Mps give TSC till 31st January to re-route delocalized teachers

Mps give TSC till 31st January to re-route delocalized teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has been given till end of January to ensure it has transffered delocalized teachers home.

While appearing before MPs yesterday, TSC board chair Jamleck Muturi and head of legal Calvin Anyuor, were ordered to ensure the lawmakers decision on delocalization of teachers is implemented.

The Education Committee which is chaired by Tinderet MP Julius Melly gave the commission up to January 31 to ensure all teachers who had been delocalised have been transferred to their areas.

Melly told the commission not to belabour the matter but to ensure it tables a report on how it plans to implement the said move after the National Assembly made a decision on the said policy.

The move came after it emerged that about 14,733 teachers as of November last year had requested transfers from their current workstations following the abolishment of the policy on delocalisation of teachers.

“We do not want stories, just tell us when you are going to do this, please table a report here for us to see. This policy was abolished and we cannot go back to it because we know that some of you use it to punish teachers,” said Melly.

Last week, TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia told MPs that mapping out of the said teachers is ongoing to ensure that they are placed in the areas they have requested.

In November, Members of the National Assembly passed a motion calling for the abolishment of the policy which commenced in 2018.

 Following the move, the lawmakers then directed the commission to initiate a comprehensive review of the teacher deployment policy with the involvement of teachers to make the policy consistent with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and UNESCO laws and practices on teacher management and deployment.

According to TSC Code of Regulations for teachers the Appointment, Selection and Assignment Committee (ASAC) chaired by the County Director shall consider and approve Intra – County transfer requests.

On the other hand Inter – County transfers where delocalized teachers belong shall be approved at the Headquarters by the TSC Appointment Board.

A teacher shall be transferred subject to availability of vacancy and a suitable replacement. The Commission is yet to issue a new policy guiding transfer and deployment of teachers after the current one was quashed by legislatures.

According to the current policy a delocalized teacher in North Eastern region must have completed 3 years while for other regions its 5 years.

The Members of National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to put an end to delocalization.

The House asked TSC to amend the policy that will see newly recruited teachers being posted within their zones and those delocalized taken back home.

The motion fronted by Lurambi MP Titus Khamala was passed in Parliament on November 3.

This means if in future if TSC is to transfer a teacher then they should be moved to a different school within the zone they work in.


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