IRA/05/28481/2021 Radient Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
7479 IRA/05/25478/2021 Rado Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7480 IRA/05/36699/2021 Rael Jeruto 8-Oct-2020

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7481 IRA/05/35530/2021 Rael Kerubo Mageto 2-Oct-2020
7482 IRA/05/38174/2021 Rael Wakhura 27-Sep-2020
7483 IRA/05/34595/2021 Rafayo Mark Oreni 5-Dec-2020
7484 IRA/05/32518/2021 Rahab Mukiri Mugambi 26-Sep-2020
7485 IRA/05/36061/2021 Rahab Mukuhi Kaminja 7-Oct-2020
7486 IRA/05/29853/2021 Rahab Mumbi Kinuthia 16-Oct-2020
7487 IRA/05/38724/2021 Rahab Njeri Kimwaki 27-Oct-2020
7488 IRA/05/31931/2021 Rahab Njoki 2-Feb-2021
7489 IRA/05/32448/2021 Rahab Njoki Karimi 6-Oct-2020
7490 IRA/05/37379/2021 Rahab Wachuka Miano 08-Oct-2020
7491 IRA/05/38559/2021 Raini Daphine Mariachana 14-Oct-2020
7492 IRA/05/38927/2021 Rainier Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
7493 IRA/05/35871/2021 Raisa Njeri Tumbo 11-Jan-2021
7494 IRA/05/38841/2021 Raiza Chebet Ngeywo 6-Nov-2020
7495 IRA/05/17543/2021 Rajveer Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7496 IRA/05/16346/2021 Rakabi Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7497 IRA/05/37734/2021 Ralgimos Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
7498 IRA/05/34803/2021 Ramadhan Said Ali 8-Oct-2020
7499 IRA/05/27461/2021 Ramas Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7500 IRA/05/36684/2021 Ramasha Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
7501 IRA/05/12978/2021 Ramata Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7502 IRA/05/34310/2021 Ramla Mgeni Rai 21-Jan-2021
7503 IRA/05/25649/2021 Ramuga Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
7504 IRA/05/25553/2021 Randolph Mutua Kimuli 2-Oct-2020
7505 IRA/05/16586/2021 Rangers Africa Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7506 IRA/05/32084/2021 Ranid Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
7507 IRA/05/27065/2021 Ranto Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7508 IRA/05/27074/2021 Rao Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
7509 IRA/05/39768/2021 Raphael Abaya Abugo 8-Jan-2021
7510 IRA/05/14933/2021 Raphael Kabebi Malewa Roman 8-Oct-2020
7511 IRA/05/25309/2021 Raphael Mburu Muthoni 27-Sep-2020
7512 IRA/05/32043/2021 Raphael Mulwa Munyao 11-Jan-2021
7513 IRA/05/16453/2021 Raphael Muraguri Riri Wanjiku 11-Jan-2021
7514 IRA/05/27148/2021 Raphael Mwondu Macharia 29-Sep-2020
7515 IRA/05/30306/2021 Raphael Nduku Aluoch 8-Oct-2020
7516 IRA/05/38254/2021 Raphael Oduor Okoth 9-Oct-2020
7517 IRA/05/10529/2021 Raphael Owiti Okumu 30-Nov-2020
7518 IRA/05/13081/2021 Raphael Savali Mutua 26-Sep-2020
7519 IRA/05/15600/2021 Rapture Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
7520 IRA/05/12451/2021 Rarieda Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7521 IRA/05/36467/2021 Rasilmali Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
7522 IRA/05/26158/2021 Rasto Insurance Agency Limited 14-Dec-2020
7523 IRA/05/12092/2021 Ratson Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
7524 IRA/05/27032/2021 Raucio Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7525 IRA/05/24202/2021 Ravaal Insurance Agents 12-Nov-2020
7526 IRA/05/26987/2021 Raven Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
7527 IRA/05/34318/2021 Rawaka Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7528 IRA/05/33182/2021 Rawco Insurance Agency 18-Nov-2020
7529 IRA/05/27444/2021 Rayan Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7530 IRA/05/25422/2021 Raykezi Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
7531 IRA/05/39806/2021 Raymick Insurance Agency 2-Dec-2020
7532 IRA/05/37633/2021 Raymond Kiprotich Tonui 5-Nov-2020
7533 IRA/05/38791/2021 Raymond Safari Mangi 5-Oct-2020
7534 IRA/05/38874/2021 Raynel Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Nov-2020
7535 IRA/05/32310/2021 Razinagal Agency 6-Oct-2020
7536 IRA/05/35808/2021 Reafin Insurance Agency Limited 13-Jan-2021
7537 IRA/05/17531/2021 Real Capital Insurance Agency 02-Oct-2020
7538 IRA/05/20161/2021 Real Vision Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
7539 IRA/05/31276/2021 Realdate Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020

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7540 IRA/05/14923/2021 Realle Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7541 IRA/05/34905/2021 Realtouch Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
7542 IRA/05/28432/2021 Realval Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
7543 IRA/05/38408/2021 Realworth Insurance Consultancy And Agency (Rica) 7-Jan-2021
7544 IRA/05/29619/2021 Rebbeca Ruguru Njoroge 9-Oct-2020
7545 IRA/05/36280/2021 Rebbie Augusta Wanjiku Wainaina 2-Dec-2020
7546 IRA/05/24993/2021 Rebco Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7547 IRA/05/34794/2021 Rebecca Atieno Abuom 25-Sep-2020
7548 IRA/05/32433/2021 Rebecca Mukami Ondiek 7-Oct-2020
7549 IRA/05/25880/2021 Rebecca Mumbi Kariithi 6-Oct-2020
7550 IRA/05/25810/2021 Rebecca Muthoni Mbogo 27-Sep-2020
7551 IRA/05/24918/2021 Rebecca Wanjiru Gathigia 7-Oct-2020
7552 IRA/05/31971/2021 Rebecca Wanjiru Mwaura 28-Sep-2020
7553 IRA/05/35644/2021 Rebeccah Muthoni Saya 17-Oct-2020
7554 IRA/05/17679/2021 Rebeccah Wanjiru Njeri 30-Sep-2020
7555 IRA/05/27289/2021 Reborn Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
7556 IRA/05/15309/2021 Reclaim Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7557 IRA/05/37142/2021 Recoup Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7558 IRA/05/38047/2021 Rectitude Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7559 IRA/05/31399/2021 Red Knight Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7560 IRA/05/24240/2021 Red Rose Hill Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7561 IRA/05/35461/2021 Red Sea Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
7562 IRA/05/37354/2021 Redempta Kanyiva Nyaga 6-Oct-2020
7563 IRA/05/40008/2021 Redempta Muendi Mutunga 28-Jan-2021
7564 IRA/05/37745/2021 Redempta Syokau Mutisya 25-Jan-2021
7565 IRA/05/17647/2021 Redempta Wanja Kamunjiga 6-Nov-2020
7566 IRA/05/36419/2021 Redempttah K. Mutua 4-Nov-2020
7567 IRA/05/35521/2021 Redhill Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
7568 IRA/05/14484/2021 Reedco Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7569 IRA/05/39715/2021 Reeds Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
7570 IRA/05/27307/2021 Refreshing Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
7571 IRA/05/20389/2021 Refuge Insurance Agency Ltd 28-Sep-2020
7572 IRA/05/15401/2021 Regamy Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
7573 IRA/05/17192/2021 Regence Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7574 IRA/05/35055/2021 Regimen Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
7575 IRA/05/30152/2021 Regina Kangutia Karwitha 6-Oct-2020
7576 IRA/05/31625/2021 Regina Katata 7-Jan-2021
7577 IRA/05/31899/2021 Regina Ndua 3-Feb-2021
7578 IRA/05/8989/2021 Regina Njoki Mumero 30-Sep-2020
7579 IRA/05/27313/2021 Regina Nkirote Kinoti 8-Oct-2020
7580 IRA/05/30365/2021 Regina Wangari Nganga 6-Oct-2020
7581 IRA/05/35970/2021 Reginah Minoo Kamalu 6-Oct-2020
7582 IRA/05/35507/2021 Reginah Ndunge Mutuku 2-Oct-2020
7583 IRA/05/35310/2021 Reginah Njambi Mwangi 25-Sep-2020
7584 IRA/05/13268/2021 Reginah Nzilani Mutunga 22-Sep-2020
7585 IRA/05/17655/2021 Reginah W. Nyoike 14-Oct-2020
7586 IRA/05/31263/2021 Reginah Wachera Maina 16-Oct-2020
7587 IRA/05/34118/2021 Reinstaters Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
7588 IRA/05/16003/2021 Reliable Consultants Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
7589 IRA/05/44/2021 Reliable Insurance Agencies Ltd 9-Oct-2020
7590 IRA/05/24641/2021 Relix Insurance Agency 07-Oct-2020
7591 IRA/05/30927/2021 Relux Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7592 IRA/05/30161/2021 Remgeous Otieno Olwa 6-Oct-2020
7593 IRA/05/29726/2021 Reminjus Kituku 5-Oct-2020
7594 IRA/05/39049/2021 Remjuce Bwana Achieng 14-Nov-2020
7595 IRA/05/32988/2021 Remnant Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
7596 IRA/05/38493/2021 Remy Amani Muramba 18-Jan-2021
7597 IRA/05/20382/2021 Rency Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
7598 IRA/05/29002/2021 Rennox Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020

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7599 IRA/05/29062/2021 Renshield Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
7600 IRA/05/36581/2021 Renson Wemela Sitati 3-Feb-2021
7601 IRA/05/17257/2021 Renstpal Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7602 IRA/05/39923/2021 Rentco Africa Insurance Agency Limited 8-Feb-2021
7603 IRA/05/28775/2021 Resa & Gerald Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7604 IRA/05/27658/2021 Resian A. Emaculate Letoya 27-Sep-2020
7605 IRA/05/26208/2021 Resilient Insurance Agency 03-Feb-2021
7606 IRA/05/37404/2021 Resonance Insurance Agency Ltd 4-Nov-2020
7607 IRA/05/13399/2021 Resource Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7608 IRA/05/39072/2021 Restituta Njoki Ondimu Muma 12-Oct-2020
7609 IRA/05/8925/2021 Restof Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
7610 IRA/05/16215/2021 Restoration Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
7611 IRA/05/28524/2021 Retika Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7612 IRA/05/34151/2021 Retirement Solutions Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
7613 IRA/05/13699/2021 Retline Insurance Agency 29-Dec-2020
7614 IRA/05/35750/2021 Retmain Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
7615 IRA/05/35825/2021 Reuben Carlton Okal 21-Jan-2021
7616 IRA/05/15098/2021 Reuben Chege Gacheru 26-Oct-2020
7617 IRA/05/30242/2021 Reuben Kamau Thiongo 6-Oct-2020
7618 IRA/05/31562/2021 Reuben Kimutai Bii 29-Sep-2020
7619 IRA/05/30467/2021 Reuben Kingori Waithaka 6-Oct-2020
7620 IRA/05/39096/2021 Reuben Kyalo Mutunga 12-Oct-2020
7621 IRA/05/17585/2021 Reuben Mwangima Zenge 5-Oct-2020
7622 IRA/05/34430/2021 Reuben Mwongela Mutunga 6-Oct-2020
7623 IRA/05/36644/2021 Reuben Nyachio Isanda 28-Sep-2020
7624 IRA/05/16250/2021 Reuben.M.Nyaga 29-Sep-2020
7625 IRA/05/24145/2021 Revansure Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7626 IRA/05/39528/2021 Rewany Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7627 IRA/05/24106/2021 Rhineland Springs Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
7628 IRA/05/39746/2021 Rhoda Chumba 22-Dec-2020
7629 IRA/05/39543/2021 Rhoda Mwende Wambua 30-Sep-2020
7630 IRA/05/37804/2021 Rhoda Njambi Kariuki 8-Oct-2020
7631 IRA/05/34763/2021 Rhodah Chepletting Mettoh 7-Oct-2020
7632 IRA/05/38930/2021 Rhodah Muthoni 26-Sep-2020
7633 IRA/05/37982/2021 Rhoron Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7634 IRA/05/30887/2021 Riangelo Commercial & Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7635 IRA/05/34443/2021 Rianliam Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7636 IRA/05/34202/2021 Riann Insurance Agencies 28-Sep-2020
7637 IRA/05/39170/2021 Ributhi Leah Nyokabi 5-Oct-2020
7638 IRA/05/32245/2021 Ricam Insurance And Commercial Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7639 IRA/05/11320/2021 Rich Five Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7640 IRA/05/30804/2021 Richard Ndungu Njoroge 15-Dec-2020
7641 IRA/05/38295/2021 Richard Angima Nyagaka 2-Feb-2021
7642 IRA/05/17065/2021 Richard Chebunyo 6-Oct-2020
7643 IRA/05/27665/2021 Richard Enos Andele 7-Oct-2020
7644 IRA/05/29451/2021 Richard Gikanga Chege 26-Sep-2020
7645 IRA/05/36173/2021 Richard Harold Onyango 14-Oct-2020
7646 IRA/05/36078/2021 Richard Ikapili Nyongesa 27-Sep-2020
7647 IRA/05/16314/2021 Richard Kabungo Wachira 9-Oct-2020
7648 IRA/05/29123/2021 Richard Kamau Maina 7-Oct-2020
7649 IRA/05/20257/2021 Richard Karanja Mwaura 6-Oct-2020
7650 IRA/05/17758/2021 Richard Kilei Munyao 26-Sep-2020
7651 IRA/05/31697/2021 Richard Kinyua Ireri 11-Feb-2021
7652 IRA/05/36548/2021 Richard Kipkorir Bett 9-Oct-2020
7653 IRA/05/16237/2021 Richard Kiplangat Rotich 27-Oct-2020
7654 IRA/05/34014/2021 Richard Maina 7-Jan-2021
7655 IRA/05/39848/2021 Richard Mbaisi Wambaisi 1-Feb-2021
7656 IRA/05/39303/2021 Richard Mbugua Wainaina 28-Jan-2021
7657 IRA/05/26670/2021 Richard Moniko Ongoro 13-Oct-2020

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7658 IRA/05/14706/2021 Richard Munyiri Wahome 2-Oct-2020
7659 IRA/05/14732/2021 Richard Ngesu Mutua 6-Oct-2020
7660 IRA/05/15798/2021 Richard Nguma Kalama 8-Oct-2020
7661 IRA/05/28135/2021 Richard Njenga Mbugua 27-Sep-2020
7662 IRA/05/24543/2021 Richard Nyambane Masese 6-Oct-2020
7663 IRA/05/30139/2021 Richard Ojendo Omollo 3-Dec-2020
7664 IRA/05/16344/2021 Richard Omori Ondieki 27-Sep-2020
7665 IRA/05/25946/2021 Richard Onsongo Onyiego 9-Oct-2020
7666 IRA/05/39579/2021 Richard Opiyo Olwa 6-Oct-2020
7667 IRA/05/28741/2021 Richard Otieno Guoma 26-Sep-2020
7668 IRA/05/39559/2021 Richard Wachira Mugenyo 19-Jan-2021
7669 IRA/05/38659/2021 Richard Wachira Mwangi 9-Oct-2020
7670 IRA/05/39283/2021 Richard Wafula Oduor 21-Dec-2020
7671 IRA/05/5417/2021 Richard.F.Okerosi 12-Oct-2020
7672 IRA/05/10523/2021 Richard.N.Wanyiri 6-Oct-2020
7673 IRA/05/25628/2021 Richards Agrichola Waswani 5-Oct-2020
7674 IRA/05/14786/2021 Richdad Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
7675 IRA/05/17710/2021 Richglad Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7676 IRA/05/6211/2021 Richlaw Insurance Agents Ltd 26-Sep-2020
7677 IRA/05/32035/2021 Richvin Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7678 IRA/05/36989/2021 Rick Liloba Anunda 26-Sep-2020
7679 IRA/05/35333/2021 Rickey Commercial And Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
7680 IRA/05/27805/2021 Rickmonds Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
7681 IRA/05/34304/2021 Rickshaw Travels (K) Ltd 8-Oct-2020
7682 IRA/05/33661/2021 Ridellis Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7683 IRA/05/28836/2021 Ridez Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020
7684 IRA/05/16332/2021 Ridge Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
7685 IRA/05/29067/2021 Ridge View Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7686 IRA/05/12262/2021 Ridges Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7687 IRA/05/19072/2021 Riegel Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7688 IRA/05/2040/2021 Rifco Insurance Agencies Limited 28-Sep-2020
7689 IRA/05/20353/2021 Rift Commercial & Insurance Agencies 3-Feb-2021
7690 IRA/05/17120/2021 Rift Nakuru Insurance Agencies Limited 29-Sep-2020
7691 IRA/05/27005/2021 Riftace Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7692 IRA/05/32527/2021 Right Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
7693 IRA/05/25653/2021 Rightpath Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
7694 IRA/05/29213/2021 Rigi Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7695 IRA/05/16407/2021 Rikan Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
7696 IRA/05/35365/2021 Riley Insurance Consultants And Agency 6-Jan-2021
7697 IRA/05/28811/2021 Rima Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
7698 IRA/05/14331/2021 Rimbere Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
7699 IRA/05/16303/2021 Rings Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7700 IRA/05/35070/2021 Rio Grande Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
7701 IRA/05/25141/2021 Ripe Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7702 IRA/05/29659/2021 Risemark Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
7703 IRA/05/17594/2021 Rish Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
7704 IRA/05/14250/2021 Risk Averse Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7705 IRA/05/36650/2021 Risk Cage Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7706 IRA/05/31487/2021 Risk Concepts Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7707 IRA/05/20111/2021 Risk Front Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7708 IRA/05/35419/2021 Risk Link Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
7709 IRA/05/15389/2021 Riskfocus Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7710 IRA/05/31966/2021 Riskhood Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7711 IRA/05/17797/2021 Riskman Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
7712 IRA/05/39428/2021 Riskmate Solution Insurance Agency 5-Jan-2021
7713 IRA/05/15274/2021 Riskmounters Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7714 IRA/05/30897/2021 Risknet Insurance Agency Limited 11-Nov-2020
7715 IRA/05/31144/2021 Riskwise Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7716 IRA/05/37212/2021 Rispah Wangu Ngunjiri 9-Oct-2020

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7717 IRA/05/34141/2021 Risper Achieng Opiyo 9-Feb-2021
7718 IRA/05/25856/2021 Risper Edith Adhiambo 16-Oct-2020
7719 IRA/05/39246/2021 Risper Wanjiru Macharia 7-Dec-2020
7720 IRA/05/34602/2021 Rita Njeri Nganga 9-Oct-2020
7721 IRA/05/34066/2021 Rita Rigiri Mekabu 13-Oct-2020
7722 IRA/05/35196/2021 Rither Mwongeli Mutunga 8-Oct-2020
7723 IRA/05/33255/2021 Riverview Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7724 IRA/05/16444/2021 Riyani Insurance Agency 08-Oct-2020
7725 IRA/05/30361/2021 Riziki Nassor 6-Oct-2020
7726 IRA/05/7737/2021 Road & Allied Insurance Agencies 13-Nov-2020
7727 IRA/05/29051/2021 Roadmap Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7728 IRA/05/36597/2021 Roadstead Insurance & Leasing Agency Ltd 3-Feb-2021
7729 IRA/05/35508/2021 Robbin Prime Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
7730 IRA/05/27651/2021 Robert Muoka Lungu 5-Oct-2020
7731 IRA/05/26973/2021 Robert Kariuki Kiganjo 16-Oct-2020
7732 IRA/05/14340/2021 Robert Kibet Cheserek 1-Oct-2020
7733 IRA/05/25879/2021 Robert Kioko Mutinda 16-Nov-2020
7734 IRA/05/39505/2021 Robert Mahali Kisato 28-Sep-2020
7735 IRA/05/35277/2021 Robert Metoe Ntoyai 6-Nov-2020
7736 IRA/05/38917/2021 Robert Morgan Ochieng 5-Oct-2020
7737 IRA/05/36806/2021 Robert Mudegu Kitinga 7-Oct-2020
7738 IRA/05/33250/2021 Robert Muema Mutungi 13-Oct-2020
7739 IRA/05/12685/2021 Robert Mukabi Tharao 6-Oct-2020
7740 IRA/05/31890/2021 Robert Mungai Kinuthia 28-Sep-2020
7741 IRA/05/27315/2021 Robert Munyoki Kavale 17-Oct-2020
7742 IRA/05/39153/2021 Robert Muraguri Wangui 15-Feb-2021
7743 IRA/05/17541/2021 Robert Mutiso Ndambuki 5-Oct-2020
7744 IRA/05/35114/2021 Robert Mutisya Ngumbi 27-Sep-2020
7745 IRA/05/25592/2021 Robert Mutugi Bruno 15-Oct-2020
7746 IRA/05/12735/2021 Robert N. Nyandika 2-Oct-2020
7747 IRA/05/13389/2021 Robert Ndumba Rimberia 14-Oct-2020
7748 IRA/05/26558/2021 Robert Nesta Muthini Mutune 3-Nov-2020
7749 IRA/05/27336/2021 Robert Njiru 9-Oct-2020
7750 IRA/05/15702/2021 Robert Nyakundi Ayuka 11-Feb-2021
7751 IRA/05/17304/2021 Robert Ogeto Marube 28-Sep-2020
7752 IRA/05/35981/2021 Robert Onyango Oloo 26-Sep-2020
7753 IRA/05/30050/2021 Robert Opakasi 11-Jan-2021
7754 IRA/05/34043/2021 Robert Ouko Okeyo 6-Nov-2020
7755 IRA/05/38430/2021 Robert Wafula Mukonia 9-Oct-2020
7756 IRA/05/28718/2021 Robese Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7757 IRA/05/35586/2021 Robin Maitethia 14-Oct-2020
7758 IRA/05/39744/2021 Robinson Ariya Mbeche 6-Jan-2021
7759 IRA/05/32465/2021 Robinson Kebaso Ariaga 26-Oct-2020
7760 IRA/05/7946/2021 Robinson Kiage Ateka 28-Sep-2020
7761 IRA/05/25311/2021 Robinson Mwangi Kaguru 18-Jan-2021
7762 IRA/05/12972/2021 Robinson Nduati Kimani 25-Sep-2020
7763 IRA/05/31719/2021 Robran Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7764 IRA/05/26060/2021 Roburst Commercial & Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
7765 IRA/05/8087/2021 Rochman And Co. Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
7766 IRA/05/16287/2021 Rock-End Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7767 IRA/05/32042/2021 Rocksbridge E. A. Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7768 IRA/05/10009/2021 Rockshield Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7769 IRA/05/26173/2021 Rocktide Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
7770 IRA/05/7622/2021 Rockwell Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7771 IRA/05/32631/2021 Rodah Jepngetich 16-Oct-2020
7772 IRA/05/16270/2021 Rodah Mbijiwe 14-Dec-2020
7773 IRA/05/37377/2021 Rodgers Mwema Mathuku 13-Nov-2020
7774 IRA/05/27415/2021 Rodgers Wamunga 5-Oct-2020
7775 IRA/05/30127/2021 Rogers Nzivo Mbithi 28-Sep-2020

