KPSA message to all KPSA registered private schools

KPSA message to all KPSA registered private schools


Greetings from KPSA head office, trusting you are all well and keeping safe.

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused lots of confusion and major challenges to Private schools and our association.

As a way of mitigating these challenges KPSA embarked on an extensive program of facilitating engagements and lobbying to ensure Private schools get access to the necessary financial and human resource support to keep private schools afloat and be able to effectively manage the necessary investments required in compliance with the health protocols needed for reopening of basic Education institutions.

Our engagements have focused on two approaches;

1. Capitation for Children in private schools ( to support our Human Resource requirements during this difficult period)

2. Mobilizing for Private schools access to flexible and very friendly credit facility supported and guaranteed by government to enable private schools prepare for reopening. The Association started with an initial request of Ksh. 7 Billion. So far we have made significant progress; we thank God and our members for continued support, encouragement and prayers.

We appreciate our NEC members for always being available at very short notice to lead our engagements sometimes at very odd hours and they have never given up even after very many last minute disappointments and postponements of critical appointments.

We also thank our government through the Ministry of Education for their unwavering support to private schools.

As we prepare for the next steps in preparation for reopening of schools we urge all our schools to ensure the following before 4th September 2020;

1. The school registration status with the Ministry of Education is up-to-date as of 13th March, 2020.

2. The Data of learners as of 13th March, 2020 categorized by class and gender is up-to-date.

3. The data of TSC registered teachers as of 13th March, 2020 categorized by age and gender is up-to-date.

4. KPSA membership status is up-to-date.

This information from our schools is critical and should be accurate as of the date mentioned. It will inform the next phase of our engagements with government and hopefully guide implementation decisions of any agreements reached.KPSA message to all KPSA registered private schools

Be blessed and stay safe.

Ndoro M. Peter.

Chief Executive Officer.

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