Secret Knut salaries proposal for teachers in CBA 2021 – 2025

Secret Knut salaries proposal for teachers in CBA 2021 - 2025

It is no secret that the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) top brass is silently pushing for salaries review for teachers.

In what appears as a form of redress following the signing of a non-monetary Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Knut is seeking a bail out through salary changes.

In July the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), citing hard economic times, offered unions a non-monetary 2021-2025 CBA, which teachers have protested.

Though the CBA lacked immediate changes to salaries of teachers, TSC said this is not the end of the talks as they will plan for another talk on the issue in less than twelve months that could review the signed deal.

Dr Macharia said they took into consideration the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) directive.

“Although the union’s proposal included financial component the commission beseeched them to consider the advice given by the SRC that directed a freeze on salary reviews in the public sector,” said Dr Macharia after signing the deal.

Just a week ago the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) called on the government to reopen salaries review negotiations which were frozen last year.

Kuppet Secretary-General Akelo Misori said the economy was improving hence the need for the TSC to reopen talks on salaries review.

Misori was speaking after the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) on the state of the teaching profession and education sector in general.

“Having considered all factors affecting the terms and conditions of service for teachers, the ADC demands the immediate re-opening of talks for the salaries review that was put on hold due to poor economic performance occasioned by the Covid-19 Pandemic?” Misori said.

He noted that the union has been lenient and reasonable but the time to push for new terms could not wait for another year.

“Enough is enough, we have been lenient and reasonable enough. However, we expect TSC to respect our views and initiate the talks,” Misori added.

Misori, who was accompanied by Kuppet Chairman Omboka Milemba and his vice Julius Korir further said the freeze in reviewing salaries was pegged on poor economic performance relating to the virus.

The Kuppet boss noted that the government had reviewed salaries and allowances for several cadres in the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), the Public Service Commission (PSC), and county governments over the last few months and wondered why they were left out.

“We want to make it very clear; teachers are not beggars, they are professionals. They know when to talk and what to say. We know this is the right time to engage in such a matter without the interference of school calendars,” he added.

Though the Treasury has raised TSC budget in financial 2022 – 2023 budget proposal, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), said that the extra money factored in the ministries’ budgets is for the annual salary increments.

“Every year, civil servants get a pay rise to cater for several factors including the cost of living and this amount is easy to determine each year. However, this is different from the salary increase through CBAs that has been frozen for two years until the economy recovers,” SRC Head of Corporate Communications Anthony Mwangi said.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani has allocated an additional Sh14.9 billion to the TSC, whose budget has risen to Sh296.6 billion from Sh281.7 billion this year.

TSC will receive an extra Sh15 billion for the 2022 – 2023 financial year, with sources saying the additional money is for a pay rise and hiring of new teachers.

The National Treasury has also allocated an extra Sh70.8 billion to ministries for recurrent expenditure, including the annual pay rise.

The budget is, however, subject to parliamentary approval.

Sources say the government is planning to review upward the salaries of teachers, just one month to general elections.

“This is to appease teachers who are unhappy and that the government would want to do something about it on an election year,” said a member of the National Assembly Education Committee.

Secret Knut salaries proposal for teachers in CBA 2021 - 2025
Knut SG Collins Oyuu

Should Collins Oyuu Knut proposal get accepted the lowest teacher in job group B5 will have minimum basic salary change from sh. 21,756 to sh. 28,717.

The teacher will have the maximum basic salary changing from sh. 27,195 to sh. 35,897.

GradeCurrent Basic Pay
Min to Max
Proposed Basic Pay
Min to Max
B521,756 – 27,19528,717 – 35,897
C127,195 – 33,99435,897 – 44,872
C234,955 – 43,69446,140 – 57,676
C343,154 – 53,94356,963 – 71,204
C452,308 – 65,38560,677 – 64,500
C562,272 – 77,84072,235 – 74,971
D177,840 – 93,40890,294 – 98,912
D291,041 – 109,249 105,607 – 120,173
D3104,644 – 125,573121,387 – 129,105
D4118,242 – 141,891137,160 – 141,392
D5131,380 – 157,656152,400 – 182,880

Under Wilson Sossion, Knut had proposed a salary increment of between 120 and 200 per cent.

This means the monthly basic salary for the lowest-paid teacher (Grade B5) would be raised from Sh21,756 to a maximum of Sh87,024 while salaries of the highest-paid teachers (Grade D5) would increase from Sh131,380 to a maximum of Sh394,140.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) also pitched a salary increment of between 30 and 70 per cent for the new CBA.

