State urged to include madrasa system in the new school curriculum

State urged to include madrasa system in the new school curriculum

The Wakf Commission of Kenya has called for the inclusion of the madrasa system in the new national school curriculum.

This will open up Islamic religious education to a wider public and enhance discipline.

The call has been prompted by a rise in illegal groups in Mombasa and Kwale counties.

Wakf commission CEO Ibrahim Bulushi said in Ukunda on Thursday they are keen to foster discipline in the society.

An estimated 75 per cent of Coast youths quit madrasa education to join extremist groups, Bulushi said.

Most of them join radicalised gangs due to religious ignorance. This is why madrasa education should be made compulsory for Muslims students.

“Most youngsters become vulnerable to the bad company because they have very little knowledge of their religion,” the Wakf official said.

He said many youths drop out of madrasa classes after sitting the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination.

Such youths end up being unruly, Bulushi said, noting that teachers too should be well versed on madrasa before applying the integrated education system.

“The school instructors must be thoroughly tutored to comprehend and disseminate the wisdom,” he said.

Kwale Women of Faith Network chair Mariam Khasbai last year suggested that both Christians and Muslims should learn each others’ religion.

She said this will reduce animosity and translate into a better understanding of different beliefs.

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