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7776 IRA/05/28416/2021 Rogers Thuo 7-Jan-2021
7777 IRA/05/25253/2021 Rogin Ungadi Kiduya 27-Sep-2020
7778 IRA/05/17329/2021 Rohan Insurance Agency 5-Jan-2021
7779 IRA/05/28191/2021 Rolarch Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
7780 IRA/05/33455/2021 Rolema Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7781 IRA/05/27885/2021 Rollex Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7782 IRA/05/24766/2021 Rolyne Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7783 IRA/05/28405/2021 Romaki Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7784 IRA/05/16755/2021 Roman Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7785 IRA/05/24701/2021 Romanus Okotta Mugenya 6-Oct-2020
7786 IRA/05/10226/2021 Romawas Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7787 IRA/05/36252/2021 Ronald Nabangi Simiyu 24-Sep-2020
7788 IRA/05/35797/2021 Ronald Kirui 5-Oct-2020
7789 IRA/05/33450/2021 Ronald Muigai Njeru 15-Nov-2020
7790 IRA/05/36298/2021 Ronald Nyamongo Agwata 3-Feb-2021
7791 IRA/05/34250/2021 Ronald Ondari Manyona 8-Oct-2020
7792 IRA/05/18042/2021 Rone Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7793 IRA/05/36915/2021 Roneal Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7794 IRA/05/28213/2021 Ronguba Insurance Agency Ltd 28-Jan-2021
7795 IRA/05/33641/2021 Ronji Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
7796 IRA/05/29515/2021 Ronney Omondi Ogola 9-Feb-2021
7797 IRA/05/11879/2021 Ronrift Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
7798 IRA/05/39321/2021 Rophi Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7799 IRA/05/32598/2021 Rophina Eghwa Msengeti 6-Jan-2021
7800 IRA/05/37691/2021 Roret Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
7801 IRA/05/37455/2021 Ros Light Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7802 IRA/05/34691/2021 Rosalid Muringo Muriuki 6-Jan-2021
7803 IRA/05/24319/2021 Rosaline W Mahuga 29-Sep-2020
7804 IRA/05/25138/2021 Rosana Insurance Agents 6-Oct-2020
7805 IRA/05/38265/2021 Rosco Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7806 IRA/05/38079/2021 Rose Achieng Wanga 8-Oct-2020
7807 IRA/05/37860/2021 Rose Adhiambo Owuor 18-Jan-2021
7808 IRA/05/29361/2021 Rose Akinyi 26-Sep-2020
7809 IRA/05/19056/2021 Rose Akinyi Oyugi 26-Oct-2020
7810 IRA/05/36608/2021 Rose Akoth Awidhi 6-Oct-2020
7811 IRA/05/34033/2021 Rose Anyango Muliro 13-Oct-2020
7812 IRA/05/32477/2021 Rose Aoko Ogongo 6-Oct-2020
7813 IRA/05/27746/2021 Rose Atieno Aduda 6-Oct-2020
7814 IRA/05/31975/2021 Rose Atieno Dooso 24-Nov-2020
7815 IRA/05/37388/2021 Rose Atieno Ogutu 28-Sep-2020
7816 IRA/05/27701/2021 Rose Bilha Achieng 30-Sep-2020
7817 IRA/05/36225/2021 Rose Catherine Wanjiru Njogu 8-Oct-2020
7818 IRA/05/35874/2021 Rose Gakii 28-Sep-2020
7819 IRA/05/35429/2021 Rose Jemutai Chemjor 6-Oct-2020
7820 IRA/05/32152/2021 Rose Jepkosgei Kiplimo 27-Sep-2020
7821 IRA/05/17883/2021 Rose Jeremy 28-Sep-2020
7822 IRA/05/25785/2021 Rose Kabura Kamau 19-Oct-2020
7823 IRA/05/16843/2021 Rose Kagai Budaga 16-Oct-2020
7824 IRA/05/33928/2021 Rose Kerubo Omariba 2-Oct-2020
7825 IRA/05/24412/2021 Rose Kwamboka Ondieki 9-Oct-2020
7826 IRA/05/31167/2021 Rose Makori 28-Sep-2020
7827 IRA/05/33672/2021 Rose Mueni Nduku 6-Oct-2020
7828 IRA/05/25012/2021 Rose Musimbi Litunda 26-Sep-2020
7829 IRA/05/16334/2021 Rose Mutheu Kioko 7-Oct-2020
7830 IRA/05/38750/2021 Rose Muthoni Muha 6-Oct-2020
7831 IRA/05/37231/2021 Rose Mweseli Shimaka 28-Sep-2020
7832 IRA/05/38204/2021 Rose Nduta Karanja 12-Dec-2020
7833 IRA/05/37136/2021 Rose Nekesa Wanyonyi 7-Oct-2020
7834 IRA/05/30798/2021 Rose Nyambura Muturi 29-Sep-2020

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7835 IRA/05/37041/2021 Rose Nyambura Ndungu 6-Oct-2020
7836 IRA/05/30835/2021 Rose Nyambura Wairegi 27-Sep-2020
7837 IRA/05/28980/2021 Rose Papa 5-Oct-2020
7838 IRA/05/30403/2021 Rose Tanui 2-Oct-2020
7839 IRA/05/24314/2021 Rose Wairimu Muiruri 7-Oct-2020
7840 IRA/05/29137/2021 Rose Wairimu Nguru 7-Oct-2020
7841 IRA/05/32470/2021 Rose Wangui Kimani 26-Sep-2020
7842 IRA/05/38815/2021 Rose Wangui Ndirangu 14-Oct-2020
7843 IRA/05/17455/2021 Rose Wanjiku Njogu 6-Jan-2021
7844 IRA/05/36845/2021 Rose Wanjiru Kihonge 29-Sep-2020
7845 IRA/05/37245/2021 Rose Wanjiru Mumbi 14-Dec-2020
7846 IRA/05/39368/2021 Rose Wanjiru Muriuki 12-Jan-2021
7847 IRA/05/24404/2021 Rosebell Wangui Gatimu 28-Sep-2020
7848 IRA/05/16799/2021 Rosebell.W.Kiriba 2-Oct-2020
7849 IRA/05/32414/2021 Rosebella Akinyi Were 28-Sep-2020
7850 IRA/05/35934/2021 Rosebella Bertha Mor Ongor 5-Oct-2020
7851 IRA/05/27527/2021 Rosee Commercial And Insurance Agencies 4-Nov-2020
7852 IRA/05/34934/2021 Roselida Atieno Onyor 5-Oct-2020
7853 IRA/05/25969/2021 Roseline Adhiambo Obudo 12-Oct-2020
7854 IRA/05/26934/2021 Roseline Atieno Anyangu 6-Oct-2020
7855 IRA/05/17008/2021 Roselyn Kavinya Mwau 28-Sep-2020
7856 IRA/05/36281/2021 Roselyn Nyambura Maina 27-Sep-2020
7857 IRA/05/25482/2021 Roselyne A. Wasonga 11-Nov-2020
7858 IRA/05/32376/2021 Roselyne Gicugu Ndwiga 6-Oct-2020
7859 IRA/05/17897/2021 Roselyne Musumba 5-Oct-2020
7860 IRA/05/39983/2021 Rosemary Munyiva Mutinda 28-Sep-2020
7861 IRA/05/15094/2021 Rosemary Akinyi Obiya 23-Oct-2020
7862 IRA/05/26347/2021 Rosemary Akinyi Owino 6-Oct-2020
7863 IRA/05/26935/2021 Rosemary Gathigia 16-Oct-2020
7864 IRA/05/36064/2021 Rosemary K Kilya 9-Oct-2020
7865 IRA/05/36966/2021 Rosemary Kalumu Kekek 7-Oct-2020
7866 IRA/05/29890/2021 Rosemary Karimi Manyara 15-Nov-2020
7867 IRA/05/38311/2021 Rosemary Kirigo Mwangi 5-Oct-2020
7868 IRA/05/17241/2021 Rosemary Njeri Kariuki 30-Sep-2020
7869 IRA/05/32720/2021 Rosemary Njeri Mwangi 13-Nov-2020
7870 IRA/05/35269/2021 Rosemary Omuronji Musita 29-Sep-2020
7871 IRA/05/38607/2021 Rosemary Wambui Muiruri 22-Oct-2020
7872 IRA/05/37374/2021 Rosemary Wambui Nyambura 7-Jan-2021
7873 IRA/05/15391/2021 Rosemary Wangari Ngotho 2-Oct-2020
7874 IRA/05/30090/2021 Rosemary Wangui Murigi 28-Sep-2020
7875 IRA/05/34439/2021 Rosemary Wanja Nicholus 15-Oct-2020
7876 IRA/05/36211/2021 Rosemay Awino Ouma 9-Oct-2020
7877 IRA/05/29713/2021 Rosen Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
7878 IRA/05/35710/2021 Roseniel Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
7879 IRA/05/16129/2021 Rosette Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7880 IRA/05/33161/2021 Rosettes Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
7881 IRA/05/14065/2021 Rosida Insurance Agency Limited 06-Oct-2020
7882 IRA/05/31758/2021 Rosin Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7883 IRA/05/39930/2021 Roslee Insurance Agency 4-Feb-2021
7884 IRA/05/35851/2021 Roslyne Gatwiri Kinja 6-Oct-2020
7885 IRA/05/38390/2021 Rosmel Atieno Onyango 27-Nov-2020
7886 IRA/05/29186/2021 Rosslyn Namachanja Wasike 11-Nov-2020
7887 IRA/05/15486/2021 Rosswank Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7888 IRA/05/8194/2021 Rotko Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
7889 IRA/05/9286/2021 Rotus Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7890 IRA/05/32017/2021 Rove Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7891 IRA/05/25806/2021 Rovi Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7892 IRA/05/13804/2021 Rowa Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
7893 IRA/05/27965/2021 Rowka Insurance Agencies Limited 14-Oct-2020

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7894 IRA/05/28599/2021 Rowlands Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
7895 IRA/05/31962/2021 Roy Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
7896 IRA/05/37440/2021 Roy Isack Wandera Magonda 23-Oct-2020
7897 IRA/05/37402/2021 Royal Care Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7898 IRA/05/26994/2021 Royal Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7899 IRA/05/33270/2021 Royal Link Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
7900 IRA/05/34327/2021 Royal Mat Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7901 IRA/05/20009/2021 Royal Prestige Insurance Agencies Limited 19-Jan-2021
7902 IRA/05/17469/2021 Royal Star Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
7903 IRA/05/36905/2021 Royalsome Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
7904 IRA/05/39078/2021 Royalsure Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
7905 IRA/05/39105/2021 Royfab Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
7906 IRA/05/32343/2021 Royhill Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7907 IRA/05/29482/2021 Rozan Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
7908 IRA/05/38678/2021 Rryte Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
7909 IRA/05/26750/2021 Ruach Insurance Agencies 14-Dec-2020
7910 IRA/05/36656/2021 Ruddy Nyaingiri Momanyi 16-Dec-2020
7911 IRA/05/39394/2021 Rudiah Biyoyo Obiri 11-Nov-2020
7912 IRA/05/39959/2021 Rudolf Michael Swanapole 12-Feb-2021
7913 IRA/05/9354/2021 Ruiah Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
7914 IRA/05/12819/2021 Rukim Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
7915 IRA/05/25722/2021 Rukot Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
7916 IRA/05/9629/2021 Rukuru Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
7917 IRA/05/318902/2021 Ruma Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
7918 IRA/05/37280/2021 Rumaku Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7919 IRA/05/35895/2021 Rumoria Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7920 IRA/05/1618/2021 Runa Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
7921 IRA/05/37778/2021 Rununu Bima Agency 29-Jan-2021
7922 IRA/05/35175/2021 Ruo Samuel Muturi 8-Oct-2020
7923 IRA/05/35804/2021 Rupen Kumar Mansukhlal Dhanji 11-Jan-2021
7924 IRA/05/25497/2021 Russel Weswah David 12-Nov-2020
7925 IRA/05/24999/2021 Russet Insurance Agency Limited 12-Oct-2020
7926 IRA/05/36266/2021 Ruth Adhiambo Ooko 13-Oct-2020
7927 IRA/05/31333/2021 Ruth Akumu Oyombe 17-Oct-2020
7928 IRA/05/29437/2021 Ruth Anyango Otieno 6-Oct-2020
7929 IRA/05/28694/2021 Ruth Chebet Bii 22-Dec-2020
7930 IRA/05/28755/2021 Ruth Jeruto Tanui Chemirmir 6-Oct-2020
7931 IRA/05/31355/2021 Ruth Kasive Mbai 12-Oct-2020
7932 IRA/05/36600/2021 Ruth Kathoki Kioko 19-Jan-2021
7933 IRA/05/28711/2021 Ruth Katunge Munyoli 5-Oct-2020
7934 IRA/05/25512/2021 Ruth Kavata Katela 3-Nov-2020
7935 IRA/05/33517/2021 Ruth Kerubo Jeremiah 6-Nov-2020
7936 IRA/05/37945/2021 Ruth Kesse 6-Oct-2020
7937 IRA/05/34585/2021 Ruth Lydiah Ongaga 6-Oct-2020
7938 IRA/05/39978/2021 Ruth Mbithe Munywoki 28-Sep-2020
7939 IRA/05/39769/2021 Ruth Mercy Kathambi Muku 4-Jan-2021
7940 IRA/05/34704/2021 Ruth Mora Mose 28-Sep-2020
7941 IRA/05/26524/2021 Ruth Mueni Muteti 28-Sep-2020
7942 IRA/05/36968/2021 Ruth Mueni Mutua 14-Oct-2020
7943 IRA/05/30780/2021 Ruth Mukiri Muguna 9-Oct-2020
7944 IRA/05/24709/2021 Ruth Mumbe Nduulu Nyingi 27-Sep-2020
7945 IRA/05/26811/2021 Ruth Mutindi Maluti 7-Oct-2020
7946 IRA/05/24395/2021 Ruth Mwenesi Imbiaka 16-Dec-2020
7947 IRA/05/27731/2021 Ruth Nginyo 13-Jan-2021
7948 IRA/05/36288/2021 Ruth Nthenya Kyalili 08-Oct-2020
7949 IRA/05/29042/2021 Ruth Nyambura Nganga 9-Oct-2020
7950 IRA/05/30500/2021 Ruth Nyambura Wanyoike 7-Oct-2020
7951 IRA/05/39061/2021 Ruth Nzilani James 17-Oct-2020
7952 IRA/05/31385/2021 Ruth Rwamba Njue 6-Oct-2020

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7953 IRA/05/24356/2021 Ruth Wairimu Kimanjara 12-Nov-2020
7954 IRA/05/30080/2021 Ruth Wambui Karanja 8-Oct-2020
7955 IRA/05/37043/2021 Ruth Wambui Mwangi 15-Oct-2020
7956 IRA/05/26936/2021 Ruth Wangari Kiriga 9-Oct-2020
7957 IRA/05/35665/2021 Ruth Wangui Mwangangi 5-Oct-2020
7958 IRA/05/39384/2021 Ruth Wangui Njogu 17-Oct-2020
7959 IRA/05/17219/2021 Ruth Wangui Njoroge 27-Sep-2020
7960 IRA/05/34530/2021 Ruth Wanjiku Kamathi 5-Oct-2020
7961 IRA/05/31691/2021 Ruth Wanjiku Njoroge 28-Sep-2020
7962 IRA/05/38656/2021 Ruth Watiri Kimiri 5-Oct-2020
7963 IRA/05/35581/2021 Ruth Waturi Kirueya 2-Oct-2020
7964 IRA/05/26792/2021 Ruton Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
7965 IRA/05/37126/2021 Ruwam Insurance Agencies 11-Nov-2020
7966 IRA/05/38827/2021 Rwabe Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
7967 IRA/05/24798/2021 Rwachaka Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7968 IRA/05/38338/2021 Ryaner Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
7969 IRA/05/30547/2021 Rydable Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
7970 IRA/05/17391/2021 Ryma Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
7971 IRA/05/15518/2021 Rymark Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
7972 IRA/05/13434/2021 S.K.Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
7973 IRA/05/16771/2021 Sa And Pet Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
7974 IRA/05/38923/2021 Saagar Panara 9-Feb-2021
7975 IRA/05/37668/2021 Saajham Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
7976 IRA/05/32787/2021 Sabina Awuor Obuya 19-Jan-2021
7977 IRA/05/27740/2021 Sabina Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7978 IRA/05/39073/2021 Sabina Wakuthii Mwangi 26-Oct-2020
7979 IRA/05/39613/2021 Sadakka Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
7980 IRA/05/27755/2021 Safariland Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
7981 IRA/05/29037/2021 Safe And Secure Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
7982 IRA/05/37767/2021 Safe Client Insurance Agencies 21-Dec-2020
7983 IRA/05/26304/2021 Safe Future Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
7984 IRA/05/35375/2021 Safe Havens Agency 3-Nov-2020
7985 IRA/05/13207/2021 Safe Nest Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7986 IRA/05/34491/2021 Safe Point Insurance Limited 6-Oct-2020
7987 IRA/05/35205/2021 Safechoice Insurance Agency Ltd 18-Jan-2021
7988 IRA/05/34191/2021 Safecom Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
7989 IRA/05/14324/2021 Safecourt Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
7990 IRA/05/28647/2021 Safecover Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
7991 IRA/05/14713/2021 Safeguard Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
7992 IRA/05/35071/2021 Safehand Insurance Agencies 11-Jan-2021
7993 IRA/05/28823/2021 Safehold Insurers Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
7994 IRA/05/26858/2021 Safeland Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
7995 IRA/05/25331/2021 Safelanding Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
7996 IRA/05/34384/2021 Safelane Insurance Agency 11-Feb-2021
7997 IRA/05/30472/2021 Safeline Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
7998 IRA/05/39836/2021 Safeplus Insurance Agent 1-Feb-2021
7999 IRA/05/15704/2021 Safeside Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
8000 IRA/05/30045/2021 Safetra Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8001 IRA/05/2683/2021 Safetrip Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8002 IRA/05/38807/2021 Sagana Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8003 IRA/05/32162/2021 Sagelink Insurance Agency Limited 31-Oct-2020
8004 IRA/05/20237/2021 Saginaw Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
8005 IRA/05/26774/2021 Sahara Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
8006 IRA/05/39342/2021 Saidi Yahya Egesa 5-Oct-2020
8007 IRA/05/4042/2021 Saika Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
8008 IRA/05/25704/2021 Sairora Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8009 IRA/05/17251/2021 Sajyn Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8010 IRA/05/15429/2021 Salem Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8011 IRA/05/30191/2021 Salfry Ongadi Kech 12-Oct-2020