According to report by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) the last job evaluation was skewed, favouring school heads while leaving classroom teachers with nothing.

The report showed the present job descriptions of the classrooms teachers, based on the 2016/2017 evaluation, grossly undervalued their worth, resulting in poor pay.

It disclosed that the CBA, implemented based on the last job evaluation, heavily favoured head teachers as it did not aptly capture classroom teachers’ job descriptions.

“There were significant disparities in the compensation and career progression between the institutional administrators and classroom teachers in the teaching profession as the job evaluation results for 2016/2017 did not adequately cater for the remuneration of classroom teachers. This might be attributed to poor development of job descriptions in 2016,” reads the report.

This means for the last four years, classroom teachers, who are also the majority staff, were underpaid in the CBA, which ended in June 2021.

In the monetary CBA, Primary school head teachers and secondary school principals were moved to higher job grades in 2016.

All primary school heads of boarding and day schools were automatically move up to Grade D1, earning between Sh77,840 to Sh93,408.

Primary head teachers with lower students’ population were elevated to C5, earning Sh62,272 and Sh77,840.

Primary school deputy head teachers were also moved up to grade C5 and Grade C4, earning between Sh52,308 and 65,385.

Senior primary teachers were moved up, to grade C2, to earn between Sh34,955 and 43,694.

Principals of national schools were moved to Grade D5 for salaries of between Sh131,380 and Sh157,656 per month. The pay was also based on the school categories.

Principals of extra-county schools moved to grade D5 as their deputies move to D3.

Principals of county schools were moved to grade D4 as those of sub-county boarding schools  rose to Grade D4. Deputies head teachers of county and sub-county schools moved to grades D3 and D2 respectively.

Principals of sub-county day schools moved to group D3 and secondary school senior headmasters moved to Grade D4.

This was based on a newly grading structure for the Teaching Service which ranged from T-Scale 15 (job group D5) for the Chief Principal to T- Scale 5 (B5) for the Primary Teacher II being the lowest grade.

In the concluded CBA 2021 – 2025 TSC made the following changes regarding teachers leaves.

i)      Maternity Leave of One hundred and twenty (120) Calendar days with full pay with effect from date of delivery.

ii)     Pre adoptive Leave of Forty-five (45) Calendar days with full pay with effect from the date of adoption.

iii)       Paternity Leave of Twenty-one (21) Calendar days with full pay once a year.

Regarding promotions of teachers TSC said it shall be in accordance with the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) in force however teachers serving in ASAL and hard to staff areas and are holding administrative positions in an acting capacity shall be promoted progressively until they obtain grades commensurate to their respective positions.

TSC also said teachers who are transferred will earn transfer allowance payable at a rate of one month’s Basic Salary subject to the provisions of Regulation of the CORT.

However delocalized teachers wil enjoy transfers closer to their spouse according to the agreement.

“To achieve the family  values enshrined in the Constitution, the Commission shall consider transfer requests for married couples to appropriate stations/locations subject to availability of vacancies, the need for suitable replacement, existing staffing norms and proof of marriage among other factors,” said Nancy Macharia.

The Commission further said in compliance with Regulation 48 (1) of the CORT and with a view to enhance and maintain high performance standards in the teaching service, it shall  implement continuous the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Programmes and Performance Management system in the teaching service.

“To this end, every teacher who successfully completes the TPD programme shall be issued with a Teaching Certificate contemplated under Regulation 49 (1) of the CORT,” said Nancy Macharia.

Macharia also said the Commission will capture data of teachers with various talents and skills and reward them for their exemplary work.

“As part of the Commission’s efforts to recognise exemplary teachers, we have this month rolled out an exercise to capture data of all those staff who excel in various spheres of work with a view to rewarding them accordingly as would be decided from time to time.

These areas would include excellence in national examinations, sport, theatre, institutional management, innovation, research, and advocacy, among others,” said Nancy Macharia in a statement after the CBA signing.

She further said Career Progression in the teaching service shall be based on the Career Progression Guidelines in force.

Below are the salaries and allowances of teachers as captured in the CBA 2021 – 2025.


GradeBasic Pay
Basic Pay


GradeCommuter Allowance p.m


GradeDisability Guide Allowance p.m


GradeAnnual Leave Allowance p.m


                Grade           Hse1 NairobiHse2 -Major Municipalities- Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii and KitaleHse3 -Other former Minor Municipalities              Hse4 – alI other areas


GradeHardship Allowance p.m

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