Knut accused of leaking Committee business as Speaker bans further dialogue

Knut accused of leaking Committee business as Speaker bans further dialogue

National Assembly Speaker Justine Muturi has taken on the Kenya National Union of Teachers for allegedly sharing resolutions of an arbitrary meeting with the teacher employer.

The speaker says, his attention was brought on the matter by the CEO of the TSC after KNUT wrote as way forward on the ongoing impasse between them.

“It is notable that the Kenya National Union of Teachers did obtain the proceedings of a Departmental Committee of this House including its minutes,” the document by Speaker Muturi reads.

The speaker notes that what KNUT wanted TSC to implement is an extract of the minutes of the Committee of August 11.

“It is therefore logical to conclude that proceedings of the Committee and part of its journal was deliberately and prematurely disclosed to KNUT in blatant and clear breach of the Standing Orders and the provisions of sections 13 and 25 of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act, 2017,” the document reads.

In his advice on the matter, Muturi said the recommendations fronted by committees in parliament cannot be implemented prior to being considered and adopted by this House.

The Speaker reaffirmed that the MPs are bound to avoid conflict of interest between their personal and public interests as spelled in both the constitution.

Muturi has also adviced that the Committee on Education refrain from revisiting the current disputes between the TSC and KNUT; as the matter is before court.

In its communication to the TSC, Knut wanted the employer to ensure as advised by parliament all teachers are paid their third and fourth CBA benefits notwithstanding union affiliations with immediate effect as per the law.

Knut also asked TSC immediately reverts to the Union membership register as it was in June 2019 and resume strict deductions of union dues to return normalcy to KNUT operations.

The union also wants TSC to develop Teacher Professional Development (TPD) guidelines and submit to the National Assembly for approval in compliance with the Statutory Instruments Act of 2013.

Mr Muturi also banned House Education Committe from hearing any dispute between Knut and TSC due to many active cases which are in court.

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