Teachers who fail to register for Community Based Learning to miss pay

Teachers who fail to register for Community Based Learning to miss pay

Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Zachary Kinuthia, has said teaachers who fail to register for Community Based Learning (CBL) will not get paid.

The Education CAS also said teachers who will interfere with the programme would be arrested and procsecuted.

“Teachers who will fail to register for the Community Based Learning will not get paid. Such teachers would be considered to have absconded,” said Zachary Kinuthia.

The Education CAS also said the Community Based Learning will not replace the main curriculum but will only be a way to keep children occupied.

“Community Based Learning will not replace the main curriculum. The government does not want to see children idle,” Kinuthia told the press at Kilifi after a meeting with education, security and health officers on Friday.

Recently while commenting on how the CBL will be conducted the Education CS said there is no syllabus for the Community Based Learning

“There is no syllabus for Community Based Learning the syllabus is in the teachers head,” Professor Magoha had said.

By Tuesday, TSC said at least 224,494 teachers had registered for the programme. Of these 155,176 are primary school teachers while 69,318 are secondary school teachers.

Mr Kinuthia advised teachers to look at the opportunity brought by the programme. He said the national government and county government are working hand in hand to ensure they provide water, soap and masks for teachers and learners.

TSC and Ministry of education have already issued guidelines for implementing the community based learning programme.

TSC highlighted some of the roles teachers will play on commencement of the program.

“Teachers will play a pivotal role to ensure the success of the programme. In  this  respect,  teachers  will  be expected to  carry out the following activities:•

1.       Heads  of institutions should be in  school atleast once per week to supervise and monitor the programme.

2.      Utilize  the  Nyumba  Kumi  programme to  ensure that  all  learners participate in the programme.

3.      Set  up a  face to face programme of engaging not  more than  15 learners while strictly observing the Ministry of Health Guidelines and protocols. This engagement should be at least 4 Hours  a day at no charge.

4.      Organize the learners as much as possible  according  to their classes and/or age groups to ensure that the  topics  under discussion are relevant,  suitable and appropriate to the group.

5.      Sensitize and educate the learners on the guidelines and protocols issued  by the  Ministry  of  Health  towards the  containment  of the Covid19  pandemic.

6.      Identify  in  consultation  with  the officials from Ministry  of  Education and Ministry of Interior,  suitable  places like community halls or open spaces where  conducive  environment  may  be created  to  enable learning  to take place within  the community.  Such  places should be well  arranged in  strict  adherence to  the  Guidelines  and Protocols issued  by the Ministry of Health.

7.      Develop   a daily activity  based programme for engaging learners  on life skills and values such as weeding, cultivating, grazing animals, storytelling,  planting,  debating  life  issues,  hygiene and other  related activities.

8.      Provide learning activities in reading and numeracy and other subjects of interest to learners to keep them engaged.

9.      Develop  task-based  activities for  learners to  undertake during the session or while with their parents at home.

10.    Utilize available radio,  television and online content within  the reach of children to make learning  interactive.

11.     Assign reading and exercises to learners for home study.

12.    Conduct remote daily or weekly follow up with  students and parents.

13.    Utilize local  resources during learners’ engagement.

14.    Offer guidance and counselling and psycho-social support to learners.

15.    Monitor  the   progress   and  the  status   of  learners  and  provide information to Curriculum Support Officers” said the teacher employer through a circular.


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