Mount Kenya University asks teachers to register for December TPD training

Mount Kenya University asks teachers to register for December TPD training

Mount Kenya University (MKU) has continued its efforts to woo teachers to enroll for the December Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme.

MKU which also sent text messages to teachers registered with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) says online induction and pre training activities are ongoing every Saturday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

MKU which also launched an app for TPD training programme and placed it on Play Store was the first to advertise for the training in September.

TSC officially rolled out the TPD programme on 22nd September 2021 at CEMASTEA, Karen, Nairobi.

Despite opposition TSC has said it will not relent on its plan to train its teachers.

“It is the question of what do we want best for our teachers, the future of a teacher in the country, the 21st century teacher. We would like to get a professionalized teacher, and that one we are not relenting on it,” says TSC Director of Quality Assurance and Standards, Dr. Reuben Nthamburi.

Last week the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Basic Education Dr. Sarah Ruto said implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is in jeopardy because of a big number of teachers who lack skills in teaching the new curriculum.

Dr. Ruto said the shortage of skilled teachers threatens to slow down implementation of the new curriculum within the set time frame.

Ruto said this as she revealed that only 20,000 teachers have applied for TPD programme scheduled to start this December.

“Teachers are instrumental to the implementation of CBC, and the Ministry of Education’s emphasis for the teachers to go for advanced training is to fasten the roll-out of the programme by 2023,” stated Dr Ruto.

Ruto urged teachers to seek funding from County and NG-CDF bursaries for the training which is key to smooth implementation of CBC.

“For now, we are urging teachers to exploit the existing funding from NG-CDF and county education bursaries. We know one of the critical challenges is lack of school fees, and we are asking them to just make efforts to acquire training for the betterment of our young generation,” said Ruto.

TSC is facing opposition from different quarters with teachers unions, educationists, lawyers and Mps calling for the Commission to bear the cost of training teachers.

Teachers will train for the mandatory TPD modules during their career life. Each module takes five years and is divided into chapters. There are six modules to be studied.

Teachers will also pay kshs 6,000 every year for the TPD modules which take thirty years. TSC will issue teachers with a teaching certificate after successfully completing each module.

The teachers will also be required to renew their teaching certificate every five years, and only if they regularly take the courses.

Kenyatta University, Riara University, Mount Kenya University and the Kenya Education Management Institute (Kemi) were picked by TSC to train the teachers.

Below is the TPD enrolment advert by Mount Kenya University.




Mount Kenya University is an accredited TPD Service Provider by Teachers Service Commission to implement the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme and invites registered teachers to enrol for the programme.

CourseRequirementsTarget GroupDurationAnnual FeesAward
  Introductory moduleRegistration by Teachers Service CommissionRegistered teachers and instructional leaders in private and public primary & secondary schools and trainers in tertiary institutions in Kenya.One yearKsh 6,000Introductory module transcript
Module 1 Chapter 1 – 5Completion of Introductory moduleRegistered teachers and instructional leaders in private and public primary & secondary schools and trainers in tertiary institutions in Kenya. 5 years-One chapter per yearKsh 6,000 per chapterModule one Certificate Renewal of Teaching Certificate


The overall objective of the TPD is to improve learning outcomes in Kenyan schools by:

(i)    Institutionalizing a culture of life-long learning of teachers and instructional leaders

(ii)   promoting institution-based professional learning practices;

(iii)  Equipping teachers and instructional leaders with 21st century skills;

(iv)  Building capacity for teachers and instructional leaders’ competencies in creating supportive, safe and healthy learning environments.

Upon successful completion of the TPD program, the teacher shall be issued with a teaching certificate renewable every five years.


1.  Introductory module

This program will introduce teachers to Teacher Professional Development and to the Seven (7) Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (KePTS).

The introductory  module has five (5) chapters, which are expected to be completed within one year.

The content  of each chapter is based on current knowledge and research applicable to the practical needs of a Kenyan classroom teacher.

The content and activities are applicable to real-life situation of a practicing teacher, are self-directed and experiential.

They reflect a diversity of perspectives and address  the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a teacher in line with the TPD Policy Framework.

2.  Six modules (Level 1-6)

After the introductory module, the teachers and the instructional leaders will then  proceed  to the level one module. There will be two different modules: One for the Teachers and the one for Instructional Leaders.

Level One module will have 5 chapters. A teacher or an instructional leader will take one chapter per year for a period of 5 years but to a maximum of 7 years.

Level two to Level six modules will each take 5 years.

Mode of delivery

Blended mode consisting of face-to-face (On site) shall be done during school holidays and online learning where the teachers and instructional leaders shall access the online content any time anywhere via modern technologies.

Training design

MKU will use a combination of various interactive learning platforms that are technology-driven  to deliver an awesome learner experience through self- paced learning.

The University will use Microsoft teams for interactive video sessions, Question and answer sessions, breakout sessions, and short- recorded videos amongst other platforms on certain topics to guide the learner.

TPD mobile App (Kindly download the mobile App from the Google playstore)

The APP will allow easy application and students onboarding process with the following features;

•   Pay bill integration for easy application

•   Registration process

•   Integration with e-Learning to allow access to resources

•   Communication, Feedback and progress monitoring.


•   Digital transcripts to be issued to students upon completion of a chapter and the same shared with the Teachers Service Commission.

•   Certificates will be issued upon completion of a module.

Payments will be deposited at Equity Bank, Account Name: Mount Kenya University Teacher Professional Development, Account Number: 1550281262747.

For more information on application and onboarding, kindly visit

For enquires: Contact Ms. Nelly Kayanda, MKU Centre for Professional Development on 0709 153 194/ 0709 153 195. WhatsApp 0111612814

Mount Kenya University
Centre for Professional Development
Tel: 0709 153 194 /0709 153 195


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