TSC data shows huge disparity in teacher staffing in counties

TSC data shows huge disparity in teacher staffing in counties

A report by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has revealed that Nairobi is leading among counties with more primary and secondary teachers than it needs.

The data released by the teachers’ employer, which is seeking to hire 5,000 more tutors, shows that Taita Taveta, Laikipia, Isiolo and Embu have more primary school teachers who ought to be rationalised.

Marsabit, Lamu and Isiolo have also recorded the highest number of secondary school teachers, according to the report.

According to Nairobi’s Curriculum-Based Establishment (CBE), which is used to determine the deployment of teachers to public schools, the city’s CBE is 4,045 while tutors on active duty are 4,105.

This means there are an extra 60 teachers who could be deployed to more deserving regions.

The CBE shows that Taita Taveta only requires 2,151 primary school teachers, but there are 2,209 teachers on duty, which means there are 58 additional tutors.

Laikipia has 2,722 teachers against a CBE of 2,671, which means there are 51 extra primary school teachers.

Data shows that Isiolo has 43 excess teachers. The county only requires 947 teachers but there are some 990 tutors on duty.And Embu, which is supposed to have a staffing establishment of 3,965, has a total of 3,981 teachers on duty thus giving it 16 more tutors.

Excess teachers

In secondary schools staffing, Marsabit has 97 excess teachers. The county requires 450 teachers, but TSC data shows it has 547 teachers on duty.

Lamu, which only requires 391 secondary school teachers, has 439 teachers on duty. This means the county has 48 more teachers on duty.

Isiolo is also overstaffed at the high school level. TSC data shows that the county only needs 287 teachers but it has 323 tutors, an excess of 36.

A brief prepared by TSC shows that there are 216,517 primary school teachers on duty and another 100,493 tutors in secondary schools.

TSC data further shows that even with the total staffing standing at 317,010 teachers, there is a shortage of 87,393 tutors.

The commission was allocated Sh3.2 billion to employ an additional 5,000 teachers during the next financial year.

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