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8012 IRA/05/16942/2021 Salida Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8013 IRA/05/16606/2021 Sally Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8014 IRA/05/14805/2021 Sally Jemutai Kibor 12-Oct-2020
8015 IRA/05/17243/2021 Sally Wairimu Mburu 17-Oct-2020
8016 IRA/05/28565/2021 Sally Wangui Githuka 2-Oct-2020
8017 IRA/05/20253/2021 Salome Mukami Minjire 7-Oct-2020
8018 IRA/05/40002/2021 Salome Muringo Mathenge 25-Jan-2021
8019 IRA/05/34383/2021 Salome Mwihaki Kaminjuki 9-Oct-2020
8020 IRA/05/35210/2021 Salome Mwikali Joab 8-Oct-2020
8021 IRA/05/33654/2021 Salome N. Mwatsuma 13-Oct-2020
8022 IRA/05/25016/2021 Salome Njeri Kamau 12-Oct-2020
8023 IRA/05/39045/2021 Salome Wambui Muchina 6-Nov-2020
8024 IRA/05/29926/2021 Salome Wangui Kagochi 9-Oct-2020
8025 IRA/05/25575/2021 Salongos Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8026 IRA/05/14243/2021 Salvez Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8027 IRA/05/12754/2021 Salvors Insurance Agencies 01-Oct-2020
8028 IRA/05/39527/2021 Salvyn Clinton Seje 29-Sep-2020
8029 IRA/05/37843/2021 Salzaar Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8030 IRA/05/28478/2021 Samag Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8031 IRA/05/15880/2021 Sam-All Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
8032 IRA/05/27995/2021 Samaska Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8033 IRA/05/35309/2021 Samawaka Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8034 IRA/05/39775/2021 Samba Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
8035 IRA/05/2682/2021 Samda Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
8036 IRA/05/39670/2021 Samerik Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8037 IRA/05/15127/2021 Samfam Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
8038 IRA/05/30936/2021 Samira Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8039 IRA/05/35098/2021 Samira Njoki Ghalib 28-Sep-2020
8040 IRA/05/14659/2021 Samline Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8041 IRA/05/25075/2021 Samly Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8042 IRA/05/29452/2021 Sammy Gikiri Mwogothoki 27-Sep-2020
8043 IRA/05/37168/2021 Sammy Karanja Kirimbu 26-Oct-2020
8044 IRA/05/24901/2021 Sammy Kipkorir Kosgei 6-Oct-2020
8045 IRA/05/36906/2021 Sammy Lawrence 13-Oct-2020
8046 IRA/05/24750/2021 Sammy Macharia Maina 7-Jan-2021
8047 IRA/05/29508/2021 Sammy Njoroge Waweru 4-Nov-2020
8048 IRA/05/39377/2021 Samre Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8049 IRA/05/38980/2021 Samson Barongo Mogoi 12-Oct-2020
8050 IRA/05/14978/2021 Samson Kamano Sapit 13-Jan-2021
8051 IRA/05/39944/2021 Samson Kimathi Minyingi 8-Feb-2021
8052 IRA/05/38288/2021 Samson Korir 02-Oct-2020
8053 IRA/05/35756/2021 Samson Maingi Karobia 22-Oct-2020
8054 IRA/05/24535/2021 Samson Ochieng Okoth 4-Nov-2020
8055 IRA/05/10556/2021 Samson Ombogo Moenga 28-Sep-2020
8056 IRA/05/28725/2021 Samson Omondi Otieno 27-Sep-2020
8057 IRA/05/35881/2021 Samson S. Anabwani 2-Oct-2020
8058 IRA/05/11889/2021 Samson Thiuru 30-Sep-2020
8059 IRA/05/30768/2021 Samson Wandare Obuong 26-Sep-2020
8060 IRA/05/37504/2021 Samtab Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
8061 IRA/05/35778/2021 Samuel Ben Onyango 5-Oct-2020
8062 IRA/05/16797/2021 Samuel Chege Muiruri 28-Sep-2020
8063 IRA/05/39826/2021 Samuel Ehorani Lwegado 29-Jan-2021
8064 IRA/05/24368/2021 Samuel Kabechu Njiiri 30-Sep-2020
8065 IRA/05/37645/2021 Samuel Kamau Ngure 27-Jan-2021
8066 IRA/05/24377/2021 Samuel Kamau Wanjau 22-Oct-2020
8067 IRA/05/32489/2021 SAMUEL Kamwitha NGAREGA 8-Oct-2020
8068 IRA/05/25317/2021 Samuel Karuno Muraguri 26-Oct-2020
8069 IRA/05/37357/2021 Samuel Kimanthi Maingi 6-Oct-2020
8070 IRA/05/4430/2021 Samuel Kinuthia Thuita 5-Dec-2020

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8071 IRA/05/32964/2021 Samuel Kinyua Muguongo 13-Oct-2020
8072 IRA/05/36882/2021 Samuel Kiprotich Masas 5-Oct-2020
8073 IRA/05/35924/2021 Samuel Kungu Jomo 12-Oct-2020
8074 IRA/05/39823/2021 Samuel Kyama Nzioka 29-Jan-2021
8075 IRA/05/24330/2021 Samuel Maina Kariuki 30-Sep-2020
8076 IRA/05/36453/2021 Samuel Maina Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
8077 IRA/05/14220/2021 Samuel Maina Njagi 5-Oct-2020
8078 IRA/05/14139/2021 Samuel Maithya Mwangangi 2-Oct-2020
8079 IRA/05/16371/2021 Samuel Mburu Chomba 6-Oct-2020
8080 IRA/05/13051/2021 Samuel Muoki Matolo 11-Nov-2020
8081 IRA/05/17885/2021 Samuel Muriithi Ndiritu 11-Jan-2021
8082 IRA/05/28419/2021 Samuel Mwangi Babu 9-Oct-2020
8083 IRA/05/39914/2021 Samuel Mwangi Kibungo 3-Feb-2021
8084 IRA/05/20270/2021 Samuel Mwangi Macharia 15-Oct-2020
8085 IRA/05/290013/2021 Samuel Mwangi Mburu 27-Sep-2020
8086 IRA/05/33207/2021 Samuel Mwangi Ndirangu 14-Jan-2021
8087 IRA/05/29521/2021 Samuel Mwangi Wambui 4-Nov-2020
8088 IRA/05/302003/2021 Samuel Mwaura Wanyoike 2-Nov-2020
8089 IRA/05/34099/2021 Samuel Mwinamo 7-Oct-2020
8090 IRA/05/38428/2021 Samuel Nganga Mwangi 6-Nov-2020
8091 IRA/05/38708/2021 Samuel Ngatia Wainaina 12-Oct-2020
8092 IRA/05/36278/2021 Samuel Nicodemus Wako 7-Oct-2020
8093 IRA/05/14118/2021 Samuel Njuguna Wainaina 26-Sep-2020
8094 IRA/05/33500/2021 Samuel Nyabunga Atisa 29-Sep-2020
8095 IRA/05/35667/2021 Samuel Ochieng Adek 11-Jan-2021
8096 IRA/05/38738/2021 Samuel Ochieng Odongo 9-Oct-2020
8097 IRA/05/29533/2021 Samuel Ongeto Nyagesoa 14-Nov-2020
8098 IRA/05/30450/2021 Samuel Owino Otieno 27-Oct-2020
8099 IRA/05/38006/2021 Samuel Simiyu Namonyo 2-Oct-2020
8100 IRA/05/39854/2021 Samuel Tonde Wabala 27-Jan-2021
8101 IRA/05/27317/2021 Samuel Wanyoike Mutua 28-Sep-2020
8102 IRA/05/24172/2021 Sam-Ville Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8103 IRA/05/34514/2021 Samwel Jossiah Were 6-Nov-2020
8104 IRA/05/17158/2021 Samwel Murungi Mbugua 14-Dec-2020
8105 IRA/05/33590/2021 Samwel Ombati Mogaka 27-Sep-2020
8106 IRA/05/12041/2021 Samwel Ondieki George 1-Oct-2020
8107 IRA/05/34181/2021 Sanberly Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8108 IRA/05/25133/2021 Sanctuary Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
8109 IRA/05/35676/2021 Sanctum Insurance Agency Limited 30-Sep-2020
8110 IRA/05/30371/2021 Sandra Kwamboka Omare 28-Jan-2021
8111 IRA/05/32811/2021 Sandra Wangui Laura 6-Nov-2020
8112 IRA/05/28248/2021 Sanford Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
8113 IRA/05/26788/2021 Saniak Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
8114 IRA/05/32390/2021 Sanity Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8115 IRA/05/25909/2021 Sanlam Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8116 IRA/05/39778/2021 Sanstrack Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
8117 IRA/05/39247/2021 Santino Ocharo Ratemo 11-Nov-2020
8118 IRA/05/26600/2021 Santos N. Samita 12-Jan-2021
8119 IRA/05/6999/2021 Saphel Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8120 IRA/05/37005/2021 Sarafu Financial Advisors And Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Jan-2021
8121 IRA/05/31131/2021 Sarah Nyambura Gichure 28-Sep-2020
8122 IRA/05/35930/2021 Sarah Anea Ingutiah 5-Oct-2020
8123 IRA/05/38456/2021 Sarah Atieno Odongo 5-Oct-2020
8124 IRA/05/33194/2021 Sarah Atieno Oduor 6-Oct-2020
8125 IRA/05/9703/2021 Sarah Auma Onyango 12-Nov-2020
8126 IRA/05/15461/2021 Sarah Jelimo Tuwei 14-Oct-2020
8127 IRA/05/36432/2021 Sarah Khasoa Sasaka 24-Dec-2020
8128 IRA/05/33000/2021 Sarah Mghoi Mwakera 5-Oct-2020
8129 IRA/05/37049/2021 Sarah Mukhwana Wanjala 13-Oct-2020

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8130 IRA/05/38804/2021 Sarah Nduku 08-Dec-2020
8131 IRA/05/16464/2021 Sarah Nduta 29-Sep-2020
8132 IRA/05/26831/2021 Sarah Nduta Mandania 13-Nov-2020
8133 IRA/05/26527/2021 Sarah Njeri Gathure 8-Oct-2020
8134 IRA/05/27354/2021 Sarah Njeri Githenya 13-Oct-2020
8135 IRA/05/38121/2021 Sarah Nthangu Kimeu 26-Oct-2020
8136 IRA/05/24322/2021 Sarah Nungari Kamau 7-Oct-2020
8137 IRA/05/38628/2021 Sarah Nyawira Gathuri 5-Oct-2020
8138 IRA/05/28165/2021 Sarah Syokau Longe 19-Jan-2021
8139 IRA/05/32732/2021 Sarah Wairimu Mburu 8-Oct-2020
8140 IRA/05/3275/2021 Sarah Wairimu Wangui 28-Sep-2020
8141 IRA/05/39102/2021 Sarah Wanja Makena 7-Oct-2020
8142 IRA/05/28185/2021 Sarah Wanjiku 9-Oct-2020
8143 IRA/05/39850/2021 Sarah Wanjiku Manu 26-Jan-2021
8144 IRA/05/29883/2021 Sarah Wanjiku Warui 15-Feb-2021
8145 IRA/05/24424/2021 Saramax Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8146 IRA/05/15365/2021 Sarchi Insurance Agencies Ltd 3-Dec-2020
8147 IRA/05/19061/2021 Sari Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8148 IRA/05/37387/2021 Sarma Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8149 IRA/05/37003/2021 Saruby Insurance Agency Ltd 18-Jan-2021
8150 IRA/05/24809/2021 Satelix Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8151 IRA/05/33947/2021 Satish Shah Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Sep-2020
8152 IRA/05/29305/2021 Sauda Kuta Mukullo 8-Oct-2020
8153 IRA/05/25433/2021 Saul Abukutsa 7-Oct-2020
8154 IRA/05/16759/2021 Sauti Maliki Odero 11-Nov-2020
8155 IRA/05/39400/2021 Savanna Rover Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
8156 IRA/05/36402/2021 Saveful Insurance Agency Limited 16-Oct-2020
8157 IRA/05/18004/2021 Saveton Unique Insurance Agency Limited 8-Dec-2020
8158 IRA/05/16634/2021 Savistar Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
8159 IRA/05/20367/2021 Sawa Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Oct-2020
8160 IRA/05/15923/2021 Sawa Sawa Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
8161 IRA/05/28283/2021 Sawama Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8162 IRA/05/4156/2021 Sawandi Insurance Agencies 15-Oct-2020
8163 IRA/05/26102/2021 Sayari Modern Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
8164 IRA/05/30483/2021 Sayiore Nelly Nashipae 1-Oct-2020
8165 IRA/05/39884/2021 Scaling Minds Insurance Agency Limited 15-Jan-2021
8166 IRA/05/36390/2021 Scarlet Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
8167 IRA/05/38463/2021 Scion Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8168 IRA/05/28730/2021 Scolastic Khakai Shipaaka 5-Oct-2020
8169 IRA/05/33377/2021 Scolastica Wairimu Nganga 29-Sep-2020
8170 IRA/05/16280/2021 Scotco Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8171 IRA/05/35187/2021 Scribes Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
8172 IRA/05/34571/2021 Scrolls Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
8173 IRA/05/10452/2021 Sea Breeze Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
8174 IRA/05/27793/2021 Sea View Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8175 IRA/05/14385/2021 Seabright Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8176 IRA/05/32092/2021 Seaways Insurance Agency Ltd 7-Jan-2021
8177 IRA/05/16501/2021 Sebastian Ndolo Mutua 26-Sep-2020
8178 IRA/05/24214/2021 Seculink Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8179 IRA/05/24137/2021 Secure Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
8180 IRA/05/29178/2021 Sedvine Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
8181 IRA/05/35134/2021 Seekershub 26-Oct-2020
8182 IRA/05/16374/2021 Sefa Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8183 IRA/05/17500/2021 Segment Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
8184 IRA/05/31290/2021 Seifrinus Ogutu Ger 5-Oct-2020
8185 IRA/05/10173/2021 Selamta Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8186 IRA/05/30358/2021 Selestine Atieno Were (Tamara) 9-Oct-2020
8187 IRA/05/34719/2021 Selina Kananu 6-Nov-2020
8188 IRA/05/39821/2021 Selina Nyamoita Onyando 29-Jan-2021

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8189 IRA/05/38071/2021 Selina Wangui Wanjiru 6-Nov-2020
8190 IRA/05/25801/2021 Selinah Makokha Onyando 29-Sep-2020
8191 IRA/05/39830/2021 Seline Adhiambo Pete 1-Feb-2021
8192 IRA/05/28241/2021 Seline Awino Orwa 7-Oct-2020
8193 IRA/05/14697/2021 Sellah Boaz 27-Sep-2020
8194 IRA/05/38799/2021 Sellah Mary Akinyi Baraza 2-Oct-2020
8195 IRA/05/36993/2021 Sellyne Adhiambo Agira 9-Oct-2020
8196 IRA/05/29975/2021 Selwyn Insurance Agents Limited 5-Oct-2020
8197 IRA/05/25780/2021 Sent Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8198 IRA/05/39198/2021 Sephlink Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
8199 IRA/05/27343/2021 Sepia Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8200 IRA/05/38300/2021 Sepjamim Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8201 IRA/05/35591/2021 Serah Nyambura Karanja 26-Oct-2020
8202 IRA/05/39493/2021 Serah Wairimu Waitindi 22-Sep-2020
8203 IRA/05/33724/2021 Serah Wambui Njenga 15-Nov-2020
8204 IRA/05/16664/2021 Serah Wambui Njoroge 19-Dec-2020
8205 IRA/05/29608/2021 Serah Wayua Mulandi 8-Oct-2020
8206 IRA/05/38998/2021 Seraphine Minayo Maliro 26-Sep-2020
8207 IRA/05/13608/2021 Serian Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8208 IRA/05/8147/2021 Serum Solution Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8209 IRA/05/275/2021 Serv-All Insurance Agency Limited 2-Oct-2020
8210 IRA/05/17284/2021 Service Edge Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
8211 IRA/05/29895/2021 Service Level Agreement Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
8212 IRA/05/26520/2021 Service Mark Insurance Agencies 14-Oct-2020
8213 IRA/05/28178/2021 Seta Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8214 IRA/05/37597/2021 Seulegrace Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
8215 IRA/05/29004/2021 Seven Hills Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8216 IRA/05/16894/2021 Shaddai Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8217 IRA/05/29719/2021 Shadera Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8218 IRA/05/28849/2021 Shadrack Kamanda Bichanga 5-Oct-2020
8219 IRA/05/34788/2021 Shadrack Kiprono Seimo 28-Sep-2020
8220 IRA/05/39226/2021 Shadrack Kyalo Kasyoka 29-Sep-2020
8221 IRA/05/30340/2021 Shadrack Musyoka Muteti 12-Oct-2020
8222 IRA/05/35766/2021 Shadrack Mwangi 28-Sep-2020
8223 IRA/05/34363/2021 Shadrack Ongoma 04-Nov-2020
8224 IRA/05/29880/2021 Shadrack Syoka Sangura 11-Jan-2021
8225 IRA/05/35546/2021 Shakaina Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
8226 IRA/05/33213/2021 Shakan Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8227 IRA/05/34330/2021 Shakilah K.Babu 5-Oct-2020
8228 IRA/05/8734/2021 Shakinah Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
8229 IRA/05/17599/2021 Shakman Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
8230 IRA/05/7307/2021 Shalini Rajpal 8-Dec-2020
8231 IRA/05/33655/2021 Shalyrane Insurance Agency Ltd 5-Oct-2020
8232 IRA/05/24744/2021 Shammah Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
8233 IRA/05/35354/2021 Shanchi Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
8234 IRA/05/38594/2021 Shap Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
8235 IRA/05/27157/2021 Sharicks Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8236 IRA/05/38067/2021 Sharon Achieng Akwiri 9-Oct-2020
8237 IRA/05/32451/2021 Sharon Aluoch Odhiambo 6-Oct-2020
8238 IRA/05/38068/2021 Sharon Atieno Obonyo 14-Oct-2020
8239 IRA/05/39350/2021 Sharon Awino Ajwang 13-Jan-2021
8240 IRA/05/32671/2021 Sharon Chepleting Cheruiyot 8-Oct-2020
8241 IRA/05/39551/2021 Sharon Cheruto Koech 30-Sep-2020
8242 IRA/05/35226/2021 Sharon Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8243 IRA/05/29362/2021 Sharon Jepkemoi Kurgat 26-Sep-2020
8244 IRA/05/17851/2021 Sharon Nafula Nalianya 6-Oct-2020
8245 IRA/05/37006/2021 Sharon Wachira 14-Oct-2020
8246 IRA/05/32932/2021 Shaster Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8247 IRA/05/16109/2021 Sheath Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020

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8248 IRA/05/6602/2021 Sheco Insurance Agencies Limited 14-Nov-2020
8249 IRA/05/39205/2021 Sheematt Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8250 IRA/05/37556/2021 Sheena Awuor Omollo 6-Nov-2020
8251 IRA/05/24260/2021 Sheerflo Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8252 IRA/05/34476/2021 Sheez Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8253 IRA/05/38152/2021 Sheikh Juma Oluoch 15-Oct-2020
8254 IRA/05/24590/2021 Sheila Adhiambo Mori 12-Oct-2020
8255 IRA/05/17927/2021 Sheila Anyiso Arunga 7-Oct-2020
8256 IRA/05/39675/2021 Sheila Aseyo Buhasio 12-Nov-2020
8257 IRA/05/26821/2021 Sheila Kakuvi Nzioka 7-Oct-2020
8258 IRA/05/36470/2021 Sheila Koech 5-Oct-2020
8259 IRA/05/37644/2021 Sheila Mercy Atieno Mallowah 14-Nov-2020
8260 IRA/05/37370/2021 Sheilah Kemunto Mogeka 29-Sep-2020
8261 IRA/05/37505/2021 Sheilanaomi Wanjiku Njoroge 3-Feb-2021
8262 IRA/05/38153/2021 Sheilla Khaliesa Alusiola 1-Feb-2021
8263 IRA/05/35059/2021 Sheilla Muthoni Muthuma 17-Oct-2020
8264 IRA/05/37286/2021 Sheillah Namo Matere 12-Oct-2020
8265 IRA/05/29029/2021 Shekaff Insurance Agency 31-Oct-2020
8266 IRA/05/36461/2021 Shellan Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
8267 IRA/05/36026/2021 Shelmith Mweru Muturi 3-Nov-2020
8268 IRA/05/72/2021 Shelter Insurance Agency 06-Oct-2020
8269 IRA/05/16409/2021 Sheltex Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8270 IRA/05/33924/2021 Shelton Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
8271 IRA/05/25974/2021 Shem Muruga Okiring 27-Sep-2020
8272 IRA/05/26876/2021 Shem Mwakumanya George 26-Oct-2020
8273 IRA/05/13235/2021 Shenel Insurance Agents 26-Sep-2020
8274 IRA/05/31257/2021 Shepherd Insurance Agencies 24-Nov-2020
8275 IRA/05/36921/2021 Sherit Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
8276 IRA/05/25158/2021 Shermak Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
8277 IRA/05/20135/2021 Sherman Insurance Agency 24-Sep-2020
8278 IRA/05/39570/2021 Shever Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
8279 IRA/05/25955/2021 Shewani Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
8280 IRA/05/31863/2021 Shieldmax Insurance Agency Limited 13-Oct-2020
8281 IRA/05/39908/2021 Shilloh Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
8282 IRA/05/11748/2021 Shimaxolian Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
8283 IRA/05/34352/2021 Shimin Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8284 IRA/05/27499/2021 Shimmering Concepts Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8285 IRA/05/14400/2021 Shine Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8286 IRA/05/32059/2021 Shineline Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8287 IRA/05/24120/2021 Shinix Insurance Agency 13-Nov-2020
8288 IRA/05/15386/2021 Shirich Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8289 IRA/05/38631/2021 Shradha Adodra 5-Oct-2020
8290 IRA/05/16497/2021 Shuken Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8291 IRA/05/26426/2021 Siage Florence Akulo 27-Sep-2020
8292 IRA/05/35956/2021 Siasat Insurance Agency 30-Nov-2020
8293 IRA/05/14664/2021 Siba Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
8294 IRA/05/31286/2021 Sicilian Insurance Agency. 2-Oct-2020
8295 IRA/05/14221/2021 Sicily Muthoni Kassam 1-Oct-2020
8296 IRA/05/37013/2021 Siegfried Nevaeh Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8297 IRA/05/31160/2021 Sienna Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8298 IRA/05/38913/2021 Sieton Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8299 IRA/05/26953/2021 Signature Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8300 IRA/05/16513/2021 Signet Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8301 IRA/05/6618/2021 Sil Insurance Agencies Limited 7-Oct-2020
8302 IRA/05/15687/2021 Silas Kibet Rono 23-Oct-2020
8303 IRA/05/30204/2021 Silas Kipkemei Yatich 1-Feb-2021
8304 IRA/05/13206/2021 Silas Makenda Laimaru 14-Nov-2020
8305 IRA/05/38441/2021 Silas Okoth Hayoyo 07-Oct-2020
8306 IRA/05/1113/2021 Silas Wandera Owori 27-Sep-2020

