TSC profile updating: What to do incase of missing documents

TSC profile updating: What to do incase of missing documents

In July 2021, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) directed all registered teachers to update their profile.

Through a circular dated 28th July 2021, TSC Director of Quality Assurance and Standards, Dr. Reuben Nthamburi ordered teachers to update their profile by 30th November 2021 to help the Commission maintain an updated register of teachers.

“It has been established that the teachers’ details in the Register is not updated. To this end, the Commission has opened the online register to allow individual teachers to update their details.

A link has been developed in the TSC website where all registered teachers are required to access and update their details by 30 November 2021,” said Reuben Nthamburi.

Following the directive all public and private school teachers registered with TSC must update their profile before the set deadline.

However one of the challenging thing in the exercise is teachers missing crucial documents required for updating the profile.

Teachers are required to upload a number of academic certificates and professional certificates among other documents.

Some of the documents teachers are required to upload include.

1) ID or Passport

2) KRA Pin Certificate

3) Passport Photo

4) KCPE Certificate

5) KCSE Certificate

6) PTE, Diploma, Degree Certificates

7) Affidavit incase of differing names in your documents

To update your profile TSC has provided the link for doing this. Click here to update your TSC personal profile.

The most important thing to check in this exercise is time. The portal is closing on 30th November 2021 and so there is no enough time to run up and down replacing lost documents.

A teacher might be missing a CPE certificate or an original ID card which may derail the process of updating his profile.

However despite this challenge there is a way out. If you lost your KCSE certificate you can upload your KCSE result slip instead. Alternatively you can upload a photocopy of your KCSE certificate if you have one.

Incase of a missing ID card you can use a Passport if you have one to update your profile.

Alternatively you can report of a missing ID card to your nearest police station where you will be issued with a police Abstract which you can use to upload in the portal.

TSC profile updating: What to do incase of missing documents
A police absract

Don’t forget to use a photocopy of your ID card incase you have one around which can save you time looking for a police Abstract.

If you are a primary school teacher and you have lost your PTE certificate you can use your PTE result slip to update your profile.

Alternatively you can use a photocopy of your PTE certificate incase you got one to upload to the portal.

Diploma and graduate teachers can use similar process to update their profiles. Use result slip or transcripts instead to update your profile.

Alternatively you can use a photocopy of your Diploma or Degree certificate to upload to the portal.

Incase you lost your KRA pin certificate this can easily be retrieved by logging in to your KRA portal using your KRA pin where you can reprint the certificate.

Alternatively you can visit your nearest KRA offices or Huduma centre with your ID card and request for a reprint of the KRA pin certificate.

What about teachers who never attended tertiary institutions? We understand there are a number of primary school teachers who only sat for their secondary education to become teachers.

However despite these teachers lacking professional training they took a number short courses like Teacher Professional Courses (TPC) with TSC to enhance their teaching skills.

For such teachers they can upload their TPC certificates as their tertiary level training.

Teachers with lost CPE, KCPE, KCSE, CSE, DTE, PTE etc and do not have a back up like a result slip, photocopy of the document should report to the nearest police station for the missing documents.

They will be issued with a police abstract which they can use to upload to the portal.

Consequences for failing to update profile

Teachers who will fail to update their profile will not receive their Registration Certificates which is a key requirement in the upcoming Biometric Registration exercise for teachers.

The teachers will also have insufficient details in the TSC registration database which may hamper quality services.

Consequently a show cause letter maybe issued to teachers who fail to adhere to TSC policies and instructions.

According to the Commission the Registration Certificate will be sent to the postal address provided during the profile updating exercise.

Unemployed teachers might have problems during TSC recruitment for having incomplete profile and lacking crucial details in the database.


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