TSC says its 2 years mandatory service for intern teachers before pnp

TSC says its 2 years mandatory service for intern teachers before pnp

TSC now says a teacher employed on internship terms must serve for two years before being converted to permanent and pensionable (pnp) terms.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia failed to appear before the Education Committee in Parliament because she was overseen the KCSE exams but sent representatives.

Appearing before the National Assembly, TSC Director of staffing Antonina Lentoijoni alongside TSC Director for legal affairs, Calvin Anyuor, said all 46,000 teachers employed on internship terms will be converted to pnp automatically after serving for two years.

Previously the Commission converted intern teachers, both in primary and secondary schools, to permanent terms after serving for one year.

TSC has a policy that allows for teacher internship service to a maximum of two years.

This means a teacher will be recruited on a one year internship term which is renewable for another one year.

The Commission recruited 20,000 intern teachers in February. In July another 20,000 interns were employed.

TSC says all the 46,000 intern teachers on TSC payroll will be converted to permanent terms in 2025.

The Commission recruited big number of intern teachers in line with Kenya Kwanza manifesto as well as the Junior Secondary School (JSS) demands.

However it seems absorbing the huge number of teachers to pnp payroll is not easy especially with the current struggling economy.

On Monday President William Ruto said that the government will allocate Sh19.7 billion to the TSC to recruit more teachers.

The new recruits are expected to plug the gap by grade 8 in January next year.

Speaking during the Taxpayers Day celebrations in Mombasa, Ruto announced that the funds will be made available under the supplementary budget.

Under the supplementary budget, the education sector received Sh62 billion.

“Our budget to TSC has increased by Sh20 billion because we are hiring additional teachers. Some 56,000 additional teachers are on our payroll this year,” Ruto said.


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