Only three TTC’s cleared to reopen in September

Only three TTC's cleared to reopen in September

Education CS Prof. George Magoha says only three TTC’s may be reopened in September after attaining the required percentage on putting containment measures for curbing covid-19. Speaking when he toured Asumbi TTC in Rangwe Sub County, Magoha said the government will not allow colleges to reopen in September if they have not fully met the required set standards.

The CS said some institutions do not have enough thermoguns while others have not put in place measures to ensure that students maintain social distance to slow spread of Covid-19.

Prof. Magoha says as at now only three colleges have put in place necessary infrastructure recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The three teachers colleges that have met most of the reguired standards include Murang’a TTC at 80 per cent , Kericho TTC 70 per cent and Asumbi TTC at 65 per cent.

Magoha also said that public should not be cheated by some universities that have declared themselves ready to resume learning saying they are lying to students because they have not been cleared by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

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