KPSA message to member schools regarding changes on school reopening

KPSA message to member schools regarding changes on school reopening


On 7th July, 2020 the Cabinet Secretary for Education informed the country that all basic Education institutions will re-open in January of 2021.

However the CS indicated that the decision to reopen schools in 2021 may change subject to reports from the Ministry of Health on flattening of the curve, prevailing circumstances and increasing knowledge on Covid-19.

In the meeting held today chaired by the Education CS, the Education Stakeholders were informed that COVID 19 positivity rate had now been contained to an average of under 5 per cent consistently for two weeks which means that the curve is now flattening.

Consequently the COVID 19 Education response committee has been reactivated to advice government on when and how to reopen schools based on the new developments and information.

The Committee starts its work immediately and is expected to report to the Education stakeholders in a weeks’ time.

As part  of the  preparations for  the reopening  of  schools, KPSA is advising its members as follows;

1. To ensure availability of the necessary infrastructure to support adequate clean running water.

2. To plan for the provision of adequate liquid soap.

3. To make provision for hand sanitizers to be used where water and soap is not available or as may be recommended.

4.   To make provision for compulsory and proper use of face masks or face shield by learners and staff as will be guided by the MoH and MoE.

5. To make provision for Thermo-guns for daily temperature monitoring and record keeping.

6. Adequate provision for Supply of cleaning detergents and disinfectants.

7. To plan for the establishment of covid 19 school surveillance mechanisms.

8. Prepare for Capacity building of all staff and key stakeholders on public health and hygiene protocols to ensure compliance.

Based on the above KPSA will advise/facilitate its member schools on Training, Clustering of schools, Linkage to health facilities, information on recommended covid 19 essential supplies fit for children and is age appropriate.

Based on the advise of the Ministry of health and guided by the decreasing infection rate KPSA remains committed to its proposal for early reopening of schools and transitioning of all learners in 2021.

Our members are therefore guided to prepare accordingly.KPSA message to member schools regarding changes on school reopening

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Ndoro M. Peter.

Chief Executive Officer.


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