TSC data shows 7,162 teachers had pending, incomplete TPAD

TSC data shows 7,162 teachers had pending, incomplete TPAD

Despite TSC extending term one TPAD (Teacher Professional Appraisal Development) appraisal deadline to 8th October 2021 thousands of teachers were still unable to have their online TPAD completed, submitted and countersigned. At least 7,162 teachers have been listed to have incomplete and pending appraisals.

The online TPAD was opened on 26th July 2021 for teachers to start taking their term one appraisal.

TSC had set the initial deadline on 1st October 2021. However after numerous complaints from teachers on poor TPAD system that was refusing to open and allow keying of data, the Commission pushed the deadline for one week.

TSC data shows 7,162 teachers had pending, incomplete TPAD
Migori TSC internal memo on TPAD compliance

Immediately after closing the online TPAD portal the Commission generated lists of pending and incomplete appraisals for each subcounty that were sent to all TSC Sub County Directors.

School administrators also had their TPAD role extended to ensure all submitted TPADS are countersigned and completed accordingly.

TPAD is a mandatory tool for teachers employed by TSC. According to the Commission teachers who fail to take their TPAD appraisal may face various disciplinary actions.

The teachers might be issued with ‘show cause’ letters or even get interdicted among other disciplinary measures.

Teachers who miss taking part in TPAD also miss out whenever TSC advertises promotional vacancies. TSC made it mandatory for teachers applying for promotion to avail TPAD evidence during application process and interviews.

According to TSC teachers who do not take part in the appraisal process will not be considered for promotion.


TPAD ActivityAction ByTime Frame
Planning meetings before school opening involving all staff to set school TPAD Activity calendarHeads of Institutions , Senior
Management Team, Teachers,
By the last week of the school holiday.
Submission of professional documentsHeads of institution
All Teachers
By the end of the first week of the term
Undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gapsAppraisees and appraisers.Between 2nd week and 10th week of the term
Undertaking teacher professional development to address professional gaps.Appraisees, appraisers, institutional administrators.Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
Internal Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of TPAD process.Heads of institution, Deputy Head of Institution, Heads of DepartmentContinuous throughout the term
Monitoring the implementation of TPAD process at county level; zonal, sub county & countyCurriculum Support Officers, Sub County Directors and County DirectorsThroughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
TPAD rating meetingsAppraisee (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)By the closing date of the term
Uploading of TPAD data and evidence.Appraisee (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)Throughout the term

TSC officials at the County are under pressure to ensure maximum compliance from teachers.

Last month Kisumu TSC County Director directed show cause letters to all teachers who caused TPAD non-compliance in the county.

According to Ibrahim Rugut, Kisumu was ranked number 41 out of 47 counties in term three TPAD report.

Rugut termed the ranking unacceptable and vowed to punish those who caused non-compliance in term one TPAD.

“The purpose of this letter is to ask you to show cause why disciplinary action cannot be taken against you for this low perfomance in TPAD. Your response should reach your immediate supervisor by 8th October 2021,” said Rugut in a letter addressed to Kisumu Sub county Directors, CSOs, Principals and Headteachers.

TSC data shows 7,162 teachers had pending, incomplete TPAD
Letter by Kisumu TSC County Director

However questions are arising on whether the TPAD tool is effective and reflect on true strength and weaknesses of teachers.

There have been claims that the TPAD data submitted by teachers are untrue. There are also claims that teachers are unhappy with the use of TPAD tool as a way to promote them.

By end of last term TSC officials from Upper Hill visited at least twenty six counties to check on TPAD implementation in schools.

During the visits, the Commission insisted that teachers should attach evidence in their online TPAD submissions.


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