TSC dismisses 30 teachers from service after reopening

TSC dismisses 30 teachers from service after reopening

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has today Monday, October 12th, announced the dismissal of 30 teachers for a number of offences but most of them are related to Carnal Knowledge (CK).

TSC has also announced the registration of 8,500 new teachers.

Some of the dismissed teachers include; Douglas Shibira, Namu Njoka, Stephen Munyi, Oscar Obonyo, Barawa Sanga, Anthony Onyango, Simon Kama and, Peter Githu.

Others are Wafula Nyongesa, Joel Nyakwara, Philip Langat, David Langat, Samuel Namuye, William Orata, Nicanor Yego, Leonard Kipkosgei, Patrick Nyangau among others.

TSC said the accused teachers have at least a case related to their current offence as evidence of the act they might have caused.

In 2016, a United Nations agency raised a red flag of sexual harassment of learners aged 13 to 17 by teachers.

Unesco said teachers were reported to be perpetrators of sexual harassment with an average of 39 per cent of school principals stating that teacher-pupil harassment had occurred in their schools.

The global education monitoring report indicated that 40 per cent of school principals reported pupil-pupil sexual harassment in their schools.

TSC Head of Corporate Communications Betty Wababu also said that they have registered 8,500 teachers but are not part of the 11,000 jobs that had been announced in September.

“Registration is different from hiring. The recruitment process is not over yet. Those are just teachers that have been registered with us. The number of teachers being recruited still stand as reported, and when the process ends we are not going to recruit more teachers because we are usually funded by the National Treasury to do the recruitment,” said Wababu.

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In March TSC had released names of 40 teachers it gazetted after it deregistered them over misconduct.

“Pursuant to section 30 of TSC Act (2012) the Commission wishes to publish the names of teachers who have been removed from the Register of Teachers. Further, under the law these teachers cannot engage in teaching in any learning institution,” TSC had said through a circular.

Wababu revealed that the 30 teachers dismissals are pending approval.

“The teachers are in the process of being dismissed, and after the CEO has approved the list, then it will be gazetted thereby confirming their dismissal.

“The offences include immoral behaviour, forging of academic certification, and any other serious crime prescribed in the Teachers Code of Conduct,” she added.

TSC on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, announced that it was seeking to recruit a cumulative 11,574 teachers in a mass exercise.

The process was taken advantage of by fraudsters with the Commission on Thursday, September 24, denying reports that the recruitment of teachers had been stopped.

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