TSC issues fresh directive on term 2 and 3 TPAD filling, warns CSOs

TSC issues fresh directive on term 2 and 3 TPAD filling, warns CSOs


The Commission developed a new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) online system.

This was to ease the reporting of the performance of teachers through the appraisal  system.

The system was opened for term 2 2020 on 12th October 2020 and closed on 3I December 2020.

This was after schools were opened and all teachers required to report to their work stations vide Circular No. 12/2020.

In addition, the Ministry of Education announced the reopening of schools  for term 3 for grade 4, class 8 and form  four learners.   

In this regard, the TPAD system will be opened for term 3 for grade 4, class 8 and form 4 teachers and term 2 for teachers of the grade 1,2,3, class 5,6,7 and form  I, 2 and 3 will be opened from 11th January 202l  to 26th March 2021.

In view of the above, you are required to ensure the following:

l.    All teachers create appraisal depending on the classes they teach i.e.  Teachers teaching grade 4, class 8 and form 4 should create appraisal for term 3 whereas the teachers teaching the other classes should create for term 2.  

This only applies for primary and secondary schools.

2.   Submit a list of schools missing from the TPAD system in your respective Counties.

3.   Submit list of schools yet to be provided with IPPD codes in your  respective counties.

4.  That all teachers are mapped in their respective schools, zones, sub counties and counties respectively.

5.    Submit a list of teachers yet to appear on TPAD online system (kindly provide their TSC numbers and work stations).

6.   Inform all heads of institution that the Performance Contract (PC) for heads of institution and the PC calendar have been uploaded in the TPAD online system.

All heads of institution should start filling their Performance Contract by developing the operational work plan by the 11th  January 2021.

7.   Generate appraisal reports from the TPAD online system.     

Where there are discrepancies of  the total number of appraisals exceeding  the total number of teachers, establish the root cause and take necessary  action.

It has also come to the attention  of the Commission that teachers are not getting  adequate support in navigating the TPAD online system from field officers.

This is due to the several enquiries being raised through different communication channels of the Commission.  

This has been noted even after County Directors, County ICT officers and  other field officers have been assigned rights in the TPAD online system.     

You are required to ensure that teachers are supported as  part of effective  service delivery.


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