TSC’s Teachers Conference emphasized on importance of teachers for quality education

TSC's Teachers Conference emphasized on importance of teachers for quality education

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Friday held its first Teachers Conference since 1967.

The two-day event held at the Kenya School of Government (KSG) in Kabete, Nairobi saw education officials from across the continent in attendance.

Speaking during the official opening, TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia said that the conference would focus on key functions of quality education and assurance.

The conference, dubbed “Teacher as a resource” is also set to incorporate stakeholders in a bid to understand the challenges teachers are facing, commending those in the development of the sector as well as creating awareness of the importance of TSC to the public.

Dr. Macharia was keen to note that teachers were the key players in education both as subjects of quality and resource.

“There is no education system in the world that can surpass the importance of its teachers,” said Macharia.

Macharia further defended the government’s move to transfer teachers countrywide saying that this promotes the quality of education since students get to interact with some of the best teachers in a rotation.

She further added that the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) would compose of optimal utilisation of resources, mitigate teacher training and at the same time foster talents.

The TSC boss called upon the public to participate in up coming event and share new ideas to enable a better future.

“Let us work together, the Commission is open to ideas and suggestions in what can work better for our education as we explore the teacher as a resource, teacher utilization and quality teaching,” said Macharia.

Macharia noted that TSC has undertaken reforms such as the enrollment of new teachers, annual appraisals that monitor the performance of individual teachers and the increase on the teachers’ wage in the budget allocation by the government.

Speakers present emphasized on the sharing experiences by more experienced academicians in the continent and getting everyone to mutually benefit from each other.

Among those in attendance was Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Prof. Collette Suda and TSC Chair Lydia Nzomo.

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