Magoha taken to court over his latest KCPE, KCSE statement

Magoha taken to court over his latest KCPE, KCSE statement

A Nakuru based doctor has taken Education CS George Magoha to court, seeking new directives on the transitioning of students in Class 7 and Form 3. 

Dr. Benjamin Magare accused Magoha of scrapping an entire academic year and dashing hopes of current Class 7 and Form 3 students who were poised to sit national exams after progressing to the next classes, Class 8 and Form 4 in 2021. 

The medic argued that the CS was forcing students to repeat classes and has no clear plan for an academic calendar that appears distorted. 

Magare wants Magoha to be compelled to allow learners in Class 7 and Form 3 to be allowed to transition to the next classes and register for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). 

He also wants the Ministry of Education to allow enrolment of pre-primary learners. The ministry has not provided direction over the fate of children who were set to join nursery schools. 

“Without any notice whatsoever, CS Magoha caused schools to abruptly cut learning. There is no admission to pre-primary, no progression to Class 8 and any other class and no registration of learners to sit the KCPE and KCSE exams for the current Class 7 and Form 3 students,” Magare stated. 

He further accused the CS of issuing directives without facts and considering legalities and outcomes of his orders. 

Magare stated that Magoha had subjected all students to unfair treatment arguing that the ministry’s decision to interrupt the curriculum without testing them to ascertain so was wrong. 

He argued that the ministry was forcing students to repeat classes to cover a syllabus they already completed. 

The judge approved the application saying the transition of students is a key issue that needs to be discussed. The case will be mentioned on Monday, November 16.

On Thursday, November 5, Magoha assured parents that the academic year will not be scrapped off. He announced that the school calendar would be reviewed to accommodate learners set to resume learning in January 2021.

The examination timetable would also be reviewed to accommodate the new arrangement and ensure that learners do not lose another academic year. 

Grade 4, Class 8 and Form 4 students were the only ones allowed to continue with studies ahead of sitting national exams in March 2021. 

School heads are also pushing for the adjustment of the curriculum to ease pressure from teachers who may be forced to adopt crash programs when all students resume classes. 


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