18 Duties and responsibilities of KCPE and KPSEA invigilators

18 Duties and responsibilities of KCPE and KPSEA invigilators


You will be reimbursed travel expenses of 1,665/= for the three days inclusive of the rehearsal day.

As an invigilator you are responsible to the TSC Sub County Director. You will work under the directions of the supervisor.

The Council has delegated this duty to you and expects you to conduct examinations according to KNEC regulations and instructions.

Your duties will include the following among others:-
1. Reporting to the assigned examination centre a day before the start of the relevant examination for briefing and assignment of duties by the supervisor;

2. Reporting to the examination centre by 7.00 am in the morning on every day of the examination to receive the examination materials from the Supervisor in the presence of the security officers.

3. Inspecting the examination rooms assigned and the washrooms to be used every day before the examination starts to ensuring that there are no unauthorized materials or stimulus materials in the examination room or on the candidates’ desks or tables;

4. Closely monitoring candidates inside and outside the examination room and ensuring candidate is escorted to washrooms and searched before re-entering the examination room;

5. Searching candidates each time they enter the examination room to prevent smuggling of unauthorized materials and stimulus materials including mobile phones or any other electronic communication devices into the room. In this regard, female candidates must be searched by a female supervisor or invigilator or teacher and male students must be searched by male supervisors or invigilators or teachers;

6. Receiving the question papers from the supervisor, checking to ensure that the paper is correct as per the timetable and count them to confirm that there are enough copies for all the candidates before distributing them;

7. Ensuring that the examination starts promptly and lasts for the time scheduled on the examination timetable and hand over to the supervisor any question paper with errors or blank pages;

8. Ensuring that no unauthorized persons has access to question papers or candidates while the examination is in progress;

9. Identifying the candidates against the photograph register as appropriate, verifying the candidates’ index numbers, names and ensure that the attendance register is signed by all candidates before the end of the examination session;

10. Being vigilant to ensure that candidates do not engage in any kind of examination malpractice and in case of any, report to the supervisor;

11. Ensuring candidates write their answers in the writing materials prescribed by the Council;

12. Not explaining the questions to the candidates, aiding, reading or allowing any person to read candidates’ responses;

13. Marking ‘AB’ against the name of every candidate who is absent every session of the examination and account for every candidate using the attendance register and ensuring that there is no discrepancy between the record of absenteeism and on the attendance register;

14. Taking note of the absent candidates’ index numbers and paper missed to be transferred to the computer printed attendance sheet;

15. Collecting and physically counting candidates’ answer scripts before releasing the candidates from the examination room at the end of an examination session and handing over candidates answer scripts at the end of each examination session to the supervisor for recording, packing and sealing in the return envelope;

16. Signing the declaration form in the report and certificate of supervision;

17. Handing over candidates answer scripts at the end of each examination session to the supervisor for recording, packing and sealing in the return envelope;

18. Overall Responsibility:
a) Be held personally liable for any examination irregularity which he/she failed to report during the conduct of the examinations within the examination room he/she is allocated and its environs.
b) Ensure that the examination is conducted as per the Act, written law, these rules and Council regulations.

Details of these duties are contained in the guidelines for TSC teachers engaged in examination activities. You should read them carefully before the start of examination.

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