TSC initiates August delocalization process for Heads of institutions

TSC initiates August delocalization process for Heads of institutions

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is priming itself for a major delocalization for school heads in the coming few months. In what is seen as a major shakeup, the commission has directed County Directors to compile data for school administrators in readiness for the transfers.

Via a memo dated 27th June, 2019 the TSC Deputy Director in charge of staffing Dr. Dorothy Owuor instructs the County Directors to collate data for institutional administrators

within their areas of jurisdiction.

The Commission now wants data for heads and principals serving in their home counties and those who have served

in the same station for over nine years. The data is to be sent to the head quarter by 8th July, 2019.

According to the TSC boss, Dr Nancy Macharia, teachers with medical conditions will be spared from the ongoing delocalisation exercise. Also to be spared are those aged above 56 years.

The Commission says the transfers and deployments are being undertaken for various reasons including retirement of headteachers and principals who attained the mandatory retirement age in the last three months, some headship positions fell vacant. As a result, deputy heads who are qualified and have exemplary performance record have been promoted to headship positions and transferred accordingly.

Inevitably, some of the serving heads have also been transferred to take the positions that fell vacant. This is necessary in order to match performance and experience to the enrollment and level of the institutions.

Changes have also been necessitated by the need to strengthen management of some of the learning institutions following recommendations from standards and assessment reports.

In line with the Policy on Appointment of Institutional Administrators some principals and headteachers who have served for a long period in the same institution have been transferred. It is intended that the transfer will provide them with a new working environment and also tap into their vast experience.

In the course of the year, some Heads of Institution apply to be transferred to new stations. Such applications are normally considered at the end of the year to avoid unnecessary disruption in curriculum delivery, and after necessary replacements have been made. In making the transfers, the Commission has considered important factors such as number of years pending retirement as well as exceptional circumstances such as health, where appropriate documentation is available. The Commission kicked off the delocalization exercise in January, 2018.

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