TSC message to teachers as Nancy Macharia lead in Covid-19 injection

TSC message to teachers as Nancy Macharia lead in Covid-19 injection

The Teachers Service Commission CEO, Dr. Nancy Njeri Macharia, has today participated by taking a Covid-19 jab.

The program for vaccination was rolled out and today it was teachers turn to take the jab.

This comes as the Teachers Service Commission said 44 teachers have so far succumbed to Covid-19 related complications since the outbreak of the virus in March last year.

TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia made the revelation today Thursday during the launch of the vaccination drive for teachers.

The drive will prioritise teachers aged 50 and above, Macharia said in Nairobi.

However TSC has not revealed how many teachers fall in that age bracket.

Macharia said both teachers in private and public schools will be considered for vaccination.

Macharia termed the vaccine a major breakthrough to the education sector and emphasized teachers to take part to protect themselves and the learners for quality curriculum delivery.

“Walimu tujikinge na COVID19! Take the Jab for free! Today TSC launched the teachers’ covid -19 vaccination program. While taking the vaccine, the Commission Secretary, Dr Nancy Macharia, called on teachers to take advantage of this exercise,” TSC said through its facebook handle.

Also present was Dr. Willis Akhwale who is leading the program and said the program for injecting health workers was a major success and hope the same will happen to teachers.

Willis Akhwale who is also the chairman of the Covid-19 taskforce for vaccine deployment asked teachers to turn up for the jab in large numbers and assured them that the vaccine is safe.

“The launch of this vaccine is a clear demonstration that the government is committed to ensure learning continues,” said Dr Akhwale.

He said the vaccine has undergone phase three clinical trials.

“A vaccine will not be registered if it is not safe,” he said.

Dr Akhwale said the health ministry has established 575 vaccination posts across the counties where all frontline workers will access the vaccine.

He said the ministry has also established the Chanjo Kenya platform where teachers and anyone to be vaccinated can pre-register before going for the vaccination.

The Health Ministry has reported a surge in new virus infections, with ICU beds in Nairobi full by Tuesday evening. 

On Wednesday 713 new cases were reported from a sample size of 5,230.  This represents a positivity rate of 13.6 per cent  the highest since January.

ICU cases soared, with 89 patients admitted on Wednesday. Another 28 patients were separately on supplemental oxygen. Hospital admissions were 563 with another 1,588 under the home-based care .

Counties have been advised to ensure their 300 Covid-19 beds are available. 

“Even as we increase the sample size to a minimum of 7,000 having received the necessary reagents the sheer number itself tells you the whole story,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said on Wednesday.

“I, therefore, want to support and agree with CoG that now the time has come to start looking back at some of the measures that we have taken whether to increase and to stop and make some mandatory requirements of our population.” 

The Council of Governors said political rallies were fueling the virus in the country. The governors urged the President to ban all rallies for 30 days.  

“I wish to bring to your attention that we are currently dealing with the third wave of the virus which is severe. In this regard, the CoG together with the Ministry of Health will relook at the existing protocols with a view to containing the current wave,” CoG chair Martin Wambora said.

Kenya received a consignment of 1.02 million units of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine a week ago.

Ministry of health said the first to receive the dose will be healthcare workers, followed by other frontline workers such as the police and teachers.

Next in line will be Kenyans with underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to coronavirus.

The Health CS sought to allay fears that the vaccines may not be enough, clarifying that there will be subsequent batches.

Today Kenya has received a second batch 100,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from the Government of India.

India High Commissioner Virander Paul said the vaccine is manufactured in India and the gift of 100,000 doses is a good step towards corporation.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe thanked the envoy for the vaccine doses saying they will go along away in vaccinating a third of Kenya’s population.

“The vaccines are in good order. People should come out when their turn comes to be vaccinated,” CS Kagwe said.

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