Non-yellow school buses to be out of the roads

Non-yellow school buses to be out of the roads

The deadline for painting school buses yellow ended on midnight 30th March. This is after the Basic Education PS Belio Kipsang insisted that the deadline will not be changed. Speaking at St. Georges Girls High School in Nairobi, he said the Interior ministry will enforce the law without favour.

“If by next week your bus has not met the standards set by the ministry, please ensure you don’t put it on the road. The rule came into effect on August 28 last year, so you had more than seven months to comply,” he said.

He said the law is not just about the colour but other safety standards such as seat belts and ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy.

The Traffic (Amendment) Act, 2016 requires that all school buses and vans be yellow in colour and the name of the school written on them in black. The law also bars school buses from operating between 10pm and 5am.


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