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8307 IRA/05/25201/2021 Silva Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8308 IRA/05/16477/2021 Silvad Insurance Agency 02-Oct-2020
8309 IRA/05/34334/2021 Silvano Mbiti Njeru 7-Oct-2020
8310 IRA/05/15468/2021 Silvanus Comba Ndau 3-Nov-2020
8311 IRA/05/33313/2021 Silvanus Kyalo Kavai 9-Oct-2020
8312 IRA/05/32324/2021 Silver Garnet Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
8313 IRA/05/24458/2021 Silver Link Agency 30-Sep-2020
8314 IRA/05/14898/2021 Silverguard Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
8315 IRA/05/28468/2021 Silverlink Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8316 IRA/05/31028/2021 Silvermoon Insurance Agency Limited 18-Jan-2021
8317 IRA/05/26474/2021 Silveroaks Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8318 IRA/05/17645/2021 Silverton Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8319 IRA/05/5276/2021 Silverview Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
8320 IRA/05/39067/2021 Silvester Mauti Mounde 5-Oct-2020
8321 IRA/05/34281/2021 Silvia Wambui Ngari 5-Oct-2020
8322 IRA/05/39710/2021 Sim Lim Insurance Agents Ltd 27-Nov-2020
8323 IRA/05/15312/2021 Simagy Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8324 IRA/05/29163/2021 Simbara Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8325 IRA/05/12154/2021 Simbarashe Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8326 IRA/05/29375/2021 Simbatian Insuarance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8327 IRA/05/37162/2021 Simiyu Emily Nekesa 26-Oct-2020
8328 IRA/05/33798/2021 Simiyu Rebecca Nelima 13-Oct-2020
8329 IRA/05/28131/2021 Simokamnn Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8330 IRA/05/35263/2021 Simon Bongi Nzaba 7-Oct-2020
8331 IRA/05/29894/2021 Simon Chege Gachuhi 5-Oct-2020
8332 IRA/05/34360/2021 Simon Guandaru Muriuki 9-Oct-2020
8333 IRA/05/10587/2021 Simon Kamanja Kimani 5-Oct-2020
8334 IRA/05/13058/2021 Simon Kamau Karuma 5-Oct-2020
8335 IRA/05/34578/2021 Simon Kariuki Nganga 27-Sep-2020
8336 IRA/05/28136/2021 Simon Kiarie Maina 6-Oct-2020
8337 IRA/05/25239/2021 Simon Kimani Kahugu 9-Oct-2020
8338 IRA/05/37065/2021 Simon Kinyanjui Kang;Ere 3-Feb-2021
8339 IRA/05/31269/2021 Simon Kiraguri Wambui 6-Oct-2020
8340 IRA/05/15670/2021 Simon Langat 28-Sep-2020
8341 IRA/05/36983/2021 Simon M. Mwandima 6-Jan-2021
8342 IRA/05/38375/2021 Simon Mbeta 14-Nov-2020
8343 IRA/05/37120/2021 Simon Migwi Mungai 5-Oct-2020
8344 IRA/05/15475/2021 Simon Murimi Thamaine 30-Sep-2020
8345 IRA/05/39825/2021 Simon Ndwiga Murage 29-Jan-2021
8346 IRA/05/26182/2021 Simon Ngugi Muiriri 15-Nov-2020
8347 IRA/05/12646/2021 Simon Njuguna Kago 7-Oct-2020
8348 IRA/05/14736/2021 Simon Oyier Onyango 1-Oct-2020
8349 IRA/05/39196/2021 Simon Peter Ahago 27-Nov-2020
8350 IRA/05/32326/2021 Simon Thuo Maina 30-Sep-2020
8351 IRA/05/26147/2021 Simon Waweru Kiberu 13-Oct-2020
8352 IRA/05/34716/2021 Simon Wayabila 27-Sep-2020
8353 IRA/05/24225/2021 Simorah Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8354 IRA/05/11554/2021 Simplex Insurance Agencies 8-Oct-2020
8355 IRA/05/26856/2021 Simson Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
8356 IRA/05/35159/2021 Sinter Muringo Kangai 14-Oct-2020
8357 IRA/05/33031/2021 Sinzore Brendah Amukuzi 12-Oct-2020
8358 IRA/05/36969/2021 Sipul Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8359 IRA/05/27904/2021 Sir Haron Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8360 IRA/05/36424/2021 Sir Mcintosh And Sons Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
8361 IRA/05/38036/2021 Siroh Lynn Kerubo 30-Sep-2020
8362 IRA/05/32747/2021 Sisca Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8363 IRA/05/35072/2021 Sishem Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8364 IRA/05/28147/2021 Sisto Maina Thaituru 13-Nov-2020
8365 IRA/05/8611/2021 Sitlovy Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020

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8366 IRA/05/39638/2021 Situ Insurance Agency 2-Dec-2020
8367 IRA/05/14295/2021 Sivana Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
8368 IRA/05/37340/2021 Siwogla Insurance Agency Limited 15-Feb-2021
8369 IRA/05/30843/2021 Sixways Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8370 IRA/05/33017/2021 Sizzah & Sons Agency 28-Sep-2020
8371 IRA/05/16214/2021 Sizzling Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
8372 IRA/05/12494/2021 Skave Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8373 IRA/05/34219/2021 Sketcher Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
8374 IRA/05/36817/2021 Skilled Africa Insurance Agencies 19-Oct-2020
8375 IRA/05/27400/2021 Sky Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8376 IRA/05/24816/2021 Sky One Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8377 IRA/05/34159/2021 Skycare Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8378 IRA/05/37244/2021 Skylands Financial And Investmentinsurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8379 IRA/05/39676/2021 Skyler Insurance Agency Limited 12-Nov-2020
8380 IRA/05/36648/2021 Skylet Muhonja 16-Oct-2020
8381 IRA/05/29816/2021 Skyline Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8382 IRA/05/35441/2021 Skylink Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8383 IRA/05/28891/2021 Skytrak Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8384 IRA/05/28220/2021 Skywalks Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8385 IRA/05/15719/2021 Slopes Dunku Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8386 IRA/05/24102/2021 Smart Choice Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
8387 IRA/05/26952/2021 Smart Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8388 IRA/05/25635/2021 Smart Move Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
8389 IRA/05/20393/2021 Smart Options Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
8390 IRA/05/28497/2021 Smartbima Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8391 IRA/05/24155/2021 Smartglow Insurance Agency 08-Oct-2020
8392 IRA/05/37746/2021 Smarthart Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
8393 IRA/05/17176/2021 Smartlines Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
8394 IRA/05/36535/2021 Smartlink Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8395 IRA/05/10252/2021 Smilax Insurance Agencies Limited 27-Nov-2020
8396 IRA/05/31886/2021 Smile Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8397 IRA/05/33178/2021 Snowpeck Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8398 IRA/05/39201/2021 Soarer Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8399 IRA/05/29454/2021 Soaring Heights Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
8400 IRA/05/33779/2021 Socrates Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8401 IRA/05/16667/2021 Soi Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8402 IRA/05/16672/2021 Sokonie Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8403 IRA/05/39361/2021 Solid And Noble Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
8404 IRA/05/25172/2021 Solika Insurance Services Agency 7-Dec-2020
8405 IRA/05/39687/2021 Solomon Gachegu Njoroge 8-Jan-2021
8406 IRA/05/15432/2021 Solomon Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8407 IRA/05/35862/2021 Solomon Kiseve Kaesa 27-Sep-2020
8408 IRA/05/15114/2021 Solomon Mngolia Mjomba 07-Oct-2020
8409 IRA/05/30708/2021 Solomon Mutinda Mutuku 5-Oct-2020
8410 IRA/05/38912/2021 Solomon Njoroge Karanja 26-Sep-2020
8411 IRA/05/33152/2021 Solomon Odhiambo 9-Oct-2020
8412 IRA/05/36994/2021 Solomon Okeyo Otieno 28-Jan-2021
8413 IRA/05/32657/2021 Solomon Vaati John 6-Jan-2021
8414 IRA/05/16682/2021 Solomon Waldeyes Makonnen 11-Jan-2021
8415 IRA/05/27883/2021 Solomon Wanjohi Ndumia 28-Sep-2020
8416 IRA/05/39091/2021 Solphan Abukutsa Nyangweso 9-Oct-2020
8417 IRA/05/28681/2021 Solstice Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8418 IRA/05/25067/2021 Solunet Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8419 IRA/05/16126/2021 Solutions Point Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
8420 IRA/05/39813/2021 Solve It Insurance Agencies 25-Jan-2021
8421 IRA/05/32091/2021 Sonal Motichand Savla 26-Sep-2020
8422 IRA/05/34308/2021 Songa Insurance Agencies Ltd 30-Sep-2020
8423 IRA/05/16844/2021 Soniare Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
8424 IRA/05/29259/2021 Sonnik Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020

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8425 IRA/05/29722/2021 Sonya Jepkemoi Kibet 27-Sep-2020
8426 IRA/05/39864/2021 Sophia Akoth Onyango 1-Feb-2021
8427 IRA/05/25521/2021 Sophia Chepkoech Komen 15-Nov-2020
8428 IRA/05/34768/2021 Sophia Gechemba Nyabuto 2-Oct-2020
8429 IRA/05/15538/2021 Sophia Kalume 9-Feb-2021
8430 IRA/05/35661/2021 Sophia Lucy Musumba 7-Oct-2020
8431 IRA/05/38650/2021 Sophia Ndanu Mumo 12-Nov-2020
8432 IRA/05/38332/2021 Sophia Wangari Maina 14-Dec-2020
8433 IRA/05/35869/2021 Sophia Wanja Ngoru 12-Oct-2020
8434 IRA/05/19084/2021 Sophia Wasonga 7-Dec-2020
8435 IRA/05/39572/2021 Sophie Nyoroka Muthamia 6-Oct-2020
8436 IRA/05/33990/2021 Sophix Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8437 IRA/05/15950/2021 Sophy Achieng Kadondi 30-Dec-2020
8438 IRA/05/27193/2021 Sora Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8439 IRA/05/37849/2021 Sospeter Gathira Kirugu 16-Oct-2020
8440 IRA/05/34364/2021 Sospeter Isiepai Ojakapel 6-Nov-2020
8441 IRA/05/26107/2021 Sospeter Mathai Munene 5-Oct-2020
8442 IRA/05/14428/2021 Sospeter Mjomba Njumwa 9-Oct-2020
8443 IRA/05/25399/2021 Sosten Chepsiror Kiptanui 5-Oct-2020
8444 IRA/05/39894/2021 Sot Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
8445 IRA/05/33751/2021 Soundline Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8446 IRA/05/12827/2021 South-End Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8447 IRA/05/37334/2021 Southern Gates Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8448 IRA/05/24228/2021 Southridge Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8449 IRA/05/12866/2021 South-View Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
8450 IRA/05/27174/2021 Space Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
8451 IRA/05/17589/2021 Spar Accoutancy And Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8452 IRA/05/36708/2021 Sparkling Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
8453 IRA/05/30625/2021 Spas Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8454 IRA/05/27225/2021 Spawn Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8455 IRA/05/37128/2021 Special Bond Comrades Seventy One Plus Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
8456 IRA/05/29038/2021 Speciality Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
8457 IRA/05/31557/2021 Spedoc Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8458 IRA/05/9105/2021 Speedserve Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8459 IRA/05/12822/2021 Speedy Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
8460 IRA/05/35231/2021 Speedyzdial Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8461 IRA/05/27161/2021 Speranza Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8462 IRA/05/28251/2021 Spero Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8463 IRA/05/24074/2021 Sphere Insurance Agencies Limited 8-Oct-2020
8464 IRA/05/27322/2021 Splendid Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8465 IRA/05/35435/2021 Spokane Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
8466 IRA/05/13541/2021 Spreader Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
8467 IRA/05/28261/2021 Springboard Capital Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8468 IRA/05/16089/2021 Springboard Commercial & Insurance Agencies 15-Nov-2020
8469 IRA/05/34132/2021 Springbridge Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
8470 IRA/05/27173/2021 Springs Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
8471 IRA/05/39619/2021 Sprint Insurance Agency Limited 14-Jan-2021
8472 IRA/05/34990/2021 Sprout Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8473 IRA/05/37151/2021 Spry Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8474 IRA/05/33614/2021 Spw Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
8475 IRA/05/32124/2021 Ssozi Geofrey 27-Sep-2020
8476 IRA/05/29612/2021 St. Augustine Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
8477 IRA/05/39042/2021 Stablehill Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Oct-2020
8478 IRA/05/38555/2021 Stacy Ndinda Mala 12-Oct-2020
8479 IRA/05/17510/2021 Stalwart Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8480 IRA/05/34037/2021 Stamdely Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
8481 IRA/05/31799/2021 Stamin Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8482 IRA/05/29639/2021 Stanbic Insurance Agency Limited 5-Oct-2020
8483 IRA/05/24643/2021 Standan Blessed Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020

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8484 IRA/05/16839/2021 Standout Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8485 IRA/05/37362/2021 Stanford Mshimba 2-Oct-2020
8486 IRA/05/14079/2021 Stanislaus Wambua Muange 27-Sep-2020
8487 IRA/05/36559/2021 Stanlaus Maweu Mutuku 9-Oct-2020
8488 IRA/05/15466/2021 Stanley Maingi Maina 14-Oct-2020
8489 IRA/05/38095/2021 Stanley Mutie Mutetenga 9-Oct-2020
8490 IRA/05/34826/2021 Stanley Mwangi Muthoni 5-Oct-2020
8491 IRA/05/12970/2021 Stanley Njoroge Githinji 26-Sep-2020
8492 IRA/05/19090/2021 Stanley Ototo Manyara 27-Sep-2020
8493 IRA/05/16265/2021 Stanmar Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
8494 IRA/05/25761/2021 Stanridge And Days Insurance Agencies Limited 5-Oct-2020
8495 IRA/05/28431/2021 Stanslaus Mburu Mungai 22-Oct-2020
8496 IRA/05/36125/2021 Stanslaus Muthama Musau 3-Nov-2020
8497 IRA/05/15839/2021 Stanslaus Mutisya Kiiti 14-Oct-2020
8498 IRA/05/35935/2021 Stansure Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8499 IRA/05/36842/2021 Stanyard Agency 29-Sep-2020
8500 IRA/05/31417/2021 Staples Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
8501 IRA/05/39421/2021 Starcom Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8502 IRA/05/37089/2021 Stardroit Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
8503 IRA/05/12297/2021 Stargate Insurance Agencies 31-Oct-2020
8504 IRA/05/30101/2021 Starled Insurance Agency 2-Nov-2020
8505 IRA/05/2166/2021 Starlings J. M. Ndethiu 25-Sep-2020
8506 IRA/05/17717/2021 Starmax Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8507 IRA/05/28487/2021 Starway Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8508 IRA/05/7322/2021 Starzed Marketing & Insurance Agency Ltd 6-Oct-2020
8509 IRA/05/12342/2021 Stashel Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
8510 IRA/05/6132/2021 Statex Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8511 IRA/05/38484/2021 Staud Insurance Agency 24-Sep-2020
8512 IRA/05/32076/2021 Stay Sure Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8513 IRA/05/39497/2021 Stefani Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
8514 IRA/05/30122/2021 Stefflon Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8515 IRA/05/39567/2021 Stella Ajwang Ogutu 6-Oct-2020
8516 IRA/05/37480/2021 Stella Atieno Augo 05-Nov-2020
8517 IRA/05/30942/2021 Stella Bosibori Omwenga 14-Nov-2020
8518 IRA/05/38864/2021 Stella Chepkemoi Sum 7-Oct-2020
8519 IRA/05/36651/2021 Stella Chepngeno 13-Oct-2020
8520 IRA/05/38268/2021 Stella Grace Awuor Sewe 26-Sep-2020
8521 IRA/05/29760/2021 Stella Kawira Murage 17-Oct-2020
8522 IRA/05/37553/2021 Stella Mumbi Gichara 23-Dec-2020
8523 IRA/05/32455/2021 Stella Nduleve Mukonyo 2-Oct-2020
8524 IRA/05/36271/2021 Stella Ndururi 12-Nov-2020
8525 IRA/05/32630/2021 Stella Njeri Kamunyu 13-Oct-2020
8526 IRA/05/39409/2021 Stella Njeri Wairagu 5-Oct-2020
8527 IRA/05/37458/2021 Stellah Kirigo Mwirigi 12-Oct-2020
8528 IRA/05/36108/2021 Stellah Nandako Barasa 12-Oct-2020
8529 IRA/05/24266/2021 Stem Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
8530 IRA/05/4824/2021 Stema Insurance And General Agencies Limited 8-Dec-2020
8531 IRA/05/28179/2021 Stemlin Insurance Agency 29-Jan-2021
8532 IRA/05/26938/2021 Stenley Kitonga Musembi 6-Oct-2020
8533 IRA/05/19094/2021 Stenmaks Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
8534 IRA/05/14527/2021 Stenmap Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8535 IRA/05/25472/2021 Steny Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
8536 IRA/05/16754/2021 Step Ahead Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
8537 IRA/05/34858/2021 Step By Step Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8538 IRA/05/15314/2021 Step One Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
8539 IRA/05/35673/2021 Stephen Bukende Ogango 19-Oct-2020
8540 IRA/05/14603/2021 Stephen Charles Mwebesa 18-Jan-2021
8541 IRA/05/36111/2021 Stephen Chege Kariuki 14-Nov-2020
8542 IRA/05/14708/2021 Stephen Gathara Gichuhi 6-Oct-2020

