TSC plan for recruiting 6,000 intern teachers in December 2021

TSC plan for recruiting 6,000 intern teachers in December 2021

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will employ at least 6,000 intern teachers in December 2021.

The recruited teachers will be expected to take their internship posts early January when they will be posted to schools.

According to TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia the additional employees would ease teachers’ workload as enrollment rises, particularly due to the government’s 100 per cent transition from primary to secondary school policy.

“This is a commendable government effort to ensure quality learning and teaching in our public schools,” said Macharia.

Macharia said the recruitment of 6,000 teachers on internship will cost the Commission kshs 1.2 billion.

She said TSC is more concerned with the workload brought by the 100 per cent transition policy and commended the government for allocating more funds for recruiting more teachers.

“We appreciate the government for allocating TSC funds annually for the recruitment of additional teachers since the 100 per cent transition programme was launched,” said Nancy Macharia.

However of the 6,000 internship vacancies only 2,000 will go to primary schools while the rest 4,000 will be reserved for secondary schools.

The recruitment will start between late November and early December when the current internship contract expires.

Last year TSC recruited 12,000 intern teachers under the Covid-19 economic stimulus package at a cost of Sh2.4 billion.

Secondary schools intern teachers earn a stipend of Sh 20,000 per month while interns in primary schools take home Sh15,000.

In July 2021 TSC advertised a total of 3,914 replacements for primary and secondary schools to replace teachers who exited service.

In the advert 2,987 posts went to primary schools while 927 went to secondary schools.

TSC also advertised 5,000 teaching posts for secondary schools. However 1,000 posts went to practicing P1 teachers who have bachelors degree with C+ in KCSE and C+ in the two teaching subjects to be deployed to teach in secondary schools.

The recruited teachers have started to receive their posting letters where they will work on permanent and pensionable terms.

In the last recruitment TSC gave priority for intern teachers to be employed on permanent terms. In the recruitment score sheet the Commission awarded 30 marks to all intern teachers despite the period they had served.

This caused an uproar from a section of teachers who termed it a discrimination exercise. Some unlucky intern teachers were unable to secure employment on permanent terms and are currently serving under internship contract others for a second year now.

Macharia said the July recruitment brought the total number of teachers hired since 2018 to facilitate the 100 per cent transition policy to 28,700.

Currently TSC has a total of 330,671 teachers employed.

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Upon invitation for interview for Secondary school internship, applicants will be expected to appear with originals and clear copies of the following documents:

1) National Identification card;

2) National Council of Persons with Disability (NCPWD) Card (where applicable);

3) KCPE certificate or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one repeated exams);

4) KCSE certificates or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts  if one repeated exams);

5) Diploma/Degree certificate and official transcripts;

6) Certificate of Registration as a teacher;

7) Sworn Affidavit where names appearing on the submitted documents differ;

8) Primary and Secondary School leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials.

For one to be eligible for recruitment as a Graduate Intern teacher, the applicant must have a minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE  and C+ (plus) in each of the two teaching subjects or two (2) Principles and one (1) Subsidiary pass at ‘A’  Level. 

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In addition, they must have:

1) A Bachelor of Education Degree with two (2) teaching subjects.

2) A Bachelor of Science or Arts Degree plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) with two teaching subjects.

3) Bachelor of Science with Education/Bachelor of Arts with Education with two teaching subjects.

4) Bachelor of Education holders with Mean Grade of C (Plain) and C (Plain) in the two teaching subjects  at KCSE and have undertaken  a Diploma in Education or gone through the A-Level system in the relevant area(s)  are eligible.

5) Bridging/Pre-university certificates for those who completed the course before December 31st 2015 may be considered.

Graduate Teacher Interns should have studied a minimum of eight (8) course units in each teaching subject.

Applicants presenting enhancement certificate(s)/official transcripts in teaching subject(s) from recognized institution(s) qualify for employment if they scored at least a C+ (Plus) in the enhanced subject at KCSE.

Applicants previously employed under contract and whose services were terminated due to inadequate units in teaching subjects and have since obtained enhancement certificates with adequate units are eligible to apply.

Applicants applying for computer studies MUST have taken teaching  methods course in the subject.

For applicants trained in Special Needs Education, Kenya Sign  Language (KSL) or Braille will be considered as “teaching subjects”. Such will, for instance include Biology/KSL and Geography/Braille etc.

However Applicants whose training is in subjects that are currently not in the Curriculum do not qualify, irrespective of the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or enhanced qualifications they may possess.

This category includes, but not limited to Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in: Natural Resources, Meteorology, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Farm Machinery, Fisheries, Anthropology, sociology, Theology/Divinity, Journalism etc.

Upon invitation for interview for Primary school internship, applicants will be expected to appear with originals and clear copies of the following documents:

1) National Identification Card;

2) National Council of Persons with Disability (NCPWD) Card (where applicable);

3) KCPE Certificate or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one repeated exams);

4) KCSE Certificates or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one repeated exams);

5) PTE Certificate;

6) Certificate of registration as a teacher;

7) Sworn Affidavit where names appearing on the submitted documents differ;

8) Primary and Secondary Schools leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials.

AIl applicants, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity or home County shall be given equal opportunity. 

However, in case of a tie in the scores by the applicants, consideration will be given on the following in their order of priority:

1) Applicant’s disability status, if any;

2) The Applicant’s performance/grade in teaching practice;

3) The applicant (s) who graduated earlier in time;

4) Academic and professional performance demonstrated through certificates i.e. higher aggregate KCSE grade.


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