TSC lists 4 activities that can lead to interdiction during election period

TSC lists 4 activities that can lead to interdiction during election period
TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has listed four activities that can lead to teachers being interdicted and even get dismissed during this election period.

In a circular number 4/2020 the Commission has restricted teachers on what they should not do during this period when various aspirants are seeking elective posts.

In the circular TSC prohibits all its employees including its secretariat staff from taking part in any active political engagements while still in service of the Commission.

The Commission CEO, Dr Nancy Macharia, through the circular, orders teachers to shun partisan political activities while in active public service.

“In congruence with the spirit of national values and good governance  under the Constitution which includes impartiality and political neutrality,  it is vital for all employees of the Commission to adhere to strict observance of the law in respect hereof by abstaining from taking part in political engagements,” says Macharia.

Macharia further warns employees who currently holds or engages in political activities are in violation of the law and are liable to disciplinary action.

She asked school heads to display the contents of the circular to all teachers and to post the same on school and staffroom notice boards for ease of reference by teachers.  

She also asked all County Directors to bring the contents of the circular to the attention of all the officers and teachers serving under them.

Below are the four activities teachers might get in trouble if they engage in them.

(1) Holding office in a political party;

(2) Engaging in a political activity that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of the office they hold;

(3) Publicly indicating support for or opposition to any political party or candidate in an election; and

(4) Engaging in activities of any political party or candidate, or act as an agent of a political  party or candidate in  an election.

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