Knec receives less funds for paying examiners, invigilators

Knec receives less funds for paying examiners, invigilators

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has received less funds for paying its 2022 examiners and invigilators hence putting it at across road.

The Council has only received a total of sh. 675 million from the National Treasury for paying teachers who administered and marked the national exams.

This is short of what Knec has been lobbying to get from the treasury to pay the more than 40,000 teachers who took part in the exams.

Knec has so far paid KPSEA and KCPE contracted professionals. The examiner has also recently paid teachers and other personnel who invigilated and supervised the ECDE teacher exams.

When Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang appeared for questioning before the Senate House Education Committee in February, he said that Knec requires Sh1 billion to pay the more than 40,000 examiners who manned the 2022 examinations.

He also said this money will be factored in the 2023/2024 financial year and that Knec has until August to pay the teachers.

“The ministry requires 1billion to pay teachers who marked exams, we have until August to pay the teachers,” he said.

Kispsang committee appearance came after Senate sought an explanation from KNEC regarding the nonpayment of instructors who oversaw, invigilated, and graded the 2022 national exams.

Knec has a policy to pay its contracted professionals which include teachers, security personnel and drivers after exam results have been done and results released to the public.

Knec contracts teachers as invigilators, supervisors, centre managers and examiners/markers each year to help in administering national exams.

In the 2022 exams and assessments a total of 28,408 teachers were used as centre managers, 28,727 as supervisors, 74,990 as invigilators and 5,647 as examiners.

The delay in Knec payment was attributed to the state of government coffers being dry. The government was broke and had no money to meet the obligation.

However the treasury is now stable and has released funds including full disbursement to the counties and NHIF remittances.

Lawmakers forming the House Education Committee suggested creating a specific fund to pay the teachers who supervise students during exams.


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