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8543 IRA/05/26930/2021 Stephen Gitonga Kiama 28-Sep-2020
8544 IRA/05/35901/2021 Stephen Gitu Muchiri 7-Jan-2021
8545 IRA/05/26813/2021 Stephen Juma Sitati 16-Dec-2020
8546 IRA/05/34171/2021 Stephen Kaniaru 14-Oct-2020
8547 IRA/05/9641/2021 Stephen Karanja Kimiti 13-Oct-2020
8548 IRA/05/26939/2021 Stephen Kibe Wangai 6-Nov-2020
8549 IRA/05/24452/2021 Stephen Kihara Mwangi 8-Oct-2020
8550 IRA/05/38861/2021 Stephen Kipyegon Too 6-Oct-2020
8551 IRA/05/36970/2021 Stephen Kiunga M Rukaria 9-Oct-2020
8552 IRA/05/16512/2021 Stephen Macharia Kamau 28-Jan-2021
8553 IRA/05/36112/2021 Stephen Macharia Wangechi 7-Jan-2021
8554 IRA/05/35651/2021 Stephen Mayaka 16-Oct-2020
8555 IRA/05/25666/2021 Stephen Mogaka Omwoyo 13-Oct-2020
8556 IRA/05/20143/2021 Stephen Muange Kiema 28-Sep-2020
8557 IRA/05/5224/2021 Stephen Muchiri Karuku 28-Sep-2020
8558 IRA/05/34770/2021 Stephen Mugunyu Mumira 12-Nov-2020
8559 IRA/05/39880/2021 Stephen Mungai Njeri 1-Feb-2021
8560 IRA/05/34673/2021 Stephen Munyasya 2-Oct-2020
8561 IRA/05/17317/2021 Stephen Musyoki Kisilu 13-Oct-2020
8562 IRA/05/20231/2021 Stephen Muthinji Muturi 6-Oct-2020
8563 IRA/05/35763/2021 Stephen Mutia Mwendwa 11-Jan-2021
8564 IRA/05/24478/2021 Stephen Mutie Kimeu 29-Sep-2020
8565 IRA/05/26181/2021 Stephen Mutuku Nyali 4-Nov-2020
8566 IRA/05/34722/2021 Stephen Muuo 26-Oct-2020
8567 IRA/05/34594/2021 Stephen Mwaura Njuguna 22-Jan-2021
8568 IRA/05/14217/2021 Stephen N. Gitonga 11-Nov-2020
8569 IRA/05/14734/2021 Stephen N. Karanja 27-Sep-2020
8570 IRA/05/38675/2021 Stephen Nderitu Wachira 6-Oct-2020
8571 IRA/05/27384/2021 Stephen Nganga Kabuki 6-Oct-2020
8572 IRA/05/38664/2021 Stephen Ngonglo 30-Sep-2020
8573 IRA/05/14888/2021 Stephen Ngugi Kibatha 14-Nov-2020
8574 IRA/05/33286/2021 Stephen Njogu Njeru 6-Nov-2020
8575 IRA/05/26461/2021 Stephen Njoroge Gitau 14-Oct-2020
8576 IRA/05/31265/2021 Stephen Njoroge Kimani 6-Oct-2020
8577 IRA/05/36294/2021 Stephen Njuguna Waithira 31-Oct-2020
8578 IRA/05/36924/2021 Stephen Nyakundi Otiso 14-Oct-2020
8579 IRA/05/26837/2021 Stephen Nyongesa Misiko 28-Sep-2020
8580 IRA/05/39231/2021 Stephen Ochieng Agwanda 2-Oct-2020
8581 IRA/05/27391/2021 Stephen Ochieng Onyango 2-Oct-2020
8582 IRA/05/15497/2021 Stephen Odima 26-Oct-2020
8583 IRA/05/29046/2021 Stephen Odongo Limumba 28-Sep-2020
8584 IRA/05/34405/2021 Stephen Okumu Munala 6-Nov-2020
8585 IRA/05/37181/2021 Stephen Ombogo 2-Oct-2020
8586 IRA/05/26342/2021 Stephen Omondi Otsieno 1-Feb-2021
8587 IRA/05/28921/2021 Stephen Otieno Odhiambo 5-Oct-2020
8588 IRA/05/30741/2021 Stephen Otieno Okoth 27-Sep-2020
8589 IRA/05/34647/2021 Stephen Otieno Riwa 29-Sep-2020
8590 IRA/05/38496/2021 Stephen Sadala Kimuge 27-Sep-2020
8591 IRA/05/28734/2021 Stephen Sang Cheruiyot 16-Oct-2020
8592 IRA/05/15773/2021 Stephen Thuita Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
8593 IRA/05/16840/2021 Stephen Waruingi Ruthi 15-Oct-2020
8594 IRA/05/25053/2021 Stephen Warutere Karanja 2-Oct-2020
8595 IRA/05/39411/2021 Stephen Waweru Maina 6-Oct-2020
8596 IRA/05/35338/2021 Stephene Adagi Suba 26-Sep-2020
8597 IRA/05/35031/2021 Stephene Otieno Owino 5-Oct-2020
8598 IRA/05/37627/2021 Stephene Wanzala Lumbasi 5-Oct-2020
8599 IRA/05/15812/2021 Steppingstone Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8600 IRA/05/35028/2021 Stepwin Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8601 IRA/05/30378/2021 Sterling Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020

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8602 IRA/05/3860/2021 Steve Mwangi 13-Oct-2020
8603 IRA/05/35464/2021 Steve Wekesa Sudi 12-Nov-2020
8604 IRA/05/11760/2021 Stockwell Insurance Agencies 3-Feb-2021
8605 IRA/05/20195/2021 Stoke Insurance Agency 07-Jan-2021
8606 IRA/05/36403/2021 Stoploss Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
8607 IRA/05/39834/2021 Stop-Loss Insurance Agency 24-Dec-2020
8608 IRA/05/24786/2021 Storck Wood Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8609 IRA/05/35154/2021 Straightline Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8610 IRA/05/16102/2021 Straightway Insurance Agency Ltd 9-Oct-2020
8611 IRA/05/11861/2021 Stratus Insurance Agency Ltd 5-Oct-2020
8612 IRA/05/26254/2021 Strauss Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
8613 IRA/05/34684/2021 Streamline Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8614 IRA/05/39727/2021 Strike Two Insurance Agency 28-Dec-2020
8615 IRA/05/30454/2021 Strong Tower Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8616 IRA/05/31470/2021 Struton Insurance Agency 5-Feb-2021
8617 IRA/05/15874/2021 Sturgion Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
8618 IRA/05/32321/2021 Stycian Mwende Kaumbulu 6-Oct-2020
8619 IRA/05/37995/2021 Succint Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8620 IRA/05/14387/2021 Suda General Insurance Agencies 5-Nov-2020
8621 IRA/05/3434/2021 Suka Nellingtone Masore 13-Oct-2020
8622 IRA/05/27439/2021 Suleiman Rashid Ali 7-Jan-2021
8623 IRA/05/10942/2021 Sultanali Mohamedali Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8624 IRA/05/35678/2021 Suluhisho Letu Insurance Agency Limited 21-Jan-2021
8625 IRA/05/32806/2021 Suluhu Insurance Agency Limited 27-Oct-2020
8626 IRA/05/15460/2021 Sulyna Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8627 IRA/05/24485/2021 Sumac Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
8628 IRA/05/11240/2021 Sumo Insurance Agents Ltd. 6-Oct-2020
8629 IRA/05/13810/2021 Sunafrica Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8630 IRA/05/27472/2021 Suncorp Insurance Agencies 8-Oct-2020
8631 IRA/05/38323/2021 Sundew Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8632 IRA/05/26229/2021 Sunix Insurance Agencies 12-Oct-2020
8633 IRA/05/34026/2021 Sunny Odhiambo Sero 5-Oct-2020
8634 IRA/05/33877/2021 Sunstar Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8635 IRA/05/4623/2021 Sun-Trust Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
8636 IRA/05/27290/2021 Supadenizen Insurance Agency 3-Dec-2020
8637 IRA/05/37921/2021 Super Deals Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8638 IRA/05/20051/2021 Super Robin Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
8639 IRA/05/11882/2021 Supercare Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8640 IRA/05/13508/2021 Supergen Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8641 IRA/05/6108/2021 Supersure Cover Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
8642 IRA/05/38354/2021 Support Insurance Agency 16-Feb-2021
8643 IRA/05/39273/2021 Surcor Insurance Agencies Limited 22-Dec-2020
8644 IRA/05/34041/2021 Sure Hope Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8645 IRA/05/30288/2021 Suredeal Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8646 IRA/05/39174/2021 Sureim Insurance Agency Limited 12-Nov-2020
8647 IRA/05/27763/2021 Suremove Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
8648 IRA/05/14105/2021 Sureseeker Insurance Agency 17-Dec-2020
8649 IRA/05/31035/2021 Surety Insurance Consulting Agency 4-Feb-2021
8650 IRA/05/39587/2021 Surewealth Insurance Agency Ltd. 9-Oct-2020
8651 IRA/05/35568/2021 Surewell Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
8652 IRA/05/16605/2021 Surjit Singh Panesar 28-Sep-2020
8653 IRA/05/35643/2021 Surmount Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8654 IRA/05/31251/2021 Suroli Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8655 IRA/05/30587/2021 Surplus Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8656 IRA/05/32351/2021 Susan N. Ngirau 7-Oct-2020
8657 IRA/05/34911/2021 Susan Wanjiku Mwai 1-Feb-2021
8658 IRA/05/37841/2021 Susan Adhiambo Ngode 26-Sep-2020
8659 IRA/05/33452/2021 Susan Amisi Akinyi Yuko 8-Feb-2021
8660 IRA/05/32749/2021 Susan Atieno Okiro 11-Nov-2020

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8661 IRA/05/37426/2021 Susan Kambua Mutua 8-Oct-2020
8662 IRA/05/38394/2021 Susan Kamend Mutia 8-Oct-2020
8663 IRA/05/32417/2021 Susan Kanana Mati 27-Sep-2020
8664 IRA/05/32348/2021 Susan Karamuta 9-Oct-2020
8665 IRA/05/26592/2021 Susan Kathambi Muchai 28-Sep-2020
8666 IRA/05/38858/2021 Susan Muringi Makara 16-Feb-2021
8667 IRA/05/30304/2021 Susan Mutheu Kithuka 5-Oct-2020
8668 IRA/05/35801/2021 Susan Muthoki Kivai 27-Sep-2020
8669 IRA/05/386702/2021 Susan Muthoni Hiuhu 2-Oct-2020
8670 IRA/05/27226/2021 Susan Muthoni Karanja 14-Oct-2020
8671 IRA/05/29906/2021 Susan Muthoni Ndungu 5-Oct-2020
8672 IRA/05/29578/2021 Susan Ndinda Syokau Makewa 7-Dec-2020
8673 IRA/05/17435/2021 Susan Ndoti 14-Nov-2020
8674 IRA/05/34142/2021 Susan Nduta Wambui 11-Nov-2020
8675 IRA/05/16920/2021 Susan Njeri Gatheru 23-Oct-2020
8676 IRA/05/32600/2021 Susan Njeri Kamau 2-Oct-2020
8677 IRA/05/39711/2021 Susan Njeri Njeru 4-Dec-2020
8678 IRA/05/16402/2021 Susan Njoki Ngatia 6-Oct-2020
8679 IRA/05/37911/2021 Susan Njoki Wanjiru 7-Dec-2020
8680 IRA/05/39905/2021 Susan Nyaguthii Ndegwa 3-Feb-2021
8681 IRA/05/27849/2021 Susan Nyambura Gikonyo 27-Sep-2020
8682 IRA/05/24933/2021 Susan Nyambura Kamau 6-Oct-2020
8683 IRA/05/28561/2021 Susan Nyambura Kangethe 27-Sep-2020
8684 IRA/05/16474/2021 Susan Nyila 27-Sep-2020
8685 IRA/05/28285/2021 Susan Omani Ekisa 5-Oct-2020
8686 IRA/05/24312/2021 Susan Onyimbo 30-Sep-2020
8687 IRA/05/15390/2021 Susan Stephanie Akinyi Omondi 26-Sep-2020
8688 IRA/05/11206/2021 Susan Thimangu 2-Oct-2020
8689 IRA/05/34249/2021 Susan Waithera Mbae 13-Oct-2020
8690 IRA/05/17649/2021 Susan Waitherero Muturi 5-Oct-2020
8691 IRA/05/25612/2021 Susan Waithiegeni Maina 2-Oct-2020
8692 IRA/05/35715/2021 Susan Wambui Mugo 11-Jan-2021
8693 IRA/05/31249/2021 Susan Wambui Ndirangu 7-Oct-2020
8694 IRA/05/26595/2021 Susan Wambui Warui 6-Oct-2020
8695 IRA/05/26376/2021 Susan Wamukore Njuguna 8-Oct-2020
8696 IRA/05/39918/2021 Susan Wamuyu Kabugi 3-Feb-2021
8697 IRA/05/28096/2021 Susan Wangari Mwangi 6-Oct-2020
8698 IRA/05/29044/2021 Susan Wangari Njoroge 26-Oct-2020
8699 IRA/05/38217/2021 Susan Wangari Njue 11-Nov-2020
8700 IRA/05/12138/2021 Susan Wangui Ruga 17-Oct-2020
8701 IRA/05/17377/2021 Susan Wanja Mathenge 26-Sep-2020
8702 IRA/05/39295/2021 Susan Wanja Mwangi 26-Oct-2020
8703 IRA/05/27925/2021 Susan Wanjiru Kairu 29-Jan-2021
8704 IRA/05/27244/2021 Susan Wanjiru Karanja 27-Sep-2020
8705 IRA/05/13107/2021 Susan Wanjiru Maina 27-Sep-2020
8706 IRA/05/37188/2021 Suzan Mukami Waithiri 1-Oct-2020
8707 IRA/05/16179/2021 Suzy Achieng Nyandega 4-Nov-2020
8708 IRA/05/3249/2021 Swabra Mumbua Mutisya 29-Sep-2020
8709 IRA/05/27332/2021 Swahiba Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8710 IRA/05/14919/2021 Swak Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8711 IRA/05/14193/2021 Swedish Insurance Agency 20-Jan-2021
8712 IRA/05/36012/2021 Swellview Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8713 IRA/05/34928/2021 Swift Beulah Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
8714 IRA/05/38054/2021 Swift Commercial And Insurance Agencies 29-Sep-2020
8715 IRA/05/5387/2021 Swiftlife Insurance Agency Ltd 26-Sep-2020
8716 IRA/05/18056/2021 Swiftwave Insurance Agency 24-Nov-2020
8717 IRA/05/27285/2021 Swinns Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
8718 IRA/05/39853/2021 Swizzmart Insurance Agency Limited 27-Jan-2021
8719 IRA/05/29965/2021 Sydlink Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020

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8720 IRA/05/38865/2021 Syken Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8721 IRA/05/26508/2021 Sylvan Otieno Dienya 26-Sep-2020
8722 IRA/05/26640/2021 Sylvester Nzyimi Kingoo 11-Jan-2021
8723 IRA/05/39747/2021 Sylvester Omondi Okoth 22-Dec-2020
8724 IRA/05/39857/2021 Sylvia Bunyasi Nakhungu 1-Feb-2021
8725 IRA/05/26103/2021 Sylvia Grace Wambui 26-Sep-2020
8726 IRA/05/40014/2021 Sylvia Mmbaitsa Mmata 12-Feb-2021
8727 IRA/05/25207/2021 Sylvia Nkatha 6-Oct-2020
8728 IRA/05/38158/2021 Sylvia Nyakeru Muringe 30-Sep-2020
8729 IRA/05/17203/2021 Sylvia Wawira Nthiga 26-Sep-2020
8730 IRA/05/35008/2021 Sylviah Njeri Mwanzia 31-Oct-2020
8731 IRA/05/28201/2021 Sylwac Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8732 IRA/05/30642/2021 Symax Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8733 IRA/05/4232/2021 Symon N. Githaiga 22-Oct-2020
8734 IRA/05/35407/2021 Symon Njagi Gichira 5-Oct-2020
8735 IRA/05/25662/2021 Synaita M Mmbaya 6-Nov-2020
8736 IRA/05/30391/2021 Synergy Africa Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8737 IRA/05/15374/2021 Synergy Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
8738 IRA/05/37085/2021 Tabbytellah Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8739 IRA/05/35438/2021 Tabitha Awuor Okoth 14-Dec-2020
8740 IRA/05/25518/2021 Tabitha Joseph 26-Sep-2020
8741 IRA/05/33226/2021 Tabitha Kabura Wainaina 12-Nov-2020
8742 IRA/05/31331/2021 Tabitha Macharia 16-Oct-2020
8743 IRA/05/15283/2021 Tabitha Mmbone Ndakalu 6-Oct-2020
8744 IRA/05/35312/2021 Tabitha Mwikali Muindi 5-Oct-2020
8745 IRA/05/30324/2021 Tabitha Nyakeru Mbugua 30-Sep-2020
8746 IRA/05/28814/2021 Tabitha Nyanduko Ayienga 22-Jan-2021
8747 IRA/05/16385/2021 Tabitha Nyawira Wamathai 6-Jan-2021
8748 IRA/05/39786/2021 Tabitha Syombua Kyalo 19-Jan-2021
8749 IRA/05/37604/2021 Tabitha Viane Mueni 8-Oct-2020
8750 IRA/05/37651/2021 Tabitha Wangui Kiiru 28-Sep-2020
8751 IRA/05/34946/2021 Tabitha Wanjiku Githumbi 7-Oct-2020
8752 IRA/05/29227/2021 Tabitha Wanjiku Kamunya 27-Sep-2020
8753 IRA/05/26206/2021 Tabitha Wanjiru Mburu 28-Sep-2020
8754 IRA/05/29440/2021 Tabitha Wanjiru Ndirangu 12-Dec-2020
8755 IRA/05/26501/2021 Tabitha Wanjiru Njigua 16-Oct-2020
8756 IRA/05/16387/2021 Table Fountains Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8757 IRA/05/34712/2021 Tadeo Insurance Agency Limited 14-Jan-2021
8758 IRA/05/19085/2021 Tads Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8759 IRA/05/25143/2021 Taff Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8760 IRA/05/10696/2021 Taibu Insurance Agencies Ltd 9-Oct-2020
8761 IRA/05/29690/2021 Taifa Bima Agency 29-Sep-2020
8762 IRA/05/37176/2021 Taipan Vacations & Travel Limited 9-Oct-2020
8763 IRA/05/29504/2021 Tajam Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
8764 IRA/05/13134/2021 Tala Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8765 IRA/05/30922/2021 Talantas Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
8766 IRA/05/25586/2021 Taldi Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
8767 IRA/05/38039/2021 Taleri Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8768 IRA/05/25874/2021 Talexam Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
8769 IRA/05/38485/2021 Tallgrass Agency Ltd 17-Dec-2020
8770 IRA/05/39446/2021 Tally Insurance Agency Ltd 17-Dec-2020
8771 IRA/05/34203/2021 Talos Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8772 IRA/05/37112/2021 Talyncy Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8773 IRA/05/15691/2021 Tamarisk Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
8774 IRA/05/26722/2021 Tamba Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8775 IRA/05/17813/2021 Tamo Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8776 IRA/05/14738/2021 Tamwa Insurance Agency 16-Nov-2020
8777 IRA/05/14122/2021 Tanaca Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8778 IRA/05/39603/2021 Tando Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020

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8779 IRA/05/27062/2021 Tanindia Insurance Agencies 19-Nov-2020
8780 IRA/05/38928/2021 Taoo Insurance Agency 3-Dec-2020
8781 IRA/05/31272/2021 Tapin Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8782 IRA/05/29049/2021 Tarajii Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
8783 IRA/05/34516/2021 Tarnec Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
8784 IRA/05/34999/2021 Tashani Insurance Agency Limited 6-Jan-2021
8785 IRA/05/35190/2021 Taslimu Insurance Agency Limited 28-Sep-2020
8786 IRA/05/13814/2021 Tata Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
8787 IRA/05/4818/2021 Tawi Insurance Agencies Ltd 25-Sep-2020
8788 IRA/05/38448/2021 Tawik Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8789 IRA/05/31892/2021 Tbelle Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8790 IRA/05/38393/2021 Tebali Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8791 IRA/05/37129/2021 Tebreisa Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
8792 IRA/05/25711/2021 Technon (K) Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
8793 IRA/05/30684/2021 Tecki Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
8794 IRA/05/36825/2021 Tecla Jemwetich Cheruiyot 26-Oct-2020
8795 IRA/05/38824/2021 Ted Alubbe Omuyeyi 5-Oct-2020
8796 IRA/05/33187/2021 Ted Odhiambo Majiwa 2-Oct-2020
8797 IRA/05/32619/2021 Teddy Fondo 29-Sep-2020
8798 IRA/05/39920/2021 Teddy Omungala 3-Feb-2021
8799 IRA/05/34709/2021 Teddy Opiyo Opiyo 13-Oct-2020
8800 IRA/05/39245/2021 Tefobro Insurance Agency 8-Jan-2021
8801 IRA/05/14785/2021 Teka Insurance Agency 22-Jan-2021
8802 IRA/05/5584/2021 Tekry Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8803 IRA/05/38914/2021 Telnet Insurance Agents 07-Oct-2020
8804 IRA/05/17264/2021 Temanja Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
8805 IRA/05/31045/2021 Temba Metrine 26-Oct-2020
8806 IRA/05/12352/2021 Ten Star Insurance Agencies Limited 18-Jan-2021
8807 IRA/05/33741/2021 Tena-Age Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
8808 IRA/05/33719/2021 Tenacite Agencies 9-Oct-2020
8809 IRA/05/39386/2021 Ten-Em Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8810 IRA/05/32557/2021 Tepu Agency 29-Jan-2021
8811 IRA/05/33969/2021 Terer Anneth Chelangat 02-Oct-2020
8812 IRA/05/34786/2021 Teresa Kaguri 13-Oct-2020
8813 IRA/05/26104/2021 Teresa Ntarara 28-Sep-2020
8814 IRA/05/14609/2021 Teresa Otieno 5-Oct-2020
8815 IRA/05/31446/2021 Teresah Muthoni Maina 9-Oct-2020
8816 IRA/05/38022/2021 Teresia Wanjiru Gakuya 7-Oct-2020
8817 IRA/05/32463/2021 Teresia Akinyi Ochieng 08-Oct-2020
8818 IRA/05/32845/2021 Teresia Jerogony Komen 7-Oct-2020
8819 IRA/05/34957/2021 Teresia Kiboi 5-Oct-2020
8820 IRA/05/34864/2021 Teresia Kyongongo 6-Oct-2020
8821 IRA/05/37857/2021 Teresia Mumbi Karungu 3-Feb-2021
8822 IRA/05/39063/2021 Teresia Ndunge Mutuku 12-Oct-2020
8823 IRA/05/36606/2021 Teresia Wairimu Irungu 19-Oct-2020
8824 IRA/05/36213/2021 Teresia Wakahuria Mutiso 1-Oct-2020
8825 IRA/05/30262/2021 Teresia Wambui Karanja 17-Oct-2020
8826 IRA/05/20015/2021 Teresia Wambui Mwangi 26-Sep-2020
8827 IRA/05/32504/2021 Teresia Wangui Gikonyo 2-Oct-2020
8828 IRA/05/16820/2021 Teresia Wanjiru 7-Oct-2020
8829 IRA/05/20267/2021 Teresiah Nafula Makhanu 19-Oct-2020
8830 IRA/05/24282/2021 Teresiah Wanjeri Kimani 16-Oct-2020
8831 IRA/05/39435/2021 Teroh Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
8832 IRA/05/16326/2021 Terries Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8833 IRA/05/39898/2021 Terry Gathoni Mukiri 3-Feb-2021
8834 IRA/05/14121/2021 Terry Wambui Muhoro 2-Nov-2020
8835 IRA/05/34929/2021 Terryanne Wanjugu Gacii 7-Oct-2020
8836 IRA/05/34187/2021 Terryd Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
8837 IRA/05/17115/2021 Tesh Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020

