TSC announces online TPAD training for teachers from 13th Sep

TSC announces online TPAD training for teachers from 13th Sep

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced a two day online TPAD training for teachers.

According to a circular by Reuben Nthamburi who is also the TSC Director for Quality Assurance every county should submit four TPAD champions for the training scheduled to start next week.

On 6th September 2021 TSC also said its coordinating training of 1,166 teachers on CBC.

“Teachers Service Commission is coordinating the Training of 1,166 Tutors on CBC through a Multi-agency approach. The training started today 6th and ends on 10th, September 2021,” said TSC on its official Facebook page.

The training of TPAD champions will take place based on the regions.

For Coast, Nairobi and North Eastern regions the training will start on 13th September 2021.

For Western and Nyanza regions the training will start on 15th September 2021 while Eastern and Central regions the training will start on 20th September 2021.

For Rift Valley region the training will start on 20th September 2021.

The TPAD champions are expected to teach other teachers during the one week September holiday in their zones.

Below is the official circular highlighting details of the training.

The Teachers Service Commission has planned a two-day training for teachers on the Online TPAD System for teachers.

Every County to identify Four TPAD Champions (2 secondary & 2 primary) per zone and eight (8) SNE TPAD Champions at the County Level to be trained.

The teachers selected should be those who have not been previously trained on the Online TPAD system.  

The training will be conducted virtually through Microsoft Teams as per the regional schedules shown in Table 1 below.  

Table 1: Dates for Regional Training of Online TPAD System  

S/NoRegionsDay 1Day 2
1.      Coast, Nairobi & North Eastern Monday, 13/09/2021 Tuesday, 14/09/2021 
2.      Western & Nyanza Wednesday, 15/09/2021 Thursday, 16/09/2021 
3.      Eastern & Central Monday, 20/09/2021 Tuesday, 21/09/2021 
4.      Rift Valley Wednesday, 22/09/2021 Thursday, 23/09/2021 

The Commission has scheduled a Virtual Preparation Meeting through Microsoft Teams with the TPAD Master Trainers on Thursday, 9th September 2021 from 10.00am.

Ask your TPAD Master to use this link https://tinyurl.com/Preparation-Meeting-TPAD to log into the meeting on the aforementioned date and time.   

In order to effectively deliver the virtual training, you are required to send a list of the 107 teachers to dirqas@tsc.co.ke by 4.00pm, Friday, 3rd September 2021.

The subject of the email should be TPAD Teacher Training for NAME OF COUNTY.

The list must ensure gender parity, representation from primary, secondary and special schools.   





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