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8838 IRA/05/27113/2021 Tessa Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8839 IRA/05/37264/2021 Tezline Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
8840 IRA/05/38676/2021 Tezza Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8841 IRA/05/37632/2021 Tgl Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
8842 IRA/05/35578/2021 Thaddeus Wafula Wanjala 12-Jan-2021
8843 IRA/05/16378/2021 Thamana Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8844 IRA/05/9167/2021 The Ark Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
8845 IRA/05/12190/2021 The Arm Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8846 IRA/05/33206/2021 The Awesome Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8847 IRA/05/24190/2021 The Bastion Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8848 IRA/05/30223/2021 The Blue Diamond Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8849 IRA/05/15561/2021 The Competent Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8850 IRA/05/37311/2021 The Golden Gate Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8851 IRA/05/27424/2021 The Grand Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8852 IRA/05/37470/2021 The Hawkridge Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
8853 IRA/05/15768/2021 The Interkenyan Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8854 IRA/05/27020/2021 The Junction Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8855 IRA/05/28100/2021 The Leaders Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
8856 IRA/05/38446/2021 The Mediation Gurus Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
8857 IRA/05/2800/2021 The New Found Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8858 IRA/05/16873/2021 The Potters Touch Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8859 IRA/05/7623/2021 The Prompt Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8860 IRA/05/16358/2021 The Regence Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
8861 IRA/05/27584/2021 The Trusted Insurance Agencies 2-Feb-2021
8862 IRA/05/13323/2021 Theresia Nzisa Mativo 11-Jan-2021
8863 IRA/05/8563/2021 Theresia.N.Michael 5-Oct-2020
8864 IRA/05/12179/2021 Thermotech Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8865 IRA/05/25554/2021 Thesym Agency 07-Oct-2020
8866 IRA/05/29086/2021 Third Eye Insurance Agency Ltd 29-Dec-2020
8867 IRA/05/16662/2021 Thirteen Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8868 IRA/05/14830/2021 Thomas Aquinas Mathiu 27-Oct-2020
8869 IRA/05/14773/2021 Thomas Aquinas Obare Owino 13-Oct-2020
8870 IRA/05/39804/2021 Thomas Gikundi John 21-Jan-2021
8871 IRA/05/31097/2021 Thomas Joseph Owiti 08-Oct-2020
8872 IRA/05/25081/2021 Thomas Kilonzo Mwololo 6-Oct-2020
8873 IRA/05/15785/2021 Thomas Kiprop Yebei 14-Oct-2020
8874 IRA/05/35086/2021 Thomas Kisulu Yole 15-Oct-2020
8875 IRA/05/38565/2021 Thomas Musyoki Kisui 16-Oct-2020
8876 IRA/05/27388/2021 Thomas Odhiambo Onyango 5-Oct-2020
8877 IRA/05/12462/2021 Thomas Oluoch Oliech 6-Oct-2020
8878 IRA/05/15549/2021 Thomas Ooko Nyakundi 25-Sep-2020
8879 IRA/05/26093/2021 Thomas Philip Mwangangi 19-Jan-2021
8880 IRA/05/36428/2021 Thomas Saningo Lekanayia 26-Oct-2020
8881 IRA/05/35708/2021 Thomas Wangira Biketi 12-Oct-2020
8882 IRA/05/36829/2021 Thousand Oaks Insurance Agency Limited 30-Sep-2020
8883 IRA/05/33683/2021 Three M Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8884 IRA/05/15666/2021 Thriftshield Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
8885 IRA/05/39242/2021 Tiara Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8886 IRA/05/26737/2021 Tiba Insurance Agencies 25-Sep-2020
8887 IRA/05/28931/2021 Tica Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
8888 IRA/05/24909/2021 Tiff Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
8889 IRA/05/16060/2021 Tiffany Ross Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8890 IRA/05/26146/2021 Tikam Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8891 IRA/05/38924/2021 Tikvah Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
8892 IRA/05/32863/2021 Timbari Insurance Agency Ltd 14-Dec-2020
8893 IRA/05/30888/2021 Timeless Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
8894 IRA/05/36172/2021 Timelife Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
8895 IRA/05/28605/2021 Timeline Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
8896 IRA/05/39509/2021 Times Transporters Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020

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8897 IRA/05/2814/2021 Timex Insurance Agency Limited 26-Sep-2020
8898 IRA/05/17327/2021 Timms Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8899 IRA/05/18029/2021 Timothy Abucheri 8-Oct-2020
8900 IRA/05/35413/2021 Timothy Gatehi Gathungu 12-Feb-2021
8901 IRA/05/37815/2021 Timothy Kareithi Maina 3-Nov-2020
8902 IRA/05/29022/2021 Timothy Kariuki Munene 14-Nov-2020
8903 IRA/05/30753/2021 Timothy Kariuki Mureithi 28-Sep-2020
8904 IRA/05/36843/2021 Timothy Kitangasi Lukorito 13-Oct-2020
8905 IRA/05/29173/2021 Timothy Kitiavi Iyati L 11-Nov-2020
8906 IRA/05/17010/2021 Timothy Limiri Kirema 26-Oct-2020
8907 IRA/05/10648/2021 Timothy M Mwaniki 2-Feb-2021
8908 IRA/05/14539/2021 Timothy Maina 30-Sep-2020
8909 IRA/05/37743/2021 Timothy Mokoro Ondemo 6-Oct-2020
8910 IRA/05/34613/2021 Timothy Muema Mwikali 2-Oct-2020
8911 IRA/05/29007/2021 Timothy Murithi Mimathiu 28-Sep-2020
8912 IRA/05/15584/2021 Timothy Muriungi Rintari 13-Oct-2020
8913 IRA/05/17588/2021 Timothy Obala Otieno 5-Oct-2020
8914 IRA/05/36854/2021 Tina Mutethya Mwendwa 12-Oct-2020
8915 IRA/05/12271/2021 Tinko Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8916 IRA/05/39771/2021 Tiqvah Insurance Agency 8-Jan-2021
8917 IRA/05/33471/2021 Tira Insurance Agency Limited 29-Sep-2020
8918 IRA/05/27180/2021 Tisa Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8919 IRA/05/4421/2021 Titany Dickson Kipngetich 29-Sep-2020
8920 IRA/05/9175/2021 Titi Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8921 IRA/05/32056/2021 Titus Kamau Gichui 28-Sep-2020
8922 IRA/05/36138/2021 Titus Mackenzie Mwangangi 8-Oct-2020
8923 IRA/05/33703/2021 Titus Toroitich Okwogo 9-Oct-2020
8924 IRA/05/35697/2021 Tiwam Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
8925 IRA/05/27420/2021 Tmk Best Insurance Agencies 25-Sep-2020
8926 IRA/05/25589/2021 Tobias Mkongo Nyambu 3-Nov-2020
8927 IRA/05/36207/2021 Tobias Ochola 9-Oct-2020
8928 IRA/05/37217/2021 Tobias Odhiambo Kwach 6-Oct-2020
8929 IRA/05/15612/2021 Tobias Oyugi Oindo 2-Nov-2020
8930 IRA/05/39809/2021 Tobis Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
8931 IRA/05/8123/2021 Tofran Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8932 IRA/05/14641/2021 Together Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
8933 IRA/05/26432/2021 Tola Ouma Jectone 29-Sep-2020
8934 IRA/05/17267/2021 Tolbert Ndeda Luhatso 2-Oct-2020
8935 IRA/05/13241/2021 Tololo Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
8936 IRA/05/24328/2021 Tom Kinyanjui Wanjiku 27-Sep-2020
8937 IRA/05/20298/2021 Tom M. Asiago 6-Oct-2020
8938 IRA/05/14934/2021 Tom Makau Munyasya 26-Sep-2020
8939 IRA/05/14912/2021 Tom Mboya Achieng 05-Oct-2020
8940 IRA/05/34971/2021 Tom Mugo Okumu 3-Nov-2020
8941 IRA/05/16628/2021 Tom Odhiambo Olwa 3-Nov-2020
8942 IRA/05/30284/2021 Tonigher Achieng Siage 28-Sep-2020
8943 IRA/05/28495/2021 Tonista Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
8944 IRA/05/17686/2021 Tonix Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8945 IRA/05/32984/2021 Tony Mwirigi Nthuku 13-Oct-2020
8946 IRA/05/37842/2021 Too Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8947 IRA/05/36154/2021 Top Bunch Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
8948 IRA/05/36963/2021 Top Rift Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
8949 IRA/05/36681/2021 Topkawa Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8950 IRA/05/33180/2021 Topmark Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
8951 IRA/05/34123/2021 Topmind Insurance Agencies 26-Oct-2020
8952 IRA/05/30386/2021 Topmost Insurance Agencies Limited 11-Jan-2021
8953 IRA/05/27739/2021 Topshield Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
8954 IRA/05/27382/2021 Topsure Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8955 IRA/05/17417/2021 Toptowers Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020

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8956 IRA/05/13448/2021 Topwall Insurance Agency Limited 6-Oct-2020
8957 IRA/05/29445/2021 Topwings Insurance Agencies 6-Oct-2020
8958 IRA/05/27075/2021 Topworld Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
8959 IRA/05/30556/2021 Toris Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8960 IRA/05/2681/2021 Total Package Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
8961 IRA/05/30007/2021 Total Solutions Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
8962 IRA/05/29016/2021 Totality Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
8963 IRA/05/15212/2021 Totalsure Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
8964 IRA/05/35018/2021 Toute Suite Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
8965 IRA/05/28088/2021 Tovy Consultants & Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8966 IRA/05/3289/2021 Town Insurance Agencies 12-Nov-2020
8967 IRA/05/3406/2021 Toyopar General Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8968 IRA/05/33202/2021 Toyotsu Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
8969 IRA/05/20318/2021 Track Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
8970 IRA/05/37647/2021 Tracy Ann Nyokabi 11-Dec-2020
8971 IRA/05/37060/2021 Tracy Chebet 3-Dec-2020
8972 IRA/05/17313/2021 Tracy Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
8973 IRA/05/6/2021 Trade & General Insurance Agency Ltd. 5-Oct-2020
8974 IRA/05/24838/2021 Trade Way Bridge Insurance Agencies 21-Jan-2021
8975 IRA/05/37540/2021 Tradefit Insurance Agencies 15-Nov-2020
8976 IRA/05/30082/2021 Trademark Universal Agency 8-Oct-2020
8977 IRA/05/32668/2021 Tradex Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
8978 IRA/05/25161/2021 Trailblazer Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
8979 IRA/05/35600/2021 Tramm Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8980 IRA/05/31368/2021 Trank Insurance Agency 30-Nov-2020
8981 IRA/05/29845/2021 Trans Empire Investment And Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
8982 IRA/05/25929/2021 Transcapital Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
8983 IRA/05/37536/2021 Transocean Insurance Agencies 18-Jan-2021
8984 IRA/05/12874/2021 Transparent Link Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
8985 IRA/05/34942/2021 Transpose Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
8986 IRA/05/24009/2021 Transworld Trans Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8987 IRA/05/30157/2021 Trany Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
8988 IRA/05/34961/2021 Travel N Style Ltd 09-Oct-2020
8989 IRA/05/29779/2021 Travel Safe Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
8990 IRA/05/34488/2021 Travelwise Kenya Limited 9-Oct-2020
8991 IRA/05/24831/2021 Travirtue Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
8992 IRA/05/30819/2021 Trayvest Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
8993 IRA/05/28767/2021 Trendstar Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020
8994 IRA/05/37603/2021 Trevor Nyambune 12-Nov-2020
8995 IRA/05/15965/2021 Trian Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
8996 IRA/05/13428/2021 Tribune Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
8997 IRA/05/26065/2021 Trijey Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
8998 IRA/05/30928/2021 Trijos Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
8999 IRA/05/26268/2021 Trilica Insurance Agencies 25-Sep-2020
9000 IRA/05/33465/2021 Triomax Insurance Agency Limited 8-Feb-2021
9001 IRA/05/38012/2021 Triple Enn Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
9002 IRA/05/27039/2021 Triple R Insurance Agency 18-Nov-2020
9003 IRA/05/27171/2021 Tripple Dee Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
9004 IRA/05/33630/2021 Trippletwo Insurance Agency 06-Oct-2020
9005 IRA/05/9597/2021 Trishul Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9006 IRA/05/34857/2021 Tri-State Capital Insurance Agency Limited 29-Sep-2020
9007 IRA/05/7035/2021 Triumph Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
9008 IRA/05/13211/2021 Trixy Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9009 IRA/05/25989/2021 Trizah Mbithe Mwololo 8-Oct-2020
9010 IRA/05/6475/2021 Trizer Wangui Ngugi 28-Sep-2020
9011 IRA/05/14827/2021 Trojan Lloyd Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9012 IRA/05/18045/2021 Troop Insurance Agency Limited 9-Oct-2020
9013 IRA/05/27147/2021 Tru International Limited 16-Dec-2020
9014 IRA/05/39418/2021 True North Insurance Agency 8-Dec-2020

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9015 IRA/05/39739/2021 Truetime Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
9016 IRA/05/28676/2021 Trueworth Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9017 IRA/05/26996/2021 Truphena Aswani Anyembe 28-Sep-2020
9018 IRA/05/17378/2021 Truphena Dzine Mundu 24-Nov-2020
9019 IRA/05/39328/2021 Truphosa Osita Likhayo 3-Nov-2020
9020 IRA/05/27790/2021 Trustcom Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
9021 IRA/05/36686/2021 Truxure Insurance Agency Limited 11-Nov-2020
9022 IRA/05/25451/2021 Tryus Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
9023 IRA/05/16362/2021 Tsavo Links Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9024 IRA/05/28484/2021 Tsuma Chengo Ndoro 27-Jan-2021
9025 IRA/05/39261/2021 Tto Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
9026 IRA/05/16911/2021 Tuff Insurance Agencies 14-Dec-2020
9027 IRA/05/12841/2021 Tuitoro Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
9028 IRA/05/33731/2021 Tulia Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
9029 IRA/05/30643/2021 Tumbo Esther Wanjeri 11-Jan-2021
9030 IRA/05/33705/2021 Tumelo Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
9031 IRA/05/28570/2021 Tuna Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
9032 IRA/05/26047/2021 Tuna Mark Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
9033 IRA/05/10217/2021 Tuncliffe Kennedy Mabonga 6-Oct-2020
9034 IRA/05/30710/2021 Tunza Insurance Agency 8-Jan-2021
9035 IRA/05/13941/2021 Tupos Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
9036 IRA/05/34391/2021 Turgut Chemutai Janet 15-Oct-2020
9037 IRA/05/17881/2021 Tushauriane Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
9038 IRA/05/15557/2021 Tutu Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
9039 IRA/05/38042/2021 Tweak Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
9040 IRA/05/25163/2021 Tweenlink Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9041 IRA/05/38960/2021 Tweenster Insurance Agency 19-Jan-2021
9042 IRA/05/35158/2021 Twin Garnets Insurance Agents 31-Oct-2020
9043 IRA/05/16051/2021 Twincord Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9044 IRA/05/24152/2021 Twins Insurance Agency 08-Oct-2020
9045 IRA/05/27071/2021 Twinsa Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9046 IRA/05/24017/2021 Twinsafe Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9047 IRA/05/29141/2021 Twyries Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
9048 IRA/05/38479/2021 Tyretec Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
9049 IRA/05/32023/2021 U & I Insurance Agency Limited 13-Nov-2020
9050 IRA/05/35504/2021 Uahop Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9051 IRA/05/33662/2021 Ubagah Mercy Ayunga Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020
9052 IRA/05/15957/2021 Ultima Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
9053 IRA/05/34019/2021 Ultimate Choice Insurance Agents Limited 13-Oct-2020
9054 IRA/05/37281/2021 Ultracare Merchants Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9055 IRA/05/37659/2021 Umu Reyan Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
9056 IRA/05/37959/2021 Unasi Insurance Agency Ltd 27-Nov-2020
9057 IRA/05/24692/2021 Underwood 28-Sep-2020
9058 IRA/05/37870/2021 Unibold Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
9059 IRA/05/35345/2021 Unica Insurance Agency 27-Nov-2020
9060 IRA/05/39274/2021 Unicorp Capital Insurance Agency Limited 9-Oct-2020
9061 IRA/05/34331/2021 Uniform Travel Centre Limited 24-Sep-2020
9062 IRA/05/14471/2021 Unigen Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
9063 IRA/05/17416/2021 Unique Care Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
9064 IRA/05/15917/2021 Unisaco Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
9065 IRA/05/27396/2021 Unison Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
9066 IRA/05/39659/2021 Unitas Insurance Agency Kenya 20-Nov-2020
9067 IRA/05/16499/2021 Unitume Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
9068 IRA/05/223/2021 Universal Insurance Agencies Ltd 22-Oct-2020
9069 IRA/05/14703/2021 Universal Marketing Insurance Agencies Ltd. 2-Oct-2020
9070 IRA/05/26191/2021 Unstops Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9071 IRA/05/27528/2021 Uokoaji Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
9072 IRA/05/15809/2021 Upclose And Deliver Insurance Ag 6-Oct-2020
9073 IRA/05/17173/2021 Update Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020

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9074 IRA/05/35000/2021 Uphold Cover Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
9075 IRA/05/29631/2021 Uplink Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
9076 IRA/05/27333/2021 Urbanites Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9077 IRA/05/38881/2021 Urbanlink Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
9078 IRA/05/1766/2021 Urbanus Kioko Wambua 28-Sep-2020
9079 IRA/05/37869/2021 Urbhanus Muema Musango 11-Nov-2020
9080 IRA/05/28847/2021 Urgent Claims Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9081 IRA/05/34823/2021 Urujuani Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
9082 IRA/05/14822/2021 Utility Cover Insurance Agencies 28-Jan-2021
9083 IRA/05/26155/2021 Utmost Relief Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9084 IRA/05/35816/2021 Uwezo Commercial Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9085 IRA/05/30937/2021 Uwezo Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
9086 IRA/05/38507/2021 Uzito Solutions Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
9087 IRA/05/33709/2021 Vaati Simon Nzioka 26-Oct-2020
9088 IRA/05/39883/2021 Vacilica Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
9089 IRA/05/1394/2021 Val Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
9090 IRA/05/29607/2021 Valence Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
9091 IRA/05/38795/2021 Valentine Kerubo Ogega 3-Feb-2021
9092 IRA/05/36259/2021 Valentine Wakesho Mwanjau 02-Oct-2020
9093 IRA/05/38128/2021 Valerie Manywa 7-Oct-2020
9094 IRA/05/39708/2021 Valery Atieno Ohero 27-Nov-2020
9095 IRA/05/38369/2021 Valery Muhavi 12-Nov-2020
9096 IRA/05/27787/2021 Valett Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
9097 IRA/05/37694/2021 Valex Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
9098 IRA/05/28169/2021 Valine Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
9099 IRA/05/36384/2021 Valley Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
9100 IRA/05/31615/2021 Valreen Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9101 IRA/05/37711/2021 Valteddy Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
9102 IRA/05/26842/2021 Value Connection Consultants And Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9103 IRA/05/17959/2021 Value Point Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9104 IRA/05/34031/2021 Value-Add Insurance Agency 1-Oct-2020
9105 IRA/05/33168/2021 Vane B. Onchwati 28-Sep-2020
9106 IRA/05/37431/2021 Vanesh Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9107 IRA/05/37215/2021 Vanessa Wangui Munyua 2-Oct-2020
9108 IRA/05/34548/2021 Vans Charles Makari 28-Sep-2020
9109 IRA/05/25353/2021 Vantage Insurance Agencies Limited 5-Oct-2020
9110 IRA/05/34199/2021 Vantageplus Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
9111 IRA/05/33775/2021 Vartis Insuarance Agency Limited 27-Sep-2020
9112 IRA/05/28961/2021 Vas Legacy Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9113 IRA/05/28253/2021 Vast Range Insurance Agency Limited 25-Sep-2020
9114 IRA/05/38932/2021 Vctoria Wayua Kyumbu 2-Oct-2020
9115 IRA/05/4899/2021 Veer Insurance Agencies Limited 6-Oct-2020
9116 IRA/05/15939/2021 Veils Insurance Agency 14-Jan-2021
9117 IRA/05/32592/2021 Velinda Auma Ochich 1-Oct-2020
9118 IRA/05/34504/2021 Velkan Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
9119 IRA/05/31708/2021 Vemkat Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9120 IRA/05/13722/2021 Venchris Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
9121 IRA/05/36028/2021 Venis Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
9122 IRA/05/29645/2021 Vensis Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020
9123 IRA/05/38532/2021 Vensure Insurance Agencies Limited 23-Oct-2020
9124 IRA/05/24700/2021 Vento Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9125 IRA/05/38406/2021 Ventrillion Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
9126 IRA/05/25848/2021 Ventures Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
9127 IRA/05/30302/2021 Vera Chebet 27-Oct-2020
9128 IRA/05/34294/2021 Verd Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9129 IRA/05/32768/2021 Verified Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
9130 IRA/05/36447/2021 Verine Aoko Simbi 5-Dec-2020
9131 IRA/05/34138/2021 Vero Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
9132 IRA/05/32702/2021 Veronica Akinyi Kaseme 5-Oct-2020

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9133 IRA/05/25916/2021 Veronica Atieno Bitta 28-Sep-2020
9134 IRA/05/36914/2021 Veronica Gathoni Muriithi 7-Jan-2021
9135 IRA/05/25208/2021 Veronica Kirsten Imali 5-Oct-2020
9136 IRA/05/28208/2021 Veronica Luvuno Fondo 6-Oct-2020
9137 IRA/05/17009/2021 Veronica Mary Mulingwa 14-Dec-2020
9138 IRA/05/24019/2021 Veronica Mueni Bakajika 27-Sep-2020
9139 IRA/05/26018/2021 Veronica Muthoni Kariuki 2-Oct-2020
9140 IRA/05/39001/2021 Veronica Mutindi Peter 2-Oct-2020
9141 IRA/05/36476/2021 Veronica Mutire Gachagi 7-Jan-2021
9142 IRA/05/36297/2021 Veronica Nabwire Oduori 28-Sep-2020
9143 IRA/05/29424/2021 Veronica Wangari Muturi 28-Sep-2020
9144 IRA/05/32916/2021 Veronica Wangui Njoroge 29-Sep-2020
9145 IRA/05/28207/2021 Veronica Wariara Wainaina 28-Sep-2020
9146 IRA/05/25385/2021 Veronicah Njeri Kuria 17-Oct-2020
9147 IRA/05/29978/2021 Veronicah Njeri Wahinya 27-Sep-2020
9148 IRA/05/14711/2021 Verope Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
9149 IRA/05/39629/2021 Versailles Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
9150 IRA/05/35201/2021 Vertex Insurance Agency Limited 6-Nov-2020
9151 IRA/05/36020/2021 Vertica Insurance Agency Limited 13-Jan-2021
9152 IRA/05/30881/2021 Vesjet Investment And Insurance Agency Ltd 12-Oct-2020
9153 IRA/05/26011/2021 Veskah Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
9154 IRA/05/28035/2021 Vestrics Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
9155 IRA/05/7434/2021 Viacom Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9156 IRA/05/19022/2021 Vibrant Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
9157 IRA/05/29634/2021 Vicky Nanjala Masika 17-Oct-2020
9158 IRA/05/33188/2021 Victor Andrew Otieno Mboya 14-Dec-2020
9159 IRA/05/34295/2021 Victor Andrew Sigala 6-Nov-2020
9160 IRA/05/37198/2021 Victor Barasa Mania 7-Dec-2020
9161 IRA/05/28225/2021 Victor Chengoli Wasolo 27-Sep-2020
9162 IRA/05/35875/2021 Victor Collins Wafula 6-Oct-2020
9163 IRA/05/37099/2021 Victor Ericson Ogweno 26-Oct-2020
9164 IRA/05/37907/2021 Victor Kamau Kamande 11-Jan-2021
9165 IRA/05/24670/2021 Victor Kituku Munyao 2-Oct-2020
9166 IRA/05/36107/2021 Victor Kyalo Munyao 5-Oct-2020
9167 IRA/05/38372/2021 Victor Mecha 29-Sep-2020
9168 IRA/05/33475/2021 Victor Mwendwa Mumo 6-Oct-2020
9169 IRA/05/15838/2021 Victor Ochieng Haya 2-Oct-2020
9170 IRA/05/26349/2021 Victor Ochieng Onyango 11-Nov-2020
9171 IRA/05/25467/2021 Victor Odhiambo Agoro 19-Oct-2020
9172 IRA/05/37193/2021 Victor Okode Amisi 24-Nov-2020
9173 IRA/05/30855/2021 Victor Oluoch Oucho 9-Oct-2020
9174 IRA/05/16484/2021 Victor Omanje Nyakwaka 26-Jan-2021
9175 IRA/05/37846/2021 Victor Omare Nyangorora 7-Jan-2021
9176 IRA/05/37726/2021 Victor Omondi Okabi 11-Jan-2021
9177 IRA/05/35039/2021 Victor Onyango Maura 6-Oct-2020
9178 IRA/05/37548/2021 Victor Owino Otieno 6-Nov-2020
9179 IRA/05/37263/2021 Victor Oyale Kuya 5-Oct-2020
9180 IRA/05/29688/2021 Victoria Maliti 14-Nov-2020
9181 IRA/05/32366/2021 Victoria Mutete Mwamisi 8-Oct-2020
9182 IRA/05/17690/2021 Victoria Muthoni Muchira 21-Jan-2021
9183 IRA/05/30211/2021 Victoria Nduku Mutua 5-Oct-2020
9184 IRA/05/33359/2021 Victoria Ndungwa Wambua 9-Oct-2020
9185 IRA/05/14777/2021 Victors Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
9186 IRA/05/17705/2021 Vida Commercial & Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9187 IRA/05/27394/2021 Vienna Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
9188 IRA/05/34094/2021 Vifmer Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9189 IRA/05/29469/2021 Vigilance Ayuma Chitila 29-Sep-2020
9190 IRA/05/30818/2021 Vigilance Wachia Mwazame 28-Sep-2020
9191 IRA/05/7062/2021 Vilal Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020

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9192 IRA/05/25796/2021 Vinayayo Insurance Agency 1-Feb-2021
9193 IRA/05/34761/2021 Vincencia Akinyi Okoth 29-Sep-2020
9194 IRA/05/35097/2021 Vincent Otsieno Akoth 6-Nov-2020
9195 IRA/05/38663/2021 Vincent Gathungu Kinyanjui 13-Oct-2020
9196 IRA/05/28352/2021 Vincent Kibagendi Orina 7-Oct-2020
9197 IRA/05/38965/2021 Vincent Kibiwot Serem 31-Oct-2020
9198 IRA/05/28254/2021 Vincent Kipchirchir Meli 16-Oct-2020
9199 IRA/05/27578/2021 Vincent Motari Omari 30-Sep-2020
9200 IRA/05/37665/2021 Vincent Muliru Minishi 27-Sep-2020
9201 IRA/05/37487/2021 Vincent Nammbo Luyali 16-Oct-2020
9202 IRA/05/37606/2021 Vincent Ndegwa 7-Oct-2020
9203 IRA/05/29448/2021 Vincent Ngala Sanga 15-Oct-2020
9204 IRA/05/25474/2021 Vincent Odhiambo Awino 5-Nov-2020
9205 IRA/05/38364/2021 Vincent Odhiambo Juma 12-Nov-2020
9206 IRA/05/27605/2021 Vincent Ogamba Makana 12-Nov-2020
9207 IRA/05/29344/2021 Vincent Osimbo Ojiambo 6-Oct-2020
9208 IRA/05/28098/2021 Vincent Otieno Oduor 11-Nov-2020
9209 IRA/05/24308/2021 Vincent Robert Otemba 12-Dec-2020
9210 IRA/05/39674/2021 Vincent Zioka Mulaa 12-Nov-2020
9211 IRA/05/26841/2021 Vincie Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9212 IRA/05/38442/2021 Vinco Evinco Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9213 IRA/05/30971/2021 Vinemma Insurance Agency 23-Oct-2020
9214 IRA/05/16773/2021 Vineyard Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
9215 IRA/05/27717/2021 Vinica Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
9216 IRA/05/14565/2021 Vinjene Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
9217 IRA/05/31866/2021 Vinkay Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
9218 IRA/05/25564/2021 Vinke Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
9219 IRA/05/37268/2021 Vinko Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9220 IRA/05/37091/2021 Vinnet Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
9221 IRA/05/24075/2021 Vinnick M.Masanga 6-Oct-2020
9222 IRA/05/29418/2021 Vinro Insurance Agencies 3-Nov-2020
9223 IRA/05/7653/2021 Vinsa Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
9224 IRA/05/30907/2021 Vinserv Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
9225 IRA/05/15434/2021 Vintage Insurance Agency Limited 7-Oct-2020
9226 IRA/05/35624/2021 Viola Jepkorir Cheruiyot 7-Oct-2020
9227 IRA/05/35978/2021 Viola Jeptoo Kemei 8-Oct-2020
9228 IRA/05/26466/2021 Violet Akinyi Odhiambo 28-Sep-2020
9229 IRA/05/26513/2021 Violet Kalenya Agwona 7-Oct-2020
9230 IRA/05/39378/2021 Violet Kemunto Ratemo 03-Nov-2020
9231 IRA/05/30745/2021 Violet Wairimu Kamau 27-Sep-2020
9232 IRA/05/34727/2021 Violor Kavinya Kaveke 22-Oct-2020
9233 IRA/05/39181/2021 Violugine Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9234 IRA/05/7533/2021 Vipul Ratilal Dodhia Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9235 IRA/05/26760/2021 Virgimart Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
9236 IRA/05/26236/2021 Virginia Busaka 27-Sep-2020
9237 IRA/05/347333/2021 Virginia Kalunde Mutisya 16-Oct-2020
9238 IRA/05/15585/2021 Virginia Mbula Munywoki 28-Sep-2020
9239 IRA/05/38582/2021 Virginia Mukonyo Waita 26-Sep-2020
9240 IRA/05/33332/2021 Virginia Mwikali Musyoka 7-Oct-2020
9241 IRA/05/27806/2021 Virginia Ngendo Maina 30-Sep-2020
9242 IRA/05/28749/2021 Virginia Ngina Mwathi 5-Oct-2020
9243 IRA/05/37902/2021 Virginia Wacu Kanyi 16-Dec-2020
9244 IRA/05/14534/2021 Virginia Wanjiku Ndegwa 6-Oct-2020
9245 IRA/05/37655/2021 Virginia Wanjiru Ndichu 6-Nov-2020
9246 IRA/05/30782/2021 Virginia Wanjiru Wanjumbi 5-Oct-2020
9247 IRA/05/28425/2021 Virginia Wanjugu Kamotho 8-Oct-2020
9248 IRA/05/39917/2021 Virginiah Waithira Kariuki 3-Feb-2021
9249 IRA/05/16188/2021 Virginiah Wanjiru Mbende 7-Oct-2020
9250 IRA/05/14330/2021 Virtue Insurance Agency 25-Sep-2020

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9251 IRA/05/37347/2021 Vishesha Dabholkar 9-Oct-2020
9252 IRA/05/13616/2021 Vision Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
9253 IRA/05/24425/2021 Vitek Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9254 IRA/05/25244/2021 Vivacity Insurance Agency Limited 19-Oct-2020
9255 IRA/05/38891/2021 Vivian Naneu Seimmah 27-Sep-2020
9256 IRA/05/36856/2021 Vivian Akoth Okumu 9-Oct-2020
9257 IRA/05/36022/2021 Vivian Jepchumba Yatich 11-Nov-2020
9258 IRA/05/16370/2021 Vivian Kezia Mlati 26-Sep-2020
9259 IRA/05/36034/2021 Vivian Kudwoli 2-Oct-2020
9260 IRA/05/38745/2021 Vivian Lisiolo 15-Nov-2020
9261 IRA/05/39461/2021 Vivid Reality Insurance Ageny 27-Sep-2020
9262 IRA/05/37613/2021 Vivilyne Alusa 26-Nov-2020
9263 IRA/05/25944/2021 Vmax Insurance Agencies Limited 28-Sep-2020
9264 IRA/05/11158/2021 Vonash Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9265 IRA/05/27367/2021 Vortex Finish Line Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9266 IRA/05/35552/2021 Voss Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9267 IRA/05/15925/2021 Voyster Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
9268 IRA/05/14813/2021 Vuma Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9269 IRA/05/38438/2021 Vunvor Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9270 IRA/05/33451/2021 Vycare Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
9271 IRA/05/17794/2021 Wabilwa Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
9272 IRA/05/29414/2021 Wabwire Wanjalah Ouma Peter 12-Oct-2020
9273 IRA/05/16377/2021 Wachuka Waruingi 5 October 2020
9274 IRA/05/14148/2021 Waddy Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
9275 IRA/05/34047/2021 Wahenga Watatu Insurance Consultants & Agency 26-Sep-2020
9276 IRA/05/25097/2021 Wahome Rahab Wangare 19-Oct-2020
9277 IRA/05/38948/2021 Wainaina Joseph Kiarie 19-Jan-2021
9278 IRA/05/33330/2021 Waithira Damaris Wairimu 13-Oct-2020
9279 IRA/05/26725/2021 Wajibu Wangu Insurance Agencies 9-Oct-2020
9280 IRA/05/35588/2021 Wakariv Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9281 IRA/05/36071/2021 Waki Springs Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
9282 IRA/05/35197/2021 Walk & Talk Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9283 IRA/05/17798/2021 Walkers Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
9284 IRA/05/24227/2021 Wallace Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
9285 IRA/05/25663/2021 Wallace Mwangi 7-Oct-2020
9286 IRA/05/39217/2021 Wallet Protector Insurance Agency Ltd 11-Dec-2020
9287 IRA/05/35625/2021 Wallstreet Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
9288 IRA/05/27923/2021 Walmart Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9289 IRA/05/24095/2021 Walokana Supreme Insurance Agency 15-Oct-2020
9290 IRA/05/27924/2021 Walter Karani 17-Oct-2020
9291 IRA/05/17884/2021 Walter Ndemo Nyaata 5-Oct-2020
9292 IRA/05/10533/2021 Walter O. Ogunde 29-Jan-2021
9293 IRA/05/38694/2021 Walter Onsare Ogwenyi 26-Oct-2020
9294 IRA/05/26265/2021 Walton Kenya Insurance Agency Limited 22-Dec-2020
9295 IRA/05/31082/2021 Walunywa Gallin Wekesa 9-Oct-2020
9296 IRA/05/30373/2021 Wamalwa Peter Nyongesa 7-Oct-2020
9297 IRA/05/11673/2021 Wambui Githinji Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
9298 IRA/05/36433/2021 Wambui Juddy Wambui 15-Oct-2020
9299 IRA/05/36464/2021 Wambura Samwel Mwita 19-Jan-2021
9300 IRA/05/28325/2021 Wamli Insurance Agencies 7-Oct-2020
9301 IRA/05/12384/2021 Wamumbi Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9302 IRA/05/34409/2021 Wamvono Global Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
9303 IRA/05/37119/2021 Wanafunzi Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
9304 IRA/05/11869/2021 Wanangwe Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9305 IRA/05/32762/2021 Wanbite Insurance Agents 8-Feb-2021
9306 IRA/05/29573/2021 Wancy Insurance Agency 12-Jan-2021
9307 IRA/05/34648/2021 Wandah Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
9308 IRA/05/35938/2021 Wandasa Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
9309 IRA/05/29279/2021 Wangari Muchiri 07-Oct-2020

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9310 IRA/05/36846/2021 Wangila Wilberforce Wesonga 2-Oct-2020
9311 IRA/05/11621/2021 Wangondu Insurance Agency Limited 11-Dec-2020
9312 IRA/05/32570/2021 Wangondu Serah Njoki 6-Oct-2020
9313 IRA/05/11839/2021 Wanguma Insurance Agency 26-Sep-2020
9314 IRA/05/35408/2021 Wanjiru Mary Njoki 30-Sep-2020
9315 IRA/05/30261/2021 Wanjiru Paul Chege 7-Oct-2020
9316 IRA/05/35781/2021 Wanjiru Tabitha Josiah 29-Sep-2020
9317 IRA/05/16171/2021 Wanjohi Gatitu 2-Oct-2020
9318 IRA/05/562/2021 Wanko Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
9319 IRA/05/14441/2021 Wans Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
9320 IRA/05/36224/2021 Wanyoike David Waweru 16-Oct-2020
9321 IRA/05/17778/2021 Wanzau Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
9322 IRA/05/13615/2021 Warfa And Associates Insurance Agencies Ltd 26-Sep-2020
9323 IRA/05/33281/2021 Warria Gordon 16-Dec-2020
9324 IRA/05/30451/2021 Warui Jacks Murimi 12-Jan-2021
9325 IRA/05/18053/2021 Waruwama Insurance Agency 13-Oct-2020
9326 IRA/05/25058/2021 Washa Insurance Agencies 2-Oct-2020
9327 IRA/05/39968/2021 Washington Mwangi Kinyanjui 12-Feb-2021
9328 IRA/05/37009/2021 Washington Odhiambo Opano 15-Nov-2020
9329 IRA/05/31122/2021 Washington Ouna Mulimba 28-Sep-2020
9330 IRA/05/38743/2021 Wasike Kevin 3-Feb-2021
9331 IRA/05/26920/2021 Waterloo Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
9332 IRA/05/8215/2021 Watermark Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9333 IRA/05/25316/2021 Watetu Richard Mwangi 2-Oct-2020
9334 IRA/05/14434/2021 Wattson Insurance Agency 07-Oct-2020
9335 IRA/05/16282/2021 Wavely Insurance Agencies 9-Feb-2021
9336 IRA/05/35686/2021 Wazi Insurance Agency 15-Feb-2021
9337 IRA/05/33259/2021 Wazo Insurance Agency 14-Nov-2020
9338 IRA/05/36052/2021 Wc Climate Insurance Agency Limited 12-Jan-2021
9339 IRA/05/31242/2021 Wealth Watch Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9340 IRA/05/16777/2021 Web Insurance Agency 2-Feb-2021
9341 IRA/05/28799/2021 Webster Odhiambo Osur 6-Jan-2021
9342 IRA/05/37755/2021 Weddy Kanana Karia 6-Oct-2020
9343 IRA/05/24516/2021 Wellington Benjamin Odhiambo 5-Oct-2020
9344 IRA/05/17064/2021 Wellingtone Amwayi Oruuko 5-Oct-2020
9345 IRA/05/25088/2021 Wendra Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
9346 IRA/05/29097/2021 Wendy Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9347 IRA/05/39462/2021 Wendy Renice 21-Dec-2020
9348 IRA/05/38657/2021 Wendy Rhoda Odipo 9-Oct-2020
9349 IRA/05/14635/2021 Wes & Cate Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9350 IRA/05/37818/2021 Wesley Mabwa Omiena 22-Oct-2020
9351 IRA/05/35405/2021 Wesly Kipngetich Langat 11-Nov-2020
9352 IRA/05/38157/2021 Westbound Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
9353 IRA/05/27087/2021 Westbury Insurance Agency 12-Dec-2020
9354 IRA/05/36237/2021 Westcall Insurance Agency Limited 9-Oct-2020
9355 IRA/05/37596/2021 Westcom Insurance Agency 6-Jan-2021
9356 IRA/05/30327/2021 Westham Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9357 IRA/05/29054/2021 Westlake Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
9358 IRA/05/26995/2021 Westserve Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
9359 IRA/05/28459/2021 Wetonell Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
9360 IRA/05/38966/2021 Wewin Consultancy Ltd 18-Jan-2021
9361 IRA/05/13181/2021 Whetstone Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
9362 IRA/05/32958/2021 Whirl-Africa Insurance Agency Limited 14-Nov-2020
9363 IRA/05/29341/2021 Whitam Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
9364 IRA/05/39346/2021 White Park Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9365 IRA/05/37365/2021 White Tulip Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9366 IRA/05/29484/2021 White Wells Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9367 IRA/05/30687/2021 Whitelink Insurance Agency Limited 14-Dec-2020
9368 IRA/05/36585/2021 Whiteranges Insurance Agency 22-Oct-2020

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9369 IRA/05/38179/2021 Whitney Mukonyo Munyiva 6-Oct-2020
9370 IRA/05/35688/2021 Whitney Wangari Gitahi 7-Oct-2020
9371 IRA/05/29144/2021 Wib Insurance Agency Ltd. 27-Sep-2020
9372 IRA/05/35234/2021 Wicksky Insurance Agency 5-Nov-2020
9373 IRA/05/17328/2021 Widecover Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9374 IRA/05/31268/2021 Wideglobe Logistics 26-Oct-2020
9375 IRA/05/28555/2021 Widenest Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
9376 IRA/05/16461/2021 Wide-Sure Insurance Agency 21-Oct-2020
9377 IRA/05/8887/2021 Widetrade Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
9378 IRA/05/27421/2021 Wifa Insurance Agency 26-Jan-2021
9379 IRA/05/35391/2021 Wigo Solutions Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
9380 IRA/05/28668/2021 Wilberforce Mumia Mukolwe 17-Oct-2020
9381 IRA/05/28911/2021 Wilbright Insurance Agencies 12-Jan-2021
9382 IRA/05/33379/2021 Wilek Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9383 IRA/05/27079/2021 Wilfam Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9384 IRA/05/36400/2021 Wilfred Chepkwony 19-Jan-2021
9385 IRA/05/29187/2021 Wilfred Kimutai Langat 21-Oct-2020
9386 IRA/05/17037/2021 Wilfred Mugendi Stephen 28-Sep-2020
9387 IRA/05/15641/2021 Wilfred Mutua 31-Dec-2020
9388 IRA/05/26417/2021 Wilfred Okal Oga 6-Oct-2020
9389 IRA/05/32718/2021 Wilfred Wabwire Wanyama 14-Dec-2020
9390 IRA/05/34616/2021 Wilhard Murunga Mugasia 1-Oct-2020
9391 IRA/05/33198/2021 Wilhelm Kilian Mugho 8-Jan-2021
9392 IRA/05/30006/2021 Wilhelmina Dorothy Ayoo Odhiambo 5-Oct-2020
9393 IRA/05/35863/2021 Wilhelmina Joyce Wanja Kinyanjui 14-Dec-2020
9394 IRA/05/37762/2021 Wilkister Magero Wandera 1-Oct-2020
9395 IRA/05/33732/2021 Willem Insurance Agency 7-Jan-2021
9396 IRA/05/28957/2021 William Wambugu Kariuki 16-Oct-2020
9397 IRA/05/29848/2021 William Angila Obonyo 5-Oct-2020
9398 IRA/05/39814/2021 William Jerumani Johana 25-Jan-2021
9399 IRA/05/36203/2021 William Karithi Mwika 28-Sep-2020
9400 IRA/05/27023/2021 William Kitonga Mulandi 27-Sep-2020
9401 IRA/05/39407/2021 William Maina Irungu 7-Jan-2021
9402 IRA/05/30572/2021 William Muriithi Kuria 28-Sep-2020
9403 IRA/05/39456/2021 William Mwangi Kamau 6-Nov-2020
9404 IRA/05/26912/2021 William Mwangi Maina 5-Oct-2020
9405 IRA/05/36101/2021 William Nderitu Kihungi 12-Oct-2020
9406 IRA/05/20265/2021 William Nthale Mbelenzu 14-Oct-2020
9407 IRA/05/16077/2021 William Nyaumah Ndege 15-Oct-2020
9408 IRA/05/24492/2021 William Okinyi Ongomah 8-Oct-2020
9409 IRA/05/37667/2021 William Otieno Oluoch 28-Sep-2020
9410 IRA/05/38275/2021 William Owino Owuor 27-Sep-2020
9411 IRA/05/2426/2021 William Wale Onganyo 7-Oct-2020
9412 IRA/05/8260/2021 William.M.Kimari 28-Sep-2020
9413 IRA/05/13178/2021 Williams Insurance Agency 30-Sep-2020
9414 IRA/05/36263/2021 Willigis Mutunga Laibuni 29-Sep-2020
9415 IRA/05/28592/2021 Willis Edwine Aduwa 7-Oct-2020
9416 IRA/05/17301/2021 Willis Jacksons Kanga Agency 16-Oct-2020
9417 IRA/05/35621/2021 Willis Okello Akumu Owuor 25-Sep-2020
9418 IRA/05/34218/2021 Willis Otieno Anyango 11-Jan-2021
9419 IRA/05/15446/2021 Willmac Insurance Agencies 28-Sep-2020
9420 IRA/05/14488/2021 Willow Insurance Agency Ltd. 29-Sep-2020
9421 IRA/05/35474/2021 Willykang Insurance Agency 7-Oct-2020
9422 IRA/05/9559/2021 Wilmat Amwai Omolo 6-Oct-2020
9423 IRA/05/16781/2021 Wilson Chacha Muniko 6-Oct-2020
9424 IRA/05/27295/2021 Wilson Ingavi Ahonga 03-Nov-2020
9425 IRA/05/31248/2021 Wilson Karanja Maina 5-Oct-2020
9426 IRA/05/24814/2021 Wilson Koome Mmutungi 27-Sep-2020
9427 IRA/05/35908/2021 Wilson Macharia Ndungu 9-Oct-2020

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9428 IRA/05/35641/2021 Wilson Mugwe Muiruri 3-Nov-2020
9429 IRA/05/38053/2021 Wilson Muraya Wachira 6-Oct-2020
9430 IRA/05/13906/2021 Wilson Mwiti Nkubitu 8-Oct-2020
9431 IRA/05/10534/2021 Wilson Nderitu Maitai 21-Dec-2020
9432 IRA/05/30495/2021 Wilson Nganyi Omukara 12-Oct-2020
9433 IRA/05/35315/2021 Wilson Nyariki Ogoti 28-Jan-2021
9434 IRA/05/39038/2021 Wilson Obongo 5-Oct-2020
9435 IRA/05/34755/2021 Wilson Omondi Odhiambo 09-Oct-2020
9436 IRA/05/8009/2021 Wimukabe Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9437 IRA/05/1639/2021 Winam Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9438 IRA/05/7970/2021 Wincore Insurance Agency 12-Feb-2021
9439 IRA/05/25590/2021 Windrey Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020
9440 IRA/05/28190/2021 Windy Range Insurance Agencies 3-Feb-2021
9441 IRA/05/31992/2021 Winflex Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9442 IRA/05/38090/2021 Winfred Adhiambo Obiewa 18-Jan-2021
9443 IRA/05/38082/2021 Winfred Aluoch Otieno 4-Nov-2020
9444 IRA/05/38997/2021 Winfred Esther Nyamai 9-Oct-2020
9445 IRA/05/30180/2021 Winfred Gituto Mburu 5-Oct-2020
9446 IRA/05/36850/2021 Winfred Kawira Ngaine 31-Dec-2020
9447 IRA/05/37113/2021 Winfred Maumi Muli 1-Oct-2020
9448 IRA/05/35692/2021 Winfred Murugi Kinyua 5-Oct-2020
9449 IRA/05/38454/2021 Winfred Mwikali Kimani 8-Dec-2020
9450 IRA/05/34076/2021 Winfred Ntinyari 9-Oct-2020
9451 IRA/05/38407/2021 Winfred Nyambura Watiri 28-Dec-2020
9452 IRA/05/28122/2021 Winfred Nyarinda Mosigisi 6-Oct-2020
9453 IRA/05/28860/2021 Winfred Nzilani Kyalo 6-Oct-2020
9454 IRA/05/31056/2021 Winfred Nzilani Ndivoh 12-Dec-2020
9455 IRA/05/28650/2021 Winfred Nzisa Muli 5-Nov-2020
9456 IRA/05/32841/2021 Winfred Wambui Karitu 5-Oct-2020
9457 IRA/05/32646/2021 Winfred Wamuranga Kiama 26-Sep-2020
9458 IRA/05/24379/2021 Winfred Wangui Nyingi 4-Nov-2020
9459 IRA/05/25048/2021 Winfrine Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9460 IRA/05/29761/2021 Winfro Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
9461 IRA/05/14639/2021 Wingi Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9462 IRA/05/26687/2021 Winhope Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9463 IRA/05/18051/2021 Winner Insurance Agencies 6-Nov-2020
9464 IRA/05/27552/2021 Winners Insurance Agency 4-Nov-2020
9465 IRA/05/38541/2021 Winnie Ambiche Lilako 12-Nov-2020
9466 IRA/05/33447/2021 Winnie Chepkoech Cheruiyot 6-Oct-2020
9467 IRA/05/36276/2021 Winnie Chepkosgey Kosgey 3-Nov-2020
9468 IRA/05/39838/2021 Winnie Kimani 1-Feb-2021
9469 IRA/05/39293/2021 Winnie Nyasuguta Nyakundi 7-Oct-2020
9470 IRA/05/36551/2021 Winnie Wairimu Nganga 12-Oct-2020
9471 IRA/05/30689/2021 Winnie Wambui Kamicha 7-Jan-2021
9472 IRA/05/35133/2021 Winnie Wambui Njunge 9-Oct-2020
9473 IRA/05/34597/2021 Winnie Wangechi Kiminda 30-Sep-2020
9474 IRA/05/27316/2021 Winnie Wania Kingori 12-Oct-2020
9475 IRA/05/30747/2021 Winnie Wanjiku Kiragu 25-Sep-2020
9476 IRA/05/39253/2021 Winnie Wanjiru Maina 29-Sep-2020
9477 IRA/05/36577/2021 Winnie Wanjiru Njau 21-Jan-2021
9478 IRA/05/29728/2021 Winny Chepkoech 18-Jan-2021
9479 IRA/05/31453/2021 Winrose Ingaiza Gwadoya 12-Oct-2020
9480 IRA/05/31621/2021 Winrose Wanjiru Kimani 14-Nov-2020
9481 IRA/05/16514/2021 Winsome Insurance Agency 5-Dec-2020
9482 IRA/05/37415/2021 Winston Alushula Alakonya 16-Oct-2020
9483 IRA/05/16127/2021 Winston Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9484 IRA/05/33601/2021 Winstonia Agencies Limited 26-Sep-2020
9485 IRA/05/8117/2021 Winsway Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9486 IRA/05/37381/2021 Wintez Ins Agency 6-Oct-2020

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9487 IRA/05/25633/2021 Wintus Insurance Agencies 11-Nov-2020
9488 IRA/05/25321/2021 Winworld Insurance Agency Ltd 8-Oct-2020
9489 IRA/05/5619/2021 Wiper Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9490 IRA/05/24274/2021 Wisdom Fountain Insurance Agency 26-Oct-2020
9491 IRA/05/34375/2021 Wise Plans Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
9492 IRA/05/16345/2021 Wise Product Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9493 IRA/05/14203/2021 Wisecover Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9494 IRA/05/15291/2021 Wiseladies Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9495 IRA/05/28784/2021 Wiselink Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9496 IRA/05/37135/2021 Wisescope Insurance Agency 27-Sep-2020
9497 IRA/05/34685/2021 Wisma Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9498 IRA/05/26324/2021 Wiwan Insurance Agency 30-Dec-2020
9499 IRA/05/29441/2021 Wiwana Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9500 IRA/05/29496/2021 Wm Insurance Agency 11-Dec-2020
9501 IRA/05/28663/2021 Wollymade Insurance Agency 18-Jan-2021
9502 IRA/05/34024/2021 Wonder Wayua Mutisya 14-Oct-2020
9503 IRA/05/39583/2021 Woodcrest Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9504 IRA/05/37207/2021 Woodgate Insurance Agency 28-Jan-2021
9505 IRA/05/34495/2021 Woodsmill Insurance Agency Limited 26-Oct-2020
9506 IRA/05/11989/2021 Woodtons Insurance Agencies 21-Jan-2021
9507 IRA/05/34029/2021 Worldcare Insurance Agency 9-Feb-2021
9508 IRA/05/10473/2021 Worldnet Insurance Agency 14-Dec-2020
9509 IRA/05/16075/2021 Wyclif Ndori Sabuti 15-Nov-2020
9510 IRA/05/32660/2021 Wyclif Onyango Olero 16-Oct-2020
9511 IRA/05/840/2021 Wycliffe Esilaba Owaka 11-Feb-2021
9512 IRA/05/38116/2021 Wycliffe Gaturuku Wanjiku 1-Oct-2020
9513 IRA/05/28745/2021 Wycliffe Nyambane Mose 13-Oct-2020
9514 IRA/05/16212/2021 Wycliffe Omondi Dai 22-Oct-2020
9515 IRA/05/33808/2021 Wycliffe Wafula Onyimbo 12-Nov-2020
9516 IRA/05/26997/2021 Wycliffe Wafula Wepukhulu 27-Sep-2020
9517 IRA/05/38875/2021 Wyden Insurance Agency Limited 20-Jan-2021
9518 IRA/05/25001/2021 Xclusive Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020
9519 IRA/05/35705/2021 Xerquirayba Agency 6-Oct-2020
9520 IRA/05/28488/2021 Xl Capital Insurance Agency 13-Jan-2021
9521 IRA/05/33220/2021 Xolani Insurance Agency 12-Oct-2020
9522 IRA/05/28554/2021 Xperia Insurance Agency 2-Oct-2020
9523 IRA/05/37522/2021 Xtrace Insurance Agecy 9-Feb-2021
9524 IRA/05/17229/2021 Xtrata Insurance Agency Co. Limited 18-Jan-2021
9525 IRA/05/37070/2021 Yah Hawi Insurance Agency 9-Oct-2020
9526 IRA/05/33802/2021 Yahkor Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9527 IRA/05/35301/2021 Yasmin Wangui Mustafa 15-Feb-2021
9528 IRA/05/27724/2021 Yaspi Insurance Agency 27-Jan-2021
9529 IRA/05/28724/2021 Yattalink Insurance Agency 15-Nov-2020
9530 IRA/05/32597/2021 Yebei Insurance Agencies 5-Oct-2020
9531 IRA/05/30309/2021 Yellow Insurance Agency 29-Sep-2020
9532 IRA/05/25026/2021 Yemaya Insurance Agency 3-Nov-2020
9533 IRA/05/28923/2021 Yianzo Insurance Agency 11-Nov-2020
9534 IRA/05/16782/2021 Your Choice Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9535 IRA/05/14742/2021 Your Insurance Agency 6-Nov-2020
9536 IRA/05/26255/2021 Yukon Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
9537 IRA/05/13280/2021 Yunisan Insurance And General Agency 14-Nov-2020
9538 IRA/05/38946/2021 Yvette Rose Mwima 3-Nov-2020
9539 IRA/05/38797/2021 Yvonne Chelangat Chelimo 30-Sep-2020
9540 IRA/05/30289/2021 Yvonne Anne Awour 2-Oct-2020
9541 IRA/05/38712/2021 Yvonne Atieno Tinga 19-Oct-2020
9542 IRA/05/34675/2021 Yvonne Kola 13-Oct-2020
9543 IRA/05/27687/2021 Zablon Katono 28-Jan-2021
9544 IRA/05/25697/2021 Zablon N. Mwangi 26-Oct-2020
9545 IRA/05/39310/2021 Zaburi Insurance Agency 10-Dec-2020

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9546 IRA/05/35171/2021 Zachary Kimani Gachibi 22-Oct-2020
9547 IRA/05/7439/2021 Zachary M. Kamau 7-Oct-2020
9548 IRA/05/10654/2021 Zachary Mwangi Gicheru 13-Oct-2020
9549 IRA/05/37401/2021 Zacheaus Guantai Gichuru 3-Nov-2020
9550 IRA/05/32030/2021 Zainab Jumaa Khamis 02-Oct-2020
9551 IRA/05/34876/2021 Zakayo Nakome 22-Oct-2020
9552 IRA/05/37960/2021 Zakim Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9553 IRA/05/39881/2021 Zalvin Agency 2-Feb-2021
9554 IRA/05/36080/2021 Zamunda Assurance And Logistics Agencies 6-Jan-2021
9555 IRA/05/17070/2021 Zamursky Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9556 IRA/05/39199/2021 Zano Insurance Agency 19-Oct-2020
9557 IRA/05/39464/2021 Zarga Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
9558 IRA/05/28613/2021 Zarqa Insurance Agency 7-Dec-2020
9559 IRA/05/36959/2021 Zawadi Insurance Agency 22-Dec-2020
9560 IRA/05/38468/2021 Zawadi Samini Karisa 9-Oct-2020
9561 IRA/05/15534/2021 Zeb Insurance Agencies 27-Sep-2020
9562 IRA/05/34120/2021 Zechariah Ndimu Njoroge 5-Oct-2020
9563 IRA/05/35998/2021 Zed Rays Agency 16-Feb-2021
9564 IRA/05/29602/2021 Zeddy Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9565 IRA/05/39064/2021 Zedeck Obongo Bosire 5-Nov-2020
9566 IRA/05/36975/2021 Zeiner Orambo Ojuang 14-Dec-2020
9567 IRA/05/39445/2021 Zen Insurance Agency Limited 12-Feb-2021
9568 IRA/05/31882/2021 Zenith Milenia Insurance Agency 14-Oct-2020
9569 IRA/05/11878/2021 Zenster Insurance Agency 5-Oct-2020
9570 IRA/05/37929/2021 Zentop Insurance Agency 8-Feb-2021
9571 IRA/05/37795/2021 Zephyr Insurance Agency Limited 14-Nov-2020
9572 IRA/05/39383/2021 Zerone Insurance Agency Ltd 5-Dec-2020
9573 IRA/05/38285/2021 Zesco Insurance Agency 16-Oct-2020
9574 IRA/05/33275/2021 Zest Insurance Agent 11-Nov-2020
9575 IRA/05/13054/2021 Zhivago Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9576 IRA/05/18074/2021 Ziaken Insurance Agency 27-Oct-2020
9577 IRA/05/25015/2021 Ziglak Insurance Agency 12-Nov-2020
9578 IRA/05/24162/2021 Zillion Africa Insurance Agency 21-Dec-2020
9579 IRA/05/30266/2021 Zillion Insurance Agency 3-Feb-2021
9580 IRA/05/1472/2021 Zilpah Arende Abila 27-Sep-2020
9581 IRA/05/35061/2021 Zilper Auma Ogutu 09-Oct-2020
9582 IRA/05/39726/2021 Zinnia Insurance Agency 21-Jan-2021
9583 IRA/05/14538/2021 Ziphron Africa General Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
9584 IRA/05/37952/2021 Zipporah Abishagi Komora 03-Feb-2021
9585 IRA/05/35320/2021 Zipporah Achieng Owino 13-Oct-2020
9586 IRA/05/31907/2021 Zipporah Kemunto Mogambi 6-Oct-2020
9587 IRA/05/30851/2021 Zipporah Muthoni Ngima 28-Sep-2020
9588 IRA/05/37254/2021 Zipporah Namaemba Wachana 16-Oct-2020
9589 IRA/05/32510/2021 Zipporah Ngina Mutua 6-Jan-2021
9590 IRA/05/16054/2021 Zipporah Njambi Kamari 25-Sep-2020
9591 IRA/05/28113/2021 Zipporah Nzungwa Lazarus 16-Oct-2020
9592 IRA/05/38160/2021 Zipporah Tuisang 6-Oct-2020
9593 IRA/05/34667/2021 Zipporah Wagaki Kinyoe 29-Sep-2020
9594 IRA/05/28076/2021 Zipporah Wambui Kirango 1-Oct-2020
9595 IRA/05/29734/2021 Zipporah Wambui Macharia 6-Oct-2020
9596 IRA/05/26635/2021 Zipporah Wanjiru Kamande 9-Oct-2020
9597 IRA/05/36473/2021 Zippy Chebet Sitienei 5-Oct-2020
9598 IRA/05/39206/2021 Zippy Insurance Agency 11-Jan-2021
9599 IRA/05/26977/2021 Ziwat Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9600 IRA/05/24302/2021 Zoe Insurance Agency 17-Oct-2020
9601 IRA/05/39943/2021 Zohar Insurance Consultants 8-Feb-2021
9602 IRA/05/33702/2021 Zoms Insurance Agency 6-Oct-2020
9603 IRA/05/38458/2021 Zorin Insurance Agencies Limited 7-Jan-2021
9604 IRA/05/34121/2021 Zulema Insurance Agency 28-Sep-2020

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9605 IRA/05/38936/2021 Zulmac Insurance Agencies Limited 28-Sep-2020
9606 IRA/05/31196/2021 Zuri Insurance Agency 16-Dec-2020
9607 IRA/05/27761/2021 Zuwe Insurance Agency 8-Oct-2020

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